Sunday News


Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; MVP, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.

Joe’s back.

Great Moments

We were talking this morning about how this year has seemed to lack the dramatic moments last year did (of course, our vision and memory are probably also skewed by how 2005 ended up … which drove home those memories for us forever).

Anyway, we now have experienced moments in each of the last two games … first AJ’s walkoff and then JD’s catch/fan response/home run.  Hopefully, that karma, that mo’, is now with us (after residing in Detroit early in the year before moving to the Twin Cities during the summer).  Maybe we will become the Boys of September/October?  Maybe?  Timing would be pretty good.

Call Ups

Class AAA Charlotte was eliminated in the International League playoffs, so this morning Sean Tracey, Josh Fields and Jerry Owens joined us (along with Charlotte manager Razor Shines).


It’s September 10, we just won a key game to pull within 3.5 games of the Tigers (who face Johann Santana today) and people are mad because of our bullpen’s performance last night?  Keep the eye on the big prize.  With a 10-1 lead, Ozzie obviously wanted to get some guys into the game (while giving regulars a day off) who he might hesitate to use right now in tighter games.  It almost backfired (certainly, thank goodness, it did not).  I don’t think the performances by middle/long relievers is an indication of larger bullpen woes.  If anything, I have been impressed by how Mike MacDougal and Matt Thornton have thrown.  Thornton was the unsung hero of Friday night’s victory after stranding that runner at third.  Mike stepped up last night and ended the threat (with Matt closing out).  Do we all need and want Bobby to have a good outing as soon as possible?  Absolutely.  So does he.

But if we are fortunate enough to reach the playoffs, people (in opposing uniforms) may be surprised by the power arms in the back of our bullpen.

Just my opinion.


Sox fans are ‘upset’ because the bullpen has been an issue the entire season. Frank Thomas himself was quoted in this week’s issue of The Sporting News as saying this team isn’t as good as last season’s because of it.

Keep in mind the bullpen was directly responsible for losing five games before or on June 1st, when the Sox took a lead into the 7th inning or later in those games. Then you had the cases of Politte and now Cotts.

The other factor is that many Sox fans are tired of the Sox ‘not being able to stand success.’ That’s twice now in the past few weeks the team almost blew monster leads (remember the Tampa Bay game?) When you get a lead of five, seven, nine runs you choke the life out of the other club. You don’t let them back into the game.

Also you are forced to use your ‘good’ bullpen guys when you don’t have to. The Tampa series was a perfect example. Jenks had to pitch in that game they almost blew and had worked in back to back days so Ozzie couldn’t use him in the final game. He used someone else…who promptly allowed the tying home run in the 8th inning.

If you are on a big league roster you’re expected to do your job on a consistent basis. If you can’t why are you on the roster?

The final word on this comes from Ozzie himself. “A real disappointing win. A big one. You get a game like that and get to the point where it was, it’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed because I was the one who brought those guys in.”

Now let’s try to beat another ‘Sox-killer’ in Sabathia.

Mark Liptak

Scott, loving the name of today’s right fielder! Yea! Double yea for a Crede return!! Hopefully the cool dampness won’t be a problem…Think cannot have a mindset of ‘Sox-killer’, any pitcher (team) can be beat on “Any Given Sunday”! Gotta have a great attitude! GO GETTUM GUYS!

Yes Iguchi!!! Thanks for having my back…giggles…

talk about a game of inches… if JD catches the long fly foul instead of a triple, there is two out and the infield is back for Joe to make an easy play of michaels grounder to his left and it’s still two oh…. we need more runs..

Thanks again McCarthy. You know what I like about this Kid?….Wait, it will come to me…Nah, just joking. He ***!!! ALways good to give up a few key runs. You piece of ****!!!

hey scott, that comment about the bullpen in this post was a clueless remark on your part. because of the failure of logan, mccarthy, hermanson last night we had to use macdougal and thorton in a game where they shouldnt have been used, now today we bring in the kiss of death (again!!!!) and he gives up a bomb in the 9th.

its still the top of the 9th, maybe we will pull it out maybe we wont, but mccarthy is garbage. ive been saying that since june and people are just now starting to realize it. too bad our manager hasnt realized it yet. why would he bring him out to face martinez in the 9th when he got **** lucky that michaels didnt hit one out in the 8th.

also have to use riske, logan, tracey…..come on scott i know youre a media guy but to say that the bullpen blowout last night meant nothing is ridiculous.

and for all of you fools saying that mccarthy should start instead of vazquez… does that idea sound now????

