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Wednesday, September 20, 2006, 4:32 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Sweeney, CF; Uribe, SS.  Jon Garland on the mound, looking for No. 18.


With a 3.11 ERA, White Sox starting pitchers rank second in the AL this month in ERA, trailing Toronto (2.67).


Ok, I’ll take Sweeney out in CF cause I’m sure BAs foot is a bit sore today. It’s been good to see the humor coming back on the blog comments. I have chuckled out loud more than once while reading…haven’t done that in awhile. Still hoping for a miracle out in the south suburbs!

Sweeney can’t hit at this level, either, so I’m not real optimistic about him replacing BA. Maybe Fields will get another shot late in the game. We need every stinkin’ game, here on out. How about a four-man, put Beurhle in the pen?

Okay, our ERA has finally come down for the starters. Hate to see the stats for the pen in September!

Ah, 3rd place. Unfortunately, a position we are used to. And so it ends. And so it ends.

“Turn out the lights…the party’s over…they say that all good things must end…”–Dandy Don Meredith, Monday Night Football.

Two ‘stats’ that are the capstone to the 2006 season.

In the Detroit series the Sox scored a total of 11 runs. EVERY SINGLE RUN scored via home run. A grand slam and seven SOLO shots. The Sox couldn’t manufacture a SINGLE SOLITARY run.

With Crede hitting into three double plays tonight, the Sox have hit into (I think) 20 twin killings in their last 16 games.

That’s what happens friends and neighbors when you have the mentality of trying to hit 500 foot, six run home runs every time up. Couple with with little to zero speed on the club and that’s what you get….home run, double play or absolutely NOTHING.

I have faith Kenny makes over this club in the off season. I still hope these ‘gamers’ can split their final ten games and end up with 90 for the year.

Mark Liptak

i’m not so sure i have faith in kenny williams either. the sox made the playoffs in 2000 (he wasnt gm yet)….2001-2004 they had the best talent and didnt win (especially 2003 i still cant believe that)….2005 they won…but then he ripped the team apart in the offseason and went back to the 2001-2004 version of the white sox with guys that werent as good as the guys we had in 2001-2004. doesnt make sense to me.

Thome has hit 40 homers for 3 different franchises….if he was so important to the previous two teams, why did they get rid of him? the only other player to do that is AROD and he is considered to be one of the biggest losing ballplayers around (though that might change this year). Thomes indians never got over the hump, he went to philly and that team was filled with promise….they didnt ever make the playoffs now he came to the sox and low and behold a third place finish……nice guys dont win!!!! Everett should have stayed!!

Carl Everett should have stayed???… After the past week of watching our Sox play, I needed a good laugh. Thanks.

(Also the part about losing faith in Ken Williams was pretty funny, too. Ken Williams should be put on the “hot seat” for not making us World Series Champions two years in a row. Maybe we can get Jerry Krause back and he can show Kenny Williams how it is done!)


Are you kidding me? All year you are asking for the same **** team that we had 2001-2004. Get Carlos Lee, trade for Soriano. All you will get is the same **** underperforming home run or nothing team.

The main ingredients to Ozzie ball are still here this year, they just did not perform like last year. I would hardly say the team was ripped apart from last year.

As for Jim Thome and being on 3 teams now. Cleveland did not want to pay him in a contract year so he left and went to Philly for a contract he rightly deserved. In case you have not heard Philly has some guy named Ryan Howard nearing 60 home runs this year and maybe the NL MVP that played the same position as Thome. Philly had no choice but to trade him. Howard proved his value when he got to play last year while Thome was injured.

Maybe you should do some homework before you spew any more idiotic comments.

The only thing I slightly agree with is that Everett should have been back, but not in the role you probably want. He should have been our roving replacement outfielder to give guys a rest and to pinch hit late in games.

crazy carl is a better outfielder than rob mackowiak.

mike devereaux….when was soriano a member of the sox? he shoulda been this year. unfortunately we couldnt trade brandon mccarthy, who had value at the time. now that it is september and he stinks we wont get anything for him. i know the reasons why thome left his previous teams, point is they never won when he was there.

williams hasnt been that great as a GM….todd ritchie? david wells? im a little concerned that he will trade garcia, vazquez and count on mccarthy who i wouldnt count on to beat a tee ball team right now.

the rowand trade hurt….shoulda brought back carl and frank kept rowand in center (even though im not a huge fan of his its obvious to see he had heart not like these bunch of girls they have now), they woulda been much better off.

