Sunday Regular Season Finale

Sunday, September 24, 2006, 9:53 am

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Uribe, SS; BA, CF.  Garcia pitching.


Let’s hope Freddy stays on his roll today.  As bleak as things have looked at times over the past 10 days, had we won Thursday and Friday (given Twins losses), think how tight things would be now.  Let’s win today, hope Baltimore defeats Minnesota, and see what the final week brings.  It’s a longshot, but to quote Joaquin Andujar (I think), in baseball "Youneverknow."

Good to see Dye in today’s lineup.


With an attendance total of 2,919,896 entering today’s game, the White Sox should (weather permitting the game is played) set a franchise record for single-season attendance today.  The current mark is 2,934,154, set in 1991 when the new ballpark opened. UPDATED 12:02 pm 9/26: Here is the press release on the record.

Thanks to each and every one of our fans who helped make this year so special at the turnstile.  Your support and enthusiasm for this team is appreciated and never taken for granted.  It is something we need to earn each and every day.



Let’s hope for some dramatics this week and a very interesting and important series next weekend in Minneapolis.

Go Sox …



Can anyone use my 4 tickets to today’s game?


Yes, public relations directors “must” be positive, just as the ladies walking around the cell must smile at their customers.

But the issue–which, given your penchant for uttering truisms and trumpeting your “legendary” status, is something foreign to you–is INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY. And some of Scott’s statements–e.g.that Soxfest was designed so that ALL fans could attend–are INSULTING to anyone with a mind Only corporate lackeys (and, I suppose, those who wish favors like free media guides) would find them acceptable.

Put in other words: the ladies may have to smile, but no respectable ***** would try to persuade you that you’re getting a “great deal.” THEY KNOW that their CUSTOMERS KNOW better!

A few points:

Nice to see them win the final home game, it’s a small consolation but it does leave the fans with a ‘positive’ feeling.

Neal Cotts is bad folks. I mean really, REALLY bad! I’m talking Boone Logan bad!!!

And for those who ‘expect’ Scott to come on a White Sox web site and blast the people who are paying him, which goes to feeding his family….well you’re not very bright are you!

As I stated once before we are all GUESTS of Scott and the White Sox. He can revoke that invitation any time he and the organization chooses. That’s something to keep in mind.

I don’t ‘expect’ complete honesty on a public web site. If you do, again that’s crazy. All I’ll say is that what I’m told at times privately is more candid which is as it should be by some of the folks that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with.

I can tell you; ALL of the folks in the front office share the hurt, the frustration, the disappointment. Losing *****, especially with this much talent on the roster and no one is happy about it.

I spoke with a front office person last night who called me on an unrelated matter and I was told that Kenny is “extremely upset” with what has happened the past few weeks.

Give the man a little time….he’ll bust a gut trying to solve the issues.

Mark Liptak

todays tribune suggests the sox might be a player in trying to aquire ichiro this offseason. that would be a STRONG move. do it. and for god sakes if it comes down to parting with mccarthy, DO IT!!!!

Today, as the game concluded- the White Sox played a tribute to the Sox. And then all of the players and Ozzie tipped their caps to us- their fans. I had tears in my eyes. Sure, this season isn’t ending how we liked it- but I don’t care. They are still, and always be, my team. I was overcome by the moment, it was something really special. It was hard to leave the field. Thank you White Sox for everything this season. I look forward to a strong ending of the season, and surely bigger and better things for our guys next year.

Thanks for the nice post, sooxpride. It made me sad that this was the last home game. I always go thru withdrawal when the baseball season is over. When you watch these guys every day for months, you miss them when they are gone. At least I do. Win of lose, I love the Sox!

Great sendoff for the home season, and great sendoff for the road trip.

Laugh at me, make fun of me, but *my* team is not mathematically out of it, so I will keep on hoping. Hey, being a White Sox fan has always been a “faith-based initiative,” and for me, it still is🙂

Go Sox!!


Ozzie also had some very complimentary things to say about the fans in his post game comments to reporters. Basically he said he and the entire organization appreciate the fans support because all this (baseball) is about the fans. He said he hopes those fans will be back next season and that asking the players to wait a minute by the dugout and tip their caps, was his (Ozzie’s)way of telling them they should appreciate what the fans have done.

