Saturday Night

Saturday, July 22, 2006, 3:58 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Garcia takes the hill.

Ozzie’s Comments

Ozzie held a quick team meeting after the game last night and pregame today gave the media some idea of what he told the club.  He stressed that this team has 58 wins as of July 21 and had nothing to hang its head about.  He wants to see guys having fun for nine innings and playing with enthusiasm.

We went through a streak like this last year that was even longer.  We need to learn from that.  The difference is that last year we had built up a large lead.  This year, the Tigers have played better than us.  Tip your cap to them.  But nothing is over.  Last year definitely should have taught us that lesson.

Ozzie thinks some of our guys put too much pressure on themselves when the team is playing poorly.  Everyone goes through stretches like this during the season, it is just a matter of how quickly you can snap out of it.

Ozzie also stressed that our starting pitching needs to be more consistent.  "They know it, Ken Williams knows it, I know it, Don Cooper knows it, the media knows it and our fans know it," he said.

Bunting, bunting and more bunting

Several players were out early again today working on bunting skills and situational hitting.  Working with the guys were Ozzie, Joey Cora and Tim Raines, all renown bunters in their day.

"We are going to keep working on this until we get it right," Guillen said.  "And the reason all these guys are out here is because we are a team.  If one fails, we all fail."

Guillen promised extra work Monday and Tuesday before night games if he doesn’t see improvement in execution.

Roland Hemond Award

Tonight, the 2006 Roland Hemond Award is formally presented to Ryan Devlin, the Sox fan who sold his World Series tickets in order to pay for a trip to New Orleans last year to deliver relief supplies he had collected himself.

Roland will be in tonight to present the award himself.


Luis and Nellie

Tomorrow, we will unveil this year’s sculptures in right center field.  The two statues show Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio turning a double play around second base.  Joanne Fox and the Aparicios will attend the pregame ceremony.

Early reviews of the sculptures have been outstanding (if we say so ourselves).  Tomorrow, you can judge.

Blog Night

Our special night on August 15 is now sold out.  Thanks for your support.  I look forward to seeing you (meeting you in some cases) there.


I see Iguchi and his .211 average vs. LHP is in the lineup again. Is this really a difficult concept for the Sox coaching staff to understand?

I know gooch hasn’t been hitting that well against lefties, but the rangers are a team that puts the ball in play a lot and I’ll take above average defense and below average offense against them any day. Besides the fact that gooch’s job is to move runners over and doing that a lot of the time will lower his batting average.

OK -what’s tonight’s excuse? Anyone? How about the weather? Or…all this trade talk is really getting to the players? Maybe we should use MB’s excuse from last year vs. Texas- the lights are giving up signals (of course, this excuse only worked when we were in Texas, but while making excuses, why noy not try this one too)? You know what I love??!! The “it’s only 6.5 games back and we have a long way to go” logic. That just tickles me! Or, every team goes through this. This one is a real winner! (Maybe someone could inform Detroit about this one.)

Folks, this is the 4th series in a row that we lost. It is July 22 and we are heading for a collapse. You know what’s really sad, the way we are playing, we don’t deserve a shot. Like I said before, I don’t think one trade will have any affect, when the overall team is playing like poop. Minnesota and NY are on our rear apetures and Detroit can’t see us with a telescope. Do I sound desparate? YOU BET I AM!!! But let’s just keep saying, go get ’em tomorrow boys. Or, they’ll turn this around. Looks like any excuse will do.

not excuses, but causes for concern:
1. Sox cant hit lefties.

2. Sox cant hit rookies.

3. Sox cant hit aces, either.

4. Sox starters cant pitch anymore to boot. except Garland the stopper…

5. Cora- the only stop sign i can remember all year almost cost them a W. His constant green light has given a few games away. He ***** at third.

6. Ozzies logic- the B team against Detroit in that second game sends a message, its either “I dont give a ****” or “I dont have a clue.” Taking extra time to practice bunts? How about extra time hitting line drives. Crede hit 15 pop ups today, and Podsednik should change his name to Popsoutnik.

7. Podsednik- the flea is a liability in the field, gets caught stealing so much that his speed isnt an asset, his weak arm equals runs for the opposition, and hes our lead off man. hes garbage. If they trade any starter, it should be for a new leftfielder.

8. Minnesota and Detroit- these teams are dialed in.

they both lost today and the Sox couldnt capitalize. Bums me out.

9. attitude- the Sox were hungry as **** last year, now they are, well, stuffed? I dont know.

