A Different Look

Wednesday, September 6, 2006, 5:05 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Sweeney, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Pods, LF; Cintron, SS.

About Last Night

Knowing people on this site (at least in a cyber sense), I am assuming that I was not the only person who did not sleep a wink last night.  Late night TV can be pretty bad (how can that be with 400-something channels).  Thank goodness Imus In The Morning came on MSNBC at 5 am.

Last night was FRUSTRATING.  For much of the season, we decried the inconsistent pitching.  Now, we have gotten two outstanding performances from Gar and Javier and haven’t posted a victory.

We need one tonight.  No excuses.  No whining.  No complaining.  We need to get back on track.


Most of you probably saw a lot of Ryan Sweeney this spring (thanks to Comcast Sports Net), but you have to like what you see of the young player, nice swing, athletic, aggressive.  He may stick around for awhile.

Injury Updates

Are all good.  Dye is back in the lineup.  Buehrle checked out fine and is scheduled to pitch tomorrow.  Bobby has some soreness in his hip but should be good to go tomorrow, according to Head Trainer Herm Schneider in Boston.


To Mark Newman at MLBAM (with major help from Maria) for posting the pages from your amazing "Blog Book" on the left-hand side of the page.  The job you guys did in putting this together continues to humble me.  We hope you enjoy "flipping" through the pages to check out other Sox fans who frequent the site.


Limited tickets remain for the four games this weekend, although Saturday is virtually sold out.  Act now if you want to come out and cheer on your Sox.

I need to sleep tonight (we all need to sleep tonight), so we need to win.


Would have preferred Sweeney, Anderson, and Dye, left to right. Maybe the Pods, Cintron, Sweeney, Iguchi segment can manufacture some runs with their speed, and who knows…a big bat might even knock a few runs in with men on base.
Let’s go, gentleman, time to step up to the plate!

Hey I really like this lineup. Maybe a little demotion will give Pods the kick in the rear he needs. Ozzie, thank you for giving Sweeney this shot. If he can come through with a couple hits or even walks it will get things stirring. Hopefully this is the change that will get us some life again. The optimists are right that we are only 1 1/2 games out, but we need to start playing with some urgency. Go get em Jose!

Yeah, I agree!! I was really excited to see Sweeny in the lineup the past couple games. Awesome.
Seeing the bog night book is cool too!

…we’ve got this one.

I like Sweeney to me anyway he seems like a good player. Nothing wrong with Brian I love his defense, and heart but he has to start gettin it done. Remember people we control our own destiny. We play the Twins in the last games of the year, and I don’t want it to go down to the wire.

Prediction: The Detroit Tigers don’t make the playoffs.

Good game so far, good to see JC bounce back from that first inning with the first two guys getting on. Detroit at Minnesota for four game starting tomorrow, huge series. Game one on espn tomorrow, I know i’ll be watching.

Let’s build some **** momentum!


I have been looking at detroits last 10 games or so today, and they look like they may be falling into that slide we hit last year, but later in the season than we hit it. If it lasts as long as ours did they will certainly not make the playoffs. If we are going to overtake anyone for sure I think it would be Detroit.

Usually you cheer for them to just beat each other up and split so we can gain some ground, but I am thinking a sweep. Either way works, but if the Twinkies sweep you can kiss the Tigers goodbye as long as we go get our job done also.

Twins lose, Tigers lose Sox are on their way to a solid win.

Interesting day in baseball:

No hitter by Florida Marlins rookie Anibal Sanchez. Very cool to watch, ESPN cut to the final two innings so I got to see the end.

Carlos Silva threw 60 pitches in 6 innings, which is a fantastic rate, before having to leave the game with a stomach problem. One man’s loss in another man’s game, as the bullpen promptly gave up the lead.

Detroit released Dimitri Young today, claiming his production just wasn’t up to par. He has hit .300 with 7 HRs and 19 RBIs in 32 games since coming back, so they’re not fooling anybody with that statement. Glad to see him go though, I thought he was doing a pretty good job for Detroit, so their loss I suppose.

Three straight fantastic starts in a row for us. Looks like the bats are coming alive too, Thome with four hits, Dye swinging the bat well, I really like Sweeney in the leadoff spot with Pods at the back of the lineup.

One thing that Ozzie really does do well is he doesn’t play favorites. If you’re not getting the job done, you’re not gonna pull the team down day after day. This could be the beginning of a great stretch of baseball.

Please don’t let me down White Sox.

And we’ll all sleep a little better tonight! Great game boys!

Got some great starting pitching going this series. Awesome game all around. If that’s how the players respond to pre-game closed door meetings, by all means Ozzie slam that door shut before every game.

