Tuesday, July 25, 2006, 5:45 pm CT

Ozzie Pregame

Ozzie made a great point — in my opinion — during his pregame talk with the media.

When asked about staying positive during a losing stretch like this, he answered:

"If I break, the team breaks.  And I believe too much in this team to have that happen.  We are too good for that, with too much talent.

"People don’t see how much these guys care and how much they want to win.  I am the guy who goes into the clubhouse after a tough loss and turns the music on.  When you are playing poorly, when a guy is struggling, that’s when you need to put your arm around him and help him up.  And when you are playing well, that’s when you need to push them harder.  That’s my job."

Clubhouse Mood

I wrote about this last August, but it seems relevant again now.  Skip it if you want.

Professional athletes, at least baseball players in my experience, aren’t negative.  They aren’t beaten.  They expect to win every at-bat, every pitch, every game.

From the outside, people might look at that and call it cockiness or arrogance.  Some may call it being blindly unrealistic.

In my opinion, it’s what makes them successful.  It is what places them among the top 750 professionals in their field.

And I haven’t been smart enough to figure out what comes first … the attitude or the performance.  But I do know that it seems to me that when the attitude is gone, when an athlete begins to expect defeat or failure, they are done.  I have seen it personally often enough to believe in its dangers.

So tonight, as we take the field to face Johan Santana with "no chance", I know our guys are expecting to win.  Each hitter goes to the plate expecting to succeed.  He may not in the end, we may not in the end, but his attitude as he steps into the batter’s box is that he is going to succeed.

It is what makes him a major league player.  It is what has made him successful at what he does.

I don’t know if every human is wired that way … and everyone is certainly different (thank goodness).

And again, take this or leave it (since it is just my opinion but it also is my blog so I am allowed to pontificate at times), but the easiest thing in the world is to be part of something, to be a fan, to be a player, to be an employee, to be a boss, to be (fill in the blank) when things are going well.  Where are you when things get tough?

And the second-easiest thing in the world is to be the critic who constantly forecasts doom and gloom.  You know why?  Because eventually, that one time, that one day, that one year … you will be right.  Because that is life.  Eventually, we all fail.  And we probably fail more than we succeed, certainly that’s true in baseball.  So the safest play is to always expect the worst.  You will be right more than you are wrong.  If that’s your raison d’etre, then be negative.

But regardless of where I work or what I do, I don’t ever want to be that critic or necessarily surround myself with people who think that way, who have that world view.  I don’t want to live and think with that type of negativity.  I would rather take the risk of being the optimist, understanding that I might be wrong much more than I am right in the end, but knowing that when I am right, even if it is just once, it will be glorious.  And along the way, I can look at myself in the mirror with integrity.

And I think, to sound like Don Cooper a little bit here, those critics live for those moments when they can claim they were "right."

I can’t speak for anyone else — you all can decide for yourselves — but I prefer to wait until October 1 to make that decision.  And along the way, I am going to expect to win.

To quote Ozzie Guillen again, "if the season ended today, our biggest decision would be who would sing the National Anthem before Game 1 of the playoffs.  A lot of people would trade places with us right now …"

Sorry if this post offended anyone, but authorship has its privileges.

Go Sox!


I’ll just bring this over from my last post…As Forrest Gump said, ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’ nightly baseball is just another box of chocolates too.. take a bite, sometimes it’s sweet and yummy and sometimes it’s bitter as ****! But in my experience, if it’s bitter, we still go back for another piece!

Awesome post Scott, truly fantastic.. thanks!

Right on Scott. You knocked a couple of posts out of the park today.

