Homestand Ending

Thursday, August 17, 2006, 9:55 am

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Anderson, CF; Uribe, SS; Alomar, C.  Buehrle on the mound.

About Last Night

It was ugly.  No doubt about it.  Everything seemed flat.  As Ozzie said, let’s hope the last two games serve as a slap on the face to get us going.

Given the sweep of the Tigers, we all were hoping to go 3-1 against the Royals which would have given us an 8-2 homestand.  A win today puts us at 7-3 on the homestand.  We’ll take it but grudgingly.

Thanks, Fans

Last night marked the 41st sellout of the season and 21st in a row, both franchise records.  We certainly could not have accomplished those marks without the buzz and excitement of our fans.  Thank you.  There are about 1,000 tickets left for today’s day game, so our streak might end, but you should take great pride in the accomplishment.


History Lesson — Mark Buehrle is in position to become the White Sox fifth 10-game winner of the season, joining Jon Garland (13-4), Jose Contreras (11-5), Freddy Garcia (11-7) and Javier Vazquez (11-7) … the Sox have not featured five 10-game winners on the same staff since 1990 when Greg Hibbard (14-9), Jack McDowell (14-9), Melido Perez (13-14), Eric King (12-4) and Barry Jones (11-4) accomplished the feat … all 11 of Jones wins in 1990 came in relief … the last time Chicago had five starting pitchers win 10 or more games in the same season was in 1983: Cy Young Award winner LaMarr Hoyt (24-10), Rich Dotson (22-7), Floyd Bannister (16-10), Jerry Koosman (11-7) and Britt Burns (10-11).

 Grand Salamis — Alex Cintron last night hit his first career grand slam and the ninth of the season for the White Sox, setting a new franchise record (see box at lower right) … Joe Crede leads the Sox with three grand slams in 2006, Tadahito Iguchi has two, while Cintron, Ross Gload, Scott Podsednik and Jim Thome have one apiece … the Sox hit grand slams in three straight games on 6/23-25 vs. Houston, the first major-league team to accomplish the feat since Detroit on 8/10-12/93.


The homestand has been up and down…The ups…taking two of three from the Yank-mes….then sweeping los Tigres….after all that,you could only expect the emotional aspect to be down a bit versus the Royals…and it’s come back to bite this team in its rear aperture(hi,Dawn,hi,Geuseppi….)…but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go out today with a good feeling headed for the Humpdump and the shores of downtown Motown…..
All we can do is watch and root….if it’s to be,it’s to be—right,Bethany?

TQ(the glass isn’t half empty or half full—it’s just a glass…..)

Thank you,Scott,for putting the picture of The Duke up top….I can’t see from here….Does Mr Reinsdorf have his John Wayne statue in the front row of his box?
Just wondering…..

Thanks TQ for your insight. If it’s to be, it’s to be is about all we can say now. So many many years before they weren’t even contenders for the ‘big ring’ and it was disappointing yes but we didn’t lose sleep over it like we do now.. I truly love my boys and I’ll never quit cheering for them.. sometimes I turn off the tv midgame ’cause I can’t stand it but I still proudly drive my car with the World Series magnet and sticker on the back for all of Southeast Texas to gnaw on everytime they pull up behind me. We’ll always have something that a lot of players and fans don’t or won’t have ever. A friend of mine’s grandma passed recently, she was a huge Cubs fan, they actually played take me out to the ball game at her processional hymn at the church.. for all the folks like her, my dad, Ursula (of the Alex Nelleis family..$100 homeruns) we experienced the most fantastic ball playing and most magical moments in our baseball history that they never got to experience, for this, I am greatful. I will truly be disappointed if this year doesn’t turn out the way we like BUT, I will not bow my head, I will not say maybe next year, I will be proud to be a Sox fan for now, for always. No matter the negativity that comes out of this blog in the next what, 6 weeks, I don’t care about the rest of the **** gang, I’m a sox fan first, foremost and forever.

hmm, just noticed Texas plays Detroit, those freaking redneck Texan’s better put their game on and kick *** like only Texan’s can. (at least that’s what I keep getting told here in Texas!)


Actually a Sox win today gives them a 7 – 4 homestand (Angels make up game was a loss…)

And I can understand a let down, but that doesn’t reconcile with the fact that the Sox have 43 games left in the season and are in a fight for the post season.

