In Game Scribbles

Monday, July 24, 2006, 8:22 pm CT

Where’s JD?

Ozzie wanted to give Jermaine Dye a start off.  We justed Paul Konerko yesterday, and after the win, it was obvious Paulie had been the issue (sarcasm).


The TV schedule (Cubs/Sox/Bulls/Hawks) is predetermined each year.  I don’t know all the intracacies to it, but my bet is it balances out over the course of the season on Comcast (in terms of which team is televised when and where). I will doublecheck tomorrow with Bob Grim of our broadcasting staff.

Welcome Back

Said hello to Sandy Alomar before the game.  Seems strange to see him wearing uniform No. 26.  Mike MacDougal was supposed to land at 7:20 pm and head right to the ballpark.  He will wear Billsimasuniform No. 47.  The Royals had an off day today, so I wonder where Mike was when he heard the news (golfing?  asleep?).

I remember when Bill Simas (pictured) arrived at the ballpark one night in the middle of the game and was pitching by the eighth inning.

Simas was one of the funniest guys around.  Kirk McCaskill used to keep a computer file of all the strange/stupid/funny things Simas would say in the bullpen.  I wish I still had that file.

Bobbyjenks_1Picnic In The Park

Our annual Picnic In The Park was last night after the game.  The Charity event, which helps Chicago White Sox Charities raise nearly $200,000 each summer, was a smash hit.

Bobby Jenks stole the show.  He and his family stayed the entire night, as did several players, including Ozzie Guillen, Freddy Garcia and their families, to see the fireworks show at dusk.

Bobby was like the pied piper, standing out in the outfield surrounded by every kid in the ballpark.  He ran with them.  Threw candy to them.  Played catch with them by throwing the ball into the air.  My guess is that there is a new generation of Jenks fans this morning after the time he spent with all the young Sox fans.

I wonder who was the biggest kid in the bunch?


Please get RID OF THIS GUY!!! How much more can we take of this BIG INNING ****???!!!!

please pass this information along to Ozzie:

Pitch 1-15 5.63 1.19 .258

Pitch 16-30 5.28 1.37 .220

Pitch 31-45 1.89 1.05 .250

Pitch 46-60 1.80 1.40 .228

Pitch 61-75 3.63 1.27 .292

Pitch 76-90 8.62 1.72 .343

Pitch 91-105 10.13 1.27 .283

Pitch 106-20 10.13 2.63 .400

he was right on schedule today, giving up the two home runs and is currently at 86 pitches headed into the bottom of the 6th inning.

3 runs is a big inning now? so he’s supposed to pitch a shutout every night? guys, we’re only down by 1 run. give the guy a break. why don’t you at least wait until the game is over to start whining?

Three runs is kind of a big inning when you’re cruising along and then all of a sudden give up two bombs. And with the way our offense has been lately, yeah, giving up three runs in an inning is big.

And now they have men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Do we really have to wait for the end of the game to start whining when Javi is in his 3rd time through the order?

Well done Javi. Well done.

yeah Javy out there in the 7th was a bad play. He was clearly done after 6. Oz couldnt see that until there were 2 RISP with nobody out however. In my opinion, Mauer should never have been up in the 7th.

nice little story about Jenks by the way.

ugh, I think I feel a little bile rising up in my throat. I’m usually relatively optimistic but starting to get a little down now. But, look what the Braves were doing in June and now what they’re doing in July so… guess it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, just wish her singing would improve!

KW, please do not trade McCarthy!! The Sox do not need another bat, they need some pitching!! Vasquez needs to go to the bullpen and BM should take his place in the rotation….I’m sure the kids that BJ played with the other night will remember that for many years.

