Oh, What A Night

Wednesday, August 30, 2006, 10:00 pm

What a victory!

As much because — had we not rallied — this would have been a game we should have won (with all the runners left on early in the game).  We would have looked back on tonight on October 2 and grimaced.  But, while it wasn’t pretty, in the end, it came out all right — a Sox victory.

Coupled with the loss by the Twins and a doubleheader split by the Tigers (what happened in Game 2?  How can Mariano get a night off?), the White Sox are now 4.5 games behind the Tigers and 1.5 games ahead of the Twins.

We go for a sweep tomorrow …


Had to watch this one on the computer but it was well worth it! Gotta luv Tads!!!

Kris-in the land of ‘where’d the humidity go’?

Oh what a feeling!!

The entire night you waited, and waited, and waited for the one timely hit that would get us rolling. Better LATE then never!!! The 8th inning was our time, and how sweet it was.

Tadahito’s home run was fantastic. But I tell ya what I liked best- JD stealing 2nd and getting himself in a position to score for the Mighty Thome. Boy did it pay off. Grinder ball baby, grinder ball.

Winning the series isn’t good enough now though! Especially with Santana on the mound for Minnesota tomorrow, we need the SWEEP. So Javy, its up to you buddy. And lets hope our bats come out early and often.

Keep building on our lead in the Wild Card, and chipping away at our deficit in the Divison. This Division race is, as I’ve said many times, SOOOO far from being over!!

Lets do this guys!!!

Ugly, but nice! Keep pushing on!

That was a nice win! I LOVE this lineup..Dye, Thome, Konerko. It seems to make sense and it goes well in the order with righty, lefty, righty and lefty, righty if you count AJ and Crede in there. I think that is the clicking order. One day at a time, one win at a time. We take care of our business and the rest will follow

awesome, awesome, awesome!!! just what we needed. anyone out there not feeling just a little more optimistic tonight?

lets go javy, i know you can do it.

btw kris…don’t mention the word otherwise it might just come back.

cyndi…from the land of pleasant, crisp, almost, dare i say, “fall-esque” weather?

Finally! – a comeback…and a win!! Yanks and Royals – we are grateful for your assistance. Vaz tomorrow- let us try to convince him in the fifth that it is really the first. Who knows…

By the way, I was watching the Yankees game and the announcers let us know that Jared Wright has not pitched beyond the 7th inning in 22+ games. Seems like a strategy we should adopt for our number five, perhaps? Wright is not great, but he has a 4.62 ERA, .40 lower than Vaz.

Also, interestingly, Leyland brought a guy in from the BULLPEN to pitch 5+ innings!! As a starter!! How ’bout that? Looks like he did pretty good too!! Maybe it’s not such a bad idea??!!


oh yeah…has anyone else downloaded the new white sox toolbar? it’s pretty cool. great idea Scott or whoever came up with it.

k…i totally got comment spammed there. grr!!!

guess i can’t comment on the toolbar.

I don’t know if Paulie made that throw back to 2nd on his own or if someone was yelling from the dugout or field but THAT’s knowing the rules!

Whoever caught that needs to take a bow. THAT’s a head’s-up, potential game saving play and that might pay monsterous dividens down the road.

Two wins against this garbage is nice but as was posted earlier they need a sweep. Santana goes tomorrow and that guy doesn’t lose in the Dome.

Mark Liptak

I rarely complain about the managerial decisions that Ozzy makes, but I was really hoping to see Gload or anybody on the bench pinch hit for Pods late in tonight’s game. I am, I admit, a huge believer in Ross. He rarely plays and still finds a way to be hitting over 300. In fact, I think every player on our bench has a higher average than Pods. I’m glad it all worked out for big W tonight!

Also, with as many statistics as are kept for baseball. Does anyone know how to find out what team leads the majors in runners thrown out at home? I’m not entirely sure that is Joey’s fault as much as a way of playing baseball that Ozzy wants to instill in the team…run and put pressure on the defense. However, real pressure comes with speed and Kenerko is not the first guy that you’d pick to dart around the base paths.

I do believe we are going to be playing in October!

Glad for another win, even if it’s a little ugly! We need a whole lot of wins right now, and every day from now on.

Anyone besides me get a weird result when clicking on the link for the wrap on tonight’s game? When I follow that link, I get a page with the Cubs(!!) web page header – whassup with that?

Grinder Baseball tonight! After spotting The Devil Rays a 4-0 lead… Garland settled down and pitched a solid outing battling though an 8 inning start. Iguichi really came through for the Sox in the 8th… after the Sox stranded runners all night long. Come on boys… 12 men left on base isn’t going to cut it most of the time.

That Said… way to grind out this hard fought victory!

~Hark In Tucson

Starting To Come Down With A Serious Case Of Division Championship Fever

The way I see it, winning ugly means that you are tough. No matter what situation you are in, you can get out of it ahead. These guys are starting to resemble a certain team from last season….any guesses?



