Tonight’s Lineup

Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 2:22 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Cintron, SS; BA, CF.  Garcia pitching.

I was remiss in not mentioning that we announced our 2007 schedule (tentative) in yesterday’s blog.  Yes, we do play at Pittsburgh again in 2007.  We travel to Oakland twice, play the Yankees 10 times (seven at home), face Houston again and play Florida and Philadelphia on the road.  The NL Central always causes scheduling problems, and this year, it’s our schedule that is a bit mixed and matched.


Uh-oh, no pep talk…

See…even Scott’s already looking forward to next year…

What do you mean, no pep talk?! Can’t you see what Scott is implying? 2007 is here already and we can forget about the 100 million dollars of human waste on the diamond masquerading as world champions.

Two Thousand and Sox??!! Two Thousand and *** is more appropriate!!

You know what really blows? I don’t even have the desire to watch the 2005 ws dvd. It just makes me sad. And mad.

A Minnesota radio station was playing a funeral for the White Sox today, it really grinded my gears. There is still a tiny chance they can get the Wild Card (with a lot going right). I would love for the players to have heard this, get motivated, and then blow it up in Minnesota’s faces. Make up a couple games in a week and a half (DOABLE) and the tables turn


I highly suggest keeping that DVD on the shelf. I know mine will be kept as far away from the DVD player as possible. It will only make me more mad and sick about what happened this year. We can’t be like Bears fans that are still living in 1985. Once this season is officially in the books lets move on to not being defending champs anymore, and get ready to do some damage in 2007.

in my long list of my favorite players yesterday, i forgot to mention one of my all time favorites…Ivan Calderon! what a legend that guy was. unfortunately he got whacked…but he will always live on in my heart!

can we make up a game in a half by next friday? lets get into that final series with a shot….i have tickets to those games dammit!! maybe i pulled the trigger on those a little early. lets go! win! take the last 2 with detroit….then we have seattle and cleveland…(i know we cant play against losing teams but for once lets do it!)

It’s not over yet. I haven’t given up ALL hope yet. Sure, we don’t really control our destiny, but Minnesota and Detroit still have to win. We’re not eliminated.

Minnesota goes to Boston who just got fired up in a series in New York. They’re not playing for anything, but who knows?

Don’t forget those pesky Royals either. Both the Tigers and Twins have a series against them.

It ain’t over till it’s over. Wake up Sox…make these final 11 games unforgettable.

That should be 12 games. Make these final 12 games unforgettable.

Da Bears.

There is NOTHING wrong with remembering Walter Peyton’s Bears, it was amazing!

My whole dvd set is atop my tv stand, not sure I’ll watch it either but it won’t make me mad ever to have experienced that, sad maybe, but ****, I cried when it was happening, I’ll cry watchin it too..

dreifer, man.. you need some anger management classes in the off season.🙂 I understand your frustration, but.. it’s not life or death here ok.. chill dude.. calling them names isn’t going to **** them off enough to ‘get hungry’ is it?

I’m still watchin tonight, and I’ll watch the next 11 or 12 after that. My kids get to go to and Astro/Cinncinnati game tomorrow for perfect attendence and see Clemons pitch again (that’ll be twice this year) and although the ‘Stros blew it too.. they’ll still have a blast, because they love baseball. Going to the games to have fun, that’s what it’s about. Sure, I’d love my team to win each and everytime but it doesn’t always work that way. I’m a Sox fan thru and thru.. the end.

Nope, nothing wrong with remembering the “last one”, as long as you remember how to spell your hero’s name. (Payton) Just kidding, Kris. The point is, we can’t live in the past. But, that said, I hardly think fondly reminiscing about 1 YEAR AGO is doing that. Hey, even if we had won the championship in 2006, we still wouldn’t go wrong in remembering last year’s champs. That year will always be special, even if we win it again in 2007. Here’s to 2007!!

Everybody loves to criticize on Mariotti, but he makes a good point: Since our skipper called Jay what he did, our team went 39-41. I hate to jump on the, “What have you done for me lately” bandwagon, but I think our beloved skipper should have been paying more attention to managing his team than worry about a columnist, who writes what we all are thinking most of the time anyway (obviously this doesn’t always apply).

After last year we all got spoiled, now we are back to reality. We played in a tough division this year and hopefully that continues next year as well. Our chances to keep playing after the series against the Twinkies seems low, but either way…..I am already excited about 2007.

Does anyone think that when the whole Mariotti **** went down and Ozzie had to go to sensitivity training, Ozzie seems like a watered down version of himself? No fire in the man. I liked it better when he got all hopped up about everything. At least he had a spark. Now he’s so politically correct and blah that he is not igniting the team. Just wondering what everyone else thought about that?

