Four Games With The Tribe

Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006, 4:10 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, 3B; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Mack, LF; Uribe, SS; BA, CF; Alomar, C.  Buehrle on the mound.


Sure turned out to be a good day for the White Sox … Sox win, Twins lose (finally the Rays win one against Minnesota) and Detroit loses.


Big four game set for the South Side boys – they need to just worry about putting up some Ws and everything else (Tribe/Tigers) will take care of itself. If they put up Ws, they’ll gain ground either way this weekend. So here’s to keeping the string of great starts going – Go Buehrles!! Go Go White Sox!!

If we sweep and twinkies twinklesweep we are 1 1/2 back. Was in England last year so could not see a single pitch- 1 word- REPEAT!

Wow what a crazy lineup! I guess Ozzie changed his mind about starting Sweeney again like he said he would.

Back in the saddle (in Tucson) after breaking away for a week out of town.

Unfortunately, although I had my laptop computer with me… I didn’t have broadband internet connectivity to enable me to access the WS games via

I was able to catch up every couple of days to watch condensed versions of the games and game highlights(actually, over the past week… for the most part they were lowlights).

In reviewing the posts from the past 6 days… much has been covered regarding the challenges and opportunites that are facing the White Sox at this make or break juncture.

Here are some thoughts, observations and neurosis:

* There have been way too many opportunties squandered to gain ground on both the Tigers & the Twins,

* Timely, situatuional hitting has been erratic (at best)

* Whatever happened to(the 2005 winning formula of) Ozzie Ball comprised of: solid defense, selfless ABs, advancing runners, driving home runners in scoring position, leadoff, 2nd & 7th, 8th & 9th hitters in the batting order routinely driving to ball to the opposite field, aggressive, smart base running, hitting the cut-off man, getting solid jumps on any balls hit to outfield, strong, timely defense,

* Consistently solid starting pitching,

* Getting ahead early in counts on opposing hitters,

* Keeping pitches down in the strike zone,

* Avoid succumbing to the big inning.

* Don’t allow lead-off walks

* Attack hitters early in counts

* Take care of business by (minimally) winning each series

* Bury the weaker teams (on the schedule) whenever you face them.

* Manditory unwavering playoff intensity exhibited by each and every player throughout the stretch run.

* Bench players who don’t have playoff intensity when they are given the opportunity to play in this crucial period.

* Play with a confident but determined sense of urgency… by facing each: pitch, at bat, play, inning, scoring opportunity, game and series as though it was your last.

I am still very hopeful the White Sox can (minimally) makes the playoffs and perhaps still even win the AL Central division. The starting pitching (with the exception of Freddie Garcia) seems to be coming around. I’m hopeful that last night’s offensive outburst can serve as a catalyst to springboard their offense into an extended period of hot timely hitting.

This weekend offers a great opportunity for the White Sox to pick up 2 to 4 games on Detroit and/or Minnesota. It it crucial to build momentum before heading out to Anaheim and Oakland next week. Let’s go get ’em guys!

~Hark In Tucson

this is the third time since august where the schedule appeared to favor us with opportunity to make up some solid ground… so far we’ve fallen flat both times. here’s hoping for the turnaround.

dont break our hearts again, guys…



Your question about ‘what happened to Ozzie-ball’ is one of the great unknowns of the season.

In 2005 the Sox hit 200 home runs but they also bunted, stole bases and used situational hitting enough to produce runs and win close games.

How a player ‘suddenly’ forgets to bunt over the winter, or to be able to hit to right field getting a guy over is a mystery to me.

One point though is that Ozzie himself was quoted as saying he can’t play the game the way he wants to because this team simply can’t execute on a consistent basis and that he’s going to spend more time on fundamentals come spring training.

Ozzie’s 100 per cent correct HOWEVER that begs a few questions.

* Why wait until spring training? (Ozzie’s comment was stated in July…) Why not force players to attend extra bunting, running, fielding practice…whatever is needed. It’s never to late to improve the situation.

* What has Ozzie been doing the past three springs if not work on fundamentals? That was one of the issues with Jerry Manuel. The Sox couldn’t do any of the little things and frequently compounded the issues with boneheaded base running (remember Carlos Lee trying to steal 3rd base three times!)and poor defense and defensive manuvers.

