Blog Night pics

Hope you enjoy these pics from our first Blog Night, and more were posted here. It’s also a new Photo Album on the side of this MLBlog.


Very cool, Scott. Thanks for sharing these photos from bloggers’ night. (And thanks to Jason for displaying his pics, too!)

el-crum: In case you didn’t see my reply on the previous posting, ESPN rated the Sox Top 3 web-gems as:

#3: Uribe’s in-the-stands catch during game 4 of the WS.

#2: Tadahito’s mid-air grab and throw against the Jays on 4/15/06.

#1: Fisk’s 8/2/85 tagging of two Yankee runners at home plate on one play.

What do you all think? Are those the plays you’d have selected?

Maria….I cannot get over the wonders of this technical age we live in….I’m still learning how to wave bye-bye….Great pics,even greater memories…..

Any chance those who didn’t make it can get some of the “goodies” handed out at the Blog Night? Will the entire album be available for on-line viewing?

Next 10 games – Crucial. Have to win every series, nothing less will do.

Also, I hate to even utter the following blasphemy but….go Yankees!?

Hello all in WS Universe!

Good win last night, very good homestand. Now as TQ eluded to, we are off on a very, very important road trip. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?? I love the heat of baseball in August and September!!

Thanks for posting the top web gems- those three perfectly allign with what I would’ve come up with. I love the highlight of Fisk taking out the two in one play during the opening video before every game. It was a beautiful thing!

Big game tonight, lets go Freddy! Keep rollin’!!




Can we get a big Yankees – Red Sox brawl this weekend. Maybe some nice long suspensions!


Suspensions would be nice; season ending injuries would be even NICER. And those suspensions/injuries couldn’t happen to two NICER teams!

Yes, a brawl akin to the Rangers/Angels broo-ha-ha would be nice. A lot of nice suspensions came out of that one. RSox/Yanks for 5 straight should bring out some heated exchanges. Best thing would be for either of those two teams to run away with it now, a split is no good.

Sorry Jim and D – I can’t bring myself to root for the Yankees under almost any circumstances. Instead, every morning when I check the box scores I’ll be rooting for an Umpire victory….

Yanks crush Bo-Sox in first game, thank you very much. But Ponson is going in the second game, good luck with that bum on the mound.

thanks for the pics Guesseppi and Scott. and Maria, if the book open on the table in one of Scotts photos was what you put together, you did an AWSOME job. it would be nice to see some of what is in there, but then i guess that’s up to Scott now since it is his book. We love you Scott!!

and Duke & Count, be careful what you wish for, it could come back to haunt. i find it always better to beat those teams rather than take advantage of personnel problems. that being said, if a brawl should happen, i would be okay with it and any ensuing suspensions. we need to take care of our own business and let the rest take care of itself. another thought: as World Champs, i think sub 500 teams get UP for us as that is their season, and therefore us losing to also-rans is more explainable.(not palatable maybe, but more understandable). O.K. that’s all for now, go Sox…. j.k. from the land of 36 holes and only 2 pars, but 1 birdie….maybe next week….


At least two hits every inning

He can never hold a lead

Any runner on base

He’ll never, ever heed

There’s only one word

to describe him, you know:

Freddy Garcia does


I agree suspensions and season ending injuries would be nice. A sweep by either team would be nice, so far it looks like Yankees are up 2-0 in the series. I really hate having to cheer for any other team (especially Boston or New York) other than the White Sox to win. I’d rather we just take care of business ourselves.

Kolsens – you got it right about Freddy. He is making himself work way too hard out there. The changes he made in his approach to pitching are ridiculous and just a sign of laziness and greed(see my next post for an article on Freddy I wrote for a small publication).

We need to Jon to continue to be our ace tomorrow. I don’t want to, but conceding Sunday because of the pitching matchup is a realistic option. Last thing we want is to be swept and lose our lead on the wild card. If we can make Santana work and get his pitch count up early we can beat him. We just need to be patient with him and that **** changeup.

I bought a carton of milk just the other day, and sure enough I found a picture of White Sox pitcher Freddy Garcia. My first thought was, they are putting baseball cards on milk cartons now? I checked closely to see if maybe Freddy was sporting a milk mustache, but none was found. As I looked closer I realized this was no card or advertisement, Freddy is actually missing.