Pretty nice stuff from Anibal Sanchez, even better since Miguel Olivo caught it. Bring on Cleveland.

Finally a well played win.

Perhaps ONE TIME these guys will now stop screwing around and play solid baseball for a week or maybe ten days and get some momentum. With that west coast road trip staring them in the face this would be a **** fine time for it.

To reach Ozzie’s ’95 and in’ prediction they must go 15-8 in the final 23 games. Going to be very tough to do.

We’ll see.

One thing’s for sure they can’t screw around against another garbage losing team the next four days.

Mark Liptak

my students will be in a good mood 2marrow finally! good win. nice to see dustin hermanson back. that was a tough road for him. i am 50/50 on the pods drop from leadoff….i like that he isnt leadoff but i dont like that hes still in the lineup! we need to beat cleveland this weekend. lets rock!

and the world is a happy place again!!! hooray for espn, that was exactly what i needed tonight. i almost decided to stay home and just listen to it on the radio, but my good sense won out. i was surrounded by astros fans rooting against us, so maybe that was the good luck charm?😉

great to see some positive posts out here. i’m really looking forward to the weekend and expecting some big movement in the division.

go, go sox!!!


well, if i were one of the “complainers” i’d have to say we GOTTA get rid of Sweeney. 0-5? come on. that won’t work! he went from a .667 avg down to a .250 avg. Off with his head!!! of course, i’m kidding and the complainers won’t recognize the irony. good game guys. three in a row, good pitching, and now it’s on to crunch time. it REALLY doesn’t look like ANY team in the central wants to step up, so… why not us???? come on Mark, make it four in a row…. j.k. later all..

Well, we’ve got the pitching working, that’s for sure. If we can lock in the defense and the hitting, it’s going to be a fun September! I am looking forward to seeing the Sox in Oakland 10 days from now. I hope it’s a fun trip to the “mausoleum” – no, Coliseum.

Scott asked last night how we bloggers get through these tough times. I think about all the good times, and believe they are coming again. Works for me🙂

btw…Scott, my mom e-mailed me the article on your wife and the U of C soccer team that was in the paper (or I’m assuming that’s where she got it). She’s an alum, so I know she’s happy to read about the success they’ve been having. Here’s to continued success for both of your teams!!!


oops…not from the paper, but from the U of C site.

All shook up! Well, of course I am after a great win, but really I was talkin’ about the line up! How great did that work out for us? I tip my cap to you Ozzie!

Jose was phenominal, and Dustin…DUSTIN! Welome back!! First appearance since Game 3 of the World Series….I almost didn’t recognize him without the facial hair!! But glad to have you back Dustin!

And lastly, how monstrous was JD’s homer….the Green Monster paled in comparison!😉

I couldn’t sleep for the life of me last night, and I can’t wait to finish up with the books and papers so I can sleep like a baby tonight!🙂

Great win Sox! Don’t stop there!

First of all congrats to Anibel Sanchez on his no-hitter tonight. That Florida team deserves a lot of credit for the way they have pulled together and are having a nice season considering the circumstance they play under.

Klein – OK Sweeney has gotta go 0-5 is unacceptable!!!


He may have been 0-5, but he hit the ball really hard a couple times, just did not hit it in the right spot. He also looks pretty effortless in moving for fly balls. He is gonna be a good one! I really like this kid’s future here.

Another awesome effort from one of our starters. Let’s keep that momentum, and see if a little lineup change causes a spark for the rest of the season. We need to go and get all 4 against Cleveland. No let down, go kick some butt!

Hawk made a great point about this team tonight. We have found ourselves playing down to our competition this year. He suggested that because of that fact it is probably a good thing we have a pretty tough schedule this month. I agree 100%

How could I forget, I got goosebumps seeing Hermanson look solid in the 9th. Man was that a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully he can stay healthy and be a big help to us down the stretch.

Biggest thing to take from this game- Three impressive pitching performances, IN A ROW! With the horse back on track, this should make all Sox faithful the hopeful, again! It’s all about the pitching, I just hope Mark is okay with his health, and comes through tonight. He has been pitching better of late, maybe the “competition” thing on the staff will heat up again! And you gotta love the battle of JD and Thome for the HR title on the team this year. Thome ties it up at 39, and Dye says, “I don’t think so” and hits number 40!! That was cool, because it seems some players hit a mental block when going for a milestone like that, but not JD, he was only thinking of the TEAM winning. What a great team player. Ozzie almost wanted him to sit out, be careful, but not JD. He was ready. MVP all the way. I love it, too, when a Manager is not afraid to shake things up a bit. You like a steady, stable lineup, not changing every day, but sometimes a shake-up is just what is needed. And now, I think Brian needs to get back in, we’re going to need him for the post season (that’s a pretty optimistic statement, I know) since Sweeney cannot be on that roster. But this experience is really cool for Sweeney, looking to the future.
Let’s kill the Indians!!

