Thursday Fireworks

Thursday, August 31, 2006, 11:34 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; PK, DH; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Gload, 1B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.  Vazquez on the mound.


I like it. I just hope Thome holds up the rest of the season. Any more good stories from the golf outing?

Man, three day games today and all of them are important. What a great day. Hopefully we get some good results!

Go Champs!

With just 30 regular season games remaining, every game is important at this juncture. It is important for the White Sox to carry their winning momentum into Kansas City tomorrow (for this weekend’s series at Kauffman Stadium). Kansas City has been a Royal pain in the a** for the White Sox this year, so they will have to bring a playoff level of intensity to this series (no let-downs or dial-in-a performance boys… Yes Freddie, that includes you on Sunday!).

As for today’s final game of the Devil Rays series, let’s hope that Brandon McCarthy is warmed up and ready to go (around the 5th inning). Javier, please prove us all wrong and (finally) deliver a solid 7 inning performance (devoid of your patented big-inning scoring extravaganza).

As for the White Sox offense, I have a feeling the Sox bats will be on full display today. Jason Hammel is only making the 4th MLB start of his young career. His ERA is a generous 7.71 with a ******** 8 walks in just 14 innings and he has averaged just 4 2/3 innings per start. To follow through on a famous Chicago theme, “Score early, score often often”

Let’s Go White Sox!!!

~Hark In Tucson

Joey Cora has been absolutely brutal this year. There is nothing wrong with a 3rd base coach being aggressive in situations where the runner has a realistic (better than 50/50) shot at scoring.

How many inning ending and rally killing put-outs at the plate will the Sox have to endure, before Ozzie and Joey decide to be a little “smarter” in deciding when it’s appropriate to wave a runner home from 2nd base on a sharply hit base hit?

~Hark In Tucson

Clarification… in this case it was Cora trying to score Gload from 1st base on Uribe’s sharply hit double to left.

Same principle… same result… instead of having runners on 2nd & 3rd with 2 outs, Gload was thrown out at the plate… end of inning.


Hark –

You should know better than to think we will beat up on a rookie pitcher we have never faced before. I certainly hope we can get to him, but our history against you pitchers we have never seen before is horrible. That is a trend that has been going for the past 5 years or so.

Normally I bash Cora, but I am little iffy on sending Gload on that play. At least it was a close play. I would not have minded seeing Gload plow the catcher. On a play coming from the left side that is the best time to run him over cause there is a good chance the ball will hit the runner in the back on the way to the catcher (ala AJ vs. Barrett).

Hammels’ stats weren’t exactly lights out in the minors… so they should be lighing this guy up… but your point is well taken. The Sox havent exactly followed suit as the rest of the league has teed off on many of the same rookies who have given the Sox hitters fits this year.

As for Cora sending Gload on Uribe’s double, my problem with waving him home under those circumstances is that fact that the ball was so sharply hit to left field (and not center or right field), and by the time Gload was rounding 3rd base, the left fielder was already delivering the ball to the cut-off man. Granted it was a much higher percentage play than offering up Paul Konerko on a platter by 15 steps, but a high-risk gamble nonetheless. You are absolutley right about the need to put a charge into the catcher and attempt jar the ball loose or bowl the catcher over. Gload had a clear shot at Navarro and nothing to lose. It is that type of extra effort and demonstrated level intensity that can fire up your teammates.

~Hark In Tucson

Agreed, it was a very risky shot because of how hard that ball was hit. If it was a gapper or down the right field line he scores. We have had a number of opporunities to go after a catcher and it has not happened other than AJ. I am starting to wonder if he is the only guy willing to do it.

Curiosity question-has anybody else noticed Hawk not ‘putting it on the board’ as often? I always assume he’s left the booth and then DJ will say something and Hawk will speak as if he’s NOT gone. Also here lately, it seems he’ll say like for instance, last night Uribe hit a double and Hawk called it a triple and just little mistakes like that. This has just been happening in the last week or two.. just concerns me something else is going on… anybody have any insights?

Yankees win or better put, TIGER LOSE! Go Sox!

It’s just the mom in me, worrying something is wrong with Hawk. I love him to death and well.. ya know.. I just worry.

(just heard a good YES come from the other room though!)

Concerned Kris- deep in the heart of TX! GO SOX!!!

What do yo know…

Although Vasquez gave up a lead-off double and a free pass, he didn’t succumb to the big inning with just one run allowed (and if Iguichi made a better throw on the potential double play relay he would have been out of the inning with no runs allowed).

In the bottom of the 6th, AJ proceeded to reward Vasquez for his efforts by blasting a clutch 2-run opposite field HR to give Vasquez and the Sox a 3-2 lead heading into the 7th.

Today’s final pitching line on Javier Vasquez: 2 runs, 7 hits, 3 walks, 6 innings pitched. A solid performance delivered today by Vasquez. Nice Effort!

Elsewhere in the AL Central race… Minnesota finally defeated KC (with Santana on the mound)… and despite the Big Unit giving up a 2-run HR to Marcus Thames in the 9th inning, the Yankees beat the Tigers 6-4.

If the White Sox can hold on and win this game, they will reduce Detroit’s lead down to 3 1/2 games in the AL Central.

~Hark In Tucson

I think the Sox should have hit Delmon Young every time he came to the plate. 8 for 11 so far.

Great job Brandon! 2 hits, 2 walks, and 2 earned runs. Woohoo!

Today’s outing was pathetic. I’m so frustrated. At least we won the series I guess.

WOW!!! That was amazing.

Javier pitches a pretty decent game 2 ER off 7 hits….

Then McCarthy steps and throws out a hanger that the batter gets a piece of for a couple runs.


That was sarcasm in case anyone didnt catch that.

Another failure in an attempt for a series sweep, not mention gain ground on Detroit. While the **** is Ozzie pinch hitting for BA??? He has been hitting the ball hard all series. If you are gonna pinch hit do it for Peter Pan who has just ****** all series. I am getting fed up with him. Jerry Owens is looking more and more like our starting left fielder for the rest of the year.

The bullpen stinks outside of Jenks. We will not win anything if these guys can not get the job done. Even if we squeaked into the playoffs we will be ousted in the first round if the bullpen continues to pitch this bad.

B-Mac is not a reliever Ozzie!!! There is a different mentality between a starter and reliever. You can see it in his face and his pitches that he is not comfortable at all in relief.

There’s loses and there’s “what the **** was that” type of loses. This falls into the latter. I’m trying real hard to supress an Dreiferian explosion of epic proportions so I’ll just keep this brief…Scott Podsednik…Scott ******* Podsednik.

Caught it, don’t worry. 😦
Can’t stand even losing one game to the bottom feeders.

I would like to invite everyone over to a forum that I set up. It allows for more direct talking as opposed to a blog. You can start your own threads to discus anything you want… and it keeps topics all in order.

If you want to go take a look at it (it is rough, I havent had that much time to work on it) but it has a little bit setup. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!!!!

When you get there. Sign up with a membername so that we all know who we are.

This is not meant to pull away from the blog!!!!!

This is meant to offer another set up to talk together about our World Camp White Sox.

here is the URL. just click it or paste it in your browser.

Just so everyone knows, my forum name is NOSFERATU.

Hope to see you there!!


What a painful and costly loss. Sadly, McCarthy just didn’t get it done when it the game was on the line. After the damage was done, McCarthy struck out the final two batters… too little, too late.

Another rough game at the plate for Podsednik 0 for 4… not exactly what the Sox need from their lead-off man. Sadly, Konerko went 0 for 4, left 4 men on base and grounded into a double play. Not one of his better efforts at a time when this ballclub needs for him to produce in key situations. However, I’m not worried about Paulie, I am confident that he will deliver (like he always does) going down the September stretch run. Scott Podsednik on the other hand, has been a disaster in the lead-off spot this season. His batting average has dwindled down to .259 on the season and he has hit an abysmal .217 in the month of August with 21 strikeouts in 92 ABs and just 3 extra base hits (doubles) over the entire month. His defense in left field has been poor to say the least. It’s time for Ozzie to face the reality that Scott Podsednik just isn’t delivering in the lead-off spot and out in left field for the Sox and that someone else needs to get some starts out there.

I hope that when we look back on this game in October, that it turns out it wasn’t a pivotal game in the determining the winner of the division and/or world card races.

What a waste of an opportunity to pull within 3 1/2 games of the Tigers’ division lead and this loss enabled the Twins to pull to within 1/2 game of the White Sox in the Wild Card standings.

The Sox will definitely need to put forth a better effort in Kansas City tomorrow night and throughout this entire important weekend series. Who knows, maybe some of the September 1st minor-league call-up players will help the Sox during the stretch run starting tomorrow night.


Frustrated in Tucson

Great effort by Javy as expected. I guess I am wondering why in these pivotal games Ozzie doesn’t bring Jenks in? Really love to see Gload lead off and play left.

What do I know?

Coming down to the wire, and the Oz man has to be worried about the lead-off man. He made the change with Dye in the order, hopefully the change for lead-off won’t be one he drags his feet on too much longer. I had the exact same question as Jim D., why not pinch hit for Scooter? Pretty sad stats reported by Hark, gives you a clear picture on Pods. Oh well, Twinks get the Yanks this weekend, we get KC. Looks good for us, but you never know. How about I write the script…we sweep, Twinks get swept. Sound good?

Great Script! I’m with you Tucker. To pull within 1 1/2 games of the Tigers on Sunday would be amazing!

Let’s hope the Sox starting pitching can deliver three straight strong efforts on the road in Kansas City (and that means you too Freddie!).

~Hark In Tucson

I left out this out of the equation… a sweep by the Angels in Detroit. The Angels have great starting pitching and the Tigers are coming off a tough losing series in NY. However, I would gladly settle for the Angels taking 2 out of 3 from the Tigers on the road this weekend!


There’s no way to sugar-coat this loss today.

Blow a chance to pick up a game with Detroit and to stay a game and a half up on Minnesota.


Once again the Sox give away a game to a garbage team.

That’s 24 losses now this season to teams currently with losing records.

It’s also the 10th time this year the Sox have lost a game when leading in the 7th inning or later.

NINE of those games have come against teams currently with losing records.

Think those wouldn’t come in handy in the final few weeks? and against a garbage, basically ‘minor league’ starter to boot.

Again Wow!

Mark Liptak


I’ll reiterate what I posted over the weekend. This team simply CANNOT seize an opportunity.

