Johan Tuesday

Tuesday, July 25, 2006, 2:15 pm CT

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Alomar, C; Anderson, CF.  Jose Contreras on the hill.

From White Sox Game Notes

Kenny and July: Ken Williams became the 11th general manager in White Sox history on 10/24/00 and has guided the club to a 491-417 (.541) record during his tenure, including the team’s third World Series title in 2005 … in his six seasons as general manager, Williams has made 16 trades in July involving the major-league roster, including the acquisitions of Sandy Alomar Jr. and Mike MacDougal this week … the following is a look at Williams’ trades in July since 2001:


  • 7/23 – Acquired C Sandy Alomar Jr. from Los Angeles-NL in exchange for RHP B.J. LaMura
  • 7/24 – Acquired RHP Mike MacDougal from Kansas City in exchange for LHP Tyler Lumsden and RHP Daniel Cortes


  • 7/31 – Acquired INF Geoff Blum from San Diego in exchange for LHP Ryan Meaux


  • 7/18 – Acquired OF Carl Everett and cash from Montreal in exchange for RHP Gary Majewski and RHP Jon Rauch
  • 7/31 – Acquired RHP Jose Contreras from New York-AL in exchange for RHP Esteban Loaiza


  • 7/1 – Acquired INF Roberto Alomar and cash from New York-NL in exchange for RHP Edwin Almonte, RHP Royce Ring and INF Andrew Salvo
  • 7/1 – Acquired OF Carl Everett and cash from Texas in exchange for RHP Frankie Francisco, RHP Josh Rupe and OF Anthony Webster
  • 7/6 – Acquired RHP Scott Dunn from Cincinnati in exchange for INF D’Angelo Jimenez
  • 7/29 – Acquired LHP Scott Schoeneweis and RHP Doug Nickle from Anaheim in exchange for RHP Gary Glover, RHP Tim Bittner and RHP Scott Dunn


  • 7/12 – Acquired INF D’Angelo Jimenez from San Diego in exchange for OF Alex Fernandez and C Humberto Quintero
  • 7/23 – Acquired RHP Jon Adkins from Oakland in exchange for 2B Ray Durham and cash
  • 7/28 – Acquired RHP Felix Diaz and LHP Ryan Meaux from San Francisco in exchange for OF Kenny Lofton and cash
  • 7/29 – Acquired RHP Enemencio Pacheco from Colorado in exchange for C Sandy Alomar Jr. and cash
  • 7/31 – Acquired LHP Byeong Hak An and RHP Frankie Francisco from Boston in exchange for RHP Bob Howry


  • 7/13 – Acquired RHP Wade Parrish from Los Angeles-NL in exchange for OF McKay Christensen
  • 7/26 – Acquired LHP Onan Masaoka, RHP Gary Majewski and OF Jeff Barry from Los Angeles-NL in exchange for RHP James Baldwin and cash

Tonight’s Matchups

They don’t look great on paper, but here are our guys’ numbers against the Twins left-hander (who is 11-5 with a 3.27 ERA in 2006 and 8-5 with a 3.32 ERA against the White Sox in his career).

Cintron, .286 (2-6)

Ozuna, .286 (6-21)

Alomar, .250 (2-8)

Dye, .229 (8-35)

Iguchi, .227 (5-22)

Crede, .200 (6-30), HR

Uribe, .152 (5-33), HR

Anderson, .143 (1-7)

Konerko, .139 (5-36), 2 HR

Thome, .133 (2-15), 2 HR

Pods, .111 (1-9)

AJ, .091 (1-11)

As you can see, I am trying to reverse the baseball curse.  By pointing out our batting averages against Santana, I am hoping to ensure us a big offensive night … kinda like jinxing the no-hitter …

Recognize This?

W, L, L, W, L, W, W, L, W, W, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, W, L, W, W, W, W, L, L, L, W, L (and no, it’s not Mark Newman’s creative title for this blog from a couple weeks ago).

It’s last August for the World Champion Chicago White Sox.

And how about this:

L, L, L, L, W, L, L, W, L, W, L, W, L, L … that’s last September 8 through the 22nd.

