The End

Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 10 am


As all are painfully aware, last night was the official end of the race.

While many had written us off sometime in August (or earlier), it was just this weekend that I felt we weren’t going to get it done.  Even as late as Thursday/Friday of last week, when the Twins dropped two games, we had the opportunity to pull within 3 1/2.  We didn’t get it done.

As I was saying, I felt like I had prepared myself mentally and emotionally for last night, but this morning, I found myself angry, disappointed and frustrated all over again.

During the weekend’s games, we talked about how the season seemed to break down into three parts.  The first, say until about mid May, was our best.  It was the closest we came to playing to our potential.  We pitched pretty well.  We slugged our way to the division lead.

Then our starting pitching faltered and became inconsistent.  Our bullpen became exposed, and we made some moves to address that issue.  We kind of treaded water through that time.

The third "act" came after the All-Star Break.  Our offense became very inconsistent while our starting pitching bounced back to give us hope.

This all set us up for September.  Most of us entered the month hoping things could come together.  Entering the month, there was the feeling that a good run of 10-15 games would bring us right back to where we felt (rightly or wrongly) this team belonged.  But we just could not rise to that opportunity, be it performance-based, injury-based, or no gas left in the tank based.  The fault is ours.

Everyone here certainly is frustrated.  We need to re-group this offseason, evaluate the team, and address the appropriate weaknesses/issues/changes.  I promise you that Kenny Williams and his staff has already started this process.

Robert Johnson At The Crossroads

During the weekend, a longtime Chicago columnist asked me, "If you had the opportunity before last year, wouldn’t you have agreed to suffer through 2006 if it meant a World Series title in 2005?"

I would, but today still hurts.


Not sure when I will have the enthusiasm to post for a while, so to everyone who read and contributed to this blog during the season (praise and criticism), thanks so much.

One of the goals when I started this two years ago was to create a method for us to communicate directly with our fans.  I hope we’ve delivered.  And I hope you understand we care right along with you.

Thanks and Go Sox.


I don’t think I’m ready to really sit down and dwell on the fact that our season is over. But for now, I want to THANK YOU SCOTT, for everything this season. You were incredible yet again, and we all really appreciate it.

I’ll write my final thoughts sometime soon maybe- when I really come to grips with it. But until then, have a good day Sox fans.

Thank YOU Scott. I have always felt that despite your position, your were one of us…a fan. You give us perspectives we all dream of having, right there in the middle of it all. Thanks for that. It will hurt for a little while, but we will all heal and be back next spring. Thanks for caring about the fans, for putting the blog together when you have a million other things to do and for BLOG NIGHT!! I got to put some faces to the names I see hear regularly. Thanks. To all you bloggers, thanks for saying out loud what is sometimes on my mind, for making me laugh, for sharing the pain. Let’s hope for a better ending in ’07!

Thanks for your insider comments Scott. They have been much appreciated.

one things for sure, we have a GM who wont sit on his hands. he’ll put the best team on the field that he can in 2007 with the resources available to him.

lets all hope this “run” in september has taught ozzie, and our players something.


Shouldn’t the run in September of 2005 taught them something? I mean they almost blew that huge lead and missed the playoffs. Why weren’t they prepared to step it up this September?

The more I talk about the 2006 Sox, the more angry I get. This will be my last post until Kenny makes some moves.


Thank you very much for the effort you put forth here. I really appreciate the opportunity to get on here and talk baseball with other fans. I believe in our GM and his staff as well. It’s gonna take a little while to get over this, but I will eventually and will look forward to seeing a few new faces in 2007 to make another run at it.

In the meantime GO BEARS!

I definitely want to second, third, fourth, fifth, whatever the THANK YOU from everyone of the readers and posters. It’s been a really disappointing year, but this blog has certainly made me feel like a small part of the White Sox family. The blog night was great and I definitely hope to be there again next year (assuming it happens). But thanks again Scott!

And in the mean time down here in Indiana….Go COLTS and PACERS! sorry, guys, i do live here


Scott –

Thanks for all your hard work, I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we really appreciate your blogging. Your down-to-earth and personal method of speaking to us and writing about the Sox has really been fun to read and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this team in the future.

And yes, I would have been willing to sit through 2006 if that meant we could have won a 2005 World Series. Like you, though, I am dissapointed regardless. On the upside though, at least the Sox now don’t have the pressure of repeating like they did this year. They can go into 2007 without the high expectations of being the World Series Champs and just focus on being a solid team.

Can’t wait to see what 2007 brings!

Once again, Scott, I’l like to second, third, fourth, whatever all of the THANK YOU’s that everyone has extended. I really appreciate the blog and the inside insights that you can provide to us fans. I definitely feel like a very small part of the White Sox family after reading the blog every day. It was a tough year but we should be used to it by now. We were blessed with magic last year and let’s just hope we can find it again next season.