What do you think of the TWINS now, White Sox fans? YEAH BABY!!!!! Hear those footsteps? We’re comin’! We’re comin’!

i guess i’ll say it for us. the Count (Kolsens) and Duke (Dreifer) among others have been right about one thing at least and that is that Javy pitches great two times through the line up and then…WHAM!!!! this has been so predictable it’s laughable. in the 7th after the first two got on it was to late for Cotts to be as effective as he would have been if he began the inning instead of coming in with runners on, so bottom line is that Javy gave up his five, it just took him two innings to reach that total. i hate to be sounding like a naysayer, but it really is pretty obvious after all this time. so you guys were right about Cliff and Widger, but who’s next? i still think we have a good team that will be there in the end, but some tweeks are in order until our bats start getting hot again. that’s all for a while White Sox World, i’m visiting my daughter and her family in Savanna. i’ll catch up in a week, until then, go Sox….. j.k. in tucson.

Cinnabun, klein, TomQ, and any other kumbaya-believer who is quick to condemn us noncheerleaders – please let me know what you guys are smoking. You obviously have some of the best stuff on the market! Please don’t wake up. It is much too painful to experience the real world of WS Universe. Keep your heads in the sand. We’ll wake you up in October (or, it looks like, early September) when we are officially out of it. Keep watching whatever games you are watching and keeping your head up. Whatever!

Duke – (reporting from the real world where it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that we are in the midst of, or have already, collapsed!!)

Alright…since the three of you (kolsens, dreifer, and jk) are giving it up right now, if we do in fact make the playoffs then world series, you can’t have tickets. That sound good?

Don’t stop believin’ just yet.

Phil in Chicago

so dreifer, last year when the sox lost 9 in a row in early august did you say they had collapsed? in mid-september when the indians were closing did you say they had collapsed? i’ve been a fan of this team for a long time and at no time in the last year did i expect them to not slump once or twice. so now they’re slumping. the key is to snap out of it and get over the hump. i personally think that the key to that is going to be a late inning comeback one of these days. the guys confidence is shot right now, and they may or may not be able to rebuild it. but, i am absolutely unwilling to say that there is no way for them to turn this around. and i think they put themselves in a good position for this slump by winning a whole lot before the all-star break. so, no, i’m not ready to give it up, and i’m not waiting for the bomb to drop.

Cyndi (reporting from the world where a 20 game stretch does not make a season)

Was at the game tonight and two observations (one postive and one not):
1.) Javy Vasquez is a good pitcher with mindset problems. He’s got great stuff and than gives up a few hits and loses it. I believe he works through it and becomes our best pitcher down the stretch. I know you all think I’m nuts.

2.) What the heck was Cotts thinking grooving a that 3-1 pitch to Mauer? Put him on for crying out loud and in the bottom of the 7th Juan lazy footing to first on what should have been and in field hit sent me for the exits. I had seen enough.

I’m still confident the Sox will be there in the end but we need to get out from this nasty, nasty funk.

You’re probably right dreifer, we’re out of it for sure. I mean, jeez, I can’t even think of the last time a team came back from a 7 1/2 game defecit. Well, unless you count last year.

And has there ever been a team to win the wild card after leading it in July? I know strange things happen in baseball, but that would just be ridiculous!

The true reason I have to agree with Dreifer is because we don’t really have a proven team. I mean, I can’t even think of the last time the Sox dealt with adversity and came out on top. Can you?

So let’s all just hang our heads and give up on the season, because as we all know, that’s what a good baseball fan does. They don’t hang on to hope and the fact that their team is leading the wild card. Instead, they pack it up and throw in the towel with 60 games left. Dreifer, you are truly a fantastic White Sox fan, and I only hope that I can somehow reach the same level of support and optimism as you.

P.S. If you rearrange the letters in dreifer you can get mariotti.

The baseball tonight guys were really liking the Soriano deal. Steve Phillips even said we could have the most potent offense in baseball history (and I’m NOT exaggerating, in case you didn’t see it) They also said that if it happens, it would be prospects, not McCarthy going to Washington. If we could get Soriano and keep McCarthy, that would be heaven. I’m VERY cautiously excited.


Phil in Chicago

Figured this response after a tough loss tonight. All I have to say is that I miss the fun in this blogs responses. End of story.

Its unbelievable how much attention this Soriano deal is getting, I don’t/won’t believe anything ’til it’s announced officially…but just throwing it out there; could you imagine that line up?

