Saturday Morning

Saturday, July 15, 2006, 9:53 am

It Had to End Eventually

Jose Contreras’ amazing 17-game winning streak came to an end last night (note the disappearance of the W’s).  It had to end eventually.  After the game, Jose was less concerned with his streak than with the fact the team lost.

The game ended with A.J.’s tough at-bat against Mariano Rivera with the potential tying run on third base.

"It wasn’t a good at bat because of the result," AJ said.

Yankee Stadium

White Sox fans made their presence felt last night at the Stadium.  I have never heard our fans so loud here.  It’s impressive how our fans have travelled in support of the Sox this season.  Thanks.

I am sitting here in the visiting clubhouse (in part because it is air conditioned).  There is something special about this ballpark.  As you walk underneath the stands to the clubhouses, you can almost feel the history, and it is a little awe-inspiring to think about all the visiting players who dressed here over the decades.

Ozzie is under the weather.  A head cold continues to bother him, and he spent much of the pregame wrapped in towels trying to sleep.


Guess what,blakeheem?…the sun came up this AM,right on time….And jklein,you may be happy to know as you chase that little white pebbled devil around the roughs and sandtraps of whatever course you travail that here in Chi-Town,we have your excess heat…added on to our own brand of humidity….Needless to say,it’s a rough one out there so be safe,not stupid…Be sure to keep hydrated and,for cryin out loud,if at all possible…STAY INSIDE,where it’s air conditioned….
Now,to last night…

As a lot of you will eventually find out,with age comes wisdom…a long time ago,a game like last nights,coupled with the Tigers winning as they did,would have left me absolutely furious and depressed…But now I figure it this way…It doesn’t put any money in my pocket if they win(I wish it did–I could use it….),and it doesn’t take any money out of my pocket if they lose…because I do not bet on ANYTHING—especially baseball games…those who do are sick,mentally,and should be treated immediately…

(I’m off my soapbox now….)

It doesn’t directly affect me,or it shouldn’t,so the anger and depression wear off after a while,and the feeling becomes…that one is over,you can’t retrieve it and do it over differently,so let’s try again,and better,next time….

I will have some thoughts about AJ and his comments about the reduction of his fine on Monday…if nothing comes up before that….

Keep cool,WS Universe…till Monday


God luv our fearless leader.. hope he’s feeling better soon, can’t he get a blanket anywhere instead of towels?

I was disappointed we lost.. irritated as heck Detroit pulled it out.. they’re driving me nuts, but yes TQ, life goes on.

Hot here in the suburbs of Houston too but as I look at the weather.. hotter in Illinois. Stay cool, be cool and don’t be a fool in the heat!

Game time will be here soon! GO SOX!

That’s all from the transplanted Hoosier/Illinoisian!


To understand Ozzie’s move to Cotts (or any of his other relief moves), you must realize that Ozzie DOES NOT change pitchers based on a pitcher’s effectiveness, which requires JUDGEMENT that Ozzie simply doesn’t have. Rather, he changes them based on two principles: (1) that any starter MUST pitch at least 5 innings, no matter what; (2) that a right handed reliever must face a right handed batter, and that a left handed hitter must face a left handed hitter. (Don Cooper’s term for this is “matchups.”)

In contrast, consider Jim Leyland. Last night, with Kenny Rogers pitching, he had a reliever warming up in THE SECOND INNING because he saw that Rogers was fairly ineffective. Rogers was pulled at the end of the fourth. Furthermore, Leyland will RARELY change pitchers just to create “matchups”; usually, his changes are based on his judgment of his pitcher’s effectiveness. As you watch the Sox play the Tigers next week, notice how often Tiger relievers pitch a FULL inning or more.

As I said two months ago, if the Sox starters pitch as they did last year, and if, therefore, Ozzie can be kept on the bench, the Sox have can win the division. But if the trend continues and Ozzie must make decisions, the Tigers will win it, with a manager who understands how to manage his staff.

Correction to above post:

It’s OK to pull a pitcher before the 5th, as long as you’re behind 8-0 or so. In other words, pull him after the game is lost . . .


I’m not panicing–but I am starting to get concerned about our pitching staff. They have not looked so good, especially Mark the past few starts. Defensively we have had some lapses as well. Don’t defense and pitching win it? Now granted our record is still impressive thanks to our offense, but we are heading into the part of the season that seperates the contenders from pretenders. Think Kenny the wizard has anything up his sleeve???

I agree obrnmac. We’ve tried this formula before (powerful offense, “decent” pitching and sub-par defense) and it’s led us to 2nd place finishes. The onus falls upon the pitching.


As Wall Street watchers know, major corporations occasionally announce stock splits in order to reduce their stock price. Companies do not want potential buyers to think that they are overvalued and to make it easier for the average investor to buy a share.

