Saturday Morning

Saturday, July 8, 2006, 10:15 am

Early Morning

While we know fans appreciate the 7:35 pm starts on Fridays because of traffic, the quick turnaround for a 12:15 pm Saturday game is a killer.  Clubhouse guys said they walked out of here just before 1 a.m. and were back in by 8 a.m.  Tough to bounce back for staff and players alike (I know I don’t do it as well as I used to, but I’m just old).

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Cintron, SS; Garcia on the mound.


I do feel sorry that Cleveland’s Travis Hafner is not on the All-Star Team.  I don’t know Travis personally, but the AL team would certainly be better with his bat on our bench.  And I want to win the game.

The problem is that every single year one or more very deserving 1B/DHs in the AL gets left off the team, especially in a National League park.  Frank Thomas did not make the All-Star Team in 2000 when he was hitting .333 with 26 home runs and 75 RBI at the break.  In 2004, Paul Konerko was batting .296 with 22 homers and 59 RBI and did not make the team.

Unfortunately for Hafner (and really all the AL 1B/DH), there are so many first-class offensive performers at that position that someone will be left out.  And worse news is that next year’s game is again at an NL venue, San Francisco, so the problem isn’t going away.  Personally, I don’t understand why the ASG doesn’t always feature a DH.  It would allow for more of these players to appear, and also would let managers dictate how and when their starters came out of the game, rather than the flow of the game (i.e. time to pinch hit for my pitcher, so I double switch to remove my starting shortstop).

Having to use an extra player as a DH during interleague play is certainly a disadvantage for the NL clubs in our ballparks.  But in the case of an All-Star Game, there are more than enough candidates to fill the role (Pujols, anyone?).

Just my opinion …

When we looked at the five candidates for the Final Vote, we actually thought the race would be Hafner and AJ.  The Indians were at home, against the Yankees, so we assumed a lot of attention and media coverage.  Statistically, Hafner dominated the other candidates.  While Liriano and Verlander are outstanding young pitchers, neither seemed to have the national (or international) appeal and name recognition at this point in time to capture a fan vote.

I’m really not sure why Hafner did not receive more support.  But the way it is set up, it’s a popularity contest/how many votes can you generate.  AJ and White Sox fans do not have to apologize for his winning.

The Jockey

The clubhouse can be a tough world …

As Ed Farmer and third base coach Joey Cora exchanged insults the other day, Farmer finally silenced Cora with the following …

"How’s Barbaro?  If you had just let up on the reins a little bit, that horse would still be OK."

Cold.  Cora, nicknamed "The Jockey," earned the moniker for both his size and his habit of verbally riding someone unmercifully.

He just laughed and walked away.

Redman and Buehrle

Kansas City’s Mark Redman made Ozzie Guillen look pretty smart — despite what a KC columnist might argue — with his selection to the All-Star Team by allowing just two runs over 8.0 IP in his final start before the break to win his fifth straight game for the Royals.

Mark Buehrle on the other hand was hoping his start last night would vindicate his manager for selecting him to his third All-Star Team.  Buehrle had a rough outing at Wrigley last Sunday in what turned into a slo pitch softball game.

I haven’t seen Mark yet today, but I am sure he was disappointed.  A few big hits early in last night’s game would have changed the entire contest.

Oh well, at least we get to play another game just hours later.


Slow-pitch softball game,Mr R?
That game last Sunday at Jurrassic Park at Neverland was like,in the famous phrase of the late Jack Brickhouse,the office workers versus the bosses,with the beer keg thrown in…..

As to Mark B’s performance last night,against a good hitting team,ANYONE can have one or two bad innings that cost him the game…so it was last night,especially after Big Papi’s missle into the RF outdoor bar area…a low level ICBM to begin with….

I will have more on the remainder of the weekend on Tuesday…if not sooner….

Enjoy the AS break,WS Universe…..

BTW,mostly personal here…
1)jklein…I recieved the e-mail…Thank you…I will print it out and keep it for quite some time…

2)Bethany…my friend,the date on the e-mail that I have was July 7th…does that date ring a bell? Or,is it something I have imagined…like the Cubs getting back into contention?

Scott…Great information today as usual! Also…I am VERY happy to see Gooch back in the line-up. That was a big hit that he took from Dye. As for Hafner, I agree it is a shame, but the whole All-Star process is a popularity contest when it comes down to it. That’s the advantage of being in a market size like NY or Chicago (Go AJ!). So here’s to our team as All-Star break approaches. My expectations are SO much higher now and a loss like yesterday’s puches me in the gut…But you know what? This team and managment are the best in the world, and we will prove it again in 06!

Thanks for this Blog!

Go Go SOX!

Love this blog….good info, insight, and a place to be with my extended family (aka WS universe). Last night’s loss was tough (as they all are), but Boston is one of the best teams in the AL, and frankly, after the way we demoralized them in the post-season, I had a feeling they were out for revenge. We’ll still get back out there and take the season. Not that I don’t like Widger, but I’d be interested to see a comparison of wins/losses when he’s in and when AJ’s in. Just time for a quick lunch before the game! And those “wonderful” Fox announcers. I tried turning the sound down last time, but the delay is too weird. Felt psychic hearing the play, THEN seeing it… Go get ’em boys!!

Wouldn’t it be great if one of our players had a blog?

Illini- I was just thinking that!

Just got done ordering AJ’s All Star jersey! My husband just got Guillen’s.🙂

Glad I found this blog! Go Sox!

Our starting pitching really needs to turn the corner and get on a roll. I believe they will get there but we are certainly not going to outhit teams every game. Go get em tomorrow Jose!

Another tough one today, but you really have to tip your hat to Boston right now.

Jermaine Dye sure was a ton today, he’s swining the bat really well right now.

I hate going into the All Star break in 2nd- I wanted to be in 1st….but hey, I can’t be greedy.🙂 Lets get the win tomorrow behind our big man Jose, and lets get on track for a heck of a second half.

I am very excited for the months that are ahead….but first lets salvage the win tomorrow!!

Lets go SOX!


by Count Kolsen

White Sox fans who still have their heads in the sand were wondering what hit their rear apertures today. Clear eyed fans knew the answer: it was the balls hit by the Boston Red Sox.

Thrown yesterday by Mark Buehrle and today by Freddy Garcia, the hard hit balls reflected the deteriorating performance of this year’s White Sox pitching staff, whose collective ERA is now approaching 5.0. Since this staff must soon face both the Yankees and Tigers, clear eyed fans were predicting a further drop in the standings IF changes aren’t made SOON.

Of course, other problems plague the Sox. Today, both Jermaine Dye and Scott Podsednik failed to hit cut off men on key hits to the outfield. In the 3rd inning, Rob Mackowiak and Alex Cintron let a key ball drop that EITHER Juan Uribe OR Brian Anderson would have caught.