Sat in 136 tonight, 10th row. Great game, but we can’t leave that many guys on base. Pods needs to sit for a little bit.

Again … SAVE JIMBOS!!!


That was a tough one to watch. If not for an Iguchi homer and our MVP JD showing why he should be MVP I would have been chugging a bottle of Pepto tonight. All those runners left on base were making me sick.

Kudos to Ozzie for leaving Dye in the 3 hole. KEEP HIM THERE! Two stolen bases and he just continues to hit. With Dye getting on it will be harder for pitchers to avoid throwing good pitches to Thome. This could be a big key to success.

As for Pods, when is Jerry Owens available? While Gload has decent speed I don’t see Ozzie leading off with anyone other than Pods or Pablo. You can’t play Pablo everyday because the hamstring problem will come back, and he is not the best defensive player(not that Pods is that much better). Owens will probably see some time there once he is available.

Something has to be done though because Peter Pan’s perfromance tonight was disgusting. Here is the book on Pods:

1)first pitch fastball for a strike, he will always take it.

2)second pitch breaking ball for a strike, he very very rarely swings at a breaking ball unless there are 2 strikes

3)breaking ball or off speed pitch in the dirt, he starts swinging at everything with 2 strikes.

Does he ever hit a meaningless homer?

why does it always take guillen to the last month to bat dye third???? same story last year. he is a wonderful hitter and can score on gappers (just like i said months ago). its time to make ozuna the regular left fielder with mackowiak spelling him instead of anderson. scott pathetic is just brutal. i still cant get over that we traded a stud like carlos lee for him. (and a lot of you dont want to trade josh fields but yet are ok with trading a guy that will be an allstar for the next 7 years)…but good win tonight. garland looked good after the 1st. iguchi came up huge. sweep em thursday!

what’s happening to Jimbo’s that it needs saving?

According to this article, they are losing their lease at the end of September.


Sad… this place is part of the White Sox experience.

~Hark In Tucson

How about some news about post-season ticket sales? I was one of the loyal fans who got completely HOSED by ticketmaster though I was “first in line” last year.
I’m an offical Sox Club Pride member…is that going to help at all this year?

Mark Liptak,
According to what I saw last night and an article I read, Paulie threw the ball to second to get the last out because AJ called for it.

I’m under the impression that there are going to be very very few, if any, playoff tickets sold to the general public. They didn’t even promise many of the season ticket holders playoff tickets, and you’d have to assume that if they do have any left they’d get first crack.

Good to see Garland bounce back the way he did, shows a lot of “moxy” and maturity. So many guys left on base, it was driving the crowd crazy last night. We’d start getting pumped up, only to sit down with no runs scored. It was getting late, I hate it when they go past the 7th without tying it up. BUT, the stadium went absolutely nuts when Gooch hit the CLUTCH 2-out tying homer! Nobody wanted to sit down after that one!
What a play by Dye in left on that line drive, that was clutch, too, and you can’t say enough about his two steals, either. This guy was doing it all! The rocket arm of Dye is what made Zobrist panic and not retouch second base; he knew the throw would be there, and just barely beat it back to first. For once the umps watched an important play like that closely, and caught Zobrist’s mistake. I saw a play like that earlier this year, and they were not watching, and called the runner safe.

Just when you think Pods is back on track after his great game on Sunday, our lead-off strike out four times. Gload in the outfield? Might be worth a try, but Ozzie still wants the speed at the top. Owens is coming back from a sprained ankle, hopefully he rehabs quick. Be nice to see him at least in the late innings. I agree with Jim D., when I heard Monroe won the game, I cringed. Of course it had to be him!

Gotta love it that we won, Minny lost, and Los Tigres split. Took advantage of the opportunity!!

Let’s see…..where was I?…..oh,yes…..
Hey,kenwo…..did you miss me,bubi?

Now onto bigger fish to fry….Somewhere Doug Rader had to be watching last night….because if the last two nights weren’t the poster children for “winning ugly”,I don’t know what would be…..

Domi gato,Iguchi-san,for rescuing Podsednik,who was dreadful….0 for 5,4K’s,6 men left on base,4 in scoring position…..

Tampa Bay played like they were double parked for most of the game….2nd inning,5 pitches,three outs…3rd inning,four pitches,three outs….8th inning,4 pitches,three outs…..

At least they were patriotic…that was their 76th blown lead in ’06….and they’re p-o’d that Delmun Young got hit in his 1st AB????

Much bigger fish to fry starting today…..

In closing,to WS Universe,for your recent posts,as Bartles and Jaymes used to say “Thank you for your support.”….

and as for kenwo4life…

“Kir Mir Im Tokhas”

Anyone who understands Yiddish…..it’s appropriate…..


Welcome back TQ! Glad to see that you’ve returned. Wouldn’t “Kush meer in toches” be the proper phrase? I may be way off here. Either way, I hear ya.


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