Friday Fireworks

Friday, September 22, 2006, 2:40 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Uribe, SS; Anderson, CF.  Contreras pitching.

Ozzie Being Ozzie

It was pretty clear from Ozzie’s postgame comments last night how he feels.  I am sure you all read them this morning or heard them on radio/TV.  Everyone is frustrated.

My wife chided me last night that I should have posted more.  I countered by telling her, "I’m not really sure what to say at this point.  It all comes down to the games each night and everyone can see the results."

Obviously, miracles do happen and we do have a mathematical chance to reach the postseason.  You can’t give up hope but you do need to be a realist about it.  If we don’t start winning games — like tonight — soon, it won’t really matter.  But I think I have written that line a few times this year, already.

I can’t speak for you all, but the frustration for me is in thinking that we really are the best team in the division … or at least certainly should be in the playoffs.  Maybe that seems like hubris to fans of Detroit and Minnesota, but that’s where my frustration stems from.  It’s our own fault, no one else is to blame, but this team is too good to not be playing in October.

As much as we have struggled since the break (28-37) and as poorly as we have played in September, we still have the sixth-best record in baseball. 

New York-AL … 92-60

New York-NL … 92-60

Detroit … 91-62

Minnesota … 90-62

Oakland … 89-63

White Sox … 85-68

Dead Greeks

Just messing around today with the statistical package, I figured out winning percentages based on Bill James’ pythagorean theorem (your runs squared divided by your runs squared + your opponents runs squared).

By that equation (and based on our runs scored and opponents runs scored totals), we should have 85 wins as of today and should end the year with 90.  (We also should have won 92 games in 2005, not 99).  Detroit is right on schedule with 91 wins as of today on pace to capture 97, while Minnesota has overperformed to date with 90 wins when the equation says 88.  They are "suppose" to win 93.

Some other statistical items jump at you:

While it seems like we should lead the AL in GIDP, we actually rank 11th with only 114 (Oakland leads with 157)

You would struggle to believe it based on the past two weeks, but we lead the major leagues with a .308 batting average with runners in scoring position (but we are hitless in our last 15 plate appearances and 6-43 (.140) in the last seven games).

We outscored the opposition by 96 runs in 2005 and have outscored them by 88 this year.

We have allowed just 46 unearned runs, lowest in the AL.  The league average is 56.

We are tied for second in the AL with a .986 fielding percentage, which would set a franchise mark.  Our error total is fifth.

Our ERA is 4.54 which is just slightly above the league mark of 4.53.  Last year, our team ERA was 3.61, while the league mark was lower than this year at 4.35.

Tribune Musings

I chuckled today, in a sad kinda way, at two stories on the Chicago Tribune sports page.  There at the bottom of the front page was a story headlined, "Recent History Bodes Ill for Sox’s Chances Next Year."  Jeez, and we can’t even let this year end before writing us off for next season, I thought.

Then, I opened the jump to Page 4.  There was Cubs beat reporter Paul Sullivan’s tongue-in-check story (at least I thought so) headlined, "Changing Cubs’ Karma In 10 Easy Steps."

One inch away, the White Sox story ended with, "Will there be another title for the Sox in 2007?  Not if recent history is any indication."

Nice.  I wonder how recent history bodes for the Cubs chances next year? (nothing against the Cubs, just the way the story was portrayed).


Class AAA Manager Razor Shines is heading to Venezuela this winter to run the same team Joey Cora did last winter.  Josh Fields and Brian Anderson will both play for Razor.

Instructional League

Started this week in Tucson with top Sox prospects, injured players or guys looking to make a position change all working out at our complex.


Check out where White Sox games at U.S. Cellular Field rank eighth overall in value among the 30 Major League clubs.  This is not a rating of the experience, but a ranking based on bang for your buck.


Two-night packages at the Palmer House Hilton went on sale this morning at 10 and availability was gone in just over two hours.  These packages were the only way to get weekend passes to the Jan. 26-28 event, but we will be putting individual-day passes and room nites on sale later this offseason.  We will keep you posted.

Our goal here is to avoid some of the overcrowding we experienced at last SoxFest and to make sure as many different Sox fans as possible get a chance to enjoy the weekend (without overwhelming the facilities).  We could have sold out SoxFest with just weekend passes, but this way, we hope more fans get to attend, and we can keep the price point reasonable for more fans.  Those are our goals.

We are sorry if you could not purchase a two-night stay during today’s sale, but more opportunities to attend SoxFest will be coming.


Scott, you sound as frustrated as all of us and the stats you put up make it even more frustrating. You would think things would be better based on those stats but here we are. I guess I am a glutten for punishment but I’m still hoping for a miracle of some sort. I feel like I am in an abusive relationship. So much promise after last year and at the start of this year and then they start beating me with the silly losses and it hurts, but I take it cause they apologize with a good win or run and then they beat me again. Life will go on gang if/when we don’t play ball in October but it will sting for a little bit. We are all going to be ok though. Boy sure sounds like I’ve pronounced the body…not till the heart stops though. I’m a realist, I know where this is going but I’ll still hope for my miracle!

Sox Fest won’t be all hugs n kisses again next year. Get ready front office.

who cares if we have the 6th best record in baseball….a team in the AL east is better, a team in the AL west is better and 2 in the central are better. i could give a rats booty where we rank with the NL teams.

I wouldn’t give up hope IF they showed they cared.

Just look at the last 4 games…only runs scored by homeruns (7 solo homeruns against the Tigers).

Something isn’t right, this team isn’t playing as a team, it’s all about one or the other, but not the whole thing. If they cared, they would have won that game last night, easily…instead they didn’t do a **** thing.

Something just isn’t right in that clubhouse…thanks for blowing what COULD have been the best season in the team’s history…instead it’s just another disappointment; which I thought was over after last year…guess not. The pessimistic Sox fan in me is back.

razor has the coolest name in baseball.

(Nice postgame show on the Score, Scott! I just caught it a few minutes ago.)

*Sorry, meant pregame. Yeah.

I think I will ever be able to close my jaw shut again. It has dropped open sooo many times from the inability to get the opposition out. Neil just let 2 more cross. I am aghast at the pitching staff. How could they all go bad? The shock has not worn off. Sorry, needing to type instead of shaking my head in a slow nooooo…..

I hope Mr. Garcia can pitch as well as he has been on Sunday when I go. Maybe then I won’t be catching the bugs in my mouth. (Chuckle, pleeze, someone…?)

can you guys finally admit they’re done?

what a dissapoinment…stupid @ssholes.

Embarassing is the only way to describe this.

Another opportunity to gain ground lost.

Tonights replies to this blog are really thin.

Seems no one has anything to say anymore.

What happened, Scott? Did they give up? This isn’t the Sox we know. I want to be mad like most other people, but there HAS to be a reason for this. And I want to know what it is.

na na na na na na na na hey hey hey GOODBYE!

Happy Birthday, Scott!

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