10. KW cant make a move. His hands are almost tied since this club brought home a championship, he has to stick with the winners.

11. Champions- thats a big target for every other team in baseball.

12? The Umps/Selig new strike zone sure seems to go against the Sox more often than not. Im sure fans of other teams think that too though, and the strike zone is smaller league wide, but geez the Sox seem to be getting worked alot.

13. Widger- 0-6 his last 6 starts(suggesting his pitch calling is poor), hitting .184 and he cant throw out Pudge Rodriguez on a pitchout? Why is he still on the team?

They didnt lose any ground today, but it sure felt like it. Sota ***** on the road, Detroit cant possibly keep it up, can they? Maybe they can but Todd Jones is still their closer afterall, and Miner, Robertson etc are very hitable. All hope isnt lost. I still say the wild card comes from the central for the first time but this isnt 2005. The weaknesses were hidden last year, this season they seem to be getting exploited on a regular basis, especially recently.

The turning point was in the Houston series. The Sox battled back late, tied the game and forced extra innings, but the script flipped and they still lost that one in the end. That was it as far as magic in my opinion. They would have to work hard and earn it from there on out but didnt realize it and started digging a hole.

They need to get the swagger back. ASAP.

Someone remind them they’re 20 games over .500.

Remind me too while you’re at it…


Just a few observations and I understand how difficult a job it is to manage or perform at the major league level. These guys are in the top one per cent of all individuals who play the game at any level. That being said there are two things (call them pet peeves) that have bothered me about Ozzie almost from day one.

1. I’m ‘old school’ I come from a time when if you were a pitcher, you got out BOTH left and right handers… it didn’t matter. Tonight Thornton got his men out. Was their any real need to bring in Jenks in a non save situation? Remember Keith Foulke?

Ozzie constantly goes with this ‘match-up’ philosophy and many times it has burned the Sox. Ozzie– stop trying to imitate Tony LaRussa.

2. It is very hard for some of these players to get into any kind of ‘groove’ when they are constantly being shuffled in and out of the lineup. Play two or three games, then sit a game.

Fans we’ve just had the All Star Break, why is the lineup constantly being switched around. If these guys are tired so soon after the break there’s a bigger issue there in the first place.

Again you have this ‘match up’ garbage…oh so and so can’t hit a right hander so I have to sit him.

Well if said player NEVER plays against a right hander he’ll NEVER learn to hit them will they?

I understand the need to be careful with the players so that they will have some gas in the tank in September but remember this as well… if the Sox keep going the way they have been (lost 11 of 16) the September games won’t matter will they?

Put your best lineup out there for a week, ten days, two weeks and leave it the **** alone.

doom, gloom! doom, gloom. oh, what will we do, how can we go on like this? i’m tired of hearing from all the “knowlegable” fans about our imminent demise. Hey Duke… all teams go through this, and the tigers can’t keep up their pace. there you go, i’m still on the bandwagon. and i’m not closing my eyes to our current problems either, but what good does it do to criticize? Freddie pitched his best game in a long while and he s***s? Bobby lost a game. did you think he would go the rest of the season without giving up another run? i say better to lose and take comfort from the effort there was than to crab about not gaining on detroit. some fans! i’m tired of this constant complaining! we’re not going to win the next 66 games, oh no!!! how will we cope? fire somebody! make all you self-absoarbed blokes happy. well, so what? if we LOSE the next 66 games that’s ok with me because next year all or YOU will be fans of another team, and you will DESERVE each other. Go Away and let me Root for the White Sox as i’ve been doing since 1959 in peace. i will no longer dignify any of you with response, so just save it, and again better yet, just go away. you’ll feel better, and maybe your blood pressure will thank you. and yes, i’m still in tucson and will be at spring training, win or lose.

**** klein, that was well put!

Strong post klein711. Freddy pitched his *** off last night and the starters actually looked good this pass through the rotation (despite two innings from Mark and Javier). Dreifer, we’re all watching the same team here, but short of suiting up and pinch-hitting there’s nothing we can do to remedy the situation. That’s why being a fan can be aggravating. It’s the nature of the beast. You gotta take the good with the bad and hope things will change because in actuality you can ***** until you’re blue and the face (and I’ve done my fair share this past week) and it will have zero impact on what happens. Nothing you said is wrong, I’ve got no excuses, we’re playing like ****. But what am I to do with that? If anything being a White Sox fan has taught me a lot about patience. I’m not gonna tell you it’s all rainbows and ponies, if you want to express your frustration here by all means. I just don’t see the point in calling out fans who are trying to stay optimistic. We’re all on the same side here…
Get after ’em today fellas!

