All Freddy


What a treat to watch Freddy Garcia pitch today …

Big victory.


Thank you Freddy. If I had anything to do with it- he would’ve had a perfect game. Phenominal Freddy, absolutely phenominal!

Thank you!

So close,***** Kennedy! Great job Freddy.

Amazing performance by Freddie! Great to see the Sox recapture the game they lost (in the wild card standings) to the Twins last night.

Excellent all-around effort by the White Sox with the sole exceptions being Iguichi’s base-running blunders and Uribe’s inept performance with runners in scoring position.

Let’s get at least 2 out of 3 from Oakland this weekend!

~Hark In Tucson

I love these kind of games – lets get 15 more.

Brian Anderson’s post game interview with Dan Roan was hilarious. He has quite the personality- rippin on PK! haha I love winning!

Followed this from work on GameChannel, and it was a real treat! Please, keep the momentum coming up here to Oakland. I want to see a sweet, sweet, sweep! I’ll be there on Sat. and Sun., cheering our Sox on!

Keep the faith – remember how many people thought all was lost last year, when we hit a “bump in the road”?

Thanks, Freddy for a great performance!

According to Liriano is done for the year and may need Tommy John surgery. During his last two pitches today he supposedly “Felt a pop.”

WOW!!! Just all around WOW!!! Lets go rangers, help make this a perfect day!!!


What difference 12 hours can make. After last nights Sox loss along with wins by Det and Min I decided that I was done with getting my heart broken this year. So even though the game was on WGN today I decided that I wouldn’t watch the Sox lose again. I get home from the gym and turn on ESPN just as they are showing “Big Game Freddy” almost throw a perfect game. Unbelievable! I guess I shouldn’t follow the Sox for the rest of the year for their sake. Sad news about Liriano, but that should really hurt the Twins chances of getting to the World Series. Facing him and Santana in a seven game series would have been brutal. If the Sox win 2 of 3 in Oak I will be thrilled. Only 16 games left. It should be interesting.

I congratulare Freddy on his effort today but still have to ask the question…why does he pitch well against good teams and by his own admission pitch like dung versus garbage clubs like the Royals (who beat him twice this year!)?

That being said, Liriano’s unfortunate injury once again may open the door but also the fact still remains the Sox MUST start winning! Period…no excuses. Time is short and they are still a game and a half out of the post season.

We’ll see what happens in the House of Horrors this weekend.

Mark Liptak

after just getting home from a golf outing and reading all of the posts to this point from last night to present, i finally have time to say…. way to go Freddie! great game! our hitting AND pitching happened together!!!! that is the White Sox way. now that this grand conjunction has occured can we repeat with Jon and Javy? and more, and more, and much more? if we play 500 ball the rest of the way we wind up with 92 wins for the season, and not enough to get in. we need to take it up to about 11-5 to have a good chance to be there post season. that would mean 95 W’s and a probable spot in the next round, but IF the other two teams in the central can continue to find a way to lose, then we would have a better chance.

at this point in the season, we need one of two things to happen, or a combination of these. 1) the Sox get HOT and it doesn’t matter what the other teams do. 2) the tigers continue to falter and we tighten up things the first of next week. baseball is a funny game and who is to say what WILL happen the rest of the way out? it would sure be nice if we could win more than three in a row though! go Sox, still believing in tucson.. j.k. AND Hark and who knows who else?….

Nice job today by Freddy and the bats were alive as well. Now we just gotta go back this up in Oakland over the weekend. We can’t follow another good game with another stinker.

It would be nice if Freddy would pitch like this in every game. he got ahead of people and got quick outs. Last time I checked his pitch count during the game it was only 82 going into the 8th, which is fabulous for him!

I would like to know what caused Tadahito to stop running on that hit. That was beyond a brain cramp.

at this time of the year it’s about losses. we are trailing two talented teams and must make up games somehow. the tigers and the twins have “easier” schedules than we do down the stretch. given our penchant for losing to those easy teams, maybe that’s a good thing, we’ll see. bottom line is that we need to keep winning or all is for naught. if we must root for the competition, though then i would suggest that we become huge fans of KC, Cleveland, Baltimore and Toronto. go Sox, enjoy your day off in oakville by the sea. that’s near the kingdom of the Giants for those of you among the uninitiated. the Rhealm of the Sox of White WILL prevail in the week ahead… j.k. (your southsayer from the SW).

good job by freddy….hopefully the goof that sits in front of me at the games will stop annoying me by yelling “FREDDY THIS IS A BIG GAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”….he has come up big the last few starts.

what in the world was tadahito doing on the bases today? good lord.

before you all get too excited about lirianos injury..just remember he has been hurt for a month and the sox havent pulled away…it will still be a fight, folks.