But in the meantime down here in Indiana…go COLTS and go PACERS!! sorry guys i do live here.

Thanks again for providing your blog this season. You really helped us fans keep connected to the team in a way that no one else but the players themselves could. I wanted to say the home closer Sunday was nice, with the video and the guys tipping their hats off to us fans.. it brought a tear to my eye, b/c I know they truly appreciate our undying support… something that we cannot let slip away after the way this year ended. This season sure is disappointing, but I will never think that the team gave up on themselves. It’s going to be a rough reality when October rolls around and we aren’t able to call it Soxtober again.. but I think we’ll regroup, and hopefully come out running next season. Thanks again!

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. Will be hard to watch the postseason without our guys being there. Thanks to Scott for all his work and effort, and to the ladies for the blog book, very cool. Next step, hot stove league. Changes will be interesting to watch and analyze. GO BEARS!

Scott: Thank you for all the effort and emotion you put into creating this blog. And for showing us – even today – that you’re feeling the same way we are. Thank you for continuing to write during the latter stages of the season, when times (and critics) were at their toughest. I do hope that during the off-season, you’ll continue to post whenever significant developments occur.

I look forward to seeing how Kenny & Co. will evaluate and renovate this team. And I’m hopeful that the lessons of this year will carry over to next. It seemed that so very early on, everyone had the Sox picked to go all the way. Frankly, I always hated hearing that.

Disappointed as I am, I want to share a happier story with you. Last Sunday, my daughter and I arrived at the ballpark early and spent our time walking the entire area, slowly soaking it all in, so as to carry every detail through the long winter. As we walked, we discussed our favorite things about the Cell:

1) The team (of course).

2) The smells! The food! Funnel cakes!!!

3) Roger Bossart and his beautiful field.

4) The Fundamentals area.

5) Man Soo.

6) The murals in the concourse of the upper deck. (Would you believe I

never noticed these until last Sunday?)

7) The Comiskey Park home plate in the parking lot.

8) Nancy Faust.

9) Meeting other fans (Sox fans or otherwise).

My point is that for us, it isn’t JUST about winning, although that’s certainly a big part. Every year isn’t going to yield a championship team, and we want to be sure to enjoy our time at the ballpark regardless of the season outcome. And we did that this year, so thanks to the Sox organization for giving us that opportunity.

See you on April 2, 2007, when the gates open again. Go Sox!

Obviously, thanks Scott for this great forum to let us vent, gloat, and get to now each other. I know I don’t post as much as everyone else, but I do read most of everyone comments. Even though I don’t agree with what people say all the time it shows we have true passion for the team we love. By the Davis I don’t care if you are at PURDON’T it’s never acceptable to root for the Pacers, let alone the Colts.
Go Bears and I am also excited about the Bulls, inspite of the fact I hate the NBA.

The king is dead,long live the king….It pains me greatly to see the season end with a whimper….while deanklub’s Tribe supplies the bang….Like everyone else in WS Universe,I had the greatest of expectations for ’06….not in the same manner as the year prior,but perhaps the same sort of results….alas,twas not to be….It’s going to be rough watching the post season this year and wondering who,if anyone,to root for….I think I’ll be like Switzerland and just try to stay neutral….
I figured out early this morning that by the time the last pitch is thrown in anger at the HumpDump on Sunday,since 1990,I will have kept score of some 2,755 preseason,regular season and post season games….and i haven’t even begun to think about adding on the years 1971 through 1989….YIKES!!!!

But,you know what? Come next March,I’ll be ready to do it all over again….and I hope that we’ll all be back together to chronicle it all….

Thank you,Scott….thank you,WS Universe….as Milton Berle used to sing “…..I love you all,and I love being NEAR YOU….”

Let’s keep in touch in the off season,please?

TQ(rounding third and heading for home….good night,all)

Thanks Scott for all of your hard work! Please keep us posted in the offseason with any new Sox developments. We always welcome your input!

May the organization’s 2006 disppointment fuel the comeback.

Grinder Rule 2007: October on the South Side. Too cold for golf. Perfect temperature for a victory parade.


(158 days until March…)

Well folks.. just a quick note from deep in the heart of Texas.. every season, at its end, is always hard for me, the sounds, smells of the game, I usually drag out any baseball movie I can find by about mid December just to get the warm fuzzy baseball brings to me. I’ve enjoyed the blogs on here, for the most part. I will be watching it all, always have, why stop now. I’m torn though, on who I want in it, except I don’t want the Yankmess there..

Everyone have a safe off season, TQ, I’ll keep in touch if you do! And remember at the end of Hoosiers when Gene HAckman says ‘I love you guys’ I do.. be safe and I’ll be around.

Toodles from Texas! GO BEARS!

Indeed, as everyone else has already stated, thank you so much Scott.
(and I’m so glad I found the blog!)