In keeping with this trend, MLB announces a new statistical measurement: the ERAI: earned runs per inning. Designed to replace the ERA, the ERAI will allow fans to see pitchers like CLIFF POLITTE as undervalued, not overvalued. By this new measurement, Politte has an astounding .967 ERA!. That is, he has given up less than one run per inning!

Hopefully, this statistic will also make it easier for average (even below average) clubs to buy HIM!

pollite is terrible. i called for roberto hernandez a month ago, now i hear kenny is looking at him..took long enough. why am i hearing vazquez and garcia may be traded? buerhle is the one that has been TANKING as of late. scott said “ozzie was sleeping” in the pregame- i think he fell asleep during the game as well. the only way the sox can win is if they score 10 runs, or hope for a 9th inning miracle. something needs to be done, but trading garcia for a middle reliever isnt the answer. how bout instead of sugar coating everything guillen kicks his guys right in the can…god knows they deserve it. now the yanks are creeping in the wild card. good lord. we looked sick vs. the red sox and look sick vs. the yankees. BACK UP THE TRUCK

I for one am glad I had a ton of errands to do today. Just watchin the score online was painful. The Fox game of the week down here was the Card/LA game. What the heck happened?

I second sox1966- thankfully I was so busy today that I didn’t have to watch that loss. The highlights alone killed me. Yikes!! Time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and come back firing against the Yanks tomorrow!!

Thome’s home run was sure monstrous boy…when he hits it, he HITS it.

Off to work in this sweltering heat, that doesn’t spell fun for anyone. Have a good night all.

Howdy folks! that’s tucson talk for ****-o. check these recent posts out:

“…you had to expect a let down from this goofy team. whatever, i’m sick of worrying about it. if they win, they win, if they lose, they lose”… Ken-wo

“Reinsdorf needs to take this team to the mayo clinic for a heart transplant” … Ctavolac

“Guys,it was at the game and i can say it was the worst game i’ve ever been to.”….pdiddlewiddle

“how much longer are we going to delude ourselves? our pitchers have fallen and can’t get up. i think we need to mentally prepare ourselves for how to deal with the collapse”….mreifer

there also was one who was supportive; Maria Wagener said she still believed and would be at the next series rooting our guy on….

many, many more like the above complaints, if you’re interested check it out. these comments were from a september ’05 post of Scotts and alluded to the trouble we were having at that time.

we all know that we won the World Series last year and yet, here we are again, losing faith. come on everybody, we’re not going to win every game. we’re not playing very well right now and we’re still the second best in baseball. boy are we ever spoiled by our success. if i was manager i would have done some things differently from Ozzie, but would my record be better than his? No Way!!! lighten up, take a deep breath of (air conditioned) air as Tom recommended and let’s wait to see what happens. do you think that our management team wants to lose? again, No Way! we overcame adversity last year and we will again this year.

with that said, yes our pitching is NOT what it was last year. do you think that Kenny and Ozzie aren’t aware of that fact? keep the faith and stay cool, that’s what i do here in the land of scorpions and bearclaws ( is that a dangerous desert dwelling animal? no, it’s my favorite morning pastry). laugh a little, like Tom also said, the sun will come up tomorrow.


For those of you who have not heard yet… Politte was designated for assignment after the game.

Good Luck Cliff!

What now??!! Buehrle??!! The Garland-Javier-Garcia virus has caught up with our ace! What now??!! Gosh, to be a Tigers fan now (Shut out KC today, 4.5 up)! Good times in Motown. Honestly, is anyone really scared to play us, the way we are pitching? I don’t even think a trade for a starter, let alone bullpen help will help. What now?

Even though Cliff couldn’t get it done out there this year, never will all that he did for us in the Black and White ever be taken away from him. Most notably last year obviosuly, but even beyond the field- Cliff is an awesome teammate, and a great guy- and as you could hear from his teammates, he’ll be missed in the clubhouse.

Cliff, thank you for everything you did for us. Sure its disappointing to leave us such a sour note and tough season thus far, but like I said- you were a big part of earning that Championship Ring last year. Best of luck to you- get yourself healthy, and we all look forward to seeing you back- pitching like we all know you can do!

Just dont pitch like you used to when you play us again… That wouldnt be very nice =)

Even though I know we had to let Cliff go, I’m still really sorry to see it happen. Seeing any of our guys that have been here for a couple years leave is always tough. He always seemed to be so consistent prior to this year and I hope that he can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

How much longer must we endure the BASE RUNNING FARCES AT THIRD BASE?

If Joey Cora can’t be fired, than surely he can be switched with Harold at first!

