Keep The Faith


Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 5:10 pm

As painful as last night was, keep up the faith.  This is likely to go down to the very end, so try to avoid getting too low or too high over the coming weeks.  All that matters right now is tonight’s game.

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Crede, 3B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; BA, CF; Uribe, SS; Sweeney, RF (major-league debut).

What Happened

Well, we certainly did not play well over the weekend.  Going into this holiday weekend, I felt very good about our position.  We have managed to make this a little tougher on ourselves now.

You win in the postseason with pitching, defense and clutch hitting.  We need all three ingredients over the next 25 games.


One of the things I have found that I need to do when it reaches September is find a free-time diversion that has nothing to do with baseball.  Yesterday, I took my nine-year-old son golfing (he had a par after holing in a 20-yard shot on one hole) and I try to read stuff other than sports.

I just finished a book I would highly recommend, called "The Looming Tower" about the growth of Al-Queda and the lead-up to 9/11. 

Just wondering, what other ways do readers on the site cope with the highs/lows intensity of September?


So my family was at a soccer game this weekend.  She was scouting prospective players for her college team.

At a break in play in the middle of the game, one of the linesmen turned to her and said, "Are you the Reifert family?  I read your husband’s blog on the White Sox."

Then my wife added that the official didn’t like it on days when I failed to post.  I guess he wasn’t real happy with me this weekend.  I wasn’t happy either.



How do I deal with the September highs and lows Scott? Whisky. Lots and lots of whisky. Seriously though, this year has been different than previous years for me as a White Sox fan. Before winning it all last year, a lost would eat me up. I’d go to sleep angry and wake up pissed off. Now I’m pissed immediately after the game and then I just let it go (sometimes easier said than done).

It’s great to see Sweeney in the lineup, though I hope JD’s not out too long. Great game by Garland last night. Pedal to the metal fellas. Get after ’em!

We know you have an extemely busy job so we appreciate any time that you have to give your thoughts and insights.

Really happy to see Ryan in the lineup tonight. Hopefully he has a great night and will see some time in left field the rest of the year. He has a nice bat, but has a fantastic are. With him out there with Dye and BA we probably have the overall best group of arms in the outfield in baseball.

To take my mind of the struggles I have been getting geared up for football season. I love this time of year with the pennant races going on, and the hopes of a Super Bowl season for the Bears.

If you are a reader I highly recommend the writings of SI writer Rick Reilly. I recently read “Missing Links” and its’ sequel “Shanks for Nothing” Absolutely hilarious if you are a golfer!

FYI: This is NOT Sweeney’s MLB debut. It will be his first MLB at bat however.

Also, why does Ozzie hate Ross Gload so much? All he does is hit when he’s in the lineup, and now Dye is hurt and Gload doesn’t get a chance.

I have been the only positive person in my neighborhood when it comes to WS chat. You have to always think positive. Last night though, I got physically nauseated. Went right to bed. Feeling better today, but here’s something I have noticed about hard luck Joe…everytime this guy gets the go ahead, we cough it up. Grand Slam, coughed up for Pablo to be hero and so it has gone for the season. I pointed this out to a few peeps, and they have noticed it now too. Sorry Joe, but don’t get the go ahead anymore…kidding, really would love to know what the stat is on this, I know I could figure it out, but maybe it just stands out to me cuz he’s the fav in this household. Welcome back Dustin, and take cares to JD and Bobster. Don’t press and relax, deep breathing guys, us moms can show ya. P.S. Mr. R, school has started, homework, varsity cheer practice and football games (argh), and working out relieves alot of stress, and you think about putting and keeping things in perspective. The WS WILL win! (Positive self talk + workout = “That’s a White Sox winner” Ed. Ok, now that I have myself feeling better…

I like what you had to say Scott.I met you once.And you are a fine asset to WhiteSoxFever!Just remember, baseball is just like life.You have your highs and your lows.Whether you win or lose, be proud of your team because you win and die together!!! GO SOX!!!

i really dont have a way to cope with september….maybe thats why i get so pissy when they lose and happy when they win…..its amazing, my students know not to mess with me after a terrible loss like last night. today they were wonderful in class! id rather have them be a little crazy though and have my white sox mess up the red sox the next couple days.

Thanks for catching up, Scott. We missed you.

How to cope… well, I find myself playing baseball with my son more often. I think the combination of the physical activity, being with my son, and participating in a sport I love provides a much-needed diversion. Even when a game is on, all he needs to do is ask and I’m there.

Like palehoses, I am much more mellow this year. I’ve been driven to tears of frustration with this team in past years (2003, in particular), but I’m not letting it get to me any more. My dad was diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer during the past year, and I believe that that, along with other world events, has helped keep things in perspective for me. (Dad’s doing great, btw.)

Read neurosurgeon Katrina Firlik’s new book “Another Day in the Frontal Lobe: A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside.” Awesome book, and her site is at complete with artist renderings. Baseball is a lot like the brain, in that if you let the pressure get to you (no room for pressure to build up) bad things can happen. So I agree with you on diversions and it’s all about the even keel (see: Ripken/Gwynn).


