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Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 1:35 pm ET

Random Notes/Thoughts From Last Night

I guess the defending World Champions are not dead yet …

There is still a little thunder left in the champions’ bats …

Kudos to Jon Garland’s performance on the mound …

Let’s see if Javier Vazquez can follow suit tonight against Jeremy Bonderman …

After the weekend that was, it had to feel good for PK to homer twice.  He appeared to be feeling good as well, as members of our squad fight a head cold that is going around the clubhouse.

Leave it to Dad

I went with Ozzie Guillen and Jim Thome this morning as they visited a local Cosi restaurant where Mike North was broadcasting his morning show on WSCR.

The two followed Ed Farmer and Don Cooper and were on the air with Mike for a full hour.

One of Jim’s comments left everyone in laughter …

"I can hit two home runs to right field and not hear from my dad, but if I get a single to left field (like last night) he calls me and says ‘Way to go’ since he knows it means my swing is on track."

Added Guillen …

"Here I am, a guy with something like five career home runs, and I’m telling Jim Thome, with 450-something, to hit it to left field."

Blog Night

Just two tickets remain for our special blog outing on August 15 (note I have the date correct this time).  If you are interested in the last two openings, please call Dustin at 312-674-5186 ASAP.  See you that night.


Our favorite columnist took to the airwaves on WSCR earlier this week to explain that he is, indeed, on vacation.

During the interview, he again criticized me (imagine that) when responding to a question from North about his contact with the team.  North quoted from a recent article in the Chicago Reader that mentioned "emails" that had been sent to me.

To clarify, the columnist has never sent me an email.  His preferred method of communication is voicemail, and I have received some strong ones over the years (imagine that).  Many probably wouldn’t get past the MLBAM censor to be posted here, but there have been a couple recently that we have debated making public, solely to show everyone just who and what we deal with when it is not vacation season.

We might have that debate once again …

During his interview, the columnist also criticized the Chicago Tribune’s media writer for not calling him or his editor before writing articles about the issue.  I can’t speak for the general public, but I sense some irony here.  Is he asking the Tribune writer to talk personally to his sources (in a sense to "show up")?

Is that ironic or is it just me?


Scott, I, personally, would strongly encourage making some of those voicemails public. I, as well as plenty of other Sox fans and people around the country, would really like to see exactly what “that columnist” really says to the Sox. I can only imagine what that hypocritical “sports writer” has to say. Well, just wanted to put in my vote for making them public.

BTW, loved the North show this morning!

Phil in Chicago

Scott,you have my sincerest sympathies…In your job,you have to deal with the good guys(Gonzalez of the Trib,also Morrissey and Downey and their brethern(sic))and you have to deal with the absolute jerks of the world(the topic of your above paragraph)….
As we all now,every single solitary word that the Weathervane writes is the absolute,honest-to-God TRUTH…he is expressing his opinion,that’s all he is doing…

Well,that’s all fine and good,Jay…but when one has a VENDETTA against an organization and its individuals(Reinsdorf,Guillen,Harrelson,Reifert,et al),one’s viewpoint tends to be somewhat skewed…and so it is with our friend and his….

Then,he has the absolute cahones to get on the radio and say that he has been wronged in this situation,that he takes his life in his hands if he dares to even come near the WS clubhouse….

What a joke…Please,Jay,for all of our sakes,stay on vacation….for the rest of your life….

Talking about Jay is a waste of life. He is trash.

Go Sox!

This is my first post, although I read every blog. I really thank you for such great information, Scott, I look forward to reading every post. I am attending on the 15th and very excited.

Anyway, what was the deal with the guy behind home plate last night waving the orange shirt???? Most annoying thing…EVER! And obviously, it really shook Garland up! Ha! Ha!

Darn, was hoping that vacation was permanent. I get the Sun-Times IN SPITE of him.. I just ignore that page. Would love for the newspaper management to know how few actually buy the paper TO READ his drivel =)…. Love this team..the players, management and front office folks.

tlf8…don’t you recognize the Detroit version of the distress signal when you see it?
I look forward to meeting you,and all of WS Universe in just four weeks from last night….

I would think someone of your stature would have better things to do than to worry about some 2nd rate columnist that noone respects. If the media would stop giving him a voice 99.99% of people would never remember him in 5 years anyway.

All I can say is that this joke of a ‘sports writer’ is held as highly in my book as “nutterdetroit”….and as me and Dawn can both attest to, I’d say…well actually I can’t say, haha.

Ridiuclous that our front office has to put up with **** like this from a Chicago guy, wouldn’t you think of all people, the Chicagoans would be in support of one of their own teams? I think this goes even further to show the kind of “man” he is. (Is man worthy??? haha NO!)

