Tonight’s Lineup

Monday, September 18, 2006, 3:15 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; BA, CF; Uribe, SS; Buehrle pitching.


Our three starters in this series are a combined 37-16 lifetime against the Tigers:

Buehrle, 11-6, 2.80

Garcia, 14-5, 3.81

Garland, 12-5, 4.21



The White Sox front office has already given Sox fans enough insults:

1. the Palmer House “license fee” to attend Sox fest;

2. a 15% increase in next year’s season ticket prices;

3. the bludgeoning of this year’s season tickets holders, who, by front office fiat, would lose their seats for next year if they asked for refunds on unplayed post-season games (Please tell the bean counters in the front office to write shorter letters. Next fall, they merely need to write the following to season ticket holders: “Bend over and shut up!”).

After these insults, we DON’T need a string of quotes having no connection to the sad reality of this season.

Now that we have the 2007 schedule, our ONLY need is for Kenny Williams to clean house. For that, we thank him in advance.

Scott: Just took a look at the tentative 2007 schedule, and noticed that we’re slated to visit Pittsburgh again! (2 years in a row!) And what’s the scoop behind playing teams from the NL East AND NL Central? Can this be correct?

Tired, tired, tired of the negativity. The focus needs to be on the task at hand, winning. Getrrrr Done!

If you’re a season ticket holder, here’s how you deal with the Playoff Tickets/2007 Season Tickets fiasco.

Flood the brokers with your ticket for next year’s games. If enough season ticket holders do that, it will become a disincentive for people to buy season packages as they will be easily able to get premium seats for individual games.

I believe it was Adlai Stevenson,when he ran for the presidency against Eisenhower,who may have put it best(if it is not to be this year)…..
“It hurts too much to laugh,and I’m too old to cry about it….”

Methinks that Mr Stevenson was a closet White Sox fan….

As to Maria and the others who wished me a happy b-day yesterday….Danke schoen,all of you….as I listened to the other shoe being dropped in the East Bay yesterday,I felt down,dejected,every thing all going downhill rapidly…But then,a strange spirit entered into my spirit and soul….a spirit that said…”You(meaning me)can only do so much…if it was not meant to be,it was not to be….”

I have the feeling that they are still going to try…at least I hope so….the patient is still alive,although the vital signs are weakening….now is not the time to give up…and,as the spirit said…”If it was not meant to be,it is not to be….”

I am confident that the Twins will win the Division. So if the Sox have any hope of winning the Wild Card they MUST sweep the Tigers. IMO a loss tonight will end the season. I am hopeful that they will get it done.

By the way,I just confirmed through….Since I became a White Sox fan,they are 24 and 18 on my birthday….that’s good,right?
The bad news is,they’ve dropped five of the last six,and four in a row….Maybe I should stop celebrating?

One thing I do know….they are STILL my team….good,bad,or indifferent…..and,like dreifer(and,I suspect,a few more of us)….I’ll be back for more in ’07…..

That is,if ’06 isn’t quite done yet…..

As a season ticket holder, i agree that they are taking you to the cleaners……the 2007 season doesnt begin until april. I understand charging for postseason tickets now, but why in the world cant i get a refund and still pay for (in december, jan, even feb) my 2007 season tickets??? its ludacris. i agree with kolsens 150 percent. sox fans are being taken to the cleaners for winning one world title……if they expect us to keep paying, they better keep winning and stop playing like a bunch of dogs like they have been since july. sox fans arent like cubs fans…..if the team starts to stink- we wont show. its a proven fact. sure one disappointing year is understandable (i guess) but if improvements arent made by 08 i expect the season tickets to dwindle and eventually end up where they were in 2004. shape up sox!

it was a good run….great fun while it lasted.

game, set, match.

here’s to ’07.

and so at a score of 0-4 this question begs an answer. did the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox make a pact with the Devil? yes, we won it all last year, but do we have to wait for 88 more years before we can do it again? I won’t be here in 2093, how about you? maybe our great-great grand kids?

the thing that gets me is the column i read fron the Sun-Times today about our guys wanting this season to end. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! if that’s true, Kenny MUST get us a team that wants to play. if you don’t have the talent and still play to win you can be proud of yourselves. even if you are the KC Royals. if you give it your best effort and lose there is NO shame. if you think you SHOULD win, then SHAME on YOU. We fall into that later catagory and it’s depressing/frustrating. all year long i was expecting our guys to turn it on…. maybe our players were of the same mindset?

