Tuesday, August 8, 2006, 10:55 pm

Tonight’s Victory

Boy, we needed that one.

Do you think Hawk will have a voice for tomorrow?



What did I tell you – you always gotta believe!!

Hawk just busts me up sometimes! This house just erupted in tiny little happy dances!! Hurray!

I could not be happier that we won that game because we really did need that one. I just love hearing Hawk call games like that, it’s fantastic! Go Sox!

I love Hawk, he always seems to capture my emotions perfectly during games. This was especially true in the 1st when Pods was trying to get that triple and was obviously safe, then Hawk proceeds to rip the ump exactly the way I would. Love the guy.

But on another note…I had to listen to the final inning tonight on the radio….and, no offense to Chris Singleton, he has to be the worst sports announcer on the planet. He had absolutely no emotion on the call of Dye’s game-winning single. Boy do I miss John Rooney. Is anyone else with me on this one?

“Boy, we needed that one.”

Understatement of the night.

dreifer – Was that a positive comment from you? Now my night really is ending on a stellar note!

Just back from the game. I was sitting right up from 3rd base, and Pods looked quite safe. Does ump Eric Cooper hate us? Seems like we’re often on the negative end of his questionable calls. (Was that an excuse I just made? Excuse me!)

I don’t dislike Chris Singleton; I think he’s just getting his broadcasting legs. (Kinda like sea legs.) Give him time. Of course, I loved Rooney (who didn’t?), but…

I’ll be back again tomorrow night looking for a repeat win. Now if I could just get my voice back before then.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part (aside from the win). I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Bethany. :o)

Maria – Yes Eric Cooper is one of the umpires that has always had it in a little bit for the Sox. Replays showed he was clearly safe and Cooper was in perfect position to make the call, and he just blew it.

That call did not end up costing us really, but what really bugged me was Brian Anderson not starting. We are basically playing playoff games for the next 2 months. We need to have the best possible lineup out there day in and day out. That means Anderson in center. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Mackowiak here, but not as a platooning center fielder.

I was quite concerned also with running Jenks out there for a third inning. In his short past he has imploded a few times when going that long, but it worked tonight. Hopefully tomorrow we can get a nice lead so we don’t even have to think about using Jenks. Rest that arm after tonight!!!

I have a good feeling about facing Johnson. Coming off the All-Star break the middle of our lineup was cold when we faced him. With as hot as they have been lately I think the Unit is in for one of his 3 or 4 inning implosions.

Fantastic win last night! What a roller coaster. Mack should have held on to that ball, Pods was safe, E. Cooper is horrible, and J. Dye is the man! Can’t wait for tonight’s game.

Welcome back Scott. I look forward to finding out that my name was called tomorrow night for the raffle.

Go Go White Sox!

AMEN! I’m telling you I’ve got a good feeling about this week…all we have to do is win our games and not look at the scoreboard and the rest will fall into place! PLEASE, PLEASE can we just keep BA in center? I’m no major league manager, I’ll admit, but BA is swinging better no? And 3 pitchers in one inning? Does the lefty righty matchups really matter? Help this dumb girl understand that. Thank goodness we won in the 11th cause who was left to pitch?? We are going to need Jon to go deep today, our bullpen needs the rest. Scotty Pods was clearly safe at 3rd, but can’t remember what inning it was, but the Yankees got a bad call on that double play that Torre tripped out of the dugout to argue. Despite ourselves perhaps are MoJO is returning! Didn’t you just feel it was going to happen in the 11th? And gaining a game on the tigers to boot–yes I still have hope!

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief – BUT, let’s not get cocky. Great win-yes. However, we still have a mountain to climb and I am still waiting for a stretch of consistent wins/low ERA’s from our starters and for our bullpen to straighten itself out. But-what a win!!

I want to echo what others have said in that I am baffled as to why Mackowiak continues to get so many starts in CF. It is cleare that Anderson is no longer an offensive liability and it seems like every time Mackowiak is in center he costs the team runs. If you can give us any insight into this we’d really appreciate it.

You took the words right outa my mouth cabiness, obrnmac and jimdevereux; no more Robbie starting in center field. Pinch-hitting is his strength and that’s how he needs to be utilized. Jermaine and Joe have been great this entire season and once again last night. Looking forward to tonight and I hope Juanie gets out of Ozzie’s doghouse soon. I like to see the regulars more regularly.

