Going For Two

Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 5:10 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, CF; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle on the mound.

Last Night

So how nervous was everyone in the ninth inning last night?  It could have been disastrous, but instead, you felt like "Bobby’s back."  His velocity was there, guys didn’t have great swings at him … and low and behold, things worked out.


We need Mark to turn in a solid start tonight.  Seems to me we have not hit Santana all that well historically, but he is only 1-0 with a 5.54 ERA against us this year. 

Game Times

We announced today that FOX-TV had picked up our home game on September 23, moving the start time to 12:15 pm from 6:05.  Please note that.  This change also means Friday night’s game against the Mariners will feature fireworks.

Also, we have made arrangments for the game on Saturday, Sept. 30, from Minnesota to be televised (network TBA).  At first, this 11:15 am game (because of a Minnesota-Michigan football game in the Metrodome that night) was not going to be aired because of the FOX blackout. 

Fair Is Fair

Since I have been known to point out issues I may have with certain columnists in town, I would be remiss in not mentioning that in today’s paper, one actually tells his readers how his quotes were obtained … a first that I can recall.  One quote from Frank Thomas is sourced to The Sporting News and a second is written as "told reporters."  At least a reader is made aware that the quote was not heard directly from the source’s mouth and that the columnist is relying on other sources.  Not sure what brought about the change, but journalism professors everywhere applaud.

Not Quite Right

To clarify printed reports today, with his base pay and incentives, Frank Thomas will make about $3.1 million from the A’s this year … certainly a great deal for the Oakland team given the tremendous year the slugger has enjoyed (hopefully taking a turn for the worse with an o-fer this weekend).

On the other hand, Philadelphia is paying a part of Jim Thome’s salary in 2006, so that the left-handed slugger (which was a key on a right-handed dominant team in 2005) is costing the White Sox about $8 million.

I would say these are great bargains (given their production) for both teams.  Both players are having comeback-player-of-the-year caliber seasons, both perhaps leading their teams to the playoffs, both great stories.

Seems a stretch to call it "Kenny’s Big Goof" as one columnist claimed.


Hotel packages to SoxFest ’07, scheduled for Jan 26-28 at the Palmer House Hilton (note new hotel) go on sale September 22 by calling the Hilton’s reservation number.  The special SoxFest two-night stay rate is $249 (plus tax).  A two-night stay allows you to purchase up to four weekend passes to SoxFest.  This is the only way to obtain weekend passes.  New this year … fans with hotel rooms do need to purchase the weekend passes ($75 per) are not included in the price of the room.

Individual-day passes will go on sale at a later date.  By doing this we are trying to manage attendance (those of you who attended last year know what I mean about the crowds), move the event to a new venue and yet allow as many Sox fans as possible to attend at some point during the weekend.

Let’s Keep It Going Tonight …


Here’s to a strong outing from Buehrle on the mound tonight – and AJ is catching him?

I am very happy for both Big Frank and Thome as they are both having outstanding comeback years – maybe they can share the award because they are certainly both very deserving.

Let’s get ’em on the left coast tonight, White Sox!

Glad the Sox noticed the overcrowding at Soxfest and are working on controlling that. I held onto my kids for dear life downstairs! The games go past my bedtime this week so I didn’t get to see that 9th. My heart is enjoying the rest! I still have to shake my head at Mack in CF, but hopefully I’ll wake up in the morning to another winner anyway!

the angel announcers on mlb.tv are all over themselves now that the twins have taken a lead on the a’s. looks like all teams are trying to drive to the finish line. let’s take care of OUR business and win tonight. tough pitch hit out against Mark in the first. Go Sox.. j.k.

Rough start to this game after some rough finishes to the other games around the Central.

Looks like Buehrle has turned it around in the 2nd and 3rd innings. Hopefully he keeps it up and we can put up some runs while I slumber.

Not to look too far ahead, but assuming nobody gets skipped for either us nor Minnesota, here are the pitching matchups for the final series, unless i made a (very possible) mistake:

Buehrle – Liriano

Garcia – Bonser

Garland – Santana

Unlucky that we get Liriano and Santana, but that’s life. I’m excited to see how Liriano pitches tomorrow. More importantly though, i’m excited to see how Buehrle pitches in the rest of this game. We really really need him to turn this around, stat.