what a rant! i’ve been typing this for the past two innings, waiting for us to do something….ANYTHING! it looks like we will go quietly into the night. don’t get me wrong. losing is NOT the problem. you can lose and still accept it IF you are giving your BEST effort. we are still waiting for our best effort and it is now midnight. too many former Sox players? frank HURT us and now Mags? but if we don’t score ANY runs it’s hard to win. so i get back to the column written by DeLuca. maybe he’s right.? if so then we MUST get rid of those guys no matter who they are. ok, i’ll send this into cyberspace now. i’ve been reluctant to post, hoping against hope that we can do something…. BUT…. i also will be here next year, not to mention spring training.. ok again. that’s all, j.k. over and out, out, out…..

Like I said earlier in the week, Brandon McCarthy has looked like horse S*it lately. Oh ya, Kenny Williams said he was untouchable during the trade deadline, and they were close to getting Alfonso Soriano. Well that trade wouldn’t have worked out well, Soriano ended up being the 4th person in history (2nd if you count out the steriod users, Conseco and Bonds) to have 40 stolen bases and homeruns in one year. He would look **** good in left instead of the hack Podsednik. As Williams said, McCarthy is the future, well the Sox better bring it next season because that is what I am looking at now.

i’ve been accused of being Dreiferian in my last couple of days comments. i don’t think that Webster’s would agree, but i will say that we are UNDERACHIEVERS and it breaks my heart! i WANT to support our guys, but IF our guys don’t support us then why should we? 2007 can’t come fast enough for me now. come on Kenny.. do your thing and remake a club that WANTS to win! if we lose, then ok, as long as we are playing our best…. Folks, unless something unforseen happens in our last 12 games, i’ll see you next year. no mas as Roberto Duran would say. if you don’t know who he is, ask TQ. j.k. out for the duration. Go Sox…………………………….will we win 90?

Wow, we got a triple play…

Wow, Fields first at bat and a homer…

I posted yesterday that this Detroit series was the Sox’ absolute shot at redemption. What a freakin’ joke. How many games has “Future Boy” McCarthy almost single-handedly tanked for this team this season. I don’t wanna hear that he’s a starter and not a reliever. He already had one inning under his belt when he proceeded to puke all over himself tonight. I have to sit right next to a Tigers fan at work all day and be embarrassed by the Sox’ almost total lack of heart and drive. By Wednesday, the Sox will have virtually resurrected the Tigers from their slump and catapulted them into the post-season. Great job, guys! Back in 2000, when the Sox were having lots of success, I used to secretly wish that they’d win it all and then pack up and leave, and let the Cubs fans pee all over each other in delight that the town was finally theirs and theirs alone. Then they could sit and watch the Cubune set new standards for mediocrity. Well, the Sox won it all. Back up the moving van. To make the World Championship stick, you’ve gotta come out the next year and put up at least a decent defense of your title or it looks like a fluke. Ask a Red Sox fan if the sheer ecstacy of winning it all in ’04 hasn’t completely vanished.

Wow, looking at lots of empty seats…

Wow, there is something wrong with this picture!!!

Who wants to join my “Adopt-An-Underdog” program? Here’s how it works: next year, we’ll adopt the team that had the worst record in ’06 (KC, TB, whoever) and root for them, and then in ’08 we’ll root for the team that had the worst record in ’07 (KC, TB, whoever). Think about how fun it would be. You’d get to just enjoy the game, the baseball being played, and not have your guts ripped out by a team with tons of potential and almost no heart. Who’s with me? C’mon!

I’m not jumping on any other bandwagon.. I’m not happy, who is, but I’m here as a Sox fan for my lifetime.. so my question, sad as we may be tonight/this year.. who’s with me??? Sorry to see this happen, so sorry to see it slowly chipping away…

btw.. Jose Valentin was huge in the clinching Mets game tonight. My heart and thoughts are with him.

I’ll join the Underdog program, but only if I can play Sweet Polly Purebred.

this team has played like absolute (to use ozzie’s favorite term) ********* since that series with boston right before the all star break. they arent going to the playoffs..and you know what, they do not deserve to at all.

