Back Finally

Tuesday, August 8, 2006, 3:32 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Cintron, SS.  Garcia on the mound against New York and Wang.


I’m a little more suntanned and, in theory, a little more well rested after taking last week off.  It was great to see that your on-line communications continued without me. 

But I assume I am not the only one having trouble sleeping right now.  We enjoyed a good (not great road trip), winning a couple of games we shouldn’t have and losing a couple of games we shouldn’t have.

Last night was not a very good start to an all-important stretch of games.  One expert, who usually is pretty conservative in his estimates, claims we need to go at least 12-9 through August 27 to stay in the race.

We need to play better.  We need to pitch better, and we need our bats to respond more consistently.  Let’s see if we can get it done this homestand.  I think we can.  If we cannot, we will have only ourselves to blame.  No one else.

AJ Lines

I pulled off all the "votes" for the best Punch AJ lines and will have an intern go through your responses.  Stay tuned for a winning line.

Blog Night

Is fast approaching.  For those of you with tickets to the game as part of the group, bring your game ticket and patio ticket to the Gate 3 United Scout Seat entrance (look for the swinging gate) between 5:15 and 5:25 on August 15.

From there, we will get together for about 30 minutes in the Conference & Learning Center.  At around 6 pm, you will be escorted to the Patio Party Area where you will have an hour or so to take advantage of the buffet.

Call Dustin at 312-674-5186 with any questions.  See you there.

Crede Watches

Not sure if anyone in Chicago saw it, but there was a great story in an Alabama newspaper about the reaction of Barons manager Chris Cron when a box arrived in the mail for him from Chicago. 

Joe Crede had ordered a silver, diamond encrusted watch for Chris to commemorate the 2005 World Series Championship and thank Crony for his help in getting Joe to the big leagues.  (Photo here by Mark Almond of Birmingham News.) Crede repeated the gesture for Nick Capra, another White Sox minor league manager.

Pretty classy.

And how can AL managers not pick Joe among the top three defensive third basemen in the league (see the most recent Baseball America)?

Winning Numbers

For all of you who purchased Chicago White Sox Charities World Series Ring raffle tickets, we will announce the three winning numbers this Thursday before the game with the Yankees.  Check out the pregame show on Comcast Sports Net or for the winning numbers and details.

National Recognition

Congrats to Chicago for being named the No. 1 Sports City in the Nation by The Sporting News.  Remember last year when we all were bemoaning our lack of attention?  I’m not saying we have overcome that East Coast bias, but we have made a dent.


I saw the article on Crede, my favorite player, a few weeks ago and thought that it was one of the classiest things I had ever read about. I love hearing those types of stories about the players cause it shows what great people some of them really are. Go Sox!

Welcome back, Scott! Hope you enjoyed your time off cause we missed your insight around here! This week is huge in our season. Don’t worry about the scoreboard, if we take care of our own business, we’ll be ok. I’ve got good feelings….Loriano out, Verlander sore…I’m not wishing ill on anyone, but those young arms are tiring and lets hope our veteran arms can buckle down and get it done…don’t know why, just a feeling, but I’m thinking this week changes everything. Looking forward to meeting everyone next week!

Hey Scott, great to have you back! I’m very excited about this Yankee series. I think some really good things are about to happen for our ballclub. We’ve got a good run or two left in us and Boston and Minnesota are starting to struggle. Here’s to a series win over the Yankme’s (with a reference to TQ, of course).

And PS I’m getting excited about the Blog Night, great job with that, Scott

Phil (back) in Indiana

how can ozzie justify having mack in cf instead of anderson???

I dont know but mack just dropped a ball that anderson could of for sure had.

How many more runs are we/they going to give up with 2 outs!

Are we even going to win another game this year?? Folks, here’s the only “repeat” we should been focusing on: repeat after me…WE GONE!!

the problem with the game being on WGN is that i just now finished all the days posts. this is a new Sox-law, Scott you are only allowed to go on vacation for no more than four days at a time from now on. we need you man.. and Duke, you gone. it’s the top of 11 and it looks like we’re still tied. and when you are gone it will take less time for me to catch up on the posts.
j.k. Go Sox..

one more thing now that we are headed to the bottom of the 11th, it appears that a bottom feeder is beating the red sox. how is that possible? i thought bottom feeders were supposed to lose all their games as we are supposed to win all ours. for the record also, the blue jays are not a bottom feeder….

take THAT Duke, ye of little faith…..
j.k. from the land of redemption and satisfaction….


WELCOME BACK, Scott! We missed you, but know how necessary the time off is!

And I have to reiterate…Joe Crede is a CLASS ACT!!

Woe to those of you who are jumping off so soon. I know we demand perfection and our pitching staff is shaky at best. But we ARE defending champs.
That said, I am still buzzing off of Hawk’s call last night. Stellar. I want Randy yanked in the 3rd as we put a 7 spot on him.

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