And all I have to say is (cliche time) we’re all in this together.

Yes, we’re all a little frustrated. Yes, it’s going to be hard for all of us to watch post season. …But I really like dreifer’s grinder rule.

(Also, very important note, I highly reccomend that ALL of you listen to a comedy sketch by Jean Shepard called “Balls”. It’s about the Sox, the Cubs and what it means to be a Sox fan.

It’s really good. It’s on iTunes too.)

Thanks Scott and to everyone for posting this year. I found the blog late, but was glad I did. It made being out here in DC more bearable- reading the posts- felt like I was back home discussing a game with my sis. Even though it won’t be a Soxtober this year, looking forward to what the future will bring to the WS and thankful for the memories so far.

I’m going up to minnesota this weekend and staying in the players hotel….hopefully i can corner kenny williams and tell him what should be done for 2007!!!!😀

me and kenny will burn the midnight oil trying to come up with a plan of action! im going to yell at him like george costanza did to stienbrener and get a front office job!!!!

OK, yes we have been eliminated, but can we please show a little fight? C.C. (Crooked Cap) Sabathia gets us again. I got a grinder rule for next year: Beat the MF’ers that have this team by the balls.

Can someone please find Kenny and make him aware that kenwo is after him? I already feel bad for Kenny.

Sorry, I just had to say it.

Pitchers and catchers report in 4 months or so. That’s not long! And April 2nd is a mere 7 months away. It’ll fly!

Here’s what’s incredible.

To the rest of MLB, C.C. Sabathia is an overweight, injury prone pitcher with a losing record, a million dollar arm and a ten cent head.

To the White Sox however, he’s the second coming of Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax and Roger Clemens all rolled into one.

Another gutless effort, another loss to a garbage team.

Please can’t we end the season right now?

This is really embarrassing.

Mark Liptak

Thank you, Scott, for your informative posts. Thank you, Maria, for the terrific book you put together! I’m so glad we had a chance to meet in Oakland🙂

As a “far away” fan out here in the San Francisco area, it’s nice to get the “inside scoop.” Makes me feel more connected to the team and to other members of White Sox Nation.

I realize the season is over, but I would still like to see our Sox take a couple of games from the Twins, just to end the season on a high note. As many years as I have been a Sox fan, I knew better than to believe we’d have two championships in a row. I mean, it would surely have been nice, but not something I would depend on. Now, it’s the old, familiar, “‘Wait till next year” for all of us. But this time, we can still savor the 2005 season, while we look forward to the 2007 season.

Go Sox!

Peggy Kenny

Thank you and your staff for all the hard work you guys put into making this blog successful and in all your attempts to make the fans happy throughout this season. Please continue to update us as we are all sure to continue to browse this site. Too bad our team couldn’t get over the hangover from last season’s celebration, heck I don’t know if I’ve overcome that hangover yet either. But I tell ya, I DO expect these guys to get over all the adversities they faced this season and come out gunnin’ for a division championship (at the very least) next season. In the meantime….GO BEARS!!!!!

BTW, it was really great blogging with all of you although at times some of your comments were hard to stomach…other times I would see my thoughts echoed on this page. All in all, I really looked forward to browsing this blog and I will miss many of you this off season. Take care of yourselves over the winter and hope to see all your blogs again next season. God Blesss!


Is tonight going to be Kenny Williams’ unveiling of the great Brandon McCarthy that we’ve all been hearing about? The guy he wanted to keep instead of acquiring a 40-40-40 man, someone that baseball will soon discover to be the next ace pitcher? Because I think he’s been used quite a bit this year. In fact he’s been in about a third of the games. And gave up 6 ER in not even 2 innings at Jacob’s Field. But Kenny has big plans for this future star. People will see. People will also see Soriano come out tonight and give Philly a run for their money.
Sportscenter ran their entire show this morning and not one White Sox clip ran from last night. I believe the Indians met some sort of grand slam record last night, but rather than show those home runs off the Sox, ESPN chose to interview Frank Thomas after clinching the East. And after 17 years, he was on a team with no squabbles, no enemies, and he was happy. That made me happy, because it reminded me of Kenny’s interview back in Feburary. As I smiled I also thought of the ridiculous comment made recently by Konerko, one of the few guys with class that you wouldn’t expect to complain. He said the Sox were a bit tired after that grueling and arduous postseason last year, and I’m sure he’s correct. I’m sure Atlanta would’ve won a ton of World Series’ in the past decade if they weren’t forced to continue playing in October every year. That’ll wear on an athlete.