Hopefully Detroit’s walk off homerun today doesn’t spark them at all. I can’t wait for that series. Wish I was back home so I could attend a few of those.

With the Twins and Tigers having already won today, this is a huge game. Go Sox!

P.S. If it comes down to it, the Sox have home field for playoff games against both Detroit and Minnesota.

We just scored 1, and Uribe just layed down a sacrifice bunt to move guys over to 2nd and 3rd. Hopefully Pods can drive in a run or two. Ill wait and see…

They are afraid to pitch to him… Ball 4.

Sacks packed for Iguchi, this is a big spot in the game.

Base hit! That a boy Tad! 3-2 good guys, and I can fall asleep with a bit more comfort.

Ok, inning over, bed time.

Go Sox!

Great job working the count tonight guys. I’d be surprised if Santana is in there for more than the next inning.

Lets get some more runs hold them right at 2!!!


another close game! Mark is pitching well! what kind of steal of third was that in the fifth? Twinkletoes is the appropriate name, unfortunately. it’s down to a three inning game, come on guys, let’s get the MO working. j.k. (with commentary for all you sleepy heads out there).

good D by the angels in the top of the eighth. a VERY fast half inning. let’s do that to the bottom of the frame and then Paulie is due for a dinger and then Big Bobby to close it out.. go Sox.. j.k.

good D by the angels in the top of the eighth. a VERY fast half inning. let’s do that to the bottom of the frame and then Paulie is due for a dinger and then Big Bobby to close it out.. go Sox.. j.k.

whoops, i thought Mark was coming out in the eighth, but Hermie got the double play. man on third two outs and Matt coming in… stay tuned..j.k.

okay! Sox fans! Matt did his thing with a fly out to medium depth right and now on to the ninth and MAKE ME PRESCIENT PLEASE. ( that’s not a political office). j.k. go Sox..

and Paulie did get on with a walk. moved to third(Fields running) on a single by our favorite catcher and then Joe K’s and Rob out at first. we NEED extra innings. let’s go White Sox… j.k.

and Paulie did get on with a walk. moved to third(Fields running) on a single by our favorite catcher and then Joe K’s and Rob out at first. we NEED extra innings. let’s go White Sox… j.k.

I’m up too, you’re not the lone fan not sleeping.. games like these drive me freakin insane!!! We’re in extras!

sorry about all those double posts. i guess i’m doing something wrong in my anxiety. remember our games are usually over by now. it’s 9:30 and we are into extras. let’s push one across and hold them. j.k. here we go…

hey guys – weedenft here…man I hate these Angel announcers

they are huge homers

c’mon Gooch

they’re better than the Detroit announcers!🙂

you getting TV or radio

bottom ten and the top of the halo order up. still gotta hold ’em.. great play to start by Gooch to get itzuras at first by a nose one out…. more later..j.k.

tv.. extra innings package, haven’t had hawk and dj in this series yet

here comes Bobby with cabrera on first and one out.. come on Boys.. and you are right about their announcers. i think it’s an LA thing… very laid baaack.. j.k. vlad is up…. gulp.

ugh… YES!!!!! **** YES!!!


Angels announcers…. two hopper to Crede to second on for the double play.. that has been a killer all series long…. YEAH BABY!!!! make some noise in the 11th…. j.k. loving it but now it’s almost MY bedtime… go Sox… j.k.

Big Dog,

I am pretty sure those matchups are correct. I know the Sunday one for sure because as a person who expects doom and gloom I checked a few weeks ago figuring that we would get Santana for the last game, and of course I was right. At least we would have Jon going for us, that is of course if the game matters. Hopefully we can clinch a spot before then.

The only thing that could cause a change is if the Twinkies have already clinched a spot. They would probably hold Santana back to start the playoffs. Even if a win meant keeping the Sox out, Gardenhire would be smart to look ahead.