The Sox pitching has become a complete joke!! If they continue to pitch like ****, they will not even get the wild card. On the bright side, BA’s average is now at .200!!

kolsens I’m with you on Cora…his arm is stuck in propeller mode! I only heard it on the radio, but Farmer said Crede was still sore…why do you send him? Didn’t sound close, was it? He has done that with Thome and Konerko, our “speedy” baserunners, sending them. Joey is a little too aggresive in my eyes. On a brighter note as blakeheem points out how about Brian Anderson! They said he’s been hitting about .333 last 30 at bats. Has he earned CF on his own yet? No offense to Mackowiak who I like, but can’t compare to Brian out there! Lets hope a day of rest does the boys good otherwise it could be real ugly coming home from Detroit. Let’s not panic WS fans, we hit skids in August last year and did just fine. Let’s just hope this is our bad stretch of the season.

Yes folks, today the Sox

1. pitched poorly

2. failed to hit in the clutch

3. ran the bases like little leaguers

4. couldn’t put down a sacrifice bunt; and

5. lost another run with Mackowiak in center (Anderson would’ve EASILY caught that ball in the 2nd inning).


For the first time in recent memory, Freddy Garcia actually HELD RUNNERS ON BASE!

Isn’t it funny what trade rumors will do to a pitcher?

Now,Kenny, how about shaking up a few OTHER players? It’s YOUR job! No one else will do it!


I try to stay quiet to your posts. I believe everyone has a right to complain about “their” team. But ****, what is it w/ trades and firings when something goes wrong???? If they did everything you suggest, there would be nobody left.

What happens when Paulie goes 2 more games w/o driving in a run w/ men on 2nd and 3rd w/ 0-1 out??? Trade him? Fire Greg Walker?

Usually I skip right past your 2 cents beacause I can’t stand the negativity that comes out of every keystroke but you know what, when I get furious about a game I welcome your impatient feelings about everyone on the staff….It makes me realize that this is a team I enjoy watching and pulling for. All my feelings lighten up when I see that their are people out there that will never enjoy a game unless everyone gets 2 hits, the pitcher throws a no-hitter, and there are no mental mistakes. What a perfect world that would be huh???

Baserunning mistakes…..THOSE DARN HUMANS. How dare they do something wrong. I’m glad you don’t critique people at their regular jobs. God forbid someone cook your steak just a little too long or ring up your groceries w/o a $1 off coupon or dare I say, the mail-man give you someone else’s mail…..THERE WOULD BE NO-ONE WORKING AGAIN.

So thank you for making me more understanding to the faults that these PEOPLE have. They handle the criticism far better than any of us could.

Sean – Jacksonville, FL

Oh yeah, GO SOX!

Thank God that’s over!!! It was fairly miserable to get swept by the yankees, but it’s still July. We’re still 4.5 behind the tigers (thanks KC!!!). And we’re still leading the wild card race. So let’s all take a deep breath and get ready to kick some tiger butt!!!

Go Sox!!!


mrp2390, Sean, that was the most cogent(a Tom word for you) comment that i’ve read in a long time. we positive guys need to stick together. you are 100% right on, thank you from the land of ocotillo( a tall spindly plant with red flowers on the ends of their stalks in the wet season)and did i ever mention sunshine?…j.k.

Ditto that..Go Sox….

I was afraid to come here after the weekend, and I was right in doing so. Yes, we didn’t get the job done…yes, the pitching was shaky, yes we missed a lot of opportunities, BUT.. are we still in 2nd place? Do we have a 3 game series in Detroit that can right the entire weekend? Did we send Politte down as was needed and “demanded” by many here. YES.. Baseball is a marathon…not a sprint. The negativity should be left for the other team, or this team. WHEN, and only when the season is over and we feel like we’ve been let down and pushed around. I just can’t imagine going through life with only seeing the bad stuff. We’re what..4-5 games off of last year’s pace?? And with the slump we had late last year, still have the chance to hang in there and do it all. We have a lot of good pitchers who just seem a bit off. If you are ready to dump Javy, and Garland…are you ready to dump Contreras and Buerhle and Freddy as well? Have these SUPERMEN of last year lost all their powers? I don’t think so……… I’m still behind the team 100%. These guys never quit!!! and I think I owe it to them to show the same mentality!

The good news thus far in the season is that we haven’t even come close to hitting our stride. Not even close. Sure we have shown flashes of brilliance. When it happens look out.

On the flip side Detroit hasn’t hit their rough patch and they will. Frankly, I am not worried about Detroit at all. The White Sox just need to focus on execution and the rest will take care of itself.

Great post mrp2390! These are the same people who were saying the same thing last August and September. It must be horrible being a White Sox fan and hating the team so much. The team was in the same horrible stretch last season. The pitchers didn’t throw well, players made mistakes, and the White Sox lost games. Eventually things get turned around. Everyone in MLB has a stretch like that. They cannot continue to play this bad, they are better than this and they’ve proved it.