Minnesota will win the division. They have the pitching and the hitting. Will the Sox win the Wild Card? Does it really matter? The pitching is so bad that they will get crushed if they are lucky enough to get in.

…looks around sheepishly…

I love our middle relief, I really do. I mean, look at these HOF pitchers we got- Cotts, Riske, Tracy, Logan, McCarthy…What a brilliant idea to bring in these AAA guys in a crucial game. Got to love our chances with these guys holding our back. Instead of being dangerously close to Detroit, we stay at 3.5 and as a cherry on top, we fall to 1.5 in WC!!

SORIANO!!!! There’s a name that should haunt us in October. Worst trade that never happened.

…have had a problem with Brandon since June myself, and my neighbor, Brian can vouch for my dismay; haven’t understood the fascination for him.

Based on the WS record since the break, they should be dead and buried. Today is another woulda, coulda and definetly shoulda!

OK, well onto the left coast and coming back with a chance.

Overall, a pretty poor series. When you’re playing the Indians minus Travis Hafner in Chicago in the middle of a very tight playoff run, you have to win at least 3 of 4.

We are now 1 1/2 games behind Minnesota, who is getting Liriano back in a week or so. The time to catch them isn’t the last three games of the season, the time is now. Our two wins in this series were also pretty poor, blowing a two run lead in the ninth and then almost blowing a nine run lead in the last few innings. If we can’t beat the mediocre teams, why do we expect to beat the playoff caliber teams?

Very disappointing. .500 ball at this point doesn’t cut it, and now we go on a dreaded West Coast trip for 6 games.

If we don’t make the playoffs this year, it isn’t because we couldn’t beat the good teams, it’s because we didn’t take advantage of the bad ones. And

Very disappointing

So we’re gonna blame this on Brandon now? It couldn’t possibly have had something to do with the ump squeezing the strike zone? I’m not making any excuses for what followed, but that first home run was merely a result of two really questionable calls on the second two pitches he threw. The division and the wild card are definitely both still within reach. Lets stop whining about today and start worrying about tomorrow. It’s gonna be tough against the A’s, but we already swept them earlier this season. Let’s hope we can go in there and do the same again.


So we’re gonna blame this on the ump now? Unless that umpire steps on the mound and throws the homerun himself, a homerun will never be his fault.

Cindi, you can’t say you’re not making any excuses for what followed, and then go on to say that the home run was the result of the umpire’s calls i.e. making an excuse.

In any event, there was a caller on the postgame show who had a perfect analogy. He said this season is a lot like the $100 bill tied to a string trick where you bend down to pick it up and someone yanks it a little bit further away, and so you bend down again to get it, and just as you’re about to grab it, it gets yanked away again. It’s exactly how this season has been, with one great win that you think is going to turn things around, followed up by a terrible performance that bring you right back down to reality.

Minnesota will win the division, and we will win the wild card. Minnesota vs Oakland, Sox vs Yankees. Bet on it.

Well…that was interesting.

The pitching / bullpen collapse has been typical since the Tampa Bay series. This off season I expect Kenny won’t leave the team in a lurch by going out and signing a bunch of has been’s, retreds and castoffs and then ‘hope’ a few come through.

See what I mean about having to use good relief guys in a game that should have been won easily?

I ‘love’ Ozzie’s decision making in this one. The Sox are in the middle of a pennant race and he decides to use Charlotte’s Triple A staff. Real nice!!!

But before we toss the entire bullpen under the bus remember this, after the first two hitters the Sox offense did NOTHING again today. Keep swinging for those eight run home runs guys…that’ll get the job done.

19 games left and then this season is over and out, unless something drastic happens. I hope so, but can’t see it.

Mark Liptak

Let me clarify…when I said I wasn’t making any excuses for what followed I was referring to the other 2 runs that were given up. And yes, I do blame the ump for that homer. Even hawk and dj both said that Brandon had no choice at that point but to throw something directly over the plate. And what exactly do you think AJ was saying to the ump while the runner was rounding the bases? That pitch would have been a **** of a lot different on 1 and 2 than it was on 3 and 0.

Oh for those keeping score at home it’s now 27 LOSSES to garbage teams currently with losing records in the 2006 season.


And ‘blaming’ the umpire for anything (except in extremely rare cases such as Game #6 of the 1985 World Series)overlooks the fact that you always have a chance to ‘come back’ from a bad call or umpire.