They had an opportunity to narrow the gap between them and Detroit to its closest margin since just after the All-Star break, a chance to really put the Tigers’ feet to the fire.


Who were the geniuses who actually wanted to replace Contreras in the starting rotation with McCarthy, and where are they now?

This was probably the best game Vasquez has pitched in weeks, and they p*ss it away.

They’re not playoff contenders. They ain’t got it. Period.

the toughest part about losing today is that our six game homestand finished up at 3-3. we play more games on the road than at home the rest of the way out(18-11). so we NEED to find a way to improve on .500 ball!

who do you think will end up with the higher average by the end of the year? BA or Pods? my money is on our centerfielder. after a brutally slow start, he has been hitting very well, but he needs to be in the lineup every day to have an impact. we have to put Pablo in left in place of Pods for a few games. Pods is breaking our hearts right now and should rest in favor of those who are playing better. sixteen wins for the month. could have been better, and if we win 16 in september, we will wind up with 94. we need to find a way to do a bit better. i don’t think 94 will get us in (96 is what we need minimally). talk to you all later, welcome back TQ.. j.k. from the land of warm breezes and beautiful sunsets…. just ask Hark!

its interesting to see that all of you are a good 2-3 months behind me in baseball knowledge. i said in june scott pathetic is awful, as well as mccarthy is the kiss of death. (although i have taken away that title in the last 2 months and applied it to cotts…..) i will still take 2/3 anyday. hopefully they can do it against the royals. by the way anyone notice that they lost after that waste of space tom Q came back?

kenwo, 2/3 against the Drays and Royals will not get it done. The Sox have some very tough games coming up and they must sweep these losing teams. But if the pitchers continue to stink, it will not really matter because the Sox will not be in the playoffs.

You’re my hero, Neadly, you big ****.

Just so you all know, it wasn’t a bad one. T*u*r*d.

Sorry, got you name wrong, Kenwo, it should be spelled Nerdly.

The question was asked earlier in this thread about why Ozzie didn’t bring in Jenks today.

He couldn’t because Bobby pitched both Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Had the Sox not almost blown a seven run lead and forced Ozzie to use him on Tuesday he very well may have been in the game today.

It’s possible they could have swept the series.

Unfortunately with the lously middle relief the Sox have had the season (first Cliff and now Cotts) they were forced to put him into a game they should have won easily.

Those type things add up over time.

Hopefully this is something Kenny addresses in the off season unlike this past one.

Mark Liptak

kenwo: Where did you get that pedestal you put yourself on?

Kenwo – Get lost dude. You are just ticking everyone off on here. You sound more and more like Jay Mariotti every post. I along with a few others on here have forgotten more about the game than you know.

Before ripping McCarthy try to understand that he is a starter trying to pitch from the bullpen. Ask any major league pitcher and they will tell you it is a horrible adjustment. I bet you can’t name one current era quality starter that moved to a relief role and was extremely successful other than John Smoltz. Brandon is definitely a guy that needs to have a good long warm up so he can keep the ball down. You don’t get that out of the pen. Your approach is totally different, and hard to adjust to. You may also notice that he is not getting in a lot either. Ozzie is having to hold him back for games Vazquez pitches in case he blows up on us. A pitcher that needs to keep the ball down usually requires a slightly tired arm (ask Garland he said it last year after that awesome performance against Baltimore). You get that arm by either frequent use or a good long warmup. You will see something totally different next year. Kenny knows this, and that is why he would not let him go.

As for Podsednik, yeah he has been bad all year. I don’t think anyone here has not noticed that. He has been horrible since he got hurt last year. I think the Sox kept him this year hoping he could pull out of it. Has not worked, and the Sox know it. He won’t be here next year. We got too much talent on the way from the minors. I would not be shocked if he gets benched this month.

i could accept your starter to the pen argument if this was april, may, but not august/september. if he cant get it done he shouldnt be in the majors. Jonathan Papelbon, jason isringhausen, tom gordon, ryan dempster are all players in the top 20 in saves that started out as starters. bobby jenks was a starter. your argument is garbage.

looks like you forgot some baseball jim dont call me mike devereux

Oh you are a funny guy. First of all it was Mike Devereaux, different spelling. Like I said name me a quality starter. Busts as starters don’t count. I am iffy about including Papelbon because I don’t know his history in the minors. I can’t say whether order not he would have been a quality starter. For arguement sake though I will give you that one because he did a nice job this year.

Look at it another way too. Brandon is a good starting pitcher, he showed it last year in some clutch starts. Rumor has it that one of the starters is gonna go this offseason to make room for Brandon. Yes that is true, but there is another part. Brandon is costing the Sox a heck of a lot less than any of the other starters. What does that mean? Well it could mean cash for us to spend on an upgarde somewhere. Possibly Soriano in left or a better overall shortstop. I think we gotta resign Iguchi this off season and Dye is a team option I believe. It would be good to extend him especially after the year he is having. Crede is gonna comand big money when he can become a free agent in two years. Besides the fact that the Sox think Brandon has a great future there are other motivations. Kenny says you can’t win the 2007 world series this year, but he does know that he has to smart fiscally to be prepared down the road to continue to put a winner on the field for us. I have complete confidence in him.

Okay, so why exactly are we all arguing now? We are in position to make a huge leap in the next few weeks, and we lose one game and all of a sudden everyone must fight over why we are the worst team ever?

The comment today that we aren’t a post-season contender is beyond ridiculous. Excuse me, but we are leading the wildcard race right now. As I believe Ozzie said in the past, if the season ended today you’d be talking to me about my starting rotation for the postseason. So, stop with the stupid freakin negativity. Did we perform as we should have today? NO!!! But, that does not mean we didn’t win the series. That doesn’t mean we don’t have 3 games coming up with KC. That doesn’t mean we don’t play Minnesota and Detroit 3 more times each this season. That doesn’t mean Minnesota doesn’t still have to face NY for 3 more games.

Let’s all be a bit more reasonable here. We are in position to make it to the post-season and we all know that once that happens it is totally a cr*pshoot either way. So lets just keep pushing forward and stop fighting each other. We need to be more worried about the teams we are playing and how they will perform than how someone on this blog feels about freakin BMac or Cotts.


Oh…and kenwo, I have been critical of your posts in the past. I want to say right now that your posts over the last couple days have been much more reasonable than you have previously posted. You have criticized as well as complimented the team when they won, which is something you have failed to do in the past.

BUT, the comment towards TQ was entirely uneccessary and uncalled for. I think we all have the same goal and aspirations here. Lets try not to drag each other down on the way to the end result. We aren’t exactly neanderthals. More than one of us can win, and thus more than one of us can be right. (I don’t plan on any of us losing, so I’m not gonna go in to that.)

Go, Go, Go Sox!!!!


I was the one who said the Sox aren’t playoff contenders, and they aren’t. I’ll stand by it. Oh, they may back into the playoffs, but they’re not contenders. When a pitching staff consistently gives up large chunks of runs and when a bullpen can’t hold a lead and a team can’t put away teams like KC or TB, they’re not contenders.

Here’s the deal: if Podsednik miraculously remembers how to bat lead-off again, if the starting pitchers (all of them, not just one or two of them here and there) magically remember how to pitch again, and the bullpen can actually figure out a way to get somebody out, and the whole team actually plays like a cohesive unit (which has happened like twice this year), then yeah, they might contend.

Break out your rabbit’s foot everybody, we’ve got some rubbin’ to do.

okay…so lets look at this in terms of the sox record against teams that will most likely make the postseason (or would as of today). Detroit (11-5), New York (2-4), Oakland (3-0), Minnesota (7-9). That gives the sox a record against “playoff contenders” of 23-18 (or 16-9 if you eliminate the team we are currently leading in the wild card race). Now, most likely, the sox would be facing NY in the first round who they recently took 2 out of 3 from.

Sooo…maybe the sox have occassionally played like cr*p against teams that aren’t going to make the postseason, but their record against “playoff contenders” clearly displays that they are more than capable of winning at least 1, if not more, postseason series. Now, if you want to say they aren’t World Series contenders based on their performance this year, that’s more reasonable. But, I think we all know that they are definitely playoff contenders.


I have been busy with work lately and haven’t been here in a while. Now I can see that I didn’t miss a thing. Same drivel..same childish, name-calling negativity. To drive away, and then bad-mouth one of the tried and true, inspirational, knowledgeable and entertaining posters doesn’t say much… I’m sure the “few” are quite pleased with themselves.

Look kenwo, although we appreciate your participation and most of the time I can just scroll past and ignore your spews of negativity, I can not sit idly by as you spew personal attacks on fellow bloggers on this site…most of whom have been around and have been Sox fans longer than you have been ignorant. Just grow up and cut it out already! Continue with your negative blogs against your own so called team if you must…but keep the personal attacks off of this website!

BTW, Hi maria!!!
I have been meaning to compliment you and your team of creative geniuses for all the effort that was obviously put into putting together that beautiful album for Scott and the rest of the WS Universe. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!!

Kenwo, I’m pretty sure you lost any respect you might’ve had on here with that remark about TQ. Not that you really had any respect to begin with. What are we, 5 years old?

So all of a sudden BMac’s the problem? What about his 5 innings of 1 hit ball against Min on saturday? Or the 4 scoreless innings he pitched against Toronto and LA? ****, he’s pitched 9 innings against the twins this year without giving up a run. How many other pitchers of ours have done that? When he was actually given a chance to start last year, he ended up shutting out the 2 most potent offenses in the league (Boston and Texas in case you forgot). But apparently he’s expendable after one blown game? Sorry but I don’t agree.

I do agree it’s time for Pods to sit (and go at the end of the season). He’s lost his speed and can’t hit. There’s no reason he should still be leading off. However, to say that we shouldn’t have traded Carlos Lee for Pods is ridiculous. Not only did we get Pods, we got Vizcaino and the flexibility to sign several other players due to the unloading of Lee’s contract. I’m pretty sure A.J. was one of these. Had we kept Lee and not gotten Pods, A.J. and Vizcaino, would we have won the WS last year? I doubt it.

Nobody here is 2-3 months behind you in baseball. They’re just not pessimistic enough to the point where they’ll eventually be right when a player loses it.

Anyways, it’s good to see that BA has finally won his spot in centerfield. No more cringing at the sight of a fly to mackowiak.

The twins now have 3 rookies in their starting rotation with a tough 3 weeks ahead of them. This is the time to pull ahead. Now we only have to hope the team realizes this.