It seems like yesterday that Freddy Garcia was pitching another playoff gem that great day of October 26th, 2005. Problem is that I don’t think the real Freddy Garcia ever made the plane trip home from Houston. I certainly hope someone can find him. The Sox are going to need him to even have a chance at a repeat of last October

In all reality we have been missing the old Freddy so far this year. For some reason Freddy decided during the winter that he was going to go away from the pitching style that has made him very successful thus far in his career. Freddy has always been a guy that would overpower hitters with a 95mph fastball and a hard snapping curve and slider. His approach has been to slow it down a bit and become more of a breaking ball pitcher, supposedly to help lengthen his career and keep from tiring his arm. Apparently he wants to be the right-handed Jamie Moyer.

So far this approach is not working. His ERA is up from 3.87 last year to 4.83 this year, and he has also given up as many home runs (26) this year on 23 starts that he gave up all of last year in 33 starts. His fastball is not nearly as effective at 90mph as it was at 95, and the let up in his approach has seemed to cause him to hang curves and slider much more than he did in the past. Not to mention that everyone is stealing on him, but that has always been a problem of his.

Maybe with this approach Freddy may be able to extend his career a couple extra years and make a few extra million, but that is not what Sox fans expect from a competitor like him. That sounds more like the greedy athlete than the competitor we know as “Big Game Freddy.” So far this year he has been nothing more than “Sweaty Freddy.” It is probably too late to fix this for this year without hurting himself. What he really needs to do is take a page from the book of guys like Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan, both of whom successfully remained power pitchers well into their 40’s. Freddy is only 30 years old, and could rack up some nice career numbers even pitching to age 40.

The page he needs to take from Clemens and Ryan is their workout approach. Both have always been known for the grueling workouts they put themselves through to maintain the strength to throw hard. The whole, I’m going to be a breaking ball pitcher to extend my career thing is really just a cover for a guy who apparently has decided he does not feel that he needs to work hard anymore. It is time to stop making the Sox fans sweat while you are on the mound and do quite a bit of sweating yourself during the off-season. Do yourself a favor and learn from these guys so you can get back to being the dominant pitcher we are used to.

Brother Devereux is exactly right when it comes to the reluctant right hander….He does not keep runners close at first base,and has a slow release point to home plate….so it is no wonder while so many bases are stolen when Freddy ain’t ready….
Now,other tidbits on a lost Friday in the Twin Cities….

With the win last night,the Twinkies all-time are 193-149 versus the Sox in Bloomington/Minneapolis….

And since the Humpdump opened 25 seasons ago,they are 94-76 versus the boys….

I believe I have stated many times before in the last year plus on this site that I absolutely LOATHE the Metrodome….I think that the best thing to do with it….maybe after tonight’s game….is wait until all of the people have gone home,get the overnight security force out of there,then…IMPLODE THE SON OF A B**CH!!!

I will give the Twinkies this much….They do know how to aggravate their opponents with that billiard table field,the baggie in RF and the overall atmosphere of the building….I had more than one person come up to me last night as I was fuming about the events that had just transpired to tell me that that joint is the worst facility they’ve ever been in….

Boof Bonser(sounds like the former lead singer from ShaNaNa,doesn’t it?)didn’t beat the Sox last night,as for the most part,neither did the Twins….So,you’re wondering,who did beat the Sox last night?…..The Sox themselves did….they seem to play tentative in that dump…..Hawk said on the telecast that they didn’t look like they had as much intensity as the Twins…..

Well,WS Universe,I’ll say this….

These guys had damned well better find some intensity SOON….or else on October 2nd,they’ll be sitting alongside 21 other major league teams,saying

“What the h*ll happened?”

Now watch…they’ll come out tonight and tomorrow and pound the whoop-dee-doo out of Radke and Santana….



Thanks for an informative and interesting piece, especially with regard to Clemens’ and Ryan’s workout regimens. “Lazy” IS the perfect word for Freddy, though perhaps we should hope he doesn’t change, given that Kenny Williams may have “plans” for him.

A FIRST RATE performance by Garland tonight; perhaps the best pitch location by any Sox pitcher this season.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if Ozzie surprised everyone and substituted McCarthy for the Nag, so that we have a fighting chance against Santana?

