Wednesday Night

Wednesday, August 16, 2006, 7:32 pm

About Last Night

Tonight’s game is underway … sorry, too late to give you a lineup since it is already the third inning … but I need to thank everyone for last night.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with everyone who could make it, and the gift from you all was amazing.  I spent several innings last night reading your comments and submissions.  It gave me chills.

Often, in August, you need your batteries re-charged.  I could not have asked for a better power source than to read how much you enjoy this blog, love the White Sox and appreciate the inside news and tidbits about the club.  Like I said last night, when I sit down to write, I try and think of you and what you would like to hear.  To know how much you enjoy these posts really makes me feel like a million bucks.

Thank you.

Early Morning

I was able to sneak out very (very) early this morning — along with a couple of unnamed members of the coaching staff — and get a round of golf in at Ruffled Feathers.

None of us should quit our day jobs, but we sure had fun.  If anyone has an extra 5-iron (right-handed) laying around, let me know.  I know a guy who needs one after today …


6-0 KC. Exactly what we couldn’t do coming into this series, and we’re doing it. Good for us.

DOG GONNIT!!!!!!!!


I guess the letdown is alive and well.

Starting to get that uh-oh feeling. Again.

Uh-oh is an understatement. Can anyone say, “Wildcard”?

Detroit is winning, hopefully Twinkies will lose. Have to watch the scoreboard when you don’t take care of business yourself. 😦

We’re not going to overtake Detroit because these are games Detroit wins. It doesn’t matter how they play against us or the Yankees because they knock the **** out of the teams below them, something we do not do.

Tomorrow we try to earn a split with the Kansas City Royals. We stink.

I hate to post another downer message…but why do the KC pitchers look like Cy Young the last two games!!!

Red Sox take the lead back…now they will gain on us in the WildCard, too. Minny could be one behind us after tonight. Nervewracking to say the least.

ODE TO OZZIE (with apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary)

How many gopher balls

must a pitcher throw?

Before Ozzie gives him the hook?

How many runs

must the visitors score?

Before Ozzie says “NO MORE!”?

The answer, my son,

lies in principle number one.

The answer is principle number one.

Thank YOU, Scott for all the great work you do! I love reading your blog!

Is there any way you’d be able to give us a little peak into what the submissions are like? I submitted one, but I am curious to see what other people wrote.

Now 31-23 against teams currently with a losing record.

There is a problem here folks…and I’m wondering how Ozzie and his staff solves it (or are they part of the problem?)

In 2003 the Sox blew a postseason spot because they lost NINE games to the putrid Tigers.

Will history repeat itself in 2006 only this time the foe will be Kansas City?

Seriously can someone explain how you lose six games to the Triple A Royals blowing late leads in two games and a 6-0 lead in a third game?

This club ‘plays down’ to the opposition and I for one am getting real tired of it. It’s inexcusable.

Mark Liptak

I can’t really say how I feel tonight because it would all be **** throughout the whole thing.

If they don’t step up soon there will be no October baseball. I guarantee the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers will all go out play well the rest of the season. If the Sox continue to falter and lose to the teams that the others mentioned will beat up on then we can forget the division and the wild card! We are just simply not the same team as last year. On paper we improved, but on the field it is a joke.

Why in the world is Brian Anderson not in the lineup tonight. Not that it would have changed the outcome, but he has been killing the ball lately. You want to get Mackowiak a start? Sit Peter Pan down and send him to left. Who cares who leads off because we don’t even use a leadoff hitter to our advantage anymore.

Is Contreras hurt or what? He has been brutal other than the start against Detroit since he came off the DL. How does our ace get shelled by the Royals. Is Buehrle gonna go out there and give up 20 tomorrow. God knows if he does give up 20 in the first 5 innings Ozzie will leave his a** out there.

When is the official goodbye party for Neal Cotts? Or are we hanging on to him because he is a lefty that can’t get anybody out anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cotts but this is a joke. May be time to shut him down for a while and bring up a prospect.

OK Feeling a little better now… Oh wait I just saw the lowlights again on tv…. Need to go puke some more!!!

Just wanted to say I had a great time last night at the Blog Night. I didnt get a chance to look at the book but it looked like it was very well done. Im pretty sure it was my friends that were getting up all the time to go to the bathroom. I apologize but they were besides themselves since there was free beer for an hour =)

Oh yea and Ortiz hit a Home run off of Verlander tonight, I wonder if he was cheating too.

okay, boys and girls, it’s time for Mark to win his 10th game later today. a 7-4 home stand is good ( not withstanding our lackluster performance the past two days), a 6-5 record won’t get it done. we need to play at about 600 ball for the rest of the season to have a shot. it sure is frustrating to lose to teams like the royals, but don’t lose heart yet. keep winning series, that’s the key. but we need to start today with a split before moving on to twinkie-land. j.k. in the land of insomnia (again).

Klein, This is not a dig at your post, but how pathetic does it sound that we need go get a split with the Royals?

Hey look at the bright side! AT least this is the first game in memory that McCarthy didn’t give up a few runs in the 1-2 innings he provides! Thrilled to have him, though, instead of Soriano. Of course it was the right decision to hang on to a mediocre player who can give you 50 innings of 4+ ERA ball and gives up an average 1-2 runs per outing than to trade for, you know, an EVERYDAY player who can hit the spit out of the ball.