You can get the next guy out, instead of allowing oh three more hits, you can score some runs instead of oh, going for that dramatic eight run home run.

Players win and lose games…99 % of the time umpires don’t.

Was it umpires who have caused the Sox to be mediocre against putrid teams? Are the umpires causing the disintegration of the bullpen since that lovely first week? (I think Haffner’s blast off Logan is still going!)

Some of you have been listening to Hawk to much.

STOP blaming umpires for the Sox shortcomings this season. They need to take resposibility for their actions, losses and limitations.

Mark Liptak

Fair enough, although I still don’t agree with what you’re saying. Not every 3-0 pitch results in a home run, so certainly there must have been something Brandon could have done.

Just because you have to throw a strike doesn’t mean you have to throw a cookie that gets taken yard. There are such things as quality strikes, and Brandon didn’t throw one.

Blaming the umpire for that homerun is like blaming the umpire for our game 2 win over Anaheim last year. A man on first with two outs is in no way a guaranteed win, just as a 3-0 pitch is in no way a guaranteed homerun. The homerun was Brandon’s fault, not the umpire’s.

I’m not arguing the umps calls were good, i’m just saying a 3-0 count, even with a tight strike zone, does not mean an automatic homerun.

cyndi, you can stick up for poor brandon all you want…the fact is he is costing us a playoff birth. he has lost games to boston, tampa, kc, and now cleveland in the last 2 weeks. the guy shouldnt be used the rest of the season and should be dealt in the offseason (shoulda been dealt midseason for a leadoff man that hits 45 homers but thats a story for another day)

last year marte had a few rough outings and everyone was on him like stink on poop…why does this bum continuously get a pass? what has he ever done to deserve that??? 2 good starts last year?

One more thing.

In the press conference Ozzie said that both Thornton and MacDougle were unavailable because they pitched Saturday.

Fair enough.

But am I losing my mind or didn’t Hermanson, Logan AND McCarthy ALSO pitch Saturday? And throw more pitches then Thornton???

So…since EVERYONE basically pitched Saturday WHY do you go with the Triple A Charlotte Knights pitching staff in a tie game, desperately needing a win since Santana going in the Dome is a GUARANTEED win?

PLEASE gang, feel free to explain that one to me.

Also I can’t take credit for this, I just saw it and found it to be ironically appropriate. The ‘highlight’ of Boone Logan’s ‘career’ appears to be the sell out crowd chanting ‘Boooone!” on opening day.

This week starts or ends the 2006 season gang. Play well on the disaster known as the West Coast and they still have a realistic shot. Fall apart (particularly in the house of horrors known as Oakland)and you can stick a fork in this underachieving team.

Mark Liptak

am i the only one starting to wonder why i spend 3 hours almost every day watching this kind of thing???

even when they win, they still make it hurt now… fridays game wasnt a great win for me. bobby, jon and jd have been about the only strong aspects of this season. i dont wanna see one of them going the way of the rest of the team. a win is a win, but hanging in there till the end is just gonna make that last week really hurt if we’re just gonna see more of this garbage.

to answer mypOO, we watch because we LOVE the Sox. AND.. we are ALL hoping against hope that this season is NOT a waste of our time. the logic of our “complainers” is starting to pan out, BUT none of us wants it to. so until our boys start to play as they did earlier THIS year(never mind last year) we are doomed to repeat a year that had tons of promise, but not the fulfillment we all wanted to see.(there are lot’s of years to choose from between 1918 and 2004) if WE had played 500 ball since the all star break we would be three games ahead of where we are right now. remember our highwater mark this year was 27 games over, so we could be 1 &1/2 games back of det and the same ahead of minn. but we aren’t playing 500 ball, and it galls us. EVERY one of us regardless of how we look at individual performances. if i was manager i would have done things differently in the ninth too, but until we can get Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine (hey, TQ YOU know what i’m talking about) to check out what is going to happen, that is a fruitless endeavor. we are all still “stuck” with THIS team and need to stick together win or (as it appears now), lose. so the individuals who perpetually badmouth our organization need to SHUT-UP. if our Boys aren’t achieving, that will be addressed in the off season and no amount of our whining will help/work.

no one wants to lose! our season is on the brink of just that, but it seems to me that all we can logically do is to proudly support our guys and go from there. to do anything else seems not only futile, but makes me think that being a White Sox fan is ONLY about winning. we don’t have to like it, but we need to keep our heads up and root for our guys until the end. to me THAT is what a Sox fan is all about. go Sox. we NEED a GOOD week ahead. j.k.


