West Coast Challenge

Monday, September 11, 2006, 5:09 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

I am in Chicago, and I have not yet received our lineup for tonight’s game.


After yesterday’s disappointing loss, tonight’s contest looms huge for the White Sox.  A nice outing from Jose Contreras will go a long way toward starting this important trip out on a good note. 


Please stop at some point in your day and remember those American who lost their lives five years ago in the terrorist attacks …

Go Sox


Sox need to go on a hot streak, crazy Michael Wilbon said today on PTI that he is picking them to win the division. With the Sox 24-30 or so since the all-star break still so close to the division, all they gotta do is go on a little hot streak and I think it’s possible.

P.S.-I’m really starting to get tired of Brandon McCarthy, he hasn’t had a good outing in god knows how long, hopefully Jose shuts them down tonight and they won’t have to go back into the pen, cause nobody out their has looked good

The boys look good through 4 1/2. Good to see a sac fly from Mackowiak, those are the runs that need to be driven home, and he did the job.

Contreras has been sharp through four. Hopefully, he can keep it up and give the bullpen a day off.

Unfortunately for me, it is bed time, and I can’t even get my mlb audio to work, so I can’t even lay in bed and listen. Hopefully, I wake up tomorrow with good news and positive posts on here. This would be a tough game to lose.

Here’s to a happy morning for me, which means a happy evening for most of you! Go Champs!

the best part about living in tucson (well one of them anyway) is that it is now 9:30 and the game just finished. THAT’S our Bobby!!! a little scarry, but we prevailed. come on Mark. it IS your turn. only three out? who knows.. keep up the pitching and i like our chances for a spot in the post season….
j.k. from the land of a WS winner and still time left for, well you know what….

Bobby scared me a little, but this was a good one! We needed it, and we got it!!

Goooo Sox! Keep it up, and carry a winning streak into Oaktown! I want to see two wins on Sat. and Sun.! We’re in our stretch drive, and we’re on our way!!!

Bobby scared me a little, but this was a good one! We needed it, and we got it!!

Goooo Sox! Keep it up, and carry a winning streak into Oaktown! I want to see two wins on Sat. and Sun.! We’re in our stretch drive, and we’re on our way!!!

Big win tonight to start the trip!!! Would have liked to see more hitting, but because Jose was awesome tonight we did not need much. Hopefully saving some runs for tomorrow(Mark are we going to need them?)

Jenks did a nice job after he got in trouble tonight. Looks like he did not feel comfortable with his curveball, as he threw 4 straight sliders to get the double play and strikeout. I hope he was not concerned about the fastball. It looked to be a little closer to normal, but he only threw 3 of them the whole inning. Hopefully he turned the corner tonight for his mini-slump.

As for Michael Wilbon picking the Sox to win the division, keep in mind he is from Chicago (grew up here), and has been known to be a bit of homer when prediciting stuff involving Chicago. Don’t get me wrong I love PTI and read his column in the Washington Post all the time, but he is a little biased.

i think the sox could definately still win the division……they also could fall far behind in 3rd…time will tell….todays game was good contreras is pitching like an ace again. hopefully buerhle can do the same 2marrow against ervin santana…..will be a tough one.

I was at the game last night. Jose looked confident and fearless up there. The boos were especially loud for A.J. tonight though. My cheers were definately drowned out by the jeers. The place went silent when he smacked that RBI double though! I was hoping Ozzie would leave JC in for the complete game but as soon as I looked over and saw Bobby loosening, I knew that wasn’t the case. Jenks gets booed a lot there too believe it or not! Too bad I can’t go to all three…Go Sox!

Good morning! That’s a great score to wake up to. These are the games we need to be winning, low scoring affairs where we just get by. These are the games that defined us last year, and it’s good to see us pull this one out. And of course, the eventual winning run was scored on a sac fly. If Mackowiak strikes out and then Uribe grounds into that double play and we only get 2 runs in that inning, this game could have been very, very bad. Those runs can literally make or break a season.