If they aren’t careful they’ll be ‘letting down’ the entire month of October on a golf course.

Plus if they are ‘letting down’ they seem to sure be doing it an awful lot aren’t they? Now 23 losses against teams currently with losing records.

That’s simply unexceptable for a team with this much talent.

My question, which I haven’t found an answer for, is who is responsible?

The players who should know better? Ozzie for his consistently changing line-up? Human nature?

The bottom line is, this isn’t good and has the potential to be catastrophic with 18 games remaining against teams with losing records (as of today)

Mark Liptak

Fact of the day:

The World Champion White Sox are now 14-13 ON THE SEASON against Cleveland and Kansas City two of the dregs of baseball.

If someone can explain that I’d love to hear it.

Mark Liptak

Hello Everyone!!
I haven’t had a chance to cruise this blogsite since Monday afternoon. It feels great to be home!!

I will not comment about the lack of wins these past couple of days except to say that at the very least I am deeply disappointed. However…I HAVE not and WILL not jump off our bandwagon. (Right, TQ?…RIGHT, kiddo!)

BTW, I, along with too many others are jealous, jealous, jealous about the fact that I was unable to make blogger’s night on Tuesday! But I am so happy that a such a great time was had by all!!! I wish I would have been able to meet Ozzie and Kenny. I am also curious to find out about the gifts that were passed out along with my fellow non-attending bloggers. Great pics Guseppie (sic?) I am looking forward to seeing a lot more soon! Scott, Any chance the book will be made available to browse online?

Well here’s hoping for (dreaded) split tonight!

Go Mark!!! Pitch your a** off!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!

the game is about to start; only enough time to solidly agree with our sister Kris in Tejas. some of our supposedly loyal fans keep waffling. good game, they’re a fan. bad game, they’re outa here. it makes me wonder how they can cope with life let alone something that should bring joy into our living rooms daily, and for the lucky few, a seat at the Cell. human nature i guess…. j.k. from the land west of Kris, that would be west,west,west Texas i suppose…. go Sox..

sometimes i go in another room.. no where near the screen, watching makes me crazy sometimes, had two tv’s on all of post season last year, different rooms so I could wander but always hear.. but now can hear Hawk shouting YES.. so now, I’m off to watch, one would assume we hit something quite large!! : )

One more thing and then I’ll be quiet.. just got my Sports Illustrated this week, neat article in it about ‘Baseball Central’ talking about the American Central League Division.. 4 pages long.. check it out!


Great to see the history/facts up. Thank you for that.

The last two games (and last glance at today’s score in the 2nd) weren’t pretty. Granted last night cintron ripped one so at least it wasn’t a shut out and most likley boosted his confidence too!

All things considered it is still easier to view the hope of the playoffs and realizing we are still very much in the hunt. (Instead of being xx games back) Granted this time of year is hard not to live game by game… Keep the faith folks…

Not many teams in baseball can make the Royals look like the Tigers and the Tigers look like the Royals, but we manage to pull it off.

The only reason I can come up with is that we play up/down to our competition, which is not a good thing when you play more bad teams than good teams. The only reason Detroit is doing so well is because they absolutely dominate the sub .500 teams.

I don’t think the Tigers have more talent than us, but they certainly play with more intensity on a daily basis and play better situational baseball, something we were great at last year.

The good news is we still have plenty of time to turn it around. It says quite a bit when you haven’t played great baseball all year and you are still one of the top teams in baseball. We’re a great team, we just have to start playing like one.


Who’s responsible? Mostly the players, though coaches and management must take credit/discredit too.

With that in mind, here’s an early “top 5” list for improving the Sox’s performance in 2007:

1. Obtain a leftfielder who can hit and throw.

2. Obtain a shortstop who can hit AND throw.

3. Fire Joey Cora and replace him with a coach who can improve the Sox’s horrific baserunning. (BUT by GOD, the Sox had every opportunity to screw up at third base again today but DIDN’T! Runners actually HELD up on ground balls! A MIRACLE!)

4. Send that “work horse” (i.e. NAG) Vazquez to the bullpen or another team and start McCarthy.

5. Obtain another solid hard throwing starting pitcher WHO KNOW HOW TO HOLD RUNNERS ON BASE; ship out Buerhle and/or Garcia IF necessary.