But it’s been a great year. Thank you Frank Thomas for displaying great numbers this year, and on a winning team no less! Thank you Neil Cotts, you know we like watching home runs. Thank you Brian Anderson, no one can straddle the Mendoza line as consistently and provocatively as you. And thank you to that overweight, injury prone pitcher with a losing record who I think was 4-0 against us this year. You showed Vazquez what was expected of himself down the stretch. But most importantly, thank you Jay Mariotti for your columns on September 19th and 27th. Your professionalism in knocking Ozzie down the peg or two he needed was the refreshing, expletive-free, breath of air this city needed. Now let’s enjoy the playoffs.

Is tonight going to be Kenny Williams’ unveiling of the great Brandon McCarthy that we’ve all been hearing about? The guy he wanted to keep instead of acquiring a 40-40-40 man, someone that baseball will soon discover to be the next ace pitcher? Because I think he’s been used quite a bit this year. In fact he’s been in about a third of the games. And gave up 6 ER in not even 2 innings at Jacob’s Field. But Kenny has big plans for this future star. People will see. People will also see Soriano come out tonight and give Philly a run for their money.
Sportscenter ran their entire show this morning and not one White Sox clip ran from last night. I believe the Indians starter pitched 8.0 solid innings without a single walk. They showed Emmitt Smith on Dancing with the Stars, but not the defending world champs. ESPN chose to interview Frank Thomas after clinching the East. And after 17 years, he was on a team with no squabbles, no enemies, and he was happy. That made me happy, because it reminded me of Kenny’s interview back in Feburary. As I smiled I also thought of the ridiculous comment made recently by Konerko, one of the few guys with class that you wouldn’t expect to complain. He said the Sox were a bit tired after that grueling and arduous postseason last year, and I’m sure he’s correct. I’m sure Atlanta would’ve won a ton of World Series’ in the past decade if they weren’t forced to continue playing in October every year. That’ll wear on an athlete.

But it’s been a great year. Thank you Frank Thomas for displaying great numbers this year, and on a winning team no less! Thank you Neil Cotts, you know we like watching home runs. Thank you Brian Anderson, no one can straddle the Mendoza line as consistently and provocatively as you. And thank you to that overweight, injury prone pitcher with a losing record who I think was 4-0 against us this year. You showed Vazquez what was expected of himself down the stretch. But most importantly, thank you Jay Mariotti for your columns on September 19th and 27th. Your professionalism in knocking Ozzie down the peg or two he needed was the refreshing, expletive-free, breath of air this city needed. Now let’s enjoy the playoffs.

Thank you Scott for taking the time to write and let us know what is going on. No, the season didn’t go “as planned,” but at the same time, it was fun. Going to the ballpark was always a good time – win or lose – because of all the fans that were there.
Hopefully we’ll end the season with a few victories against those evil Twins. And regardless, we still have 2005.

Looking forward to next year – Go Sox!

AAAAAHHHHH – long sigh….. So sad to see the season end and I hate that we have to go to Minnesota this weekend. Scott, if I’m feeling sad I can’t imagine how you or anyone else involved with the team must feel. I hope you and team keep your heads up! We still love ya and we have a great team! And I hope you don’t stay away from the blog for too long! Thanks for everything!

Localh4, Mariotti and professionalism don’t go together. Anybody can sit in an office and repeat what others say, never going to get his own “stuff”, stirring up garbage just to get a reaction. I’m not an “Ozzie can’t do anything wrong kind of guy”, but if Marrioti ever had an original thought it would be the first time. Tell me, what has Sabathia ever won? What will he never win? A title, that’s the answer, if your little brain could not figure that one out. He’s really carried that team, maybe he should be nominated for the Cy Young, seeing he brought the Indians from scratching at the playoffs, to being 21.5 games out in the division, and not even winning 80 games this year. Go home and embrace your Indians, they need your shoulder to cry on. FYI, Anderson hit .313 in July and .296 in August. Seems to me he’s improving, not too bad for a rookie. I guess not all rookies can come up and hit .300 in their first season. Yeah, Frank is a model citizen, looking for the big money. It sure was nice how he blasted Thome, Jim really deserved it because he’s such an awful guy. Wait ’till the postseason, maybe Frank will go “o-fer” like he did in the last post-season he actually played in. Go crawl in a hole, nobody wants you around here, you big goof.


Scott —

The season is ending on a bleak note, but please be assured that your thoughtful, well-written postings really enhanced the season for a lot of fans, including me. I hope that there will be a steady stream of Sox information during the off-season.

As a life long Sox fan, I am always proud that i am a Sox fan. This year, the fans came out, ready for the 2006 season and backed the Sox by setting a new attendance record. The team responded, sort of by playing above .500 all season. However, give credit to the Tigers and the Twins for playing out of their ***** for the first and second parts of the season, respectively.

The Sox just played! A pithching staff that collapsed, poor hitting and poor coaching all contributed to the so-so year. Take a guy like Garcia. I’m 53 years old, with two arthiritic knees that need to be replaced, and I could hit some of the lollipops he was throwing up there then steal second and third bases when I got on because he never held anyone on and his delivery (even fron the stretch) is too slow. Where was Cooper on that?!