Anyways, back to baseball and our GUYS….lets go Sox!

Bethany…currently in the land of the famous Kentucky Derby.

I agree, I think making them public will shut some of the people up, who feel like they have to make a comment about Ozzie even though they do not know him. It will show what a jerk Jay really is. I mean he had no problem making sure Ozzie’s mistake was spoken about over and over…

It would be Karma!

Amen, Bethany. You certainly are the world traveler these days!!
Dawn…from the land of sweltering, nasty humidity


I definitely think making the vms public would be a great idea. If Jay is going to accuse certain players of threatening him and put clubhouse matters in the public setting, I think that making his vms, left on a work phone # (which could be considered harrassment???), public would be very appropriate. Give him a taste of his own medicine.


btw…great game last night guys and i can’t wait to watch it live on espn tonight!!!

It’s a shame Jay was on vacation what with the *** Games going on right around his neck of the woods. Being the huge advocate of *** rights that he is, I would of been sure he would have been front-and-center preaching tolerance and giving exposure to to the cause instead of mucking it up about ******** on Around the Horn.

Garland was just what the doctor ordered and I wish I coulda seen it (don’t get WCIU out in Davenport). I’m hoping Javier does the same. Can’t wait for the game tonight. And Dawn, that was pretty shady of that Detroit fan to take his frustration to such extremes like that.

Scott, here is another vote for someone hopefully making those voicemails public. For too long the White Sox have taken the high road and been made to look like the bad guys throughtout all of this. I would love to see someone call in to one of the radio shows the next time Jay is on the air, and have them play those tapes, and ask for his comments.


Jay it trying to bait you into doing exactly what you are considering doing. Don’t let him get to you. Ignore him (including not mentioning him here). Mentioning him at all makes HIM the story, which is what he needs to support his career since he can’t make it on the quality of his columns about actual sports.

I started buying the other paper since all that hullabaloo broke out. I know the Trib owns the minor leaguers from the north, but until he’s on a permanent “reduction in force” status, that’s where I get my printed sports. The small way I found I could voice my opinion about that germ.

Let’s go go go WHITE SOX! Gotta love Joe being above .300, and Anderson coming on strong, hitting over .300 in July. What a line-up! Pitching starts clicking and things are really going to heat up, similar to last night’s game!

Scott I would love to hear those stupid voicemails. Put them up on here or YouTube, they would be awesome to hear.

Tuckers…what you wrote in that second paragraph is the beautiful thing about the White Sox and the upcoming months. Heatin up is absolutely right!!!!

Keep rollin Sox!

good game by Javie until the sixthe and then, well, whoops, business as usual. a grand slam for the bad guys. we go three innings left to do some damage. Vasques seem to be a great 5 inning pitcher. ( is that a negative post?)
j.k. in tucson…..

First time poster here. The game is far from over. However, I do have a general question for the faithfull. I would like to know why you think Guillen rarely pulls a pitcher in the 5th or 6th when he is in a major jam. Seems like we have lost a few letting one inning get out of hand. Is the bullpen that bad? Explain the strategy to me.

Sox tend to like the 8th. Here is hoping.

How many more times do we have to watch Vazquez get in trouble and hang a breaking ball over the plate that my grandmother can hit? I have nothing but faith in our players, but if I know that all you have to do is wait on a bad breaking ball with him, how many players in the majors know that? He needs to locate that pitch if he’s going to throw it. We’re past the all-star brak, but he still makes that mistake and it costs us games we can’t afford to lose. Sorry so negative, but this game was tough to swallow. Go Sox!!!

Two observations: You have to hit to win, we didn’t do that tonight.

Second, Javy Vasquez reminds me of a replica of Jose Contreras from April through Mid-August of last year. Jose and now Javy simply could/can not avoid the one big inning.

Here’s hoping we get from Javy what we got from Jose from mid August forward last year.


vAzquez mccarThy












Well Kolsens, I imagine that’s supposed to be a negative comment since yours usually are buuttt.. since I’m not about 14, I can’t figure out exactly what it’s supposed to mean. Change horses, I figured out.. but the rest?


I guess I am confused, I confused your agreeing so vehemently (in ALL CAPS several times) with the columnist as being mad. Wrong choice of words, my mistake. I also confused your offer of wagering on the Detroit Tigers versus the White Sox as disloyalty. I guess I ALWAYS get confused when Sox fans bet against the Sox, but that’s just me.