YEA!! Scott’s back and with an infusion of cheerleading we all are in need of! As I did last year at this time, I am getting heartbroken by these games…I have diverted myself more this year hoping I will wake up and it will be October and the start of OUR new season! Been trying to divert myself running, kids activities, and catching up on scrapbooks, but I still listen/watch and have to turn off sometimes before I do get ill! I think it was worse last year though. Still rooting and hoping for the best!

if you’re talkin’ books, you can’t go wrong with James Bradley’s “FLYBOYS”. it’s about WWII and very graphic, but also very informative. this is his second book, Flags of our Fathers being his first. way to go Javy!!! now let’s get Two before the rain….j.k.

Great performance by Javi. 8 IP, 3 hits, 1 run. You can’t ask for any better than that.

As I type, we’re going into the top of the 9th down by 1-0. If we can come back and win this game, it could be a big one, especially from a pitching stand point. Of course, if we lose this game, it will be yet another crushing loss, but at least we’re getting used to those.

Once again, we made their nobody pitcher resemble Cy Young. That’s not an easy thing to do, but we find a way to do it on a very consistent basis.

Top 9, here we go. I’m either going to be very happy or very upset. Hoping for the former, but assuming the latter.

Why do the Sox hitters continue to make no-name pitchers look like Cy Young? I don’t get it!! The Sox wasted a very good outing by JV.

with the exception of taking 2 of 3 from the yankees, and sweeping the tigers, the sox have played like **** since the allstar break, and really dont deserve to make the playoffs. i think pauly has hit into more double plays this year than he has homers. him and pods have been just awful lately.

Well my favorite pitcher did his job and I still believe he becomes the ace of the staff.

Absolutley inexcusable. We have a fantastic performance from Javi, we’re facing a no name pitcher without a win on the year, and we still manage to lose. Anybody have any good excuses this time why we didn’t win? Is it still going to all be ok?

There is a very fine line between optimism and stupidity, and I believe we are walking that line. I’ve said it a lot, but the runs you leave on third base with less than two outs are the runs that will end up making or breaking a season. We left two today, which would have turned Javi’s outing into a feel-good potential momentum swinger.

This is absolute horse sh*t. And Ozzie will sit in the post game announcements and say how Javi pitched well but the other guy pitched better, ho hum, what can you do. Well how about learning how to hit a **** fly ball with a man on third base. I’ve never seen such a good team play this poorly.

You know, I keep reading about how there’s no sense of panic in the clubhouse, how the players don’t really care that Morneau said what he did, how the pitching is turning around, even if they look like their same old sh*tty selves outing after outing. Well how about some urgency, how about some god **** fire for once. How about making a statement back to the Twins, how about Ozzie call out a player or two. I’m not saying we need to panic, but i’m sick and tired of this bull sh*t ho hum attitude.

This team absolutely *****, not in talent, but in performance, which is what counts. Nobody cares that we’re 21 games over .500, nobody cares that we’re in the toughest division in baseball, because it doesn’t matter. That’s not something you can hang your hat on while you’re watching 8 other teams play in the playoffs. The only thing that matters is will we be playing in October, and it sure as **** doesn’t look like it.

This team is a joke.

im just wondering if everyone is going to blame javy for this loss too….how could he possibly give up one run!!!!***** him! he did a wonderful job. meanwhile the twins will win today.

Pablo continues to star. he should be out there every game reguardless of the opposing pitcher.

I am sick of many of the sox players. aj pierzynski is nothing but a whiner. sure his antics are ok if you are winning, but when you are losing like we are he just looks like a big crybaby.

Paul Konerko is another one that I am not a big fan of. why dont he hit into another double play or pop up and throw his bat like a little leaguer. he stole money from the sox this offseason.

although i have always been in this guys corner, i have to start calling him out too- Juan Uribe. He has added absolutely nothing to the team in 2 months. although he would have provided a better AB than cintron did in the 8th. down by one i would have rather seen uribe up-he could put one over the monster. cintron isnt hitting one out of the deep right field in boston.

Julian tavarez and some guy i never even heard of….shoulda been 2 wins. instead we looked like garbage. my heart is breaking every single night. i truely feel as if my dog died.

beautiful – we are on pace to win 79 games this year…actually 92, but neither will get us to the playoffs – I too feel like my dog died.

Everyone really needs to chill out it’s going to be like this the rest of the way. Just like last year.

You know guys, I’d be ok with this if they were fighting hard, playing good ball. But they aren’t winning. As thier slogan says, they certainly aren’t trying very hard either…they’re just dying.

I was going to get on here and make a big statement but 90% of you aren’t worth my time. I just hope with the ******** comments that have been posted this year, that Scott doesn’t give this up next year.

Maybe you constant complainers and bitchers need to burn your World Series gear and dvd’s.. apparently they mean **** to you!