Ross into second with a hustle double and now i can hear let’s go White Sox…. stay tuned… AJ up with two outs..

not yet, maybe in the 12th. but first we need to get there.. j.k. now 10 pm the witching hour in Chitown. Bobby still on the hill… j.k.

ugh…i really need to get some sleep tonight guys!!! i have an 8 am meeting. lets finish this inning out, score a run and close em out.

meeting… schmeeting… what’s more important… zzzzz’s or baseball?? Although truth be told, I’m fading fast, if I wasn’t sittin upright at this keyboard, I’d lost the battle!

k…lets get that dp action going one more time!!!

son of a *****! night all…

argh…this one bites. half a step quicker and we woulda been in the 12th. off to bed now. lets forget this one and get em tomorrow.


not to be Boys and Girls…. base hit up the middle on an 0-2 count. night all…. come on Freddie…. j.k. from the land of night owls and screeching meenies..

Nice job tonight guys, way to leave the sticks at home again and waste another nice outing by a starting pitcher. As I said earlier today, it is all about how we follow up a big win, and we continue to f*** up in those games. That is not the sign of a team that is going to the playoffs.

make that a 2-0 count, but does it really matter? j.k……

Once it went 2-0, I was thinking walk him rather throw a cookie. But hey that’s just me the armchair manager. I am not qualified enough to make (or in this case not make) the decisions.


Only two ‘stats’ tonight that’s important.

1. In seven out of their last ten games, the Sox have scored three runs or fewer. Some offense eh?

2. 2 1/2 now behind the Twins. Santana and Liriano are probably going to make eight starts in the final 18 games (with off days). It’s going to be very, very, very hard for the Sox now.

All those blown games to the Cubs, Pirates, Royals, Indians, Devil Rays ect have now come home to roost.

They can still win 90 games and I’ve got to tell you,I can’t ever recall being ‘disappointed’ over a 90 win team in my 46 years as a Sox fan (I’m 51.)Maybe there has been a time or two before but I can’t recall it right now.

Mark Liptak

Bummer! We needed this win, with the Twins and Tigers both winning. Gotta get ’em tomorrow, I guess.

g’night all!

It definately was kennys big goof…thomas gets big hit after big hit, while the next big hit thome has will be his first in the 2nd half. He has been brutal. It is painful to watch. In the 11th inning before the inning started i thought to myself “JD may come through, thome sure out, gload could win it”….I have more confidence in gload at this time than thome. Frank is by far and away the much better option in 2006.

I am not even going to talk about the game…..except where is jenks fastball? it wasnt on the mound tonight…i would of walked figgins to get to izturis.

as far as sox fest goes…just terrible. I go with my dad and brother every year and this year it is going to cost me more than 500 dollars when you include parking, tax….thats awful. now i dont even have the option not to stay at the hotel??? can you guys get any more greedy? I also dont like the move to the new venue, as the hyatt is a “happening” hotel…you have the big bar and the night club (depending on your interests)…and i know the palmer place is a beautiful hotel, but it will not be as much fun. if you want to control the crowds…SELL LESS TICKETS…what a B.S. excuse that is. now on top of buying the hotel you have to pay 75 dollars a person?? that is LUDACRIS. I am a ***** so i will probably spend it (though i am really thinking hard about it this year), but for people that have multiple children to go (the NEW GENERATION OF SOX FANS) it is going to be a huge financial strain. way to stick it to the fans again white sox!!!

Since i am writing about how the sox like to screw the fans…..for 15 years my family was in on a seasons pass in section 134 row 5 (right behind the screen)…that area is now the “scout seats”……after they created the scout seats they offered us section 140 row 20 …still good seats but no where near the ones we had…..that was BS as well. i am sick of getting screwed by this organization….lets see how many fans are left after this years disaster ends and the downward spiral begins.


let me say first of all, i love frank and was very sad to see him go. but, your comment about frank is ridiculous. in case you don’t recall, for the last several years on the sox his favorite thing to do was hit solo homers in games that were already out of hand. he rarely came through in the clutch in the past few years. secondly, if he’s so great and wonderful, then why exactly has oakland lost two in a row to minnesota? one player does not make or break a team.