The White Sox send out questionnaires every year, and I’m sure they received a few complaints about Ozzie’s choice of words, and very rightly they want to get a handle on how many fans he may have offended, and if it’ll have an effect on ticket sales. But the question(s) posed by the front office had nothing to do with the actual tirade in the dugout, but rather the aftermath of it when the columnist wrote a biased column based on an untrue depiction of what actually happened (which you agreed with) and Ozzie said some things he shouldn’t have said. It still doesn’t change the fact that you and the columnist were wrong. So let me rephrase; if Tracey (or anybody else on the team for that matter) didn’t “disagree” with Ozzie’s tirade, why did you?

That’s ok, you don’t have to answer that again, it was a rhetorical question, and besides, we’ve all read your opinion before. We all know how negative your posts usually are. You’re just a ‘glass is half-empty’ kinda guy, we get it.

It’s every fan’s right to second-guess, or criticize players, plays on the field, managers’ decisions, or management’s decisions involving personnel. You can boo Damaso Marte, or Ozzie for bringing in Marte, that’s your right. You can call for Joey Cora to be fired. You can call for Ozzie to be fired, and you have, or Politte to be released, which he finally was, or Vazquez to be traded or benched or whatever. Sometimes we may agree with you, and sometimes we don’t. It’s also every fan’s right to show loyalty to his or her favorite team. To support the players, or to defend them. To have faith that their team will perform well, that management will make the right decisons to continually help and improve the team. You congratulate and laud their successes, celebrate their victories with them, and suffer their losses and failures and disappointments as well. That’s what being a fan is all about. You take the good with the bad. You just never seem to have naything positive to say, ever. But that’s your right.

Anyway, my confusion, and my problem with you is the fact that you agreed with and even defended that columnist when he was wrong; dead wrong. It’s bad enough that we’ve had to put up with his BS for the past 15+ years in the paper, but now he represents our city on national TV every day and spews his negativity to an even wider audience. And you agreed with him.

I LOVE this team, and hope they go all the way again this year!!

Here’s a suggestion for our pitchers who are struggling a bit now. The current Sports Illustrated has an article on how the Rockies hitters are using video on their iPods to improve their batting. Their video guy strung together some clips of their best at-bats, and they watch them before they come up to the plate. Maybe our pitchers could do something similar – watch clips of their successful matchups, and get “back in the groove.” I figure it couldn’t hurt, might help. You can pass it along to Ozzie, Coop or whomever.

We need to find a league that only lasts 5 innings. Javy would be MVP.

Jose has to get ’em. No way around it. Rogers will be tough so we need a strong one on the mound.

Nice post but you’re wasting your time. Kolsen’s won’t change.

Go Sox

That was just such a tough loss because we did everything we needed to do to win except for that one inning. I know we need to be able to score more runs and improve our situational hitting, but seriously I started groaning and looking away the moment there were two on, because I just knew what was going to happen. Lets get ’em tomorrow and forget about today!!!

Go Sox

One more comment from out here on the West Coast – while I’m sure a lot of Chicago fans do follow the team to games out of town, there really is a White Sox Nation. There are Chicago expats like me in cities all over America, and we cheer on the Sox when they come to our towns, and proudly wear our Sox emblems all the time. Never doubt it!

Hey jjrasta97, I seem to recall last season someone posting this awesome black and white photo of Jose (I think El Duque was in there too). If that was you could you post it again? It was a great photo.

As far as last night goes…suffice it to say not all trades are going to pan out. El Duque/Vizcaino/Chris Young for Javier seems to be falling into that category. That Thornton trade though definitely seems to be working out. Quick turnaround today and we need a big game from our ace.

While I would love to hear what Jay had to say to your voicemail, since he is obviously not man enough to look anybody in the eyes when he criticizes them, probably best to keep from making it public. If it gets public Jay’s name is out there even more and his ego gets bigger. You can’t tell me that he loves having his name mentioned on Sportscenter and all over the media. The only way I would release the voicemails is if there is some evidence on there that would destroy him.

I don’t believe for a second that he is on vacation. He would never tell the truth about that and neither would the Sun-Times management.

While I do think it is the responsibility of a columnist to be critical, he must also be complimnetary and positive when things are good. If you need to rip somebody right now and cause a stir there is a minor league team a few miles north of the World Champs that could use a good ripping everyday.