Well, what can you say? It’s just baseball.

Kenwo, your whole argument is one huge contradiction. Here it is, laid out nicely:


– Has hit 40 HRs for three franchises, but has been no help to any of them. If he was so important to them, why did they get rid of him? A guy who has hit 40 HRs for three teams and is still being passed along can’t be that great.


– Has hit nearly 40 HRs for three franchises (39 – Yanks, 36 – Rangers, 45 – Nats), but has been no help to any of them (He was on two Yankees champion teams, in which he played a total of 31 games in the two season span. Hardly contributing to a championship). The guy who has pretty much hit 40 HRs for three teams, so we definately should have picked him up this year.

Look, if you’re going to knock Thome for not helping a team even when putting up big numbers, than do the same for Soriano instead of touting him as the next coming of Christ.

You’re free to make stupid arguments (good thing or you’d be locked in jail a long time ago), but at least be consistent in your arguments.

As the leaves become yellow and fall, so do our White Sox.

Fitting the night the Yanks wrap it up for the 9th consecutive season, we officially fall off. I know, I know it’s not official yet but I really don’t feel like waiting around for the ribbon-cutting ceremony or the magic number countdown. This postseason is gonna be painful.

It’s like someone polled the White Sox fans and asked “which 4 teams do you hate the most…and no the Cubs don’t qualify”. The Yankees? The Twins? The A’s and the Tigers? Talk about adding insult to injury. But hey, all 4 of those teams earned it, we obviously did not. No, what we earned was the honor of an early vacation and the moniker of “Best Team on Paper”. And in celebration of that I’m going on early vacation too. I’m gonna boycott tonight’s game and do something productive like plant a tree or paint my wall and watch it dry.

In all honesty I’ll probably be watching. What can I say I’m a sick, sick individual. But I truly can’t wait for this season to end, it’s been brutal through and through. Congratulations ‘Paper Champions of ’06’…at least I’ll be able to get a decent seat at the ballpark next season.


I’ve commented on this before, and I’m not sure why you insist on doing it repeatedly, but here I go again.

This is at least the 4th post you’ve made this year that has included some form of sexist comment. I find it truly offensive that you have repeatedly referred to players as girls when you are unhappy with their performance. But now you’re stooping so low as to say that girls have less heart than men? So therefore in your opinion women don’t try as hard as men, don’t want to win as bad as men, and have less courage and fortitude than men? Have you ever actually spoken to a woman? You’ve claimed several times on this blog that you are married, but I can’t stand to think that a woman in today’s world would marry a misogynistic pig like you given the choice. Does she get to take off her burka when she comes inside?

Criticize the team all you want, but please try to control the sexist comments while out here. They are just as offensive to me as what Ozzie said earlier this year was to everyone else. As far as I’m concerned sexist/racist/homophobic comments have no place in baseball.


Well its intersting how some of these guys were the heroes last season and now you want to get rid of them because they didn’t play well this year. Guys like Politte were booed because he was pitching like **** this year (probably because he was hurt). Cotts, Pods, Uribe, Garcia, Buehrele all were booed this year, which is sad to me. These guys helped bring something to our city that we have all wished and waited for our entire lives. I don’t want them to get traded away just because they didn’t do their jobs effectively this year. I want Kenny and Ozzie to make our team a better team next year and sometimes that means standing pat and sometimes it means moving some players along.
I don’t want to go back to the “small ball” where we prayed for 3 runs last year and I don’t want the 2006 version of 10 runs off homeruns, I want a balance, I want better defense and I want a better bullpen.

I don’t want to see Rob M in center ever again. I don’t want to see Boone Logan and all those relievers that can’t throw strikes.

Most of all I want a team that will consistently be in the playoff hunt every year.



Finding that balance is Kenny’s goal for the off-season. The biggest key to finding that balance is having an effective leadoff hitter. Having a leadoff hitter on base and a threat to run makes Iguchi’s job easier and allows the middle of the lineup to swing for the fences. Let’s face it, in this ballpark you have to hit home runs to win. Because we are not getting action on the basepaths from the 1,2 and 8,9 guys in the lineup it seems like all we do is swing for the fences. Those are the spots Kenny will focus on this off-season to help get that balance back.

