Thursday Night

Thursday, September 21, 2006, 5:28 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.  Vazquez pitching.


hey ozzie why are you playing the subs when your trying to make the wild card? also go back to baseball fundamentals. why is joe crede swinging away with no outs and men on first and second? instead of bunting the men over and into scoring position you have him ground out into a double play. that took you right out of the inning. you can’t win another world series doing that!

who’s the sub? sure pablo isnt an everday left field, but he’s worlds better than pods. he’s one of the main reasons they are gonna be watching the playoffs on TV this year. its time for pods to get the **** outta dodge. i dont want him on my white sox squad next year.

you got fields pinch hitting on wednesdays game and why is sweeny playing?

because thats what callups do. they play for next year, and thats all the sox are playing for– next year.

Lets try to cut down on the team ripping here. A lot of people on here seem to be bigger fans of being angry than White Sox fans.

im not rippin on the white sox, but nobody clinched the division yet. so they shouldn’t look to next year. to bad pete rose cant coach he wouldn’t give up like ozzie has.

The same people who are ripping Ozzie for “giving up” and playing call-ups would be the same people who would say “why didn’t he play the young guys at the end of last season when it was a lost cause anyway” if the need arose for one of them to make an immediate contribution next season. I have no problem with it. That’s how the business works. Their chances of playing in October are dwindling by the minute, and who knows, it’s possible that one (or more) of these young guys could provide a badly needed spark over these last 10 games and rekindle our hopes for next year. I’ve complained and ragged on this team plenty this year, and frankly, it’s worn me out. This season has been a disappointment, but it’s very difficult for any franchise to repeat as champions and duplicate the chemistry, etc. that produced a World Championship. There are still a lot of very sound building blocks on this team, and our management has shown that it’s capable of bringing in quality players. If the likely scenario of the Sox missing the post-season occurs, the offseason will again be a time of renewed hope for the future of this proud franchise and its fans. SOX NATION, BAND TOGETHER!

bjwsjw–thank you for your comment, it was refreshing after a most argumentive time on here, I notice, when we DO win, nobody has much to say about it.. sick of the complainers and whiners the posters that I rerely if ever see on here and now they’re the authority! Banning together!! Thanks again!

Band together!! This is not 2005, it is 2006. We have the most disappointing team in the majors people. Tonight was an absolute disgrace. Orel Hershiser on ESPN just said he could tell this team gave up when he was in the locker room yesterday and saw the team’s attitude. He said he has never seen a “playoff” contender have signs about shipping cars home and marketing people walking around the locker room asking for autographs before. It seems to me that not only the team, but the whole organization has packed it in.

“Just win nine and we’ll be fine”

this team *****. there’s no bigger diehard than me, but this team BLOWWWWWWWS right now. they deserve to be watching another team hoist the world series trophy. this is the most pathetic display of playing in “crunch time” that ive seen since maybe terry bevington.

Unbelievable. There’s nothing more to say.

These guys were planning their golf games in October two weeks ago. Totally gutless performance against another ‘garbage”losing’ team.

It would be nice, since they have decided to mail it in, to at least have the decency to let the fans know about it so they don’t continue to spend their hard earned money.

I appreciate Ozzie’s postgame comments but he should have made that statement two months ago and started demoting guys to triple A instead of defending them.

These guys won’t win 90 games.

The only ‘positive’ this evening is that once again Boone Logan wet himself and has provided more ammunition for Kenny Williams to go out and get some major league relief pitchers for the two or three open spots in the bullpen for 2007.

Mark Liptak

You have got to be wondering what Kenny is thinking after lifeless, ‘give a ****’ performances like on Monday night and Thursday night.

He has got to be seething inside, absolutely ready to break something (or someone) in half.

Can’t say that I blame him.

To me that’s the most astonishing thing this season about this team. NOTHING it seems ‘bothers’ them. I’ve seen more life in a morgue.

I asked the question Monday night that if this team goes through the motions this final week, would the fans who even bother to show up on Saturday and Sunday boo them.

More and more I think that is exactly what is going to transpire…and I can’t blame any fan one iota for doing so.

The deepest hole you can throw yourself into with Chicago fans is to not care, to not hustle or go through the motions.

The only team I can immediately think of that ‘rivals’ the 2006 White Sox in that undefined, nebulous (but still real) area is the 1984 team. And having interviewed some members of that club I can tell you flat out they told me that team ‘quit’ in the second half of the season.

At least the 06 Sox have enough personal and professional pride to have a winning season but that’s the only thing they did better then the 84 club. Outside of that the two are almost mirror images.

Mark Liptak

someone said you think we sound like marlin fans but you (meaning me) sounds like a yankee fan? the yankees make the postseason every year. they do what they have to do to get it done. the twins have a small payroll because their attendance is no good and their ticket prices are cheap. i just bought tickets for 6 dollars just incase those games meant something next weekend.

the sox are filling the house every night and are whacking fans pocket books every chance they get. they should spend the money. i havent been impressed with any of the young guys that they have brought up. look at the tigers young guys..verlander and zumaya, or jenks last year for us….you KNEW they would be good as soon as you seen them. thats not the case here.

paul konerko is stealing money from this team. i said it long ago that he got way overpaid for a good playoff run. his performance tonight was a disgrace.

i truely am disappointed in every member of this whole organization. they better make a BIIIIIIIIIIG SPLASH in the offseason.

This has really got beyond maddening now. I was really glad the Thursday night TV lineup was good. The Office was hilarious. But of course I subject myself to torture and had the Sox muted on TV number 2.

I am trying not to be mad so I just continued to laugh as the Sox put out another lack luster performance against a crappy team and a nobody pitcher. Same old story.