I’m not talking about a bandwagon. Just the opposite. Jumping on the bandwagon is when you follow a team that’s having a good season and pretend like you’ve been a fan all along. I’m talking about following a team with virtually no hope of contending, and getting to watch a bunch of hungry players (mostly young guys) playing their a$$es of, trying to make a name for themselves. Why do think minor league baseball is so popular? “Adopt-An-Underdog” is the best of both worlds. It’s like “Quadruple-A”, it’s major league players with Triple-A desire, as opposed to a bunch of sloths (i.e., the ’06 Sox) who quit on their fans with about 2 months left in the season.

Well that’s all she wrote folks. Now maybe my stomach can get back to normal.

The final two weeks don’t mean squat except I’d like to see this 100 million dollar, seven All-Star selections, underachieving club win 90 games.

It’s not on par with 1968, 1973, 1984 and 1995 but then they weren’t coming off a World Championship either.

Nothing much more to say. Something was wrong with this team and it was wrong back in spring training when they were getting their collective brains beat out…it just continued from there to the first week of the season and then came full force after the All-Star Break.

You can only lose to garbage teams, fail to get bunts down, blow late leads with your bullpen and swing for those eight run home runs with men in scoring position and less then two outs so many times before it catches up with you.

Spring training is only five months away. I expect Kenny is going to rip this bunch apart.

To much ‘power.’ Not enough speed, pitching and defense which is what the White Sox franchise has been known for over 100 seasons.

Mark Liptak

I have to follow up on one of J.K.’s points, about the DeLuca article in the Sun-Times, how apparently some guys have been ready to pack it in MONTHS ago. I read it today and was just stunned. It can’t be right.

If there was one thing I thought I could count on with this team, it was heart–that the guys would always do Ozzie proud. It looks like the pack it in contingent is winning out, and it breaks my heart.

On the bright side, in 2007 the Central figures to get tougher. If we didn’t like it being a three-team battle this year, what of next, when it’s four or perhaps even five?

I’m excited to see what direction this team will take. I am hoping they go back to the formula that worked last year, which is small ball. It’s not a coincidence that we won it all the same year we got a solid leadoff man (at least, last year he was), a great 2 hitter who could move him over, and a bunch of guys behind him who played excellent situational baseball.

If you need a great example, replay your game 4 world series dvd and see how we scored the lone run. THAT was white sox baseball. Grinder rules, bunting, hitting to the right side of the field, sac flies, squeeze bunts, stolen bases, homeruns not from swinging for the fences but from trying to make solid contact and put the ball in play. The grinder rules encapsulated what we were all about. Grinding out wins, taking the extra base, moving men over, winning games by one run. THAT’S White Sox baseball as I would like to know it, and that’s what we need to get back to. Nobody wants a bunch of power hitters because when they go cold, and it is only a matter of time before they do, every year, the team goes into a slump, like now. We’ve seen it from 2000 til 05 and we saw it again this year. Kenny and Ozzie, get back to what worked!

Disappointing year. I’m upset, but I find it easier to accept after winning it all last year. Two in a row would be nice, but I’ll take 2 in a 3 year span.

I sure am going to miss calling them the champs though. And it’ll scuk seeing another team’s world series highlights on espn instead of us. But we had our time in the light, and we had a chance to stay in it, but we blew it. Such is the game of baseball.

So now the issue becomes who do we keep and who do we let go, and who do we replace the guys we let go with? Freddy, Javi, Pods, McCarthy. Should be interesting.

Now that we’re pretty much done for, anyone cheering for anyone in particular this year?

i like the A’s because of frank and loaiza, the tigers have always been my 2nd favorite team (tied with the Orioles)…i dunno why i liked lou whitaker a lot in the day…..and if it HAS to be an NL team to win i hope its the mets because roberto and valentin were 2 of my favorites while they were here.

if i were the sox id keep the 5 starters, dump mccarthy podsednik either thome or konerko possibly aj (though i dont think there is a better option)….i would go after soriano (like they should have earlier this year..) i need to see the rest of the free agent list to see who i would pick up.