Now we got to go to Oakland and win on Friday. Lets build on these good starting performances.

Nice job Freddie, but we can’t forget Cotts. I had to “watch” the game on Gameday at work and when I saw Cotts’ picture pop up, I thought, please let him have his mojo. One out lit up, then the next one and then the third ball was in play, fists were clenched and the third out lit up and I yelled out loud. Cheers to all Sox today and let’s keep it rolling.

I’m going to enjoy the day off tomorrow just as much as the team will. I really need a break from this.

Perfect day of baseball today, with Minnesota and Detroit losing, Liriano being shut down for the season, and Freddy coming through with a huge game. If we can take 2 in Oakland, I will deem this a very successful road trip. And then we come home for a huge series against Detroit.

I still don’t think Detroit will make the playoffs. I know it sounds crazy, but we only have to win 3 more games than them to force a playoff, and we all know how they have performed at the Cell, where the playoff game would be played.

Also, if Minnesota gets real hot and clinches the division early and the Sox and Det are fighting for the WC, don’t expect to see Santana on the last game of the season, as he’ll be resting for the playoffs. We need to catch some breaks, but with Detroit’s lack luster performances lately, it is very very possible they don’t make it. Time will tell.

Hopefully Liriano’s loss dampers Minnesota’s spirit a bit. Hey Bud, it’s still not too late to contract them!

Go Champs!

I was at the game today! It was amazing…even most of the Angel fans were cheering for Freddy in the 8th inning hoping to see some history today. It was still a great victory just a shame he came so close and didn’t get the perfect game. I don’t know what Iguchi was doing…did he think that ball was caught? Luckily we had plenty of runs at that point.

Congratulations, Freddy! What a spectacular performance.

Looking for a good book? I’ve been reading Richard Roeper’s “Sox in the City”, in which he chronicles his life-long passion for the Sox. Pretty funny stuff.

C’mon Sox. Let’s keep this excitement going through the weekend.

i guess any good outing by cotts is a plus…..but up 9-0 vs a team with one hit…i believe i coulda went out and protected the lead today.

Did anyone else see Gary Matthews hit for the cycle last night?

KW: GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, CONGRATS FREDDY! What an amazing game! But really, what a great momentum-maker. Remember in the playoffs and the World Series the starters “fed” off each other? Let’s keep it going!
Go Sox!!!!!!!!

kenwo, remember the last 2 times the WS were up by nine runs and the bullpen almost blew it? cotts pitching a perfect ninth was a huge step in the right direction. hopefully it’s not too late.

I agree, Dan, you gotta take improvement whenever you can get it, be it being up a bunch, or down a bunch, doesn’t matter.
Rangers aren’t going to let go of that kid, now, you can forget about it, Cabiness. you’re right, Kenwo, Minny overtook the Sox without Liriano. But all you can do is hope that this might affect their psychie, that maybe they were playing with the hope of his return.

Just catch one of the two teams, I don’t care which one…the Cubbie fans new mantra is, “what does it matter if your team misses by one game, you still miss the same as us”. To which I correct them with “but even so, if that happens, we’re still that close to being back in it next year.” I remember last year they were saying, “so what, you made it, you’ll never get to the series”. Scrub fans, you were wrong last year, and you’ll be wrong this year. Just go cry in your milk.

That was a truly fantastic game by Freddy, I am so excited for him!

I’m not sure if anyone else brought this up yet, I haven’t read through all of the comments… but, what was Iguchi thinking when he stoped on his way to home plate? Did he think the ball was caught? He sure is lucky that Freddy threw such an awesome game, because now no one cares about his mistake🙂

My interpretation: He knew there was two outs, thought the ball was a routine catch in right, started jogging home. Suddenly sees the ball come to the infield, for a split second thinks there was less than two outs, goes to retreat to third, and then is totally puzzeled when Thome is at third already. His mistake is laughed at, by most, because it didn’t matter, and usually Gooch is pretty solid on the basepaths.