I know, I know….when donkeys fly . . . .

terrriffficc pitching by Jon tonight… and what do you know, the rangers beat the tigers! let’s get the series manana…. no time to elaborate about my land and etc… it’s dinner-time Go Sox….. j.k.

Didn’t get to see or hear the game today, but was pleasantly surprised to find not only did the Sox win, but Detroit lost! How about that! I am hoping that somehow we can get Santana tomorrow and kolsens I’m with you….would love to see those flying donkeys!! Maybe Javy will surprise us…a girl can dream, right?

Garland is an example of why you just have to have faith in our guys. So many were complaining about Jon earlier, and he turned things around, give the others a chance to do so too.
Here’s to Javier surprising everyone tomorrow and out-pitching Johan!

I think a lot of people are missing the quality games that Javier has pitched this season.

He is pitching up and down… he needs to pull it together and get some consistancy. I am in no way arguing that

But he is 11-7..

Take a look at his stats, he has stumbled here and there but he is a pretty good pitcher.

All but 2 of his 11 wins were quality games for him (the other two he got bailed out from the offense).

He just needs to tighten it all down and pitch with some consistancy.

He has the skills… he just needs to figure out how to use them in every start… and figure it out fast.

Believe me, the man is ******* ME OFF. But he is is quality pitcher and if he can get his game on for his remaining starts…he could put a lot of smiles of the faces of us Sox fans.

rjriddle has it exactly right… have a little faith.

good morning Sox fans. that was a stellar effort by Jon last night! As geuseppi correctly pointed out, some among us wanted Jon’s head after his early season woes. that’s what baseball is all about though. there are ALWAYS ups and downs through 162 games. if we keep winning series we will end the year UP. only time will tell.

i was saddened to learn that also, some among us are struggling with their own personal deamons.

Duke has “CLOTTSS”. (Continually Losing Opportunities To Trust the Sox Syndrome). While generally benign, this desease manifests itself in the gnashing of teeth and complaining that can lead to far more troubling ailments if not corrected in time.

Kolsens is ailing from “FUNGUS” (Frequent Underapreaciative Naysaying Griping Unrealistic Syndrome”. this malady ocurrs in those who hope for perfection and are continually distraught as those impossible expectations aren’t met. this syndrome causes fuming and ranting when the hoped for result of any event isn’t achieved.

even our beloved leader Scott has what is known as “MIASMA”. (Missing In Action Syndrome Much Appreciated”). while this isn’t as serious as the more widely recognized MIA Syndrome, it can cause anyone who is counting on daily reports to become anxious for information. in the larger sense, we all are sufferiing from MIASMA.

several of our sisters are coming down with “MUMPS”. (Mostly Underappreciated Marvelous Princess Syndrome). those (Dawn, Bethany, Maria), just to mention a few are bravely going about their daily routines without complaining or boo-hooing as too many of us seem to do at this time of year. what we need is more of our beloved Sisters to come down with MUMPS!

i have it on good authority(my own) that Tom has a severe case of “WONDER” (Women ON Drugs Envite Romance). Sadly, this is a terminal desease. our friend only has a short time to spend with us until some unsuspecting female rips him away from us. we can only hope that he can find his fulfilment in the bosom of her tender mercy.

and lastly, i am stricken with a case of “BUGS” (Beer Usually Generates Serendipity). i have it bad! the problem is that anyone with BUGS trys to solve this problem with more beer and the cycle becomes more and more extreme as time goes on. yeah, folks, i have bugs. i have lots of bugs.

we may laugh at others’ misfortune. we may ignore it, or we might get involved with any of the above or coutless other little known maladys that afflict our fellow man and woman. there is only one cure that can alleviate most of the symptoms of these syndromes, and that is a tablet called “SLIP” (Sox Land In Pennantville!)


Klein.. that cracked me up, I thought from the start of it that TQ had written it.. I’m only slightly hurt that I wasn’t individually mentioned with the princessess but my heart will mend, I ‘m sure. I too noticed how remarkly quiet everyone is this weekend, seems strange, surreal, or perhaps, everyone is just quietly watching, sometimes swearing, sometimes not anticipating a win with every breath… not much to say after Friday’s ick and Saturday, don’t like to blow horns too loudly at this point.. glad to know you had the insight sometime in the wee hours of the morning with your case of BUGS to write a wee statement.. I now have giggled first thing this morning and now am off to take on battle with the daily wonders of Texas driving!

