MVP Moment

What a catch by Jermaine Dye in the top of the sixth inning.  For those of you who didn’t see it, you can watch it again here as JD was driven back to the right field wall at pretty much full speed by a hard-hit ball. 350K

Just as he approached the fence, JD reached up and with his glove at just about the yellow line atop the wall, snagged the ball, slamming into the cyclone fence (luckily not at a post) and bouncing back onto the warning track.

In replays, you could see the ball hit his glove, see JD glance to see that he had hit and flex his grip in the miliseconds after he bounced off the wall.

As great as the play was, the reaction was better.

As Ozzie Guillen and assistant trainer Brian Ball ran out to check on JD, the crowd stood and roared, breaking into sustained chants of M-V-P, M-V-P, M-V-P.

I doubt you could see it on TV, but it was interesting to see the reactions of the Sox players.  As JD fell, Paul Konerko put both hands atop his head.  You could almost read the bubble above his head, saying "Oh, no.  We can’t afford this.  Be O.K."

After JD stood and flexed his leg, pitcher Jon Garland pointed out to his right-fielder.  Once JD waved that he was ready, Jon applauded on the mound in appreciation of the play.  Then he turned to face the hitter.

So everyone knows what happens when a player makes a great defensive play?

Of course.  He leads off the next inning.

With a bomb of a home run.

M-V-P.  M-V-P.  M-V-P.


I got my direct tv today so I’ve been able to watch the game. That was an absolutely amazing play. I was holding my breath waiting for JD to get up.

It’s gotten a bit closer than necessary here guys. Lets keep the lead and get Jon the win. He definitely deserves it after the job he did tonight.


btw…I believe I saw our friend Maria during one of the crowd shots when JD was down. I believe she was holding a JD MVP sign. Am I right???

WHite Sox Baseball 2006 – where no lead is safe. Hey, at least we kept McCarthy and didn’t pick up Soriano. This kid has been money!!


In today’s game I think this is worth noting and crediting for its accomplishment.


With the win today the White Sox have now guaranteed themselves a winning season in 2006. This marks the 4th consecutive season they have accomplished this (2003, 04, 05, 06). The last time the Sox had four straight ‘winning’ seasons was during the period from 1990 through 1994, over ten seasons ago.


The win today also guarantees the Sox will have seven straight ‘non-losing’ seasons. They had winning records in 2000, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06 and a .500 season, 81-81, in 2002. The last time the Sox had a run like this you have to go all the way back to the ‘Golden Age’ of Sox baseball when they had 17 consecutive winning seasons, from 1951 through 1967. (That’s the 3rd longest streak in MLB history by the way, behind Baltimore at #2 and the Yankees at #1.)


Ozzie Guillen now has had three ‘winning’ seasons in his first three years as manager. The last Sox skipper to accomplish this was Gene Lamont (1992, 93, 94). The last Sox skipper to have four winning years in their first four years on the job was Al Lopez (1957, 58, 59, 60)


Finally this decade has been a good one for the Sox. So far the first decade of the 21st century has produced six winning seasons and a non-losing one.

The last decade when the Sox had this kind of success was in the 1960’s. The Sox had eight winning seasons in that ten year period.

Here are the best decades in White Sox history:

T1. 1900’s: 9 winning seasons out of ten years.

*Note: The 1900 season isn’t officially recognized since the American League wasn’t considered a part of ‘organized’ baseball until 1901. The Sox did however win the pennant that first season with a mark of 82-53.

T1. 1950’s: 9 winning seasons out of ten years.

3. 1960’s: 8 winning seasons out of ten years.

4. 1910’s: 7 winning seasons out of ten years.

5. 1990’s: 6 winning seasons out of ten years.

Also it’s ‘nice’ to see that Boone Logan learned absolutely nothing in his time in Charlotte.

Brutal…simply brutal.

Frank Thomas was right…this team isn’t as good as last season’s because the bullpen is worse. (Quote from this week’s print edition of The Sporting News.)

Mark Liptak

Just got home from the game, and WOW! What a night! I was with my daughter (who had the “J-ust D-ynamite” sign, Cyndi) and man, that catch of JD’s was downright scary. So glad that he’s ok. Speaking of scary… how about that relief pitching? :o) A win is a win, but just once, I’d like my blood pressure to stay low during the game. Great job, guys. Go get ’em, Javy!

When I look back at all of my favorite Sox memories (including the Championship run)- tonights reaction to JD will forever be atop my list. I had, and still have goosebumps. Talk about fans showing their guy what he means to us. I have no words, but it was absolutely phenominal.

I am going to look past that absolutely brutal 7th inning tonight, and dwell on the positive.

Jermaine Dye has been just fantastic for us this year. I was at that game tonight, and at first when we could tell he made the catch everyone cheered for a couple seconds, and then when he did not get up you could hear the collective gasp of over 38,000 people. Then comes the chant MVP – MVP – MVP and in perfect fashion JD arose to the chant. After that half inning was over and I saw JD coming up to lead off I leaned over to my wife and the lady next to her, and said “Sure figures the guy that makes the great play always leads off the inning. All he needs to do now is homer.” Sure enough. He must have got a really good cut from the fence. Our season tix are a couple rows off the dugout entrance where the players go on and off the field, and you could see he was bleeding pretty good through the pants.

A more humorous shot from our seats tonight was seeing AJ walking in and realizing his fly was open. Does he wait til he gets into the dugout to fix it? No, he zips himself up in plain view so I’m sure many people saw it.

Nice to see everyone hitting tonight. We need to carry that over to tomorrow. We need to go beat up on Crooked Cap Sabathia.

One more thing to add about JD. Last year when the Sox signed him, supposedly Texas was offering twice as much money for him, but he chose the Sox. Looks like his decision worked out for both parties, and it sure is nice to have an MVP candidate with some humility too. Someone who does not make a decision based on money alone. I know because JD is beloved by this organization, the Sox awesome marketing staff is going to put on a nice MVP campaign for him.

good hitting, garland wonderful, bad 7th inning (mccarthy is the kiss of death), awesome game for JD, uribe getting hot, beat sabathia….short and sweet its F’ING late!

It is a win and I’ll take it, but darn it if my heart can take much more of this! Can’t we do this without all the drama! I was really pulling for JD to hit for the cycle–a spectacular game anyway! He’s really stuffing that MVP ballot box with this great play of his! Great outing by JON too!

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