Cyndi, I was doing the same thing listening in the car. After the three straight hits, albeit they weren’t exactly smoked, I knew V was in trouble. I’m sreaming in the car, GIVE HIM THE HOOK, OZZIE!! A fourth hit, now we’re only up one run, McCarthy is now warm in the bullpen. Surely Ozz will hook him now….nope. Slam, bang, game over. I thought McCarthy was the “long innings” guy in the bullpen. Give him some work, he might have to be called on in an emergency as a starter later on, give him the work, 2 0r 3 innings. Nope.
I’m sure Ozzie had his reasons for leaving Vasquez in, sometimes you’d just like to know them, follow the strategy. Maybe it was just trying to get this guy to finally work through that “one” inning. Ozz knows he’s going to have to get over that hump some time to be effective for the team, and if he did get through it, who knows what it would have done for his confidence. But going against Detroit, I’d wait and teach him in a game against KC or something. Yes, tough one to lose, after leading, and hitting those shots. It’s strange when the bottom of the order outhits the top. Is the top “overthinking”?

I still think Vasquez was a good trade, Coop will get him straight, he has the stuff.

Let’s go get them today, clean their clocks, send them away with the tail between their legs.


Im not too sure why Ozzie let his foot off Detroits throats yesterday benching Anderson and Iguchi, but that pop up that MAckowiak let drop into center probably cost them the game.

Dear Sox mgt,



the fans

replace that guy, if they lose today its his fault. If they win, its despite him. Sox 0-5 in his last 5 starts, his D is weak and hes hitting around .200.

While Im making suggestions, Javy and B Mac should switch roles. Vazquez more than doubles after 75 pitches. Tough to get quality starts with numbers like that.

that should say Vazquez ERA more than doubles. also, Widgers pitch selection is bad too.

Vazquez needs to go to the bullpen or another team. He is not capable of pitching 6 or 7 innings. The third time through the order the batters are hitting .347 and he has a 10.09 ERA. We need a great game from Jose today.

Hey guys…I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this (you guys probably watch more games on tv than me) but is Paul holding a batting donut in his right hand when he’s batting? Just wondering if so and if anyone knows why?

Thanks, Cyndi


Yes, you are confused. Confused about facts, confused about interpretation. Let me count the ways:

1. I have NEVER called for Ozzie’s firing. I HAVE said–many times and with full explanation–that he doesn’t know how to manage pitchers. Some who should know better–Tomquaid, for example–have said I should just come out and say I “hate” Ozzie. Nope, again. I don’t hate him. He just doesn’t know how to manage pitchers.

2. “If Tracey (or anybody else on the team for that matter) didn’t ‘disagree’ with Ozzie’s tirade, then why did you?”

Let me start with the short answer (an answer which, by the way, has been stated better by others on this blog): I disagree because IT WAS WRONG, as it is WRONG for ANY coach\manager\boss to blow his top in front of his players\employeess after an individual has made a mistake. EVERYONE knows who made the mistake (especially the individual); EVERYBODY gets blamed for someone else’s mistake. Yelling this way causes fear, bad feelings and is ultimately counterproductive. Any book of management style will tell you the same thing: HANDLE IT PRIVATELY.

But the question reflects some incredible logic. Do you really believe that everyone should agree with every group decision? IF so, may I suggest you read Ibsen’s “Enemy of the People”?

Moreover, do you REALLY believe that someone like Tracey would return to the team that pays his salary AND say ANYTHING ELSE? Is it even POSSIBLE that a kid would’ve returned and said ANYTHING critical of Ozzie? Those are TRUE rhetorical questions.

3. “You never have naything (sic)positive to say, EVER.” (my emphasis) It’s clear you haven’t read–or remembered– my posts. But to reiterate my most “positive” point: the Sox have the best team because they have the best, MOST CRITICAL general manager in baseball: Kenny Williams. He understands that “faith” doesn’t win games; hard facts and REASON win games.

4. Yes, I have agreed with Mariotti, just as I have disagreed with him (for example, when he wrote his absurd piece about Barrett’s punch at Pierzynski). Like most journalists in this city, he serves–even when he is DEAD wrong–as a watchdog and antidote to those who can only parrott the party line, especially Sox announcers, pr men, et al. Put in other words, like him or not, agree with him or not, he keeps the Sox from becoming a team like the Cubs, where “I’m OK, you’re OK,” is the prevailing mentality. And history shows that it is the brashest, loudest journalists–the H.L. Menckens, the I.F. Stones, yes even the Jay Mariottis– who MOST serve the public good.

Looks like 5.5 back…should we still delude ourselves?

“…yes even the Jay Mariottis– who MOST serve the public good.”

The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Excuse me, I mean read not heard.

Great effort by Jose and Brian. It’s too bad the top of our lineup took a Mariotti-esque vacation the last two games. We coulda used a hit or two from the front four but ah well. Hats off to the Detroit Tigers, they outplayed us in pretty much every aspect of the game this series. We didn’t hand this series to them, they took it with lights-out pitching.