And the person that made the comment about AJ.. read your post dear.. you’re whining… practice what you preach.

It’s hard to keep the faith when Jenks, Buehrle and Dye are all hurting and we can’t even score a single run. I was at Kauffman this weekend and the energy from the fans was great until we gave up those runs on Sunday. It seems like the fans are realizing that last year is over and this year may not be our year. Everybody keeps waiting for a hot streak that just may not come. It seems like no team wants to grab the bull by the horns and take control of this thing. This is the most frustrating part.

listen, i love this team and im gonna be with them til the end (which i hope is sooner rather than later). but there is absolutely no reason the sox should have lost that thursday game to tampa, lost 2 games to KC, and lost these 2 to boston. when they score runs, the pitching gives it up. when they have a gem thrown, they cant hit. i know they had the lead last nite in the 9th, but lets face it, it should have been a 3 or 4 to one ball game at that point. 3 times tonite, runner on 3rd less than 2 out- zero runs.

stuff like that doesnt get you to the postseason. and niether does burning, or buying, sox merchandise.

oops. later rather than sooner.

“Maybe you constant complainers and bitchers need to burn your World Series gear and dvd’s.. apparently they mean **** to you!”

Yeah, you’re probably right, we should all learn to be complacent. Because as we all know, complaining about this year’s team, which anyone would be crazy to call anything but underachieving, certainly implies that last year didn’t mean sh*t to us. I’m sure Kenny Williams feels the same way. Right now he’s probably thinking “How can anyone complain about this season when we won it all last year?!? Stupid complainers. They aren’t true Sox fans at all.”

You show me a team in baseball who underperforms like we have and fans that don’t complain, and i’ll show you a terrible fan base. No sh*t people are going to complain, this team is playing terrible baseball against mediocre teams.

I’m not quite sure what you expect from us. Optimism? Well what exactly have you seen in the past two months that causes you to be optimistic. There have been very few glimpses of a turn around, and they are quickly squashed by poor performance after poor performance. Sorry we don’t all think things will magically work themselves out. Sorry we’re not Cubs fans, who no matter how bad the Cubs are, always believe they will have a good year. Sorry we actually have expectations for our team, and when they fail to meet those expectations, we’re a bit upset about it.

I apologize, I guess I just don’t know what it means to be a true Sox fan. Perhaps one day I won’t have any expectations for them at all, and I will never complain about them because everything will just be fantastic. We’ll be in third place like we are now after being picked to make it to the World Series, but like you, I won’t complain, but rather i’ll yell at others who complain because they don’t know what it means to be a true Sox fan. Being a Sox fan isn’t about passion, it’s not about ripping the team when they do poorly and lose games they need to be winning, it’s about complacency.


Reread my comment.. I never once said I wasn’t disappointed, upset.. but name calling isn’t called for.. they aren’t playing like they were suppposed to, yep,******..****** big.. but if you have a breath in you tomorrow when you wake up then life isn’t all bad. RIGHT??? RIGHT!

Diversions and distractions: re-reading “In Cold Blood” for the first time in years, and — while I watch the game on TV — knitting a scarf for winter. Both make me feel that I’m getting something done on the nights like tonight when the ballgame seems to have been a total waste of time. 😦

I’m not losing faith, but these two losses to the Red Sox have been absolute heartbreakers.


Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth. You saved me the time of having to type it, but I will add my two cents.

I am sick and tired of people preaching optimism. Are you watching the **** games? If you are and you still find optimism then you don’t know **** about baseball. This team shows no sign of hope. When you come to the end of the season you have got to be winning games especially against other teams minor league pitchers. This chump in his last 3 starts was 0-2 in 8 2/3 inninng. Yes optimistics that is less than 3 innings a game (all starts). And he made our hitters other than Pablo and Sweeney look like chumps.

Sure there were positives tonight. Javy pitched great and Sweeney, as I have been hoping for had a nice debut in his first start. However unless Javy throws a no-hitter tongiht…. Wait I was gonna say we might win, but no we didn’t score. Oh guess you can’t win without doing that.

Iguchi, why the **** are you still standing on 1st base when Sweeney took off for third. You are one of the 3 guys in the lineup that can actually run. I told my wife as soon as I saw he was still there “double play coming up” Sure enough. It’s not pessimism, it’s knowing that when you make mistakes they bite you in the a**.

Last year meant so much to me. I was finally able to see a world series and celebrate a chanmpionship for the Sox. One year is not enough. Ask the Yankee fans if 26 is enough. I guarantee every single one you ask will tell you **** NO!!!! I was in New York for the series in July and they were selling shirts that listed all their championships, and it said something on there about the only one that matters in # 27. That is an attitude!

The only one that matters to me is the next one. I bet Kenny and Jerry will tell you the same thing. That is a winners attitude. You want to relive the past, go to the other side of town.

Grinder rule #2006: Forget about last year, it’s playoffs or it’s a failure!

I just dont get how we go from complainers to not caring about the world series last year. I just don’t really follow your logic.