My wife is a huge Sox fan as well, and an eternal optimist. She even told me to give up, it’s over. If she thinks there is no sign of life then I know they’re done.

I would hope that the fans will boo as the weekend goes on. I think some of these guys need to hear what we think and have it stew inside during the off-season. Realize what a disappointment they were this year. Booing should be the last thing they hear from us. Sorry people, this is a “what have you done for me lately” world when these guys get paid as much as they do. Especially when the money is coming from our pockets!


I am not sure why I bother, but you have no perception of reality. You don’t seem to understand the economics of the game. If they don’t sign a bunch of guys to $15 million dollar a year contracts like you want don’t be a fan anymore. Nothing says I don’t like what you are doing by leaving the team. If you don’t like it, leave!

Good God people. It’s not about what the team does for you, it’s about the fact that you enjoy rooting them on. Name one other sports franchise that does anything for their fans. And trust me, they don’t win games for you, they rather enjoy winning themselves and I’m sure they’d do it whether or not you showed up or cared. For example, look at the Marlins.

Can we please just stop b****ing and moaning and just enjoy the end of the season. Several of you have said that you’re done now after every game for the last week. Great, go. Let those of us who still do believe that a miracle might possibly occur or just want to enjoy discussing our favorite team without having to read how much they s*ck every other word enjoy this last week and a half.



If I am correct you like in Texas, so you don’t have to look too far to find a fgranchise that does more for it’s fans. The Dallas Mavericks are ridiculously generous to their fans.

Sure I love watching the game, but not when the performance leaves me feeling sick. But for some **** reason I still tune in. I think it’s because I am a good fan, and I just love the game in general. However, lately I think I am just glutton for punishment.

If there is anyone out there that thinks they still have a shot, I have some news for you: Santa Claus is not real!


So what you’re telling me is that you’re going to be a Mavs fan now because they do more for their fans than the Bulls?

I just think we’ve all gotten way too focused on what have you done for me kind of thinking. Thinking that way is only going to point out to you all of the things they haven’t done for you. Why not stop and just appreciate the pure beauty of the game. Win or lose, there is absolutely nothing else I’d rather do on a Spring/Summer/Fall evening than watch a White Sox game.

This year isn’t going to make me angry at the team, it’s not going to make me stop being a fan, and it’s definitely not going to make me stop watching and attending whenever I can. Maybe we should stop demanding so much and start appreciating what we have???


No, I love the Bulls just as much as the Sox because they are the hometown team I grew up with. I was just throwing out a winning franchise that treats their fans like roylaty.

A fan has every right to be mad when their team underperforms as this team has. Anyone who says they are not upset with it is basically saying they love the game, but could care less whether they win or not. I care a lot, so much that it make me sick to see us lose as bad as we have lately. You seem a little more happy-go-lucky about it than many others. I just can’t look at it like that.

Hawk was just being interviewed on the radio. He was talking about how pi**ed off he is over the last week or so. He sounded horrible, almost like this last stretch has worn him out physically as well as emotionally. Hawk is not only the Sox announcer, but their biggest fan. Is he wrong for being mad and sick over it?

This year will have no effect on my fandom either. I am gonna be bitter for a week or so, especially while the playoffs are going on. I will start to feel better and get over it once Kenny starts the improvement process. I will always be a fan, win or lose, but I just guess I expect more than others.

We all expected more this year than third place. We all expected to make the playoffs, and most liked the changes that were made. All the “experts” were saying this team was better than last year’s team, and most bought into it. That’s what has fans being disappointed and upset. We all think they definitely should have done better, so we blast them when we perceive them to have underacheived. Nobody can stand underacheivers, not even themselves. The 2006 team will have to bear that label, from their own fans to their rivals, to the experts. The bar was raised high, and this team did the limbo instead of vaulting over it. How could a team like this never click, never go on that “run”? In the words of Navarro, I’m “frustrated”, too. Can Kenny, Ozzie, and crew get the magic back next year, or are we destined to “live” behind the Twins and Tigers for years to come? Twins and Tigers have great young talent that’s not going anywhere, that’s how you string some years together. If the second half of this year is any indicator of the Sox near future, I’d have to answer to Alfred E. and say, “yes, I’m worried”. I’ll be there tonight, hoping at least to see some good baseball, and still rooting for my team.


Again this is not a personal attack so please don’t take it that way.

You have the right to be an optimist, realist or whatever type of “ist” you choose and bless you for it.

My comment is about your ‘beauty of the game’ comment.

To me if that’s what it was truly about, then I’d prefer watching a high school, college or area minor league team play.

Frankly they don’t charge an arm and a leg like the pro’s do to see the ‘beauty of the game.’

I’m sorry to me it’s not ‘the beauty of the game.’ It’s (to steal another one of your phrases) being in the ‘catbird’s seat.’ It’s about ‘winning’. Period. End of discussion.

As Bobby Knight once said and I’m paraphrasing here…’if winning or losing isn’t important, why do they keep the **** score?’

And even you as the ‘optimist’ must admit, the effort has appeared to be totally on vacation at times this season especially in the last few weeks.

**** even Ozzie ripped them about it last night so that confirms it doesn’t it?

Mark Liptak

An observation: the White Sox should be dead and buried now. They are not. Grinder Rule whatever: Expect Miracles.

Wouldn’t it be fun to go into Minny down 3?

By the way, and for whatever it’s worth. The Bears are going to pummel the Vikings to set the stage for a sweep!

No playoffs this year, but there is still something worth playing for. The last time the Sox won 90 games back-to-back was 1965. They have won 90 games 18 times. 90 wins will put the Sox 100 games over .500 for the decade, 617-517.

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