Alright I admit it, I am frustrated. Jose piches a terrific game and the bullpen does it’s job.

Starting Widger and Ozuna in this big of a game bothers me. They both had key at bats and opportunities and they go 0 for 6 with 7 men left on. Enough said.

Here’s hoping that we get some home cookin going and start a new streak. That raod trip was awful.

After watching this series, it appears that 1st place is out of the question. The Tigers are either too good, or we can’t get our act together. We either have terrible pitching (Javier) or terrible hitting (3 runs in 2 games). We are nowhere near last year’s caliber and I think it’s silly to think we will ever get there. We have lost 7 out of 9 to playoff teams. At this point, who is to say that the Yankees won’t overtake our wildcard lead (down to a measly 2.5 games), or even the Twins.

Everyone points to last year’s 2nd half near collapse as proof of our resilience. You forget that last year we had a 15 game lead so we had LOTS of room to mess up. We are playing the same pitiful baseball now, without the cushion. I don’t even think a trade could save us. I guess that we should enjoy last year’s magic…this downslide is pathetic. Hey kolsens, how much did you make on that bet?

Sox are 0-6 in his last 6 starts.
hitting below .200.

cant throw out pudge out on a PITCHOUT!

I hate Widger

also, Id love to hear the voice mails by Marriotti.

Im a glutton for punishment that needs more proof of what a tool that guy is.

What happened to Pablo? Ever since he left that one game early a few weeks ago he hasn’t been the same player. Maybe he’s still nursing a little injury.

Dreifer, you are a huge cry baby. It’s silly to think we will overtake first place?? Why, because we’re only 6-3 against Detroit with 10 games left against them? Because there’s only 70 games left in the season? Because Detroit is such a proven team?!? Get a clue. You’re already giving the division to the Tigers, who are 4-11 against the three big AL teams.

You need to quit your whining and relax. 5 1/2 games is not impossible to come back from, and we are still leading the wild card. But only by 3 games?!? Well would you rather be losing the wild card?

If you could switch places with any other team besides Detroit, who would it be? NOBODY!

“Gosh, I wish my team had the 3rd or 4th best record in baseball instead of the 2nd best. Gosh, why do we have to be in first place in the wild card? Why can’t we be 2 back like the Yankees, or 5 1/2 back like the Twins? They are so fortunate. We ****.”

We’re in hands down the best division in baseball and we have the 2nd best record in baseball. What a crappy team!!

Yes, we’ve been playing terrible, which is bound to happen for a stretch in a 162 game season, but we still have the 2nd best record in baseball. There’s no reason we can’t rattle off 8 or 9 wins in a row. Look at our pitchers’ career numbers. They’re not this bad, and there’s a good chance they’ll come around.

Never before have I heard a fan of the team with the SECOND BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL give up on the season and cry so much.

Keep deluding yourself.

I think we’ll still be OK. But we better not turn around because the Twins are only 4 games back.

No need to panic. Long way to go. Still not convinced about Detroit but give them credit in taking the series.

How ironic that Brian is the only one hitting now. Don’t hear a lot of screams to get rid of him now.

Glass is half full view, Garland and Contreras looked good this series. Actually our pitching was very good, only 1 bad inning.

Let’s get some home cooking going and do some damage at home.


It’s hard to keep a cool head when you put so many emotions into this game. I know I agreed with Ozzie last year when even he said, “We stink”, and then the Sox went and won the whole thing. Maybe they won’t win it, maybe they’ll make it into post-season and then fall. Maybe they will have the third or fourth best record, but still lose the wildcard to the east. Just have fun with this thing. “We” have a good team, full of good guys, who are giving it their all. Enjoy it, everybody, and don’t give up. Nothing wrong with second guessing, sharing opinions, that’s what being a fan is all about. Just don’t give up, not yet. If the “emotions” can’t handle the pressure, then give up, you won’t upset yourself as much.

Now to share my armchair manager opinions: I also am having a tough time with Wedgee. Also, keep the bench sharp, just skip the series against the teams that are ahead of you, Ozzie, we want the regulars in those games. And, how about spreading the bench players time over a few games, don’t put so many in the same game.

