Wednesday, August 9, 2006, 6:56 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Cintron, SS, Anderson, CF.  Garland on the mound.

Great Note

From Bob Beghtol, our director of media relations:

The White Sox are on pace to win 96 games, which would tie the 1920 team for the fifth-highest total in franchise history … since baseball expanded to six divisions in 1994, the 1999 Cincinnati Reds, who went 96-66 before losing a one-game playoff to the Mets, are the only team to win 95 or more games and not reach the postseason.

Sad News

Our thoughts and prayers go out to former Sox manager and all-around great guy, Chuck Tanner, who lost his wife, Babs, following a lengthy illness.  Currently a scout with the Indians, Tanner managed the Sox to a 401-414 record in six seasons (1970-75).

Let’s Get This One …


o k folks, tonights, game so far is simply, too much Randy… let’s get the series manana…. j.k.

cool! Tads with a hit.
cooler, a run! o.k. not enough randy… Go Sox….

7-6!! do i dare dream? should i hope. oh what might have been if JD got that ball over the wall in the 7th. it’s not over yet..
go Sox…

that really hurt that JD didn’t hit that out, and that PK didn’t score from 2nd on the double. He is so unbelieveably slow. Sox have Rivera’s number though, so hopefully MacDougal can hold them here and the Sox can go to work. My pick to click is Anderson, so we’ll see.

Keep hope alive!

7-6, such a close game!

Bottom of the 9th and we’re still in it… even if they don’t pull through, it’s still amazing to see that kind of comback!

Man did they need that. Too bad.

What a great game!! White Sox showed some great resolve even though we stranded quite a few runners. Iguchi + Crede = Clutch.

Earlier in the season, i’d be very happy with this game. Now, i can barely stomach it.

Great come back, but we have very little time for moral victories. I guess if we come out tomorrow and use this momentum and take the series, i’ll be happy, but what a rough loss.

Man that would have been nice to have. Gotta blame both sides for the loss though, the pen didn’t hold them and we left the bases loaded with no outs.

That hurts, but hopefully some good will come out of it. By the way, who do you guys root for in Det. vs Minn. Just curious.

You can go on and on about the fight in these guys, but unfortunately we didn’t get the W. And during a homestand of such huge importance as this, we need the W. With that being said though, the heart of these 25 guys is something that will be imperative down the road as this playoff race heats up.

MARIA…it was so AWESOME getting to meet you last night! What are the chance of that?! Pretty crazy, but like I said- I was honored to meet you!

What we do tomorrow is huge…no other words to describe it. Come back figthing, and Javy- build on that last very impressive start of yours!

Its a tough call with who to cheer for in Det/Minn series….its the Division vs. the Wild Card. Lets just keep worrying about US, becasue we control our own destiny here.

Lets go Sox!

TomQ- this one’s for you! I just read your post from the last post….and it is YOU that we all have to thank…you are the king here sir…the Paul Konerko of this website if you will….and we, I, thank you for everything that you bring to this site every day!!

Have a good night all, taking the series tomorrow behind another stellar outing of Javy.

Why does Ozzie continuously dig our team a 6-7 run hole before changing pitchers? It happens game after game. Just curious.

this would be a great game if i was from europe visiting friends and had never seen a baseball game before. unfortunately since im a sox fan, i dont think it was so great. if they lose 220-0 or 7-6 or 1-0….they still lost. now we are in third. how in the world can paul konerko, a supposed athlete, not score from 2nd on a ball that hit the fence? unbelievable…i dont know if he is just stupid or dogging it, either way no excuse. once that outfielder turns his back like that you go. that whole BS about him tagging up was garbage. AJ, cintron should be embarrassed for not getting a run home. speaking of cintron, why is guillen so upset with uribe? id rather have uribe up than cintron any day of the week.

Kenwo – I agree and L is an L at this point, No time for moral victories now! I think Uribe is still hurting. If not he does deserve a nice stint in the doghouse as his defense has been subpar compared to what Ozzie expects from him. I like giving Cintron some time, he could start on many teams. Of course it would have been nice if he came through tonight. Konerko certainly should have scored on that play. As soon as that outfielder turned his head to play it off the wall he has gotta go. Looked like he waited until it hit the wall. A good baserunner plays something like that by the outfielders body language. If I question anything, and I brought this up at the time is why was Podsednik swinging away in the 9th. I realize by bunting he could have given them the second out of the inning, but Iguchi was hot tonight and I would have rather seen him up there with 2 outs and a runner on second than Peter Pan trying to get a hit. And naturally it would have worked because Iguchi got a hit. What happened to Ozzie Ball???