I love the “MVP, RF.”

That’s all you have to say.


Sorry but I don’t the Sox pen could even shut out Green Bay the way they’re playing. At least football is here.

Thank god for DA BEARS!

First with Brandon, you can’t blame the ump “Homer Hawk” will make you think it is the ump’s fault because that is what Hawk gets paid to do. He is the true definition of a “Homer” I give Martinez credit, because he took a chance on 3-0 and got the job done. Nothing more you can do than go after the next hitter, whom Brandon failed to get out.

Ozzie must not like his job. Is he trying to get fired? Pitching the AAA staff just ain’t gonna do it in the playoff race. If you are gonna use those guys, where is Haeger. He did a real nice job last time out.

For those of you who are still bellyaching over the Sox not trading Brandon for Soriano give it up!!! You are speaking in total ignorance. If all Washington was asking for was 1 young pitcher they would have pulled off the trade with Anaheim or Cleveland who was offering more than that. Washington was out to make a killing on the deal. They were asking us for Brandon, Josh Fields and Lance Broadway. For you NFL fans out there that is like how the Patriots were asking for 2 first round picks for Deion Branch. They were trying to rip us off. Kenny is a much smarter man than that. Of course he wants to win now, just like all the other GM’s that refused to give up everything for a rent-a-player.

Any thoughts on pinch hitting for Thome against lefties late in the game? I was hoping to see that today. I like Thome, but he is absoltely brutal against lefties. 39 home runs, and only 6 are against lefties.

When we go to Oakland watch out for Frank. He is hot as of late, and I know he would like nothing more than to throw some dirt on our chances of making the playoffs.

if anyone is going to throw the dirt on our playoff chances i hope that it is frank thomas. if we dont win the series i hope the A’s do. frank should get a lot of MVP consideration this year considering that he is playing on a garbage offensive team. he has come up HUGE when needed. hes the oakland version of JD. it hurts to say that.

Frank is doing a great job, and I am happy to see that he has stayed healthy, but he is far from an MVP candidate. His first half he hit like .190 and it was home run or nothing. Plus he doesn’t play the field. I don’t see him crashing into walls to make catches. You can not even compare Frank to JD. If Frank had to play the field he would be hurt constantly. Even if Thome would have stayed hot all year like he was early on, no way would I have said he could be MVP. I would say it is between Jeter and Dye. All depends if Dye can continue to carry us into the playoffs.

Greetings Chi-fans (especially TQ). Like I said, win or lose I’d chime in on the weekend festivities. And shockingly enough my pre-series prediction came true with a split, Tribe wins on Thu and Sun and Chi wins on Fri and Sat.

Obviously I was disappointed we lost Fri nite after taking the lead off Jenks, but your guy AJ came through in the bottom of the 9th. I sort of half expected it the way our bullpen has been all year. And Sat, when we were all but done, we made a game of it. So I can be pleased with a split, especially minus our MVP (don’t worry, I am not campaigning for him for league honors).

If anything, the Central race has tightened up for you guys, so your weekend still was productive. Good luck til our next series!


I just have to laugh at that “power arms in the bullpen” comment by Scott. Our bullpen has been a joke all year.

Jenks, Thornton, and MacDougal = power arms at the back fo the bullpen. These guys, for the most part, have not been a joke.

I thinkg by “back of the bullpen” Scott may mean Jenks, Thornton and MacDougal. Back of the bullpen usually refers to the closer and setup man. However, I don’t think may teams will be surprised because everyone knows those 3 holding things together as best they can.

Today, and if only for briefly, baseball becomes meaningless.

No one needs a reminder of the utter destruction and despair we suffered though that morning, as it is all still very alive in our memories. Heroism was re-defined that morning; courage and bravery; firefighters and police officers running up when everyone else is scrambling down. A plane full of passengers sacrificing their own lives to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of others. The death and destruction is etched in our minds forever, but so is the resolve of this nation and its people.

5 years later, we are involved with a war on terroism- and today I remember the ultimate sacrifice that many soldiers have made to fight for our freedoms that were attacked on 9/11.

God Bless America.

Soxpride, That is absolutely correct. No matter if we are in last or first it is really a day to reflect. It was just one of those days that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We will remember where we were and how we heard. My Mom always told me that day for her was when JFK was killed. After the events of 9/11 I understand what she meant.