I reread my post and can’t find any name calling, but I apologize if I did. I just don’t think it’s fair to imply that we don’t care about last year because we come on here to fume about this year.

#1 I do know **** about baseball..

#2. I’m just as frustrated as all the rest but I don’t choose to come out here a slam the **** out of individuals.

Bigdog, my apologies to you, no name calling.. it was a post a few down from yours and by then I was hotly irritated.. see I do have a heart, I do get on here angry as all get out, I guess I just don’t choose to say ‘this team *****’ or that they’re a joke. I’ve watched the Sox for 40 years, not all of them pleasant, I cried when we won last year because my father died the Summer before, never having seen us win it all.. he was about as diehard as one can get. I do care.. I’m just not vicious about it and personally don’t see the need for it. I’ve thrown many a remotes and pillows at the tv as of late.. just as you all have.. I don’t know.. maybe I’m more complacent in life (though my husband wouldn’t agree with you) and 30 minutes after the game, I’m looking to see what time tomorrow’s is on. I don’t want the season to end like this… trust me..

But one thing is for sure, one more person ******* compares me to a Cub fan and you will be verbally smacked to **** and back!

I’ve set place in Wrigley **** once in my lifetime and my father didn’t talk to me for a week.. a comparison to that team and its fans makes me righteously angry, I kid you not.. please refrain.


One comment; jimdevereux…if its “ok” for you to slam anything and everything and preach negativity far and wide, then its JUST as ok for someone to preach optimism. And to say they don’t know **** about baseball, come on.

Its funny, a couple of bloggers adn I have chosen to communicate via email as of late simply becasue how ridiuclous the talk has become on this blog….and I was just saying how other blogs aroudn the league have to worry about people from other teams infiltrating their sights, writing negative and degrading posts. Here, we have our very own fans doing it. Pretty special, aren’t we.

We are all here becasue we love the Sox. They bring us from ALL walks of life. So who’s to say how one person’s attitude should be? And who is one person to call out someone else for thinking they way they do?

Lets go back to baseball. Lets forget all these personal attacks that have been present lately.

Times are rought right now- EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. You don’t need to spell it out, because contrary to your belief- we ALL know “**** about baseball.” So get over it, and get on with it.

Even the faintest of heart can be a fan during the good times. Tough times in baseball and more so in life are when true champions are born. We are in crunch time, but this thing is so far from over. If you feel like turning in- then FINE! GO! We won’t stop you! At all! You aren’t needed! Is that what you need to hear?

But QUIT degrading the people that are find it worth sticking it out. That find it worth believing and trusting.

Is that really to much to ask?

This is the time our team needs us- more than ever. I sure as heck know I’ll be with them EVERY step of the way regardless of how frustrated I get. Regardless. I’m proud of that. And I don’t have to stop believing becasue some of you are so quick to turn when things get a rough.

With that, lets go Jose tomorrow- we need you big guy. (and here’s to Mark, Bobby and JD all getting clean bills of health quickly, we NEED you!!)

p.s. Scott, when we asked you at bloggers night if the players read this and you said you didn’t think so- THANK GOODNESS! I would never want them thinking that this is how people feel about them! For what its worth Scott, please tell them that there are a WHOLE lot of us out here that are with them! Thanks!

Oh and my coping mechanism? Basketball. I was in the gym for a long time tonight as you can imagine! I also love playing catch with my little brothers. I guess I should say studying takes my mind off of it, but who likes to study!😉

Just a few random thoughts.

* I agree with Big Dog. Last year means absolutely nothing on September 6, 2006. It doesn’t mean the Sox will make the post season, it doesn’t mean they won’t. The 2005 season will be forever appreciated and loved by this fan of 46 seasons but it’s ‘what have you done for me lately?’ That’s the world of pro sports folks.

* What DOES matter is this. Thome, Dye, Jenks are hurting. They are missing key games, consistency is being disrupted more then in the past and frankly this team has struggled for a long time. The Sox haven’t had a run of serious injuries except for Hermanson. They HAVE had a ton of small, nagging injuries since spring training (Posednik, Contreras) that have added up over time.

* The Sox have now lost 14 of their last 21 after going on a 12-5 stretch. This has been the pattern for five months folks. It’s not being made up.

* The Sox still have a dreaded west coast trip and finish the season in Minnesota against a team that seems to play every game like it’s their last while the Sox sit around saying ‘everything’s fine.’ It not folks…it hasn’t been this entire season. Ozzie called a meeting the first week of spring games because he was displeased with the effort being shown. What does that tell you folks? The Sox got fat and sassy over the winter and it’s shown this season. With due respect to Scott, why should a team with seven All-Stars, the defending World Champions and a 100 million dollar payroll have to KEEP THE FAITH, in the first place?

I’ll close on an optimistic note. And no I’m not being facetious.