Come on, guys. After last season, every person in here was totally sold on the team that Ozzie and Kenny make. We didn’t think they could make a bad move.
Now that we’ve sputtered for 3 games out of the break, you’re telling me that’s changed your mind about them? 3 games have replaced the magic they worked in an entire season? This is getting a bit rediculous. I’m not going to demand any trades or moves from Kenny because I know that he already knows ten times what we do and will make the right decisions. I’m not saying he or Ozzie are 100 percent perfect and will never make a mistake for the rest of their lives. I’m just saying that we need to show a little more respect to the two guys that orchestrated out miracle run last year.

Sorry about the rant, but we need to step back and realize we have one of the best, if not THE best front office in the game. The right decisions are/will be made.

Now…we are 5-1 against Detroit this season. They’ve beaten everyone but us. And I have a really good feeling that it’s going to stay that way.

Head up…this is baseball.

Phil in Chicago

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Phil and Sean =) Let’s rest today and take care of business with the Tigers starting Tuesday!!


My boys were a little upset Jose lost his streak. I was more upset about the losses. Concerned? Yes, I am. Giving up? No, of course not. We’ve got guys who know how to pitch, who have to get on track. Worn out? Maybe, but you can come back from worn out, dead arms, tired. Injuries lurking? That would be more devastating. These starters know how to pitch, Cooper knows how to coach. Politte had a career year, Contreras, Beurhle, Vasquez, Garland, Garcia have careers. It’ll get turned around. Will Detroit falter? A lot of folks think it’s a given, they can’t keep up the pace. Sox didn’t keep up the pace last year, but had a 15 game lead on August 1st to fall back on. Tigers have a 4.5 game lead and less experience at July 17th. I like the Sox chances, I’ll hang in there, I’ll still go to the games, I’ll still watch. But I can’t say I’m not concerned.

Matchups? I guess you have to go by the books at least some of the time. Still, would have liked to see McCarthy stay in that game on Friday night.

Hermanson falters in latest triple-A contest, Politte is designated. A new righty will be coming to the club before the end of the month.

Tracey is back, can’t wait to see him pitch again, thought he showed promise. Williams never tips his hand, gotta think wheels are turning, deals are churning.

Notes on a lost weekend in the Rotten Apple….
Am I panicking? No….

Am I ticked off at what happened? You bet your boots I am….(:(I hope that’s a frown face I just made….)

The last two days(Sat.and Sun.)I subjected myself to some of the most BRUTAL baseball that this team has played in quite some time…

Where do I begin?

Poor starting pitching(Buehrle),one bad inning yesterday(Garcia–the other 6 innings were good…),sloppy fielding(Cintron Sat.),bad throws home (Dye,etc.),bad baserunning(Thome,Iguchi),bad coaching decisions(Cora sending Crede(with a bad calf) home on a single to SHORT LF…He was out from here to the Harlem River…(to borrow a Farmer-ism)

And now,they go into Motown to play a team that has gone 24 and 8 since June 8th…a team that is SO FAR over their skiis(sic),it isn’t even funny any more…

Egad,NO WONDER I couldn’t get to sleep last night(in addition to the heat and humidity….)…

I figured it out…after this series,the Sox have 68 games remaining…33 vs the contenders(17 at home)and 35 versus the also-rans(18 on the road…Detroit will have 67 games left…34 versus the contenders(22 at home)and 33 versus the also-rans(21 on the road)…

Is this the wake-up call that the WS have needed,beginning tomorrow? I dare say YES…

If they don’t do well,I feel that they may be home after October 1st,hearing this old bromide…”Of all the words of tongue and pen,the saddest are these…WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN….”

All right,WS…prove me wrong…I’d love to see it…

Small consolation Dept…at least the Sox didn’t give up 11 runs in ONE INNING,with TWO GRAND SLAMS…unlike a certain other club that will go unnamed…

Now,if you’ll excuse me,I have an appointment with the sandman…I need my beauty sleep…(unlike the Brusa/Conrad/Wagener troika…

mrp2390 et al.,

I’m afraid you’re attacking Kenny Williams, not me. The trade rumors regarding Vazquez and Garcia have come from the front offices of major league baseball, not me. And it was undoubtedly Kenny Williams (not me) who “designated” Politte, and dumped a load of other failing humans (even big Frank!) at the end of last season.

And so while you (mrp2390) flatter me by giving me credit for your feeling better, I’ll pass your kind words along in an email to Kenny, who REALLY deserves the credit. If you don’t mind, however, I’ll wait another week or so, when I expect him to clean house again.

For the record, I HAVE ADVOCATED the firing of ONE person: Joey Cora. There comes, after all, a time when “those humans” can only make so many mistakes and their competency must be called into question. Cora made TWO MORE (not just one, Tomquaid–did you WATCH him on Iguchi’s blunder? He made NO effort to hold him at third) costly mistakes yesterday, and has continually demonstrated his unwillingness to do his job at third (observe Baines in comparison; he IS ALWAYS talking to his runners).