Huge game, but only if we keep winning. If we come out and lose the next two games, yesterday doesn’t really mean much. That game has the potential to be a turning point, but unless it helps us turn things around, it was just any other 1-game winning streak.

Still, amazing game. The Sox kinda have Rivera’s number, 3 runs in 2 innings. Hopefully he won’t even be in tonight’s game. Go Sox!!

I sure hope JD gets some NATIONAL attention for MVP.

If JD can keep going the way he has for the rest of the year he will be in the MVP race. The key will be if the Sox can make a good run at the Tigers. We need to be leading off the highlight shows every night to get him the publicity he needs. I think he has a decent shot at it. The more sportwriters talk it seems that they are looking for reasons not to vote for David Ortiz. Chances of them voting for a DH are slim, but he is the most clutch player in the game. JD’s all around game should certainly earn him quite a few votes, but we still have 2 months to go, and bigger fish to fry at this point.

I’m out of town and listened to the game on mlb radio. Man was it anticlimactic the way singleton called the game winning hit/run.

I love Hawk!! Any game I watch or listen to without him, just isn’t the same. I’m getting soooo excited about the event next Tuesday!!

Re: I miss John Rooney.

I do to. But I think that what Chris is missing is the experience. I get a little tired of Ed Farmer’s “preaching” and “name dropping.” They will both learn in their new roles. I hope.

Notes and thoughts on a long Tuesday….
First off, I was returning to my little cave on the North Side–10 blocks north of me,by the way(hey,jklien),is Jurassic Park at Neverland– from the Washington branch of the Chicago Public Library,where I spend most of my time chatting on this site with all you good people…

anyway, I see a sign on a CTA bus standing at the corner of Van Buren and Dearborn that seemed to sum up perfectly the post All-Star portion to date of the WS…The posting on the bus said “NOT IN SERVICE”….How appropriate,i thought….Then about a third of the way back,a young lady got on the bus wearing a sleeveless dark blue T-shirt with the Yank-me(proper way of using the term,phil davis…but I should not get upset with you,because that might blow my chances of getting personally autographed photos of the Silver twins,the Golden Girl and the Girl in Black….)logo on it and the name and number of Mariano Rivera on the back….

As I reached my stop,I decided to NOT give this young lady to my right and elbow to the chops,to symbolize my dislike of the Yank-mes….because,as many on the site will attest to,I am a verbal fighter–not a physical one…In other words,I’m a lover,not a fighter…..not much experience with either,sadly/gladly….)

Anyway,I get home,get the lineups,get my sheets ready and go back in time to so many times in the early ’60’s when my young psyche was permanently scarred by Maris,Mantle,Berra,Bauer,Skowron,Tom Tresh,Whitey Ford,Bob Turley,Jim Coates and the assorted other members of the Yank-mes that took such sadistic pleasure in beating the WS out every damned year….

So,now to the game….

1st inning,I agree that Anderson might have had an easier time catching the ball that Damon hit,but Mackoviak was TOO DEEP for that little parachute….Next,if Garcia does not pay attention to the runners,and speed up his delivery,not only are they going to steal bases on him,they might even have time to remove his jock from his uniform(sorry,ladies,just my feelings)….No further damage after the Abreu hit and the A-Rod walk,thanks to the DP….

Bottom 1,Podsednick—aggressive,yes…stupid,DEFINITELY…The cardinal rule is this….”DON”T MAKE THE FIRST OUT OR LAST OUT AT THIRD BASE,REGARDLESS IF THE UMP WAS RIGHT OR WRONG!!!!”

So now,my mood was really bad….It got worse when catoff Wilson launched his first HR….I felt slightly better when Cintron picked up Mackowiak to give the lead to the WS,but then fell into the deep chasm of anger when A-Rod took Garcia into the night….Crede tied it,then we move to the late innings…Giambi gets his big-a**ed arm up to Cotts,cathes one for the team,and I’m figuring…”This SOB is over,because Rivera come in and close down school for the night….” Well,he did come in…and at 10:05 PM last night….Hades froze over,cats and dogs got along well,because the Captain took the closer de luxe INTO THE NIGHT!!!! OHMIGAWD!!!!Well,you know what happened after that….Thank you,J Dye(my entrant,by the way,for Player of the Year for the WS,even ahead of “Sock-It” Thome…..)for putting a pleasnt cap on a long day….

