Tuesday in Detroit

Tuesday, July 18, 2006, 6:18 pm ET

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF; Gar on the mound.

For Detroit:

Granderson, CF; Polanco, 2B; IRod, C; Ord, RF; Guillen, SS; Thames, LF; Infante, DH; Shelton, 1B; Inge, 3B.  Robertson on the hill.

Ozzie Before the Game

Said there is pressure on booth teams.  For Detroit, this is their chance to extend their lead and prove to people who might doubt them that they are for real.  For us, the pressure is that we not let the Tigers get any further ahead.

He stressed that we need to have better pitching.  We went through a streak like this last year in August and rebounded.  Hopefully, what we have just gone through is our streak for 2006.  He is going to take it game by game but we need to be better.

Ozzie also said it was important for the team to maintain its intensity, and he thought the combination of New York followed by Detroit would make that happen.  Tonight will tell.

Ozzie felt like we played well enough to win on Friday and Sunday, and just were beaten (if only for a clutch hit or two in each game).  Saturday he called the "ugliest" White Sox game since he became manager.

KW in the Dugout

Kenny Williams said before the game that right now, things were quiet on the trade front.  "You have to find someone to dance with …", he said.

Danger Zone

Both Scott Podsednik and Tadahito Iguchi were roughed up even before BP started tonight.  Gooch took a ricochet in the batting cage off his lip, and Pods stepped onto the field only to take a Juan Uribe throw off the back of his head.  Both appeared to be fine and took regular batting practice.

Pods might need a bigger cap size if he has a welt on the back of his head.  Can you imagine if Uribe was throwing the ball as hard as he could?


They expect all three games to be sellouts here.  It will be interesting to hear how loud this place will be when it is full.  I saw a few Sox fans in the crowd pregame, but with a mid week series, you have to figure it will be a predominantly pro Tigers crowd.

Despite not playing well this weekend, Sox fan turnout in New York was stunning.  Chants of "Let’s Go White Sox" echoed around Yankee Stadium several times over the weekend.  That is a first time in my experience.


Guys laid low here or played golf yesterday, enjoying the offday before gearing up for this series.


I think Garland will do well in his first post All-star game start and help to start shore up the pitching staff. GO SOX!

Wonder who everyone’s voting for here among the five White Sox nominees for the DHL MLB Hometown Heroes program.

Luke Appling

Harold Baines

Nellie Fox

Minnie Minoso

Frank Thomas

Story: http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060717&content_id=1561624&vkey=news_mlb&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb





Let’s Go Go Go Go White Sox in Detroit this week! Was at the games at Yankee Stadium on Saturday and Sunday (let’s just forget about Saturday’s Little League appearance, but Sunday was a great game). We were certainly the minority in the crowd, but did our best to get lots of White Sox chants going in the midst of hostile territory. The funniest part was when we started “Paulie” chants, and he got an out, the Yankees fans started chanting “Paulie” cheering for him getting an out. It’s a storied place to see a ballgame – and the Yankees fans certainly love their team as much as we love ours! There was great baseball banter all weekend. And it was a scorcha in da Bronx! Go White Sox!!

hi guys, i just got back from phoenix, just in time to see Joe hit one out to left for a three run lead. then a 3-run shot by Paulie and we’re looking good. three outs to go. good job by Jon tonight. he’s been top notch his last five starts, and to think some wanted to trade him. keep the faith EVERYBODY. it’s still a long way to go. Go Sox. j.k. in tucson….

I will admit, my faith in Garland has not been strong. I’ve got to give it to him though..he really stepped up today. Great to see such a strong effort from our guys. Sounded like there was a good Chicago showing in Detroit. Anyone there to confirm that. Let’s keep it going!

The team looked solid tonight. Garland continues to show the faithful that he’s turned the corner. Bats were smoking as well! Great game; let’s keep it up.

Scott, I hope you read this. I’m more than slightly concerned after receiving the following in my personal email. It’s apparently in response to my “why to vote AJ in” post of a few weeks ago. I believe I indicated that we should vote AJ in because it would pi$$ off the other teams. Again, in my personal email…

—–Original Message—–

From: Nutterdetroit@aol.com [mailto:Nutterdetroit@aol.com]

Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 6:30 PM

To: Brusa, Dawn V, WWCS

Subject: (no subject)

Yeah it’ll **** off other teams. A.J.****** *** and doesn’t deserve to be there like most of the other 20 White *** players who only are there because the manager picked his own players.