OR, put ALL of them in the same game, let us have some fun, since when you use 3, you might as well put them all in. Talked with my kids about seeing Cintron, Wedgee, Pablo, Mackowiac, Gloat, in positions and McCarthy starting the game. Now that would be fun. Heck, let Wedgee ride the pine and put in Man Soo Lee behind the plate. 🙂

First off,kolsens,I humbly apologize to you,sir,for infering that you hate Ozzie…if you don’t like the way he handles pitchers,that’s fine with me…because you are entitled to your opinion,right or wrong…
Now to today’s Motown let down…

The first four batters in the lineup…0 for 29 the last two games,4 for 47 in the overall series…even Stevie Wonder can see that that is NOT ACCEPTABLE…it’s a terrible time for the bats to go into the deep freeze…

The Sox have lost their last three series in succession,to three very good teams-the Red Sox,Yanks and Tigers…after winning nine series in a row…they have only two wins in their last nine games…that’s the bad news…The good news? There are still 68 games to play,34 at the Cell,beginning tomorrow night,and 34 on the road,included the dreaded West Coast trip to Anaheim and Oakland in mid-September…Needless to say,they need to get the sticks going again,BUT,and here is where White Sox Universe(peggywrites,please note that that is the unofficial,but accepted,term….)comes into play…the next 6 games at the Cell,with the (St)Rangers and the Twinkies are sold out…So,the presence of the 10th man–you guys–is mandatory…The boys need you to stand up from the first introduction to let them know that they are still highly thought of…and continue to make a ruckus all game long…If any of you wre listening today to what happened at Comerica Park,those Tigers fans were going absolutely apes**t with every Tiger hit and WS out…the same thing needs to be heard from the Cell beginning tomorrow night…Don’t wait for the Fan-O-Meter to come up on the Diamond Vision…rock the casbah all by yourselves…(whatever that means….)

BTW,one last crack on the Weathervane…Jay’s more furvent wish? To die in his own arms…..

I don’t know if this is the right forum, and I apologize to any and all if I offend, but I can’t use my tickets to tomorrow night’s game and instead of putting them up on the web for sale thought I’d see if anyone in WS Universe is interested first. Email me directly if you’re interested and I’ll give all of the details.

Again, my apologies if this is bad etiquette…


This is a blog in which some feel it OK to make ad hominem attacks (you huge deluded crybaby, you!), but decline to back the words with money. In other words, no “takers,” only “givers” (of more name calling).

With regard to enjoying last year’s magic, may I suggest viewing the collector’s edition of the 2005 series, which is much more pleasurable than that “highlights” DVD put out by MLB right after the series.

All games–blow by beautiful blow–are there for the watching. The price IS a bit steep ($70) though I’d be happy to loan you my set after I return on the 31st from vacation.


May I SECOND (third and even fourth) your EXCELLENT suggestion that McCarthy be permitted to start a game?! Perhaps he could even start a FEW games, while our nag from Arizona–Javier Vazquez–works from the bulllpen.

There is no need to panic at this point… As Tom has pointed out, there are still 68 regular season games left to play, which in a baseball terms is an eternity.

As die-hard Sox fans who live and die with every pitch, it can be incredibly difficult (and painful) to maintain a long-term (big-picture) perspective about the inevitable peaks and valleys that occur even during most championship-run 162 game MLB seasons.

Remember, there are 28 other teams that would gladly trade won/loss records with the White Sox at this juncture… and most other MLB clubs would readily (straight-up) trade (with the WS) their; 5-man starting pitching staff, left handed set-up men, closer, middle of the batting order, bench, starting 2nd and 3rd baseman and catcher with the White Sox.

However, all in not competely well in Soxdom. We are clearly going through a rough stretch in the schedule where each mistake (i.e. low-percentage managerial decisions, poor baserunning execution, bad key-count pitch location, defensive lapses, inpatient at-bats, lack of intra-game plate adjustments, missed cut-off men, etc.) are magified. You can’t make these kinds of mistakes against the best AL teams and hope to get away it.

The next few weeks will provide an interesting test for White Sox veteran leadership and coaches. It is time for Buerle, Garcia, Konerko, Thome, Dye, Crede and Pierzinski to establish an extended winning streak. The Sox need to get back to doing the little things in tight ballgames (Ozzie Ball anyone?). At the top of the line-up, Podsednik and Iguichi need to re-establish the same clutch, pesky situational hitting approach that was so successful last year (and led to so many one and two run victories). The middle of the line-up will be fine… as will the 6-7 hitters in the WS line-up. It is great to see Anderson finally hitting his stride at the plate. He has been hitting the ball well to all fields and he has continued to play exceptional defense in center field.