But the MENTAL MIDGET OF THE DAY AWARD undoubtedly went to the Laurel and Hardy team of Alex Cintron and Joey Cora, who BOTH WATCHED–halfway down the third base line– the Red Sox catch a Paul Konerko foul ball in the 7th inning. NEITHER of them EVEN THOUGHT about tagging up, though one ninety year old man said, “EVEN I COULD HAVE SCORED ON THAT ONE (emphasis added).” At the end of the inning, Cora hung his head in shame in the dugout (though one wonders if a hefty FINE– a la Leo Durocher–would have been more appropriate).

But the main story is still the pitching staff, which is not only giving up runs and hits, but which is conceding 2nd base to almost any opponent who can manage to get to first. From Ozzie’s ramage after Garcia’s previous performance, we can take heart in knowing that at least he’s AWARE that something must be done to hold runners on base.

Awareness, however, is not the same as ACTION, and we can only hope that Ozzie–and perhaps Kenny Williams–WILL ACT………SOON!

Correction to paragraph three in the above post:

the key ball that dropped occurred in the 4th (not the 3rd) inning.

what a terrible game today. i have to admit im not too comfortable with our pitching staff. vazquez, garland, and garcia’s e.r.a’s are at 5 and mark has been the worst of the 5 recently. i only feel confident when contreras, thorton, or jenks are on the mound. can they release cliff pollite already? i like the guy and he had a great year last year, but to have an e.r.a. this late in the season over 8 is insanity. i still play baseball, not saying im that great or anything, but i believe that I can post an e.r.a comparable to cliff’s. thome,konerko, and dye came up bases loaded and nobody out today, and we didnt score a run. was el duque on the mound? sunday is a must win.

by the way il take cliff’s roster spot for the minimum salary.

Kolsens – bravo for your cohesive remarks. Come on already, Kenny!! How many more displays of poor pitching are required for drastic action to be taken!! I am so tired of excuses already. DO something!! Last year, the recipe was dramatic but effective – pitching and defense. Not one – NOT ONE hitter on our team had an average over 300, but 4 of our starters were stellar. I will again point out the obvious but scary statistic – Detroit is mimicing our 2005 performance. Clutch hitting and superb pitching. I have nothing but great things to say about our hitting, but our pitching is consistently keeping us out of ballgames. Scoring six runs should be more than enough support, at least for our 2005 staff (even 2 runs did the trick mostly). We are in familiar territory now – trying to bash the **** out of the ball to win the games. Maybe this tactic will work. However, this method was tried before and failed. Good pitching will consistently beat good hitting. Everyone on this site knows this. Hoping for a better second half without more will not accomplish anything. We need action before the ship sinks. Am I panicing? Not yet – but clearly the signs of a collapse are evident. We play one more vs Boston and 3 vs NY after the break – Detroit meanwhile plays 2 more against Seattle and a series vs…..KC!! I don’t even want to say this, but we could be looking up at Detroit 4 or 5 games back a week from Monday – with NY hot on our Wild Card behinds. Find answers–NOW!!

It’s funny how a few games out of 162 can send so many people off the cliff.

Can’t wait for the matchup tomorrow. If Contreras deals the way he did in his last outing, we should take the final game of the series and hand Curtis Schilling another loss.

the answer is unfortunately this: my yankee friend Chris told me fri AM that he was a Sox fan for three days. it is clear that it’s Chris’ fault for our woes. maybe i should root for the yankmess! that ought to kill THEIR chances. but seriously, the Count is absolutely correct about our pitching, and Duke is right about the tigers looking like our ’05 team. we have the same rotation as last year for the most part…are our guys going to start pitching as they are capable of after the break? i hope so, because it is true that pitching beats hitting, and right now, we are not pitching as we are capable of. lastly though, i have to say that it is not time to panic. remember last year in mid sept. when most of us were panicing? we’re not at that point by a long shot right now. we need to keep the faith and believe that Ozzie and Kenny will do what THEY think is in our best interests. they will, after all, they know baseball better than all of us put together, no matter how much passion we exude, they STILL are the pros and we the amateurs…… NEWS flash, news flash! i just heard that Chris is not rooting for our Sox! that ought to do it. Go WHITE Sox. j.k. in tucson where the jackrabbits and gila monsters roam.

I don’t think anyone is on the ledge right now, just cause for concern. From a pitching perspective, I think the guys just look tired. Maybe all of last year’s innings, the post season, world baseball etc. are catching up. Who knows but I have a thought. Get everyone an extra day and let’s add BMAC to the rotation for a month after the break.

Hey guys,

Very important game today, and the one guy we’d want on the mound for us in this situation is the one we’ve got out there thankfully!

I just wanted to post a clip of Pauly’s speech at the parade last year….its pretty awesome what he said when you really read it- and I think the underlying messages can pertain to this year,

“” Chicago! Second team, no more…Everybody’s been real happy and saying all great stuff up here, but I’ve gotta say something. All year we had a list of people out there telling us we didn’t have the team to do this. We were in first place at the break and people dont want to believe. We win the Divison and people say we are going to get beat by the Red Sox, ya know, the Wild Card. Didn’t happen. We go to Anaheim, play Anaheim and I’ve gotta hear about umpires calls and all this other stuff, didn’t happen. World Series, now I gotta hear about domes and all kinds of different stuff, so I’m trying to think in my mind what would make people think we’re a good team, I know you guys do, and the only thing I can come up with is maybe we’ll have to do this one more time next year.”

Obviously there are kinks in our team right now- and I don’t doubt for a minute that Coop and our staff are doing everything they can to turn it around for the second half, so we can storm away with the Division.

But here’s the deal- we have the 2nd best record in the majors- behind Detroit…who we still play 16 times I believe. This second half is shaping up to be a very fun race Sox fans, I’m sure excited.

Bottom line though- BELIEVE (not sayin that we aren’t! We are!)…believe in Kenny and Ozzie- and their knowledge- look what they’ve already done for us. BELIEVE in our 25 guys who want nothing more than to repeat, and will do anything to get there. BELIEVE that there WILL be bad days, its inevitable- but BELIEVE in the heart of the Sox. BELIEVE in the trade deadline!! Aren’t you excited to see what Kenny has up his sleeves this year?! It’s always such a fun time! Bottom line: BELIEVE as Pauly said. This division is ours for the taking!!

And with that, I’m off to the park! Have a great day, and enjoy the WHITE Sox winner.

Our starting pitching is a concern right now, but the middle relief is killing the Sox. I don’t want to see Pollite after the break. Jose needs a great outing today so we don’t go to the break with a three game losing streak!! Hey Seattle, please win today!!

If anyone is interested, I put together this page that has news fees from popular White Sox media outlets and blogs.