The team is alright. 🙂

Ok I’m bringing this back from my previous post: the season is like running. When I first started running, I was told there was a huge mental component to it. No matter if you run 5ks 10ks half or whole marathons, there is always a point in the race where you hit the wall. At that wall is where you debate do I want to quit or do I dig deep and try and finish? The mental debate is what seperates those who finish from those who quit. What makes that wall even tougher is when you feel you aren’t running as well as you could, your legs are tired, people are seemingly easily passing you up and maybe you did this race last year and finished and don’t think you’ll finish as well. (Put your own white sox comparisons in here–our pitching stinks, we can’t get a hit when we need it, detroit is running away with it, etc.) Why continue? Because EVERYONE hits the wall some point in the race. What seperates those who finish from those who don’t is getting past the wall. You can make every excuse why you can’t finish, but if you keep going, work through the pain, eventually you get over the hump and you are stronger and find what it takes to finish, probably better than you thought. Then guess what, those other people who passed you earlier in the race hit the wall and you pass THEM by. SO hear we are White Sox players, management, fans we’re at the wall. It is time to dig deep, are you going to be a sprinter and run out of steam? Are you going to be like the bandwagoners who enters the race because it looked fun and find its too hard and quit? Or are you going to dig deep, get through the pain and find yourself past the wall ready to finish? Maybe you won’t do it as pretty as last year, but don’t you want to be one of the few to finish two years in a row? The fans on the sidelines get you through those tough times in the race, its time to step up and help them past the wall! As the musical genius Bruce Springsteen sang in my i-pod “Tramps like us, baby we were born to run!” Lets Run baby! Thanks for the great post Scott and see you bloggers Aug 15–I got the last tickets!

Once again Ozzie left a starter in to give up the go-ahead runs. I’m wondering why he wanted bullpen help if he isn’t going to use it at opportune times? Tonight Contreras was left in too long, before that Vazquez. This is becoming a re-occuring theme. Please tell me why Ozzie won’t use the bullpen until it’s too late.

I am humbled AND FIRED UP!!

Thanks Scott…good reading tonight!

Ozuna 1 for 3 with a double
Pods PH in the 9th- 1 out

Uribe 1 for 3 with a double

AJ PH in the 9th- 2 outs

two guys that hit Santana hard get rewarded by being replaced in the ninth?

both for outs.

Ozzie you *******.

Thank you, Scott. I am right there with you. Everyone would much rather be around those who are positive than those who preach doom and gloom.
It’s not about closing your eyes blind and saying “go get em tomorrow, boys.” It’s about BELIEVING in the team, believing in something bigger than ourselves, bigger than the players, bigger than Ozzie…believing in White Sox baseball. This is OUR team.

Scott, there are still a lot of us with you and the team.

Now LET’S GO GET THEM TOMORROW (said with eyes wide open).

Phil in Chicago


This post was incredible. Thanks for the thoughts, you don’t know how much we Sox fans appreciate it. Your best line that it is EASY to be a fan when we we’re winning, its easy to be up when all is good- but even beyond baseball, character and true champions are formed when the times are bad.

We’ve been here. And we’ve persevered. We are battle tested, and we will answer the call.

Do we need to bring Steve Perry in to sing an acapello version of Don’t Stop Believin before tomorrow’s game?! haha

A tough loss, but I feel 100x better after this post.

Thanks again!

A big believer always,


That was the perfect blog to end a less-than-perfect night. Thanks, Scott.

It wasn’t difficult to smell an imminent fire tonight. The team. The fans. Everyone was so into the game right to the very end. Great things can happen when fueled by passion and determination.

See you tomorrow, guys. Go get ’em.

Well put. While the game tonight didn’t go our way you could see how things are being put into place to end this slump. Thanks for the perspective.

oh enough of this rah rah garbage. i’ve been a fan my whole life. i live and die with these fools. Through highschool i spent all my money in the mid 90s on going to see the sox at least 30 times a year. My wife wanted to get married in october of 2004- I told her no not october what if the sox are in the world series. (suprisingly she still married me)…In a few years I will be taking my future son/daughter to sox games….and telling them about the monster homers that Ron Kittle used to hit..or the HUGE hits Harold Baines always came up with (too bad harold couldnt come up in the bottom of the 9th today instead of Cintron)…..or the night when Joe Crede finally grew some balls and became a good major league player. to say that im not a fan of the Sox is insane. I’ve gone to at least 30 games every year since 83 (i was 3 at the time my streak started). Trust me, I’ve seen some awful baseball through the years. Anyone remember Freddy Manrique? I do. So to say that i’m not (or anyone else isnt) a true fan because we are upset with the team is ludacris. by the way ozzie, next time dont pinch hit for uribe-he’s clutch.