Anybody bother to read the dope in the Some Times today? Calls out Hawk for mentioning the no-no starting out the eighth inning. Believing in “jinxes” is the same as believing in curses, it’s all poppycock. Now, when you’re in the dugout, that’s another matter. Anybody within earshot of said pitcher says nothing, you let the pitcher work it out, and put no further pressure on him than he is already putting on himself.

Tucker I was waiting for someone to bring up that mope. How does he have the stones to call out Hawk’s mentioning his perfect game. Like you said if your in the dugout that’s one thing, but he’s up in the booth, who cares. I love how he mention’s every other broadcaster’s way of relaying the info like he heard them. Another thing, he doesn’t mention how during Anibal(not sure on the spelling there) Sanchez’s game for the Marlin’s everyone was talking about him having a no-no. It’s amazing how a “journalist” could be so negative and spiteful in his columns. I’ve been praying for along time that he get’s run out of here like he did and Denver.

Not be mean or anything he is on my list of people if I saw walking down the street I would punch him in the face, no words needed.

Gang when you read Jay Mariotti, when you watch Jay Mariotti when you listen to Jay Mariotti you are doing EXACTLY what he and his employers want you to do.

You are paying attention to him.

Meanwhile do you thinks he actually cares what you think of him? He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

I mean he recently was put on suspension/vacation for ripping his own employers at the Sun-Times and they rewarded him with a contract extension.

What does that tell you folks?

It says he’s a ratings draw, he sells newspapers and that’s all that matters to the folks who are paying him.

If you really want to ‘get him out of town.’ Then under no circumstances watch, listen, read anything he writes. Don’t talk about him on the internet. IGNORE him. Cancel your subscriptions and let the Sun-Times know WHY you are doing it, you can also write their advertisers and let them know you won’t purchase their products anymore and tell them WHY you are doing it.

If enough folks do that, you’ll get the action you desire.

Mark Liptak

jfitzpatrick, that was one of the funniest things I’ve read in awhile. I’ve had that very thought cross my mind.

as tdoay’s off day dargs on, i toghuht i’d rmblae aubot our Sox. it ins’t esay tpniyg lkie tihs, but if the frsit and lsat ltretres are in tehir porepr palce, you souhld be albe to raed tihs. we need to be crafuell waht we wsih for. bineg hpapy auobt Lrniino bnieg out for the rset of the soeasn olny mkeas us look lkie we cnnaot baet the tniws wehn tehy are at flul srettgnh. it mkeas us look dpseaarte. mybae we are… but…for tihs saoesn to be fllluifnig, we need to baet the bset! if our pthcniig kpees rlolnig, we wlil be oaky. the nxet two wkees wlil be entixig, and i hpoe fiufrtul. i now rtnuern you to our poerpply wtitren blog…. Go Chicago White Sox… that was much easier to type this way…. have fun figuring out the above message…. j.k. from the land of drsseet and ctcaus… oh, yeah, wish me luck in my monthly poker game tonite…

You were driving me nuts for the first sentence, then it got interesting after I knew what the test was. Moved along pretty easy, until I got to the word “entixig”…thoguht it was souppsed to be exciting, but I wsan’t srue, beacsue it had no “c”. You’re right, you want to be the best, but I think Minnesota is still going to make the post season. Hate to be us against them in the ALCS, and if we beat them without Frankie L., all we will hear is how they would have beaten us if he didn’t get hurt.

I had started reading only the Trib, but sometimes there aren’t any at the machine at work, and then I have to buy that other rag. But, writing a letter to the rag is a great idea. Will do that.

Oh, and Klien, I’m not going to mneotion the pkoer gmae, I mgiht jnix you.

Ohhh JK, that was crackin me up. I’m currently in a class being held on line, and how am I spending my time? White Sox baseball! Too bad their isn’t a game- but Klein’s has provided me all the entertainment I needed!🙂

I’m still buzzing about Freddy’s performance…but now from a different angle. I can’t help but be so excited to see how this performance keeps us rolling. Our starting pitching has become dominant again….now all we need is our bullpen to get every right!!

Who is excited for these last couple of weeks?!?! A great time to be a Sox fan, lets go guys!!!

Ok, listening to the Twins @ Indians on AM1100 for anyone interested. Tie 1-1 in 5. Anyway, the announcers are talking about MVP. They have ruled out Jeter, say Dye is in running, but would vote Santana as he has held the club together what with Liriano and Radke going down. And that is what MVP means to them, someone who holds a team in it, and that he should also get the Cy. Just an fyi, interesting to hear other announcers perspective. (This is the Cleveland guys.) Of course I whole heartedly disagree. But that is the fun in it, debating your case! And in summation…can’t wait for tomorrow!