TTFN-from the land of blazes of heat and rainless days!

Way to be our ace AGAIN Jon! Now it’s time for a little of that magic to rub off on the rest of the boys, starting today with Javy. We needa HUUUUUUGE effort today. As for the hitters, gotta work Santana deep in the count, and get into their bullpen.

How about Freddy talking to media about the hitting not coming through! I guess he wants to be traded. What a jerk, stop giving up so many freakin runs and maybe you would win a few games. As Joey Cora said in his short stint as interim manager earlier this year, “Freddy does just enough to win, we score 6 he gives up 5” Sounds like Joey is saying that the hitting is carrying you a**!

Just a quick note. Many of you (you know who you are) constantly amuse and entertain me with your wit and ability to turn a phrase. Others of you (you know who you are) both amuse and frustrate me with the constant desire for perfectionism. This is a **** good ball club. There’s not a guy on this team who doesn’t have the talent or desire to be the champions we know they are. We’ve said it before..and I’ll say it again. Faith is believing in something when others would say there’s no reason to. As a fan, I’m **** proud of what they are, who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and what they have yet to accomplish. I think some of us have become jaded and spoiled. This team is still on track to win 97 games this year. That’s nothing to sneeze at. If you saw the post-game interview with Coop yesterday…he’s a smart man. He believes they have what it takes, and will get us where we want to go. I BELIEVE!!!!


I think that when Freddy was talking about the lack of “hits,” the media misunderstood him. Before the game, he probably had misplaced his bong.

Javier Vazquez, not pitching well?!?

It would be great for McCarthy to fill in for Javi from here on out, but realistically, it just isn’t going to happen. I guess the only positive to take away from this is that Javi won’t face Detroit.

4-1 Minn after 3 with Santana on the mound. If I were a betting man, i’d say the game is probably over. I hope i’m wrong, but I doubt I am.

Ode to Vazquez

The season was “in the bag,”

Then Kenny bought us a Nag.

And since the opening bell has rung,

He’s delivered us lots of dung,

While Sox prospects continue to sag.

No one’s ERA is higher,

When he starts, our prospects are dire.

Yes, this so-called “horse,”

Brings us lots of remorse,

Please, Kenny, return him to his sire!

Vaz is killing us! Kenny GET RID OF THIS TRASH!!! Eat his salary – whatever!! Glavine is injured, maybe the Mets will take him…for free! Just admit you were wrong, own up, and get this guy out of Chicago – before he throws another pitch!!!! UUGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Detroit loses 3 in a row and we’re only able to gain one game (assuming we lose this game). That’s just not gonna cut it. We have to take advantage of every game.

Well, I guess we’re catching Detroit at the right time again, with them losing three straight. And they won’t see Javi, so that’s a plus. 3 out of 4 sure would be nice.

today all you Javy bashers are wrong. today, unfortunately, we didn’t get to Santana ( no news there) BUT our defense cost us at least three runs in the 3rd. Vasquez did his job, our TEAM didn’t (so far) one more shot in the ninth… go Sox..j.k.

klein, i have to disagree with you. konerko’s error that allowed the leadoff guy to get aboard is not an excuse to give up 4 runs. ozuna’s throw to third instead of second didn’t cost us any extra runs, as javi promptly gave up two singles in a row followed by a double, so that guy was scoring if he was held at first anyway. besides, a good pitcher picks up his defense.

for all of the javi defenders out there, i’m just wondering, what exactly is good about javier vazquez? i’m not being sarcastic either, i am honestly wondering what you like about him, other than the first four innings he pitches in most games.

just stay focused you all. if we take 3 out of 4 from detroit we are good.. that’s a BIG task, but i think we may be up to it… j.k. from the land of crunch time and crossed fingers….

that game was a huge ****. they inch close in the top of the 8th and ozzie goes and brings in neal cotts? what was he thinking. cotts disgusts me more than any other player we have, including podsednik. ozzie’s loud mouth was quick to run damaso marte out of here after a bad month last year while he previously had 3 successful seasons in favor of this one year wonder joker? i remember jerry manuel getting ripped for pitching cotts back in 2003. bring him in when the game is out of hand not in one you just snuck back into. terrible. i woulda rather lost 5-1 than score a few times in the 8th and then bring in that dope.