After I was done w ith college in 1999 I took a job in downtown Washington DC and worked there through 2001. I worked 2 blocks from the White House. It was such an amazing area to be in until 9/11. I moved back home to Chicago about a month before that. I knew a lot of people there and was terrifeid for them. I could only imagine the panic there, much less in the streets of New York also.

I visited the WTC site this summer when in New York to see the Sox. It was pretty sad to see what became of that tragedy. It left me with an eerie feeling as I stood there and looked at a hole in the ground. More than a hole in the ground it was a hole in the way we live our lives.

I am thankful for the police, firefighters and soldiers who have risked their lives for us. I was always told growing up that when you meet a war veteran (especially Vietnam) don’t ask about their experiences, just say “Thank You.” That is something we should all practice for those men and women who protect us.

as a father of two Army Men, a Son and Son-in-Law, i say to Jimdever and Bethany, thank you and Amen..

It might be hard to do anything in a postseason with only 2 good arms in the bullpen, even IF we get in. That game yesterday was very hard to watch, just knew Sabathia would be hard to break. Why does this team have such a hard time with lefties?? West Coast road trip sure came at a great time, huh? Scary to think what might happen out there!
Come on, boys, wake up, win out, and catch on fire!

I’m so glad that Cyndi talked me into being a season ticket holder this year. Yesterday’s game was fun even if the right guys didn’t win. It stopped raining just as the game started, the young man singing the National Anthem was outstanding…I sure hope he has a CD out soon. I’m also glad that I really don’t know much about the right way to play or manage because, even when I’m disappointed, I can say that I just loved watching my guys out there. And it’s even fun to see the other team make a great play. Sometimes there are great teams that win, and sometimes, great (or just OK teams) get lucky. I hope we get great and lucky the next 2 weeks so that I can see a couple more White Sox games before the snow falls! GO SOX!
Cyndi’s Mom

The problem with this team is not making the playoffs, it’s doing something once we get there. Sure, making it is great, but was 2000 really that memorable? Chances are, no. It was fun to watch them, especially since it had been a while, but after winning it all, it will probably be much like Boston’s year was last year.

I still believe Detroit won’t make the playoffs and Minnesota will win the division and probably lose to Oakland in the first round, although if Liriano comes back strong they could do some damage.

All three AL Central teams have been struggling for the last month or so. Each of them have had a chance to seperate themselves from the pack, but nobody has. I think Detroit will slowly fade away, especially with the pressure Minnesota is applying. Remember, they’re a very young team with extremely big expectations from a city that was the laughing stock of baseball a few years ago. That’s a lot of pressure for those young guys, especially pitchers, who are in the spotlight, to handle.

We have to at least go 3-3 on this road trip, but asking for more than 4-2 is just getting greedy. But if we can somehow pull out 4, we’ll be in very good shape with three coming up at home vs Detroit.

Big game tonight, as it sets the tone for the entire trip. Hopefully JC can repeate his performance against Boston.

Go Sox!

Big Dog:

Just my opinion but even if the Sox go three and out in the post season, the issue is the fact that they got there.

This franchise has never had back to back post season appearances in franchise history.

Given the strides they have made in the past few seasons towards taking back their own home city the effects of that are incalculable.

Getting on a run and making the playoiffs a number of times say in the next eight years means season tickets are renewed, fans in large numbers come to the games, TV and radio ratings are up, advertisers want to come on board as well as corporate sponsors. Finally that translates into larger, star studded teams and payrolls which as has been proved by history increase your chances of success and getting to the post season.

Very few teams and organizations consistently win without talent.

So yes, just getting in means a lot.

Mark Liptak

very cogent remarks from bigdog and Mark. well said gentlemen. it’s nice to see there is still hopefullness out there. it all boils down to pitching, and if Jose can match what Jon and Javy are doing, we still can make some noise. go Sox. j.k.

Hopefully the noise is not a thud. Three starters clicking, two/three good arms in the bullpen (if the Bobby we love comes back, plus the mad Scottsman and Thornton Township), will that be enough pitching? Looks like Army Cotts and Riske Business are done.

On this 5-year anniversary of the tragic events and despicable terrorist acts of September 11, 2001… the realities of today’s tennuous state of the world and life in America provides perspective about the most important things in life! My heart goes out to the thousands of families that were directly affected by the horrors of this this tragic day 5 years hence.