But I confess that I’m probably impatient. Coaches are usually fired at the END of the season. I’m sure Kenny will do the job then.

It’s good to read your post TomQuaid (your humor is much needed after that stifling weekend we just endured). It’s also good to see Sean Tracey back up. Everyone deserves a second chance; an oppurtunity for redemption. Part of me thinks Kenny is just auditioning the youngster before the trade deadline, but whatever his motivation it was the right move to make. We need to establish some cohesiveness in the middle relief.

As far as the starters go…I gotta think no one’s as disappointed as they are with their recent performances. These are proud men we’re talking about. They know they’re not pitching up to their potential and they know this team will only go as far as they take us. I hope that when they look down at their hands with that beautiful ring on it, they’re not struck by a complacency that success will sometimes bring, but rather are hit by an insatiable hunger to cover the rest of their fingers. Carpe diem fellas, the window of opportunity won’t stay open forever (especially when it’s this ******* hot outside)

Addendum to above post:

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that my previous comments on Freddy’s holding runners on Sunday might have been taken as sarcasm. They were NOT intended as such.

Over the past couple years, Freddy has been TERRIBLE at holding runners. His efforts yesterday (including a well rehearsed pickoff attempt at 2nd) were a VAST improvement and an indication that Ozzie’s rants (two outings ago)–and probably some hard practice–have paid off.

Hello Sox fans!

Last night, a good friend asked if I wanted to go to the Cubs game (she’s a big Cubs fan)….she told me they were 2 rows behind home plate. Then I checked on the matchup- the Mets, so I was sold.

And boy did I get my money’s worth- two grand slams, and an 11 run inning! haha

It was fun seeing El Duque pitch again, even though he got rocked early and often. I marveled at his ALDS masterpiece again, as I’d talk about it with any fan within a couple seats of me.

It was even better seeing Detroits losing score of 9-6. Thanks KC!

Excited to get into Detroit, and continue our winning ways against them. Our guys step it up when they need to, I have no doubt.

Enjoy the off day Sox fans….stay cool…if thats even possible.

“If they don’t do well,I feel that they may be home after October 1st,hearing this old bromide…”Of all the words of tongue and pen,the saddest are these…WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN….”
All right,WS…prove me wrong…I’d love to see it…” TomQ

Well, TomQ, is your faith starting to crumble? I guess kolsens isn’t all wrong then, is he? I, for one, am very apprehensive of playing a Tigers team that doesn’t know how to lose. I don’t see how we will turn this around. We have recently lost 5 of 6 to playoff contending teams. I would not put much stock in our taking 5 of 6 from Detroit. That was a lifetime ago – before our starters decided to drop to 8th in ERA. Yes, I will be watching. But, I won’t be breathing. WE need a miracle.

We need a miracle? You need a chill pill, must be the heat. Our team is better than they have performed, especially the pitching. So, we hit a rough patch against the two top teams in the East same as we did last year (6-7 against the Yanks and Red Sox).

Who cares? The Central Division is where this thing will be won. Don’t need to be worried about anyone but ourselves and execute the fundamentals.

As Phil said this is baseball, enjoy it. Good things are coming.


Hello fellow Sox fans. I recently put this post up on the message board (not many responses) but I think I should have posted it here. Seems like there’s a lot more baseball knowledge on this board.

I have heard a lot of talk from various White Sox fans on who the Sox need to trade, who needs to sit a start, who is a bum etc. I have also heard people say how everything is going to be fine, the staff will snap out of it, and as Sox fans we should not jump to conclusions so soon. Either argument could prove to be valid down the stretch, but i feel that right now there is way too much baseball to be played to come to either conclusion. I think as fans we need to be critical and see the team for what it is, and still give credit where credit is due. There is nothing wrong with being critical, it doesn’t make you a bad fan. Simply see the starting pitching staff for how it is performing right now (below average). That the bullpen is pitching decent right now, and hope that people will continue to step up. The team as a whole is having a tough stretch as well. This obviously is not how we, or the team expected to perform coming off the All-Star break, but it is not the end of the world either. No need to back up the bus just yet.