Big Dog – you are 100% right we are a great team and it is remarkable that having played subpar the last month or so we are still in contention. We are a great team with a very nicely stacked roster, not quite a $200 million roster like the Yankees, but a roster that is stacked to win. Now we just need to get the job done. Tomorrow’s game should be interesting. We face Boof Bonser who has been hit hard a couple times already in his short MLB career, but you all know how we fare against no-namers who we have never faced before.

Scott –

A while back you posted that there are people that go around the ballpark and ask opinions on things. I have never seen them but I have a suggestion. I was watching the Astros game the other night and noticed that they have a display close to the field that will display the pitch speed and a couple seconds later show what kind of pitch it was also. Is there any way that the sox could add another pitch speed display. Its ever hard when you are sitting in the outfield to see how fast certain pitches are. I dont know if there is a lot of interest in that but having 3 pitchers capable of throwing in the high 90s I like to see when they break in to triple digits.


Jason Schmidt may be on the short list for next year. There were rumors that they were trying to deal for him this year. He is a free agent after this season.

I agree the leftfielder is a hot issue. It would have been nice if we could have pulled off a move for Soriano and signed him for a few years. Maybe they can get him in free agency. Although I would like to see Josh Fields get a chance to move to left and get a shot in the majors. We can’t let Crede leave so we gotta do something with Fields.

Vazquez or Garcia will be gone to make room for Brandon. I doubt Buehrle is going anywhere unless they get something special in return. As much as Buehrle has stunk lately he is a left handed starter. It’s tough to field a strong rotation without at least one lefty to change things up. Sounds dumb, but it is just one of those strange things in baseball.

Cora has got to go. I am 100% behind that. Loved him as a player, but his judgment is bad.

WHEW!!!! Man that was almost a disaster.

What a freaky start to the game! Leadoff homers by BOTH teams in the first two innings? Fly by by the Blue Angels and an interesting 9th. My heart can’t take it boys! The W is all that matters right. Now another big week ahead. This is it..yeah I said it before, but dont you think? Twins, Tigers and Twins again. My heart is already palpating! I’m with ’em win or lose though. Lets hope its win though!

whew!! that was a bit too close for comfort, but guess what? we did win.. yeah!! oh, no! i just noticed other scores. the indians beat the twins and baltimore beat the yankees. on the same day. how is that possible? why oh why can’t the twins ever beat the indians? why can’t the yanks ever beat the o’s? the answer my friends is not blowing in the wind, the answer is that this is baseball and these sorts of things happen. as far as detroit dominating sub- 500 teams. it is very UNLIKELY that any team can keep up 800 winning % for the entire season. it they do, then they deserve whatever they get. but the averages (what can i say?) average out over an entire season. keep pulling for series wins. see you all tomorrow, unless impulse brings me back sooner… go Sox, j.k. from the land of boojum trees and flash floods…..

I dont know if any of you heard about this, but the Nats put Soriano out on waivers. Maybe we can pull something off with this to make a push for the playoffs. I like Pods but I think it would be a major upgrade to get Soriano. He is just overall a better player in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how these next couple weeks play out. At least none of the suspensions from the brawl last night will be going through for this series Texas has with the Tigers.

As much as my mood goes up and down with the wins and losses (I’m not a bandwagon jumper – just get too up or too down), the two big things I keep coming back to are this:
1) The Sox have the 2nd best record in baseball (tied), and

2) They are on pace for 97 wins – a great season

Hope that helps somebody out there sleep better.


I thought Soriano wasn’t as good of a fielder as Pods? Granted Pods isn’t a super star fielder, but still… Would the offensive #’s that Soriano COULD post be better than Pods defense?

Hey does anyone know what the Top 3 webgems in White Sox history were on ESPN????

List –

Honestly, like I said, I like pods, the only knock I have on his defense is his throwing power. Also, I know this team meshes well, I dont know what bringing a guy like Soriano would do to the chemistry. Whatever happens (I doubt we will go after him) I have faith in Kenny in whatever he does. Another thing on Soriano is that he is hitting in the National League. Look at Carols Lee for example, he was great for us then went to the brewers and did very well and now he is back in the AL and he hasnt done anything. Kinda like Soriano, he wasnt anything special before this year, and now all of a sudden he his a power hitter? Going back and reading my post earlier it does sound like I wanted to go right for him, but I think was just more in shock that they put him out on waivers after saying they were gonna keep him around the trade deadline. Okay this post is way to long. Ill stop now.

el-crum: The Top 3 web-gems were:
#3: Uribe’s catch during game 4 of the WS.