Time for a KC sweep starting tonight!


P.S. – TQ, don’t let one cynical poster keep you away from here. Everyone else enjoys your company.

If BMac was so bad, all these other teams wouldn’t have included him in their trade talks. You gotta give a guy a chance. I’m sure Kenwo was also calling for Garland’s departure, but where would the Sox be without him in this stretch. What about Crede? I’m sure glad we didn’t give up on him, he’s the best 3rd baseman in the league. I also think BA will be an fantastic player for years to come, and will be an All-Star in his future. A guy can have a bad outing, even a bad year, have a hard time adjusting to the bigs. But, his talent can still be seen by those who can evaluate talent…not an easy job. It’s way too early to give up on Brandon, but most are in agreement that it may be time to move on with the Pods experiment. We’ll see how that goes.

OK we got Runelvys Hernandez on the mound tonight. What do you say we put a 10 run butt kicking on him. We owe him for last time. Knock him out by the third and give Contreras a nice cushion so he can get back on track!!!

Ditto, Devereaux! It baffles me how many brutal pitchers we can make look like geniuses, and then come back and beat a Randy Johnson, or a Verlander. Time to sweep KC!

Ok..I read the last few posts, and there’s hope for this blog yet =) I’m truly concerned that after reading the last few weeks on the blog that Scott will throw up his hands and say “forget it”….

Dawn, I think Scott knows that the few obnoxious posters don’t represent the majority.

Scott – Any word on the September 1st call ups??? There is nothing on the website. Just curious to see what we got to help out in the stretch run. Ozzie said in the postgame press conference yesterday that the list was on his desk, but no word on any newscast I saw. Thanks!

Great, looking at the pitching matchup, Hernandez threw a complete game shut-out against Toronto last Sat. for the best game of his career. Sure, coming into his own, just as he’s going against us! We need the old Jose tonight, Mr. 17-in-a-row, please come to the park on 35th and Shields!

Sorry, that would be the wrong address, Jose. Please show up at Kaufman Stadium!

Wow..I’ve been snooping around other blogs lately, and I’ve noticed that many writers have problems with people from other teams infiltrating their sight and leaving nasty notes…but here, we have “Sox fans” (please notice the quotations and extreme sarcasm) to worry about leaving nasty comments. When did the face of this blog change so much? Whatever happened to the great cammraderie we built here? Can we (really a certain someone) PLEASE grow up? Seriously, how old are you? 5? 6?

Back to really matters and all I care about thought- the WS Universe Faithful, another exciting night! Hopefully our big man can follow Buehrle’s last come back performance and put up a stellar start of his own to crack out of his fun as September is now upon us!

Lets go White Sox! And to all the faithful…lets move on from kenwo- treat him like that freak at the Sun Times- don’t pay attention to anything he has to say, and move on. The only reason he keeps talking is becasue we show reactions and he apparantly likes that, so lets not give him what he wants. Lets take back our blog for the team we LOVE!

Its home stretch now Sox fans, time to focus on whats important and leave whats not in the dust!!

Go Sox!

Apparently, anyone who’s critical of the Sox isn’t a fan. That’s what I’ve gathered from this round of posts. Unless your posts are fully of sing-songy “let’s go get ’em guys!”-type statements, you’re a “Sox fan” and not a Sox fan. They’re not a bunch of little leaguers.

Just because you can’t utter a negative comment about your team doesn’t make you a more devoted fan. You’re no more devoted to the Sox than me or anyone else here. You don’t see me agonizing over every loss or delighting at every great play and well-earned victory.

There’s a name for people who are so naively positive that they can’t be objective: Cubs fans. Go find their blog.

There’s a reason why the tone of this blog is so consistently negative. It’s because this team has underachieved miserably for most of the season, and it’s sickening as a fan to know that your team has the best talent in the league, top to bottom, and can’t put together one good, solid week of baseball.

Any chance of seeing the following:

Tonight’s Lineup

Gload, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF. Contreras on the mound.

whats with all this fanfare for gload as lead off man??? maybe pods and brian should just flip flop in the order until pods remembers how to hit a ball.

pods should be gone next season, but please stop thinking of soriano… that guys a waste. i dont care about his numbers, he didnt slide at home twice in a game against the cubs this year, probably would have been safe both times. thats why washington was making up teams that were shopping for him trying to get rid of him. his talent is outweighed by his lack of heart and brains. if we’re gonna go nuts, lets get crawford or someone. a solid all around player.

maybe they could keep pods though… you know, have an actual outfielder(pending) on the bench. wouldnt that be sweet?

jim, youre right on about ozzie… killed me to see him pull brian for one k, and leave scotty in for what i expected to be another.

Just a reminder to all of you looking for a left fielder for next year…Josh Fields. With Crede having an extraordinary season, Fields isn’t going to take over at third, so there’s word he may convert to left field. He’s a guy who’s come up in the organization and has athleticism and heart. A much better option than Soriano!

Dear bjwsjw02,
It is not that White Sox Universe is jumping all over kenwo for criticizing our team…that’s fine and he’s more than entitled to his opinion and you’re absolutely right in believing that his criticisms (negative or not) do not make him any less of a Sox fan than we all are…However, when he begins to spew personal attacks on one of our biggest, most regular and devoted (not to mention insightful & knowledgeable) bloggers then that’s something altogether different and will not and should not be tolerated. THAT is why we are jumping all over him…not because he is critical of the team we all love. Just thought i needed to clarify that for you. Thanks.


He has already been platooning in left this year in Charlotte. Watch for Ryan Sweeney too. Not as good of a bat as Fields, but pretty fast and a good outfielder.

The Trib is reporting that the Sox called up Chuck Haeger, Boone Logan, Chris Stewart, and Ryan Sweeney. I kond of thought Fields would be brought up, but I guess not.

Kind, not “kond”

The Sox are keeping Fields in Charlotte for the AAA playoffs. There will be more guys coming in about two weeks including Fields. Watch for Sweeney to steal som time in left.

Why is a loyal Sox fan reading that evil newspaper? HAHA

These callups are also listed on the website and on the game notes for tonight. I was reading earlier that they wanted to keep Fields down until after the minor league playoffs. They still have a couple of spots left, so he’ll probably be up in a few weeks.
BJWSJW: The bar was set high for 2006. This team was thought to be better than last year’s team, with the additions/subtractions. What’s on paper doesn’t always play out. Last year’s team was NEVER expected to win the WS, and we got that bonus last year, didn’t we? Heck, even after the Sox made the playoffs, the team was picked by the experts only above SanDiego to win the whole thing, and they go and almost SWEEP the postseason. Eveything went right last year. After 133 games, the Sox have won their third most games since 1965.

2005: 82-51

2000: 79-54

2006: 79-54

Not TOO bad, being only three games behind last year’s pace, which was the best in franchise history.

I would hardly describe the SOX as “underachieving miserably”. I think the perception comes from the angle of “what have you done for me lately”. The Sox have gone 57-31 before the break, and 21-24 after the break. Thus, if you said “underachieved after the break”, it would be understandable.

Sorry, that would be
78-55 for 2006.

But isn’t Haeger on the same team that Fields is? Why isn’t one of their best pitchers in the playoffs too? I do hope that Fields comes up though. And to JD, I don’t really read the evil paper, just check on their website once in a while for sports stuff. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Go Go White Sox!

Good cause I would hate to see a good Sox fan like your self putting money in their pockets.

Not sure why they brought Haeger other than we are pretty desperate for some help in the pen.

I think Dev hit the nail on the head. They are talking “innings eater” for Haeger. Brought him up earlier, struck out quite a few, walked more. Hopefully he can find the zone in September, because he was eating ’em up in AAA.

hi guys! i’m back from the links and the only thing i can honestly say is i never should have gone out in the first place. real!!! bad outing, but i can only go up from here right?

today’s posts are a microcosm of our season and the comments that have been prevelant throughout. 1) some guys always complain:Dreiferians, some always mention the positive: kleiniacs, and some point out that we can argue or agree, complain or swoon, and still be Sox fans. i read a column the other day by EVERYONES favorite whipping boy at the sometimes (on line) that said Jermain should be given his due in the MVP race. i was astounded that mariotti would have anything favorable to say about the Sox, but there you are. my point is this: we still don’t have an aura of invincibility as the yankees or red sox or braves do. they EXPECT to win every year and if they don’t will surely do so next year. since 1959 ( the year i became a fan) we have made the playoffs only FIVE times! no wonder we doubt/nay say/ complain/ criticize and etc. my yankee friend thinks and has said this for a couple of months that the White Sox will win the central and the twins will make the wild card. of course , he expects the yanks to win the world series too. we still have the TEAM to win it all in spite of the set-backs with losing clubs. we need to BELIEVE! our organization is here for the long term as well as for now and I think we will do it. (it being getting into the playoffs and being competitive throughout). maybe i’m blind in my allegiance, but i’ll say this: anything can and will happen in the next four weeks. who you gonna root for? the pirates? the cubs? well, maybe next year. j.k. from the land of triple bogies and sand traps…….

that was maybe next year for the cubs and pirates, and this year for us, and, and , and oh, yeah go Sox……

Kansas City? KANSAS CITY???!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! This is just so unbelievably disappointing!!! My heart is literally breaking. It’s only the 5th inning though. It’s time to hook Contreras and give Haeger a chance. What a shame. Okay, so maybe I’ll take some heat for this but I stubbornly refuse to give up. Im praying for one of our tremendously amazing beginning of this season’s comebacks. Am I being too naive?

no offense to all you princesses out there in White Sox World, but you could have scored runs with six outs to play with. maybe when i get back to tucson after the holiday i’ll be happier than i am now. only time will tell. go Sox…. j.k.

The Drays and KC continue to make the Champs look like Chumps! What a freaking joke!! Jose, what has happened to you? The only saving grace is that NY has been beating Det and Min.

Quote -Kansas City? KANSAS CITY???!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! This is just so unbelievably disappointing!!! My heart is literally breaking. It’s only the 5th inning though. It’s time to hook Contreras and give Haeger a chance. What a shame. Okay, so maybe I’ll take some heat for this but I stubbornly refuse to give up. Im praying for one of our tremendously amazing beginning of this season’s comebacks. Am I being too naive?

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Did you even look at the stats for the inning that put us in a bad position?

Next time try reading the information that is available before you start bashing the starting pitcher.