Well if there is any positive that came of tonight, our left fielder of the future, Josh Fields hit a homer in his first career at bat. The kid is ready to play, and now that we have nearly sealed our fate hopefully Ozzie will get him some more chances in the last two weeks.

thehotcorner –

You bring up the failed trade for Soriano. Apparently you did not see some of my previous posts. Washington was asking for a lot more than Brandon. They were asking for as much as Brandon, Lance Broadway and Josh Fields. All for another guy that swings for our special eight run homers. There were other teams including the Tigers and Angels offering more than one top prospect and both were turned down by Washington. If it was just one top prospect Kenny would have pulled it off, but he is too smart of a GM (he will get his chance to prove that again this off-season) to get fleeced for a rent-a-player.

ive always been very loyal to my ex-sox….it was cool to see magglio hit a few today..wish it would have came in a loss though. but if harold baines and ron kittle come out of retirement and hit homers against us i may have to quit watching the sox….i very highly doubt this will happen…but if konerko or thome are moved i wouldnt be opposed to seeing C LEE come back. he didnt strike out and he was fast for a big man…he could either dh or play first. might be something to think about

To answer Big Dog’s question first. I will be rooting for no one, I will be watching no one. Not a game, not an inning, not a pitch. The MINNESOTA TWINS are going to make the post season for the 4th time in five years and that absolutely SICKENS me.

My off season baseball will consist of one thing and one thing only… watching and waiting and reacting to whatever Kenny does in the off season to rip apart this club. Period.

Now to an observation and a comment.

First tonight’s game was emblematic of the season wasn’t it? Consider:

1. Mack butchers another fly ball.

2. The Sox get beat (again) by another soft tossing, over the hill pitcher. (Where have we seen THAT before!)

3. The Sox leave tons of runners on base because instead of just trying to go the other way or hit the ball up the middle, these ‘sluggers’ try to hit eight run 500 foot home runs on every swing. (Which is why practically every rookie, every garbage pitcher with an ERA of six and every soft tossing junkballer CAN’T WAIT to face these guys.)

As far as the comment… assuming these guys continue to play like they can’t wait to get on the golf course Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday what will the reaction of those fans who come out on Saturday and Sunday be?

I wouldn’t put it past the fans to boo them mercilessly for their lack of effort, lack of caring and ‘eh’ attitude since July (although it’s been that way all season long.) I also wouldn’t blame them one iota.

For the good money the fans pay, they should at least expect to see effort, win or lose. Players who look like they give a ****. Players who act like losing actually bothers them.

Hawk Harrelson called the team out Sunday and the newspapers are now coming out with player reactions…as you might expect these guys had no reaction. Nothing from Konerko, nothing from Thome.

Gee they were just called out by the announcer! And absolutely nothing! No four letter words, no denials just the same pap nonsense.

Carl Everett turned out to be right. These guys had no fire because they had no vocal leaders, no one who would get in someone’s face, call out another player for stupidity or lack of effort…nothing.

The only person this season who seemed to have any fire (after reading his comments tonight) was Kenny Williams. Even Ozzie is different. He’s gone Mike Ditka 1986 after winning it all and the money started to pour in, suddently winning or losing didn’t matter as much, it wasn’t ‘life or death’ and this club reacted to it.

They say a team adopts the personality of their coach / manager. Exhibit A: The 2005 White Sox. Exhibit B: The 2006 White Sox.

Your honor, I rest my case.

Mark Liptak


Carlos Lee is exactly what this team DOES NOT need.

A swing from the heels home run hitter who was a statue in left field, couldn’t run and had the baseball sense of of a pre-schooler.

Need I remind you about the three times Lee tried to steal third base with less then two outs and the tying run at the plate?

Every single time this doofus was thrown out. (That was the time when Jerry Manuel, aka Manager Gandhi said he was going to bench him…and he did, for all of one game!)

No thanks to Carlos Lee. Give me a left fielder, a center fielder, a shortstop who can all hit .280 and steal fifteen to twenty bases each and you can have all the 40 home run hitters in MLB.

Mark Liptak

A lot of people have noticed the lack of fire in the Sox this year. I believe a lot of that has been a result of people being satisfied as to what happened in 2005. I don’t think this is the natural instinct of the players, but I do believe there is a source that is spreading the idea that it is OK to feel satisfied.

Unfortunately, I think this source is Ozzie Guillen. As manager of the 2005 White Sox Ozzie did the unthinkable. He won a title of a magnitude that has not been seen in the city of Chicago since Ditka and the Bears in 1985. I am not looking past the Bulls, but basketball is nowhere near as popular as baseball or football in this city.

There are a number of things that make me think this about Ozzie. First he said it himself after the World Series, how he was the new Mike Ditka in Chicago. He would be a legend here forever just like Ditka.