Things have been a bit shaky on the pitching front, but I can’t count myself as concerned or worried. For the most part, these are **** good pitchers, and a slight slump is no reason to get excited. Do we freak out when Paulie gets in a slump? Do we freak when Thome strikes out in a key situation? Baseball is a LONG season, and all it takes is a good outing, a little luck, and things will fall back into place. We had a slip late last year, and I still recall, vividly, all the doubters and the naysayers… many of us never gave up, and look what we got in return. Call me silly, call me insane, but I’m with you Bethany..I BELIEVE!!

YES!! Jermaine saved Jose. Would have been a **** shame to give up only 3 runs and lose..gotta get ’em in the 10th!! BTW..the home plate umpire needs to be taken behind the woodshed. The disparity in the strike zone today, was just unbelievable…

JD saves Jose, I have not liked how these umps have called the game behind the plate. True we have to make the most of our oppurtunities but it doesn’t help when the umps help Boston. Scott be sure to update us if u go to the All-Star game

And tell us who won that AJ competition or is AJ choosing the winner lol

posted after Sunday’s 11th inning, game tied:



Kolsense you are entilted to your opinion, but that is a pretty ignorant comment to make.

Hey Scott can you tell us which White Sox farm players are in the AAA all star game? I saw Fields in the future game on ESPN they gave him all the praise for being a great player. Lets end this thing now

kolsens.. apparently you weren’t around much last year were you? Cora is allowed a mistake now and then.. do you have a quality performance type job.. I do.. mistakes are allowed, it’s human.. these men are human. can you do a better job?

o.k. guys. this has been a fun game. and you can’t say that our Sox quit! hey Bethany, are you still in attendance ( this being in the 17th?). go Sox and Count, ease off a bit, o.k.?

j.k. in the land of Indians ( native american type) and saguaros…..

headin to the 19th. my fanny hurts, i guess i’ll do some exercises. go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
j.k. from the land of mesas and desert.

it’s Cliff time!!!!!!! stay positive all…….

way to go JD!!! good catch, o.k. guys, it’s time for the AS break already!!!! going to the bottom of the 19th.
j.k. in the land of swimming pools and golf courses. ( i’m running out of ideas).

SWEET!!! Way to go guys!!!

yeah!!! Tadahito!!!! redemption….. enjoy your break all. we’ve earned it after today.
just plain ol’ j.k.

GREAT job fighting all the way to victory! It is also good for JC to extend his streak. Going to the break after a sweep would have been tough to take. Now the team can get some rest and prepare for the tough schedule the next two weeks.

A third base coach has several jobs during the game. One is to direct baserunners as they are running. Another is to deliver signs. BUT the third job is to ENSURE that runners know WHAT THEY SHOULD DO in certain situations.

Both yesterday and today, Cora didn’t make a “mistake.” HE FAILED TO DO HIS JOB! Yesterday (as I noted in the previous post), he failed to remind Cintron to tag on a foul fly out. The failure cost the Sox a run.

Today, his failure would have been LAUGHABLE had it not almost cost us the game. A kid like Ross Gload not tagging on Crede’s line out to right? Running instead halfway down the line and barely getting back in time? ANOTHER RIDICULOUS FAILURE by Cora, who should have both prepared him and held him after the ball was hit. And if Cintron doesn’t beat out that potential double play grounder, we lose the game.

Again, we’re not talking mistakes of judgement (such as sending a runner that’s tagged out) but a failure to do one’s job.

After the play, Farmio couldn’t believe what had happened. If Sox management doesn’t demand accountability from this fool, then hopefully Farmio will the next time he sees Cora in the dugout.


What a win!! Remember when I posted this morning before the game to believe in the HEART of the White Sox…could my point have been proved any more today!? Their fight, their determination and their MENTAL TOUGHNESS to win that MAARRATTHHOONN speaks volumes about the team that they are.

Talk about momentum going into the break. Huge!

Boston is a very good baseball team, and I definitly tip my cap to them. But wow, I’m so proud of that effort today. I hate losing series, but this took the sting out of it a little.

2 out at the break, that’s nothing. Detroit- LOOK OUT…we’re on the prowl. And we aren’t taking NO for an answer.

Sox fans, the second half is OURS for the taking!!!

Enjoy the night…catch up tomorrow!

ok. so yes, cora failed to do his job. we all saw that and maybe got a little heated. But there’s one significant factor you’re overlooking: 99 out of 100 times during his reign as our third base coach, Cora has expertly excuted every single manuever you include in your definition of a good third base coach. You saying he should be fired for making mistakes in a couple of games is just plain stupid. Until I see you or any other person in this world go out there and make perfect calls all game, every game, you’ll be opposed by me and every other Sox fan out there.

Some excellent posts =) I feel for those guys in the all star game…they could certainly use the rest after last nights double game. Nothing more than a double header, but you prepare for those. Not to mention the heat and sun they endured…good thing a couple of them didn’t have heat stroke. You can never count these guys out. There’s so much to be said for heart! Bullpen was much improved. Held the might Bostonians scoreless for 8 straight at the end!!

Is the game over yet?…

Awesome job GOOOOOOOCHHH!!!

Now let’s rest. 2nd half starts on Friday. Let’s hope that Vazquez either gets traded or learns how to throw the ball, Garland continues to improve and Freddie doesn’t yawn his way through the rest of the season. Politte- I think he’s a nice guy, but it’s time to move on. Now that BA is starting to hit I think we should….trade him! We could get some good value from him and possibly throw in Politte for good measure. Remember…Rowand is still out there…Finally, let’s go buy some arms!


dreifer is more radical than i am. i wouldnt trade vazquez or anderson. i think anderson will be an outstanding player. i know a lot of you have just become sox fans in the last year or so, but for those who didnt pay attention before that, rowand wasnt all that spectacular his first few years either. i think anderson will develop into a far better ballplayer than rowand will ever be. as far as pollitte, nice win, now cut him! i’m still available to take his spot!

We don’t have a CF. Keep Brian, he is the future. Most of the diving and running into walls catches by Aaron are made easily by Brian, without the diving.


i’m kinda wondering what you base your comment on that a lot of us have just become sox fans? i’ve been reading this blog from the very beginning and it seems to me, with the minor exception, that almost everyone who posts has been a sox fan for life. i think your comment about anderson and rowand in his early years is a very good observation, i just wish it would come without the insult.

just trying to promote a nice way to share opinions.

let’s go JD tonight!!!


AMEN..Brian will be one heck of a ball player. The hitting is coming around, and that can be coached. The speed, defense, and athletic ability is something he has and can’t be taught. I also think people tend to forget a guy named Robin Ventura who hit less than .250 his first full year… This kid has tremendous upside. Politte scares me a bit; just too inconsistent right now.

Well Twins fans can stop complaining now. Since Jose has pulled out of the All Star Game tomorrow night, Liriano is going to take his spot. No harm, no foul. We found out the power of White Sox fans uniting and the Twins have their rookie in… And all that aruing was for nothing. Let’s go tonight, JD. And rest up, Sox, it’s gonna be a wild second half.