Mark Liptak

Nice to get a win today to end the home schedule. Very good gesture by Ozzie with the cap tipping deal after the game. I am giving Ozzie some points back for a nice move like that.

Statistically this thing is not over, and I am praying for a miracle, but not expecting anything.

Sure not making the playoffs and having a chance to defend would be extremely dissappointing. If we don’t let’s focus on 2007. Things could have been worse. We could have come out and had a sub .500 record and looked like a fluke last year. We weren’t a fluke, and as long as Kenny makes a few good moves this off-season we will be a force to be reckoned with again.

For those who have gotten on Scott about the positive outlook posts you are clueless as to what he does and deals with. If you think he does not sit there and watch with the same pain and disgust as the rest of us you are crazy. If you listen to any interview from a player, coach, GM or media relations employee you will very very raerly hear negative comments. Everytime a reporter asks a tough question it never gets answered with a staright answer, and always has a positive spin on it.

My guess is that Scott likes his job, and would like to keep it. (Scott – if you don’t email me so I can apply HA HA) Why would he do anything, but be positive towards the organization that feeds his family. Would you trash your company in a forum that your bosses are sure to see. That is career suicide.

With Soxfest, it has become so popular that it is a no-win situation. The overcrowding was horrible last year, and a lot of people left upset. It’s simple economics, to decrease the demand you have to increase the price. It could be worse. At least the Sox don’t scalp their own tickets like the ******** to the north of us do. I bet their winter fest packages are more expensive than ours as well.





Fox showed a graphic the other day that made me feel a little less upset if we dont make the playoffs this year.

Going back to 2000 the team that won the World Series and what they did the following year.

2000 – Yankess

2001 Finish: Lost in the World Series

2001 – Arizona Diamondbacks

2002 Finish: Lost in the Divisional Series

2002 – Anaheim Angels

2003 Finish: 3rd place in division, did not make the playoffs

2003 – Florida Marlins

2004 Finish: 3rd place in the division, did not make the playoffs

2004 – Boston Red Sox

2005 Finish: Lost in Divisional Series

2005 – Chicago White Sox

2006 Finish: ?

And in 2002, 2003, and 2004 it was the wild card team that won the World Series, and in 2000 the wild card team made the World Series and lost.

So out of the past 5 years only one team made it to the world series, and 2 other teams have lost in the first round. The other teams finished in third, so it is not that uncommon for a team to not make the playoffs after winning the world series. I thought it was just some interesting info.

jimd…..yeh,I know….Sparty let the best part of the game Sat nite roll down their collective pants leg…..I think you get my drift…..
Memo to brother davis in W Lafayette….DON’T LET YOUR GUYS BE NEXT!!!!!

kolsens….my “legendary” status has been applied upon me by OTHER members of this community….NOT myself….as well,if I not request any media guides this year,I would STILL have the same respect for the job that Scott does and has done over the last 16 seasons….I take it,sir,unlike Mr Liptak and others,including myself,that you have had absolutely no contact with a sports publicist on a regular basis,except for this forum…..Well sir,let me tell you this….his intellectual integrity is open to anyone with an OPEN mind…..which,on some subjects,does NOT refer to you….for instance,the “ladies walking around the cell who must smile at their customers”….If that is what I think you’re referring to,you have opened up a big can of whoopa** with a lot of people….such as the people(Bethany Conrad as case in point)who sold the raffle tickets all season long….THEIR customers DO know what they’re in for…..and they do it gladly…..My horoscope for sunday said that I have fiarly strong opinions…Airing them in their entirety means I have done a solid job of oofending everyone I know…..I only hope that I have offended one person….with a closed mind on some topics…..

i think who he is refering to are those scantily clad women who run around and throw tshirts into the crowd….its a nice touch might i add….



I guess it’s how you choose to look at the ‘facts.’

Consider this one. Since MLB went to the three division / wild card format starting in 1994, only three previous times has the World Series champion failed to even make the playoffs the following season.

The Marlins did it twice (97/98 and 02/03) and the Angels did it once. (03/04)

The Sox are about to become only the 4th member of that exclusive club.

My goals for the team weren’t to get back to the World Series, let alone win it. But I thought it was very reasonable to assume they could at least have a chance to defend their title on the field.

In that regard this season has been a disappointment.