as for soxfest, if you are concerned about spending money then why would you consider staying at the hotel? and why not pay the $3 to park at the el and take that to the palmer house? there’s also way more to do in the area surrounding the palmer house than there is surrounding the hilton (especially on the weekend). as for the overcrowding, i think it’s a great idea to move somewhere that will make it possible for more people to go. i know that i wanted to go last year but couldn’t get tickets. so it appears that the organization may have been thinking of the large number of their fans that would want to go instead of being more greedy. in fact, in comparison to the other professional sporting events that i have attended in the last few years, white sox games are the most reasonably priced and downright affordable.

if these are issues that are causing you to reconsider being a “lifelong devoted fan” of the white sox than maybe they’d be better off without you. i’m not a fan of this team (or any team for that matter) because of what they do for me, i’m a fan because i enjoy watching them play and rooting them on.

just my opinion of course.



I’m sorry…for the 800th time…you are NOT going to give money to a guy that has missed most of the last TWO seasons with leg injuries who weighs in the neighborhood of 260 pounds…OK?

AND Frank WOULD NOT HAVE accepted a ‘token’ offer from the Sox (with incentives) to only play two or at best three times a week. OK???

In FACT Frank would probably have told the media he was ‘insulted’ by the Sox offer.

I LOVE Frank, he’s the finest Sox player I’ve ever seen in 46 seasons but circumstances simply DID NOT allow him to return. It wasn’t a question of ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ the man…it was a question of money, a question of business and last but not least a question of EGO (i.e. Frank’s)

Can we PLEASE put this to bed now? once and for all??

Regarding the future, granted this season is a MAJOR disappointment (as much as a team that will win 90 or so games can possibly have) but the future isn’t downhill as you predict. Kenny will not take this lying down. Moves will be made, probably a third of the roster overturned as this team gets back to Ozzie-Ball in 2007. If Ozzie is lying and this club doesn’t do what he’s been saying, I’ll be right there with you but after a title in 2005, they’ve earned a grace period don’t you think? I’ll give them the benfit of the doubt for this winter.

The fans will still be out in force next year, this club isn’t going to win 75 games in 2006 right?

Mark Liptak

thank you, cyndi and mark. i couldn’t have said it better. but i do refuse to believe the season’s over. you can say that i am irrationally delaying the inevitable, but i’d rather wait until we are “mathmatically eliminated”. until then, i’m still holding out.

i’m in l.a. right now. cheered my patootie off tonight (side note: wouldn’t that be great if you could cheer your patootie off? i’d be like a size 0!), but alas, it wasn’t to be. had a really bad feeling about the game even before it started. still, we had a very nice night. had a good dinner at the park with friends, met some great angels fans, and overall, witnessed some good ball being played.

the sun will come out tomorrow, and i’ll be there again (por mi solo), cheering the boys on. we’re running out of time, but heck… last september was nuts, too.

g’nite all.

The Sox choke away a game for about the 50th time this season, and we’ve got people posting on this board about meeting friends and having nice dinners at the game. How quaint.

Screw this bunch. Underachievers. Underachievers. Underachievers. The Tigers have practically been begging someone to take the division title from them, and the Sox have laid there like beached whales. I’m sick of having my gut ripped out. Go Bears.

noone said I was going to not be a sox fan…i just think that the whole sox fest idea is crappy…..you cant buy a 3 day pass WITHOUT staying at the hotel…thats what the email they sent me said. its not an option. they are forcing you to spend 500 dollars plus if you are going with three people let alone four. i just think that its a garbage way to handle things. they should have thought longer and harder about this.

thome was injured last year too…same as thomas. thomas also hit some huge homers last year even though he only hit 12 (in like a week)….i was at a tigers game he won in extra innings with a homer


One more time, Thomas was injured the last TWO seasons and has had six major injuries (four to his legs) since July 1996.

Thome is going to finish the season at or close to 40 home runs and 100 RBI’s. His OBP is going to be very good.

We’re not talking ‘chopped liver’ here folks.

Hey I’m happy for Frank and wish him well but to say the Sox automatically do better if Frank were here instead of Thome is ludicrous.

Last I looked Frank doesn’t solve the ‘attitude’ issue with this club ESPECIALLY against garbage teams…Frank can’t make up for a bullpen that was short from the start of the season due to not getting the guys they needed over the winter and Frank doesn’t solve the inconsistency of the starting staff this year does he?