Nice to see the Bats show up tonight, I guess all faith isn’t gone yet. Technically when you think about it, the Sox only need to be at the most 3 games out of the wild card heading into the last weekend of the season against Minnesota to have a chance. This team has thrived on the “comeback” all season. I’ve lost track of comeback wins they have had. Could you imagine if the Sox swept Minnesota the last weekend of the season to force a playoff. Sorry, that is my fantasy kicking in, there is still a lot of baseball to be played and a lot to happen before we get down to that. Don’t lose faith yet, that is all I’m saying. What happened to last years “Don’t Stop Believin’?”

a Duke “Dreiferian” comment; way to go guys! that’s our homers for the week, at least they didn’t get thrown out at the plate.

a Count “Kolsens” comment; these guys are @@#*ups. all they do is hit home runs. they couldn’t manufacture a run if they owned the factory. st least we got our W for the week.

a “Kleiniac” comment; come on guys, you finally have some MO to work from. now let’s try and win two in a row.

a Princess Maria comment: all you guys keep complaining when we still have a chance. don’t stop believing.

a TQ comment; when Wuthering Heights was made into a movie (hey j.k. do you remember?) and Eva Longoria was just a sprite, the Sox had a player named Eddie ( as in Guedell)sorry about the spelling… Now he could dray a walk..

a Kenwo comment: we won a game, but so what, we still need to get rid of Crede( he went hitless today) BA has to go because he almost cried after being hit by that pitch. and Thome is WAY overrated! he has to go. we need Frank or how about Ryan Howard. it looks like he can hit. we have to get Soriano for next year. Louis Gonzalez is available and he hits doubles! plus he used to be a tiger. that will make all the difference. is Babe Ruth still out there? i think he can pitch and might be a pretty good hitter too.

a comment from Weednfelt; hey Dude, it’s like ok yaknow? at least we won two out of three from the angels and i was there to see it happen. coool

a Dreifer rebuttal comment; hey klien. you sound just like one of the naysayers.

Ozzie ways in; I tink dat Feddy pitch berry good. he aways seem to fine away to hep hes teen to a big win.

Coach Ditka comments? i resent the inuendo that i was anything but a gentleman my entire coaching career. anyway, the Sox Suxx and da Bears rule… in my humble opinion.

President Bush comments; ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZhic…huh?

the Democratic response: Bush is completely wrong in that!

Alfred J. Newman comments: what else? “What Me Worry”.

maybe we can move back to ONLY four back manana. j.k. so long for now..p.s. my apologies to all the afore mentioned personalities, you too Kenwo

Kudos to you Klein. Good impersonations. Lovin’ the Kenwo take the best. You nailed it. Hey, maybe you’re on to something…can I be your agent?

John in Tucson: Love it! What a hilarious end to a great night.

Wonderful job, guys. Now let’s start thinking about tomorrow’s game. One day at a time.

Hey everyone,

Great win tonight. That was just what my spirits needed after last night. Lets hope they can keep it up tomorrow.

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that Jon is going to have the opportunity to win 20 games this year? Not that thats the most important thing right now, but I think it would be totally awesome if he could pull it off. It would make all those mediocre seasons he had feel that much farther in the past.

Here’s hoping that not only does Jon hit the 20 win milestone, but the Sox can pull off a miracle and make the playoffs. Yes, I still believe it’s possible and I’m still happily riding the roller coaster, but I am beginning to get a little nauseous.


i would never call for luis gonzalez thank you very much.


Hilarious, nice job!


I will always remember Walter Payton and the magical season of 1985. I was only 8 at the time and I still remember the scores to most of the games. (My wife says I need to work on remembering more important things) It’s OK to remember them, but I am sick of the Super Bowl XX anniversary ****. In 2025 I don’t want to be celebrating the Sox lone World Series victory in my lifetime. I would prefer it to be the start of a dyanasty that we are celebrating. Maybe pick up 3 or 4 in the next decade. Now that would be something to celebrate.


i forgot to say, you gotta have fun in life no matter what happens. thanks for the kudos, and yes,Chicity, you can be my agent. Kenwo, what about Bernie Williams? if not Gonzalez?..night all….

Jon also needs one more strike out to have 100 for the year… Come on Jon lets get one more off these guys.

Great game last night. Freddy was amazing, he finally looks like he’s committed to being a finesse pitcher and has been hitting his spots the last two games. Wonder if he’s still the top name on Kenny’s list after his last two outings. I hope we can replicate that game 11 more times this season. It’s not too late to make something of this season. With consistent play and a little bit of luck, they can get it done. Keep it going Jon.

Definately it is not too late for the sox to come out of the hole they got themselves into, we have a chance, slim, but we have it, but that involves a lot of work from our boys not to mention concentration.