Nice win guys. Now, let’s try to keep it up. Not asking for perfection, but a winning streak and CONSISTENCY–please!!

By the way, for all those who complain about the dreiferians (thanks..Klein?), take a look at the Tiger’s blog (Beck). WHOA – those guys make us pessimists look like cheerleaders on speed rooting for the mailman when the monthly mortgage bill arrives!

Nah! i can’t claim credit for the Dreiferian label, i think that sobriquet was coined in response to your Kleiniac comment about blind optomism..but i did make you famous by labeling you the Duke in that story about dragon-slaying and romance of long ago. as i recall, Duke Dreifer and Count Kolsens were at odds with the Kings daughters, the lovely and believing Princesses of the realm. well that story is gone now, but you Duke, you’re still here! go get em Mark….make the realm proud.. j.k. waxing nostalgic on a rainy tucson morn…

How about Dustin! Now that was a good sight to see!! I know it is looking with rose colored glasses, but you gotta think that something good is going to come of the Twinkies and Tigers beating up each other. Can anyone else feel it but me? The pitching is coming and there seems to be some magic in the air…Call me an optimist, but I think this weekend is going to be good for us. VERY GOOD.

Hi,boys and girls….Uncle Tom back with you once again…..If I were an egotist(which I’m not….)I would claim some sort of credit for the victory in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts last night,due to my posting that “Never Quit” poem….But I know it wasn’t that….it may have been the “closed door meeting” that Oswaldo had with the troops prior to that game….I don’t know what triggered it,but…DO IT AGAIN TONIGHT AND EACH AND EVERY DAY AND NIGHT TILL THE **** SEASON IS OVER WITH IN LATE OCTOBER!!!!!
Whew,that took a lot out of me…not to mention my fingers on the keyboard…..

As to last night…..the Cuban horse is back….the offense is back….although when they had eight runs by the 4th inning,I felt “Oh,NO!

They’re going to score a carload of runs tonight,then take ANOTHER week off,just when they least need it….but the last five innings were anticlimactic….

To J Dye….when last seen,that ball he hit in the 4th inning was bouncing past Lansdowne Street and heading for the Mass.Turnpike…and his defense? The finish on that catch off Loretta in the 3rd reminded me of what Buehrle used to do on the tarp during rain delays before Kenny saw it and had a kitten,then told him never to do that again….

Good to read a post from deanklub regarding his Tribe….I was going to post him and ask him one simple question:For the most part…WHO THE H*LL ARE THESE GUYS?????THE CANTON-AKRON TEAM??? Talk about your firesales,good grief,Charlie Brown…..

As to this weekend….like them or not,you have to root for Los Tigres versus Team Rah-Rah(my new nickname for the Twins….appropriate,isn’t it?)while the boys(fingers crossed)take care of business against them Clevelands….

Finally,for what it’s ********** it,I gotta stop listening to Paul Harvey),Scott asked in ghis Tuesday post what we do to counteract the highs and lows of September….Lots of you posted that you like to read….Well,so do I…I am a voracious reader of mystery fiction….My favorites include Robert B.Parker,Ed Mac Bain,Stuart Kaminsky….and the folks who write the Cubs media guide every year(now THAT’s mystery fiction…..)

TQ(soon to be a member of the “54/40 or fight” club…..)

To:any one of the princesses of WS Universe,or anyone else who could help a old man out(or a soon to be older man)….and no, the answer isn’t “Sure I’ll help you out…which way did you come in?”(rim shot…)
I know it’s kind of late,but I still would like to be able to print out the copy of the GRINDER RULES that Brooks Boyer and the marketing department so brilliantly came up with….I had had a copy,but accidentally threw it out(shame,shame on me…)

If someone could come up with that link(I think it is still somewhere on the team website)and pass it on to me,i would appreciate it….

Okay,boys…take the momentum from last night,use it all weekend long,and hope that Los Tigres take care of Team Rah-Rah(formerly known as the Minnesota Twins)in the HumpDump…then,fly out to the once dreaded Left Coast to take on the Angels and A’s(by the way,Scott,if you could,please ask Ed Cassin to ask the pilot to dip the wings of the charter as you pass over Arizona,as a tribute to our double play combination of J Klein and Harkins…thanks….)then come back to pick up the pieces of Los Tigres and them Seattles to put a fun end to the regular home season(and maybe a preview of the post,fingers crossed?)…..