Wow. How quick people turn. We have a stretch of great outings against the Yanks and Detroit and everyone is on the bandwagon. Two tough losses, and heck breaks loose again.

I wont even try to bring good to last nights game, it was horrible. However, jimdevereux…you make no sense- you say Boston has stepped it up as of late…Boston got swept by KC and lost a series to Detroit. How is that any better than us????

Take one game at a time here, get his win- and then we’re off on another incredibly important road trip. The series IS far from being solely Detroits. Screw the wild card. We are 6.5 back, have 7 games with Detroit alone and a good month and a half left of baseball.

Anyone heard the quote “Don’t get to up in the good times, and don’t get too down in the bad times.” Keep the perspective here Sox fans. Keep some perspective.

Lets go Mark!!

The entire White Sox organization owes their fans a huge apology after these last two performances, and should refund the price of tickets to the poor souls that paid hard-earned money to attend these games. Such performances are inexcusable for a team of this caliber.

right on Bethany, we need to stay the course and stop all the boo-hooing whenever things don’t go our way.

and bluestar, by your logic, i guess the Organization should demand double price for games like the one where we came back against Rivera? just keep up the faith and be a fan, which means to me (one more time) accepting the good with the not so good. remember our guys don’t want to lose even worse than we fans do, so keep cool and let’s root on Mark to victory.

jimdevereux,, it sounds lousy to split with the royals, the worst team in baseball, but that is what we’re left with and i’d rather split than lose today.

back to Bethany, you’re right again when you said it didn’t take long to some to jump off the wagon. after all this jumping off, jumping on their legs have got to be smarting, i think i’ll challenge them to a foot race…no way they’ll have the stamina to finish….later all,,

I won’t comment on the last 2 games, I don’t want to get emotional. However I will ask Scott if he can put pictures of the book so we can see hoe it turned out =) by the way Scott, thanks to you for your hard work in keeping us like happy campers.

OK I needed to be a little more clear. Yes, good point Boston stunk for about a week in which they lost 3 in KC. As the end of the season nears we can not count on teams like KC, Baltimore and Tampa Bay to beat the teams we are competing against for a playoff spot. It is just not realistic. Those teams will step it up down the strecth and beat the inferior opponents. Question is will we do so? Unless someone just drops out badly in the next two weeks this will come down to the last week of the season. Here is how some of the contenders finish:

Yankees: 3 at Tornoto, 4 at Tampa, 3 vs Balt and 3 vs Toronto.

Red Sox: 3 vs Minnesota, 4 at Tornoto, 2 vs Tampa and 3 vs Balt

White Sox: 3 vs Detroit, 4 vs Seattle, 3 at Cleveland and 3 at Minnesota

Twinkies: 3 at Boston, 3 at Balt, 4 vs KC and 3 vs White Sox

If the Twinkies can hang on that last series of the year could determine the Wild Card. Even if the Twinkies are out of it, keeping us out would be the second best thing for them. It should be an interesting end, but we have to hit a streak and stay on it, not for 5 days, but for 5 weeks or more. It all starts today with trying to (GULP) salvage a split with KC.

As usual,my friends Bethany and jklein are correct….Just because the Sox have lost two in a row to KC shouldn’t mean the end of the race,the end of hope,the end of civilization as we know it(Wait a minute there,Sparky…I think you’re going a bit too far there,bub….)….
Let’s just tip our (nondescript)cap to Buddy Bell’s team for being the better team twice in a row….after all,they did sweep the Red Sox at Kauffman Stadium right before going on this road trip,where they’ve gone 2 and 5….they are a legitimate major league club whose record and ineptitude belie (ineptitude,belie???Who let the jerk with the dictionary in here????)their lowly position…..

To the “nattering nabobs of negativism”(thank you again,Spiro Agnew and Pat Buchanan)that started this page last night,and continued it this AM….you have your views,you can let them be known whichever way you wish….but that doesn’t mean that we have to agree with you….the only thing we agree on is to disagree….

Finally….to the Brusas….great to meet the man alongside you,Dawn…Geuseppi is good people….but you knew that already….Just a heads up for you,though,dear….Friday night’s game is on Ch 26—so get out the rabbit ears antenna….

to Sox 1966….Hey,sweetheart,down there DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS….Tell your husband not to bother you Saturday night…Sox at Twins,7 PM start…..

If nothing comes up beforehand,I’ll visit with all you good folks tomorrow….


You know one of the many difference between a Cubs fan and Sox fan is that the Cubs fan is critical of the beer vendor if he does not visit his aisle often enough while the Sox fan is critical of his team when they stink it up. Obviously I am far from the Cubbie view of everything will be alright as long as the beer is cold. While I know most Sox fans care more about the team than the beer they can’t be looking at this as “Oh well everything will be all right” If we want to have a chance to defend our title we have to win NOW and that means beating the **** out of the subpar teams. No more excuses, no more “things will get better” WIN NOW because at some point we will run out of tomorrows.

That being said, BA up to 7th in the order today. Leadoff tomorrow? Keep it up BA!!!

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