Here are my thoughts on the pitching staff, and I would like to hear what other fans think as well. The biggest question mark on this staff to me is Garcia. This isn’t because I think he is the most unpredictable but because he could possibly be the key to the success or failure of the Sox staff (obviously my whole argument could be shredded to bits if Buehrle and Contreras don’t win ballgames). It is true that our starters as a whole have looked pretty bad for a while now, but I am not concerned with the pitching staff as a whole. It is highly unlikely that all 5 starters will stay in this “funk” and continue to look bad the rest of the season. I do think that Buehrle will start throwing the ball better, and Contreras will continue to give us a chance to win 9 out of 10 starts. That being said, for the pitching staff (and the team as a whole) to be successful, you need at least three starters that can shut people down and give you a chance to compete every time they take the hill (after all, in the playoffs you need a solid 3 man rotation to compete). Garcia or Garland need to step up and be that guy. I think Garland will finish the year off solid, but I can’t say i believe he will end up being our third stopper. The way Vazquez is throwing the ball you don’t know what to expect from him, so 6 quality starts in 10 outings would make me happy. Anything more would be a bonus. You also have to figure that the offense will win a couple bad outings by themselves. This brings me back to Garcia. It’s concerning that he can’t seem to find a way to throw less than 100 pitches in 4 innings. It’s also concerning that he has an era over 6 in his last 10 games. What is most concerning to me, is his velocity. He won’t be successfull throwing 89-91 mph. fastballs on the inner half. He will have to learn he can no longer over power people with his fastball. He will have to learn to get ahead of hitters so he can set them up for the fastball. This obviously isn’t breaking news to him or anybody. He’s a gamer, and a professional. He and Coop know what needs to be done, now it’s just a matter of doing it. Like I said, Garcia is a gamer and it would suprise me if he doesn’t find a way to turn this around. I just hope he can do it this year with the Sox.

Unless KW makes a trade involving a starting pitcher (whether sending or acquiring), it is likely that the big 5 now are going to be the big 5 at the end of the season. I heard on the radio that KW said it will be unlikely that the Sox will feature the same 5 starters next year. Whether that is a rumor or not, who knows. If this is true Garcia and/or Vazquez probably won’t be around next year to worry about and it would suprise me if he would go out and get a starter right now unless it was a deal he couldn’t pass up. Either way, as long as Garcia is a part of this pitching staff, he will be a pivotal member (to me, a strong #3 can make all the difference).

We can’t predict what will happen the second half so let us not back up the bus after a couple bad series. We also don’t have to be happy about it. Instead, simply put, realize that the White Sox just played bad baseball. Bad baseball happens every now and then. The Yankees and Red Sox played fairly good baseball. Realize it is hard to win games playing bad baseball. It is how you respond to playing bad baseball that make you a Champion, or a 2nd place team. Realize that the White Sox must play better baseball to beat playoff caliber teams. However you want to look at it until the staff steps it up and performs like they’re capable there is still reason for concern, but it is still much to early to call for their heads.


As a long time Tiger watcher, I am astounded by statements like “I am not worried about Detroit at all.” But given your confidence, I also see an opportunity.

How about a WAGER on who finishes higher: Tigers (playing WAY above their heads) or Sox (the CHAMPS!)? As a Sox fan, I’ll SACRIFICE my heart and take the TIGERS. You name the amount; we agree by a certain time to wire the money to a third party (say Tomquaid: a trusted gentleman who perhaps would be willing to hold the money)?

If I lose, I’ll even buy the Duke and myself a WHOLE BOTTLE of chill pills (though chemical content will remain undisclosed).

What do you say?

I’m in Vegas for a few days. (Chicago wasn’t hot enough.) I’ve also been reluctant to read the blog for the past 2 days, if only because I knew EXACTLY what to expect. A word of advice to the naysayers… as you jump OFF the bandwagon, be sure to do so from the back. I’d hate to see you get smooshed under the wheels. Jeeez.

Great post mrp2390 (Sean) and it’s good to hear responses like those from klein711, dbrusa, & krtrepac (to mention a few). Like you, I get frustrated from time to time with the performance of OUR team but, like you, only because I want them to win so badly. But first, last, and always I’m a Sox fan and for someone who has watched, listened, and followed them since the early 50’s I will give the organization that presented us with such a remarkable championship run last year the benefit of the doubt with the team and it’s performance todate this year. I too, tire of the the naysayers that sound as though they want this team dismantled because they have only the 2nd best record in baseball and have lost consecutive series to two top teams. Like you, I say we support them now when they need us, not just when they’ve won 8 or 10 in a row. Good post mrp2390 and fellow Sox fans. Keep it up, let them do their jobs, and we’ll do ours by supporting OUR team. Go Sox.

I am not a gambler, just a die hard White Sox fan.

Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Sean’s, Phil’s, BC’s, JK’s, and Tom’s post to name a few, the winner of the day goes to MARIA! I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself!! Hope you had fun out there in Vegas…I’d give anything for a cool down right now boy.

Tomorrow is a big series for us, and I’m excited to see our guys bring it to the next level. Hope Pauly and Ozzie are feeling completely better.

Lets go White Sox!!!

taking the words right out of my mouth =) I was just about to post a very similar statement. Win big in Vegas Maria…and here’s to our boys doing the same in Detroit.. Let’s rock and roll ’em…

Looking forward to the Detroit series! Go Sox!!

nice post nichex311 and welcome aboard. it’s always nice to hear from another voice of reason. and Maria, how do you like the dry heat of vegas? enjoy your stay and the view from the front row of the bandwagon. i gotta go ( up to phx on tuesdays to visit Dad). so until later, Go Sox. j.k…..