Think Buehrle will finally step it up? I keep thinking every outing by him will be the turn around, but he is yet to pitch a lights out game since he got shelled by the Cubs. It looks like JC is coming around, and if we can get Mark back to form, we’ll be in good shape for this final stretch.

Oakland has cooled down considerably since August, although Frank has not. But they have lost 5 games this month after losing 6 in the entire month of August. So at least it looks like we’re catching them at the right time, although unfortunately Minnesota is too. We need to win today though and keep this going.

Great game, great morning! Go Sox!

I love waking up to a White Sox winner! I can’t stay up long enough to watch these west coast games so hopefully I wake up to winners all week! Great outing by Jose and even Bobby. He got the double play and finished it off.

it was great watching the game over mlb.tv last night, and i was able to hear Weednflt and steimel chant let’s go White Sox in the background. so, let’s GO White Sox… j.k on my way to visit Dad in Phx. later all…

Great game last night. Jose was fantastic, but so was Lackey. Glad they tagged him for a couple early. The Sox seem to be on a roll out there in Anaheim. Keep it up! Go Go White Sox!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch much of the game other than quick flips to it as I was completely involved in some of the 9/11 programs. Did any of you catch the ESPN Remembers 9/11- or the special on the 2001 World Series? I remember vividly wanting the Yanks to win that World Series (thats the only time I’ll admit to rooting for them!)…but it was pretty neat to see how 9/11 impacted the world of sports that we all love so much.

Great start to the road trip- thank you Jose. Keep building on the momentum! Lets go Mark!

I was still rooting for them to lose that World Series. Down with the evil empire.

Great pitching duel, with WS coming out on top! Those are the kind of games that can inspire a team! (and fans) Would have hated to see another one like Javy missed out on last week, losing 1-0. I agree with Steimel, seems strange that they boo the Manchild…he got cut by them, he didn’t walk away for money or anything. And for cutting him, we are truly thankful to the Angels organization. Maybe they are booing their GM, or at least they should be. Where would we have been without Bobby last year in the playoffs, with Hermie going down, or without his 40 saves this year? Tough games ahead, just gotta take care of our own business, win our own games, and we’ll be there!

I like our chances tonight. Irvin has 14 wins, but his ERA looks like one of ours at 4.53. He gave up 3 solo dingers his last start and pitched around them for his win. He’s a righty, he gives up runs, so maybe he’ll be traumatized by our lineup. Our hits were far and few between last night, maybe this night will be the opposite!

I definitely think we can beat Santana tonight. But I am nervous because supposedly all of his losses and bad performances have come on the road. Supposedly he has a much lower ERA at home. But, if we hit well we should be able to beat him.

Go Sox!!!

The Sox seem to have problems with guys named Santana. Last year after he got trounced for about 10 runs in his MLB debut he aced the Sox in his second start. We were able to get 5 runs off him in a 7 inning stint back in April. Hopefully we can get 5 off him in a four inning stint tonight and grab a few more off the pen. As always the day after a win proves to be critical to determining if this team is gonna put together a nice run. Just gotta sit back strap it down and see what happens.

Jerry Owens in left field tonight possibly? Going against the right handed pitcher it makes sense, plus he is from the LA area so it would be cool for him to make his first MLB start at home.


I remember that about Santana too. It’s the phenomenon where the Sox make these rookie pitchers look like Cy Young. Hopefully they have seem him enough to beat him.

I’d like to see Jerry get a chance to run. Last night he was forced out at second while pinch running. But, he only hit .262 in the minors this year, sure hope he can get himself on base to be able to run. I’ll be stappin’ it down tonight, Jim, just hope I can prop my elelids open for the late hour. I was dragging this morning, to say the least, after last night’s game.