#2: Tadahito’s play from 4/15/06.

#1: Fisk’s 8/2/1985 tagging of two runners at home plate on one play.

List –

Peter Pan looks almost as lost as Ozuna in left sometimes. He looks out of position. If I am correct his natural position before he came here was centerfield. No way Ozzie would move him over there because he has Johnny Damon syndrome (no arm at all). Soriano may not be a huge improvement as far as not looking lost, but he is amount the league leaders in outfield assists in an absolutely massive park in RFK.

Mooney – Soriano tore it up for the Yankees and Rangers from the plate in the AL. I have no doubt he could hit either league. From 2002-05 in the AL his lowest homer output was 28 and RBI low was 91 both in 2004. I’d take that.

Not sure what Lee’s deal is. I do know that nobody else on that team has really hit well this year other than Young and Kinsler so he may be pressing a little bit trying to come up big.

Also, the waiver system is crazy after the trade deadline. Almost every player gets waived at some point because the team has no obligation to do anything with him. A team can claim him and then they have 48 hours to work out a trade. If the team pulls him back off waivers then he can not be waived again for that season. You will not hear much about that because it is rare that a big move is made during the waiver process. The former Mets GM Steve Phillips claims to have made claims on over 200 players one year to stop another team (I think it was the Yankees the year of the subway series) from making any trades. It’s a crazy process that really puts the GM’s work. Sounds like it can be even more hectic that the actual trade deadline.

If Pods was so great in left field, guillen wouldnt take him out and put mackowiak in as a defensive replacement like he does. If youre an outfielder getting replaced for defense by Mackowiak- youre a terrible outfielder.

I don’t think Mackowiak has ever been a defensive replacement. It looks like Ozzie is now getting time for his bench by putting them in games late, rather than playing a whole game. When Ozuna plays the whole game, that’s for rest for the starter. When Mac comes in late, two innings or so, that’s just to give him some time. Not a bad idea. I hate it when Ozzie rests 3 regulars a whole game, almost seems like he’s conceding the game to me.

Tuckers –


Putting a player in the field in the 8th or 9th inning is a defensive replacement. If that is considered getting his bench players time then Mackowiak should be insulted. That’s like being the kid in little league that gets to play an inning just because everyone has to play. That is absolutely a defensive replacement, especially considering he is putting him in for the guy with the weakest arm in the outfield.

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein(she was an author,for all the dummies out there asking “Who?”…)a win is a win is a win….It can be as beautiful as the quartet of Brusa/Conrad/Wagener/McCormick(real charmer,ain’t I?)or it can be an ordeal survived only through the grace of “the higher authority”….

Sorry for the shouting,but that’s the only way I can be heard over the strafing and divebombing of the Blue Angels,practicing for the Air and Water Show this weekend….(jklien,kristine,etc away from Chi-town,trust an old man…you aren’t missing anything….)

Now,the next 10 days are going to decide,perhaps for good,where the WS will be in the last five weeks of the season—in competition,or on the sidelines….I know all of WS Universe wants it to be the former….

TQ(dreading the weekend air blitz…..CURSE YOU,RED BARON….I MEAN,BLUE ANGELS…..)



Just because he went into the game in the latter innings doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY constitute a defensive replacement. I’d much rather have Pods catching one at the wall than Mac making a good strong throw after running in on a play and then having it go over his freakin’ head. I suppose all the replacements late in the Monday game were for defensive reasons, too. Believe me, the name Macowiak should never be mentioned in the same sentence as “defensive replacement”.

Tuckers –

I agree he is not much of a defensive replacement, Mackowiak is a guy that can play the corner outfield positions. Playing centerfield is a totally different thing. I don’t know what kind of experience you have in baseball, but reading a ball of the bat from straight on in center is far more difficult than reading it at an angle from left or right. I watch every game and can not think of one ball that Mackowiak badly misread in left, center as I explained is a different story. Unfortunately he was forced into center with BA’s struggles early on. Late in the game if you get runners on you need outfielders that are capable of holding a runner from taking extra bases. Podesednik simply can not do that. When Ozzie would start Mackowiak in center and bring in BA in the 9th what do you consider that?

As for Monday’s game that is a joke of an example. It was a blowout, no need for defensive replacements. That was just an opportunity to get guys some time and at bats.

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