Now, how about this:

W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, L (even heroes need a night off), W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W …

That’s September 28 until that wonderful night in Houston (isn’t Houston beautiful in October?).

We aren’t playing well right now.  Every team goes through it.  Hawk last night compared it to a virus.  You don’t know how long it’s going to last, it’s not going to kill you, you just need to fight your way through it.  I think that is a appropos comparison.

We will snap out of it and will play better.  Will we win the division or make the playoffs? … It’s too early to say one way or the other.  There are too many games to play between now and October 1.

But we’ve all been through this before, like 10 months ago, and things turned out pretty darn well.  Take it day by day, game by game and let’s see where we end up.  No one benefits from panicking, certainly not within our clubhouse.  Defeatism doesn’t really seem to accomplish much prodcutive (in my opinion).  I think the most productive approach in this situation is to live in the moment and focus on the moment.  If you start to think about big pictures and what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week, then our goals appear much too daunting, too steep.  Focus on the next step, the next pitch, and let’s see where we end up.


quit living in the past. that was then this is now. stop being a company man and look how terrible they have played. can the come back? i suppose they could..will they? i doubt it from what im seeing the last 3 weeks. it makes me sick to my stomach. i dont like the line up either. they always play right handers against santana and usually lefties hit him better- hawk will bring it up tonight.

Thanks for posting the lineup for tonight’s game, it should be a great one! As long as the players and the coaches stay focused on the task at hand and not listen to the media, etc we should be OK. GO SOX!

just like i suspected- right handed batters are hitting .205 vs santana while lefties are hitting .286- great idea to bench all your lefties oz!

I hope Ozzie gets those stats before tonight. I’m getting real tired of the lefty/righty thing. To blindly go with a lefty against a righty or vice versa drives me nuts. If I have a lefty who’s hitting .194 (anybody remember Widger?) why would I bat him against a righty? I’d take my chances with A.J. against any pitcher over Widger, even if the guy threw it with his freakin’ big toe!

It seems like the Sox started losing when Mariotti went on vacation. Maybe we should hope for his speedy return. On second thought, why don’t we just play better.

I’m a sox fan, win or lose, we’ll die trying. If this was any year before 2005, we’d be losing, we’d be like ‘dude, we lost, it ***** but we’re the Sox, it happens’ but.. we made the ultimate, the highest of the high, the epitomy of baseball, and so now, we’re not playing so well and we expect perfection, just because we won the Series.. guess what, I’ll say it again…. no matter what happens in 2006, we’ll always have 2005. No, I don’t sound like a Cub fan for those of you getting ready to pounce on that.. each day in life is new, each year in baseball is new I live it to the best each day, losing my father may have something to do with that but that’s the way I am and what I believe. Optimistic, I’ve gotta be, I can’t let a baseball came cause me to lose sleep, be angry, or be in a bad mood for the entire day after a loss. This doesn’t make me a lesser fan then those of you stroking out, just perhaps a more mature outlook on life and baseball as it is.

When you’re losing like we are right now…backups aren’t going to help get out of the funk. Play the starters. I am really not that excited to see Ozuna and Alomar in there.

oh yeah…good update today, Scott, I enjoyed it.

Seriously, Jose, give us something to cheer tonight. I would also LOVE to see Santana get hit around. And then see if “John” comes sniffing around here again.


(proud to be a Sox fan)

You know I am ashamed to read these comments today. How quick are all of you to just jump ship like this? They have three bad weeks and suddenly Kenny Williams is not doing enough, Ozzie Guillen doesn’t know how to make a lineup, and our ace Mark Buehrle doesn’t know how to pitch. There is a reason that no team has ever gone 162-0 in a season. There is also a reason that when Seattle ties the record a few years ago their winning percentage was .716. There are going to be slumps and bad periods every team goes through. Remember what they pulled out last year after havng a horrible August and September. Be patient and don’t sound like a bunch of angry New York fans. We should be proud that they have the third best record in baseball despite going through this slump. So if you are going to abondon them now then don’t bother trying to get back on the bus when things turn around. Just go over to the north side and cry with the rest of them about Bartman and Billy Goats

Thanks for the post Scott – I knew you could make us feel better! Let’s win tonight!