Contreras has given up 1 earned run… the other 6 runs were due to 3 errors that were NOT MADE BY CONTRERAS!!!!!

This wasn’t the fault of the pitcher… it was a pile of mistakes by our defense.

Jose has s**ked for the past three months! Not just tonight!

Just wanted to correct a mistake i made in my post…. before someone calls me on it.

Contreras allowed 1 earned and 1 unearned… he walked the lead off batter in the bad inning. So he allowed 2 runs.

But sitting with the score 7-1 (due to 3 errors)rather than 2-1… is a huge difference.

Great point Geuseppi…when I saw Crede throw the bunt over Konerko by a long shot, I knew it wasn’t our night. In fact I texted my Dad, “who is this team I’m watching? Crede?”

Yikes. This was ugly.

A little soul searching tonight. Time to get it right. New York is doing everything for us by beating up on Detroit and now Minnesota, but we can’t seem to gain any ground. Time to kick it into HIGH gear guys!!

The only thing the Sox accomplished tonight was moving one game closer to the end of the season.

Again, like I’ve said before, this bunch is seemingly incapable of putting it all together in the same game. Last year, they played the team game. That was their strength. Not so this season. On one night, the offense will roll and the pitching is inept, the next night the pitching will be pretty good and they can’t score any runs. I don’t know how you would describe tonight’s game. “Vomit-inducing” might work.

I don’t remember too many World Series-contending teams that were listless and inconsistent like the Sox are this season.

Soul-searching?!! Ya do your soul-searching at the All-Star break, or on top of a mountain in the Himalayas during the off-season.

They’ve got a grand total of 28 GAMES LEFT TO WORK WITH! Since they can’t count on each other from one game to the next, the only thing the Sox can hope for is that the Twins continue to back-pedal.

Let’s be realistic. Let’s talk about things worth talking about. What’s management going to do to remedy this sickness for next season?

OK, right after I posted, I began snooping through the web site reading all of the links.

I was stopped dead in my tracks at the headline “Lester Diagnosed with Lymphoma.”

That’s right, the young Red Sox hurler has cancer. A treatable form of cancer, but still very much cancer.

My friends in WS Universe, although baseball may be in the pinnacle of our lives right now…here’s yet another wake up call as to how lucky we are that we are healthy and able to cheer our guys on.

Our prayers are with you Lester (and Big Papi for that matter), different color Sox are meaningless at this time.

And we think our clubhouse has it “bad” right now.


tuckers8, you’re right, nobody expected the Sox to do what they did last year. They OVER-achieved. That’s what it means.

This year, they brought virtually the same group back from a World Championship squad (some might argue a better group), and they’re floundering around in September against the likes of the KC Royals. This is the time of the season when a championship-caliber team should be grabbing the bull by the horns and taking control, not giving away games to the dregs of the AL. If that’s not underachieving, I don’t know what is.

If the Sox had even come close in the second half to replicating the pace they set in the first half, they’d be in a virtual tie for the division lead.

The insult is that the Tigers have played like cr*p for several weeks now, and the Sox haven’t mounted any kind of real threat.

Pathetic. That’s the only word to describe tonight. But I have a feeling its just one of those nights. Tomorrow will be different.
I probably shouldn’t post anything else because I need to sleep on this one. Hopefully I won’t be as angry when I get up

Suggestion for our manager: BENCH PODSEDNIK

Enough of the lefty vs. righty and righty vs. lefty ****. Start Sweeney in left and let him lead off. What do we have to lose? ANOTHER series to KC?

As for Conteras tonight the Earned runs thing is goofy. It should have been 5 earned runs instead they gave him 2 because the rules for scoring are completely screwed up when a team makes an error. In that inning the only two runs that go down as earned were the first two. Uh hello he gave up a double and home run later that inning that done go down as earned because we would have been considered out of the inning without the errors. Who is to say he does not give that up the next inning. Score keeping makes Jose look better than he really was.

I was really hoping that Crede would have been able to work a walk. I wanted to see Sweeney come up and get a huge hit in his first at bat. No pressure there huh!

I’ve stopped trying to figure these guys out. I just got home from broadcasting high school football and saw the results and watched the ‘highlights.’

I got sick to my stomach.

THESE are the World Champions?

25 losses to triple A teams this season?

No base running, no stealing, no bunting, no advancing runners…everyone trying to hit five run home runs.

That sure worked great from 2001 to 2004 didn’t it?

These guys simply REFUSE to learn from their mistakes.

It’s a pretty foolish individual who continues to make the same mistakes over and over and over and does nothing different.

Part of me wants this club to get to the post season in back to back years for the first time in franchise history so bad that I’d probably sell my soul for it.

Part of me says the way these guys have gone through the motions since the All Star Break they deserve to be on the golf course in October wondering how a 100 million dollar club loses games to the Royals, Devil Rays, Cubs and Pirates.

It’s getting to the point where I’m tired of worrying about these guys….I think it’s wrong that I seem to give a **** more then they do.

Keep going through the motions guys!

Mark Liptak

thank goodness i didnt catch all of the game tonight. i probably would have been kicked out for screaming at the TV….luckily for me i was enjoying WWE on demand, watching legends like king kong bundy, koko b ware, bad news brown, and the hulkster. i had a much better night that i would have if i would have seen the middle innings of this game.

I’d like to elaborate on my previous post.

I am still so **** mad right now that I almost want to start punching holes in doors again like when I was younger.

What upsets me MOST of all is that NO ONE is taking responsibility for these half hearted efforts.

I haven’t seen a screaming fit from Ozzie, or Kenny dumping food off the tables like a few seasons ago. Every **** night it’s the same ****. ‘We didn’t play well’ or ‘we didn’t pitch well.’

I’m TIRED of it. Just one time I want to hear someone say ‘we haven’t played well in months. We’ll do everything we can to make the post season but if we can’t people are going to be held accountable. From our leadoff hitter who has stopped hitting, to our shortstop who can’t bunt to save his life, to our left handed pitcher who is coming into games and getting lit up like a Christmas tree to our manager who continues to play a corner outfielder in center.’

I don’t care if it’s all a lie, I don’t care if it’s simply trying to appease the masses, I don’t care if it’s pure bull. JUST SAY IT. SHOW ME you give a ****! Again I don’t care who says it…Ozzie, Kenny, Jerry Reinsdorf, Scott or Billy Pierce… just SOMEONE tell me you aren’t going to take games and efforts like this anymore.

Thank you.

Mark Liptak

Sorry geuseppi, but when I posted my comments the only “stats” or “numbers” I was seeing were the ones on the scoreboard. I didn’t realize i had to be an expert in statistics to be able to post my comments on this site. And I can give a rat’s *** who you blame for that atrocious inning…it was a combined effort in stinkiness if you ask me. Besides, blakeheem was right when he wrote that Contreras has *******” for the past few weeks.

Mark, I second that.

You would expect our manager to have gone nuts by now, flipped some tables, thrown the post game spread around the locker room or maybe started a fight. But no, he has done nothing except sit back and watch all this **** happen. Last year he provided a spark when needed.

i am still bitter about this. frank thomas won the game saturday with a 2 run homer for the A’s, meanwhile Thome hasn’t done a thing since the all star break. Kenny williams ran out the greatest player in franchise history just because he felt he could. By the end of the season there is a good possibilty that Frank will match thome in most statistical categories and he is making huge ammounts of money less than “mr. incredible”. he also is hitting way more clutch homers and doubles than thome and konerko combined. it is a shame that our hot headed g.m. couldnt allow this mountain of a man to finish his wonderful career with the white sox. meanwhile thomas has played in something to the sort of 60 games in a row- where has thome been? sitting like a lil biotch while the ship sinks. thanks a lot kenny. not only do you get rid of thomas, you keep pods cotts and whatever other dump we currently have on our team.

Personal feelings had little to do with Frank leaving.

BY TERMS OF HIS CONTRACT had the Sox picked up his option they would have owed him 10 MILLION DOLLARS.

To give ten million dollars to a player who missed most of the previous two seasons due to leg injuries would be insane.

That’s not taking a thing away from Frank, his career and what he’s done this season but the simple reality of business.

PLUS would Frank have been happy simply playing once or twice a week? (Remember the Sox resigned Konerko and they made the deal for Thome because given the injury history of Frank, six major injuries, including four to his legs since 1996 they simply could not wait to see if he was going to be healthy by spring training. Spring training is much to late to get help in case he wasn’t ready to go.)

Odds are he wouldn’t have been and you can be sure it would have been plastered all over the pages of the newspapers. That was one issue the White Sox DID NOT need.

It was unfortunate but again this was simply business being business.

Mark Liptak

just because runs arent earned doesnt mean jose pitched well. when theyre capitalizing on our errors with gappers and homers, thats still jose’s poor pitching.

i understand that picking up his option was not a viable option- but they could have worked out an extension without picking up the option. they also could have resigned everett or added a decent hitter to replace frank in case of injury. instead they opted for thome who had a wonderful first month, but hasnt done squat since. not to say i dont like thome, i do, but if they restructured frank and resigned everett they would have saved money and been better off. now thome is one of your main guys, and either him or konerko will be sitting if they make the world series (assuming they can make the playoffs). i think it should have been handled differently and i think kenny williams acted like a complete tool during the whole ordeal. besides in 40 years are you going to tell your grand kids about frank thomas or kenny williams? i probably wont even remember williams by then.

Great job tonight with the situational hitting and manufacturing of runs guys!!! I came out here expecting to see at least a couple of posts remarking on this, but I guess I’ll just have to be disappointed. Lets finish it off sox and hope for an angels win.


I’m with you Cyndi, It’s good to see Buerle looking good out there. Poor JD, it was a rough one for him tonight. But, we came out winners,so I can sleep well tonight after saying a couple prayers for tomorrow’s game. Anybody hear the chanting for our Sox tonight? That was awesome! At times our crowd was louder than theirs. Let’s take the rubber match!!! Go Sox!!!

wow…the tiggers just gave up 5 runs in the top of the 10th. lets go krod!!!


when is pablo going to be the everyday left fielder? he makes scott pathetic look , well, pathetic out in left. ozuna is the spark plug that we need this last month of the year. good job by buerhle, thorton, jenks….brian anderson should also play every night regaurdless who the other team is throwing.