The roots of this franchise has been, is and always will be things like pitching, speed and defense. The Sox have gotten away from their roots. They are not the ‘South Side Bombers’

It’s no coincidence when they actually were able to do those things they won a World Series. By standing back and blasting away, trying for eight run home runs, they accomplished nothing from 2001 through 2004 and perhaps this season as well.

Mark Liptak

A good kind of game (because as long as we win there’s no way we can’t gain ground) but also quite nervewracking. I’m starting to see what you were saying, Scott, about finding something non-baseball related to do in your spare time. Not all that easy…

Way to step up Mark!! This team continues to s**k against bad teams. I don’t get it. Min and Det have given the Sox many chances to seize the division and they have failed every time. I am sick of it!!


My heart is officially breaking…Maybe Ron Burgandy will save me.

Everytime I want to believe, everytime I think, ‘OK maybe they’ll finally get it’ they play like they did tonight.

Totally flat, totally disinterested, totally bad against a garbage club.



Oh they’ve also lost 6 of 8 and 14 of their last 23 games.


THIS is a playoff team? (Maybe in double A).

Mark Liptak

Donna: That might get your mind off tonight’s… um… game.

“I’m in a glass cage of emotion.” — Ron Burgundy

Awesome all around effort tonight guys. Man, can’t figure out why we lost that one(being slightly sarcastic). All we have to do is win and we gain ground no matter who wins in Minnesota.

We have been given so many opportunities the last couple weeks and have not been able to seize them. Believe what you want, this is not the character of a playoff bound team. A playoff hungry team will jump all over those opporunities, especially when we are playing the creampuffs of the AL.

To me the thing that says the most about the way we have played lately was the first 4 innings. Cliff Lee threw 80 pitches through those first 4 innings. How the **** when a pitcher throws 80 pitches in 4 innings do you not have 1 **** hit, or even a **** walk??? What the **** are we doing at the plate!!! If you coax 80 pitches in 4 innings you should be looking for the knockout blow in the 4th, not looking for your first baserunner.

What a joke, keep showing up once every five days and we will be able to concentrate on football by next week.

“HELP ME! IM CHOKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” mark buerhle’s quote of the day………….terrible game. im going on friday if they play like that im leaving in the third inning. absolute garbage how they continue to play like dog **** against teams that have been out of it since may. just awful. rough day for my students tomarrow

That it did Maria! Sorry, Anchorman is my guilty pleasure I crack up and catch something new everytime I see it. And what a perfect quote to throw out! That about covers last nights game. Ah but tonight is another day. My son is going tonight so I’m hoping he brings some luck.

I’m going tonight for the start of an 11 game winning streak!

Danger! Danger!!! We have to step it out up ladies and gents. I will be very dissapointed in this years team if we do not even make the playoffs. We should at least make them. The team should play every game like its the last game. We have to win the next 3 we can’t just split the series. We must WIN!

The Sox are 29-28 vs. left-handed starters.

In 2007, the four other teams in the division are likely to begin the year with as many has half of their starting pitchers being left-handed.

Here are the 2006 season OPS splits some Sox players have vs. LHP:

Mackowiak .501

Podsednik .571

Cintron .579

Anderson .599

Pierzynski .635

Uribe .652

Iguchi .701

Now AJ is the catcher and Anderson is a rookie (and a fantastic defensive CF) so they can be cut some slack, but a Sox team with any of the others seeing significant playing time just isn’t going to be a championship team. A good first step is that Ozuna is finally playing almost every day vs. LHP. However, in the off-season, some of the above need to be discarded in exchange for guys who can hit left-handed pitcher (free agents Alfonso Soriano, Mark DeRosa, Mark Loretta, Torii Hunter and Gary Matthews come to mind as examples)

Sorry to have been prophetic (I said we hit Buerhle very well, his stats vs the Tribe are not good this year). I just couldn’t believe you guys didn’t hit Lee at all. Very unusual.

I’ve seen a few comments calling the Tribe a garbage team. If I may take offense to that, I will. Are we as good the ChiSox? Heck no, our record definitely shows that. I believe our Pythagorean record should be 77-62 (the same as the Twins and only 2 behind the Sox), not our actual 67-72.