As for booing people. When people are pouring over 10k of their money into season tickets they have the right to let the players know how they feel. This is a “what have you done for me lately” sports world because of the ridiculous contracts. Sox fans are kind compared to New York and Philly fans. If you want a place where the fans don’t boo the players you can go to the shirne (aka the Tribune money pit) where they only boo the beer vendor when he runs out of beer.

It’s been a fun year and a half….I can’t wait to see what Ozzie and Kenny bring to the table for next year. This team will continue to be fun to watch for years to come as long as those two are leading the organization.

When I go to the park, its seems like the booing is not coming from the long time Sox fans but the “johnny come lately” fans, the ones who only go to the park when the Sox are winning. I guess that is what bothers me the most.

I get mad at the players and Ozzie but I just can’t boo them, it’s not in me to express my displeasure that way for the team I root for.

I agree there are a lot of “johnny come lately” fans there. Hopefully if they are the ones booing they will jump off the bandwagon because we don’t need them. My family has tickets so I get to go to a decent amount of games. I am very thankful for that, but I want the multimillionaires to know how I feel. If I made as much in my job as they make I would be happy to invite them to my office to criticize me.

I have to say one thing about last night though. I was at the game, and when Ozzie pulled Garland there could not have been more than a few hundred people there applauding his effort, no not the effort from last night, but his season effort as this was his last start at home this year. Maybe people didn’t realize that, or were just upset because of the game. I was a little upset about that.

A disappointing year, just too inconsistent. You can’t be happy about third place. Funny thing is, the Sox are better than 3 out of 4 division leaders in the NL, but then again that league is garbage. Kenny has a tough job ahead of him, who do you keep, who do you ship? Remember Konero’s blip on the screen a few years ago? Sure am glad he was part of the Champs last year, and wasn’t sent packing. I wouldn’t want to be the one making those decisions.
Here’s hoping we at least finish strong with some good games, but also get to see a lot of the young guys, like Fields and Haeger.

“It’s not too late to win 10 straight”

Uh yeah it’s way too late to win 10 straight. Maybe you have not been watching, but this team has been unable to put together a back to back decent performances for the last month.

Besides 10 staright would be longer than any streak last year. The Sox won 8 games straight 5 time last year including the playoffs.

If the Sox win 10 straight they would quailfy for sainthood, as they have perfromed their miracle.

I’m a little late commenting, but the one thing that got me last night at the game was the gentleman in front of me extolling the virtues of Thomas and complaining about the players we have now. I’m happy Frank is doing well but, let’s face it, the season he is having with Oakland, he wouldn’t have with the Sox. Given everything that happened, I don’t believe for a second he would have been a productive member of the clubhouse. He needed a fresh start as did the Sox. I remember when we signed AJ, someone commented that it was bad because he was clubhouse poison. I haven’t seen that and I think he’s been a great member of the team. I think, if he stayed, Frank may have been a bit of clubhouse poison; he’d be the A-Rod of the group. The team is a good team, but things just aren’t going our way like they did last year.

I don’t like the booing either.

You know why Frank is having a great year, because he has something to prove. He is getting paid peanuts this year because of his injuries the last couple years. It is like a guy in his contract year putting up huge numbers because he knows that his next contract depends on it. Had he stayed with the Sox this motivation would not have been there. I doubt he will be with Oakland next year. He is gonna demand huge money from them, and they are not the type of team willing to pay that.

So if some fool of a GM gives him a 2 or 3 year deal in the offseason for 8 mil+ per year, which will likely happen he will be the same old clubhouse cancer Frank, just with a bigger paycheck like he wants.

Again, the Frank thing is a moot point. The Sox had a club option for $10 mil, there’s no way they were going to pay him that, and possibly be another year without a legit DH, and not have the $$ to get another one. And, they couldn’t low ball him like the A’s did, and expect he would stay. He would have been insulted by his own club, and left anyway. He only took the lesser salary (he still made over $3 mil with incentives, and we had to buy him out for $3 mil) because the A’s were the only ones willing to give him a chance, and had nothing to lose for that money. I don’t think Frank’s production has much to do with his “contract” year, but more to do with his health, and wanted to reach individual goals. He always was all about “me”, and clashed with Ozzie when the manager wanted to move him down in the order since he was hitting around .230. Nope, the Sox knew they needed to part ways, and knew they wanted the left-handed bat to mix in with Dye and Konerko. Lastly, I’m not so thrilled to see Frankie do well anymore, I’ve gotten tired of his chirping, the latest being his feeling he has to compare himself with Thome, and make his case for why he is a better player, not giving Jim any credit. On the other hand, gentleman Jim does nothing but praise Frank for his comeback. I like JIm, thank you, you can keep the Whiner.