I’ve been a fan my entire life and will continue, win or lose. I prefer to win but who doesn’t. My husband and I (also a lifelong White Sox Fan) will be at the game today. We’ll be cheering when the guys come on the field just like we always do. We used to be season ticket holders back in the day when you could hear yourself screaming. We can’t afford it anymore since we retired and because of the fair weather fans buying up all of the good tickets. I don’t believe in acting negative toward the team. If you don’t believe in the team anymore, then give me your tickets. I’ll go and cheer then out of this slump like I’ve always done. We were at Game 2 of the World Series in left field not too far from where Paulie hit the grand slam. It was the most exciting game of my life. I hope we get to the playoffs again but in the meantime, they are my team and they deserve my support. I’m a fan for life. Meanwhile, go Mark!

Totally understand folks frustration.

However, I am a season ticket holder as well and I must admit I was impressed last night by our fans. We haven’t had a whole lot to cheer about but the fans were more into this one than any home game in July, including almost all fans on their feet cheering for the entire Ninth inning.

The only thing I ever ask for is a chance to win and the Sox had that chance last night. Sure it ***** to lose. Crazy thing is the Sox are still leading the wild card, have 63 games left and many with DET and Min.

As Jeter, A-Rod and Granderson have said, the Sox are capabale of a mega streak. The White Sox will be there in the end!

Time for our weekly win.



In the interest of brevity, and really being swamped with work, AMEN to what Scott said. I’m here for the long haul. Many may not agree with Ozzie’s every move..I’m occasionally questioning things here and there, but… where will those folks be when all is said and done. These are probably the same folks who jumped on and off the bandwagon last year..and when the fat lady sang…and Ozzie prevailed… bet they were right next to us saying how awesome the team and Ozzie and Kenny were….
GO SOX!!! I still believe!

When does a slump become a collapse? PATHETIC!! Oh, sorry Scott, didn’t mean to rattle anyone. Shhh!! Let’s keep the negativity on the down low.

You know what? I still watched the game last night!! Unbelievable, no?! Even though I am freakin livid about this team’s lack of ….anything positive (unless, of course we repeat the oft used post game comments…”he made one bad pitch….or, he had one bad inning…”). Funny how Ozzie says that if the season ended today we’d be deciding who would sing the national anthem. ****, along those lines, why don’t we just play 6 innings of baseball – since it’s usually in the late innings when we give the game back. We would probably be in 1st by now. I think what I fear most is that there is still 60+ games left. I wish the season would end today, then you are right, we would make the playoffs. The problem, of course, is that we have plenty of games left to lose a berth.

Answer: A slump becomes a collapse when there is absolutely NO possibility of turning it around. Check your schedule… there are 63 games yet to be played. I’m not saying things are perfect, but there is time for improvement.

Great post(s) Scott! Thanks!

John, nice trick to try to get Sox fans to go to your website. Here’s hoping your goofy little robot goes bezerk and kicks Mauer in the shins. Or maybe it would throw Joe off his game if he just messed up his hair, or shaved off his sideburns.

On the job, around the neighborhood, at the store, at church…nobody likes to hang around negative people. It’s one thing to point out how something could be done better, or review mistakes, it’s another to be a constant whiner, complainer, and all-around downer. Kenny evaluates his players, so does Ozzie. They take notice of the good, the bad, and the ugly. They make changes they think will help the team. I’ll defer to their expertise, and put my two cents in for fun, but they are the professionals. You gotta try to stay as positive as possible through these slides, or there will be no fun in it for you. And that’s what a “game” is all about….fun.