Now..to begin with, this is ancient history, not to mention a crock. Is there anything that can be done to keep opposing team fans from doing this. I can deal with them popping in here with their nonsense, but to actively send email outside the blog, unsolicited, is inexcusable.

And, by the way, I didn’t input the ****, the system did here on the blog. The actual words were not censored in my email….

Sorry, Dawn, that that Detroit **** (I did put those stars in) harassed you via email. Everyone always knew that they had no class in that filthy city. Now we have some proof. We’re all behind you though. Us Sox fans are a family!

And I can’t say enough with the win tonight. It felt great to silence those Detroit ***** (once again, my own stars) again and to make them remember they are NOT the best team in the central. Let’s keep this up and keep them quiet for the rest of the season. Let’s go Whitesox!

Phil in Chicago

dbrusa… i thought once that I saw something somewhere that you could eliminate your email address on our sign on, but that might have been the very first time I ever signed on. I’m not sure but it’s definitely something to look into.

Nice quiet calm game tonight.. we needed this one, mentally more than anything to take a bit of pressure off of everyone hounding us about the weekend series. I love reading these posts but sometimes the negativity from certain people really rubs me the wrong way. Anywho.. on to tomorrow guys! GO SOX!

Hmmm, not able to figure out how to take off the email address, anybody have any other ideas, previewing before I posted didn’t work.

Thanks, Phil. I know what you’re saying, and on here, I can do that…this just kind of caught me off guard.

I thought there was a place to remove the email as well, but can’t find it now…


I think that if you log into your account on whitesox.com and go to user preferences and set a nickname that will show up here instead of your e-mail address. For some reason it wouldn’t let me reset it right now.


Thanks to my fellow bloggers, I did it. Can’t keep him from doing it, now that he has it, but will keep the rest of the creeps away =)


So sorry you were subjected to that- that’s totally ridiculous. To come on here and talk trash is one thing, but to take it out of bounds like that and attack personal emails. Wow. Pretty low, eh?

GREAT win tonight. How awesome was Jon?? A lil faith in someone sure goes a long way, doesn’t it? He’s pitched phenominally.

And King Pauly….his bat was ALIVE!

Great win Sox, but don’t stop there!!

Well Dawn,

I guess I can say “sorry” to myself to…shortly after posting this…I checked my own email only to find this:

From: Nutterdetroit@aol.com

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 19:26:04 EDT

Subject: (no subject)

To: soxpride12@yahoo.com

Big Bobby has a small bat (if you know what I mean). Detroit Tigers have the best pitching in baseball. FORGET ABOUT IT!

So, how do I change my name to get my email address off of here??? This is a joke.

What did he do? Spend the whole game sending out e-mails cause his team was losing? What a loser. At least mine ended up exactly where it belonged…in my junk folder.


Oh that makes me sad I didnt not get a letter… I feel left out now.. Oh well Detroit fans have nothing better than to sit and send out petty high school emails trying to bring someone else down.
Great win tonight, Jon is starting to look like the Jon of the first half last year. Lets take another one from these jokers tomorrow.

What an i d i o t! What’s with these people who have to contact you to tell you that their team is better. Talk about self-conscious.

On to better things. Great game last night. Homers, manufactured runs, great pitching, what else can you ask for? Glad to see that Jon is on a roll. The Sox needed him last night. Sox haven’t lost in Detroit for quite some time. I hope they keep it that way. So where are all the ledge jumping/angry/fire this guy-fire that guy Sox fans today? I just wish that when things were good they would come out to post the positive rather than just act like the sky is falling all the time.

Hopefully tonight Javy can avoid his 1 huge inning that he tends to give up. Go Go White Sox!


I went to the whitesox home page, and at the very top, it indicates register/log in. Click on that, then go in and there are options on the left hand side. Can’t recall which I used..I tried a couple. It allows you to change your nickname/email or password. Best way to address this idiiot is to sweep ’em =)

Yeah, definitely, a sweep would hit ’em where no words could.