Thanks, Scott. I appreciate the blog, especially during these tough times. But hey, we’re strong and we’ll get through it.

Things to be positive about: 1) Our team. They have talent. They just have to rediscover what they’re capable of. And I believe they will do just that. 2) Our fans. We’ve been packing the house all year long. Boy, there’s nothing like hearing the roar of the crowd at the Cell.

Heading to the ballpark now… to root for my favorite team. Go Sox!

tuckers8…the philosophy of righty/lefty and vice versa,at least here in Chicago,goes back to the days of Tony LaRussa’s managerial stint at old Comiskey…no longer was it possible to manage by the gut instinct…oh,no…guys like La Russa and Earl Weaver,Whitey Herzog and others had all their computer printouts(not Weaver,though,he was old school—he had ledger books of stats that certain players did against certain pitchers,and vice versa–in addition to three-by-five note cards with the same info…)and all their backing of certain moves/non-moves…and they were thus considered “baseball geniuses”by people such as George Will(a noted righty)and others….to which I say…bushwah…
Have some fun,Ozzie…try to have the PLAYERS make out the lineup….majority rules…relax…but not too much…

As to the Twins fan who has been harrassing this site recently,don’t let him get to you,WS Universe…I have heard some rumors that he was the wine steward aboard that “Love Boat” cruise that the Minnesota Vikings had last summer…(or was that the “whine steward”?)…..

BTW,to my friends Brusa,Conrad and Wagener…if possible,at Blogger Night(three weeks from tonight…),I would like to get a picture taken with all of you…I won’t believe it until I see it for myself….


Hard to disagree with anything you’ve written but in the American League as stacked and difficult as it is, this ‘virus’ may in fact be a killer.

There are six teams fighting for three spots (not counting the West in this discussion…)

When you have that many quality teams even a ‘ten day’ (or in this case counting the All Star Break three week) virus could be death. There isn’t going to be a large difference in the number of wins between getting into the postseason and making golf plans in early October. It’s very unfair since all teams have bad streches in a 162 game season but that’s the reality of the league in 2006.

Four times since baseball went to the three division / wild card format has a team won 93 or more games and NOT made the post season. EVERY ONE of those four clubs came from the A.L.

Just something to think about.

Also here is where those losses to bad teams like K.C. (3), Cleveland (7), Tampa Bay (2), the Cubs (2) and so forth come home to roost.

drewpearson…just wanted to say that you were a h*ll of a wide receiver…and I really enjoyed seeing you play on TV…what’s that? Wrong one?…and it wasn’t the columnist,either?(You kids will have to go back into your journalism history books for that last one….it would take way too long to explain….)

kenwo…I know you’re not gonna like reading this,but…Scott is right,and I don’t think he’s a company man…because I don’t think Jerry Reinsdorf would still have him around if he tried to be one…if you don’t like it,don’t watch,don’t listen,or don’t read about it…You’ve got them losing already tonight…why even play the **** game?

I think what’s more telling than anything else is the fact that so many people are reacting so strongly to the meaningless trash talk of one pathetic Twins fan! It tells me CWS fans are WORRIED big time, and that I must be onto something when I bring up the word CHOKE in these parts. Seriously I mean all these jabs in good fun so please don’t take me so seriously. You have 2005, we have 1987 and 1991, it’s all good.

But as for 2006 — you have to admit this is getting REALLY fun between DET, CWS and MIN. The Twins are literally doing it with smoke, mirrors and Triple A guys even the most devoted Twins fan has never heard of (Jason Tyner? Pat Neshek?). We here in MIN know it can’t last … or can it?

The pitching is there – Johan, Franchise & Radke, Shaky Silva … a bullpen leading the AL in ERA at 3.21. What’s making waves in MINNY is the hitting! The new M&M boys, Mauer & Morneau — even the most grizzled CWS fan has to admit those are two of the most exciting young hitters in MLB.