Your point is well taken; for the record, 4 of his 5 runs today were EARNED.

And as for what’s GOOD about the NAG: let ME tell you. His ERA is ONLY 76th worst among the 85 starting pitchers listed by MLB com! He’s NOT LAST!

meanwhile i still think that the sox will win 3 or 4 from detroit and have a good shot at winning the wild card if not the division- just didnt understand the rational of that move.

Klein – let’s add a new disease to the list –

NTY Syndrome (Not This Year Syndrome). Common symptoms include (a)extended moments of panic and anxiety, usually associated with losing crucial series’, followed by (b) brief periods of elation when witnessing a moment of hope such as watching an inspirational win, followed by (c) another bout of depression when witnessing an overall meltdown of your team, especially pitching. Symptoms worsen as the summer months come to a close. Patient usually feels hopelessness as he realizes that his team’s must-wins in the most critical moments are lost opportunities. Patient feels a sense of despair in the fall and winter when he realizes what should have been and wasn’t. Patient replays the season in his mind and certain events send him into a frenzy. Such events may include: (a) grand slam in Detroit, sponsored by our 11 million dollar 5 inning wonder, Javy, (b) Politte’s consistency in giving away games (see last game at Pittsburgh), (c) Buerhle’s endless spiral downward, starting with the pathetic Cubbies, (d) barely winning against sub-500 teams, (e) lack of management to swallow its pride and make a season saving-move before July 31, and so on.

Treatment options include – undoing one’s pitching staff, starting with Javy and perhaps throwing in a Buehrle, Freddy and Cotts for good measure.

Ok, didn’t everyone think this game was a wash anyway? This game was the one we were going to lose thanks to Santana. Is anyone else getting that sinking feeling you used to get when Marte came in last year everytime Cotts comes in this year? I know his ERA doesn’t show it so much, but it just seems like he can’t get it done. Not riding the negativity train, just wondering out loud. Thank you Texas for your help….I’m still optimistic going into Detroit. Here’s hoping we come home 1 1/2 out!!!

Kolsens –

Great line about the bong, you are probably right!

I can’t wait for the Detriot series tomorrow. It’s another great oppurtunity to remind them that THEY CAN’T PLAY WITH US. We own them and we’ll proove once again in their town.


OMG.. how horrible to live your life following a team that causes such anger and anguish day after day. Heaven forbid anyone follows me around and dissects every move I make at work with such a mircoscope………

hey everyone,

unfortunately (or should i say fortunately?) i’m back in texas now and didn’t get to see the last three games. i have to say though, even with the stinkiness against the twins (sorry jon, not including you), i really think we are gonna get a whole lot closer to detroit this week. and i can’t wait for the twinkies to have to face us at home next weekend.

on a separate note, i have yet to see one game we’ve played in minnesota this year, but i keep hearing farmer talk about how they are getting pitches. is there something to this? or is he just being cranky because they seem to hit us so well at home?

lets get’em tomorrow boys!!!

cyndi…from the land of big hair due to horrible humidity and strep throat apparently. wish i could have one of those other maladies, BUGS sounds like much more fun😦

there are a lot worse teams to root for than the whitesox, and maybe only one or two better (at the moment, but not in my heart). I’ve been thinking about how lucky we all are to be Sox fans, they won the division in 2000 (despite the poor playoff appearance, still a good season), they had one junky year, but they pretty much have been competitive since 2002, and we won the world series in 2005 (it still feels great typing/saying that, i’m not sure if it will ever get old). Be thankful that you’re a sox fan, not a pirates, royals, or devil rays fan.

We are living in a great time of White Sox baseball, while the team is not playing consistently right now, they still have a great chance to make the playoffs, and when they do, watch out. remember, the twins always have had our number at this time of year, at least we are playing excellent baseball against detroit, and we took 2 of 3 from the yankees (everyone’s popular pick to win the world series).

Just be happy with where things are: within striking distance of Detroit, and leading the Wild Card. Win or lose, I will always love the White Sox.