if you want to blindly follow a team without worrying at all about performance, well, to me that sounds like a Cubs fan. Ive been a Sox fan every year of my life, and I’ll continue to be a Sox fan. Now Klien tells me I should just sit back and watch them waste another post-season oppurtunity? I dont think so, bub. Freddy pitched great, yeah, but the Sox made Koronka look like a stud and hes not. The fact is they’re playing like A Rod right now, well below what is expected of them. It makes me nervous. And believe it or not, Im a “knowledgable” fan. Losing the next 66 games is ok with you? Really? Im younger than you, only been a fan since I learned how to play the great game and went to Old Comiskey in 79 or 80. Since 2003 Ive probably watched or listened to 500 Sox games- but heres the kicker, I like it a **** of a lot better when they win. I guess Im not a real fan though, Give me a break.

Why is it that every team is capable of coming back from several games down besides the White Sox?? Cleveland came back from 15 last year, Houston came back last year, Minnesota is climbing back this year. But for some reason, the one team in baseball that won the whole **** thing last year has no chance of coming back. Are we really that bad?

Dreifer, if you’re sick of the “it’s only 6.5 games back and we have a long way to go” logic, then what logic do you prefer? Is it really logical to say the Sox are doomed when teams have come back from much greater defecits in the same amount of time? Where exactly is the flaw in thinking the Sox have enough time to come back and win the division?

Truth be told, we’ve won more games than 27 other teams. But I guess that doesn’t really count for anything. Because let’s face it, it’s the past 10 games that define a season, not the past 96 games…

okay, folks, i feel a little bit better now, after some sleep and more reflection about my previous post. losing in NOT fun , and a prolonged losing streak or poor play can bring out frustrations and even hostile feelings. my apologies to any i may have offended, but i win not recant the basis of my previous message which is this. our Team has one of the best records in all of baseball, and until the red sox just before the allstar break we were winning every series in a giddying fashion. we all were happy with the only problem being the tigers who were doing just a bit better than we were. our pitching wasn’t doing very well, but we were still winning, so life was good. well, guess what, now our pitching has seemingly come around and we aren’t hitting now. it’s not easy to lose games we “should” win, but it does happen. you all saw the same game yesterday that i did, i think. to recap, i saw two great plays from Jermaine and at least one each from Joe and Paulie. i saw excellant pitching from Freddie and even some timely bunting. that sounds like a lot of the things we all want. instead of grumbling about the loss and moving on, what i read makes me glad that our team doesn’t read our posts, because that would put more pressure on them to perform than they already have. every member of our team knows that we lost the game and that we are in a funk. i would have done a couple of things differently from Ozzie yesterday too, but that is also immaterial. the point i hope i’m making is that we still have a good team, and maybe we will or won’t make the playoffs( i believe we will) but in the long run, we chose this team to ROOT for not to complain about. there are a lot of teams worse than us in the standings ( maybe not over the past 10 games)but the reason for a long season is to separate the good from the bad teams. just as in bowling, if you average 175 and have a poor game, you will then have a good game to get back to your average. our White Sox are averaging .604 and with that should wind up with 96 wins for the year. i’ll take 96 wins to get into the playoffs. if that doesn’t happen then tip your hat to the teams with 97 wins. as Sox fans we are used to a lot of adversity, lets not fall apart as a group when our support is needed the most by our team. that’s about it for this time. let’s go Sox, keep playing like yesterday (pitching) and start hitting like the first half.

great game today. that was exactly what we needed. now lets take that momentum into the twins series and give them a nice little losing streak of their own.


okay everybody, there’s one…..j.k.

Apparently Widge had been designated –
Good Luck!

first of all, good luck widge.

i wonder who the boo-birds are gonna come up with now. for the last week all i’ve read on here has been about how widge is killing us and basically personally costing us the lead in the division. sooo, i’m very interested in seeing who the next victim will be.

anyways, glad to see sandy back. i just hope that this means we’re going to start seeing aj start more consistently. i think we all know that there’s no way sandy can come in every third or fourth day.

lets kick some twinkie butt tomorrow!!!

Great game yesterday. Let’s keep it going. HUGE kudos to Big Jon for a great game!

Jon has really stepped up during the rough patch that the White Sox are going through. Ozzie pulled Jon exactly when he should have yesterday. All the Ozzie bashers who claim he cannot manage his pitchers should give him a little kudos for a change. With the exception of Buehrle and Vazquez’ evil inning, the Sox pitching staff has performed well of late. The Sox still have the 2nd best record in baseball. Things will turn around soon.