Or am I getting too far ahead of myself?

TQ(back in the saddle again….)

Tom: I think this is the link you’re looking for: http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/cws/downloads/y2006/Grinder_Rules_2006.pdf

Think young! ;o)

To the Duke: I have to claim that Klein is correct…I labeled the pessimists as “Dreiferians” just after your labelling of optimists as “Kleiniacs”, a label I proudly wear, although I do dip into Dreiferianism on occaision, too.
Checked out Beck’s Tiger blog, and I have to say those folks can get pretty long winded, and as I read futher along, you’re right on with your assessment: they were trashing Leyland pretty good (the only manager who’s got the team to respond in 20 years)and they gave Maglio a healthy dose of barbs in the back, too. It was enjoyable reading, knowing that some of their faithful are pounding the panic button.

I’m kind of swinging towards the Twinkies sweeping this weekend, along with the Sox, of course, and bringing the Tigers back to the pack. Then we’d have the opportunity to beat either or both of those teams, down the stretch.

Hey TQ, good to see you saw my last post.

In actuality, most of “these” guys were around this year. A few were in AAA, yes. But a fire sale? Nah, we unloaded spare parts (except for Wicky). We still have Grady, Pronk, Vic, CC, Peralta, Blake.

The new guys are Marte, Garko, Choo, Inglett, Luna (although he was originally ours), Sowers (too bad you guys miss him this time around), and a few BP guys. I expect Marte, Choo, and Sowers to be around for a long time.

Our SP is pretty much the same. Both pitchers tonite have been hit pretty well by the other side. First one to survive the fifth wins😉

Good luck all, just not too much. I am hoping for at least a split this weekend.

Any word on Hafner playing this series? It would nice not to see him this weekend.

Pablo for Crede today, Joe has looked like a day off may do him some good. Mackowiak in left for Pods tonight. Have not seen much of him lately. Hopefully he has a nice night to take advantage. About time he gets a start in left where he is more comfortable than in center.

Let’s go get em Mark!!!

Back in the saddle (in Tucson) after breaking away for a week out of town.

Unfortunately, although I had my laptop computer with me… I didn’t have broadband internet connectivity to enable me to access the WS games via http://www.mlb.tv.

I was able to catch up every couple of days to watch condensed versions of the games and game highlights(actually, over the past week… for the most part they were lowlights).

In reviewing the posts from the past 6 days… much has been covered regarding the challenges and opportunites that are facing the White Sox at this make or break juncture.

Here are some thoughts, observations and neurosis:

* There have been way too many opportunties squandered to gain ground on both the Tigers & the Twins,

* Timely, situatuional hitting has been erratic (at best)

* Whatever happened to(the 2005 winning formula of) Ozzie Ball comprised of: solid defense, selfless ABs, advancing runners, driving home runners in scoring position, leadoff, 2nd & 7th, 8th & 9th hitters in the batting order routinely driving to ball to the opposite field, aggressive, smart base running, hitting the cut-off man, getting solid jumps on any balls hit to outfield, strong, timely defense,

* Consistently solid starting pitching,

* Getting ahead early in counts on opposing hitters,

* Keeping pitches down in the strike zone,

* Avoid succumbing to the big inning.

* Don’t allow lead-off walks

* Attack hitters early in counts

* Take care of business by (minimally) winning each series

* Bury the weaker teams (on the schedule) whenever you face them.

* Manditory unwavering playoff intensity exhibited by each and every player throughout the stretch run.

* Bench players who don’t have playoff intensity when they are given the opportunity to play in this crucial period.

* Play with a confident but determined sense of urgency… by facing each: pitch, at bat, play, inning, scoring opportunity, game and series as though it was your last.

I am still very hopeful the White Sox can (minimally) makes the playoffs and perhaps still even win the AL Central division. The starting pitching (with the exception of Freddie Garcia) seems to be coming around. I’m hopeful that last night’s offensive outburst can serve as a catalyst to springboard their offense into an extended period of hot timely hitting.

This weekend offers a great opportunity for the White Sox to pick up 2 to 4 games on Detroit and/or Minnesota. It it crucial to build momentum before heading out to Anaheim and Oakland next week. Let’s go get ’em guys!

~Hark In Tucson

Frank Thomas just got a 3 run homer which will defeat the White Sox. He is 270 pounds.He hates to run bases and with him on base a double play is always possible. Why don’t you walk Thomas. He is a better hitter than any of the White Sox pitchers.

We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.
– Air Jordan

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