Buehrle Scouting Report

Friday, July 21, 2006, 7:40 pm CT

Cooper’s Take

So about one hour before the game, I asked pitching coach Don Cooper what the keys were to Mark Buehrle’s outing tonight …

His answer:

Mark"He needs to throw strikes early down in the zone.  He needs to get ahead of hitters and then come inside with his cutter.  He needs to be able to throw inside whenever he wants.  He is one start away from being the old Mark Buehrle we know."

Coop talked a little more about his starting pitchers:

"I’m an optimist.  I look at it like this.  I think each of our guys is capable of winning seven to 10 more games this year.  That’s 35 to 45 victories.  That’s 93 to whatever victories.  If we win 95 games and don’t make the playoffs, we will have to tip our caps to someone.  But I think we are going to be OK.

"In my opinion, there are two types of people in the world.  If you are lucky enough to wake up each morning, you have a choice.  You can wake up, be positive and optimistic, or you can wake up and act like someone (relieved themselves) in your cereal.  I make a conscious choice to be an optimist."

Put succinctly as only Coop can … think about that over your Wheaties tomorrow morning.


i got my wish. a game! Mark pitched pretty well, but of course again we lost. it is frustrating going through this spell, especially after playing so well before the break. Hark had a good post from Scott’s earlier endeavor, sounds like a lot of homework done on our teams behalf. also, the comments by Coop are right on as far as i’m concerned. unfortunately, the start “away” for Buehrle was tonights. it looked like texas wanted to win this game. how about that! change pitchers in the fourth and then matched up thereafter. Manana mis amigos…. we will start to win again, and Soon. j.k. also from tucson, but by way of New Orleans and Phoenix rather than Chicago….

oh my.. long time, always faithful Sox fan here but my heart is hurting right now.. and Pods, tomorrow night, needs to hit a line drive directly at the pitcher’s forehead, or, my father always used to say, just ‘let the bat ‘slip’ out of your hand’ heading directly for the mound! (he actually wrote to Robin Ventura this same thing when Nolan Ryan and him had a ‘bit’ of a fight some odd years ago.

Something needs to wake up.. quickly or Detroit needs to get violently ill or something, also starting to get a bit concerned about Minnesota up ours…

I’m not looking for firings, I’m looking strictly for W’s and quite a few in a row!

Love you guys! Time to crawl out of the Allstar break and wake up to reality!


Remember when our biggest concern was how long our player’s hair was and Mark sliding on slippery tarps? I propose that Kenny institutes a no haircut policy. If for no other reason than to remind the guys that despite all the pressure winning the World Series last year has brought this year, it’s still only a game; they should being having fun. Let Dye grow out a Jackson 5-era afro and let Cotts grow his hair out until he looks like a more sane version of Charlie Manson. Then at the next rain delay let Man Soo Lee lead the team in a synchronized slide across the tarp while ‘Age of Aquarius’ pumps out the speakers. In all honesty I know Ozzie and the staff are doing all they can do (like to hear the guys are taking extra bunting practice) eventually the tide will turn because we are way to good a squad to be playing this putrid brand of baseball for much longer. Get after em today fellas.

Ok White Sox Universe (excuse the intellectual theft tomquaid!) it is gut check time. As I was out running this morning it occurred to me that the season is like running. When I first started running, I was told there was a huge mental component to it. No matter if you run 5ks 10ks half or whole marathons, there is always a point in the race where you hit the wall. At that wall is where you debate do I want to quit or do I dig deep and try and finish? The mental debate is what seperates those who finish from those who quit. What makes that wall even tougher is when you feel you aren’t running as well as you could, your legs are tired, people are seemingly easily passing you up and maybe you did this race last year and finished and don’t think you’ll finish as well. (Put your own white sox comparisons in here–our pitching stinks, we can’t get a hit when we need it etc.) Why continue? Because EVERYONE hits the wall some point in the race. What seperates those who finish from those who don’t is getting past the wall. You can make every excuse why you can’t finish, but if you keep going, work through the pain, eventually you get over the hump and you are stronger and find what it takes to finish. Then guess what, those other people who passed you earlier in the race hit the wall and you pass THEM by. SO hear we are White Sox players, management, fans we’re at the wall. It is time to dig deep, are you going to be a sprinter and run out of steam? Are you going to be a bandwagoner who enters the race and find its too hard and quit? Or are you going to dig deep, get through the pain and find yourself past the wall ready to finish? Maybe you won’t do it as pretty as last year, but don’t you want to be one of the few to finish two years in a row? The fans on the sidelines get you through those tough times in the race, its time to step up and help them past the wall! All this thought got me through an extra mile this morning and as the musical genius Bruce Springsteen sang in my i-pod “Tramps like us, baby we were born to run!” Lets Run baby!

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.
– Air Jordan

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