Phil in Chicago

And now,what some of you may have been waiting for…
TQ’s notes on “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”,aka the final game before the break…First of all,great seats,upper boxes,three rows off the concourse…under the overhang,so no interference by the sun…Got ther in plenty of time to get everything set up and raring to go…

Thank yous,now…

1)Thank you,JD,for rescuing the big Cuban horse in B9 by taking the phenom(Papelbon)to the bullpen when the WS were two strikes away from losing…

2)Thank you,Alex Cintron,for rescuing BOTH Pal Joey(Cora)and Gload,who momentarily BOTH had their heads up their rear apertures(hi,Dawn)on the ball that Crede hit in B11…

your hustle kept the marathon alive…

3)Thank you,Brandon Mc Carthy,for ******* up 4.1 innings of relief as we dragged onward…one hit,one walk…outstanding…

4)Thank you again,J Dye,for an absolutely SPLENDID catch to end T19 off of Pal Joey’s brother…

5)Thank you,Tadahito,for bringing down the curtain on a long,memorable day…

6)Thank you,those of you in WS Universe who upheld Yogi Berra’s credo…”IT AIN’T OVER TILL IT’S OVER”…by staying through the game,start to finish…

I have just gone through the MLB box score on the web for the confirmation of pitch count,which I keep during the game…I was off by only ONE STRIKE(by Papelbon)of keeping exact count of everything…balls,strikes,hits,outs,the whole bloody thing…

I’m glad the AS break is here…because I’m gonnat need all four days to decompress from yesterday….and I know I ain’t the only one,right,folks?

BTW,I now have personally seen,and have kept score of 6 of the top 26 longest games in the storied history of this franchise…the only personally witnessed game was that three day(one of rain)marathon with the Indians back in May of ’73,a game that Richie Allen won with a HR in the last of the 21st off some guy named Ed Farmer…sorry about that,Farmio….

Son of BTW…I looked it up on…and confirmed it…Way back before any of us were even thought of,in 1951,the WS and Bosteon played three games in TWO DAYS…a DH,in which the 2nd game lasted 17 innings,with a Boston win…then the next night,a 19 inning game,with the WS coming out on top…45 innings in two days…as my ancient Hybernian ancestors would say…”OH,VEY!”

Bethany,sorry I didn’t know where you worked in the park,cause I would have come to see you before the game…my mistake…

More Tuesday….

TQ(exhausted from watching and writing…but glad of it…)

A little has nothing about Contreras being replaced. MLB just mentions Liriano being in instead of Contreras, and the Twins web site says Liriano will replace the INJURED??? Contreras…if you have more info, please share….

Dawn…you may not remember the play because there were so many of them,but it was on the line drive that Varitek hit in T4,the one that Contreras reached for kind of awkwardly,stumbling over the pitching rubber as he grabbed the ball…Ozzie and Herm came out to check on him,but he stayed in,then gave up the HR to Lowell that put Boston up 3-0…tha might just have been the play…

hey, Tom, you need to change your son of BTW to most of us weren’t thought of; in 1951 i was three, and while i wasn’t yet a Sox fan i did have fun playing in the sand ( sand lot) with sticks ( aka bats) and balls ( my baseball heritage in waiting).

you’ve all already said it so i’ll bow out for now except to say, go JD, and go AL.

j.k. in the land of mesas(flat mountain tops) and prickly-pear ( a type of cactus)……

You could be right TQ…but he seemed to shake it off, and no one mentioned it since.. not that anyone could recall that far back in the game… Let’s just hope its very, very minor. We need the Bronze Titan…The Cuban Horse….on Friday against the Evil Empire.

You ain’t just whistling “new York,New York”,my dear Dawn…
Here are the projected matchups for the series at East 161st Street and South River Avenue,Fort Apache,the South Bronx…aka “The House that Ruth Built,the city rebuilt and will soon be abandoned…

Friday Night:Contreras vs Mike Mussina

Saturday afternoon:Buehrle vs Randy Johnson(on FOX)

Sunday afternoon:Garcia vs TBD(on WGN)

They(WS)got their work cut out for them…AND HOW!!!

Hawk said yesterday that J. Wright will face Garcia on Sunday.

kris: you are exactly right,my friend in Macomb…and BTW, projects the Big Unit vs the Cuban horse Friday night,with Moose Mussina up against Buehrle Saturday…
Whichever way it turns out,as Hawk would say(and will)

Sit back,relax and strap ‘er down…

It should be interesting…

My dad (whose Sports gene I inherited, and who raised me as a Sox fan…God Bless Him) will be in town. Unfortunately, his trip brings him in when the Sox are on the road. However, as he lives in Arkansas, he rarely gets the chance to see them on TV. All 3 games will be on in my home in bright, vivid, 61 inch Sony glory (Hi Def if we’re lucky) for his viewing pleasure. We shall be victorious!!! The evil shall be smote…and stuff! BTW…if anyone has MLB.TV, please let me know if you like it. Might be a great birthday gift for my dad….

Anybody going to NY for this weekends series? Any suggestions where Sox fans hang out there?

My brother-in-law has tix to this weekend and I hope to join him. He is a Yankee fan. I will never understand what my sister sees in him…Anyway, can’t wait to see our boys take down the Bronx Bummers!

Go SOX!!

coras fault???

talk about passing the buck… ross and jermaine are MAJOR LEAGUERS. high school coaches wouldnt put up with that trash from 15-year-olds. it’s not any coaches fault both players made huge mistakes.

if joey cora has to tell gload “make sure you tag up on a fly ball to the outfield,” then ozzie has to tell him “make sure you run after you hit the ball.”

I think its the fault of all 3 of them. First of all they were running because the ball looked as if it would not be caught. Nixon ma de a great play. However, Joey should have been the one watching the ball and telling them where it is. Bad play by all parties. And yes, Cora deserves some of the blame as well as Dye and Gload.


As a third base coach, you REMIND a runner in that position to HOLD until the ball hits the ground, just as you remind a runner on third to wait until a grounder clears the infield (assuming less than 2 outs and bases aren’t loaded). And on any ball in the air, you watch both the ball and runner, and signal him to run when it’s caught. In short, the third base coach IS THERE FOR A REASON, i.e. to help and remind. (Notice that coaches do the same even when there are two outs, i.e they REMIND a baserunner to run, even though he “KNOWS” he should).

If you haven’t done so, you might want to read Phil Rogers’ column today, in which Ozzie says the baserunning in the 11th was “little league.” Yes it was, and given that we pay MAJOR LEAGUE prices to watch our team, you would’ve hoped that he would’ve promised some immediate remedy, even if it meant (as he did with our bunting farces) more situational practices. But he did not.


I had MLB.TV for a while. I liked it, but it would occassionally get really slow and frustrating and would often freeze up (even over cable internet). It’s also about 1 minute behind the actual action, so my mom would call to talk about a play before I saw it happen.