Regardless of any b-s that comes up from the “nattering nabobs of negativism”(thank you,Spiro Agnew and Pat Buchanan…boy,who ever thought that you’d get a history lesson along with a post?),the game will be played,unless Roger Bossard sees that there is a swamp building out beyond 2nd base…
All that we can do is hope that things go well…otherwise,we are powerless….

I know that you all get tired of hearing this from *********** it,I’m going to eat a radish and repeat myself…I was with this team 36 years ago,when they lost 106 games and finished 42 light years behind the Twins in the old Western division….I was with them 13 years later when they won their first division title versus Seattle on my birthday(9/17/83)…I was with them through every bump in the road in between…and I WILL BE WITH THEM WHEN THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR ORDERS THE GROUND CREW TO SHOVEL THE DIRT DOWN ON MY GRAVE,WHENEVER THAT TIME MAY BE…HOPEFULLY A LONG TIME FROM NOW….

But let me explain this site for John of the kingsgame…You see,bub,WS Universe is like a family…we can openly criticize the team and each other as many time as we want to…but should any outsider try to do the same….OH,BROTHER!!!

I hope that explanation is enough for you,john….but,still,no one here will be lured into reading your site,I am sure….

Duke,kenwo,etc….No one is holding a gun to your head,or to your family’s heads,and saying that you have to watch the games any more…if you don’t like them….leave….

They’re going to play out the schedule with or without you or any one of us….

Maria,BC,Dawn,all of you…You know the ONLY time to get completely p***ed off is? When the team is five games down with four games left,that’s when….

Bethany,sweetie…the first thought I had after seeing the lowlights last night was….”I’m wondering when AJ is going to get Steve Perry back to sing in the clubhouse?”….I swear on a stack of press guides,that’s what I was thinking….great minds alike,eh,kiddo?

More on off day Thursday…..

Good post tomquaid73. I too remember the team of 36 years ago, in fact I remember the teams of the early 50’s and the annual battles with the hated Yankees and rival Indians and finally the ultimate thrill of 59, only to be dashed in the 6th game of the series by the then hated Dodgers. Like I said in a recent post, the great thing about this blog is that Sox fans continue to come back to cheer or complain after each game, only because they, like us, want them to win so badly. Like the bad years of the past, this present slump will pass, we just need to stay commited to this club that we’ve adopted, live, and die with. This is the White Sox Universe both good and bad, happy and sad. Go Sox.

I’m strating to side with the guy who wants to get rid of Cora. Why the **** did he send Paulie on a ground ball to 3rd??!!! This is getting seriously comical!

Ok, I admit it. I’m to blame for Buehrle’s struggles recently. I recently purchased Mark’s jersey, right before the all-star break and since then he has been cannon fodder.

I must have jinxed him so to right the ship, I will bury his jersey and perhaps I should buy a verlander jersey and see if my curse will work on him.

I take no responsibility for Vasquez though.

You’ve got to keep a sense of humor with this. We’ll eventually break out of this.


Let me guess the post-game show comments – “Mark, he pitch real good. He made 2 bad pitches but his location was real good. I like what I see.” Yeah.

On a related topic, it’s true that we had a miserable August and September last year and ended on top. But if we have the same L/W record in August and September, 16 and 26, the Cell will be empty in October.

Feels great to be tied with the Twins in the WildCard. Can’t wait for tonight’s game, when the Yankees surpass our once insurmountable lead.

I am running out of adjectives to describe this freefall..slump? losing streak? You know what? I think collapse pretty much captures it.