Frank also doesn’t solve the defensive lapses, nor the fact that this club is a station to station, swing for the fences club that can’t run, can’t bunt and can’t hit the other way getting guys over does he?

Frank is not the answer nor was he the issue with this team in the first place.

With respect, please…enough.

Mark Liptak

One of the few times I was happy I don’t get WCIU, another dagger between the ribs there. Looking at the stats, Buehrle looked like he had a pretty good game, which is encouraging. But in this teeter-totter-type of a season we’ve had, when our pitching comes around, inevitably that’s the cue for our offense to disappear and vice versa. Call it the Physics of the See-Saw but we’ve rarely been able to get both ends up at the same time this season.

And the squandered opportunities vs. KC, TB and the others are only getting magnified as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter.

Of course we can still get in “if we turn it around”, but that mantra starting to sound more and more like a broken record or a desperate plea rather than a rallying battle cry.

And in regard to Mark’s comment about 90 wins, it does seem weird but if we end up with 90+ wins and are still in the same position then there’s no other way to frame it…a third place finish in your own division can’t be viewed as anything but a failure. And maybe that’s unfair but that’s the ramifications of success. Expectations are a *****.

In any case I’ll be in Minnesota that Saturday for the Revolution that will not be Televised, and I’m really hoping we still have something to be playing for at that time. Get after ’em today fellas…and by the way Freddy this constitutes a ‘big game’.

check out the mark gonzales interview on http://www.sportsmediaguide.com. very interesting.

OK so i may have officially gone crazy but i just want to see if anyone else has had this thought. During the top of the ninth when Thome was leading off did anyone else want him to attempt a bunt down the third base line? If he could get it past the pitcher it would be an easy single and he was going to get pinch run for anyway. I hate taking the bat out of his hands but with the way he has been missing just about everything lately i would have liked to see him give up his at bat for the team and try to make something happen. I know he probably never takes any bunting practice and K-rod looks like he would be impossible to bunt off, but with the third baseman basically playing behind 2nd i would have liked to seen it. I know that i have seen Big Papi get bunts down to get on base so something like this has happened before.

Like i said i think losing some of these close games are getting to me when I start coming up with these types of things.

They keep breaking my heart. I am sad.


I don’t get WCIU as I moved a bit outside of their viewing area, so I drive to my parents to watch all of those games. Hmmm, good thing I didn’t go to a sports bar…long and difficult to swallow. Can Mark just start his game in the second from now on? (personally observed the 7 run 1st in piranha waters.) Wadhappen to that beautiful curve Bob? Bummer. I am always cold, but my armpits were sweating from nerves last night. Oh, I forgot, there is no crying in baseball. (still thinks Mr. Hanks deserved an Oscar nod for that role. He ran with it) Does anyone else think that Jim is doing more trying to coax a walk, than hit for Pete’s sake? Yell at me if you want for that, I love the trying to get one, but sometimes I feel he pushes the ump in his assuming…AND, Paul needs 8 more to tie his 40. AND, let’s go Joe for 30. Bring it on.

I feel bad for what happened to your seats. I know I would be upset if my family lost theirs since they have had them since the new park opened so they are very nice. It could be worse though. You could be a Cubs fan. They get fu**ed by the ownership every possible way. At least the Sox are not pulling the scalping scam the the Tribune Company is.

I do agree with the overcrowded issue at Sox Fest. That is great that they moved it to a place with more space, but wasn’t the real issue the ridiculous lines. Maybe they should have sold less tickets this time at higher price. Simple economics solve the problem. Sure it is harder to bring a family, but they were upsetting the fans that went last year. It is really a lose-lose situation.

Maybe it’s the crappy weather we have here right now….Maybe it’s the possibility that people will be getting sick with colds and the flu because of this weather….like me…..Just maybe it’s the possibility that people like bjwsjw02 may have…shall we say,WAGERED?,a bit of money on the possibility of the WS repeating as champs…and then when they come up short,bjwsjw starts lobbing verbal hand grenades all over the place,and is now rooting for the Bears….
Well,bjwsjw…..all I can write to you is….even though they may not come through as they did last year,with you jumping off the bandwagon,there is room now for people who DO give a rat’s rear aperture(hi,Dawn),WIN OR LOSE,BRILLIANT PLAY OR BUST,what this team does….whether they rip your guts out or not…..