For the 130,000 men and women in our armed forces stationed in Afganistan and Iraq who face each day directly in the line of fire, my deepest thanks for your unwavering committment and selfless sacrifice. To the loving families of these brave soldiers who live each day directly in harms way, I cannot imagine the stress and pain you face on a daily basis… I hope and pray that your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister will return home to you safely and in the best possible sprits after their committment to serving our country has been fulfilled.

No matter what your personal perspective may be regarding the choice to enter into a war in Iraq, the management of the post war/nation building phase, the present day handling of the peace keeping mission in Afganistan, or the priorities and focus of US homeland security and related policies, this is a day for unity amongst all Americans.

~God Bless America

Michael Harkins

Klein –

Point well taken. I was thinking more from a fan’s perspective in the present, but you’re right, this season does have future implications.

There’s nothing worse than being in the Eastern time zone for a Westcoast game. At least i know i’ll hop right out of bed and check the computer, hopefully to see a white sox winner. We’ll need it.

Go Sox!

I like the west coast games (being that I live in CA). I will get to see the 3 games against the Angels – just wish I didn’t have to listed the their ‘homer’ announcers – Go White Sox!

Now back to the relatively unimportant fantasy world of Major League Baseball… one of my favorite diversions in life.

From the perspective of a die-hard White Sox fan, this weekend was clearly a disappointment. By taking 3 out of 4 games from the Indians we would have kept pace with the Twins (1/2 game back) in the wild card race while gaining two games on the Tigers (whittled down to just 2 1/2 games back) with just 19 games left to play.

Brandon McCarthy clearly isn’t a short reliever and doesn’t possess that focused late inning set-up man or closer’s mind-set to be brought into late inning “crunch time” situations and handle it effectively. Over his last 5 relief appearances (all late inning, short relief appearences) from Aug. 31st – Sept 10th, McCarthy has only lasted a combined 2 2/3 innings giving up 9 earned runs (an ERA over 30.00) with 3 losses and nearly blowing another game until AJ bailed him out with his heroic game winning walk-off HR on Saturday. Remember, McCarthy is a relatively inexperienced 23 year old starter… not a proven crunch-time late inning short reliever. Why Ozzie repeatedly elects to use McCarthy in a role, for which he has repeatly proven he is unprepared, is setting McCarthy up to fail and the hurt the White Sox chances for post season baseball in the process.

Ozzie’s use of the AAA “September call-up” pitchers over the last few games was poorly timed and badly executed. With each stretch run game potentially make-or-break in terms of qualifying for postseason play, each key tactical move made by Guillen can be the difference between winning and losing.

Faced with a bullpen and bench filled with tired arms and banged up bodies, the inclination to plug in “recent call-up” players from AAA who have performed well at that level is understandable. In reality, these kids should be used primarily for mop up work… maybe to pitch to a single batter (kept on an extremely short leash) or two, to pinch run, and maybe pinch hit in an appropriate situation… but with just 19 games left to play, Ozzie needs to go with experienced veterans who have been though this before and most of whom selflessly and successfuly worked together to bring the the White Sox a world championship 11 months ago.

MLB baseball players including the White Sox are paid $ millions each year… fly in private jets, have the best possible care and personal attention from trainers, conditioning experts, medical personnel, specialty coaches for each facet of the game, state-of-the-art multi-media and data resources for assessing their play and the play and tendencies of opposing players and a myriad of other tools and resources at their disposal. It is time for the Sox players to seize control of their own destiny and take care of business over the next 19 game and into the playoffs.

In conclusion, The White Sox players and coaches have all of the talent, resources and experience needed to come out victorious and get into the post-season as a an extremely dangerous team to face. Let’s hope they can gel at this crucial time and play championship level baseball with complete focus, relentless intensity and that aggressive killer instinct that made them so great from late September through their magical playoff run last year at this time.

Lets Go White Sox!

~Hark In Tucson

You should be very proud to have two sons in the military. Give them a BIG THANK YOU from me next time you talk to them. What they and others are doing for the country makes our baseball worries seem a little trivial. It is a shame that Clinton didn’t take out UBL when he was given the opportunity several times. Maybe if he wasn’t spending so much time with Monica he would have got the job done.


A.J.’s walk-off was on Friday night. And his heroics were needed because the Manchild gave up the lead serving up four doubles in a row, before the Ozzman realized the kid did not have it, and pulled him.

Who knows what to do about the bullpen, a little late in the season to realize we don’t have much of one.

Go JOSE, pull us through with a CG tonight!

This really isnt the place to spew your political opinions. If youre on a forum on, feel free, but this is a baseball forum. There is no place for politics here.

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