Day Game Data

Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 1:37 pm

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF; Alomar, C.

Need this one.


Yep, we sure do.

Liriano left in the third inning with elbow pain. I obviously don’t wish him any permanent damage, but it’s not the worse thing in the world if he’s out for the rest of the season…

Does that make me a bad person?

Bigdog you said out loud what we all thought.

OK, I will be the bad guy. May Liriano be cursed with as many if not more problems than Kerry Wood and Mark Prior combined.

Has anyone watched this guy pitch? He is a clone of Johan Santana. The Sox only need to deal with one of them. Liriano doubles the torture.

How about this. 4 innings in the book and the sox are already up 7-0. Hopefully Freddy can go 8 or 9 and give the bullpen two days off in a row, since tomorrow is an off day.

Glad to see the Twins lose, and with a Detroit loss today (and assuming this lead holds up), we will be able to reverse all of the misfortune that was yesterday.

More importantly, Francisco Liriano will hopefully be out for the rest of the season. Not only is this big now, but if Detroit falls behind and we end up facing Minnesota in the ALCS, that’s one less ace we have to worry about from them.

I don’t know if being happy about Liriano is cruel or not, but he’s hurt either way, so we may as well enjoy it.

The pitching is coming around, hopefully the bats do too!

Go Sox!

Anyone else hear Hawk drop what sure sounded like an F-bomb (f***in brutal) at the end of the top of the 6th when Iguchi lost his mind running the bases? As they were going to commercial he must have thought they were off the air already.

Ok Sox… Minnesota has lost a heartbreaker 1-0 to the Oakland this afternoon… and (as bigdog mentioned) Liriano was pulled in the 3rd after re-aggrevating his albow injury… no excuses.

To have any chance at repeating as World Champions… the Sox players and coaches for today through the end of the season have to exhibit the heart of a champion! Playoff intensity… execute small ball approach (playing for each and every potential run as if it is the only thing that matters)… flawless defense… on both offense and defense approach each pitch, count, AB, play and inning with unwavering focus and intensity.

So far… so good with the White Sox leading 7-0 through 5 1/2 innings.

Troubling Notes: Juan Uribe continues to be a disaster at the plate (putting up a paltry .219 batting average in August and an even more pathtic .131 average in the crucial month of September with just 10 RBIs during this important period). Nice clutch, disciplined and productive hitting by Juan during this all-important stretch run!

Today’s Uribe hitting ineptness consists of: 2nd inning – an awkward off balance 1st pitch pop out to shortstop with Joe Crede on 2nd base and only 1 out… 3rd inning – with the bases loaded and 2 outs (following a Crede walk on 4 pitches), Uribe struck out on a pitch that was almost in the dirt and a foot and a half outside (leaving the bases loaded)… 5th inning, Uribe led off with a weak pop up to the catcher behind home plate and 6th innign a routine fly out to left. As I posted at this year’s trading deadline (and it’s sad to say, Uribe has been even worse since then), Kenny Williams definitely needs to address the White Sox starting shortstop position. I sure hope Kenny acquires a solid starting shortstop for the Sox during this upcoming off season. Although Uribe has evolved into a solid defensive shortstop (with a cannon for an arm), his undisciplined approach at the plate and inability to do the little things (hit to all fields, give up ABs to move the runner over, coax walks, etc.) that a .233 bottom of the order hitter must do to help his team is obvious.

What the H*ll is wrong with Iguichi on the basepaths today? He could have walked into 3rd base on his 3rd inning double (but he had his head down and didn’t pick up the 3rd base coach)… and in the 5th inning with 2 outs and two men on and Iguichi on 2nd he stopped dead in his tracks 3/4 of the way down the 3rd base line and just froze there for 4-5 seconds as the ball was softly lobbed to the cut-off man at 2nd base (who was shocked to see Iguichi just standing there and relayed his throw to home). When Iguichi finally decided to move… he inexplicably ran back to 3rd base with Thome standing there looking dumbfounded wondering why Tadihito hadn’t easily scored on this more than routine play! Talk about a total brain fart!

Positive Note: Incredibly, Freddie Garcia is pitching a perfect game today (through 7 innings)! It’s amazing to see the WS starters pitching so well (and consistently). They seem to have gelled in time for the final stretch run.

Let’s Go White Sox!

Time to seize the moment and pull back to within 1 1/2 games out in the wild card race!

~Hark In Tucson

Oh Hark SHHHHHHH don’t speak it out loud!!

rule #1 Hark….NEVER say it. please knock on wood.

Yeah right… as if my (or anyone’s comments (from Tucson, AZ) can impact the outcome.

It rests soley in his hands and the team mates behind him.

Great effor by Freddie but he lost it on his own!


****, he just lost it. so close. doesn’t matter though, the key is the pitching is coming around.

things are starting to look up for us. this could be the day that it all turned around. let’s hope!

go champs!

Oh Hark- you and my uncle are killing me. My uncle “IM’s” me “perfect game” at the beginning of the 8th, right after I read your comment Hark. Oh people people, you must not mess with superstition!

I guess I can’t be greedy, but I wanted it bad for Freddy.

Today was PHENOMINAL!!!!

News Flash: Liriano shut down for the rest of the season.

Can today get any better? We’ll find out after the Detroit game.

Thome is a great guy and very respectable as a person. But he has the highest left on base percentage in baseball. Shouldn’t they give Josh Fields a DH chance to replace Thome in this stretch run before the chance for a World Series gets out of hand for the SOx. Thome might be a good pinch hitter.

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