Saturday Night

Saturday, September 9, 2006, 5:02 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Uribe, SS; Cintron, 3B; Anderson, CF.  Garland pitching.

Hopes are Joe Crede is back and available tomorrow.

About Last Night

I was thinking of something pithy to say, when my inbox included this note from a Sox fan and reader:

OK, so I think the mail will be pouring in today from a fan base desperate to call something–anything–the moment that kick-starts "the run."

Last night I was down in the dumps after Bobby’s four, but it was my nonplussed wife who said a Hail Mary and prayed for the win. And with A.J. coming up I told her this was just like the game in June at Wrigley when A.J. won it and she was busy telling me don’t worry, he’ll come through. Of course, she was right again.

It’s not such a bad thing when A.J. isn’t able to get the bunt down. In case you somehow didn’t remember, the last time I recall him failing at a bunt was the first inning vs. Boston in ALDS Game 1, when he ensuing three-run homer put the Sox up 5-0.

I also love how he swung through what looked like a pretty fat pitch, fouled off an even fatter hanging curve, then golfed the homer on a pitch at his ankles. I know A.J. gets his share of Ks, but I don’t think anyone on the team gets his money’s worth at the plate, save maybe for Tadahito, than he does.

So if he wants to crack 20 HRs next year, I suggest more first-pitch stabs at bunts.

Whatever power you have, please use it to get that W today.

He said it better than I could.  Let’s hope this leads to something, and thank goodness AJ couldn’t get that bunt down.


So I walk into my house at 11:15 last night all pumped after the victory and my wife says, "Why didn’t you blog today?"  I really want to thank her for keeping me grounded.  Actually, my day was so busy, I didn’t have time to think about it until I was standing for the National Anthem and thought, "Hey, I didn’t post."

Hard Gar

With a 16-4 record this year and a 34-14 mark over the past two seasons, Jon Garland is tied with Chris Carpenter for the MLB lead in wins over the last two years.  Randy Johnson and Johann Santana each have 33.


Is down 2-games-to-one in its best-of-five series with Toledo in the International League semi finals.  Lance Broadway starts tonight with the season on the line.

Radio Wars

My six-year-old (as of tomorrow) was riding in the car with me yesterday on the way to school.  I had sports radio on and from the back seat I hear … "Can you put some good music on … like Hip-Hop?"

God help me.

Home Run Watch

With 40 home runs, Jermaine Dye is nine off the franchise record of 49 set by Albert Belle in 1998.  Dye needs four more to move into second place.

Club Volleys

The White Sox lead the major leagues with 208 home runs and are on pace to hit 239, which would rank as the second-most in club history (242 in 2003).  The Sox have hit 200-plus home runs for the seventh consecutive season, extending the major-league record they shared with the Yankees (2000-05, 176 in 2006) … the 208 home runs are 30 more than Toronto, the next closest team in the AL.


Scott –

I know a while back you asked what could be done to make the blog better… Would it be possible to make this in to an RSS feed? That way I would be able to set it on my homepage and then see when new posts come up. I know the White Sox have it for their news section, and was just curious if it would be able to be done for this one too. Thanks for all your time you put in to this blog. And lets get a W tonight.


Sox need a W tonight

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