All the Sox have to do is win three more games and at least they’ll have a ‘winning’ season. That’s not much but given what’s happened to other Sox teams historically which were expected to do well, that’s a **** of an accomplishment. (Some of you may remember 1968, 1973, 1984 and 1995 which were disasters with a capital D.)

Mark Liptak

Wow! what a game! if you like BASEBALL, who wouldn’t like the last two games? if these past two games were at the start of the season, we ALL would have shrugged and figured we were going to win tomorrow. why? because we played so WELL!!! nothing has changed except the leaves starting to fall off the trees now. a few weeks ago i talked about an atmosphere of winning and expecting to win (like my yankee fan friend, he NEVER gives up). the problem we Sox fans have (not all of us, but more each day)is that we don’t have the attitude that the yankmess(hey Tom are you still out there?) have. arguing won’t win ball games. complaining about our players won’t work either. slitting your wrists? that’s not for me either.

so what do I do to get through the tough times, like we are experiencing right now? i look at the photos of my family. there is nothing more important than them. and then you friends and the good times you have had in your relationships. that may be a bit simplistic for some of you. it seems that if you’re not moaning about something, you have no value. that’s horsepapi! i look at each game as entertainment. not every movie i go see is a good one. some are sad. some are scary. some are really bad, but i don’t stop going, and i’ve never thought of asking any actor for a refund from his “excessive” payday. even in some of the very best movies, the good guys die in the end.

even John Wayne died in a couple of his movies and they are two of my favorites. ( the Cowboys and the Shootist in case you’re wondering).

what’s my point? keep going to the “movies”. hug your kids. i look forward to tomorrow when we will all get together again for another go at the “bad guys”.

j.k. night all….

are you out of your mind? we played so well? what was well about it? iguchi’s baserunning? konerko’s clutch hitting? the fact that tomorrow guillen will put pods back in even though everyone knows that ozuna should be starting? the fact that our 2 best players are hurt? nothing about today was well klein. it was terrible. my students are in for a rough day tomorrow.

so take a deep breath and hug your kids/ wife and move on. what’s the worst thing that can happen? we don’t get into the playoffs, right? how can that compare with what is truly important? don’t take YOUR attitude out on your students…
yours truly, klein..


I am far from giving up. I am not gonna miss an inning. I love this game, and I love this organization, but anyone that expects us to break this year long trend is just unrealistic. If they do, and make a great playoff run I will be thrilled, and I will be more than happy to put my foot in my mouth. It’s just not happening right now. We have fallen back into pre-2005 baseball. We are injured, slow and just not getting it done lately.

I hate being negative, but they just don’t give off any reason for optimism to me. If people feel the need to be optimistic that is fine, go right ahead. No matter which side you are on, if the Sox don’t make the playoffs we will all share the same disappointment.

Mark is right about this being a what have you done for me lately world of sports. In these days of million dollar athletes, not to mention a $100 million roster that we fans contribute our hard earned money to, losing as pathetic as we have played is just flat out unacceptable. We are a major market, and should expect to win.

The ups and downs this year have me sick to my stomach, but even though I spew negative thoughts I know we can still get it done, but time and chances are running out fast. I don’t want 2005 to look like a fluke. I want to be there again!!! I know the Sox can not go out and win every World Series from 2005 to eternity, but atleast having a shot to defend your title would be nice!

One thing I have to be optimistic about for the future is Ryan Sweeney’s performance tonight. I am not forgetting about Javy, he has been much much better lately(loved the 2-finger fastball tongiht-very effective), but Sweeney has a huge big league future. Hopefully Ozzie will find a way to get this kid in the lineup. I want JD back in right, but use Ryan in left and to spell BA with him in center instead of Mackowiak.


Which game did you watch? I will give you our pitching and D was awesome tonight!!! However we may as well have gone up there without a bat tonight. The hitting su**ed!!! The only ones with a clue were Pablo and Sweeney. Not so good when he is your best hitter being it was his first couple of at bats. Sure, great bunt by Iguchi, but why the **** was he still on first when Sweeney took third. That is just not playing heads up baseball.

Paul “King of the GIDP” Konerko got us again. Bases juiced and he can’t even coax a fly ball. When runs are scarce we need our big guns to come through on those spots!!!

Oh yeah another stellar perfromance against another pitcher we have never heard of. If you have heard of him it because he has su**ed thus far. This kid was 0-3 with a 6.35 ERA coming into tonight. He has given up 16 hits and 8 walks in 14 innings. That comes out to a WHIP of 1.714. That should equal runs with the lineup we have right? Javy should be pissed!

OH, Have you ever been to or watched a Yankees game. They get all over their players. Look at the way they treat A-Rod. **** they were booing Jeter when he was hitting bad. You are right that the Yankee fans have an attitude, they have the attitude that only winning is acceptable. It is more that kind of attitude that they portray than a never give up attitude.

It does not matter if it is April or September that hitting would make anyone sick. If it were April I’d be circling it on the schedule and hope we did not live to regret that one.

Its amazing how things work sometimes.

Tonight, at the pinnacle of my frustration with the blog, the losing, eveyrthing…I turned Oprah on.