As for Juan Uribe (no one can question his consistent defensive contribution), however, his complete lack of discipline (at the plate) is completely over-the-top. It is one thing to be a free swinger if your overall plate production can justify this approach, it is quite another when an over-amped hitting approach routinely kills game-crucial rallies by not moving over runners, not hitting the ball to the opposite field and laying down a successful bunt when the game situation demands it. I am floored by Uribe’s continued inability to execute a routine sacrifice bunt batting in the 9-hole. While he did have a nice run in the month of June, he had fallen back into the same pattern of countless wasted at-bats throughout April, May and July. I wouldn’t shed a tear to see Mr. Uribe packaged (as prt of a trade) for a more productive (and disciplined) veteran free-agent shortstop (can you imagine Miguel Tejada plugged into the 2-hole in the White Sox line-up over the stretch run with Iguichi batting 9th?). Talk about galvanizing the team for another chapionship run. (I can dream can’t I?)

For the most part, the bullpen is solid (although a pre-deadline acquisition for a right-handed set-up man would make a good bullpen even better). The bench has delivered as effectively as any bench in recent memory… although Pablo Ozuna (who was on fire for the first few months of the season) has been completely ineffective both at the plate and in the field since he sustained the injury (hamstring, groin?) last month.

I will post my thoughts about Chris Widger shortly.

Let’s go White Sox!!! It’s time to put together a solid winning streak and execute (once agian) on championship level.

Ozzie (and staff)… it is time to pull out all of the stops to get this team once again firing on all cylinders.

GM Kenny… it is time for one (or two) of your patented brilliant mid-season moves to galvanize this ballclub with a tactical injection of 1 or 2 well-executed roster moves.


Now Based in Tucson, AZ (via Chicago)

I have decided that the majority of you people are tools. someone said “whatever happened to pablo, he isnt the same player he was before he left the game early”…did you really think he was going to hit .430 for the whole season? you guys ripping on vazquez are also wrong- he pitched a **** of a game. hung one pitch. 2 seeing eye singles and one that our favorite center fielder butcher mackowiak didnt catch ( or throw out the runner at third for that measure). why doesn’t anyone mention that scott pathetic as i like to call him has played BRUTAL this season? he cant hit he doesnt steal (he gets thrown out wayyyyyyyy to often when he does attempt) and he cant throw? sure they are 0-6 in widgers last 6 starts- they also arent very good in pierzynskis last bunch of starts either. why arent we mentioned in the alfonso soriano rumors? he has a better OBP almost as many sb’s Scott Pathetic and 30 f’ing homers? from what i hear the tigers are going to get him- lets block this and keep pathetic where he belongs- a pinch runner. someone also posted “what other team besides detroit would you rather be than the sox”….id rather be in the mets shoes for one, but this question shouldnt even be asked. we are the world champs, we were supposed to DOMINATE, our pitching was supposed to be the greatest thing since Iced-tea and it hasnt. we are underachieving. something needs to be done. McCarthy, Sweeney and Fields oughta bring soriano. do it before the tigers do.

McCarthy, Sweeney and Fields for Soriano? Kenny is one of the best GM’s in the game. He would never make a move that ridiculous. That is way too much to give up for a guy who will be gone in 2007. Detroit is playing way too well as a team to bring a supposed “superstar” into their everyday lineup. He will end up with the Yankees or Angels most likely.

Fields is one of the top prospects in all of the minors right now. With Crede at 3rd we will have to move him at some point (or make him a left fielder), but not for a guy who will be here for 2 months.

Widger has got to go after this year. Every time he plays you can pencil him in for an 0-4 day.

If the Sox are not gonna move Vazquez get him in the pen and let Brandon start. Vazquez has more than proven he can not get deep in a game. Maybe he can be effective for 2-3 innings from the pen. This guy has always been over rated. He was the best pitcher on the Expos before he became a journeyman. Being the best player on the Expos was like saying you were the least ******** of the ******** players. (Sounds weird, but the point is made).

Hang in there everyone. It could be worse, we could be Cubs fans!

okay, now, this is getting rediculous! no, not our team; last night i had a dream. i was walking down the street and i bumped into Tom and the Count( Kolsens).i thought this is a bit of an odd couple, and i don’t know where we were or how i recognized them, but i did, okay? so the dream went something like an episode of twenty-four; i didn’t know what devilment was going to happen next. these two guys seemed to be the best of friends which made me suspicious immediately. but, after the pleasantries, our conversation made it around to the Sox. Count was certain that our team was headed into the round basin you don’t wash your face in, and Tom took on the counter-point that all would be well as long as we trust in them that brung us so far. a wager was made and i was to hold the dough for the remainder of the season. i asked about the bet from the detroit series and Count told me to mind my own business. that was it, and i woke up. now i thought it was good to “meet” two of our regular contributors and was flattered that i was trusted to hold the wager, but this is getting out of hand when i can’t simply enjoy a game (win of lose), without it getting personal. maybe it’s me putting to much into this season? until last night i would have told you i was more or less a rational being. but now? does anyone know a good doctor? j.k. in the twilight zone……oh yeah, Go Sox…

kenwo, you should check your toolbox before you open your mouth. You are the person that said last year that we need Griffey if we were going to do anything. Well, FYI, the Sox won the World Series with Rowand. You’ve mentioned that you didn’t know why you even bought Sox tickets, you mentioned that the 2000 team was better than last year’s team, you wanted Ozzie fired, and PK should be sent packing. Laughable!