Hi,kids….Uncle Tom here,ready to unload my brain(anybody got a trash can handy?)on what has happened since the Lightning Rod burnt up the Tribe on Friday….Last Saturday….you do NOT blow an eight run lead,I’m sorry….no excuses….What’s that? They didn’t lose?….I’m sorry,I thought that the fiuve pitchers they used in the 7th inning were auditioning for the new season of American(League)IDLE….
Sunday,SUNDAY!!!!(remember U.S.30 Raceway,kids????)…Once again,the starter was betrayed by the (now)”bullpen of death”….but also,they should have gotten more chances off Sabathia than they had….

Now,to last night…..The offense finally got their body clocks straightened out against Lackey,and did just enough damage to assist the splendid big Cuban horse in turning back the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cucamonga….one of these days,for the youngsters out there in WS Universe(put your hand down,klein….you don’t qualify….)I’m going to have to explain why I keep calling them that…..)….and Manchild may have won back the hearts and minds of WS Universe with the save,saving a bullpen that,coming into last night,in their four prior games,had an ERA that mirrored the Norman Conquest(don’t bother to look it up,history buffs—it was 1066….)….and the middle of the batting order picked up the top,which did absolutely bupkis–0 for 11,one walk,three strikeouts,one ball hit out of the infield,that one by MVP D-Y-E,and two of the damndest lucky defensive plays in the recent history of MLB—especially the DP Dye lined into…..

Tonight,with Maria and Pat in attendance,along with the ex-Chicagoans working at Universal(right,weedenflt?),and the chance of gaining further ground by FINALLY beating one of the Santanas(I would prefer the one who pitches for Team Rah-Rah up in the Twin Cities,but beggars can’t be choosers….),while Team Rah-Rah gets knocked down a peg or three by Oakland and the Texas (St)Rangers help continue the free fall of Los Tigres….that would make things(as Arte Johnson used to say on “Laugh-In”)”…Verrrrry interesting…”

Finally,I hear that the game on September 30th with Team Rah-Rah at the HumpDump(11:05 AM(!!!!!)first pitch)is going to be televised by an “undisclosed channel”….Gosh,I didn’t know that Al Ghizerrah(sic) was THAT interested in the AL Central/wild card race…..


Am I to understand, that heretofor this game was not going to be televised at all? Does Comcast carry Jazeerah, or should we contact them to add it to our list of other channels we pay for but don’t watch?
I read that Steve Perry was in attendance lately, maybe he had been reading this blog and decided we needed his help to not stop believin’. Does this mean that A.J. and Joe will grow their hair long again, and start singing in a bad falsetto? I’ll bet M. Barrett could match Perry octave for octave.

Go K.C., the Scrubs are in sight! Let’s go Sox, snap the Angels wings and bury them for good!

Saw this on EPSN Insider today, it came from an LA newspaper:

” Figgins may interest White Sox

Sep 12 – The Angels may have a potential offseason trade partner in the White Sox, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

With Chicago likely in the market for a left fielder (Scott Podsednik probably won’t be back), center fielder and shortstop this offseason, Angels super-utility man Chone Figgins could be part of a package to land third baseman Joe Crede, the newspaper speculates. ”

Well I certainly hope that trading Joe Crede is NOT EVEN BEING CONSIDERED!!! I doubt it is. This is a deal that I would condsider trading Josh Fields for. Figgins is an upgrade in left, a great utility inielder and very fast, but not for Crede.

Here in CA the popular opinion seems to be that Chone is an over-rated starter and better suited to bench role. If we were to give up Crede, we should expect an All-Star caliber starter. I would hate to see him go, but I do understand the business aspect of the game.

Depending on Crede’s back and the front office assessment of signing him to a long term deal, I’d certainly consider a deal to the Angels.

I’d want Figgins, Scott Shields and a minor league prospect.

Mack could hold down 3rd base either on a permanent basis or until Fields is deemed ready.

Mark Liptak

It sounded like they were saying Chone would be just part of it. I can’t think of his name off-hand, but the Angels have a very highly rated shortstop product. I know Washington was after him when they were trying to trade Soriano. Personally I don’t see anything happening.

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