And it was the re-run of Mark and Scotty presenting Ryan Devlin with many tokens of appreciation for the heroic act Ryan did.

Ryan sold his World Series tickets to fund a trip down to the hurricane ravaged coast to help the thousands of people in need.

And suddenly it clicked in my head….how fortunate we are. And how lost we get sometimes.

It really just made me smile, and it really made me happy and proud. Proud of my fellow Sox fan (and the countless unamed people who do their own heroic acts), but more so of our organization. I can’t explain it really, but it was awesome, and pretty powerful to watch.

My mom likes to call these things “God things”- when you’re really just need a little nudge that eveyrthing will work out, and this was one for me.

Ryan, you may never read this, but thank you for what you did. What an incredible story.

OK, enough frustration for the night. I got a baseball question for those who care to respond. Something I was thinking about since it has been brought up the last couple days as Philly’s Ryan Howard has been torching NL pitching recently. Given the allegations and accusation against the “cheaters” that passed Roger Maris for the HR title, do you think if Howard gets to 62 he is the record holder?

My opinion I believe he should be, but MLB will never honor it that way, and that is a shame. MLB always knew what was going on, and would not have done anything about it had Congress not stepped in. Did you hear at the Shrine this weekend they were removing fans from the bleacher who heckled Bonds, suppoosedly at MLB’s orders to do do. What a joke that is. – You wrote: “There is a very fine line between optimism and stupidity and I believe we are walking that line.” I consider myself an optimist, and I perceive that comment as you calling me (and others with a similar mindset) “stupid”. I realize you don’t know me (except through any thoughts shared on this blog), but nothing could be further from the truth. Please try and refrain from the personal attacks, OK? – You wrote: “If you are [preaching optimism] and you still find optimism [in recent games] then you don’t know **** about baseball.” I beg to differ. Optimism has nothing to do with one’s knowledge of the game (although I have plenty, thank you). But it is an important part of sports psychology. Teams that are optimistic in the face of defeat are more likely to be successful in their next game. Those who explain setbacks negatively will perform more poorly. But aside from that, your comment wasn’t a heck of a lot nicer than bigdog’s. Cut it out already, please?

How come we can’t hit? How come 1/2 the hits we got last night were from the new guy?? Because he’s hungry, he wants it. Our other guys don’t seem hungry enough.

I agree…someone on that team, Ozzie, Paulie, SOMEONE, needs to pi$$ed off and call someone/the team out. Get mad. Play hard boys, or just go home.


I understand as an athlete you have to be optimistic with everything. A batter in a slump has to always be thinking that his next at bat will break him out of it, or shooter for a basketball team has to keep shooting. As an athlete you have to keep that mentality.

However when we are talking about a team goal here we can’t continue to look at the glass as half full when we are faltering like we are. At some point we have to fill the glass up again or it is gonna be empty soon.

Right now is our last chance to get that done. Neither the Tigers or Twins are red hot right now, but we have just become colder than them at the absolute wrong time. With those two playing around .500 ball lately we need to take advantage, but we just can’t seem to do that.

Believe me, I want to be optimistic. I want to believe that we are gonna snap out and win it again, but nothing they are doing on the field is making me think that can happen.

Anybody happen to notice this 2-month long period of underachievement seems to coincide with Ozzie’s sensitivity training and the lack of controversy he now creates? I know it’s a horrible excuse but I can’t help but notice that the sox always seem to start a winning streak while everybody else is focused on something Ozzie says. Last time he created controversy, the sox won 9 straight.

I say we put all these personal insults aside and focus on who Ozzie should insult personally to start another winning streak!

Good one Danwash!

I too have noticed Ozzie not really being himself lately. You gotta wonder if MLB told him to cool it after the Jay Mariotti incident. I wanna hear about him going nutso in the clubhouse to light a fire under some butts.

I completely agree.

Ozzie needs to get pissed. I mean, come on, it can’t hurt anything. And the consistent ‘we will turn this around’ attitude doesn’t seem to be working.

What happend to our motto? What happened to the grinder rules??

I am not going to be negative, but just mention that my brother’s softball team has more intensity than the Sox right now.

Come on guys, pick it up. This is not just a slump anymore.

Distractions and diversions? I am a full time mom, wife, supervisor at a bank and a student. If that is not a distraction after Labor Day then I don’t know what is!!! Whatever free time is left after making sure my kids are doing what they’re supposed to do and after studying what i am supposed to… I read. Mostly during commercials of Sox games. I have read several of the books mentioned on this site. Great reads!!! However for fun reading, I pick up a Janet Evanovich novel and crack up for the rest of the evening as I find her books HILARIOUS and I need a really good laugh, especially after a heartbreaking loss (like for the past 3 games). As far as these negative bloggers…complain away!!! Although I too get frustrated and disappointed, I refuse to sink to the level of constant negativity and name calling. I choose to stay optimistic and stay true to my kindred spirits Maria, Dawn Bethany, JKlein and Tom Q. ( I still miss you!)