I’m tired of these comments ripping Joey Cora. He’s had the same policy ever since he’s been 3B coach: Agressive baserunning wins games and if you force a throw to the plate, there’s a better chance for the opposition to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, Crede got a bad jump on the hit and ran out of gas rounding third, otherwise that would have been a much closer play.

Cora’s been very consistent and the few times he could have held up a runner has been over-compensated by the runs the Sox score by being agressive.

Go Sox! Beat Detroit.

Hey Kolsens,

Don’t know if you saw this or not, but here’s part of Joe Cowley’s article from Monday, seems as if someone finally got to speak to Sean Tracey:

‘After missing Hank Blalock with two inside pitches, Tracey got him to ground out. Sox manager Ozzie Guillen came to the mound, pulled the rookie and minutes later let the entire dugout have it. His message: It was the third time a Sox pitcher had failed to protect the hitters, and he wanted it to stop.

The cameras, however, made it appear as if Guillen was yelling only at Tracey. After the game, Tracey was sent down to Class AAA Charlotte because the Sox had acquired reliever David Riske from the Boston Red Sox.

The national perception was that Guillen had thrown the rookie away, possibly ruining the kid for life. Even though Guillen explained himself and insisted that Tracey would get another shot with the big-league club, the manager was painted as the bad guy.

So when Cliff Politte was designated for assignment before Sunday’s game and Tracey promoted to fill his spot, Guillen was quick to point out that he was a man of his word yet again.

”The first question that came out of this problem was, ‘Would this kid come back to pitch here?”’ Guillen said before the series finale against the Yankees. “Of course. He’s our prospect. He’s a kid we’re going to count on right now and in the future. We might learn, him and myself, about something about that situation. He handled it very well when he went down.

”Believe me, if I had anything against that kid, he’s not going to pitch for me. He’s going to perform, hopefully pitch well for us and stay here for good. I don’t have any hard feelings. I do what I have to do for our club, and he knows it.”

After returning to Charlotte, Tracey wasted little time showing he wasn’t scarred by the incident. Six days after his demotion, he threw a six-hit shutout.

”It gives you a chance to go down and work on things that you knew weren’t successful up here,” he said.

Asked what he specifically worked on, Tracey smiled.

“Yeah, I hit a few guys down there,” he said. “I won’t lie.”

The one thing that bothered Tracey about the entire incident was the portrayal that Guillen was yelling solely at him.

”They’re going to show what people want to see,” Tracey said. ”It’s not always going to be the truth. The truth was, it was a message to the team and not just myself.

“But like I said before, whatever he was saying to me at the given time, I guarantee you I was saying to myself. What he was saying was nothing compared to what I was saying to myself, how I felt about how I let down the team.”

Something he doesn’t plan to do again.

”Protect the team — do your job,” Tracey responded when asked what he learned the most about the experience.

”I’m not mad about anything that was said. It’s just, bottom line, protect your team at all costs.”

Hmmm, Tracey isn’t mad; why were you? Still think Mariotti was right?

Go root for Detroit…

Let’s go, JON! Here’s to Jon getting a jump on this series. Move your recent streak to 5-0.

A sweep in Motown would sure be great. Pick up 3 in the standings, shake the young guys up a little bit, see what they’re made of. Can’t wait for game time, get the bad taste of being sweeped out of the mouth.

Momentum is a great thing.

Edge, that was perhaps the best thing I’ve read in a long time- thanks for posting it here.

I am glad for Tracey that he is back up here, and that he learned his lesson in it all. Ozzie is a man of his word, no one could ever say anything against that.

I’m feelin a big win tonight, lets go Sox!


Your analysis doesn’t fit the facts. Yes, Crede got a slow start, but the ball was in the left fielder’s glove by the time he rounded 3rd. Cora could have stopped him in time. Why didn’t he? Because he was gambling on a bad throw. The throw was on the money, and Crede was out BY A MILE.

The real question here is: should Cora have gambled on the throw? Several factors are at play: his knowledge of the left fielder’s arm, the speed of the runner, the hitting power of the next batter, as well as the score. In my view, when a team is down by two runs (which we were), the first run matters little, and he should’ve stopped Crede hoping that Pods would get a hit. With two out, the gamble is worth taking if you’re down by ONE run.

BUT let’s see the forest here: I have NOT been critical of JUDGEMENT “errors” like this one. Cora IS human, and you can argue this decision both ways.

What I HAVE BEEN critical of is MENTAL ERRORS that should not be made by professional ball players. Specifically, Cora has done a LOUSY job of reminding–AND SIGNALLING TO–his runners of what they should do on fly balls and ground balls with less than two outs. Iguchi had NO BUSINESS running in the first inning, and it is CORA’S JOB to make sure that he doesn’t. Just as coaches are supposed to remind runners of how many outs there are, they are supposed to remind a runner on third of what to do on a ball hit on the ground or in the air. AND THEN the coach’s job is to hold the runner (with both hands up, yelling if necessary) in case he moves too early. And to those who seem to think that runners should “KNOW” this already, the answer is yes, they do “KNOW”, but they need REMINDING, just as pitchers, batters, catchers and other players need reminding during the game. A coach’s job is TO REMIND.