Some team stats (Cle vs Chi):

AVG – .283 vs .283

SLG – .465 vs .467

RS – 757 vs 770

ERA – 4.45 vs 4.52

SP ERA – 4.37 vs 4.67

RP ERA – 4.70 vs 4.15

Very close except in the bullpen.

So my original prognostication of a split still stands (I think we lose Fri/Sat and win on Sun based on the pitching matchups).

But please stop calling us a garbage team, we have just underperformed this year. You guys are still better than us, but we are not awful like you think we are.

I hope Kenny and Ozzie are not sleeping. I know I am not. I want them to feel our pain. This disaster on the field of nightmares is getting too difficult to handle.

Scott, show your “face.” We need a target and unfortunately you are it. Not that you are to blame, but we need someone we can vent to who is on the inside. Tell us what’s going on in the clubhouse. I DON’T want to hear that everything is fine and it’s now or never and better luck next game. I WANT to hear that players are LIVID!! I want to hear that AJ threw a chair across the dugout; that Ozzie could not utter a sentence without cursing every other word; that Buerlhe stayed up all night in his PJs and threw pithes against the bullpen backstop. In short, I want to see LIFE!!! That is missing and we better get it back. Buerlhe was booed last night. GOOD!! I want to see him in the dugout kicking and screaming! I don’t give a rat’s aperture about professionalism now. Show us that you care, ******!

I don’t know, I’m just rambling. I’ve run out of critisms of this team. Frustration, dissapointment, depression, angst – all these emotions have been covered here. What else to say? The way this team looks now, giving up games and failing time and time again to take the lead away from Detroit and Minn., the motto should be changed to Lose … or Try Dying.

You know it’s a pretty bad game when you’re watching Blake vs. Federer by the 6th inning…and I don’t even like tennis!

Last night was so very typical of our 2006 White Sox. Just after a game where we seemed to be firing on all cylinders, we come out with that. That putrid brand of baseball that can only be described as well, putrid. 23-29 after the All-Star break. 23-29! I hear alot of people getting down on Ozzie but it’s not his fault. These players are getting paid a whole lot of money, not to go out and try or give it their best shot, they’re getting paid millions to PERFORM. And the one thing everybody here can agree on is our guys are not performing anywhere near their potential, be that pitching, defense or situational hitting. The good thing is we have a **** of a GM that isn’t going to stand for this garbage. Kenny and Jerry stuck their necks out and increased our payroll to make us a team to be truly reckoned with, not a team that takes two steps back for every half-step forward. Keep this up fellas and the axe is going to fall something severe in the offseason. I could almost visualize steam coming out of Kenny’s ears as he witnessed the latest insult last night.

And I know that we’re .5 game back of the Twins which is great, but Championship clubs should never be reduced to the role of the spectator, eagerly watching the scoreboard to see if we’re falling further behind. We shouldn’t be waiting for breaks to fall our way. We should be swinging a sledgehammer at any and all opposition, creating our own **** breaks. The WildCard and the Division have been there for the taking and we’re acting like we got all the time in the world to get either of ’em. Turn it around and keep it turned Sox. Hopefully bc@bigdogs and kenwo will provide the team with a little bit of good luck tonight. We could use all the help we can get. Sorry for the long-winded diatribe.

And in response to deanklub, the Tribe is a really good team and will be for a while. I really like (as much as a White Sox fan can) Marte at third and with Grady, Pronk and Victor you’ve got a really strong nucleus up there. By the way who the **** is this Garko?

There really isn’t a garbage team in the AL Central. Even the Royals are decent now, as the showed us all season and the NL during interleague.


My only comment to you stat-geeks is this. Games are played by human beings in a stadium in front of live people.

Games are not played in the basement of your mother’s house on a lap top computer.

Ah yes…the famed ‘pythagorian formula’ created by the clowns at Baseball Prospectus. (or was it the clowns at Baseball America?)

That’s the same publication by the way folks that said for three straight seasons the Minnesota Twins couldn’t possibly have won the division because the ‘math’ didn’t add up and last year AFTER the Sox clinched, they still didn’t update their computer model, stating the Sox had only a ’90 per cent’ chance of winning the division.