Mark Liptak

It’s also the first time since 1991–and obviously the first time in the wild-card era, where there have been double the chances to make the postseason–that both World Series teams failed to make the playoffs the next year.

im glad this white sox debacle is coming to an end. BEARSSSSS!!!


now that this season is officially over, well we are trailing 10-1 in the sixth, here are a few of my observations:

we came out of the gate with an awsome attack, that made all of us think we were going to make it back to the playoffs/series. Thome was on fire, among others, and we could do no wrong. we won 17 games in april and we were rolling! may brought more of the same high powered attack. we slipped to 16 wins, but even with Brian struggling big time, and Pods clearly not the same player of a year ago, it didn’t seem to matter. June came and we win 19 games. we were really cooking! our pitching was just starting to come around, with the early season troubles of Garland smoothing out, Contreras setting records and Mark still pitching well. Freddie was, Freddie and our newest addition, Javy was showing a trend of giving up runs after the 5th or 6th innings. about the only thing going “wrong” was that we were in second place in the central. but with the second or third best record in baseball, there wasn’t anything to worry about. then came july and our woes, not yet appearant to anyone at the time started to manifest themselves.

especially after the all-star game, we had trouble (in no particular order), scoring runs, pitching effectively, holding a lead, situational hitting, and etc. it seemed that whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. it’s as if all our Good Luck from ’05 was replaced by bad luck in ’06.

because of our great start early in the season, we still had a chance as late as the middle of august. after winning 16 games in that month, we essentially gave up. we read about this, but didn’t want to believe it. the truth was evident on the field though. last year we KNEW we were going to score when we had the bases loaded and no outs or just one out, this year we just as assuredly KNOW we will NOT score.

my rambling is about done. only thing left is to pull this all together: we STILL have the talent in the office to get us the best team on the field in ’07. only time will tell what that may be. i still think we are the TEAM of the early 21st century, but to have that bragging right, we will have to add some pieces to the puzzle, and then consistantly allow those pieces to play to their potential.

last year i said i’d be at spring training ’06 with my World Series Championship gear on. next year i will still be there, a year wiser, but still as determined to create a dynasty. we all learned by this year,( winning isn’t guaranteed), no matter the team you have on paper. i still believe in OUR future… even rome wasn’t built in a single year….

good luck to ALL my Sox Brothers and Sisters, stay healthy, have some fun along the line and it will be march ’07 in no time, and we can resume our bickering at times witty comment… j.k. sad in tucson about what might have been, but NOT bowed…….later all…….

14 runs….

3 errors…

Still another loss to a garbage team with a losing record…

48 runs allowed in the past five games…

16th time this season, staff allowed 10 or more runs in a game…

and Boone Logan…..I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about him.

They don’t go out with a bang, but more like a whimper.

Mark Liptak

Ok gang, I’m ready to pronounce the season dead. It has been a long, slow, painful death, but alas it is officially dead. It has been a painful second half–especially when I hear the Sox and Cubs have identical records since the all-star break….is this true??? Call me a pollyanna, but despite not going to the playoffs–which I know is the measure of success–there are alot of teams who were out of this long ago and who won’t win 90 or close to 90 games. Do we have work to do? Absolutely! I have no doubt Kenny is doing the autopsy as we speak and figuring out how to keep from “repeating” the mistakes of this season. We had some good times this year. The party is over though and it’s time to look in the mirror and make some tough decisions. I’ll still be here next year hoping for a better outcome!

Tonights performance was our 2006 White Sox in a nutshell. Everything that could go wrong did. I guess if you are going to get yourself eliminated you might as well go out with a bang.

Mark Liptak –

I didnt say i was happy about what has happened, I just found it kind of strange. This year mainly the second half was horrible. And I really hope that something gets done about it. I just hope if something comes around for McCarthy, Kenny will take it. I know he has already been announced as a starter for next year which scares me. I guess time will tell. I just wish that it was already the world series so this season could be done and over with. And I truly believe that teams step it up when they play defending world champs. If we win every other year that would be alright by me =)..


Thanks to the White Sox for making a hard decision easy. I have tickets for this weekend series in Minnesota and I was debating whether or not to drive all that way. However, the Sox finihsed like dogs and proved to me that they do not have any grinders. I’ll stay home and watch college football and the Bears.

Thanks for nothing Sox. 2006 is a complete disappointment. See you next spring.


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