Hope that helps.


Hello everyone out there in WS Universe…

I am so excited…just received my first jersey ever in the mail- thanks to Triple Threat Sports and Chris Ronge on the Score!! I of course got #12 for my favorite….I’ve been waiting for over a month- and today was finally my lucky day!!

Oh the little thigns that can make you so excited in life!🙂 I’ll be wearing it proudly tomorrow during the AS game!!

Still tired from that game yesterday…haha!

Tom- I was actually working on the 500 level yesterday- bummed I didn’t get to meet you!

Have a good night!

Dawn, i’m the one who watches all the games on and have for over 3 years now. it’s much better than it used to be but as Cyndi mentioned, at times, the game freezes making it necessary to restart the program. video quality is still poor compared to a tv picture, but it is better than it was and if your Dad is like me, ANY way to watch is better than no way to watch. for the remainder of this season, it’s about $50. so the price is a lot better than you can get on cable. the biggest problem that i have is watching sat games, because they are blacked out for the fox game of the week. exception is if our game is on WGN later in evening. all in all, i recommend it, again because it’s the only way i can watch live or replays.
j.k. in the land of creosote ( a desert bush) and gila monsters (a very poisonous lizzard).

Dawn: I agree with Cyndi and j.k. re: The freezing up can get infuriating, but frankly, if it’s your only option for viewing the game, its tolerable. And since your dad lives in AR, I would think the likelihood of any of the Sox games being blacked out in his market would be slim.

On a different topic, can’t even begin to describe the sense of pride I’m feeling right now seeing our guys (JD, Thome, AJ, Paulee, Mark, Walk, Harold, on camera tonight. I love that our team is so well represented. And how cute is AJ’s little girl? (What a “mom” comment.)

Creosote… isn’t that the stuff they put on fireplace logs?

And Man Soo Lee catching during the HR derby =) Good to see those guys, and I think AJ has a great career as an announcer after baseball. Was fun to hear him banter with the guys!!

yes Maria, creosote is a chemical that is used for preserving wood, but in southern ariz as well as tex, new mexico and mexico, it is also a bush that grows to about 4-5 feet tall with small green leaves and yellow flowers in the spring. in the rainy season ( about now) you can smell the aroma throughout our area after each rain. it is a pungent slightly acrid smell that some ( including me) are highly alergic to. stay tuned for more fascinating factoids about our living desert as the next few gameless days pass.

j.k. in the land of mesquite and olive trees as well as palm, eucalyptus and pinion pine, paloverde, sage, pecans, peaches and other types of trees. with all of these there isn’t room for many people, and there aren’t.( only about 5M of us to date). oh yeah, we got dates too.

Ahhh JK- I feel as though my knowledge of AZ is enough that I could move there and impress all the people around me. And I can only thank you for that!🙂

Good job last night JD! There was a great picture this morning in my local paper of Tejada, JD and David Ortiz all goofin around with each other. This is the one reason alone I lvoe the All Star Game….I always get so caught up in the competition of the season, sometimes its fun to sit back and watch the guys be guys!

But lets get our home field advantage tongiht- good luck to all of our American League guys!

Have a great day Sox fans..go AL!

How big is the picture on games? Is it bigger than the small screen that shows highlights on the Sox page? IMO the baseballs used during HR derby must be juiced. Did you see how many balls landed in the river! Since the park opened only one ball has landed there on the fly. I have been told that balls thrown at a slower speed will travel shorter distances than ones thrown at higher speeds. Thoughts?

blakeheem…This answer goes under the category of “chicks dig the long ball”(And I apologize to all the women of WS Universe for the “chicks” mention—it wasn’t mine…blame Nike,I think…)
The Home Run Contest is one of the promotions that MLB put in a few years ago when they thought that the ASG itself was bland and boring,so let’s stuff three days worth of activity into two…The game and all of the periferal(sic)bull***t like the Futures Game,the Home Run Derby,the exhibits,etc…like it was a state fair or something—anything to lure the customers in and hope they’ll spend ytheir hard earned money on a $50 T-shirt for Junior,so he can say he was at the All-Star Game…as if the memory of the game wasn’t enough…I have been to three ASG(’73 in KC,’75 in Milw. and the 50th anniversary game in ’83 at old Comiskey),and what went on then and there was good enough for me…but obviously not to the short attention span crowd,who has to be bombarded with visuals and audios every 10 seconds…

IMO,give all that cr** back to the NBA…Give the ASG back to us the way it used to be…(the preceding has been a rant on behalf of the “old f**ts society…)

We now resume our regular programming….

blakeheem,they have batting practice pitchers throw at BP speeds during that exhibition,which accounts for the number of titanic shots that you saw last night…

(Attention,attention,please…Pittsburgh cheap shot coming up…)

As you saw,the baseballs themselves couldn’t wait to get out of PNC Park,down the Allegheny,and out of Pittsburgh…just like most of the players….

Now,onto other topics…

Here’s a one-liner I thought up last night…The game on Sunday was most unusual,in this respect…It was the first marathon involving Boston and Chicago that wasn’t won by a runner from Kenya…(think about it….then LAUGH?)

Finally(just in time,too…I see the lynch mob forming…),I saw something in a book recently and,borrowing a page from the sage of Tucson,jklein,I though I would present it for WS Universe to read,think about and hopefully remember during the post ASG part of the schedule…

Here goes…

You Musn’t Quit

When things go wrong,as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high

And you want to smile,but you have to sigh,

When care iis pressing you down a bit,

Rest,if you must-but never quit.

Life is *****,with its twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about

When he might have won if he’d stuck it out;

Stick to your task,though the pace seems slow-

You may succeed with one more blow.

Success is failure turned inside out-

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt-

And you never can tell howe close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-

It’s when things seem worst that YOU MUSN’T QUIT.

Think about it,WS Universe…not just in baseball,but in life itself…

blakeheem…This answer goes under the category of “chicks dig the long ball”(And I apologize to all the women of WS Universe for the “chicks” mention—it wasn’t mine…blame Nike,I think…)
The Home Run Contest is one of the promotions that MLB put in a few years ago when they thought that the ASG itself was bland and boring,so let’s stuff three days worth of activity into two…The game and all of the periferal(sic)bull***t like the Futures Game,the Home Run Derby,the exhibits,etc…like it was a state fair or something—anything to lure the customers in and hope they’ll spend ytheir hard earned money on a $50 T-shirt for Junior,so he can say he was at the All-Star Game…as if the memory of the game wasn’t enough…I have been to three ASG(’73 in KC,’75 in Milw. and the 50th anniversary game in ’83 at old Comiskey),and what went on then and there was good enough for me…but obviously not to the short attention span crowd,who has to be bombarded with visuals and audios every 10 seconds…

IMO,give all that cr** back to the NBA…Give the ASG back to us the way it used to be…(the preceding has been a rant on behalf of the “old f**ts society…)

We now resume our regular programming….

blakeheem,they have batting practice pitchers throw at BP speeds during that exhibition,which accounts for the number of titanic shots that you saw last night…

(Attention,attention,please…Pittsburgh cheap shot coming up…)

As you saw,the baseballs themselves couldn’t wait to get out of PNC Park,down the Allegheny,and out of Pittsburgh…just like most of the players….