“i understand that picking up his option was not a viable option- but they could have worked out an extension without picking up the option.”

ya, frank was always mr. understanding, sacrificing himself for the good of the team. i’m sure he would have taken less money to stay with the team. wake up! he was one of the most selfish players to put on a sox uniform. the guy was a *******, how quickly you forget all of the problems he caused over the years. he wouldn’t even let ozzie move him down in the order without whining, you think he’s gonna take less money and not cry about it?!?

“now thome is one of your main guys, and either him or konerko will be sitting if they make the world series (assuming they can make the playoffs).”

so if we got frank, him and konerko would have been playing at the same time in the playoffs? i’m not quite sure how having thome or frank is any different in this situation. or does having thomas also mean we have everett, who hit a fantastic .251 last year? boy do i miss his bat and his attitude. and he probably misses us, as he had nothing but positives to say about us after he left.

“besides in 40 years are you going to tell your grand kids about frank thomas or kenny williams? i probably wont even remember williams by then.”

so because he’s the best sox player ever, we should have kept him? following that logic, i suppose since sosa was one of the best cubs players ever, the cubs should have hung on to him too? it has nothing to do with how long the guy has played for the sox, you don’t win games by keeping players who used to be great, you win games by getting great players. there was no guarantee frank would put up good numbers at all this year, and even if we did keep him, there’s still no guarantee he’d be doing here what he’s doing in oakland.

besides, were you yelling at kenny at the time when he let frank go and signed thome? because if you didn’t complain about it then, you really don’t have any right to complain about it now.

only thing is sosa was done when the cubs got rid of him….frank has a lot left in the tank (as evidance of him whacking 30 bombs, more than the great 60+ million dollar man konerko by the way) his average is a strong .270 and he is getting HUGE hits. id take frank this year over thome and konerko. by the way, everett and his .251 average came through with a ton of clutch hits. he wasnt all that bad.

Nice win tonight all around. Let’s take this series tomorrow and move on for some more wins.

As for Frank, he was great here, no doubt about it. However, the risk over the last few years proved to be bigger than the reward. Philly is paying most if not all of Thome’s salary. Crticize Paulie all you want, he is probably the most underrated defensive 1st basemen in baseball. Thomas was never anything but a liability in the field. Given overall personaltiy (one of the things this team was built on) and productivity I would take Thome any day over Frank and Everett. You know everyone in that clubhouse despised Frank. Konerko is the leader of that team, and they had more than one run in that got public. If it was guaranteed that Frank could be healthy and would be very productive it would have been a tough call, but odds were against it and Kenny made the right move. Frank was great and will be long remembered by Sox fans, but Kenny will and should be admired too for a long time because of the success he has helped build here.


We are in desperate need of a new discussion thread.

Why are we even discussing Frank Thomas? Why? Tell me.

There are 4 players on the Sox roster right now who have equal or better numbers than Thomas.

The Sox best 6 hitters are hitting .302 as a group.

Thome, despite being hampered recently, has played more games than Thomas, and has superior numbers across the board.

Frank Thomas will go down in the books as one of the great White Sox of all time, but he needed to go. He was hurt all the time and he was a whiner. He wasn’t a unifier or a leader in the clubhouse.

There’s a reason why Oakland’s only paying Thomas $500,000 this season: he’s a risk. He’s putting together a decent year, offensively, so now he wants a long-term deal, which means he’ll probably p*ss and moan again and be someone else’s problem.

Being a good GM means having to make the tough choices about whom to keep and whom to get rid of, and I applaud Kenny Williams for having the guts to launch Frank Thomas.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about Frank. I was one of the people against the Thome trade initially, not because anything Jim had done but rather because I wanted to see Frank end his career as a White Sox. That said, I’ve been more than pleased with Jim as he’s exceeded my expectations. And I’m happy for Frank that he’s been healthy this season and able to prove why he should be a hands-down Hall of Famer.

Last night was good all around. I loved all the doubles we were stringing together and the two-out hit by Crede. Hope we can keep the momentum going and get after Redman today. He throws nothing but junk but handcuffed Minnesota in his last outing.

I don’t get this game – with 102 pitches why is Freddy brought back out? Why is Neal brought in? He can’t seem to get anybody out lately. Doesn’t seem like it is the right time to “build his confidence”

why in the world would ozzie bring freddy back out after 100+ pitches? he absolutely can not manage a pitching staff. i admit i loved him last year, but i am really getting sick of his bone headed moves all year long. he is terrible at managing a pitching staff.

we’re in the middle of a playoff run, and we go 3-3 in 6 games against the devil rays and the royals. thats a bunch of horse sh*t. its inexcusable that we cant beat these teams when this much is on the line.

oh hooray, minnesota lost too. who gives a **** about minnesota, even if they lose every game from here on out, well still end up limping into the playoffs and get smoked by the yankees anyway. were not a terrible team, but we are playing absolutely terrible when it counts the most, which certainly is not the sign of a contender, but rather just the opposite.

here i am making plans to go to minnesota for the final series of the year, and those games might not even matter at this rate. absolute bs.

i hear ya bigdog i was just checking the twins site for ticket availability, but i am not sure i want to risk spending a day off of work, 2 nights in a hotel, and tickets for 3 games when the games could quite possibly mean nothing since we will be sitting home october 2nd.

as far as the game today, just terrible. hawk says that the team has heart but not intesity? what is the difference. they play like they are 20 games up on the tigers and twins. at least ozuna provides some hits from the leadoff spot. thome finally hit a homer, too bad he K’d like usual early in the game with the bases loaded. justin morneu made comments on he will do anything possible to make sure the white sox don’t make the playoffs, boy do i wish the white sox had an attitude like that. for all the mccarthy lovers- nice job today too brandon!!!!! way to blow it vs the DRays and the Royals in the same week!!! ozzie nice job letting your home boy garcia try to pitch the 8th to hopefully get a victory….terrible managing.

now we should go in and beat up on the red sox. papi, manny, pena have all been fighting injuries, they just traded wells, one of their pitchers has cancer, their closer hurt his shoulder, julian tavarez is starting a game for them?!? i bet we lose 2 of 3 if not get swept. why should i think any differently?

it looks as if scott has jumped ship………where are the posts for god sakes, you have as much will as our garbage team!!!!! step up your game riefert, this is the stretch run!

Well…that was encouraging wasn’t it?

I hope ‘Big Game’ Freddy finds himself in Pittsburgh next season.

3-3 against the dregs of the American League. Hello Sox fans you have a MAJOR problem.

26 losses now to teams under .500 at this point in the season.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve been a Sox fan since I was five. That’s 46 seasons now.

I remember the heartache after 1964, I remember the kick in the groin the final week of 1967 and how awful I felt after the ALCS in 1983.

But another thing I remember is the feeling that at least those players gave a ****, they looked like they were busting their rear ends out there, every pitch, every play, every game.

I’m sorry if it insults anyone especially the players, but I don’t get that feeling with these clowns.

At times they look like they could care less.

They can’t bunt, steal bases, hit the other way or advance runners into scoring position. The manager continues to give his guys to much rope and they hang themselves. Some of these guys don’t deserve to be on the major league roster… why isn’t Cotts back in the minors instead of making a bad situation worse, game after game after game? And before him it was Politte.

I appreciate Ozzie’s ‘loyalty’ to his guys but this is a business gang and the business is to win games, not keep players happy. If they can’t do the job, throw them under the **** bus!!!!!

Again I can only speak for myself but these guys have put me on such a roller coaster ride that I don’t give a **** anymore if they make the playoffs or not. I’d love to see them pull it off but now more then that, I want this season OVER.

I’m sick of this nonense.

Mark Liptak

The result of todays game really bites. To let that many opportunities go by without jumping on them just stunk. The worst part of this is that listening to the game, I never got the impression that the royals were going to pull it off (until the bottom of the 8th that is). It wasn’t like they were manhandling us or anything and the opportunities were definitely there. It just felt like we never pounced. Even in the ninth though I thought it was still possible, since we have shown some ability to come back lately. But I guess it’s just one of those ones that we’re gonna have to make up for in the coming weeks.

As for everyones comments out here on the state of the team. I appreciate that you are upset with how the team is playing. And I appreciate the fact that you expect much more of them. But, lets try and remain realistic. The sox were 57-31 in the first half. Had they kept that up they would have won 105 games. That’s more than this franchise has ever won before. Not because the franchise has stunk, BUT BECAUSE THAT’S A HECK OF A LOT OF GAMES. So, in the second half we have gone 21-25. Compared to the first half it’s been horribly disappointing. Heck, all on it’s own that’s horribly disappointing. But the year is not won in the first half alone or the second half alone. So it looks like we’re going to have to take an ounce of bad with the good.

To put this in even more perspective. Let’s consider last year. Our record in the first half was once again stellar, 57-29. Which meant that we should have been able to win 107 games, right? And yet, what still happened? We went 42-34 in the second half. In fact, on this date last year we were a stellar 26-22 in the second half of the season. Still better than this year, but not exactly awe inspiring.

I’m also sick and tired of hearing about how we are losing to last-place teams. I’d prefer not to lose to them either. Yet lets shed a little light on this. These are still Major League teams. They also get a lot more up to play us then they do for any other team. We are the defending World Series Champions and we have an enormous target on our back. I don’t think the record of teams that we lose to is truly indicative of the way they play us.

So, we have 28 games left. In order to equal last years mark we need to win 21 of them. But I don’t think we’re going to have to equal last years mark in order to make the playoffs. And no matter how melodramatic you guys want to get, once we get into the playoffs you know that it’s an entirely different atmosphere and what we did during the season no longer makes a difference.

One more thing. I’m sick and tired of reading personal insults on this sight. If you can’t think of a better way to make your point than to drag someone else through the mud, then maybe you shouldn’t be making your point at all. We all chastise Ozzie when he personally insults someone, maybe we should hold ourselves to the same standard? Let’s try to behave like the civilized adults we know we all are.


OMG…I didn’t realize I had that much to say. Sorry. I may need to keep my mouth shut for a few days now. 🙂


Cyndi.. you just spoke for probably a dozen or so of us all in one post. Wonder how they’d perform their jobs under public scrutiny day after day after day!!! Thanks for voicing what was in your heart!


With respect a few thoughts to all:

1. Regarding how we’d perform under scrutiny every day. Give me several million dollars to play a kids game and I’ll happily give it a try for you.