And talk about high and then low after Garland’s near-perfect outing yesterday. I’m so happy for him and the way he’s been pitching since I believe June 7th or so was his last loss.

Tomorrow is going to be a heck of a game, and I’ll take my chances with Jose- he’s due for a huge game, and tomorrow sounds like it’ll be ours. Lets go Sox.

I still believe, and I could careless if anyone calls me crazy. I’m a Sox fan- thick and thin, and for those of us who are- its pretty admirable!!

Cyndi said it best, I’m a firm believer that a season is a marathon, not a sprint.

Lets go Sox!

Back from the game. Ouch. This one was pretty painful. Even I was muttering a lot of of shoulda/coulda/woulda’s. (Is the exposure to the rants on this blog propigating my cynical side?)

Yes. There are problems that need to be resolved. If I can see that, surely Sox mgmt can, too, and I have the utmost confidence that they’ll be making changes. They’re not idiots, despite what some bloggers would have you believe.

Off to bed to dream of W’s ahead. Have a good night, all.

awful game. i have no confidence for tuesdays game either. santana will probably throw a no hitter. wednesday we have buehrle going- another L. the ship is sinking. we need soriano and we need him ASAP. thank god i gave my brother my tickets tonight. I was happy to stay home and watch hulk hogan and Umaga on the WWE. it took away some of the hurt of guillen’s poor managing. how can he leave vazquez out there for the 7th? the guy pitched a decent 6 innings. then he brings cotts in again to give up another homer. send him for soriano while youre at it. he’s terrible!

Kenwo, either you really want Soriano on this team or you have some serious man love for the guy. I think everyone here gets the picture as to what you want!

He ain’t the answer though. As much as I would love to be able to boast about the best slow pitch softball team in the majors we need to do something about the pitching. There was a rumor last week that Jason Schmidt may be available. I believe he has an expiring contract, but that would atleast solve the Vasquez problem for now.

As for Vasquez it shows you the manager has been sleeping. If the fans, the announcers and every media member knows that he is good for about 5-6 innings or 2 times through the order why the **** does Guillen not have someone ready to go, or just get his tail out of there after 5 and let Brandon take it from there.

Another thing that just made me hit the roof tonight was the 3-1 pitch by Cotts to Mauer. The guy came into the game hitting .381 by killing fastballs. He is known around the league for sitting on the fastball. So what does he throw him but a belt high 94mph fastball that he deposited over the CF wall. Hello!!! Anyone awake in the dugout???

Quit going off on your players for stupid stuff and manage the **** team!!!

anyone know the classical song played during the montage before the game?

kenwo4life: I believe you’re referring to “He’s a Pirate” by Klaus Badelt. The song is on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack.

An interesting article that I saw this morning. Maybe Curtis Granderson knows more about baseball than the rest of us? Maybe those of us who haven’t thrown in the towel aren’t entirely crazy?


Lets go Jose!!! We need to start a new streak!!!

I am very unhappy that the White Sox are not playing their best. However, I am not throwing in the towel. Granderson is right.

Granderson is right. I went to highschool with him and he’s a bright kid. Too bad he’s the one saying we have time and not the White Sox faithful.

Keep the faith. Things looked grim last year, but it worked out!

AMEN…. Faith is not for the weak of heart or spirit.

Will the message on the White Sox clubhouse board read this way today?

“The Ship is Sinking”

“Play For Yourselves”

I think so, people. You guys are DONE. Go Twins!


I don’t care how many games back we are…I WILL NOT give up on this team! We are capable of so much more! I WON’T STOP BELEIVIN’! I am realistic enough to realize that we are in trouble and that adjustments have to be made concerning Javy (a trade doesn’t sound too bad in that respect) but a true fan steadily supports their team through the good times and the bad. So go ahead…lose your faith…you will NEVER convince me to jump on that losing bandwagon of yours!

Get the HE** off our blog especially since you wouldn’t know a winner if it slapped you in your ugly face!