Thanks jk, rjriddle and dawn. I needed a big dose of POSITIVE after reading the posts from the past few days. (Posting Optimistic, Sane, Intelligent Thoughts Inciting Valuable Exchanges.)

There are 39 games to be played. That’s still ample time, but let’s not be too patient.

i agree with maria in reference to the welcome dose of positive thinking. but, i’d actually like to thank the gloom and doom posters on this blog. they perform a very vital service. occassionally after a tough loss i get very down on the guys and come out here ready to post something negative. then i read the posts that are already out here and i realize that my feelings are nowhere near as negative as some other peoples are. that definitely cheers me up and allows me to focus on the positive side of things.

so, thank you to the negative nancys out there. it’s much easier to realize how bad things aren’t when you have someone to argue with. (even if it is just some anonymous person on a website)


did anyone out there ever: lose that big promotion? miss out on a promising contract? accidentally say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person? make a mistake of any kind? miss a “sure” bet at the track/stock market/poker game, etc.? flunk a test at school? get into trouble for lying to your parent(s)? finish last in a track meet? get turned down for that big date? then, you, my friend are HUMAN. congratulations! this is a good thing. being pasionate is a good thing too, as long as you keep your wits about you and wake up tomorrow with that winning attitude that will make you succeed the next time, or the time after that…. bottom line everyone, DON’T GIVE UP!!!! we are the World Champion Chicago White Sox!
j.k. tomorrow all……( p.s. way to go Cyndi)….

Cyndi –

You are welcome! I am always willing to dish out a dose of reality.

Honestly, I am optimistic going into the game everyday, but have been let down a few more times than I would have liked this year. Am I thrilled about the Sox winning the World Series last year? ABSOLUTELY!!! It is something I will never forget, but that was last year. We can’t live in the past, you can only live in the present and prepare for the future.

Now let’s go kick some Tiger tail. Get at least 3 out of 4 and get us rolling for the rest of the season. I think we can put the Red Sox in the rearview mirror and bury them, but I am worried about the Twinkies. They are a team that is not supposed to be in this situation so there is really no pressure on them.

I agree with Jim on this one here. You can’t dictate how fellow fans are gonna react to adversity. And just because some fans are more critical than others doesn’t mean they’re any less of a fan. I’ve read through alot of the negativity these past few days and quite honestly I can’t argue with the vast majority.

Javier, like he has for a good portion of the season, pitched like **** yesterday. I know he was pretty solid the majority of the game but that doesn’t mitigate the horrible third he had. People talk about how he “just loses focus” or has mental lapses. Well I’ll pitch in for a bonzai tree or some Ritalin for him because my man has the attention span of a chipmunk in an art gallery. And as far as him being our 5th starter so we shouldn’t have that high of expectations, Jon was our 5th starter last year and that didn’t prevent him from surpassing the expectations inherent in that role. I’m not calling for Javier to be pulled or kicked of the team and I’m not pouring cyanide in my coffee as I warm my hands over a burning pile of White Sox clothes. I’m just hoping Javier can fix whatever is wrong and become the pitcher Kenny envisioned him to be when he made that trade.

It’s been a couple of days,so let’s make like Heinz 57 and catch up….(Get it? Catch up….Ketchup….I’ll be here all week,folks,try the veal….and be sure to tip your server…then pick her up after she falls over…..)
Onto the boys of summer….I spoke long distance with jklien last night,and I think we are of the same opinion….Unfortunately,Neal Cotts has borded the same boat that Shingo Takatsu,Damaso Marte and Cliff Politte have gotten on…the S.S. WhatHaveYouDoneLately….they climbed back to within striking distance yesterday afternoon,then that pest Torii Hunter had to stroke his second HR of the series off of Cotts for the insurance….

toobrnmac….Pretty lady,I agree with you….everyone thought that yesterday’s game was lost,even before it was played….because Johan (Sebastian)Santana had some sort of whammy on the WS….when he left,and they got within two runs,I thought,”Well,they might not beat Santana,but they might just be able to give him an ND(no decision)….sadly,twas not to be….