2. Yes these are ‘major league’ teams with atrocious records. SOMEONE is beating them on a CONSISTENT basis or they wouldn’t be 20, 25, 30, 35 games UNDER .500 would they? Care to go down the rosters man per man of say the Sox compared to the Devil Rays, Royals, Pirates, Mariners and so forth? You’ll quickly see my point.

3. In case you’ve forgotten this could very well be the 3rd straight season (or as long as Ozzie’s been the manager) that the Sox will finish with a worse win percentage in the final 81 games then in the first 81 games. Coincidence? Something in the water? I don’t know…but three straight years to me isn’t a ‘fluke, it’s a ‘trend.’

4. FINALLY regarding Scott Reifert and this web site. ALL of us need to understand that we are guests here at HIS pleasure. As someone who has been in the media for 27 years (gulp!) I can tell you that a public / media relations director for a professional sports franchise has about 50 things to do on a DAILY basis that are far more important then a web site. He posts when he can. I don’t agree with everything Scott says (and I vaguely know him)but also remember he works for the WHITE SOX. He is not going to ‘bite the hand’ that feeds him and his family (and correctly so…) Let’s try to remember this before coming down on him.

Mark Liptak

Cyndi, saying the Royals play us tougher than they do other teams, even if it were true, still doesn’t matter. We’re in the middle of a playoff hunt and defending world champions. Shouldn’t we play them a little tougher than other teams play them as well? Yes, they are a major league team, but only by a technicallity. Everything about them screams Triple A to me, I don’t know how you could argue with that. They’re absolutely miserable, so don’t try to excuse the sox for losing to the royals because the royals get up for these games.

As for how would we perform our jobs under public scrutiny day after day? Well, that’s not even relevant because we didn’t sign up for a job that comes with public scrutiny day after day. I think it’s only fair that they put up with a little or a lot of public scrutiny, seeing as how we’re the ones contributing to their gigantic pay checks. Think about this, they play the GAME of baseball for a living, make millions of dollars, and then retire at the age of 35 with more money than a vast majority of people will ever see in their lives. If they can’t put up with a little public scrutiny, then perhaps they should get a real job making $80,000/yr and work until they’re 65 like the rest of the world.

We need to stop excusing them for playing this poorly. I know, they’re only human and they can only be so good, but when you go 3-3 on what should be 6 of the easiest games of the season, I think perhaps they deserve to be ripped a little bit.

Big Dog:

VERY well said. With respect to Cyndi some of her comments were very Cub-like.

Former Sox pitching coach Johnny Sain (if you don’t know who he was look it up) had a saying. ‘People don’t care to hear about the labor pains, they only want to see the baby.’

Meaning? The only thing that matters is RESULTS. (wins…)

If I played for the Sox and looked down that roster (or any roster of a losing club) I’d be embarassed to lose ANY games to that mediocre, minor league trash.

And if they in fact WANT IT more then the Sox what does that say about the players and what does that say about the manager who is supposed to motivate them to play hard for 162 games?

Cyndi (and I’m not trying to pick on you. If I offend I apologize) these are the ‘World Champions.’ They had SEVEN All Stars. The team payroll is 100 million dollars…and they lose to that garbage?

The Yankees (and in a somewhat different way the Braves) accomplished what they did over the past fifteen years because sentiment doesn’t factor into their operating philosophy. If a player can’t perform, to use Hawk’s words…’he gone.’

That may be cold, that may be cruel but that’s reality. As I said earlier, this is a business and the name of the game is to win. Period.

Mark Liptak

If I sound “cub-like” it is merely because I am so sick and tired of the constant pessimism of some members of this board. Look back at the posts from last evening and this morning. Tell me how many of you came out here to compliment the great game yesterday? And yet you feel it is your right to dog them every time they have a bad game? Well, in my opinion they have had 22 more good games this year than bad games and yet the overwhelming tone of most posts this entire season has been negative. When the sox have played poorly I’m more than happy to admit it. But we are still one of only 5 teams left in the hunt here in the AL and that should entitle me to a bit of optimism. No one ever said it was going to be easy, and it seems like the expectations of a lot of posters is that this season should have been one long cake walk with a trophy at the end to celebrate the superiority of our team. As Chris Rongey said on the post-game show (last night I believe) the rest of this season is going to be a roller-coaster, so if you can’t handle it you might want to get off.

In the past (pre-2005) I have sat at home (and at the game) screaming and yelling at my team for their poor performance. And they deserved it. I just don’t think they deserve it quite as often as the rest of you this year. We are sitting in the “catbird seat” at the moment and all we have to do is attack and it will be ours. From reading a lot of your posts if I didn’t know our record I’d think we were 22 games under .500, not over it.


Cyndi: Go ahead and be as optimistic (or “Cub-like”… HA!) as you want. I’m right there with you. (And in your spare time, do a little research about the long-term health benefits of having an optimistic outlook. It’ll have you smiling even more.) :o)


Just one follow up to your post.

Am I supposed to ‘compliment’ the World Champions, with seven All-Stars and a 100 million dollar payroll when they beat one of the worst teams in major league baseball?

I EXPECT them to beat the **** out of teams like that. Don’t you?

That’s not being ‘jaded’ Again that goes back to my previous post. This is a business. These players (and manager) are being paid a tremendous amount of money to win.

I’ve been the first to ‘compliment’ them when they have actually done something worthy of it. For example when they got off the deck to split at Detroit after another two lifeless, couldn’t care less performances. That showed something and I said so.

My standards for this franchise were raised last season and for that matter by their stretch of winning seasons and non-losing seasons just over the past fifteen years. (I actually go back to the Golden Age of Sox baseball 1951-1967 but that’s a different story for another day. THOSE were the finest Sox teams I’ve ever seen including last year’s, because they had much better pitching and baseball was much better then. The quality of players were better and teams were deeper with talent.)

The Sox beating the Royals to me doesn’t warrent a ‘compliment.’ Beating the Royals is the least they should do. And again I’d expect you to feel the same way.

Regarding Chris, who is a friend of mine and whom I have spoken personally with off air, like with Scott, they are connected to the Chicago White Sox. Their continued employement depends on the Sox giving final approval (in Chris’ case). They are not going to give an ‘unbiased’ viewpoint of the club and their faults. And I wouldn’t expect them to.

In fact with the talent that is on this roster, this season should not have to be a ‘roller coaster’ in the first place should it? (or don’t you think this team is that talented?)

Mark Liptak


Wise man say, ‘let a smile be your umbrella and you’ll get a face full of rain…’

Seriously you and Cyndi are entitled to your views. That’s certainly your right.

To me this team is underperforming badly and has had these lapses for five months now. There is a problem and like it or not needs to be addressed.

Obviously it’s to late for this season but you can bet that Kenny (with Ozzie’s input) is going to take a long hard look at certain individuals on this team as they head into 2007.

Frankly I’ve been hard on them because this club has never made the post-season in back to back years. They are the only one of the franchises that were playing in 1960 to make that statement.

Given what’s at stake, including taking back their own city, this is an extremely important season.

That makes what I’m seeing that much harder to understand.

I interviewed Richard Roeper a few months ago and he said the same thing. If the Sox can have a stretch of making the playoffs, say five out of the next seven years, every kid in the city will become a fan of the club. That’s future fans filling the park which means a high payroll which means talent on the field which means continued winning.

It’s a self replicating cycle. That’s how the Yankees for example, do business. (and you’ll grant me they have had some success with it…)

THAT’s what’s at stake in 2006…starting that cycle.

We’ll see how the final weeks play out. Again frankly I’m not optimistic. I hope I’m wrong.

Mark Liptak


To me sitting in the ‘cat bird’ seat does not mean leading for the wild card by one half game with 26 games to go (and a difficult schedule to boot…)

That sounds more like being in ‘by the skin of your teeth.’

I’d agree with your term if say the Sox had a four game lead for the wild card with oh 15 games left.

Mark Liptak

Mark: That’s fine… my face will dry off. :o)

Seriously, I don’t disagree with the crux of many of the comments being voiced. I fully expect Kenny, Ozzie & Co. to make changes for 2007. (I have my own ideas, but they don’t really care what I think, do they?) And like you, I also believe that stringing together winning seasons goes a long way towards building a solid, loyal fan base. There are other tactics that can help this along, but you need to have solid baseball at the core. (For the record, I’m renewing my season tickets regardless of how this year turns out.)

But still, the season isn’t over yet, and I firmly believe the guys have it in them – and will find it – to take us all the way. No, they may not be showing it the way we expect, but they are professionals, and they know what’s at stake. I just believe (despite the painful games that I’ve seen of late) that it’s going to happen. Like many, I rode the rollercoaster of Aug-Sep 05, and I recall it being just as troubling. But hey – it worked out.

So call me delusional. Call me ignorant. Call me a Cubs fan. (No wait… please don’t.) As a fan, I’m just choosing to focus on the future as opposed to dwelling on the past.

And I fully believe this team is so far from being out of this race as well. Call my crazy, tell my I’m turning a blind eye, say whatever- I don’t care! I know we are struggling, I know our issue, but I also know what we have ACCOMPLISHED so far this year- something that gets lost in all the complaining and griping. I know what has gotten us to the record we have- 20+ games over .500, and right in the mix of a playoff race with some very other GOOD teams in baseball. I know what we have done to put us in this position, and I know our guys are fully capable of finishing the year off strong to extend our season by another month.

Lets not forget what we have done to get here, and that we have everything we need to build on that.

With that being said, I’m signing off for the night and will be back after our Ace delivers again tomorrow.

Goodnight Sox fans.


I do think this team is that talented. That’s one of my main points. We all know that they are more than capable of winning it all and making it look easy. But, I never expected them to. I always expected it to be a roller coaster ride. It was last year (until the month of October) and it has been most years prior to this.

My expectations were also raised last year. But I guess more so in terms of the final product. I don’t think that any of us would say that the win was any less sweet last year because of September and August, or even because of the controversies in October. And I don’t think that it’s going to be any less sweet this year, if we win again, because of our second half performance.

In no way did I mean to give the impression that I am satisfied with where we are. But I’m definitely not about to jump off the Sears Tower either. I agree with you that it would be nice if they had a more secure lead. But I’m also of the opinion that it would be nice if it would snow this Christmas in Texas. Neither one of those is something that’s going to keep me up at night though. My way of thinking about it is, okay, they lost today, that ******. Now lets get ready for tomorrow, because no matter what they put on the field, they should have a better chance at winning then whoever they’re facing.