Go back to the september, 2005 archives of this blog and read the comments by Indians fans. Spoke a little too soon, didn’t they? I’ll admit, the twins are an awesome team and the liriano/santana combo is scary. But how about saving your time and brag about your team once they actually accomplish something.

Ouch bigdog –

P.S. rearrange bigdog and it spells Cub fan – enjoy the ivy in LaLa land.

Poor John, nobody is reading his excerpts from his stupid book, so he has to go on the best blog in the market to try and get readers. I pity the fool. Get off our blog, you idiot. Hey Scott, how ’bout a new rule about people self promoting their c r a p on your blog? A deletion of John’s stupid website reference would be very appropriate.

GO SOX! Go Kenny, thanks for MacDougal, and thanks for not trading Brandon. We’d like to see him in the rotation now, even if that means putting Mr. Big $, 98-99, into the bullpen.

This is normally the time of day after a loss that I check the blog for some reassuring statistics from Scott easing my mind and to remind myself that you can’t win them all. Scott?!?! What’s going on?!? What is the team feeling right now? I hope they’re not down on themselves. Whatever is going on, they need to snap out of it!

dreifer, if you’re not gonna be a sox fan, then don’t be one. stay away from the message board, stay away from the tv, stay away from the games.

the white sox don’t need fans like you who give up on a team that, if the season ended today, would be going to the playoffs. if you can’t stand being a sox fan and can’t fathom cheering for them and supporting them during a rough stretch, then don’t be a fan. plain and simple.

wow.. everyone needs to chill.. we’re all supposed to be in this together, not trying to kill one another verbally in the frustration process. The team reads some of this and they are going to be further frustrated in themselves. They aren’t having fun at this and believe me, they are well aware of us not having much fun with this either. We’re all adults I assume and our concerns should fall with the team, not trying to bash the **** out of one another to see who the biggest bestest fan is in the long run. If folks want to jump off the bandwagon, please do so quietly, the rest of us still enjoy our team, rain or shine, win or lose, they’re ours.

bigdog – I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you are in charge of ticket sales and the Sox viewing rights! I also didn’t know that being a fan means cheering for your team as they slide all the way down the drain. I apologize for not sitting back and saying “go get ’em tomorrow, boys,” or other meaningless statements as I watch this team explode. The true fan is not one who cheers at everything, bigdog. (Wrigley is 8 miles north, they’d love to have you.) It is the one who can’t stand what he sees and says so and yet still lives and dies with the team. Should I feel sorry about my comments on the team? Nope!! The players are paid way too much for me to feel bad for what I say about their pathetic slump. Get your butts out there and prove me wrong!! That is really what I want. I will GLADLY eat crow!! Until then, I will be bitter and upset, you better **** well believe it.

By the way – “Well done Javi. Well done.” this was your quote. Sounds a little harsh, no? Maybe you should tone down the biting cynism!! I guess you have the final say on what is and is not allowed on the blog, along with your front office duties.

finally a fan that gets it. dreifer my hats off to you. exactly how i feel. im not going to blindlessly cheer this team as they play like the 5th place team in the local little league. meanwhile i have season tickets and go to every game hoping that they will do something to get this fixed. if they win, il relax. until then i’ll boo who deserves it, call out who deserves to be called out, wont sleep well at night because this bugs the **** out of me. thats what being a fan is. if you want to cheer a team just to cheer them-have a kid and go to his/her sporting events. as long as im paying good money to watch the sox- i will boo the **** out of them when they deserve it! contreras needs to throw a shutout today.

Just because some fans don’t want to bash the team day in and day out does not mean that they “blindly cheer” for them either.

I’ve found the solution for your woes, Sox fans. Check it out:

You’re such an diot, “John”. Go back to your land of lakes and dunk yourself 3 times and come up twice.

That would be “idiot”, sorry. Of course, dolt would work, too.

Odd question? Does anyone know the name of the instrumental song that is on the white sox 2005 champnionship dvd (2005 World Series DVD)? The song plays towards the end of the disc and there is a montage showing the years best plays of the sox?

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