Now,onto other topics…

Here’s a one-liner I thought up last night…The game on Sunday was most unusual,in this respect…It was the first marathon involving Boston and Chicago that wasn’t won by a runner from Kenya…(think about it….then LAUGH?)

Finally(just in time,too…I see the lynch mob forming…),I saw something in a book recently and,borrowing a page from the sage of Tucson,jklein,I though I would present it for WS Universe to read,think about and hopefully remember during the post ASG part of the schedule…

Here goes…

You Musn’t Quit

When things go wrong,as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high

And you want to smile,but you have to sigh,

When care iis pressing you down a bit,

Rest,if you must-but never quit.

Life is *****,with its twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about

When he might have won if he’d stuck it out;

Stick to your task,though the pace seems slow-

You may succeed with one more blow.

Success is failure turned inside out-

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt-

And you never can tell howe close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-

It’s when things seem worst that YOU MUSN’T QUIT.

Think about it,WS Universe…not just in baseball,but in life itself…

Pardon the repeat,I wasn’t aware it was gonna do that…BTW,the bleeped out word rhymes with “steer”…I think you folks can figure that one out yourselves…(Maybe I should have used “strange”….oh,well….)

Does anyone know where I might be able to find either video or pictures from A.J.’s interview during the Home Run Derby last night? I was hoping to find it somewhere cause I didn’t tape it but Ava looked too cute. Thanks for the help!

That tribute to Roberto was awesome, that was truly a man of honor- a baseball great. Thee baseball great. That sure gave me chills to watch, I’m sure he was smiling down at that!

Now lets get back on top AL!

Ah I love it! Now I have all the respect in the world for Big Papi- he is a tremendous ball player, absolutely tremendous. But I love how OUR guy PAULY was the one coming up big in the lime light tonight!! And Ozzie, very well managed game! I loved beating Phil Garner..again. Great comeback AL, thanks for home field advantage- and hopefully that will only help us again!!

Now lets get back to the real fun, our quest for a repeat!

it rained last night and as you stand in the quiet you can smell the creosote in the air, pungent and fresh in the cool pre-dawn morning. crickets chirp all around and in the distance there it is again, the plaintive howl of the coyote, joined in moments later by another and another until the air is alive with a living siren song. then just as suddenly as bedlam broke, it stops. as reality comes back to your senses you can just barely make out the silouette of the distant mountains. dawn in the desert. the black slowly takes shape into peaks and valleys, with the slightest hint of trees and cactus outlined. and now the moment you’ve waited for arrives. the hint of light is followed by the most delicate pinkish hue imaginable, and just as soon as your mind understands that it actually saw what you thought you saw it is gone. but more than just gone, it’s replace with a deeper pink, then red and orange and if you’re lucky there are a few clouds in the distance to give the color motion. as the waves start to break you realize that you are in paradise and that the only way to see all the magnificence is to appreciate the fact that it is painted by a creator of infinate ability. the colors continue to deepen and now you’re looking at dark reds and violets that slowly fade to light and then the sun rises in the east and another day has begun in tucson. time for a cup of coffee but before that a thank you for allowing me to witness such beauty.

that’s what you all are missing folks. it truly is a magical place. later, way to go AL j.k. in the land of rainbows and sunsets too.

By the way….

How awesome was it tonight when they introduced AJ- and he got a very warm welcome….and he honestly looked shocked by it! haha He got the biggest smile on his face, and leaned over to PK to say something about it…I’d give anything to hear what he said!!

Oh AJ, you’re the best!🙂

There were a lot of boos when they announced AJs name and from what I was able to hear when he turned to PK was something along the lines of everyone always has to boo me… I might be way wrong on that but it was what I heard. He had a microphone on too bad they didn’t have it turned on.


Have you tried looking in to Directv? I know right now you can get the half season package of MLB and if you sign up now you pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket and get their best programming for free for 4 months. I just added on the MLB so I can watch the rest of the leagues games especially the Tigers to make sure that they blow it in the stretch.

Shawn in Orland Park

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that tribute to Roberto Clemente. In addition to Ozzie, they showed several fans in the stands who had tears in their eyes. It was very well done, and a fitting way to honor such a legend.

btw, for you mooney: i have the game on DVR and listened again, and I’m pretty sure A.J. said “that wasn’t that bad!” when he got that mix of boos and cheers. He seemed like he was expecting the jeers. Not surprising all things considered. =) I just wish he had been put in the game, if only to catch in the bottom of the ninth.

PK was awesome tonight. Good thing they pinch ran for him though..🙂

Mooney… My dad doesn’t get directv.. We actually ditched DirecTV (I miss my Sunday ticket for NFL) due to increased pricing and eqpt charges for Hi Def TIVO and local channels, etc.

I thought I’d take my shot at poetry, so this one’s for you, JKLEIN.


The sun is rising over the rolling hills as I cross the little Calumet. Commuting is awful, with the trafic, the rage, and regrets. But I, too, get to enjoy pungent smells in the air. The breeze from the landfill blows through my window, and musses my scraggly hair.

Great win for the AL, I thought I was watching the Comeback Kids (AKA White Sox) for a minute. How fitting for Paulie to start it off with a two-out single in the bottom of the ninth.

Lastly, at least no A.J. controversy. I sure am glad he wasn’t the one who hit C. Zambonie with the fungo bat.

Oh, and Mooney, it wouldn’t have mattered if they didn’t pinch run for PK. Even Paulie would have made it to third on the ground rule double by Glaus, and I’m pretty sure he would have made it home on Young’s triple from third base.

I’d like to begin by saying I hope you see this post and feel the need to take some action (as I would hope, but certainly not expect).

Today I came across an ESPN Page 2 article that basically attacked Bobby Jenks in a very disrespectful and unprofessional manner. I don’t know if you have seen the article, but as a representative of the organization, I would hope that you would be able to react to ESPN and their poor judgment to post this piece of garbage their website.


I would also almost suggest that Bobby is also owed an apology by this writer, who clearly stepped over the line when suggesting Jenks as a skin-head, racist, beer drinking, and irresponsible person. This is America and everyone deserves second chances. Bobby has straightened out his priorities and even though he may have made some mistakes when he was young, there is no reason the world should be exposed a clearly unsolicited attack on Jenks.

Is Alan Grant trying to become Jay Marrioti? That is some serious **** that he wrote. However anyone is raised is their own business. Has he done anything to intentionally hurt someone? I could not say so, and if he did the media would certainly find out about it. Sounds like Alan had to reach a deadline and wrote some BS to try and cause a stir like Mariotti does. I am so bothered by it that I can’t put it into words. I wonder if Alan knows what “slander” means? If not he and his lawyer should get a good lesson pretty soon.