Unlike Maria, I’d prefer not to be called delusional or ignorant (I agree on the cubs fan bit though). But if that’s what you think that’s fine by me.


Oh…btw, since you seem to have a personal connection with Mr. Rongey. Would you please inform him that in my opinion he’s doing a wonderful job. And although some are quick to point out a supposed resemblance to a fictional boy wizard, I don’t believe that too many of his female fans are complaining.🙂

Mark, Your points are very well made.

I am another who has found it inceiveable that we are losing games (and series’) to teams such as the Royals and Devil Rays. If we are to be a playoff team we have to take adavantage of as many games as possible with the teams that we should be beating up on.

If you look at our records against the bad teams in our division, KC and Cleveland it is amazing. Against KC Detroit is 11-1 with 6 games remaining (forecast 4-2) should end about 15-3, while we were 11-7. 4 game difference there.

Against Cleveland, Detroit went 13-6, we are 5-7 with 7 games remaining (forecast 4-3) should end 9-10 against them. Another 4 game difference. That is an 8 game difference against the **** of our division. That is why Detroit is winning this division, and we have not been able to capitalize on their recent struggles.

You can win all the games you want in the first half if you will consistently collapse in the 2nd half all the time. Last year the Sox dug down deep and found it within themselves to pull out of it and go on to glory. This team is running out of time to find that. Can they find it? Absolutely, but they better do it soon. If we go in to Minnesota for that last 3 game series and don’t have a playoff berth wrapped up already watch out. Because there is no way the Twins will let us clinch on their field. I love the Sox, but they will make us pay if we let them hang around.

I have no problem with people being optimistic, but at some point we need to be realistic and realize that this team is far underperforming. I don’t care if we are 4 games or 24 games off last years pace. We have a better all around team, and players such as Dye and Crede have made huge strides this year. We are a 100 million dollar team getting beat up by 20 million dollar teams. A team with this kind of talent and effort put forth from upper management has no excuse for not making the playoffs.

What Mark speaks about in his interview with Richard Roeper is true. We need to continue to be successful and make the playoffs on a regular basis. Nobody can deny, Chicago is and has been a Cubs town for a long time. Most of know that is because “The Shrine” is a palce people simply go to get drunk, and sometimes realize there is a baseball game going on. Those adults that are doing that we don’t want as Sox fans, but we sure do want their kids. If we can continue to win we will build a following from the ground up, and it will allow Jerry and Kenny to continue to spend the money properly to keep the team competitive for years. This year is crucial in beginning to build that fan base.

Am I giving up? Not at all. I will watch until Oct 1 or whenever our season is officially over. I don’t want any Sox fans to give up, but I do want them to be realistic about what we see going on.


“Now lets get ready for tomorrow, because no matter what they put on the field, they should have a better chance at winning then whoever they’re facing.”

Then why are we not getting it done when we are supposed to?

I would also like to add the Rongey has done a nice job. Between Rongey, Farmer and Singleton he is certainly the best on the air. I was forced to listen to the game on the radio from the 4th on today, and listening to us lose is painful, but Singleton and Farmer make it even worse. John Rooney is sorely missed. He made Farmer much better. I know a lot of people who used to mute Hawk and DJ (if they don’t mute themselves) and listen to the radio broadcast while watching the game. Those people have reluctantly turned their TV volume back on this year.


You pointed out how the Sox under Ozzie have really struggled in the 2nd half of his 3 seasons. Curious as to what you think is causing that?

My opinion is the overuse of his starting pitchers is wearing them down. What he did with Freddy today was just plain dumb. I think Ozzie is too concerned with trying to gain admiration or love or whatever from his starters by giving them every chance to get a win. Granted Freddy did not cause most of the problems in the 8th, but he was over 100 pitches already. We needs wins, and it does not matter who they come from. He has consistently done this since he has been manager, and I believe it is coming back to bite them as the seasons have come to a close.

Red Sox are 10-23 since August 1st. We had better get 2 out of 3 at a minimum!

I understand where a lot of you are coming from. Yes, we need to be optimistic, yes we can still win the wild card, yes we can probably still win the division if we play well enough. But when Detroit goes 2-4 over their last 6 and we’re playing 6 against the bottom feeders, we NEED to gain more than a game. Opportunity keeps knocking and our door and we just keep telling him to go away.

There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic until it starts to get in the way of being realistic.

We shouldn’t believe the Sox are going to make the playoffs because we want them to, we should believe it because that’s the direction the numbers should point to.

Having a 1/2 game lead, which is more like being in a virtual tie since we’ve played an extra game than the Twins, doesn’t exactly scream playoff bound, especially since we finish the season off with three in Minnesota and they have absolutely crushed us when it counts the most.

At this point, I think any optimism toward the Sox is more from having a bias than anything else.

Rongey does a terrible job. the guy last year did a MUCH better job, he didn’t sugar coat when the team plays like trash like rongey does. dave wills from years past also did a much better job because he was truely a fan of the white sox from oak lawn. rongey is a cardinals fan.

but anyway, as mike devereux just pointed out here….the red sox are in the worst shape right now in all of the major leagues. serious medical issues, serious pitching issues (julian tavarez tonight???) he ****** 10 years ago on the cubs…if we can’t beat them now we might as well pack it in.

hopefully ozuna is out in left again since he hits runs and throws better than scotty pathetic. i also like jd batting third. although i said that in may and it has just recently taken effect.

big jon on the bump tonight-should be a cake walk……

by the way..the best part of watching that kansas city series were the stuff hawk and dj were saying throughout the games! hawk was commenting i believe on kansas citys terrible bullpen and said “when the tigers ****** thats how they were and when the rockies ****** thats how they were” dj was like “when they what!” hawk said “you heard me”…..good stuff.

then dj was commenting on the motorolla razor phone and said “this is one of the only times a guy can feel proud holding something little in his hands” or something to that affect…hah good stuff guys!!!


Honestly I don’t know how to answer your question about the 2nd half record.

In 2004 with the injuries to Ordonez and Thomas the Sox simply didn’t have the same talent on the field.

But I can’t explain 2005 and I can’t explain 2006 with any certainty.

Part of the reason is because for the past two seasons the 2nd half schedule has been much tougher. Earlier this season I saw an item in S.I. that stated for two years in a row, the Sox had one of baseball’s easiest schedules to start the season (based on the win percentage of the clubs from the previous year.)

That means that things get tougher in the 2nd half. But the Sox certainly have the talent to play with the ‘elite’ teams so I don’t know how valid the comment on ‘the schedule is tougher’ is.

This is just me but I think the issue in the 2nd half is that the club has lacked consistency.

Ozzie likes to change lineup’s often, in that regard he and Tony LaRussa are cut from the same cloth. My impression is he does it a lot more in the 2md half of a season then earlier when ‘days off’ aren’t needed as much. I think that is a factor. It’s not that the guys are tired but that they can’t get into a rhythm. Someone will play for two or three days then ‘automatically’ sit. Hard to get into a groove that way.

Again that’s just me. I’m ‘old school’ and remember when it was the ‘norm’ for guys to play 130, 140, 150 games a season.

Today’s athletes are in better condition, have trainers, work out all season long…yet they can ‘only’ play 120 games? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Bench guys (and I use the term ‘bench’ with respect) are non-starters for a reason. They simply aren’t good enough to start. Which means to me their playing time should be limited in the first place.

Also to anyone thinking things will be easy in Boston. If you read the newspapers this morning you’ll find that Varitek, Nixon and Gonzales were ‘activated’ today (how convienent!) and Ortiz will be in the lineup.

Typical White Sox ‘luck’ eh?

Mark Liptak

We have got to take advantage of the pitchers they are throwing at us the next 3 days. Good chance we can get off to a good start with Jon today.


I agree the consistency of playing time is a problem. After thinking about things last night there are really a multitude of things that have caused near collapses every year in the second half. I’m not quite as old school (no offense) as you, I grew up in the 80’s, but even then starters played 150 games a year, and your guys like Konerko, Crede, and Dye played 162 games a year.

Had BA been consistently thrown out in center field every day he probably would have broken his batting slump sooner. You can only do so much in BP. He needed game work, and he is performing much better now.

We probably do have the best bench in baseball. They are the bench though. They should have defined roles such as late inning pinch runner, pinch hitter or defensive replacement. Mixing up the lineup everyday to get them starts is killing the consistency you bring up.

The fact that Ozzie does this probably causes the normal starters who do get replaced frequently like Uride, Pods and BA to press too much when they are playing because they know Ozzie will play someone else if they don’t perform.

The one thing that I am getting really tired of is the matchup game. We will probably see Pods and Mackowiak in the outfield tonight because we are facing a righty and neither played the last two days. When actually Fenway is a better hitters park for righties because they can use the monster to turn long outs into hits. We also have Pablo who has just been flat out getting it done lately. He needs to be out there.

I still like our chances to make the playoffs as long as it does not come down to that last series, but I am not expecting some miracle turnaround the will propel us into the world series.

mike devereux i agree with a good portion of your post….i do however think that it is going to come down to that last series in minnesota. the sox and twins have been within 3 games of each other for a long while now, and i dont see either of the two breaking away. i am nervous about going into minnesota. they have the fire and they hate the sox. i love that about the twins. they look like they want to beat us every inning of every game. that is where the white sox are lacking. they dont have the fire up to this point of this year. and if we go into the twinkie dome with no fire and the playoffs on the line- it will be a long offseason.


Dude, the name is not Mike, look at my email address.

I agree with you, it will come down to that last series, I am just hoping that we can pull it out before then. The Twins would like nothing more than to knock us out and out themselves in at the same time. As A devoted realist they scare me.

And of course our two closest competitors beat the **** of the AL today, Tigers over Marniers and Twins over those pesky(sense the sarcasm) Devil Rays.

This bunch of losers can’t beat the most downtrodden team in baseball. Thank heavens we didn’t trade McCarthy for Soriano. This kid has been golden for us!!

Most disappointing follow up season of world champs I’ve ever seen. We gone!! See you in 2007.

When we blow this season, I sure hope it happens soon, like this week. I would hate to see us lose in the last series. Lets get this pathetic season out of the way already so we could line up our “star” rotation for 2007. At least season tix won’t be hard to get.

A rotation with Boof Bosner Matt Garza and Carlos Silva will be playing in October along with a Detroit team without Maroth, Polanco and Guillen.

Welcome back TomQ. Enjoy the heartbreak.