Ozzie has also looked absolutely defeated in his press conferences the second half of this year. He almost looks like he is in above his head. Last year he showed ferocity when his team was playing bad. Sure the whole Jay Mariotti thing may have forced him to change a bit, but it appears that he is not the ferocious leader that he was last year.

Ozzie’s ego has become too big for his own good. I think he expected to be able to write the lineup card, make a few situational pitching changes and count the W’s.

When you are the defending champs everyone is shooting for you, including teams like KC who have players who are trying to prove themselves against the best. As a leader you can not portray the attitude that all you have to do is show up and you will win.

I believe a lot of the bad efforts we have seen this year have been a direct reflection of the attitude of their leader. If we have a repeat performance in 2007 expect heads to roll, and that should include the manager.

Jim Devereux


Kinda funny. I was writing my comments as you must have been doing the same mentioning Ditka.

I would prefer to have a left fielder who does not stop on 355 to relieve himself on the side of the road.


i didnt say bring lee back for left….i just think he’d be a better option than thome or konerko….his strike outs are minimal, his average is high, he is quicker than both of em.

personally id like to see gload get a shot, but that wont happen. soriano would be a wonderful addition though.

its funny how all of the cheerleaders on this page are starting to see what a few of us have been saying for months now. dont let your eyes lie to you, they have looked soft for months now.

i believe carl everett (whether you like him or not) should have been picked up after he was released from seattle. he has an attitude that the team could use. they have too many laid back guys. last year that wasnt the case…frank, everett, willie harris, rowand, el duque even timo perez didnt take stuff lying down like these guys. they lost too much of their fire and kept too much (and added onto) their ho-hum attitude. even JD is a quiet guy. a clubhouse needs a balance. althogh i loved albert belle im not suggesting a clubhouse full of guys like him, but a few “crazy” type guys will NEVER hurt. i thought pierzynski could fill that role, but to me he came off as a bit of a baby this year. oh well, i look forward to the offseason, unless a miracle happens.

and just to clarify…im tough on the sox, always have been, but i am a sox fan….i live for this stuff…ive broke multiple remote controlers in the last 2 months….if they drop to the basement i will still be at my 40 games a year.

as i said many times, im loyal to my guys….frank thomas, ron kittle , harold baines, tim raines , lance johnson, george bell, albert belle, jose valentin, este loaiza, wilson alvarez, roberto hernandez, bobby thigpen, tony phillips, officer karkovice (boy i wish we had his arm behind the plate this year), magglio ordonez, jermaine dye…….my grandkids will hear long boring stories on how each of these guys were awesome.

i am a huge sox fan (contrary to some of your guys beliefs)and even though they keep screwing me for money, il keep going back. i plan on calling the palmerhouse and spending half my check on soxfest. maybe i take this stuff too seriously. didnt mean to offend anyone on this board throughout the season except for the lackluster sox themselves. wish they cared as much as i do.

well…terrible season guys. I guess we’ll get to see what Kenny’s really made of now

Even Karko would not have a chacne to throw anyone out with the way some of the pitchers hold runners, especially Freddy.

I am not a Carl Everett fan, but I do agree he brought a little fire to the team. In all, fire and motivation needs to come from the top if it is not just spilling out of the players.

Even though Carl didn’t have the best year statistically last year, he drove in some huge runs when we were hot in the first half. It would have been nice to have him working in the Mackowiak role this year as the roving outfielder and a DH that can pinch hit late in games when the other team brings in a lefty to face Thome.

Frank Thomas brought next to nothing to this team last year. Sure he was his usual homer or nothing self for what 2 or 3 weeks when he was healthy. After that he was not even in the clubhouse. He wanted to do his rehab near his home in Vegas. I’m sure everyone in the clubhouse was very fond of him because of that. If anything those players were motivated to win without him.

Is anyone in the front office ready to admit that (in no particular order)-
McCarthy is a BUST and must be sent far away (or, even better, send him to a division rival)?

That Buehrle must go (start trying on the Cardinals suit, loser!!)?

That Uribe must go?

That B. Anderson should be placed on an EXTREMELY short lease, and if by April 30, 2007, his strikeouts > his on-base %, we’ve seen enough of him?

That perhaps Baines and Raines should switch places (I mean after all, it made perfect sense to have one of baseball’s best basestealers sitting in the dugout, while one of baseball’s slowest is coaching 1st??!!)?