Just about every pitcher we came across, young or old, was the re-emerging of Cy Young as far as the hitters were concerned. What gripes me is alot of times, I saw some of our big hitters look at strike one & two, straight down the middle of the plate. Then they struck out on a breaking pitch, low and out side.

Base running was poor. we hit into a lot of double plays and I did not see alot of attempts to break up the DP at second. I saw guys walking on the base paths.

Opponents hit a ball in the hole at deep short and they beat the throw. The Sox would do the same thing and be out by a mile.

Then when we are eliminated, I read comments by Ozzie like “We did not play fundememtal baseball” Well, excuse me, I thought that after being good enough to make it through Little League, Pony Leauge, Highschool and College ball, then be selected and do a stint in the minor leagues, that when you were called up to the big show, the fundamentals parts of the game should be second nature. If not then, when you make the big, major league money, then the fundamentals should be second nature to you! And if it’s not, blame the manager. He controls what happens on the field. I think it’s about time, when a starter makes a error in a game that costs a run or two, ( as we have seen with the White Sox lately) the manager should call time, pull that “star” out of the game and replace him with a second stringer. Maybe the embarassment he feels will make him keep his head in the next game! A professional ball player gets paid too much money not to make plays.

There’s a saying in sports that sums up the Sox’ season…..GO HARD OR GO HOME! Well, the White Sox are going home!

Glidinguy –

I agree with all of your post up to pulling a player after an error is made. An athletes ego is about as big as his paycheck. If a manager were to pull a player during the middle of an inning for an error he would completely lose that player. That is probably one of the most emabarassing things that could happen to a player and the media would make it even worse by writing about it and broadcasting it on sources such as SportsCenter. I have seen it happen to players at other levels and they don’t recover from something like that. Pull him after the inning or yell at him in your office, but nowadays you just can’t treat a player like that. Not only would you lose that player, but you could divide your clubhouse which is never a good thing.

I know it doesn’t have much meaning, but I would like to see the Sox win 90 games. They haven’t won 90 in back-to-back seasons since 1965. It would also put them 100 games over .500 for the decade. But the way they are finishing the season gives me little hope that they will win 90.
I’m also a Colts fan and would love to see a Bears/Colts SB.

First Off… I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Scott Reifert for providing this forum for die-hard White Sox fans to communicate with one another and for taking the time to post starting line-ups, team insider insights, WS related info along with his personal thoughts and unique perspective.

Irrepective of the smattering of vile, personal attacks coming mainly from one or two (ridiculously) angry individuals, the overwhelming majority of the Sox fans who frequent Scott’s blog greatly appreciate having this forum, in which we can share our individual thoughts, musings, frustrations and (sadly, all too infrequently during the 2nd half of this season) celebrations of everything Chicago White Sox. There is nothing wrong (whatsoever) with expressing frustration (about the way in which the WS drastically underachieved this year) in this forum. However, there is absolutely no place (or need) to tolerate personal attacks within this forum wrought with bigotry, blatently sexist remarks or other unacceptable personal affronts mired in ignorance and consistently demonstrating a general lack of class or dignity.

Well Folks… Sadly, the 2006 MLB post-season won’t feaure our beloved White Sox. With the off-season acquisitions of Jim Thome and Javier Vazquez… virtually every baseball pundit predicted that the White Sox would (minimally) return to the playoffs and many declared the Sox to be the front-runner to respresent to AL in the 2006 World Series.

If you would have told me (before the start of the season that: Jermaine Dye and Joe Crede would have career years (with Dye as a legit MVP candidate)… Thome would hit .290, with 42 HRs, 108 RBIs, 105 walks and .418 OBP… Konerko would hit .313, with 35 HRs, 113 RBIs and .382 OBP… A.J. would would hit .296, with 16 HRs, 63 RBIs… Iguichi would have virtually identical stats (to 2005)… the WS bench quartet of Cintron, Mackowiak, Ozuna & Gload would collectively hit .299 (with averages ranging from .285-.324) with a combined 36 2Bs, 7 3Bs, 13 HRs, 94 RBIs and 25 SBs, The WS starting quartet of Contreras, Garland, Garcia & Vazquez would produce a combined record of 57 wins and 36 losses with each pitching 196 innings or more… Jenks would have 40 saves (out of 44 save opportunities)… and Matt Thornton (who would be acquired during spring training for Joe Borchard) would provide the WS bullpen with a hard-throwing left handed late inning relief pitcher, pitch in 61 games and post an ERA of 3.40… I would have assumed the White Sox would easily make the playoffs and have a legitimate shot at returning to the World Series. Clearly there were a number of other key forces at play and factors that derailed the White Sox chances of returning to the MLB playoffs this October.

More musings to following in my next post.