Jon got hosed tonight. I am an umpire for the high school level so I don’t like to criticize because I know how difficult it is, but the strike zone was completely different for Johnson and Garland. Inconsistency like that is just ****, and it probablt cost us the game. Jeter and Abreu strikeout instead of a walk and a homer, Jon goes deeper into the game and we do pull this one out. I have to say that I will not be sad to see this crew leave the Cell after tomorrow’s game because the last 3 days have been pretty questionable. Has sensitivity training ruined Ozzie? I can’t believe he has not been tossed from one of the games on this homestand. Talking with a firend today we agreed that Ozzie must be on double secret probation with the league.

mr devereux…to say that each and every umpire has his own version or idea of what constitutes a strike zone…is,to use my favorite quote,like saying that the Grand Canyon is a small hole in the ground in (hi,jklein)Arizona…I have been saying for years that the publishers of the rule book could save printing space and a page or two by taking the strike zone rule OUT of the book….It all depends on which wall the HP umpire bounced off of when he woke up in the hotel that AM….Some umps will maintain the arm pits to the knees area,which is standard,correct…Still others think that Eddie Gaedel is at bat…(for the uninitiated,he was the little person that Bill Veeck brought up to bat in a ML game back in 1951….)Also,the umpire goes by being human—he sees other games,he knows reputations of other pitchers….and he gets himself geared up for said pitchers and has,at times,a preconceived notion of what that pitcher is going to throw,and when….as for baserunning,I’ve also said this before and will say again….there are very few baseball players these days who will make you forget Carl Lewis or Jesse Owens…Captain Konerko is NOT one of those players,unfortunately….No offense,mon Capitaine,but he runs more like Jerry Lewis than Carl….
kenwo4life…From what I am to understand,Uribe has a back problem at the moment…the same spasms that Crede has had…that is why Cintron has been getting more(pardon me,**** Vitale fans(????))”p t”….

Back to the devereux file…You mentioned something about bunting and why is isn’t done more? Simply put,sir…Successful bunting has gone the way of the buffalo and the dodo bird…it is extinct…besides,how many successful bunts that help in the short run do you see on SportsCenter?….Athletes today are as shallow as a kiddie wading pool…they want their ilk to see them smash 550’HR’s,catch TD passes and do breakdances in the end zone,or throw down a basketball like it was a bad habit….because that is what the short attention span public INSISTS on….

Now,onto one of my favorite targets,the Chicago Some-Times….I believe that the date today is Aug.10th,right? But,according to the Bright One,the WS are dead and buried for the remainder of the season…they should just phone in the rest of the year….

My reaction to all of that….one word,seven letters….


Thanks for your time….till either later on,or tomorrow….


Tom – I am completely with you on bunting is not bringing glory or a few extra million on that next contract, but we gotta win and do what it takes. If we are not gonna take advantage of guys on the team that have the ability to play small-ball let’s get rid of them and just continue to rely on home runs. In the long run that will equal more highlights but less wins as we proved in the past. If bunting was not an option last night with Peter Pan against Rivera, then where was Mackowiak. We stand a better chance with him at the dish.

Third place…ouch. Really hate the looks and sound of that. I really am almost, kinda sorta, maybe gonna, root for Detroit over Minny in their next meeting. BUT, look out for this weekend. We need wins BIG TIME.

We need this win Big time. Winning this series against the Yanks at home before Detroit shows up is going to make or break our month. It’s time to make a run for the playoffs now.