That Joey Cora could continue coaching 3rd, as long as we staple his windmill arm to his leg?

That we have NO ONE in our farm system who can get a batter out?

That we need a left fielder who isn’t afraid of his own shadow?

List to be continued, probably. Feel free to add your thoughts.

That De Luca column only confirmed my worst suspicions about this years’ team. Hey fellas, do us all a favor and just forfeit the rest of the season if you got more pressing engagements to attend to. It’d be far more palatable than watching you all go through the motions for the next two weeks.

The only position players worthy of a spot on next years roster are JD and Tadahito. For the amount of money they’re making, they are both valuable. Can’t make the same arguement for anyone else except Crede but we already know his situation. The players making in excess of $8 mill need to refund half that money back because they didn’t earn it. I’m hoping we have a fire sale like the Marlins did last year. We have gotten too old and too slow and too unmotivated and too lazy. Field a bunch of rookies and youngsters who actually want to compete, who actually have something to prove, who actually want to win. What’s the worst that could happen? We finish 3rd in our own division…Oh wait! that’s already about to happen with the 4th largest payroll in the majors.

As far as teams that are going to the playoffs, I’ll be rooting for Oakland because of Frank. Regardless of your feelings toward the man, he gave alot to this organization and deserves to be part of a World Series…on the field. I hate the Twins and the Tigers have gotten too smug. Congrats to Josh on the homer. It’s youngsters like him that make me hopeful for next season. These complacent millionaires can shove it and shove off.

I love the White Sox and always will. This proud organization and it’s fan base deserve more than this lacksidasical squad offered this season. Drop that axe and drop it frequently in the offseason Kenny. Let’s turn some of these over-priced lemons into some freshly-squeezed lemonade.

dreifer –

You are killing me with the Cora suggesstion. Almost fell out of my chair laughing.

I can always count on coming here and reading a lot of my own thoughts from you guys. As a person Everett is a jag but he may have been right.

I think another thing people forget is management’s tinkering. Remember this team coming out of the gates winning games. Why was it necessary to F with it???? The haircut and tarp sliding natzi’s really sat bad with me at the time but I was hoping the knot in my stomach was just incidental. Maybe Buhrle just lost it for no good reason, or maybe that idiotic memorandum took some of the fun out of it for him and chipped away at his maveric-free-spirit-edness. In my opinion they did just pack it in the 2nd half of the season.

The season was over when Ozzie started Mac in center the 1st game of the Oakland series, who didn’t see THAT coming?? I love Mac, don’t get me wrong, but you have Garland on the mound (the ball gets put in play) in one of the most vast out fields in baseball, in a MASSIVELY important game. Do you start one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball or a quality backup with limited range???

EVERYONE on this team is to blame JD has had a MONSTER offensive year and undoubtedly deserves an MVP on numbers alone. He should have been one of the leaders but look at the big games he cost them- last series with KC (first game) dropping a relatively easy fly ball to start a big rally then, not knowing how may outs there were and getting doubled off at 2nd on a fly ball in the last game in the series. Not getting in shape for the fly ball in Oakland allowing a run to score. These are the type of things that make this season EMBARRASSING.

Juan Uribe sidearming balls to 1st, Iguchi looking like a doofus in Freddy’s almost perfect game, pods trying to steal 3rd with 1 out when the pitcher can’t find the strike zone and JD at the plate and letting up before his slide, the list just keeps going. I think everyone feels the same way, you don’t mind your team loosing but this…It is just embarrassing.

You guys are a bunch of downers. Yeah there have been some real bad parts of this season, but I still think the Sox have a good team considering our record now. Obviously we’re not going to be winning championships every year. Just remember to still enjoy the fact that you have a team playing over .500 opposed to a certain team who is battling a 62-89 record.