But I remain optimistic, as usual, I have seen this team rise from the dead more than once, I think that in this situation they can do it again.

Awesome Freddy Yesterday, Te adoramos Freddy, sigue asi! ya era hora pana!

Let’s go support Garland today, go Chisox


For the last 2 years now, I have been reading this blog site and with 11 games left in the season….it’s never too late. I am a Huge Sox fan who lives in Scottsdale, AZ. Sometimes I am thankful that I am not able to watch every sox game on tv this year due to poor play. But thanks to WGN and ESPN….Frustration eventually kicks in especially last sat’s game against Oakland. Anyway, I keep telling myself to write-off the Sox, yet I still take a peak on ESPN to catch a score and with a win..I still have some faith. This is how I see the last week and half will go down if the Sox have enough juice to take them on to the playoffs; SOX NEED TO get back at least 2 games back from the TWINS before the last weekend. A win tonite and a Boston win and or a Boston win tomorrow could happen. It would be great to sweep the Mariners but even taking 3 of 4 would be ideal and of course Baltimore taking 2 of 3 against the Twins would be better. Well, I am sure we are all trying to figure out the best snenario for our WS… let’s win tonite and go from there!

Quote Of The Day:

“I don’t know what caused our problems this year, we missed cutoff men, we didn’t get bunts down, we did the things that cause you to lose as opposed to the other guy winning.

We didn’t play the same kind of baseball as we did last year. We didn’t play Ozzie ball. We threw games away. Last year we didn’t give games away. I don’t know why, but it’s something we have to focus on in the off-season.”–Jerry Reinsdorf to the Tribune’s Melissa Issacson.

Fear not fans, ownership knows that sitting back and waiting for a six run home run every time doesn’t cut it. Things will be taken care of and Ozzie-Ball will return in 2007.

Mark Liptak

I dont see the twins dying out this regular season. I think the twins will win the division and either the tigers or the sox will take the wild card. I dont know about you guys but I would be happy with a wild card win since it looks like the wild card will be playing the yankees. Id rather go out there than go out to the west coast since we cant play out there. Either way I think it may be over if we dont pull this win out tonight. It will be a very exciting week and a half either way though. Lets see what happens.

Oh yeah, you still gotta be excited about this team. We’ve still got some great pitching, some good young talent, and a GM not afraid to make moves. And we still have an OUTSIDE chance to make some noise to get in…let’s go on a tear and see what happens! Here’s to 20 wins for Gar, four guys with 30 dingers, and a playoff to get into the dance! Go ahead, call me a Kleiniac, I’ll wear it proudly!

Bravo Klein, bravo! Way to nail me!!

mliptak1, thanks for the reinsdorf quote. Success at “small ball” really starts with a good lead-off hitter, and we haven’t had one this year. Scott Podsednik has been brutal. I don’t wanna make excuses for the guy, but I imagine that about 2 weeks after the season ends, we’ll find out that he was bothered all year by some nagging injury (probably the same problem he had in the spring). I hope that explains the drop-off in his play this year. I know that teams win and lose together, but there are a few guys who are normally very reliable, but have just killed the team’s chances this season. Mark Buehrle has stunk up the joint. Scott P. of course. Cotts is a shadow of his former self. They’ve ALL had their moments, but those guys (and a few others) will need to pick up their games next year.

As much as we’ve heard about how good Justin Verlander has been this year, his W-L record is virtually identical to Freddy Garcia’s. Detroit’s pitching has been ballyhooed all year, and it’s been really good, but if you look at the W-L records of guys like Bonderman and Robertson, they’re not all that spectacular. The Tigers have won a lot of games in the later innings, and I suspect that their relievers have picked up a lot of wins in the process. Kenny Rogers has kept that staff afloat in the second half, for sure.

Before we get to last night,Mr jklein….a word,please,with you,sir?…If you’ve ever had your heights wuthered,you know it hurts….If Ms Longoria would like to become one of the many Princesses of WS Universe,fine by me(and she certainly is…..)….
Now,onto the Tuesday uprising….hold off on that purchase of black crepe for a while,folks….Mr Hyde turned back into Dr Jekyll….and it seems that,as the season has gone,the role of pitching “ace” has volleyed back and forth….At first,it was the big Cuban horse,Contreras….then it became,and still is to some extent,Garland….Now,it’s Garcia who has taken the reins(and I don’t mean Tim),when just a few weeks ago,there was an open bounty on his head,and his future was as bright as the bottom of a mud pile….It’s really amazing how back-to-back brilliance can rescue a faulty season….Maybe the White Sox as a unit should try it….

Love that “bright as the bottom of a mudpile” reference, Q. All the veterans have the best analagies.
Go get ’em tonight, GAr!!

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