I’ve been reading too.

Some quick recommendations:

-Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marissa Pessel

-The New Portable Dorothy Parker

-Any Augusten Burroughs essays

-The New Yorker

-AS Byatt – anything

-Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Salomon Rushdie (you can read this to your kids, so much fun)

However my WS coping is only to watch games in person. I think i’m 13-1 for the season. Needless to say someone needs to hook me up w/ more tickets🙂. See, I’m the thing that’s missing. I predict wins on Friday night and on 9/24.

Maria :
“ – You wrote: “There is a very fine line between optimism and stupidity and I believe we are walking that line.” I consider myself an optimist, and I perceive that comment as you calling me (and others with a similar mindset) “stupid”. I realize you don’t know me (except through any thoughts shared on this blog), but nothing could be further from the truth. Please try and refrain from the personal attacks, OK?”

First of all, reread my sentence. I didn’t say you are walking the line, i said WE are walking the line, so there really isn’t anything personal about it. It’s more of a blanket statement, which is just about the complete opposite of personal.

My point was that we are being optimistic when we don’t really have any reason to be optimistic. You know why Cubs fans are so optimisitic at the beginning of every season? It’s not because the Cubs have a good team, it’s because they want them to win. So while you might applaud their optimism, it’s completely unwarranted. I wouldn’t applaud a Royals fan who was optimistic at the beginning of this season, i’d tell him to get real. There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic, but you have to be realistic too.

So when I said WE are walking the fine line between optimism and stupidity, I meant myself included. Because one one hand, I am optimistic that the team will make it in the playoffs, but this is the ‘Cubs Fan’ optimism in me. It’s the “I believe they’ll win because I want them to win.” However, when I look at the numbers and the facts rather than my emotions, I don’t think we’ll make it because we don’t play a winning brand of baseball on a consistent basis, so in that sense, I am pessimistic.

Anyway, sorry if you took that as a personal attack, but that couldn’t be farther from my intentions.

The playoffs will be heartbreaking to watch if the Sox aren’t in it. During the games, I may just replay last year’s games and try to relive the glory days.

IF the Sox don’t make the playoffs, who will you guys be cheering for? I wouldn’t mind seeing Detroit win, as my brother’s good friend is their center fielder, and I still like Maggs a lot. Other than pudge, I don’t really dislike anyone on that team. I wouldn’t mind the Mets either, just to stick it to Yankee fans.

First round, Twins vs. Yankees (Hopefully Sox vs. Yankees, but i’m just saying hypothetically). Who do you cheer for?

I’m cheering for the WHITE SOX.

Everyone needs to settle down. There are still 24 opportunities left to win this year and you never know but Detroit and Minnesota could fall into the same rut we have lately and we could even end up taking the AL Central. Stranger things have happened, right?!

Scott, I appreciate that I can come on your blog when I’m down and out after a tough loss (or THREE in this case) and feel inspired to keep on cheering for the good guys. Things aren’t as bad as they seem right now. There is still time left and we still have a great team.

I hope we can make it to the playoffs so my oldest brother will stop talking trash about how you can stick a fork in the team. I would love nothing more but to rub a playoff run in his face. GO SOX!

Wow, the bloggers are sure heating up, while the team is not. What is there to be (theme of blog coming up) “optimistic about”? Well, we aren’t 10 games out with 20 to play. Come on, we are 1.5 out of the Wild Card. That warrants that we still be optimistic. But, we are playing like do-do since the break. Granted, but the pitching is starting to heat up, which has been the Sox problem all year, not the hitting. Sure, the bats have now hit a pot hole in the road, but that’s not as disconcerting as pitching problems, which is the KEY to winning. Pointing out frustrations helps to work them out, and then when you read a positive post (mostly from the ladies, except for maybe Klein), that helps me to get off the ledge. Sure, I complain, too, my kids will tell you. But NOBODY likes to hang with somebody who makes a life out of it. There’s no way you can equate a hopeful Sox fan at this point in the season with any kind of Cubs fan. Crikey, we’re 1.5 games out, and Detroit and Minny have their problems, too. There definitely is still reason to “keep the faith”, and nobody’s stupid for doing so.

Thank you!!! I needed that!

Well,boys and girls,as you’ll recall,your old Uncle Tom has been away from here for a while,because he got absolutely sick and tired of hearing all of the wining,b**ching and moaning from the armchair experts….And,guess what,boys and girls?….Since Uncle Tom has been away,the WS STILL haven’t played all that well,have they? Coincidence,Mr kenwo?
Anyway,after last night’s game,ncle Tom was feeling lower than a snake’s belly…Then I recalled an inspirational poem that I had presented to the class earlier in the year,when I felt that they needed it….I got the poem out,looked it over and said to myself…”Self,they REALLY need it this time….”

So,for the team,the entire workforce and for all of WS Universe……


When things go wrong,as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high

And you want to smile,but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest,if you must—but never quit.