How bout calming the whining down a little bit and enjoying baseball. Unless you’re the kind of fan that only stays during the good parts…

So the postmortem exams have begun. Mgrothendick I don’t think people are trying to be downers, I think they are trying to express what they think the autopsy will show and how to prevent it from happening next year. The body isn’t cold yet so I won’t add anything (I’m a nurse guys, there is still hope till the patient is pronounced which it hasn’t officially happend yet!) I think everyone had such high hopes after last year and it only seemed to get better adding Thome. There is alot of disappointment out there. Nobody expects a championship every year, but c’mon, its been pretty disappointing ball the past week or so. They couldn’t step it up when they needed to. I am a big fan but a frustrated fan who despite the frustration is still here. That being said, I gotta say dreifer the Cora comment got me too! You all know how I feel about the Mack situation as well

Remember we still have a team playing over .500 as opposed to a certain team with a 62-89 record!?! I imagine your talking about the Cubs and if the Cubs are supposed to be the barometer for gauging our success, God help us all… Not to mention the Cubs have actually outperformed us the second half of the season (28-35 them vs. 27-35 us).

I don’t think anybody expects to win a championship every year, but suffice it to say many of us thought we’d be able to put up a decent enough fight to defend our title. And I don’t think that was a wild or far-fetched expectation. We supposedly “got better” in the past offseason so the record is really inconsequential. It’s where we finish in the pecking order and right now that’s third place in the AL Central. And no I’m not the type of fan that stays during the good parts, I’m the type of fan that calls it how he sees it and right now I see a whole lotta ******** surrounding my team.

That said it is only a game, and if this is the worse thing to happen to us fans the whole year we’ll count our selves fortunate. But I see nothing wrong venting our frustrations amongst ourselves, it’s therapeutic and moreso it’s warranted given our teams play recently.

Thank you, thank you. You guys have been great! I’l be here for the rest of the season, and hopefully, way beyond that. Take care, drive safely. Oh, and the last one out, please make sure to lock up the Cell after our last homestand. See you on October 2 on the greens!

buehrle just added to those “all star” numbers this season eh? what a joke this second half as been. a big ******** joke.

Palehoses –

You took the words right out of my fingertips. If we are comparing ourselves to the Cubs, why don’t we just compare ourselves to the Kane Cougars and the Joliet Jackhammers, a few more of the minor league teams in the area.


Well, I posted a long rant on WSI, but I’ll just put a tiny bit of it here — and this is coming from someone who’s been a White Sox fan since 1967 and WILL ALWAYS BE a White Sox fan, but who is absolutely ashamed for the 2006 team:

I don’t even care if the White Sox go to the post-season this year, although they will be roasted on a spit by their GM if they don’t – and deservedly so. I care that they play good baseball and that they CARE about the game they play. They look to me and to a lot of other fans like they don’t care. Like they’re as comfortable losing as they are winning; like neither means a whole lot to them this year. All season, they’ve said that they have a loose clubhouse. But maybe, when a team is not playing up to its potential, the clubhouse shouldn’t be so loose. Maybe their individual and collective pride should make them angry or ashamed to play below their abilities.

And that’s what I can’t forgive: that I believed in a team that never believed in itself. I feel conned, I feel like a fool, and I feel like there should be a whole lot of new faces in those pinstripes in 2007.

palehoses, i dont expect to win a world series this year. i *do* expect a white sox team with the talent they had to make a run at it…a serious run. a division title, a postseason series win. when this team got thome and vazquez, it was almost a matter of who they would play in the world series, not if they would play in it. this is a team with championship talent that has plain and simple underperformed. and outside of jermaine dye, you can share that blame around to everyone- from the front office to the dugout.

The first public admission.

“I will say that might have happened with a couple guys, maybe they aren’t as hungry.” — Ozzie Guillen to the Sun-Times Joe Cowley.

I wonder if Ozzie was including himself as one of those guys?


Last night I sat in the car at 7 PM waiting to pick up my son from soccer at 7:00. Practice was still on and he didn’t get to the car until 7:20. By 7:10 I felt like I was going to throw up. My son came running up to the car window, looked through and asked with his hand, thumbs up or thumbs down?? I had to give him the thumbs down and he kicked the ground and his 11 year old face just fell. I’m a single mom and my two kids and I never missed a single game on TV and went broke this summer going to about 15 games, including one in Baltimore while on vacation in DC. This team, while we LOVE THEM, BELIEVED IN THEM, ROOTED FOR THEM, and lost sleep over them, let us down. My kids and I will grow up and old as Sox fans and we will always have memories of us “cheering for our boys” as my 14 year old daughter says. Our boys were the illustration and the example I gave to my kids through their sports last year and most of this year. A bunch of good ball players, with hearts, no big heads, that love the game and play their hearts out. That’s how you play the game kids, watch them and learn. Now, to hear they gave up long ago. How crushing is that???? Maybe our boys weren’t what we thought? Too disappointing and disheartening to think that way so I will push it from my mind. But, I tell you what, we will be back next year, with our hearts on our sleeves again… hoping against hope that “our boys” are out there playing for the right reasons and with heart. We give 110% of our hearts and only ask our boys to give 100%. I love the White Sox. Please guys, we need you to love it too. Play it like you love it. When you do play it like you love it and lose, it’s ok with us, really. But when you play it like you don’t really care, it KILLS US. Really, it does. It hurts to see you play like it doesn’t really matter. I would have loved to see just ONE PERSON on the team get mad. Not a single word from anyone. Not a peep. No fire, no emotion, nothing. That is what really gets to me. I will say it one more time… I love the White Sox. Please guys, we need you to love it too. Play it like you love it.
Yours forever in fandom…