Maybe we should fit Buehrle for that St. Louis jersey after all!!

to all the cheerleaders:

thats great you support the team rain or shine. so do I. However, Im not going to “defer to their expertise” when the Sox make bone-headed decisions. Last night was a great game and a tough loss. Im not down on the team for it really. The Twins just outplayed them, got a few breaks (Iguchi out at third, neck high first pitch called strike to Konerko, etc.) and happen to be a juggernaut right now. I was hoping that they turned the corner after that, but Im still going to question Ozzie’s moves. AJ and Pods pinch hitting in the ninth? I cant see the logic in that. If Uribe or Ozuna had 3 strikeouts a piece, sure, but they both were 1-3 with a double. I criticized these decisions last year, and I will next year. Am I less of a fan? No. Perhaps Im more of a fan because Im actually paying attention as opposed to following blindly Cub-fan style. Even dreifer is coming around, questioning Cora’s ability at third. I live in Savannah, Ga. where Cora was the manager of the low-A Sand Gnats before Ozzie got his job and put Joey on his back. The Gnats were terrible. Largely because of the Expos weak farm system, but Cora’s record was awful as a skipper. He’s coaching third because hes Ozzie’s buddy and he is really bad at it.

Im all over the place in this post. The offense is scoring half as many runs as it was before the break. The pitching/defense is allowing considerably more runs. Its 2004 ball all over again-live and die by the HR station-to-station ball. Guys like Koronka and Silva look like Cy Young vs the Sox. Does that mean Im throwing my black hat away? **** no. I guess there is no point to this. Im just venting.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Rah Rah BS.

I want to hear Ozzie’s if the season ended today quote again before fridays game.

I don’t know if it was just the fact that today was the culmination of weeks of futility but this was the first game in awhile where I was actually pissed. Not that I’ve been happy with the losing but something about today just really pissed me off. I mean we were pretty much facing the Twinks Triple A team (no Mauer, no Hunter, no Stewart, but there was a Rabe) and we still couldn’t get it done. I was literally laughing when AJ hit that weakass grounder with runners on the corners, no outs and Paul got thrown out because I somehow knew that something like that was imminent. Contrast that with the Twinks getting runs with 2 outs pretty much at every turn. Every team has their bad stretches but ******! Rest up tomorrow and get after em this weekend fellas. Please!?!

I am generally optimistic by nature and am a long-standing (46 yr. old) White sox fan dating back to the late ’60s. However, I have to be realistic about the current sorry state of our beloved WS. One of the things I’ve really respected about the Sox faithful over the years (unlike Cubs fans) is their honesty in “telling it like it is”… through both the good times and bad.

Sadly, since the White Sox steamrolled over the anemic Baltimore Orioles in early July (taking 3 out of 4 at US Cellular), Ozzie Guillen and his staff have really let this team get away from them. They seem to have either forgotten (or ignored) Ozzie’s winning formula which led them to last year’s championship run. Is it just me, or have the fundamentals gone out the window this season? Whatever happened to the team’s commitment to playing “smart-ball”?

Last year, White Sox outfielders routinely hit the cut-off man, Sox base-runners knew when to take the extra base and when to hold up. Clutch, situational hitting was the norm on this ballclub, consistent execution in laying down sacrifice bunts and bunts for hits became standard operating procedure and patience at the plate (by coaxing walks and working deep into counts) were routine occurrances, This all combined to put constant pressure on the opposing pitchers and defenses. The result of this selfless, disciplined approach was the delivery of timely hits and productive outs which generated clutch RBIs time and again.

Although the starting pitching has been far less consistent this year, the offseason addition of Jim Thome along with Dye and Crede having career years (at the plate) should have more than compensated for this year’s less consistent pitching.

The WS had so many one and two run victories last year because of their team-oriented selfless, disciplined and proactive approach as a unified ballclub.

Last’s year’s club consistently produced solid ABs… while this year’s Sox team has suffered through countless wasted at-bats with a staggering number of runners being LOB.

If they don’t get back to the basics soon,and stop the hemoraging ASAP, the White Sox will face the arduous task of having to claw their way back into contention for the AL Wild Card spot.