~Hark In Tucson

I was reading a cloumn today in the Sun-Times about the 6 things the Sox need to fix in the off-season. One of them was finding a shortstop that can hit in the second spot in the lineup since the trying Uribe there failed all the way back in spring training. This is one of the changes that I was hoping for before the trade deadline, and now really hoping for it before 2007.

I think we have the solutions for that problem alerady in our clubhouse. In fact there are really two guys you could choose from. I would love to see the Sox give Pablo Ozuna or Alex Cintron a spot at that position.

Ozuna proved he needs to be in the infield to be successful defensively. He has the perfect inside out swing to go the opposite way to advance runners, and he certainly adds more speed to the top of the order.

As for Cintron, he was pretty solid defensively when given opportunites. He is a natural shortstop that would be a starter on many MLB teams at some position in the infield. He came up with some very clutch hits for us this and he is a switch hitter that can get it done from both sides of the plate.

Am I thinking crazy or is the answer already there?

i may be in the minority on this, but i like uribe. he seems to come through with big hits even though his average is weak. i think we need to worry about getting a leadoff hitter and a new left fielder. whether you can fill both needs with one player or two, those are the biggest holes on the offensive side. ive said this before, i wouldnt get rid of any of the 5 starters, and if i were to get rid of one it would be mark. granted that could all change if we get a star pitcher in the offseason, but putting mccarthy or haeger in that slot IS NOT THE ANSWER. i also could see getting a speedy centerfielder, letting pablo play left, and ending the brian anderson experience. how bout Ichiro. seattle is looking to dump him and he would be PERFECTION in our lineup

and for all the people that are going to say “offense wasnt our problem”…..youre wrong. the only way this team can score is with a homer or 4 straight hits. i also wouldnt be opposed to letting thome or konerko go. break up the lineup a little bit. dye thome konerko pierzynski and crede are very very very slow. it takes 4 hits to score 1 run. (or a homer)

What went wrong (for the White Sox) in 2006?

Let’s start with several key players who had abysmal years:

Mark Buehrle, as the long-standing White Sox ace, you would expect to assert his leadship role (along with facing the prospect of 2007 free agency) and set the tone for the starting rotation by (minimally) producing a typical Buehrle-like season: 16-9 with an ERA of 3.50 (as opposed to his 2006 record of 12-13 with an ERA of 4.99). Something was clearly seriously wrong with Buehrle this season. This notwithstanding, the White Sox would be foolish not to excercise their 2007 option on Buehrle ($9.5 million) even if they do so before trading him to (Buehrle’s home-town team) the Cardinals (who desperately need pitching) maybe for some top Cardinals prospects. A sign and trade deal involving Buehrle would free up his salary slot for a quality free agent starting pitcher or postion player.

Cliff Politte… who went from having a banner season in 2005 with an outstanding 2.00 ERA and a 7-1 record to an appalling 8.70 ERA with a 2-2 record in in 2006. Politte was a major factor in the WS blowing many leads in the 1st half of the season until the White Sox’ mercifully released him right after the all-star break (on July 15th). Politte’s 2006 stats are as follows: 30 games, 30 innings, 47 hits, 9 HRS, 15 BBs, 30 Runs and an ERA of 8.70 (How many more games would the Sox have won with decent relief efforts?)

Neil Cotts… his ERA ballooned from an impressive 1.94 in 2005 up to a disasterous 5.20 in 2006. Even more indicative of being a key component in the White Sox’ collapse in the second half of the season, Cotts’ post all-star break stats are as follows: 30 games (with just 17 total innings logged… indicating many games in which he didn’t retire a single batter), 34 hits (avg. 2 hits per inning pitched), 7 HRS, 14 BBs, 21 Runs and an ERA of 10.06 (Yikes!)

Scott Podsednik… last year’s top of the order catalyst was ememic this season. He clearly didn’t do the little things that made him such a successful lead-off hitter for the White Sox in 2005. His average dropped 30 points in 2006 (from .290-.260) and stolen bases declined (from 59-40). Podsednik’s post all-star game stats were really weak. Considering the important role that the constant pressure from lead-off spot played in the Sox over-all effectiveness,identity and mystique, Pods’ collapse in the second half played a critical part in the team’s overall demise.

Juan Uribe… whenever he steps up to the plate it’s all or nothing… with “nothing” winning out most of the time. Any reasonably crafty pitcher with good motion and a decent breaking ball or change-up can keep the free swinging Uribe off stride throughout each at bat. His .235 average was not nearly as bad as his miserable .257 OBP. Throughout the season, Uribe has routinely left runners on base (without advancing them). His ratio of 81 strikeouts to just 13 walks is another indication of just how undisciplined Uribe is at the plate. He has to go!