I heard a funny thing on the radio yesterday and it is very true..

“White Sox fans are talking about last year, and Cubs fans are talking about next year.. Neither team is mentioning anything about this year.”

I dont remember who said it though, I just thought it was stated in a funny way. So hopefully the Sox can pull off some sort of miracle and get to the playoffs so we can talk about this year.

I heard it too. It was Harry from Mac, Jurko, and Harry on ESPN 1000. Those guys are great. Mac’s a good White Sox fan

A Minnesota radio station was playing a funeral for the White Sox today, it really grinded my gears. There is still a tiny chance they can get the Wild Card (with a lot going right). I would love for the players to have heard this, get motivated, and then blow it up in Minnesota’s faces

Ozzie: It is not too late. TODAY, if you even THINK that one of your players is not as hungry, it’s your responsibility to call him on it and to do something about it. You can try to change his attitude. You can opt not to play him. But to do nothing, to say nothing, you let down every other player that IS hungry… not to mention us fans.

Well put Marie, well put.

it was ozzie’s responsilbilty to do that a month ago. this team as ****** ever since they swept the detroit tigers. sweep the tigers, then drop 2 of 4 from KC. it was his job to ruffle up the feathers them, and it was the players job to realize that this is crunch time. both players and ozzie failed. this team is a joke, the season was a joke. they underahcieved, underperformed, and there is no excuse for it.

Trying to find something good to say about the White Sox since the All-Star break is like trying to put together a list of Pia Zadora’s show business accomplishments….
As a number of you have stated,no one,NOT ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL,turned over a post game table in the clubhouse,called someone out on the carpet to show what they have,or did ANYTHING to prove to WS Universe that this team gave a **** about what they accomplished last year,and that they wanted to repeat the same process….Perhaps they thought that all they had to do was just throw their gloves and bats on the field,and the other teams would run away frightened….Guess what? IT DON’T WORK THAT WAY,GENTLEMEN….

What has to happen in the off season is to cut loose of the players that don’t seem to care,in exchange for ones who DO….But,having written that,I hope that Kenny doesn’t made wholesale deals JUST to say he made deals….Don’t give up something for a one-year fix….You have a minor league system headed up by David Wilder….probe his brain for who should be promoted and who should be dealt….Teams are still going to try to fleece the White Sox,giving them a “pig for a race horse….” I say…DON’T GO THERE…..

Coztansa: Of course it was Ozzie’s responsibility to do that a month ago. (He very well may have tried. We don’t know.) It is no less his responsibility TODAY. My point was to fight to the end.

By the way,dreifer….your suggestion,Counselor,to send Mc Carthy to a division rival does what people do through the business end of a straw….That,sir,is the BEST way for Mc Carthy to become a 20 game winner,as well as becoming the player who wants to stick it up his former organization’s collective wazoo….For further illustration,see F Thomas and M Ordonez….Trade him OUT of the league,to a team that you will never,ever see…then wish him nothing but the best….
As to Pal Joey coaching third,what is it with both sides of this town and diminuative(sic)3rd base coaches who gamble and repeatedly come up craps?(Or have you all forgotten the immortal Wendell Kim?)

For the here and now,we have been devastated by the failures of this team….We have been mocked by the likes of Minnesota John and folks from Michigan,not to mention the rest of the AL….If their teams should get in to post season,and not go all the way through, we should be kind and forgiving towards them….for about the length of a FOX commercial break….then LET ‘EM HAVE IT,RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES…Or further south,if your aim is good…..

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