Pitching, pitching, pitching…oh yeah…PITCHING!! We are looking up at the Twins and Detroit because of our pitching. Our starters hod the keys to the postseason in their hands (literally)!! AS to pitching – the only bright spot I see so far is that besides for the Tigers (I would include the Twins in this list, but we need to see how the loss of Liriano will affect them – so far, they still are pitching great ) every AL contender’s pitching staff is abysmal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could realign the division to the way it was – put Detroit back in the East!!

tuckers8 &pmoutzo…You both are preaching to the choir…The WS simply need to win,then take their chances with whatever else shakes down within the division or the wild card picture….it as simple as that….I think it was Jim Thome who said the other night…”…All we can do is prepare for that night’s game….whatever happens after that,happens….”
I may be not exactly,directly,quoting “Sock-It” Thome,but the gist is there…..

duke….it don’t mean a thing if they ain’t got that (arm)swing….from ALL of them,starters,bullpen,Kusnyer,Man Soo Lee….EVERYBODY!!!
And a historical note for you…way back when divisional play was begun,1969,ALL the traditional rivals were in the East—Yank-mes,Bo-Sox,Orioles,Tigers,Indians,etc….the WS were put in the crappy West with the then expansion Royals and Seattle Pilots(now the Brewers),the Angels,A’s and Twinkies…and you should have heard the HOWLS of protest back then….to no avail…..


Why does Ozzie wait until we’re seven down to pull his pitcher?

Because he cannot JUDGE a pitcher’s effectiveness. And in place of that judgement, he lives by two principles, one of which is that a starter should NEVER be pulled before the 5th so that the starter can have every opportunity to win. He wants to build pitching “confidence.” It is a logic that will continue to cost us MANY games.

(Apologies to those who have heard this before, but kr101 did ask.)


Your comments on today’s athletes are well taken. May I add that just as bunting skills have disappeared, so have THROWING skills? Wimpy arm Scott Podsednik is our poster boy for this.

at least det. will be riding a 2-game losing streak into tomorrow’s game, but we can’t think about that tonight.

with the way boston has been struggling and the loss of liriano, we really are in pretty good shape to win the wild card, although boston can turn it around any time and liriano’s loss may not slow the twins down anyway.

in any event, i like our chances. there’s nothing wrong with winning the wild card instead of the division, because really, would last year have meant any less if we got in through the wild card?

The only person Podsednik could out-throw is Johnny Damon. I was not sure if I should have been excited after the win Tuesday or continue to laugh at his throw from center.


Just read your post from the other day, actually it took me quite a while to read through all of the posts of the past few weeks, I’ve been out of town at a different World Series, just got back today. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I look forward to reading your posts, they’re something I missed while I’ve been out of town. Of course not being able to see or hear any of the games for a few weeks I missed greatly as well, but then again, maybe not so much with their recent play. But have no fear, they’re not out of it yet. They’ve only made the postseason 4 times in my lifetime anyway, so I never expect them to win, I just hope that they do, and if they can turn this around who knows what can happen. History has proven that anything can happen. Plenty of games left, plenty of summer left to go out to the ballpark and enjoy, win or lose, rain or shine…

Go Sox!

Eddie in Chicago

that’s the spirit Eddie! just keep on rooting for our guys and let the chips( games) fall where they may. good to have you back….j.k. from the land of century plants and birds of paradise….Go Sox…

Hey Scott,

Welcome back! Got a request, if you can manage it.

Today, I got an email with a link to the message from Jose Contreras. Problem is, the link takes you to the message from Bobby Jenks. No problem with Bobby’s message, but I’d like to see Jose’s, too.

Can we get the right link in a new email?

And GO SOX tonight – let’s take this series from the Yanks!!



Can someone post the winning raffle ticket numbers for the WS rings after they are announced? Thank you!

Thanks JK, actually my trip west was twofold, just closed on a house in Scottsdale, so I’ll soon be from the land of ‘century plants and birds of paradise,’ (whatever those are) at least for a couple of months a a year…

since we’re in a rain delay, i will respond for a bit. Eddie, welcome to the neighborhood( you’re only 120 miles away!) since you asked, birds of paradise are one of the most beautiful flowering plants the desert has. these are a smallish bush of about four feet high or so with stunning red, yellow, orange and deeper red flowers. they bloom throughout the spring and summer. you can’t miss them. century plants get their name because they supposedly bloom only every 100 years. when they are ready to bloom, a tall stalk grows from the center of a grassy looking but sharp pointed cactus that is very hardy seemingly growing out of rock. that’s the desert education for today class. let’s get this game going and a win…. j.k. from the land of expatriate Chicagoans and other mid westerners……

Well, if Javi isn’t going to be lights out like his last start, i suppose the next best thing is him throwing a ton of pitches without giving up a ton of runs. This way, Ozzie doesn’t even have the opportunity to let him go back out there and give up the big inning.