I listen to the pythagorian formula as much as I attend Cub games (which is never…)

Dean when you can’t have a winning record in my book you’re a garbage team. Period. End of discussion (and yes that has included for a number of years the White Sox.)

This is baseball not mathematics.

Mark Liptak

Hey palehoses, thanx for the compliments.

FYI Garko was a 3rd round pick in 2003 out of Stanford. Drafted as a C, he hit prettty well in the minors with a 900 OPS over his first 2 seasons. As he was blocked by Vic (and not a great defensive catcher himself), they moved him to 1B late last year. He struggled in AAA this year (mainly due to learning 1B), but has hit pretty well since being called up.

Question for Freddy:

Is this a big enough game for you?

Well fine Mark, you can feel that way, but at the end of the season when we have over a .500 record will we still be considered a garbage team? One the Central has proven to be the toughest division this year. Two, the AL in general is better than the NL. If either us played in the NL this season we’d both likely be in the playoffs already (us not so much tho because of the bullpen).

My point was that we hadn’t performed well as a team (especially the bullpen, any decent production out of them and we’d be over .500 already).

Again, I am giving the Sox their props, but if you look at both team stats (and the ones I presented are not “geek” related except maybe Pythag), both of our stats are eerily similar. The Sox have performed well, we have not with very similar numbers. It could easily have been the other way around, but it’s not and that is why we are in the spoiler role.


With respect, to me, Ozzie to a certain extent is at fault.

Four times this season he’s been quoted in the paper as saying how bad this team is fundamentally and that he can’t play his style of ball.

What’s he done about it? (besides say he’s going to have additional practice in fundamentals NEXT spring training…)

Has he benched players? Has he ordered mandatory additional practice in things like baserunning, bunting, situational hitting for an EXTENDED period of time? (not one day or one week)

Cliff Politte clearly lost it…Ozzie kept running him out there. Neal Cotts has clearly lost it, Ozzie keeps running him out there.

Ozzie hasn’t blown a gasket, turned over a food table or got in the players faces this season despite poor, lackadasical performance for the last two months.

According to the Daily Southtown, Ozzie has used 71 different lineups this season. And you thought Jerry Manuel was bad in this?

Since ‘sensativity training’ Ozzie hasn’t been the same and neither has the team.

Looks like Jay Mariotti is going to get the last laugh after all. (and that sickens me…)

Mark Liptak


You finish over .500 in my book no you are not a ‘garbage team.’ Until then you are.

Mark Liptak

Let me get this straight, if the stats are eerily similar, and you are relying on these stats to compare the teams, why are the Indians 12.5 games behind the Sox? If we only relied on stats wouldn’t it be much closer?

hey jim, my point is that the Sox could easily have our record and vice versa since the stats are similar. But, as I’ve stated many times before, the Sox are a better team because in spite of the same numbers you are 12.5 games ahead of us. The main reason is that our bullpen has given up way too many games especially in May, June, and July.

Do I think we’re as good as you? No, obviously not because our record does not justify it. And as Mark said, the record is really all that matters. But I believe (and again is only my opinion) that we are not as bad as our record indicates, and not as good as the Sox are currently.

Watching this team play since the All-Star break is like watching a dance lesson from Arthur Murray…one step forward,two steps back,then to the side,and repeat….
Truth be told,Buehrle has had three absolute STINKO performances this season versus Cleveland….the rest of the staff has not performed all that badly….and hopefully that will be the results the rest of the weekend….while Los Tigres and Team Rah-Rah continue to club each other over the head in the HumpDump…..

To deanklub….I apologize to you sir,out there somewhere in California,and thank you for your appraisal of the new kids on your block…Truth is,the WS hadn’t seen the Tribe since the first of June…and you know how absence makes the brain grow fodder(or something like that)…But anyone who says that the Indains are garbage doesn’t know sh** from shoe polish….yes,they have underachieved this year…and it may cost the young manager his job…but they still are a major league team and,as Mr Liptak and I both know from the teachings of Jack Brickhouse….”Any team can be dangerous at any time…”

And it really wasn’t all that long ago that the WS were in the spoiler role for teams like Cleveland and Minnesota….So I guess that what goes around,comes around…..