That article is NOTHING short of infuriating. I hope Bobby does something about it, becasue there is no excuse for **** like that. Bobby is a great example of a kid turning his life around…and becoming a man.

I am heated boy, and I hope Bobby takes all proper measures. We stand behind you Bobby.

don’t you just love how “educated” people are given a pen and a blank piece of paper and fill it with ****? i would say, that is reverse discrimination. because bobby lives by an aryon crowd, that makes him one? what happened to getting to know someone? i love how these people go around yelling racist, yet they turn around and judge people on the EXACT same thing. no wonder this country is at a standstill. bobby, we, chicago white sox fans love you. These men are clearly beneath you.

I just got through skimming through the article…They wrote that Mr Grant is a former defensive back in the NFL,who played college ball at Stanford…
If he did,I think he took one too many tackles without the use of a helmet…

That was one of the most IGNORANT,BASELESS,WITLESS articles I have ever read in my life…Mr grant must come from the Stuart Scott Schoold of Hip Journalism…

That kind of ****,I can do without,thank you….

Mr Grant,collect whatever money you got for that article…and go away…

So far away,you couldn’t be found with a bloodhound….

Now,onto other matters….

Bethany…do they ALWAYS have you working at the 500 level of that park? My dear,that is the closest that you will come to Heaven,without actually experiencing it…

How do you get up there,with a Sherpa guide?

As far as last night is concerned…thank you,Paulie,for starting the winning rally…and thank you,Oswaldo,for realizing,as we all do,that PK runs not only like he has a piano on his back,but he has Billy Joel playing it…(I would have written Paderewski,but everyone would have said “WHO?”)So,insert Jose Lopez,then a ground rule double by Troy Glaus(BTW,I just now noticed in Chris DeLuca’s game story in the Some-Times that Glaus is still with the Angels…that should be news in Toronto,shouldn’t it?),then a two-strike,two-out,two-run triple by Michael Young…and the AL pulls one out again…just like the NL did for so many years,we got tired of seeing it….

Ozzie was a man of his word,too…He said AJ wouldn’t play,and the Lightning Rod had a **** good seat to see the comeback,didn’t he?…JD did not embarass himself,nor did “Sock-It”Thome….

in other words,a very enjoyable evening watching the All-Stars in a bandbox…Those first two home runs,by Vlad the Impailer and David Wright,looked chintzy ar far as distance went…

To Buehrle,the big Cuban horse,Manchild and the Lightning Rod…I hope that you didn’t get all that upset about not participating…but your manager and you have much bigger fish to fry,beginning Friday…


I guess AG thinks his article is really clever. Is Bobby a political candidate?? Sure seems like it, the way this germ is trying to make dirt out of Bobby’s past and solely where he comes from, or from problems he seems to have overcome. Maybe if Bobby wasn’t white he would be heralded for obstacles he has fought through, instead of blasted for a past in question. If Grant lives in NYC, and there’s a gang from the Bronx that beats up little old ladies and steals their purses, I guess he should be asked if he does the same. All the folks from Bobby’s home state should be outraged, to imply that white people from a rural area of the country are just too stupid to understand, or even if they do, they don’t care. What a pompous gas bag, his dribble isn’t worth the strain placed on my fingers to write this. But, it would be great if he would be publicly taken to task for his trash, similar to how Ozzie was taken to task, Jimmy the Greek, Marge Schotts, etc.

Scott, please let Bobby know that we are proud of him, not just for his turning around his career, but for turning around his life and becoming a responsible dad. Stick to it, Bobby, it’s all worth it!

haha no no, I’m a jack of all trades. You could find me all over from game to game!! But what I’ve known all my life as a Sox fan becomes clearer with each game- you could be anywhere in that park and still be havin’ a ball. Maybe its becasue that park is just hoppin with Sox Pride, or maybe its the 25 awesome guys who make up a pretty great team! Or maybe its Ozzie and his win or die trying team he and Kenny have made! What I’m trying to say is…its amazing anywhere and everywhere!!🙂

Dawn, I trust you are using the break to think up a whole new repoitoire (how the heck do you spell that?) of dances, becasue Lord knows you’ll need them for our second half!!!

If you are at all irked by the article by one idiot Alan Grant (too bad he didn’t get eaten in Jurassic Park 3, but the dinosaurs would have spit him out, anyway)on Page Two of the ESPN website, do something about it. Go to the PAGE TWO section, and you can send an email from a link on there to express yourself. I sent mine, and hope others follow.

What troubles me most are the underlying racial tones that Mr. Grant uses in his article. I don’t see the purpose they serve (except to stir controversy), especially given that Mr. Grant admits that Bobby’s behavior toward him during their first meeting DIDN’T set off his “radar”. Yet within the very first passages of the article, Mr. Grant makes some very broad and not altogether kind generalizations regarding the residents of northern Idaho. Personally, that kind of double standard sets off MY “radar”.

When it comes to life-baggage, we all have it. That Mr. Grant opted to rehash the negatives of Bobby’s former years is Mr. Grant’s choice. No, I don’t like it. I tend to believe the article would be more powerful and inspiring for the audience had he opted to write about how Bobby has turned his baseball career around. But some people in the media just don’t work that way.

Hey, Haeger is startin tonight for the AAA all-star game. He has a 1.95 era and let me tell you he looks good. Everyone watch for the young Sox prospects. Haeger will be up with this club soon trust me on that, he is really good and a knuckle baller. Evan

Wow, our pitchers Haeger and Phillips pitched real well tonight.

I am happy the Sox won the game, but personally I didn’t think that Ozzie did that great of a job. I would have liked to see a little more of Dye, Tejada, Jenks and a little less of Jeter, Ichiro and Rivera. No Buerhle,AJ, or Jenks, limited JD and Thome- I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping the White Sox would be showcased instead they were stashed on the pine.

i mean the A.L. not the sox.

Here is Alan Grant’s published email address off of, let him know how you feel if you’re so inclined.

Gosh do I hate the media these days, what ever happened to responsible journalism? This guy even claims to be an ‘educated man’

el-crum, Haeger was up already, started a game against the Angels a few weeks ago when The big man had to miss a few starts, I sat right behind the plate that night, he was all over the place, couldn’t throw a strike, I just don’t think he’s ready yet…

OK, let’s start the second half just like we did last year, with a sweep in a big series on the road.

Go Sox!

That article was one of the most incendiary pieces of **** I’ve ever seen. Apparently any yahoo with a column can print whatever they like ala Mariotti. The article is slanderous and unncessary and I would feel disgusted if some response from Bobby or the club wasn’t forthcoming. I’m not litigious by nature, but this is inexcusable.