With the terrible combination of a rain delay and being in the eastern time zone, I have no choice but to go to bed and hopefully I wake up to a White Sox winner.

So far good results today with Boston and Minnesota losing. How about a series victory!

Go Champs!!

Well, it felt like a marathon- but a great one indeed!!! Big win tonight…my favorite moment was Javy getting the K with the bases juiced…HUGE!

Funny moment of the night..the grounds crew came out to lift the tarp only for it to start pouring again. I’ve never heard cheers turn to boos so quickly! haha But thanks to them for all their work tonight.

Lets keep this momentum rolling, this is another HUGE series tomorrow- and I like our chances baby! Lets go Jose and lets go SOX!!!

(P.S. First time in 15 years that the Royals swept the Red Sox…crazy! Thanks KC!)

Another great job by Javy. I hope he IS back. As some some guy’s say Ozzie can’t manage his pitchers, how did he do today????? I think he sometimes does things that make me think, huh, but tonight was great. AND I COME HERE TO SAY IT!!!!
Good to see Pods w/ a couple of hits and RBI. Same w/ Gooch. Lately it seems when #’s 1-2 do well, Paulie and Thome put up 0’s. I can’t wait for this team to click on all cylindars. Got to do it in the Series w/ Detroit.

Nice win today guys.


it was poker night at the klein household tonight and i have to admit it was hard to follow the game and my cards at the same time. i took one for the team( i lost a bit). but it was worth it to get back at my yankee friend with a win. i think he lost money too, so we ( the Sox) came out ahead tonight. let’s keep winning series and we will be ok. go Sox….
j.k. from the land of sleepless nights and early golf….( good luck to me!)….

These games are exciting! I sweated out every inning. Especially those innings, all 5 of them, that Javy let at least 2 guys on base. It was great to see him end the 4th(I think it was the 4th) with a K. Ozzie did a good job pulling Javy at the right time. Those umpires were terrible for both teams the entire series. I don’t blame Ozzie for being frustrated with them. At least he was able to speak his mind before getting tossed.

I noticed that all 3 winning numbers had 6 digits and began with a 0. I’ve spoken with many others who purchased raffle tickets and they all had a 6 digit number beginning with a 0. My number was only 4 digits and no 0. To ease my mind I was wondering if anyone else had a raffle number that wasn’t 6 digits?

Go Go White Sox!


Thank you E-Rod for sparking our big inning last night. It was a nice end to a bad day. Javy survived the 75 pitch mark again!!! A little shakey, but he appears to have more confidence. Too many guys were down 0-2 or 1-2 and he went full on them. Wasted a lot of pitches, just go after them! We know you go strikeout stuff so use it.

As for Detroit this is our chance to make a move. This is far from over no matter what the jerk from the Some-Times (credit to TQ) says. Let’s get it on tonight and kick some tail this weekend!!!

Anyone read the jerks column yesterday ripping Hawk for complaining about the umps. Is this ***** even watching the games?

Note to Brian Anderson – When facing a veteran well-respected pitcher and you have 2 strikes you gotta extend the corner a little bit cause the ump will give it to him. He should have had him a third time, but got lucky and ended up doubling and scoring the 5th run. That pitch that Mussina didn’t get was actually better than the 2 that he got.

kr-trepac my raffle number only had 4 digits as well…I think if you bought them early they had lower numbers

Thanks obrnmac. At least I know I’m not the only person with a 4 digit number.

As to Thursday night….W H E W !!!!(and those are not the call letters of any station on the WS radio network….)For the second straight start,Vazquez had it when he needed it….and Bethany is right when she mentioned the moment of the game for me,as well….Getting Giambi with the bases loaded on an inside delivery….Michael Kay of the YES network uses this phrase differently(for HR’s),but,in lieu of Hawk,it still fits: “SEE ‘YA!!!”
And it seems that the peerless leader knows when to use the strategy of getting tossed from a game to boost his team on….

I can only IMAGINE the response in the NY print media and the sports talk circuit to the e-show that Rodriguez and Cabrera put on to help the cause last night….The beat writers and columnists are ripping A-Rod a new rear aperture(hi,Dawn)to begin with….19 errors at 3rd base aren’t helping….