Here’s hoping that Freddy and the Dreamers…I’m sorry,the WS….will come around tonight and propel the rest of the weekend…the next week,the week after that….

You get where I’m going,don’t you,WS Universe?


Ozzie said he started Ozuna because Cintron was 0-10 against Lee…wow, what a sample survey. Ten whole at bats, huh? What about Beurhle’s sample of work against the smirking Indians? Maybe he should have sat out the game, too, especially with the recent ailments and record. The tests came back negative, “yeah, but coach, my back don’t feel so hot”. “Tests show you’re okay, get out there and win one for the Gipper.”

Sure glad Old Man River got the start behind the dish with that stellar BA, he’s just the spark we need. But who knows, maybe Mark would have given up 15 runs had not Sandman handled him with such perfection.

Call me Dreiferian, I deserve it. I can’t even finish this post properly, with a cheer for the team. I doubt I’ll be singing along with the polka king at the game tonight. Grisham, write a quick one, I need to escape!

Looked on Web, couldn’t believe my eyes…Grisham has a book coming out in October! Too bad it might be too late!


To be honest I don’t think the Tribe is a garbage team. Have they dissapointed this year? Absolutely. If they were playing like they were expected to this would be a wild playoff race.

I would gladly take some of the talent on your squad including guys like Sizemore and Hafner. Sizemore seems like he is gonna be one of those guys that just kills the Sox. I like Thome, but Hafner is a beast at the dish. I am so sick of seeing Thome get a lefty into a 3-0 count and end up striking out. His perfromance against lefties is unacceptable. Of Hafner’s 42 homers he has 26 against righties and 16 against lefties. Quite a bit better than Thome’s 33 to 6.

Np jim, I didn’t think you thought that way. I was just answering your question. I’d wish you good luck, but that will have to wait until Monday.

And I honestly don’t think the Sox would have a record like ours with the same stats. Your team seems to play better in close games, while before August we honestly did not. See you all on Monday win or lose.

Reading these posts is good entertainment; laughing at: Games are not played in the basement of your mother’s house on a lap top computer, and picturing Mark in pajamas, well…he’s a newlywed, ya think? I should be charged a fee, (do I have to pay City tax, too, cuz then fergedaboutit?)! I wish I had something more Soxinsightful. I learned (yeppers, I can do it) 3 things to never discuss with clients, politics, religion and don’t gossip about co-workers. I’ve added a 4th, wanna guess? Laughing still, otherwise I’d be crying…I’ll just finish with I have Paul hitting a homer tonight on my MLB HR pick, so um, pretty please with sugar on it x a few others? Ohmygosh, you can so tell I’m a female, not that there is anything wrong with that. Go get ’em Sox.

Thank you AJ. What an ending.

AJ, just the glue my breaking heart needed! My 9 year old son called me from the game after the home run and I answered the phone saying I wanna marry AJ and he said “me too mom–well not really but he creamed it mom!” He was so excited! I think I woke up my neighbors I was so excited. Let’s hope that is our spark!!

i just got home from our first night of bowling and of course i saw Bobby give up four straight doubles and i WAS going to say that we have got to be leading the majors in turning victory into defeat, and then, and then, and then…. ok. maybe now there will be a bit more passion? go Sox, get ’em tomorrow Jon….
j.k. from the land of a 3-1 beginning on our first friday, AND a happy White Sox World……….


We almost managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Note to Ozzie and Cooper: I think Jenks is still hurt. Seriously, his fastball appeared to be straight as an arrow. You can throw it 105, but if it is straight any major league hitter will hit it hard. He also looked like he was favoring the hip as he was not following through as hard and fully as he normally does. Just because the MRI says there is nothing structurally wrong does not mean he is not still hurting. Ozzie please rest him as much as possible.

Thank you AJ for pulling out the 9-iron and dropping one in the bleachers. Nice night for a few guys at the dish, especially Paulie, need to get him going. I loved the aggressiveness on the bases. The team seemed more managed tonight, more smart ball!

Who cares who wins in Twinkietown this weekend, let’s just go take care of business. Need another stellar outing from Jon and Javy this weekend.

Just got back from broadcasting high school football and saw what happened.

I’m thrilled with the win but my God does every game have to be like pulling teeth for these guys?