Red Sox, All Star Break, Yankees and Tigers series are a thing of the past. Let’s get focused on the Rangers series. White Sox can do some damage this weekend starting with Mark B tonight. Good news is the pitching the last three days was overall great, only 8 runs total. If the guys continue to pitch that way and get the bats get rolling look out.

My prediction: Javy Vasquez becomes the Jose of last year.

Scotty Pods is having a tough year, that’s true. I don’t think he will be here long term. Making it to the bigs at 30 made him suspect from the start, and now we know why. I will take Uribe over a lot of shortstops, I’ll never forget the last two put-outs he made in the WS, phenomenal!! BUT, I like the Tejada dream…don’t wake me until we get him! Vasquez will be given a good chance to right things, look at the chances they gave Cliffy. BUT, I still want to see the kid, before Javy costs us too many games. He’s been lights out until the third time through the lineup. Hmmmm….sounds like he’d do pretty good in long relief. Don’t wait too long to make that change, Ozzie, please.
Answer for Scotty? Fields converting to left doesn’t sound bad for the future, just not for this year.

Michael Harkins….John Klein….John Klein….Michael Harkins…Now we have TWO correspondents in Arizona…both of whom have valid points….although jklein,I am worried,dear friend,about your dream cycles…My current ones are about Uma Thurman and….oh,never mind…it’s too much for a family blog like this one….
bcbigdogs…You may be right about Vazquez…If he and the others take Cooper’s teachings to heart,and apply the points given them,who knows? With a little more run support,he could do just as you suggested…..BUT…any pitcher who consistently throws the ball down the middle of the plate and up in the strike zone(Buehrle,Vazquez,Garcia,whomever)is going to find himself on the short end of the leash

99.9% of the time…In other words,he is going to get his a** handed to him…Garland has learned that the sinker can be his best friend,in addition to worm-killing ground balls,the big Cuban horse knows that the forkball and the other pitches in his repertoire can him going for quite some time longer….what is it going to take to get the others to join the happy throng?

Well,good luck tonight,WS….

I’m going to go now and take a nap…(hang in there,Uma…I’m coming….)

So I’ve heard the sound of new sox fans jumping off the bandwagon and the concerns of us longtime fans, just curious how concerned the team and management is. Would love to hear you blog on this, Scott. I’ll throw my 2 cents in since everyone else has. Not overly concerned YET. Every team goes through rough stretches and I’m hoping this is that for the sox but if this goes on much longer I will be on the ledge😉 Isn’t it ironic BA gets a hot bat while the rest of the team cools off–can we PLEASE leave him in the line up now? I love the thought of McCarthy in the rotation with Javy in long relief. Fundamental baseball is what we need. Just a few hits here and there and not swinging for the fence. Let’s hope some home cooking is what the team needs to stop this skid!

Hey Scott we need you to come on here so we know what the weather is going to be like at game time.

detroit can still win all the games they want, but they cant keep us out of the playoffs. im not worried, but i was screaming at ozzie to take vasquez out with 2 on and nobody out.
he seems to struggle a lot not so much by inning, but as soon as things dont go his way. close pitches not called, or luck-job hits… then he just self-destructs.

but widger has to go… it’s not just his last 6 starts… it’s the whole year.

Widger hit .241 last year, not exactly lighting it up, but that was overlooked in a Championship season. This year, .184, and the Sox 5.5 games out, he won’t be overlooked. Maybe there was a reason he was playing softball in 2004.
Again, the big guns, no hits. Anderson, on fire. Go figure. Aren’t they facing the same pitchers? How can the kid figure it out, and not the stars? Seems like the Sox are back to the old habit of winning only with the long ball. Didn’t work before, won’t work again. Nothing against the big hit, but against the top-o-the-line hurlers, manufactoring has become a lost art on the south side.

I don’t understand the radio stating that all the Texas/Minn games are sold out this homestand…I just checked online and single seat tickets were available for all 3 Texas games, with lower level even available for Sunday’s game.

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