Now comes showdown series # 2,versus Los Tigres….And,once again,WS Universe,you are being counted on to provide the incentive….along with the John Wayne statue,Capt Stubby and the Buccaneers and any other superstition that can be trotted out….But the most important thing is to have the big Cuban horse regain his pre-ASG form versus young Verlander tonight….

Funny game, baseball. Jose was smokin’, cooled off lately. Jon started cold, is he going back to MR. 500?? NO WAY, G-Man heats up. Beuhrle, Mr. consistent, until….uh-oh, where’s HE going?? V-Quez flirts with two no-hitters early, then looks like doo-doo, now looking better. Hitters sizzlin’…BUT, where’d the top of the order go against those Yanks?? Later, bring ’em to our house, battle tough, show those Yanks we still got fight. Okay, weird season to say the least. NOW, everybody click, all right? All at once, OKAY? Juan, you out there? Can Ozzie still love you?? Has he ever? Can’t forget those two late defensive gems in the WS clincher, he’s got game, bring it back. Jose, your turn, pal, take the pill and don’t look back.

GO GO GO SOX!!!!!!!!

tuckers8…you now know,sir,the lure of baseball…and how,if you let it,it will drive you CRAZY…but a good kind of crazy….
Once again,WS Universe,as I said,the impetus is on the 10th man the next three days…I know you won’t let them down…let’s hope they don’t let you down….



TQ, you’re exactly right, I’m crazy. I think it’s a “good” crazy, too, but it sometimes drives the wife nuts. A different crazy than mine.

Tenth man is MVP to the team. Read their letters received via email, almost every one so far has mentioned the fan support, how much they appreciate it. Fire them up, folks, whoever is going this weekend.

Then look out, KC is coming to town. Kids and I will be at two of those games next week. Scares me, thinking of the “let-down” factor that can surely be a reality, no matter how much politically-correct talk you’ll hear with players saying “you can’t look past anybody”. I remember taking the kids to a KC game earlier this year, saying, “maybe it won’t be the best baseball, but at least we should win”. Famous last words, we lost.

HELP!!! Anybody else watch the games on Dish Extra Innings Package? I am sooo pee’od right now..***** game isn’t on, even called technical support and he couldn’t find it anywhere. Anybody have any idea where it might be? I checked espn but doesn’t appear to be there either. I’m extremely frustrated right now. It’s bad enough when I don’t get them on Saturday’s ’cause FOX buys them up but now they’re stealing my Friday’s too!!! UGH UGH UGH! Anybody have any insight, please let me know asap..

Kris in the land of the

Astro-ids and Rang-dawgs! And nasty little fire ants too!

Kris they are on channel 26 wciu tonight starting at 7 pm for a 7:35 game.


I am in the same boat for tonight’s game. As a die-hard White Sox fan living in Tucson, AZ, I subscribe to InDemand’s Extra Innings MLB package (via Cox cable). Across the US, there are millions of transplanted fans of each team who access MLB games (via their local cable and satellite providers) by paying $149/year in order to watch their favorite team’s games.

I have been an InDemand MLB Extra Innings subscriber for the past four years soley for the purpose of watching my beloved White Sox.

Unfortunately, The White Sox games on WCIU are all too often not broadcast on the Extra Innings package. This has been going on all four years. You would think with last year’s White Sox World Series championship, InDemand would get it’s act together and broadcast all Sox games this year (except Saturday afternoon games that are blacked out because of the Fox game of the week).

In order to fill in the gaps for Sox games which aren’t picked up by InDemand MLB Extra Innings, I began subscribing to the package last year… and continue to do so. broadcasts each and every game (except for the league mandated blackouts of all Saturday afternoon games).

So tonight, it looks like I will be sitting in my home office watching the game (via streaming video) at my desk on a 20″ LCD computer monitor. I would much rather kick back and watch the game on my home theater.

Let’s hope Contreras can outduel Verlander tonight and the Sox can string together some timely hits. Let’s Go White Sox!!!

after reading Michael’s and Kris’ comments about in demand, i guess i won’t bother looking for that feed but instead sit myself down at my computer( wait a minute, i’m already here), and watch via that’s my usual mode of viewing anyway. let’s hope that Jose can regain his dominating persona and that our bats will continue to get those timely hits. see you all later… j.k. from the land of ocotillo(OH-KO-TEE-YO) and jimsen weed…Go Sox.

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