Life is strange,with it’s twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about

When he might have won if he’d stuck it out;

Stick to your task,though the pace seems slow—

You may succeed with one more blow.

Success is failure turned inside out—

The silver tine of the clouds of doubt—

And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit—

It’s when things seem worst that YOU MUSN’T QUIT.

Call me a dreamer,call me nuts,h***,call me a cab…..

I still feel that this club has a Silky Sullivan finish left in them(For the uninitiated,Silky Sullivan was a race horse who invariably started off slowly and way back in the pack,then would put on a tremendous burst and win at the finish….jklein’s grandfather may have put a buck or two down on him in the day…..)…..

TQ(soon to be another year older and deeper in debt…..)

TQ – I hope you’re right about the finish. It would be a great way to enter the playoffs. Happy pre-Birthday.

Big Dog:

To answer your question…n one.

If the Sox aren’t in the post season I could care less who plays, who wins or who loses.

I’ll find the final score and watch the highlights on TV. I won’t waste my time watching if the Sox aren’t playing (especially THIS year!)

Mark Liptak

Hey tq, welcome back and an early happy B-day.

I see since last I posted, the ChiSox have continued their penchant for drama. Like I have posted before, I wish my Tribe was playing for the WC right now, but it is not to be.

We get to play spoliers and have played pretty well the last month or so. I am looking forward to the four game set in Chi-town this weekend. My best guess is we split the four games. We get the Lee/Buerhle and Sabathia/Vazquez games (we’ve hit Mark pretty well this year) and you guys get Byrd/Garcia and Carmona/Garland. But that is just a guess. Of course I hope we take 3 of 4 to put another dent in your chances. That is what a spoiler does, isn’t it?

Early birthday greetings to TQ who needs to stick around and keep us on track🙂 Call me high on White Sox Kool Aid, but this weekend Detroit and Minnesota beat each other up. I still have hope that good will come out of that! Somewhere in my heart I have to believe that this is our August 2005 and we are going to get hot at the right time. The pitching is coming around gang and that is good. As deanklub has pointed out, at least we are in the race. It isn’t over yet White Sox Universe (pardon the intellectual theft Mr. Quaid) We are 1.5 out of the wild card with 3 weeks left. Baseball is a crazy game and alot can still happen. I don’t disagree it has been painful to watch, but I have not lost hope!

Sweeney’s leading off tonight. Glad to see that Ozzie isn’t afraid to try something new. Maybe this move will turn out to be the spark that they need. Go Go White Sox!

Listening to the Detroit game on gameday. They’re in a rain delay tied 4-4 with Seatle. They’ve been having a sport call in show to occupy the time until the game can resume. They have the same complaints as we do. They are worried about their hitting as their offense is in a slump. Today Kenny Rogers had to have the trainer come out to work on his arm on the mound. He was not pitching good a lot of balls in the dirt. They are worried about their future games. One of the radio guys is worried that the Tigers will be in third place after they play The Twins and our Sox.. A caller is even worried about Bonderman. They are worried about thir young pitchers. Mags is hurting rumors of them using him only for DH probably next year. They’d be looking for a right fielder. They were even saying they need hitters like out Thome. SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE HAVING THIER PROBLEMS AND WORRIES LIKE US. THEY HAVE BEEN WINNING ONE OUT OF THREE GAMES THE RADIO GUYS SAID.tHEY HAVE LOST 8 OF THEIR LAST SERIES PLAYED. IF THEIR WOES CONTINUE ALL THE SOX HAVE TO TO IS CAPITALIZE ON THEIR OFFERINGS. HOPE THEY DO . I HAVE EITHER GONE TO A GAME OR WATCHED THE GAMES ON TV HAVE NOT MISSED A GAME ALL YEAR. IT SURE HAS BEEN HARD THE LAST FEW WEEKS. I’M SURE (HOPING THEIR BATS WILL COME ALIVE. THEIR PITCHING HAS BEEEN GREAT THE LAST FEW GAMES. FINALLY JAVY HAS SUCH A FANTASTIC GAME BUT HE COULD NOT GET THE BACK UP SUPPOORT. HE SHOULD HAVE HAD THE WIN LAST NIGHT AS GARLAND SHOULD HAVE HAD THE WIN THE NIGHT BEFORE. MAYBE THEY ARE TRYING TO HARD. THEY DO NOT LOOK RELAXED. THEY LOOK TENSE . THEY SHOULD GO OUT THERE AN HAVE FUN AND NOT BE SO TENSE. BEING TENSE AND UNCOMFORTABLE COULD MAKE THEM PLAY BAD. i HOPE JOSE HAS FOUND HIMSELF AND PLAYS LIKE HE DID BEFORE HE WAS ON THE DL. LET’S GET A WIN TONIGHT AND START A STRING OF WINS.

WOW!! Det and Min lose and the Sox win. Do you believe in miracles? Yes!! Great game by Jose. IMO the Sox must win 3 of 4 from Clv.

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