I wanted to say, especially in light of the loss today, that no matter how hard it is at times, I still believe in this team, these guys, the organization, and whatever happens, happens. I am not blinded in my support, but much like my children, even though I do not like the things they do sometimes, my love is unconditional. Even though I don’t always like you, I will always love you. I believe in you, and that’s all that matters.

You know, all this negativity is almost comical. I just returned from the game, and am already cracking up reading the blog. Do what you want. Say what you want. You can’t and won’t bring me down. But compare me to a Northsider, eric? ****. Now it’s REALLY getting personal. :o)

And for the record, I do second-guess our coaching staff’s decisions at times, but I don’t vocalize every action I believe is a misstep. Why would I? First off, as the old saying goes: Hindsight is 20-20. It’s easy to point out a bad decision once you see the undesireable outcome. But how many good decisions go unnoticed? Secondly, I have no desire to claim myself more knowledgeable than our coaches, and frankly, I’m not fool enough to think that I am.

I am a Sox fan. I am not a Sox coach. Last time I checked my voicemail, there wasn’t a message from any member of the White Sox organization asking me whether we should start Pods or Pablo, or how we should pitch to Mauer, or when we should pull Contreras. I subscribe to the philosophy of worrying about things that I can actually impact. That doesn’t mean I blindly follow the Sox. It just means that I’m not going to get worked up about things which I have no ability to alter.

OK. I’m done ranting. I do have a suggestion for blogger’s night, though. Can we get some Prozac samples?

You made some great points about last years “smart-ball.” Unfortunately, this is a new year and the Sox have a new philosophy. Hit many HRs and hope for a 10-9 victory. That has been tried many times before, but it has yet to be sucsessful. The Score will have to change the game intro because it says “WS grinder baseball.” However, I do think that the Sox can get the wild card but the pitching and defense must improve soon before we get too far behind.

All 5 & Maria, I enjoyed your posts. You both put my thoughts right down before I had a chance to. I enjoy reading this blog a lot but when I see it heading south to negativity-land, I just scroll further, just like when our children misbehave and say things they don’t mean, sometimes you just have to scroll past that part of the day. I still love ‘my boys’, no matter what!

That really was a very intelligent and inspirational post, Scott, and we do really appreciate it.
Like markopat said, “humbled and fired up”!

i have thought this for 2 weeks now, but im making it public (so ozzie can use my managerial tactics)…jermaine dye should be batting third in the order. he makes way more contact than thome and is faster so it wont take 3 more hits to score him. do it up ozzie. drop thome to 5th. then he can swing for the fences all he wants. dont get me wrong im not blaming thome for the struggles, just think that dye third would benefit this club greatly……….that being said, our 1 and 2 guys gotta get on base….and that being said i dont think ive EVER seen a leftfielder on a winning club get A-benched against lefties B- pinch hit for in the 7th inning and C- supposed to be fast but cant beat out a diving infield stop 2 nights in a row!? time for a change. pods must GO!

I want to call somebody out for something that happened in today’s game that really bothered me. When Konerko went on contact on AJ’s grounder to third today. He seemed to give up as he got to the plate. Sure he was out by 10 feet, but why the **** did he not knock that catcher into next month. Konerko is a big guy and who knows maybe he knocks the ball loose (the catcher put a lazy tag on him and was in no sort of defensive postion to brace himself for a collision). To me that is a lack of hustle. Konerko has been pretty bad at the plate lately. A play like that could get him and the team fired up, he is the supposed captain after all. Maybe it turns the season around. I remember a similar play a couple years ago as I am sure the rest of you do where that a**hole ran over Jamie Burke. Next thing you know the Twins were winning the division and the Sox fell off the map. How about some hustle Paulie!!! Show me some heart when we desperately need it!!!