Duke…..Counselor,you ain’t the only one,bub,who has that feeling right now….but at least you can go to the inner harbor and drown your sorrows in crab cakes and hush puppies…..

Liriano pulled in third inning!!! Possible elbow injury!

TQ –

Speaking of gambling on baseball. Rather than wasting money on lottery tickets I put money on the Flubs every year to win it all. I consider it my own personal jinx, and if God forbid it does not work and they win, well at least I will get paid for my suffering.

Hey at least AJ has not tried to kick the **** out of any of the pitchers in the dugout this year (ie: John Buck in KC last night). I’m sure he would like to beat the **** out of Freddy for never giving him a chance to throw out a runner.

I think we are seeing what a difference attitude makes. Being in LA, I had the “luxury” of watching the Sox on actual TV instead of mlb.tv, (the Angels announcers have to be the absolute worst in the majors, by the way), and so I was watching the Twins & A’s online. I’m sure the Sox players are trying, but it’s almost like they have the attitude that “Hey, we were favored to repeat as champs this season, there’s no way we don’t make the playoffs.” As if no matter what happens, things will just work themselves out and the Sox will make it to the postseason. The Twins on the other hand, are playing like their playoff lives are at stake…..watching the 8th inning of their game last night, they were jumping around, yelling and cheering when Cuddyer and Morneau hit back to back doubles. It made me sick to watch, not only because we need the Twins to lose, but because I rarely see that kind of emotion from our team. Sure they go nuts when AJ hits a walk off, but other than a few players on the team, it’s almost like they don’t care. I’m sure they do care, but it’s just so different than the attitude of a team like Minnesota. I guess it just hurts to be 2.5 games behind a team made up of guys like Jason Tyner, Boof Bonser, Michael Cuddyer, etc. We are a much more talented team, but we are acting like a team with a 15 game division lead, while the Twins are actually playing like September games matter. Sorry if this post is long or doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, I guess I’m just frustrated, because I look at the Twins, and I can’t help but think to myself, “This team really is not that good,” but then look at the standings and see that we’re behind them.


Steve: Now you’ll know why I call the Twins Team Rah-Rah….sure,they have enthusiasm,BUT…..as the old maxim states,”Do it like you’ve done it before”…In other words,when you hit a home run,throw the bat to the side and run the bases like you’ve done it before….DON’T chest bump and bump and grind like a male stripper,then go into fifteen variations on a handshake….and DON’T jump up and down at home plate like you’re experiencing an earthquake….the WS are guilty of that as well as the Angels last night….and the congratulations line after thge final out?….way too much…..just walk off the field,shake hands,and go to the clubhouse…..old school,but classy enough for this old man(getting older by the day…..)….to h*ll with ESPN and “monkey see,monkey do”celebrations…..


I don’t think Steve’s point was really the celebrations (I hate them as well, especially the ones in the NFL, like the guy who is down 28-0 and gets a first down, and acts like he just won the game.) He is getting at the fact that the Twinkies have the fire that we don’t. You have to admit the White Sox have not shown any fire at all. The Twinkies are showing that fire that we had last year. They are motivating themselves by only listening to the negative media. I seem to recall us doing the same.

I think the guys in the clubhouse got a little hung up on the fact that not only did we win the World Series last year, but on paper we got better. They came out with the approach of “Just throw the bats and gloves on the field and we win” Unfortunately you have to play the games, and we have not done as good of a job at that as we did last year.

I must say that I am rather disappointed after hearing that the Soxfest tickets will only be available with the purchase of a hotel room. Obviously the White Sox are in Chicago, and obviously many of us live in Chicago. I live less than two miles from the Palmer House, so it would be rather ridiculous to purchase a room…

Yes, I was there last year, and yes the crowds were terrible. How, or why, were that many tickets sold in the first place? Simply sell less tickets, and keep your fans happy. If I’m going to spend $250 a night for a hotel, it sure as heck isn’t going to be at a hotel less than fiften minutes from where I reside.

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