I now take my cue from the aforementioned blogmaster and will quietly exit into the dark and unfortunate night created by a team that broke our hearts in 2006. Dusting off the 2005 DVD.. this is Duke, signing off.

we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this one really hurt. i don’t know if guys are sick of typing that, but i am. this was a game we needed to have because det and minn had already won and we had our ace going, but such is the 2006 season for us.

you guys can be optimistic all you want, but if you ask me, the numbers do not point toward us making the playoffs. we lose too many games we have to win to teams we have to beat. obviously we CAN still make the playoffs, but that doesn’t really mean anything.


Unfortunately here’s what the numbers say:

* This is the 11th loss this season where the Sox took a lead into the 7th inning or later and wound up losing the game. (The good news is that at least they blew it to a team over .500 for a change!)

* This is the longest pitching outing by Julian Tavares since he was with Florida in 2002! Just another notch in the gun of ‘no-name,’ ‘has been,’ ‘minor league’ pitchers who suddenly turn into Cy Young vs. the ‘home run or nothing’ White Sox.

* To hit Ozzie’s stated goal of ’95 wins and in’ the Sox have to go 16-9 over the final 25 games WITH a difficult schedule INCLUDING a west coast road trip.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

One final question…are we still in the ‘cat bird’ seat?

Mark Liptak

Well, there you have it folks. Now we all know why having the best team on paper doesn’t mean S… H… I… T… I am so frustrated by the lack of performance of this team. Only a few players performed well. I know mathematically it isn’t over yet…but it sure feels that way.

After this one I must quote the great Homer J. Simpson – “DOH”

I will not put any blame at all on Jenks because he has been outstanding this year. My only question is why not go after Ramirez. 0-3 with 3 K’s against Jenks, and he has not played in a week. We always get bit by the leadoff walk.

Our offense is a joke. We make every crappy pitcher look like a freakin all-star. While out best pitcher goes out and gives a great and gutsy perfromance AGAIN and we can’t hook him up with some runs. Going against Tavarez we should have beat him up enough it should not have even been a save situation.

By blowing this game in dramatic fashion as we did, we probably awoke a sleeping giant. They are getting most of their guys back for this series.

I have been one that has supported Brandon all year, and will continue to pull for him, but I may be taking some time off from that. He is NOT doing anything for us from the pen. He better improve next year in the starters role because the organization seems to be banking on it.

If 95 wins is the magic number and we need to go 16-9 to reach that. We better got 16-6 in the next 22 because those last 3 games in Minnesota are going to be brutal if they mean anything. I know I keep saying it over and over, but they have had our number for years now in clutch situations. They would love nothing more as the small market low salary team to stick it to the 100 million dollar big market team. I thought maybe last year was the hump we needed to get over to be a playoff team year after year, but apparently not.

Jon pitched great!

Bobby blew a save!!

stuff happens!!

play again tomorrow.

j.k. from the land of reality and grim determination.

mccarthy….just terrible. for everyone that assumes he will be starting next year, why do you think that? he has been terrible in the pen. id rather see garcia and vazquez over him any day. he has an average curve and an average fastball. if he cant get his change up over he’s going to get bombed. that was a great move holding on to him instead of getting a 40/40 man!!!???😦


There are no guarantees about McCarthy but one thing is clear, he is simply not suited to relief. He is taking one for the team without complaint.

I’m sorry, yes there is a big difference between starting and coming into a situation that usually isn’t of your own making.

It takes a different type mind set and more importantly different physical preparation. (i.e. how much do I run? how often do I run? Should I run tonight when I may have to come in to pitch ect…)

Another guy being put into a bad situation is Mack. He is by his own admission to the newspapers, not a good center fielder. He did not work on it, again by his own admission this past off season because he was expecting to NOT play center yet he’s out there being put in a bad position and doing it without complaint.

Those issues fall on the person putting those players into situations where they aren’t best suited to succeed.

Also regarding McCarthy vs. Vasquez or Garcia, it doesn’t matter who is better. Kenny has gone on record as saying a starter WILL be dealt this off season to make room in the rotation. Right now based on some of Garcia’s ‘blame’ comments and his body language on the mound, it’s clear to me Freddy will be taking his ‘big game’ act to another zip code in the off season.

A final thought. You wonder what is actually going on in the clubhouse. Thome hits that home run and half of the dugout looks like they could have cared less. Compare that with the Twins who think they are still playing Little League with the enthusiasm they show game after game after game, ditto the Yankees.

The sickening thing about it is is those clubs had legit reasons to pack it in, numerous injuries. What’s the Sox excuse?

Mark Liptak

Keep in mind also that the Sox are able to save some money by pushing Brandon into the rotation and removing one of those big contracts. That will allow Kenny to either look for a left fielder or get Crede or Dye contract extensions. We should get Crede done this off season. I believe he has proved that he is now worth the long term deal.

That 40/40 guy some people were so desperate for was coming with a heavy price tag. It was not just Brandon. I heard from someone in DC they wanted Lance Broadway and Josh Fields also. The Nationals were trying to be slick and play teams against each other, but nobody fell for it and gave away all their top prospects. Kenny ceratinly would not make that mistake.

Watch for Broadway to get a shot at the big club next year.

so now im being told basically that there is no hope for next year either. if mccarthy and broadway both enter the starting rotation the sox will not win in 2007. neither of them throw like verlander/zumaya…usually rookie pitchers stink in there first year so if they are both in the rotation we are in trouble.

OK, some facts. While the White Sox have clearly not played well since the All Star break, they are still .5 out of the wild card and only 5.5 out of the division. We all know September baseball gets crazy. Don’t forget that at this point last year, they were 9.5 games up. 9.5 up and 17 days later it was 1.5!!!!

They didn’t clinch until 4 games were left in the season. Give me Jenks in a save situation anytime in the ninth the rest of the way and I’ll be happy as a lark.

My favorite White Sox pitcher is going tonight and when they make the playoffs look for Javy to play a key role. Save your responses I already know what many of you think.

It’s just baseball, sit back and enjoy it!!

Come on BC, Javy has killed us so much this year that only his mother could love him at this point.

Javy has been pretty decent in his last 6 outings. I’m at the point where I’m nervous with anyone other than Jon on the mound. We need to win today!

I’m not one to say “hit the panic button” but my finger is over the button and about to push it if we lose today in Boston. Last night’s game was a heartbreaker. I don’t understand why you would pitch around Manny. If Manny is going to beat us or tie it up let him do it, don’t walk him. And people please lets not blame Brandon, I don’t think anyone besides maybe Carlos Pena thought he would hit a hr. We haven’t gotten on a roll this year, and our pitching has been sub-par at best besides Garland. Jose has lost it, Mark is starting to turn it around..Freddy is being Freddy and Javy well idk.

What doesn’t make sense to me is why would Ozzie leave Freddy in at KC for 8 innings or whatever yet pull Jon when Jon was dealing. Ozzie always does it, he always leaves Freddy in for as long as Freddy wants.

We need a win today, esspicaly with Ortiz being back.


Losing games we should win is ooohhhhh so frustrating. Again, we make an “also-ran” like Tavares look like a genius. That should never have been the duel that it was, Jon deserved that win. Sox should have never been going into extras last night.

Liriano threw 73 pitches off the mound yesterday. Radke has a stress fracture. We needed to put distance between us and the Twins while Frankie was out, so look out now. I’m going to go hide.

Just received this from Red Sox, so fyi for White Sox fans as well:

The current weather forecast (provided by the Red Sox private weather service, Meteorlogix) in the vicinity of Fenway Park calls for intermittent showers during the late afternoon hours and for light to moderate rain this evening.

The Fenway Park gates will open at the regularly scheduled time of 5:05 p.m., and the Red Sox will make every effort to play tonight’s game with the Chicago White Sox. However, the Red Sox want to alert our fans to the current forecast for the Fenway area later this evening.

This forecast is of course subject to change as the day progresses.


being down one run to runelvyz feels like being down 5 or 6… and being one back in the loss column is the same.

there’s good reason for that. this is a joke…

i dont want to dust off my dvd set… who wants to see a guy named scotty getting on base and wreaking havoc, iguchi capitalizing off a pitcher obsessing over the baserunner, juan playing good defense to make up for mediocre hitting… and a huge turnaround for 3 rock solid starters?

dont remind me how good we should be…

maybe the team should sit down and watch that dvd set?

Tons of posts on here… Seems that the worse the team does, the more people post!

All things considered it would be rather sweet for the season to come down to the last series against the Twins… If memory serves both the Twins and Indians have knocked us out of a playoff chance in not too distant memory. IF it does come down to that final series I wouldn’t bet against the Sox! I remember people were crying, tearing their eyes out last year when we had to win those games at Cleveland… We swept them and I remember telling people we were going to the series BEFORE that happened last year.

Seems better that a team does struggle a bit late in the season, if you fight to get in the playoffs, you are going to have all that much more to prove once you are there. (And with experience this year we could be all that much more dangerous).

I would MUCH rather be in this position (fightening to get into the playoffs) than the team to the north who is so far OUT they are wondering what kind of draft pick they can get.

Forever the SOX are # 1 for me, however over the next few weeks I am going to be rooting for the following teams to cause havoc with the Tigers and Twins:

Seattle, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Texas, Cleveland, Baltimore, Boston, KC, Toronto…


– Matthew


Turns out people were not crying because we had to win those games. We clinched in Detroit before that series so those games ended up meaning nothing other than that it got us on a roll.

If you really want it to come down to that last series then you are glutton for punsihment. I along with many smart baseball fans want nothing to do with those games meaning anything.

**** **** ****!!!!

What the **** is gonna go wrong next. Jenks is hurt. Our only reliable guy to hold a lead. Let’s hope they get Mike MacDougal in the role and he can hold down the fort for hopefully just a few days.

Okay, I’ve been in the office all day, and have heard nothing…what is wrong with the Manchild???
Dye is bad enough, but Bobby, too?

The manchild has a hip problem, MRI probably tomorrow. Not good for a guy that throws a 100mph. If you noticed his speed was down last night. I assumed it was just Comcast and their inconsistent speed gun. A fire baller like him needs all the hip swivel he can get. I didn’t think this could get any more painful.

We do get to see Ryan Sweeney tonight. He is starting for Dye. Pull for this kid to have a great night and maybe we will see him in left once Dye is back (hopefully tomorrow!!!). I would bet he will be Hawk’s Pick To Click?

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