As for Cora, maybe the Cubs will be dumb enough to hire him as their manager. Not that I hate Cora or anything because I loved him as a player, but his judgment has been horrible lately when runs are at a premium. He needs to understand that we are an extremely slow team from 3-7.

Let’s hope that the long roadtrip will help bring this team back to its’ winning ways. If every team really goes through these kind of slumps we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. If we don’t see it on this trip you can forget about the Playoffs. If we can break through this weekend and get back to the ball we played the last year and a half we will catch Detroit.

Just looking at the guys and hearing them talk to the reporters they seem so down and frustrated. I’m sure they’ll find out their problems and correct them. I sure hope they do it before it is way to late.What they need is a new song to jump start them Don’t Stop Believing. Maybe AJ and Crede can get Steve Perry back to the games and sing to the team in the locker room before the games to help build up their psyches.Maybe the people on the blog can find a song to build up their fighting powers .

So – where are all the optimists? Anyone care to cheer us up? What, nothing to say? How’s this…This “slump” is making me sick.

1st Javy, then Freddy, now Mark. This team starts and as it looks, ends, with our pitching. If I hear from ANYONE about how tired they areonce more…!!! You know what??!! Look at the Braves from ’91 to last year? They consistently made a run and they had the same pitching for most of the run from year to year. Look at the Yankees from ’96 to 2001. Similar story. OK??? So put that lame excuse to bed.

ALso, to tell us that Detroit and Minnesota can’t play at this caliber all year is another cop out. First, it makes us depend on other teams flopping, instead of focusing in on our pathetic play. More importantly, Minnesota, and to a lesser extent Detroit already had their slumps. Remember? At one point Minnesota was looking to dump Hunter because they were horrible. I am not looking for either of them to peter out any time soon. So, I guess your response will be – “look, they got out of their slumps, so can we.” Maybe we can, although it’s not looking too good. Also, even if we can, they need to slow down, and who says that will happen. UUGGGHHHH!!!!

Why do I watch??!! Because I love this freakin team and once again they are ruining my summer!! ******!!!

Here I am, dreifer. It’s another day and I’m still smiling. But not surprisingly, you’re not.

Sorry to say, I have no desire to even TRY to cheer you up. Why? As I said on my prior post: “I subscribe to the philosophy of worrying about things that I can actually impact.” Getting you to be positive is akin to getting me to defecate diamonds. Not gonna happen.

All the Sox have to do is win the games against their division rivals. If that happens, then everything will work out. Have fun on the ledge dreifer.

Wow.. why don’t certain comments surprise me?

Maria.. couldn’t have said it better myself!

On to Baltimore!!! Let’s go guys!

What the Sox need to do is adopt a recovering alcoholic mentality and take this one day at a time. Kr-trepac’s right that we need to handle Minnesota, Detroit and the rest of the AL Central but unless they’re in the opposite dugout, I don’t give a **** about them. Enough scoreboard watching and seeing where we fall in the Divisional or Wild Card Races. Put the blinders on and focus on Baltimore on Friday; that and that alone. Let Minnesota and Detroit do what they’re going to do. Kinda biting off what Maria said in the sense that we can have no impact on either of those teams until we play them again.

if we dont win 5 of 6 from kc and balt. its over. these are 6 games that we should win. im giving them one mess up (possibly friday vs. bedard) since we cant beat lefties or aces and he is both of those. i will be pissed off if they dont make the playoffs. this is a team that was supposed to have a cake walk to the title. at least thats what we were made to believe. the coaching staff is irking me as well. cora is brutal, walker is sitting on his hands, guillen runs the pitching staff like a volunteer managing the 7 year old little league team. im not happy. maybe they can turn it around. id be the happiest guy here if they can. but unfortunately i dont see it.

Didn’t you already say the season was over? Why are these 6 upcoming games the new deciding factor?

part of the reason is the tigers and twins will hopefully beat each other up this week. so if we win a few we can gain on both of them. if everything goes right

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