Brian Anderson… sure he is a rookie but he just didn’t do the job at the plate this season. For the most part, Anderson has played stellar defense in center field… so defense clearly isn’t his problem. However even though he showed some improvement at the plate in July and August, his weak start (.196 Avg. through the middle of July)and poor performance down the stretch (Sept. Avg .217) with just 2 homers and 8 RBIs over the past two months just didn’t getting it done. Hopefully, Anderson will get his batting mechanics, timing and plate approach together in the off-season (playing winter ball in Venezuela).

Javier Vazquez and his mysterious demise in the 6th and 7th innings. This pitcher has great stuff but what causes him to implode virtually every time he faces the exact same line-up the 3rd time through the order? Ozzie waited far too long into the season before figuring out how he needed to handle Vazquez’ self-destructive pattern.

Joey Cora… how many runners (this season) did Cora wave around who ending up getting thown out at 3rd base or home plate? I was continuously baffled at Cora’s impluse to wave around even the slowest WS players killing off key rallies and potenial big innings as the WS runners were regularly thrown out (often by a mile).

Ozzie’s handling of the pitching staff. Ozzie seems to have this overriding impulse to allow his starters to pitch into the 5th inning (and beyond) even when it has been obvious the WS starter has been getting lit up. Ozzie’s continuing use of Politte, Cotts and McCarthy was painful to witness. As Politte (early in the season), and Cotts (later in ther season) were brutal from one relief apprearance to the next, Ozzie continued to use them during critical situations which often resulted in giving away a lead or extending a narrow deficit into an insurmountable margin. McCarthy’s performance early in the season reinforced the reality that he is a starting pitcher and is clearly not a short reliever. There were so many times this sseason when Ozzie would bring in McCarthy is pressure packed short-relief situations and Brandon would self-destruct.

Given his track record, I am hopeful that WS GM, Kenny Williams will make soem important off-season moves to get this team back on track and bring them back into contention in the challenging AL Central. The Sox need to get back to exploiting speed on the base paths and by routinely playing selfless baseball by manufacturing runs(i.e. advancing runners, making productive outs, sacrifice bunts, workign deep into counts, coaxing walks, etc.). The White Sox hitters got way too enamored the long-ball this season and seemed to lose touch with the aggressive, small-ball approach that made the team so dangerous at this time last year. This with all or nothing approach clearly came back to haunt them during the second half of the season.

The Sox also need so more emotional leaders on this team. They have seemed to be way too passive of late. I’m not suggesting a locker room bully or emotional maniac… but players who wear their passion on their sleeves (i.e. last year the Sox had Aaron Rowand, Carl Everett and AJ). This year’s roster didn’t seem to have that same intensity. Even AJ seemed to cool down emotionally as the season progressed. Who will be the WS emotional leader in 2007? They clearly need an injection of intensity… because over the last 2-3 months, the intensity has been sorely lacking.

~Hark In Tucson

Nice effort tonight by Brandon and Haeger. Hopefully a sign of things to come for both. You gotta love the knuckleball.


You bring up a good point about pulling a player. But! I go to work every day. I have been doing the same job for 33 years. When I make an “error” at work, I have to suffer the consequences just like everyone else does. That means I could receive a verbal warning, written warning, suspension without pay or termination. All of these sanctions are agreed upon by my union. (And I get paid way under the minimum salary for a professional ball player.) Why should profession baseball players or any pro athelete be any different? Shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard by their fans, team mates, and employers? After all, they rose to the top because of their talents. They get paid handsomely because the have exhibited their talents. With the pay they are getting, which comes from TV contracts, admission prices, parking lot fees, food & beverage sales and sale of sports souvenirs, shouldn’t they be expected to be as close to perfect as you or me are expected to be at our jobs? As far as what they may “feel” this isn’t a bunch of 6 year olds playing T-ball. These are professionals. They should play like professionals!

Let the pulled “star” cry and whine about it. So we lose him. He goes to anothetr team, he does the same thing when the manager pulls him out. Guess what. his “value” will drop and he chances will diminish of making another team everytime he does change teams. Before you know it, he will be out of baseall! He’s out for himself and not a team player or contributor!

What happened to honesty in today’s society? It seems no likes to hear about it. Well, if that is the truth…I guess baseball and every other pro sport is “Entertainment” and the out come of games, playoff series, and world championship series are all scripted and controlled by it’s respective league’s administrators!

What it a pleasure to watch Wedensday night’s game. I think McArthy and Heager rose to the occassion well. It was like a breath of fresh air. I agree with the “Hawk” Harrelson… I can’t wait for spring training to start and get it on for the 2007 season!

Go You White Sox!!!!!

Given the team’s poor record vs. LHP and their poor OBP from LF, CF, and SS, I’d like to leave this season by dropping a few names:





















I like Gary Matthews, but it is a buyer beware situation. He is a contract year guy. Ask Seattle about contract year guys ie: Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson.

hey mark, just one question. I know your definition of garbage and am fine with it, we are a below .500 team this year. Criticize all you want.