But,on the other hand(she wore a glove—that was a line from former WS traveling secretary/BP pitcher Glen Rosenbaum….thanks,Rosie…I know a lot of folks miss you….)los Tigres are starting to feel the pinch of the late season pressure….Losing a 6 run lead? That sounds familiar,doesn’t it,WS Universe?I think the boys have managed to pull that trick a couple of times….

These four games will be the decider for both the WS and Detroit….A sweep either way would be glorious(for the WS)

and disastrous(for Det.)or vice-versa….but a split would leave both teams right back at square one….

The big Cuban horse is going tonight….focus all the positive energy you can towards Comerica Park tonight,WS Universe….towards the team in,I believe,the first base dugout…..

jklein….as to your disease post which we spoke of last night….Very,very good,sir….our princess DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS thought I had written it….I don’t know if that should make you feel insulted or proud….it’s up to you….

As to your diagnosis of my WONDER disease….all I can say is…from your lips to someone else’s ear,whomever that someone may be….in four weeks,I hit another birthday(Sunday,September 17th—WS @ Oakland that afternoon….)…the 33th anniversary of my 21st birthday(do the math….)My only requirements are these….1)the person must be breathing….2)she must love the WS as much as I do…..

I don’t know if there are any takers of dares out there in WS Universe….but I’d like to find out……

TQ(soon to be “another year older and deeper in debt”(with apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford….))

I, too, get that sinking “Marte” feeling when I see Cotts come into a game. Pretty sad, seeing he’s the only bullpen guy left who started the ’05 season. BUT, build his confidence, just not in a close game. Looks like the Politte thing, just trying to get Cotts back on track. Give me MacDougal any day.

The Vasquez story is getting old real quick. He looked so sharp earlier in the year, almost posting a no-hitter. Where did that guy go?

We have to get into the play-offs, then we won’t see this guy start anymore. Maybe they’ll find out then that he’d work out great in the bullpen, and keep him there for next year, and finally give McCarthy his chance. Pretty expensive reliever, though. I guess now we know this guy really is a .500 pitcher, and that it wasn’t just that he was on bad teams in the past.

palehoses….so your man Vazquez “…has the attention span of a chipmunk in an art gallery….”?….Jeral,old friend,I’m glad to see that you took the writing course that the “Quaid School of Smart Remarks”offered on the back of a matchbook cover….
(Well,either it was gonna be that or “draw this deer’s head and you could have a career as a commercial artist”….)

I especially love Palehoses reference to “pitching in for a bonzai tree”…in the words of the beloved, departed, Mr. Miagi, “You must have focus”. Maybe Javier can rappel down that gorge to dig up the bonzai, and McCarthy could cut the rope at the top.


In any and every profession in which you make MILLIONS and people PAY HIGH ADMISSION prices to see you (I include people like Warren Buffet here), your every move IS dissected and you ARE watched “under a microscope.”

So unless/until you are in the category, you have no cause for concern.


If we keep saying it loudly and enough times, maybe someone will listen:

McCarthy, not Vazquez

McCarthy, not Vazquez

McCarthy, not Vazquez . . .

(if ya’ll will indulge me one more time):


The cold hard reality is there is something wrong with this team.

It was evident in the lackadasical play in spring training, it was there the first week of the season when they blew three games to Cleveland and Kansas City, it’s been there all season with bad losses to garbage clubs and it’s been there in spades since the All Star Break.

Whatever is wrong, Ozzie apparently can’t fix it.

With all the talent this team has, it’s shameful they aren’t making a better effort and performing better.

Everyone loses games over a 162 game season but there have been FAR to many nights where this team looks like they could care less.

I don’t care how many games they finish the season over .500 (and they will…) this season is going to go down as a major disappointment. It won’t be as bad as the busts of 1968, 1973, 1984 and 1995 but it will be there just the same.

The bar has been raised because of last season for all future White Sox teams, fair or unfairly.

I’m sure Kenny is watching the ‘intrigue’ surrounding Juan Uribe, Freddy Garcia’s comments about the offense and the overall inability to do the things this club did so well last season.

Talent will only take you so far. The cliches of the sports, “heart,” “guts,” “teamwork” are what’s needed to take you the rest of the way.

The 1990 edition of the White Sox had it in droves…the 2005 edition had it in every player.

The 2006 edition of the Chicago White Sox has NONE of those things.

Mark Liptak

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