This Is It

Thursday, July 6, 2006, 4:04 pm

Less Than One Hour to Go

Word from BAM headquarters is that AJ holds a slight lead over Francisco Liriano but that the Twins pitcher is gaining.  The race is going to be decided in the next hour …

… so vote again and again and again …


My son & daughter & I have all voted for AJ…hope other families get into it ,too! AJ deserves it!

There is no way AJ is not increasing his lead. I think MLB just wants to make it seem as if the race is a tight one. Those people in charge on MLB of absolute dopes!


I’m still voting though.

I’ve been working and throughout the day every few minutes or so punching AJ 10 times in batches. Probably voted a few hundred times; as long as my mouse button doesn’t break, and others are doing the same I’m sure AJ’s vacation will be cut short with a trip to Pittsburgh!

Come on everyone!! If I can wake up from a nice sound nap to get up and vote for AJ, then you can too!!! This is the last half hour, so everyone GET ON AND VOTE FOR AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did my part and voted for Lirano. You should all do the same!



Other than being at the actual game, does anyone know when and how we will find out?

15 minutes left!!!!!

Twelve minutes left!!

9 MINUTES LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Javier, pitch like the start of the season, go get ’em!

First, AJ’s gonna win this thing. Second, the White Sox are gonna win tonight. Third, I’m having a beer in each hand after the game. Go, Sox!

Hey Herm, can you help me with the carpal tunnel syndrome I’ve acquired voting for AJ?

Punch AJ to Pittsburgh, because Cub Fans can’t “Barrett.”

After 5:00PM and we can still vote. Cool.








I just voted over 400 times for A.J. so he had better win this thing. I would love nothing better than to see the reaction of everyone who hates A.J. when they find out just how much support he had here in Chicago. Hopefully, we find out the results soon and in the meantime, let’s beat those Orioles. Go Sox and good luck A.J.!

when do we find out?!?!

Good luck AJ. Chicago (southsiders anyway) loves you.

Yeah, when will we know???!?!?!?

Coming up right now on ESPN

Let’s just hope they’re not counting the votes in Florida.


Can somebody post the results for those of us who don’t have ESPN, please? I would really appreciate it. Thanks and go Sox!!!

I will as soon as I know…nothing yet. Still watching, so stayed tuned!!!

AJ WON!!!!!!!!!!





yahoooooo! reporting AJ is in! We did it. Congratulations to WS Universe. Should be a good one tonight, I’m headed out now, can’t wait for the intros, see the ovation for ‘The Lightning Rod’ (sorry to steal your nickname for him tq, but I like it.)

OMG YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE AJ’S REACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!! GO AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AJ AND Nomar?! Is this, like, OFFICIALLY the worst year to be a Scrub fan?

It should have been hafner

Oh go cry on your own site. Way to go AJ!!

OH YEA!! I’m in SEVEN heaven!! Good to know a day of voting did some good!! Way to go Sox fans, Way to go AJ!!

Yes! Way to go everybody! Congrats to AJ! One question: Scott, will the White Sox pay for my newly developed carpal tunnel syndrome after all this voting? Ha-ha, just kidding. 🙂 Go Sox!

My husband and I must have voted over 500 times!! Congrats to AJ and the White Sox.

This is so great!! I’m in MN and I’m celebrating!!! Woohoo!!!! Ice cream sundae time!!!

I have been voting for the last 2 days. I got so blurry eyed that I could hardly read the numbers to punch in the verification code. Probably about 1500 votes from here. Go AJ you deserve it .Pete

AJ WINS!!!!! Nice job guys!!!!!!
Scott send AJ our congrats!

Whoever voted 100 times needs to get something better to do. Besides that – this voting system is screwed up! AJ is having a great year, but he wouldn’t have won if he wasn’t from a big market team in Chicago…

Yes AJ!!! I voted right up until the end. I think I got about 250 votes, and yes I need a life, but who cares. GO WHITE SOX!!!

You know what, go whine and complain on your own site and let us Sox fans and AJ enjoy the moment. WAY TO GO WHITE SOX FANS!!!!!! Congrats AJ!!!

Go Tigers!!! The Sox may have the best team in baseball but I am telling you, what kind of people sit around and vote all day. That is right, people in Chicago

Well maybe if you Tiger fans would be more passionate about your team and would vote more, maybe you wouldn’t have to be on our site complaining. GO SOX!!!!!!!

Hey … when it comes to being able to actually vote for one of our great White Sox guys for something, there is Nothing ‘better to do’ than to vote 100+ times!!! I know I did! GO A.J.!!!

Amen to that!!! GO SOX!!!!!!

Nothing like having a 2nd place team stuff the box to get their lard-**** catcher into a meaningless game. Enjoy watching his pinch hit assignment… Coming in 2nd means you’re a 1st place loser Sox. GO TIGERS!!

batting over .320 is great for a mediocre player, but going 9-1 since mid-May with over 100 K’s? Surely Liriano is a more deserved player to go. Sox fans are sticking to their infamous stereotype once again; trashy people glued to the computer. At least you’re better than Cards fans though; at least you guys can use a computer.

Regarding this quote from roscko6: “AJ is having a great year, but he wouldn’t have won if he wasn’t from a big market team in Chicago…” How funny is it to be called a “big market team” for a change? That never used to happen. Ha ha.***** right we are.

I can’t wait to see our “lard a**” catcher beat the **** out of your sorry team on the road to the WORLD SERIES.

No kidding. Go back to your own **** site. GO SOX!!!!!!!

I find it really interesting that the comment from other fans is that we “stuffed the ballot box” in order to get AJ in. I thought that the purpose of the final vote according to MLB was to get the guy in that the fans wanted in the most. Maybe if you all wanted your players in a bit more they would have won? All we did as Sox fans was prove how much our team matters to us. That’s not something to criticize in my opinion.


Sheesh, no wonder the Tigers fans are on our blog site. Their blog site *****. Why don’t you go back to your own site and do something with it, yeesh. GO WHITE SOX!!! CONGRATS AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am super happy that AJ got in. I agree that he did deserve to get in this, and he is just an awesome catcher! I voted about… 100 times, so I helped out a little bit. I’m a White Sox fan, and I am proud of it. To the Tigers fans: I am sorry, but he is just a popular guy on a popular team! If you want to whine, go onto your blogs and whine about it, because you are just jealous that the White Sox can beat your team any day. So, on my account, GO AJ!

If MLB didn’t want fans to vote over and over and over, they would have limited the votes per email address…it was not. What a bunch of sour grapes. Tiger fans…actually WIN the WS, then come back and talk trash =)

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