Nice win, guys! Small ball – do it more often and we will win, it is pretty simple. I am afraid to say anything positive because it seems that whenever I do, we start losing. So I will try to interject some negativity here, a skill of which I have become quite adept –

Although I am very relieved to see that our tailspin was temporarily stopped, Javy better not fall prey to the big inning (whatever the **** that means) and he best learn to pitch after the 4th inning, or else he needs to go, either to the pen, or to a contender (preferably Detroit). Don’t know how many more “big innings” WS Universe can handle. Let’s also hope that if he runs into trouble, Ozzie acts against his nature and pulls him BEFORE the damage is too great to overcome. Again, nice win, boys. Let’s build on this one….OK??

ok good….sandy is a big upgrade over widger. not that i hated widger as much as some of you do. now if we can go get roberto hernandez from the pirates and soriano we will be celebrating a repeat. why arent i the GM i had all these moves down months before williams for god sakes. i should be hired as a consultant!

Yeah, a consultant. Everyone would have loved it when you dumped PK.

Very funny, kr-trepac!

I don’t think we want to do Hernandez again, do we, kenwo? He’s 41, and a 5.79 era over the last month. And calling the Sandy move wasn’t too hard, it’s the third time he’s been here. And who doesn’t want Soriano? It’s just the cost that has put doubts in people’s minds. Don’t quit the day job, Kenwo4life. I think we’ll keep the other Kenny.

I thought that yesterday’s win,with the strong pitching of Garland and Thornton and the hitting of Iguchi and Podsednik would make WS Universe feel better on this Monday….But I can see,by some accounts,that I was wrong…
Some of you out there are not happy unless you have some little point to gripe,moan,whine or b**ch about…You don’t see the galss as half empty or half full…you’re too busy yelling “WHO THE H*LL HAS BEEN DRINKING OUT OF MY GLASS?”

The Sox release Widger after the game…Last night on the TV he lloked as if someone had just shot his dog in front of him…He was a serviceable back-up catcher,but even he should have realized that he was only hurting this team with his play this year…Some of the players who comntributed last year still think it’s 2005…They are not helping,trust me on that…But to get back to the irate members of WS Universe…feel free to rant,rave,b**ch and moan…but do it to a mirror,will you? Don’t take up valuable space or time by ALWAYS finding the worm in the apple….

You want space to do this? I’m sure that can accommodate you with your very own blog page,to go in competition with this one…

And I am talking to you,Duke,along with kenwo and the others….

One observation on my part from yesterday…Ozzie…GET OVER THE **** WITH PADILLA…


Whew,I’m exhausted….

Go get ’em tonight,boys…put some breathing space between yourselves and those pesky,tenacious Twinkies….

I’ll be back before Wednesday’s finale…if not sooner….

All set for Blogger Night?

22 days away….

Well said tomquaid – but now my ears hurt.

LOL. Tom, you are too funny! And I agree 100% with your Ozzie/Padilla rant. My tickets for blogger night just arrived today. Who else is going?

Tom – how dare you say anything negative about our Dear Leader??!! And in CAPS YET!! What about the valuable blog space that is taken up by your rant?

Sorry for the chutzpah, I just couldn’t resist!

Any truth to the ESPN rumor of Alfonso Soriano for Brandon McCarthy?

I’ll be at the Blog night.
And I just heard on the Dan Patrick Show and saw on that WE, the white sox, are “extremely close” to a deal that would send McCoarthy to Washington and send Soriano here. Apparently Pods would go to center and Soriano would be in left. I would really like that deal. How does everyone else feel?

I don’t believe the Sox would move Pods to CF. He does not have the arm for a CF. Pods is a free agent after this season. Maybe Kenny will acquire Soriano as a replacement for Pods, maybe so he can turn around and trade Pods, or turn around and re-deal Soriano. I’d hate to give up BMc though.

can we send them Javy instead?

The White Sox have the best AAA team in baseball right now. They had about 5 minor league all-stars from Charlotte too. Can’t Kenny move some of those guys? Surely there are a few guys who could fetch a good price.






Didn’t Kenny say that he would not trade pitching unless he got pitching in return? He won’t trade Brandon. I could see him giving up Javy or Freddy, but not Brandon.

Scott please pass the message along to KW that there is no point in trading for Soriano. Even if the Tiggers get him we can and should still be able to beat them. Soriano solves none of the Sox recent problems.

And BTW- Ozzie might shoot Soriano.