And did anyone else see that the North Side team’s third base coach Chris Speier was arrested early this morning for drunk driving? Apparently he was on a motorcycle and ran a stop sign after he was no doubtedly trying to drown the sorriws of his lousy team with some of the ‘ol syrup.

But seriously…driving drunk is not something to laugh about at all and this coach should really be ashamed of himself.

Phil in Chicago

Dawn & Bethany,

Try sending copies of those emails to AOL. The address is TOSReports@aol.com. I believe that’d be a violation of AOL’s terms of service. If anything, it could get his account shut down.

Great game by everybody last night! Something tells me this series is what they needed to get them back on track. Javier looked great in relief during that red sox marathon. Let’s hope he carries that into tonight!

Okay, Gar did what we all wanted him to do, add to his recent streak, and make it
5-0 in his last 5 starts, and try to shake up this Detroit team. He had such a poor start this year, most thought he was back to his old .500 ways, fifth starter type stuff. But he’s coming around now, and it’s exciting to see. Hopefully Beuhrls and fast Freddy will get inspired to compete with Jon. Let’s go SOX, more work to do, get ’em one at a time. I like Ozzie’s approach, look at the division, don’t look at the Wild Card. It’s too early to talk about that stuff. The only teams that need to worry about that are the ones who have no chance to win the division, such as the North Side club. But then again, they have no chance for the Wild Card, either!

Thanks, Dan…Certainly worth a short. We’ll see if they reply… Bethany, can’t hurt to send it to them.
Excited about the game tonight..eventhough we are stuck with ESPN announcers…


Hey gang,
I’m sure you all noticed that BA has cracked the .200 BA barrier. Yeah! Hopefully now that he’s passed that bar, he can take off. He does look more dangerous at the plate than earlier in the year.

And how about our man Joe! Still hitting around .300 and we are over half way through the season. Awesome year and hopefully a sign of how Joe will be performing from now on. Would be great to pencil in a .290 BA, 25-30 HR and around 90-100 RBIs every year at 3rd not to mentioned gold glove caliber defense.

Let’s get game 2 tonight, C’mon Javier, follow Jon’s lead.


Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll definitly pass that along Dawn! Like you said, can’t hurt!

BIG game tonight, again I’m feelin a huge win!

I am en route to North Carolina as we speak, and I am prouldy sporting my AJ Pierzynski White Sox shirt. You better believe I packed enough Sox gear to make my Sox Pride known! haha

Lets go JAVY, and lets go go go SOX!

First of all,Dawn and Bethany…whomever that CREEP in Detroit was that sent you those e-mails through your personal systems,the best thing that would happen would be not only to have his priveleges taken away…but to also have his fithat he uses to type with removed at the same time…(I’m not the least bit vengeful,am I ?)
Now that we have disposed of that garbage….

It’s time to play “TO TELL THE TRUTH”….

Will the REAL Chicago White Sox team please stand up?

Is it the team that stunk out all the boroughs of New York over the weekend,or is it the team I watched on the TV last night that dominated Los Tigres?

Or is the truth somewhere in between….

Hawk and DJ were talking about the best thing that could have happened to the WS was to have the day off on Monday after the abomination in the Bronx…(abomination? This kid uses a lot of big words,doesn’t he?)….

And from the look of things last night,I completely agree…

Bethany…travel safe to Tar Heel Land,dear heart…and just remember,keep your distance from all those rednecks who like them “purty gurls” down there…(I’m not stereotyping,am I?)

BTW,for those of you who are wondering,fithat is Myposian for “fingers that…”
Also,Dawn…there is an alternative to having nto subject yourself to the cracked staff at ESPN tonight and tomorrow…actually,two alternatives….I believe that Comcast is doing the game as well(I think)…and if not,you can always utilize a little system that my late father taught me…Turn the sound down on the TV,and listen to Farmio and Singleton on the Score…that what I do most every time…

Hope that tip helps you…

And to nutterdetroit…may you rot and burn in Hades…..

The farmer and singleton trick works as long as you dont have digital tv. There is a delay of about 3 or 4 seconds from radio to tv. If you have a dvr you can pause for 3 seconds and then put the radio on. Thats my way around it =). Hope that helps

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