Although Santana is a ton (no one can argue that), he is not the AL MVP. The AL MVP, in my book, is a player that is an everyday player. Now I’m not taking anything away from Santana at all, but he plays one night out of a 5 game rotation. He is absolutely invaluable to Minnesota’s success. He should win the Cy Young. Not the MVP.

I don’t need to speak for Jermaine Dye- his numbers, his defense, the way he conducts himself on and off the field speaks (loudly and clearly) for itself.

all is well tucker… i won.. now i’d gladly give back my winnings for a series victory this weekend. we shall see, maybe i can have my money and spend it too. go Sox. j.k. night all..

I’m so excited for tonights game!!! I don’t know why, but I have a great feeling about this one. Lets go get em tonight guys and shrink that lead a little more!!!

Go Sox!!!


Way to pick up the win, Klein, all us Kleiniacs kept positive, we knew you could do it!
Cyndi, I’m pumped for every game, now. Especially after a day off, it just gets you chomping at the bit. Here’s hoping Gar strikes out the big man a few times!

Thank you,thank you,WS Universe,for writing for me what I wanted to say about that jerk at the Some-Times….He is the only person whom the author of How To Win Friends and Influence People would want to beat the absolute **** out of….
Now,onto the task at hand….For some reason,the boys never have done well at the Oakland Mausoleum…the last five seasons,they’ve been like the blackbirds in the nursery rhyme…four and twenty….So,you can only HOPE and PRAY for good news this weekend….and that the Cleveland pitching staff gets tougher that they were last night against Team Rah-rah…(come on,Tribe,KNOCK ‘EM ON THEIR A** FOR ONCE–OR TWICE…)and that Los Tigres falter against the Baltimore birdies….(If Baltimore doesn’t come through,Ira….be careful….we know where you live,Counselor….just kidding….)

Talk to you next week,after the shock and disappointment of the natal day Sunday wears off….

TQ (54/40 or fight)

Surprise, surprise. The classiest player to ever wear a Sox uniform (a little sarcasm there) has opened his mouth yet again! This time when asked about who should win the Comeback Player of the Year award.

From the trib:

Thomas on Thome (to the Contra Costa Times): “I know Comeback Player of the Year comes down to numbers, but personally, I think I was more injured than any ballplayer in America. I was written off. I don’t think [Thome] was ever written off. Everybody thought I was done . . . . [Thome] has had an excellent year. I think the past four months my year has been more incredible.”

Way to pull a David Ortiz there Frankie. Now let’s look at what Thome’s response was when given the same question:

Thome on Thomas: “I’m happy for him. He battled an injury, not knowing what was going to happen. We both have had really nice years.”

Can’t he just close his mouth for once? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the guy when he played for the sox but that was solely as a player. As a human being, he’s got as much class as our favorite writer at the sun times.

Now it’s time to sweep the A’s so we can overtake detroit while I’m there monday night!


To sum it up would you agree that Frank would rather have an award or make the playoffs? I am pretty sure he would choose the award. I enjoyed Frank as a player here when he was healthy, but as a person he is a disaster.

He’s been exactly the same for the past 16 years. The guy needs to hire a publicist because he is horrible at building a respectable image.

Thome carried this team the entire first half of the season. Without him, we’d be 15 games out or worse. Do we see him bragging about it? No. He goes out, plays and gives the credit to somebody else. I’d take over Thomas anyday.

I agree, in a team loaded with the talent we have, we are better of with a guy like Thome who has no ego.

The only thing I am upset with is Thome’s inability to hit lefties.

Jon owes The Big Skirt a few K’s tonight after the beating he put on Jon in his first game back in Chicago.

Exactly right, Frank has never changed. We defended him (or at least tried to) when he was ours, but we all knew he was Mr. Ego, not far behind Sammy from Alabammy, always saying the wrong things. What class Mr. Thome has, I love having guys like him on our teams. I never did like Rodman, dirty player, no class, that helped the Bulls win. Oh, I took the wins, and knew Denny was part of that, but still could never stand him, could never embrace his padding of his stats by battling his own teammates for a rebound after a foul shot. Hated it when he would hook arms with an opponent, solely to try and mess with them. Sad way to win a game.

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