The 8-1 blow out Wednesday is about the only ‘laugher’ game they had in awhile and against some garbage teams to boot.

Oh well, maybe they can lightup ‘Fatso’ and his ‘sterling’ 1-8 5.7 ERA Saturday (of course the way the Sox have performed against awful pitchers this year I won’t hold my breath…)

Mark Liptak

What a fantastic game, I was there and looked around after Bobby gave up those 4 doubles and to see everyone pour out of there when we still had a good part of our line up coming up. Bobby’s fastball didnt make it faster than 96 and it didnt seem to be moving at all, but in his defense 2 of the hits were bloopers and the other 2 were right on the line. I agree that he is still hurting though. It was good to see Hermanson playing catch in between innings though. Heres to another one tomorrow.

I don’t really know how to say this but – last night was the first time i was slightly disappointed to be a Sox fan. I’m in my mid 20s and have season tickets very close to the field. My family has owned these seats since the days of green seats and yellow railings. Last night during the 9th inning i was standing for A.J.’s at-bat only to be yelled at by 6 different people (all of them appeared to be early 60s) to sit down. I informed them that the team is in a pennant race and they could stand up and cheer the team on as well. As soon as A.J. hit the ball i had another person yelling obsenities as me as well. You would think he would be excited about the first walk-off homer of the year! I would like to ask the people of this blog – was i wrong for standing during the bottom of the 9th inning?

In other news the game was an exciting win which will hopefully spark this team for a few weeks so i’m not sitting at home during October.

Go Sox!

many things could have factored in to the people yelling at you. were you a drunken fool for most of the game? that usually gets me mad (im in my mid 20s as well and im all for going out boozing, just dont do it at the sox game because id rather concentrate on the game instead of going to the can every other inning)… far as the game goes- it was exciting, but it didnt have to be exciting. they again had to rely on a magical comeback instead of just beating a pushover team…..dont get me wrong i was high 5ing everyone around me, but it would be nice if they could just win without a 9th inning comeback.

i know they won so my argument wont carry much weight, but i think guillen is on coke with that lineup he put out there. cintron, sweeny, uribe, pods and mackowiak in the lineup in a must win game? i almost had a heart attack when i seen that posted.

if jenks is hurt why did he bring him in? jenks looked like garbage …as one of the previous posts said he had a 96 mph fastball and a lot of hanging breaking balls. thorton is the hero of this game, came in and didnt allow the other run to score.

lite up frosty corona’s tonight boys!!!!

I’m really not sure why they were upset at me – other than the fact that they would have to use their legs. I was not standing for any other part of the game nor was i a drunk. I rarely stand at any other portion of the game unless everybody around is standing because i specifically don’t want to block people’s view. But in the bottom of the 9th? cmon. It just seems to me that in the games i’ve been to this year (appox 30) the crowd realy hasn’t been into the close games like last year. When people starting leaving last night after the tribe took the lead i wanted to puke. And then more people telling me and the other people i was with to sit down – just disappointing to me.

What did BA do to deserve this latest benching by the way? He has been hitting somewhere in the neighborhood of .280 since the break and hitting the ball hard. I know he has been struggling again lately but when he goes 0-3 and then gets benched for 3 games how comfortable could he be? If they want to win games with pitching and defense it is probably not a good idea to have our best defensive outfielder on the bench losing his confidence by the second.

iap210: I’d chalk it up to people being short-fused and agitated by what transpired at the top of the inning.

Some just don’t want their views blocked while they’re comfy in their chairs. But I personally feel that at the bottom of the 9th, anything goes. And when it’s a tight game and a little fan support might serve to encourage the guys, well then heck… get off your bum, people!

I wouldn’t let it bother you any more than it has. Sox fans come in all shapes, sizes, mentalities, etc., and there’s room for everyone. Don’t let last night’s experience diminish your passion one bit!

iap210- the same thing happened to me when Oakland was in town…I think it was Crede who hit an RBI- or something, and I went nuts…and some dude kept yelling for all of us to sit down. His wife and kids were so embarrassed that they were hiding under a blanket. Everyone around was freaking out on him saying it was a baseball game and he needed to callllmmm down. His wife made him leave eventually becasue she was so embarrassed. It was unbelievable, what a…you can fill in the blank.