You guys and gals exhaust me but I laugh a lot too!

I just want to win some games, streak-like games. Oz, eh well, **it happens, he’s not calm, we’d probably ***** if he was quiet so damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Right?

I’m in Texas so won’t be at blog night but will be thinking about you all. Someone make me a sign that says ‘Sox fans live in Texas too!’ not that they’ll show it buutt, I’ll know that I’m there in spirit. Mentioning spirits, did I ever mention that my father’s ashes were placed behind homeplate last Summer, 1 year after his passing? This is the reason that no matter what happens this season, I still tear up thinking of last season and knowing that ‘someone’ besides the men on the field were helping win those games! Ever see Angels in the Outfield (great movie) maybe that’s what we need a little more of this year!

I’m sorry for my rambling.. none of it’s negative though so I behaved..

Let’s go boys.. time to start a streak!

This has got to be some sort of ploy by someone on the Nats to raise the price of Soriano. The White Sox don’t need him and giving up MacCarthy is absolutely ludicrous. We’ve got enough bats – what we need it pitching. I like the MacDougal trade though – he’s been good in the past, although injured a lot, and it seems that type of player have been making a resurgance with the WS lately (Thome, Dye). I think he would be a good addition to our pen. But, let me reiterate – DON’T TRADE BRANDON!

The Score says that the White Sox completed a deal for Mike MacDougal from the Royals for prospects. Hopefully he can strengthen our bullpen.

Soriano is a great player..does he help us? Will the chemistry (which is critical to this team) work? I’m very concerned about trading Brandon. I think he has a great future and I’d like to reap the benefits. I agree, we need a streak!! Got my tickets in the mail today for the blog event!! Can’t wait!!!!

A-Rod might be going to the flubs?

Anyone think this would really happen?


there will be some representation of fans from texas at the blog night as i will be going back home for it. my mom and sister will also be there with me. i have to second the general opinion on here that giving up brandon mccarthy would be a mistake. hopefully we can find a way to improve without doing that.


i was listening to ESPN radio today and they said that the sox are interested in winning now. They know that McCarthy has potential but they are in a position to repeat and would like to do so. I can understand that thinking, but I do like McCarthy also so Im not sure which way I would go on this. I think Soriano would help the club out and since the Tigers are going for him to if we take him away that would be good for us also. It will be an interesting week to see what pans out.

Kenny just said on the radio that he will NOT be trading any major league roster pitching.

And I am talking to you,Duke

—who is Duke, me?

Soriano is such an enormous upgrade over Podsednik its not even funny. Pods and BMac for Soriano is totally worth it, especially if they sign him long term.

If they are just driving up the price so Detroit gets fleeced, well I like that play, too.

I like the MacDougal deal. Kenny is the king of turning minor league LHPs into something we can use right now. People keep saying they overpayed, but take a look at Haigwood and Gonzalez’s #s this year, the guys we shipped to Philly for Thome, they arent doing anything.

you people are out of your mind. soriano is awesome. mccarthy is not helping us win this season. do you want to win now or in 2009? i don’t agree with the love for pods either. sure he did well last year. last year was last year. he has worn out his welcome with me. his girlish ways dont cut it with me. He doesnt reach base enough, he gets thrown out too much, and he throws like his wife does. Soriano on the other hand gets on a TON, steals at a much higher rate, leads the NL in outfield assists, and oh by the way has bombed as many homers as the great thome. i want to win now. do the deal. dont make it a rent a player. resign him to a 4 year contract. he is AWESOME. you guys need to let go of 05. so do the sox. as for team chemistry, i dont think the team chemistry is all that great right now with ozzie yelling at a guy that threw a shut out. talk about a *****. do the deal so we can celebrate in october instead of watching the bears like cubs fans.

and for the guy that keeps ripping me about me saying get rid of konerko, i stand by what i said. konerko is over paid. you can find a first baseman to do what he does for a lot cheaper than what they gave him. just like when all of you went nutsy when they got rid of maggs and found JD for 10 million less.

wow kenwo4life…thanks for making me more sure of my opinion. i thought that i just disliked your opinions about baseball and the sox. now that i know that you’re a sexist pig, i can feel fairly certain that i probably wouldn’t like you as a person either.

Nellie Fox was my favorite player growing up as a kid, he is still at that #1 POSITION.
I can’t find very much info on Foxy…please help. I do have a 1951 autographed team ball of the White Sox. The ball is still in good shape and Nelson Fox is signed on the sweet spot.
He was a great player, and him and Aparicio were a great team.

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