On a more positive note, I have a bit more than 24 hours to work on dances for the 2nd half. I plan on needing A LOT of them =) If anyone has suggestions or a theme..all ideas are welcome! =)


That article was garbage. The guy is writing the whole article based on rumors and a meeting he had with Bobby 4 years ago. ***?!?! I emailed him telling him that his article was trash, people make mistakes, and told him he was the racist.

***** = W T F

Hey does anyone know where I can see the video of the Clemente tribute? I missed it.

and BTW that article on Jenks is definitely the most moronic thing I’ve read.


Once again,WS Universe is coming to the rescue of one of its own,from the players ranks…It does my old heart good to see that…because I wouldn’t waste time,space,carpal tunnel or anything else on a one-time piece of garbage like that bum on the ESPN web site…
And anyone else who writes to him–go right ahead,because it helps to vent your feelings,but trust me…This jerk will just take all of your responses and say to his employer…”Look how many people responded to my column…shouldn’t I get something for that?”

It’s happened before–remember the Weathervane in the Some-Times,folks? He thinks he’s teflon,and so does this ex-jockstrap sniffer on the ESPN website…

Now,onto other business…

Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of one of the darkest days in the history of the White Sox…On July 12,1979,the WS were playing a twinight doubleheader(yes,boys and girls,at one time there was such a thing as two SCHEDULED games on ONE date…amazing,isn’t it? Ask your parents,or your grandparents–or jklein or myself….)against the Tigers…and Bill Veeck’s son,Mike,a frustrated rock promotor,teamed up with a radio “personality”(quotation marks entirely my own opinion) named Steve Dahl to

protest the popularity of disco records…

The admission price that night for anyone who brought a disco record or album was just 98 cents…(98 being my opinion of Dahl’s IQ at the time,by the way….)and,between games,these records were going to be placed in a giant receptacle and blown up….cute promotion,eh?

Well,if any of you are aware of what happened,the records and the entire promotion blew up in young Mike’s chubby little face,when the “crowd”(???)stormed the field and lay waste to it…

Bill Veeck himself,along with Harry Caray,pleaded with the mob to disperse so that the second game could get underway…That went over like a lead balloon,as you might figure…

And where was Mr Dahl in all of this,you wonder? I believe he was feeding his fat little body in the Bard’s Room,the press dining room at old Comiskey…he did his thing,then disappeared into the night….

I have still never forgiven him for what he did that night…and I never will…I don’t care if he is a season ticket holder,or anything else…That night,and ever since,to my view,he has been GARBAGE…just as bad as that jamoke from the ESPN site….

They both should rot and burn in h*ll for what they’ve done…

More positive things after Game One,and before Game Two,of the Yank-me series…..

Tom Quaid

Dawn- How ’bout the “Peanuts” dance, when Schroeder was at the piano and the whole gang was dancing on the Christmas special. I particularly liked the kid who would flop his head from side to side, but any of the characters dances would do.

Sure hope Hermanson can make a comeback, would be great to have him back in the pen. And hopefully the rest did Politte some good, would hate to see him go.

well WS universe, it’s poker night at the Klein household and my AC is out. OUCH! at least my swamp cooler is working. what’s a swamp cooler? you ask. a thick pad of cardboard type material catches water and the fan that pulls this “cooled” air into the house conditions the air. it’s not AC, but before that invention it allowed humans to exist in the desert. before coolers, folks draped wet sheets on the screen door and slept on top of the covers. we have come a long way since the early 20th century. so i’m in a bit of a hurry to set up for our game ( good luck to ME), but before i leave just a couple of comments: Tom described Disco-demo night very well, and i remember it as if it were yesterday. i wasn’t there but the coverage was thorough in pre-ESPN days, and it was truly a joke! secondly, there was a report of the needs of all teams as we approach the trade deadline, and needs for our team were more bullpen help AND a center fielder. Tori Hunter’s name was mentioned and as good as he is i think it would be a big mistake to give up on BA so soon. there is only upside to Brian’s game and his hitting is coming around. he’s up to 190something, from the low 100’s. as Scott Merkin quoted Kenny saying, we need to be patient with this kid, remember Joe Crede, Robin Ventura, Aaron Rowand? i for one hope we don’t trade for another CF. Brian is our future and it would be great to see him succeed in OUR uniform instead of another teams. Go Sox, i’ve gotta go, let’s take it to the Yank-mes tomorrow

j.k. in the land of Bluffs (is that a poker axiom or a small hill?) and sweat( my AC will be fixed manana)

Just read that Alan Grant article and had a couple things that irked me as a black man. First, trying to paint Bobby as the second coming of Ty Cobb is just irresponsible, sensationalistic journalism. You wanna talk about racism, TALK ABOUT THE INSTITUTIONAL FORM OF RACISM THAT KENNY WILLIAMS HAS SO ADMIRABLY FOUGHT AGAINST TO BECOME ONE OF THE FEW BLACK GM’S IN SPORTS TODAY. There’s enough real and actual discriminatory ******** going on in America nowadays without AG trying to dig up some antiquated garbage and put a fresh new spin on it. Truth be told, most racist I’ve encountered in my life haven’t been fueled by hatred by rather by ignorance. I’ve never been to Spirit Lake, Idaho but I can’t imagine there’s many black folk up there. Not so in Chicago. I don’t know Bobby on a personal level but I don’t think there’d be a much worse place on earth for a white supermacist to be than the culture club that is the White Sox. Jewish owner, Latino coach and players, black GM and players, Asian players….
Stop stoking fires that don’t exist and let us play some ******* baseball. It seems like writers are just looking for any ****** in the armor they can find to destroy this teams unity. It aint gonna happen fools, move it along!

palehoses…well said, indeed. Just riles me up when I think about that article.

JK…you’re ohhhhh soooo right about BA. And while Torii is a very good CF, a) he’s not the youth and future and b) not sure the chemistry is right…and that’s critical for the team.

The Peanuts dance is awesome!! Excellent idea =)

I really don’t think Brian will be going anywhere. His bat is starting to come around, and even when he doesn’t get a hit, he’s hitting the ball pretty hard. I think the deer has escaped the headlights, and is going to take off. Can’t say enough about his glove. Remember the pitching and defense mantra? I almost cringe when his glove and arm aren’t in center, we need him out there. Besides, Tori is hitting .264 with 61 strikeouts, and 14 homers…not exactly lighting it up, not enough upside in my opinion, I’d take my chances with Anderson.

Offense is number one in league in HR’s and RUNS SCORED. I don’t think offense is the Sox problema, they’ll be looking more at pitching. Sox have great starters that haven’t clicked, but know how to pitch and will be there in the end. Bullpen is shaky, look for a possible move there to replace Politte/Hermanson. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of Thornton.

I haven’t heard a word on the Grant article in the media. How does he escape any scrutiny?? Maybe it’s all the better that he doesn’t get the attention, seeing that was probably his motus operandi.

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