Friday Night

Friday, July 7, 2006, 6:22 pm

Playoff Atmosphere

Electricity is in the air tonight before the Red Sox vs. White Sox series opener.  Brings back memories of October 2005 … very good memories.

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Widger, C; Anderson, CF.  Buehrle on the hill.

We struggle at times against unknown pitchers (guys we haven’t faced), especially left-handers.  Let’s see how tonight goes.

AJ Followup

I passed all your comments and posts along to AJ today, explaining how the three days worth of posts showed how much passion you guys brought to the process.

I Punched AJ

SoxprideclubWe are offering special t-shirts for purchase, exclusively to members of the Sox Pride Club, that read "I punched AJ" with a logo and details about the Final Vote on the back.

If you are a member of the Club, you should have received the email offer today.  If you aren’t, it’s not too late to join.  Sorry about the $21.95 cost, but we tried to keep it as low as we could.

Anyway, order yours today if you want one.


Continues to improve but Ozzie Guillen might still want to hold him out of tomorrow’s game.  He will wait until after the game tonight to decide.

Iguchi is the star of our newest television spot, called "Play Like A Star."  The 30-second spot, which should debut next week, features his amazing acrobatic play from earlier in the year.  I gave Tad an advanced copy DVD earlier today.


Yeah, Scott, “passion” is definitely a good way to put it. Can’t wait for the game tonight. I was seeing a lot of Red Sox fans downtown today, so White Soxers need to get loud tonight at the Cell.
Let’s catch Detroit this weekend also!

Phil in Chicago

Red Sox fans are everywhere, I work security at Six Flags and they were all wearing their hats. But there were plent of Sox fans. Anyway, Scott who won that contest???
Evan…Arlington Heights

Scott – A little off subject, but why has “Sweet Home Chicago” been replaced by Bon Jovi at the end of the games? I know that it does not affect many, but for some of us, it makes for a great atmosphere after a White Sox winner. Can it be brought back????

Great to hear Gooch is doing better. We miss him. Love AJ..Love this team =) Little anxious about the series. These guys can be dangerous..but we can handle it. We spark fear in the hearts of other teams!! GO SOX!!

Just got done reading “Congratulations” and am looking forward to breezing through “War and Peace” and “The Yellow Pages” next. Good Lord, those Twins fans got some venom in those fangs! Got a legitimate gripe with the season Liriano’s having but with his kinda stuff I highly doubt that’ll be the last flirtation he has with the All-Star game.
Congrats to AJ. He deserves it based upon his handling of our horses alone. And props to our man Reifert and the marketing department on such a clever slogan.

Let’s give those Carmines a little deja-vu this weekend fellas!

J.K. Dennis

Bummer of a game tonight….tip your hats to Boston- they’re a good team. We’ll come out with a vegenance tomorrow, just wait.

Still so excited for AJ, and all of our Sox fans. Hopefully we can get back to the love of this blog- our normal, fun loving goofy posts!!

And Tom, I did send you an email! I felt bad replying to both you and Dawn so late! But I will be at the Cell on Sunday too- do I get the honor of meeting you?!

Good night all, back at it quickly tomorrow morning! Lets go Freddy, and lets go SOX!

I just went to order my I punched AJ shirt..but they’re only in XL. Man would I love a shirt, but I can’t spend 20 bones on something I could fit two of me in! haha Oh well, I have the pride in my heart of punching AJ!!😉 lol

Good night! Go Sox!

I am coming up all the way from Florida to see the game Sunday. I would love to meet the WISE ones of the greatest blog in MLB also. I should be somewhere behind the All Star patroling right field.

As for the game tonight, Lester pitched very well. I am a little concerned w/ the amount of runs our staff is giving up. I know Boston puts up monster #s like us but they are way over what they gave up last year at this time, and they hit their stride after the break. Not in panic mode by any means I just think they need to start getting back to the dominating style they’re capeable of while the weather is so warm.

Gotta get the series now….Detroit sure as **** isn’t going to slow down.


Pierzinski over Hafner?? This is some kind of joke, right? Hafner just hit Grand Slam #5 tonight, has 74 RBI and 25 homers before the ALL-star break. Pierzinski has SIX HR’s and 29 RBI. PLEASE – he isn’t even one of the top 10 CATCHERS, much less deserving of an All-star berth. This is Ridiculous. Punch Pierzinski, indeed.


All 5 of the players were clearly deserving of an All Star nod, otherwise they wouldn’t have been listed on the Final Vote ballot. Furthermore- every player had the same oppurtunity to be voted on; it was up to the fans around the nation (and the globe..) to pick which one we wanted to round off the team. AJ won that vote. Fair and square.

There has been an outpouring of griping on our blog about this matter, when there is no issue. Anyone could vote as many times as possible as determined by the MLB…so to say AJ didn’t deserve a spot, is well, ridiculous.

Bottom line is he won the vote.

But make no mistaked, I will be the first to say all of the 4 other choices are tough baseball players, each one (especially Liriano) would help out the team immensely. But when all is said and done, AJ won.

Something I’m still very proud of!🙂

efarnks…are offensive stats all tht matter in all-satr voting?

what about AJ’s game calling skills?

Ok, time for Ozzie to have A.J. start catching for Buehrle again. Yes, A.J. needs a night off, but the numbers show that he has was it takes to get Buerhle to pitch. Just a thought…


Great point on AJ catching Buehrle. Also, would have been nice to see his bat in those bases loaded situations as well last night.

Can we can the chatter,ESPECIALLY from the outer precincts(sic)regarding the AS vote/who got dissed/blazzy skippy…It is ALL OVER…except for the crying from those who feel their favorites were wronged…
A manager like Ozzie or Phil Garner just can’t win in a situation like this,because they are only so many spots to fill on a roster…and not everyone is so damned gung-ho to go to the ASG…they would rather have the three days off to rest up for the grind that is the post-ASG portion of the schedule…

These people who have logged in remind me of the stereotyped Little League parents…You know the ones…


You people make me mentally ill…Please go away…

Onto baseball…and the remainder of the series between the Pale Hose and the Carmines…(tribute to Hawk Harrelson)…

Today,the FOX network has graciously deemed that this game go to 50% of the country…and that young Buck and old Mc Carver should describe it…

It’s only taken SIX WEEKS for the A-Team to show up at the Cell to see what the boys are up to…

So,now’s your time,WS…Show what made you what you are…and what you still can be…

Well, nice analogy Tommy, except, that Punk had six times fewer homer’s and a third as many RBI, and little AJ was the one put on the team ahead of him, not the other way around. Oh, and if it matters, he has a higher average too. .470 my you -know-what. Sorry we made you mentally ill. apparently it didn’t take much.

Let’s see how AJ’s “game calling skills” (I’m sure that was foremost in most voter’s minds) help out when the AL needs a lefthanded pinch hitter with power, who hits lefties as well as he does righties. And yes, there’s almost always somebody stiffed each year, but seldom is the disparity this great, or this obvious.

Oh, and just one more thing. If we “can the chatter,” the purpose of this blog would be . . . ummmm, to hear crickets chirping, maybe?

OK, now I’m getting obscene emails to my email address. I’m not an Indians fan. I’m not a White Sox hater. I live in Portland, OR. I’m just a BASEBALL fan. And when a guy with .324/6/29 beats out a guy with .318/25/74 for the All Star team, (sorry – I WAS wrong about the average – AJ is .06 higher)it’s an injustice. Hafner is in the TOP FIVE in the AL in NINE offensive categories. Seems like that should put him on a team with TWENTY-THREE non-pitchers, don’t you think? AJ, not so much.

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