Quotes,unquotes and quotes from the papers on this Thursday,after Dr Jekyll turned back into Mr Hyde…..

Just my opinion,that’s all….

Quote from the Chicago Tribune,courtesy of RedEye….

“….Catcher AJ Pierzynski disagreed with the notion that a late run is highly improbable,saying,”I don’t see anyone in this clubhouse giving up.”….”

Again,based on what I’ve seen and read….you’ve had me fooled,AJ….and a lot of others as well…..

tuckers8 & mr devereux….You know Frank as well as the rest of us….It’s just a matter of time before he opens his big bazoo wide enough to stick his entire foot in it,up to the arch support,to shoqw what a “Big JERK” he is…..

zooklaura….very wise observations on your part,young lady….and don’t worry about those fans who boo this year….they won’t be within 10 miles of the Cell NEXT year…..

Frontrunners….ya gotta love ’em(REALLY,Shecky?)…..

“I love young talent. Give me some scratchers and fighters, give me some guys who make $15,000 who want to make $30,000. You keep the $100,000 players. Give me the ones who want to win.”
—Leo Durocher

I think we need to take up a collection for Paulie and the boys. Maybe some pillows, blankets and kleenex. Konerko claims yesterday they were tired from playing in the post season last year. Give me a break. I would trade jobs with any of them. I know 162 games is a grueling schedule, but is 173 that much worse that it causes you to underachieve? Open mouth insert foot Paulie!

hey cyndi, quit crying like a girl and move on!

you guys and your “bring in the young guys” garbage is disgusting. go watch the marlins if thats what you want. i want big name guys but i want the right big name guys. no sallys (sorry cyndi) like thome and podsednik. make some moves for some quality competetors.

Kenwo show a little respect for the ladies on this board. If we sound like wanabee Marlins fans, you’re coming off as a wanabee Yankee fan. We can’t just keep stocking our roster with “big name” free agents. We don’t have the resources, nobody but the Yanks and maybe Boston does. Young guys who are homegrown are the cornerstone of a successful and consistent franchise. You need only look across our own division to see that. Minnesota-Mauer, Santana, Morneau and guys like Punto, Garza, Baker and Bartlett are the reason they’re going and have gone to the playoffs 4 out of the last five years-not the free agent signing of Tony Bautista and Castillo. And Cleveland is in great shape with Grady, Martinez and Hafner. You gotta cultivate that young talent and complement it with free agent moves.

What in the heck does KENWO4LIFE mean anyway, Nerdly? Hey, Marlins at $15 mil for a payroll, are only 10 games behind the Sox, with the Sox at a payroll of $102 mil. Gotta love the effort from that team, coming back from 20 under to make it to .500, not too bad. Sure, they won’t win with that team as it is, but when they mix back in some solid vets, they could be right back in it for a third year. Nerdly, go ahead and make fun of the Fish, but they won it through buying a team (the way you prefer) and they won it a second time by building a team. Last I checked, Minnesota won our division 3 out of the last 4 years, not too shabby for a team built through “the system”.
Nerdly, move to NYC, root for the “buyers”, nobody will miss you, except maybe the fleas you might leave behind. And we’ll stay here with our young stars and solid vets mixing to make a great team that will be back in the hunt soon.

kenwo….Take a look at the Baltimore Orioles….if you can stand it….Peter Angelos went after the “big names”(Miguel Tejada,etc.),gave them the big bucks….and look at the load of **** they are now….You want the “right” big name players,eh? Tell me,who are they? Waht do they want? How long do they want it for? Can they GUARANTEE that they will be worth the investment of every penny spent on them? If they can,fine….bring them in….
If not,your team would be just like every other rotisserrie team in action today….including the Orioles…..

billb….When Durocher made those remarks,just remember….you could buy a house for $20,000 and a car for $1,500….the dollar was worth a lot more then than now….and for all the hubbub caused by “the Lip” his teams went to the World Series only THREE times….1941 with the Dodgers,1951 and 1954 with the Giants….and only ONE world’s title….the ’54 Giants….Leo was a lot of things,but one thing he was more than any other was….full of himself and his own self-importance….He wouldn’t last two seasons in today’s baseball…..

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