Back with more shortly(how much more does he have?????)

I underdstand the frustrations with Singleton, but at the beginning of the year, it hurt my ears to listen. He’s grown leaps and bounds from the 1st couple of weeks. All he needs is a little more experience and more confidence to make a strong exciting call. It seems he doesn’t want to over do it on a call he’s not sure of. He’ll get it.

My apologies for the misspelling. Yank-mes will be used from now on. But hopefully the empire won’t make the playoffs and we’ll never have to see them again this year.

Let’s do it again tonight, Sox!

Phil (back) in IN

All the “Ozzie can’t manage his pitching staff” people should give him some credit. Making the decision to send Bobby out after the 9th was perfect.

If I may,folks,I’d like to move away from the plate and the dugout for a moment or two for a little self-imposed catharsis….
I really can’t,and won’t,go into great gobs of details as to my personal life over the last couple of decades…but the WS have bben a MAJOR part of escape for me all tghat time…I never had,however,a place to vent my rage or let my enthusiasm or delight out,until about a year ago when I saw an article in the Tribune talking about a blog site(whatever the heck THAT was…)that the VP of Communications for the WS had just started up….I looked it up,got involved,and the rest,as the old phrase goes,is history….

I just want to take up a little more space,please,to thank all of you who have become my friends through thi site,even though I personally have never met any of you,prior to next Tuesday….You have made me feel welcome,and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for putting up with my long posts,my rants,my silliness and everything else that I have put onto these entries….May the “higher authority” continue to bless all of you with everything GOOD that you deserve,and keep the bad things as far away as possible….And,as for myself,I hope that I can continue to do what I’ve been doing….and get it done better…..

Thanks again,friends….

Baseball talk resumes from this corner Friday before the invasion of Los Tigres….

Once again….thank you…..

Don’t worry,friends…I will be in a much lighter,brighter mood next Tuesday as Vazquez goes up against the Royals…win or lose…..

KR-Take a look at the box scores for some of the other outings where Jenks has gone more than 2 innings. He has always faltered in the 3rd inning as generally all closers historically do. Ozzie got away with something LAST NIGHT because throwing your closer for 3 innings is almost the same as making the first or last out of an inning at third. I empasize LAST NIGHT because I sure hope we are so far ahead tonight we don’t need him. Don’t want to mess up our one sure thing in the bullpen. Not second guessing here, I was cursing Ozzie as they came back from commercial to find Jenks on the mound still.

TQ – Being one of our resident experts what did you think of Konerko not attempting a bunt in the 11th with runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and the infielders all clsoer to the outfield grass than the infield grass. Granted it all worked out anyway. Just curious cause I was a little mad he did not try it when they were giving it to him.

dear Mr. Tom Quaid,
you, sir are one of the reasons that we unworthys continue to haunt this site. i can’t remember just when i first found Scott’s magnificent effort, but it gave me too a chance to reach out to others that had long (or not so long) suffered along with the Sox. this is truly a family, and i am gratefull to be included in your ranks. Tom, i look forward to your comments more than any others’, and i’m sure that the majority of readers of this site would agree with me. not to get too maudlin( there you go Tom), but we look up to you!

now i have to say this; Duke, what happened to you? someone else has invaded your body and turned you into a hopefull member of our proud assembledge. Good for You. it plays better to me, and others i’m sure. remember all, that baseball’s greatest value is in the length of the season and the vagaries(Hi Tom) that occur throughout 162 games. as of today, all teams are STILL in the race. so don’t give up, enthusiastically follow our guys and enjoy the rest of the year. win or lose we are still an elite team, that deserves our continued admiration and support.

GO SOX….. Amen.

j.k. from the land of sweet memories( of last year) and optomism. later all….

tomquaid, I always enjoy reading your posts. If the blog night had been a weekend game I would have been there to meet you and the rest in a New York minute. Ouch that hurt! I hope Scott takes some pictures at the blog night and posts them on the site…. We really need Jon to keep it going tonight…. Does anyone know why the YES network is used on the WSox site for last nights game highlight?

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