In Cora’s case, I suggest that you WATCH him. In Iguchi’s case (or Gload’s recent gaff in not tagging at third), Cora sat blithely with his finger up his aperture. Compare him with other 3rd base coaches, who in most cases are not only talking to their runners but are using their VOICES and ARMS to REMIND.


Do YOU think it’s OK for a boss to throw a tantrum in front of a team, especially after someone has made a “mistake”? THAT’s the issue, not whether he was yelling specifically at Tracy (who, like everyone else, CERTAINLY knew that HE had evoked the screaming).

Two other questions: do you ALWAYS confuse disagreement (especially someone saying “that behavior was wrong”) with being “mad”? And do you always confuse recognition of an opponent’s skills with disloyalty?

By the way, I’m hardly the only one to recognize the damage Ozzie has done. In a recent survey of Sox season ticket holders, the organization asked them if the Ozzie-Mariotti incident would affect their willingness to renew their season tickets. I think we can infer that the front office has heard about the matter from more than a few “dissidents.”

The play in the 1st when Iguchi was caught in between 3rd and home was not a bad play. The ball was smoked down the line and the White Sox were off on contact. There was no time for Iguchi, running on contact, to get back to 3rd.

And as far as Ozzie and that guy from the Times, everyone in the organization hates him and is not afraid to let anyone know. The Chairman speaks his feelinsgs often. So I don’t think the front office is too worried about that incident.


OFF ON CONTACT? WITH NO OUTS? By what logic? A team (or at least a team whose coaches smoke “cigarettes with filters”–to quote Jim Leyland) NEVER RUNS “on contact in that situation!

Then why did both Thome and Iguchi move on contact?

Thome did not move on contact. If you watch the replay, he only moved over after Iguchi got into a pickle.

As for Iguchi, the person to ask “coaches” third base for the Sox.

Even if they were not off on contact the ball was hit so hardly that no player would be able to get back to the base with the lead that any player takes from a base.

I, too, have been frustrated with Cora’s coaching. It’s okay to say his style is “aggressive”, but that’s no excuse for bad fundamentals in coaching. KOlsen’s points are well taken with me.

Now you’re getting ridiculous. If what you say were true, how could runners get back–as they often do–when LINE DRIVES are caught? The answer is that they follow the basic rule: don’t run until the ball leaves the infield.

In Iguchi’s case, he had more time than most players do. The ball was on the ground and well behind third. He would’ve made it back (and forced a Rodriguez throw to first) IF he had followed the rule. Because he didn’t–a point the Hawk Harrelson repeated ad nauseum–the Sox lost a run when Dye hit into a double play.

I have a suggestion…no matter how many times they work on these types of plays in Arizona in March,they need to have refresher courses during the season…just to keep everybody in sync as to what to do,how to do it and when…These refreshers should be done whether or not the team is performing on all cylinders,or if they cannot get out of their own way all the time…The problem might be to get all the personnel to agree to do it…As we all know,baseball is one of the “team” sports that has the highest amount of individuals who seem to play for themselves and themselves only…what say you,WS Universe?
Now,kolsens,as to your post with BC bigdogs…You consider me as a trusted gentleman who would perhaps be willing to hold the money on your bet… A TRUSTED GENTLEMAN? Who have you been speaking to,my boy? My public relations firm(Humble & Modest),Bethany,jklein or my parole officer?

I am honored,sir,and if that wager is consumated…all you would have to do is contact me by my e-mail address to work out all the details…

Maria…I echo the sentiments of my fellow WS Universe bloggers…win big in Vegas,dear…and don’t worry about the passing of time there…they have no clocks,so you can’t tell if it’s day or night….

BTW,for those of you concerned about my well-being after yesterday’s post…the sandman and I worked out an agreement that saw me get over 10 hours of sleep last night….I feel refreshed,reinvigorated(watch out,ladies…yeah,right,Seymour…)and in the same thought patterns as tuckers8…hopefully,the boys will respond to whatever we have transmitted to them through these posts recently….

I was in NY for the series this past weekend. Sunday I was in section /box 224 (between hom and out dugout) and started as many rally chants as I could. If you heard the PAUL-EEE chants while he was up, that was me. If you heard them after he made out after out, that was the Yankee fans yelling PAUL-EEE and pointing at me.
In the 8th and 9th, I started the Let’s go White Sox which triggered the Let’s go Yankees.

There was quite a few fans and we made all the noise we could. Thank you to all that where there, I had the time of a life.

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