Should be a fun couple of months, and if it’s any consolation, Santana hasn’t been himself lately. Maybe you’ll get lucky and score 3 runs ….😉


Fans that rag on their team too much, take it too seriously. Fans that don’t rag at all, don’t take it seriously enough. It’s a fine line, gotta play the middle somewhere. BUT, we all know the talent on this team is too good to stay down for too long. If there were hidden injuries in our starters that have been tanking it, that’s another story. Dead arms? They should come back. Strategies? That’s what Coop is for, to analyze the heck out of a pitcher’s repertoire. Fight and desire? Look within, and look to your manager. They’ll be back, all the tools are there, just gotta put them to use.


To John, the self-proclaimed pathetic Twins fan:

Maybe we’ll use our SKILLS and win. We don’t believe in luck. (Especially when we don’t have any!) Anyway, you know who’s name starts with the first 3 letters in “luck”.

And, there’s still two good things that have come out of the Twinkies drafting Mauer: We got A.J. (intregal part in taking us to a WS)and the Cubs were stupid enough to pass him over for the fragile one, Mark (my side hurts from BP and sneezing) Prior.

Anyway, GO SOX, blow away Minnie’s smoke, and smash her mirror!!

some of you people are the biggest whiners i’ve ever seen. the game is already over before it starts? just relax and cheer on the white sox.

dreifer –

i said ‘well done javi’ AFTER he had given up the runs. the big difference between you and me is you want to condemn the sox BEFORE they have lost anything. And they haven’t lost anything because if the season ended today, they’d be going to the playoffs, so you really can’t say they blew anything yet. if we keep this up and miss the playoffs, then you can harp on them all you want.

is part of being a great fan throwing in the towel before the team has even lost anything? if so, a lot of you are really great fans.

Lighten up, bigdog. Fans can get upset without throwing in the towel. Mick was upset with Rocky, taking all those jabs and not defending himself, but he didn’t throw in the towel. We are taking some jabs, and we’d be fooling ourself if we said it didn’t hurt. Mick wanted Rocky to go to the body, and it worked, he broke his stupid ribs. Fans advice for switching Javier to the bullpen and bumping up McCarthy isn’t throwing in the towel, it’s just shouting from the ringside, hoping Mick will hear.


getting a bit repetitive aren’t we…

go have a beer, kick back and relax until game time.. spend 3 hrs freakin if things go bad, then back to life as it goes..

Sometimes I find that if I flip stations and don’t watch the opposing team bat, seems to go smoother, not always, sometimes I flip when we’re battin and it goes real well.. coincidence, I’m sure, but try different things, could change the course of the game, never know.

As Forrest Gump said, ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’ nightly baseball is just another box of chocolates too.. take a bite, sometimes it’s sweet and yummy and sometimes it’s bitter as ****! But in my experience, if it’s bitter, we still go back for another piece!

The great thing about this site is that it’s filled with the thoughts and hopes of White Sox fans. Whether we’ve won 9 in a row or lost 8 you all keep coming back and are cheering or complaining. The positive thing is you’re all coming back after each game which means, good game or not, you’re still with the Sox hoping to win and trying to figure out how best to accomplish that. I think that’s great and will continue to read each blog, though I don’t post all that much. Like you all, I love the Sox, was unbelieveably happy with the culmination of last season and still look for something good for us yet this year. Afterall, as poorly as we’ve played as a team these past few weeks, our record is still with the elite. Just think, the Yankees would love to be in our position with our record. I think the team will right itself and have confidence that KW will make the right decisions, personnel wise. And like you all, I’ll be watching or listening to each game hoping for a win and hurting when it doesn’t happen. Stick with them, afterall, they’re OUR Sox. Go Sox.

I’ve been a White Sox fan since 1967. There were years — no, DECADES — when we fans hoped and prayed for a team like this and a summer like this. For anyone who thinks that the Sox aren’t going to win, either this game or the year, how about you just go find something else to do with your time and leave the Sox to the real fans. I’d rather see a few empty seats at the park than have to wade through this doom and gloom garbage all the time.

I want to see the Sox return to themselves and play better baseball. Whatever happens from there, we’ll see. If the Tigers win 110-114 games this year, well, you have to tip a hat to them and say ‘well done.’ But it’s not done yet.

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