AJ!!!!!! I am so excited. I love it, especially when he hits the walk off!!!

Lets go Jon!!


You did nothing wrong. Bottom of the 9th you gotta be cheering your guys on. Maria was right, probably just grumpy people ticked off cause of what happened to Jenks. I would have been standing and ignoring what they were saying.


Man this is like the 2nd thing we agreed on this week. I am 29 and can’t stand drinking at the games. I want to concentrate on what is going on, and now with the bihger crowds you can’t just take a leak in between innings. It takes atleast a full inning. Not worth it at all, especially when you factor in the cost of a beer too. Although Yankee stadium was the worst I had ever seen $9.75 for a beer.

How do you like that?…On(not quite)Halfway to St Patrick’s Day Night(whew….)….the luck of the Polish pulls it out for them….Well,just add ANOTHER city to the list that hates AJ’s guts….
As to the top of that fateful ninth….Manchild comes out throwing….BATTING PRACTICE…What did you expect the Indian hitters to do—stand there absolutely overwhelmed? No,folks,these are(by default)ML hitters….They saw their pitches and hit them….A couple of them were absolute parachutes,but….they count just as much as the line drives…..If there is HONESTLY something wrong,physically OR menatlly with Jenks….GET HIM OUT OF THERE….Or,better yet,DON’T PUT HIM IN THERE TO BEGIN WITH…THE H*LL WITH THIS “HE’S MY CLOSER” ****….What is Hermanson doing back with the team,keeping Kuysner company out there in the pen? What is wrong with Thornton? What is wrong with Mc Dougal? Why must every manager in MLB ape all the others in following rote with the bullpen….It’s a h*ll of a time to try it,this late in the year but….experiment a bit,try something different…..

Anyway,the Lightning Rod spared any more discussion of another “one step forward,two steps back” program by putting the ball,I believe,close to where Podsednik’s ball went in Game 2 last October….

And as the cries of “Dobzya,Dobzya,AJ!!!!”went up from WS Universe,the biggest sighs of relief may have been heard coming from Guillen,Cooper….and Manchild….because,once again,their bacon was saved,when it really shouldn’t have been…..


What an awesome game from both AJ AND Garcia – it’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to pick up the win. AJ definitely topped it off, but Garcia was the steady rock that held everything together through the game.

TQ, FYI the game is nine innings. This is what home field advantage means. “When it shouldn’t have been” was your quote, so home team only gets 8 innings in your world. I suppose you may want to cook your bacon in the earlier part of the day, but it is way okay to have A.J. cook his late.

I mistakenly posted this similar comment under the month of April, but my comments, although 3 months prior to the present would be exactly as I would have predicted. Ross Gload is an excellent major league hitter.In 2004, when he got a chunk of playing time, if I remember correctly, he batted over 320, and ended the season with an impressive consecutive hitting streak.While not a million dollar bonus baby,he is a winner who, based on his incredible statistics last year ,during an injury plagued season(he crushed the ball at Charlotte) had he been one of the golden boys of the scouts ,I venture to say he would be looked at as a savior.My question is:what does this dedicated team player have to do to further prove himself in order to get more playing time? This year in a most challenging role,he is hitting 323. First base is a lock with Konerko. I can understand that. WhatI don’t understand is :why does he not get more time in the outfield . For the past three years I have watched the million dollar prospects Bouchard, now Brian Anderson who ,undoubtedly,will in time be a top shelf player both hit in the 230 range. Now the young and talented, yet unproven Sweeney is getting playing time.While I admit that perhaps you lose a bit defensively with Gload in the outfield,I believe his hitting capacity would more than compensate for his defensive flaws, If they can be called flaws. If given the chance to play on a regular basis, perhaps on another team, he would hit over300,get 80 to 100 R.B.I’s and hit 20 home runs. Additionally, he would be a Gold caliber defensive first baseman. If baseball is a game of averages ,and a high average means more hits, and more hits means more runs. How can the Sox, at this crucial time, when every game is one of critical importance,ignore the law of averages? Give Gload at least 2 at bats on a regular basis..Oh final Question. How many major leaguers with under 150 at bats are hitting over 320,this season? Interesting…..Check it out.One last comment, check out his average since july….

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