But to criticize CC about his 2006 season is a stretching it a bit. I’ve removed all 6 of his starts against Chi from his season stats. Although his record drops to 8-11, his numbers are better than most in the AL. 22 GS, 5 CG, 2SHO, 3.45 ERA, and 135 Ks in 156.1 IP (that is 7IP/start). I think those numbers trump all of the CHiSox starters this year.

Btw, in 8 of his 11 losses, the Tribe scored 3 runs or less and the bullpen gave up 3 Ws after he left the game in his 5 no-decisions.

Just a note to all those willing to give mccarthy up because of his season as a reliever. Look at his numbers as a starter. Start from the end of August, 2005 since this is when he realized how to not tip his pitches. He’s started 7 games and has an era around 2.10. Sure it’s only 7 games but he also shutout the 2 most potent offenses last year (Tex and Bos). Personally, I’m excited that he might finally be in the rotation next year. If I’m wrong and still read this blog next year (I will as long as it still exists), then I’ll admit that I’m wrong and that kenwo is a genius.

Anyways, thanks for all the great inside stories from the sox Scott! I look forward to your posts through the offseason and the 2007 season.


Take away his wins vs. the White Sox and what do you have?



Now I’m not saying he’s not a smart pitcher vs. the Sox. He knows this team as currently constructed tries to pull every pitch and blast it eight hundred feet. He throws stuff outside and let the Sox hitters get themselves out.

Funny though how the rest of baseball beats him like a drum isn’t it?

Wins and losses matter, other ‘stat geek’ stats don’t.

I’ll take a pitcher any day that wins games regardless of his ERA, WHIP, K/BB ratio and all that other stuff versus a pitcher who looks fantantic except he doesn’t win.

Case in point Joe Horlen, circa 1963- 1966. And I’ve interviewed Joe, one of the finest people you’ll ever want to meet.

Also I’m curious…why are you hanging out at a Sox website? You don’t have anything better to do in Cleveland?

As bad as the Sox have been this year, at least they are going to win around 90 games. The Tribe, a complete bust this season and the final week of last year can’t even say that.

Mark Liptak

I’m not sure I follow the beat like a drum comment when his ERA is 3.45 vs everyone else but the ChiSox, but whatever. Of the stats I listed 3.45 ERA and 7IP/start should all that matter to you since your rotation could not do even that this year. The rest of the stats were just normal stats that usually define pitchers. I never said his WHIP is awesome or his ratios are great, I just put the numbers there.

Wins are the most lame stat for a SP since they rarely throw CG anymore and it is left up to the BP to protect the lead. Oh wait, he led the majors in CGs, my bad. Not to mention a SP Win total has a ton to do with run support as well. I bet any of your fellow fans would take him in your rotation without a doubt. Wins DO mean a lot as a team, not individually.

Look I am not pimping him to win the Cy Young or anything. Heck before last season, he was a mediocre pitcher with good stuff. All I was pointing out was that his year was pretty darn good, not garbage.

And yes the Tribe stunk this year, it pained me to no end. But I still root for my guys, just like you do for yours.

As for hanging out here, I don’t post much, but was around at the end of last year and made some friends with tq. I like to read what is happening with our competitors is all. I try to have civil conversations. I don’t taunt or rub it in. And I don’t live in Cleveland, I am in San Jose. I was born in Cle and still root for them.

Can’t wait to see what Kenny and Mark do in the offseason, should be fun to watch.


PS Thanx Scott for the great blog!! I always enjoy a good read.


I don’t think C.C. could pitch for the Sox. I guarantee you that our owner would insist he staighten the cap. I bet he would not be the same pitcher if he did not look stupid.

localh, fantastic call. soriano looked great last night. except when he muffed that fly ball… AGAIN. pablo’s a better outfielder than him. soriano might be worse than rob in the outfield. and i know he’s a 2nd baseman that got moved, but id rather see podsednik at 2nd than him. thats why the organization was spreading rumors about every team in the nation trying to acquire him… and then no one did. he’s a liability. like a less productive version of manny. only “alfonso being alfonso” isnt catchy, so theres no way to laugh off all the many things he does wrong. he ***** at everything BUT swinging a bat. so a team filled with guys like that would look… a lot like our team this year.
but you did make another great call about brandon. not that i watched the game, but apparently he did just fine. his numbers starting games are impressive for a rookie… except when compared to the list of cy young wannabes that emerged this season. but on the whole, a solid starter almost every organization would love to have in a 4th or 5th spot.

really… two great calls.

and yeah, thanks scott. your work here is appreciated. forgive many of us for being so irritable these past few months, but im sure you understand.

“Wins and losses matter, other ‘stat geek’ stats don’t.
I’ll take a pitcher any day that wins games regardless of his ERA, WHIP, K/BB ratio and all that other stuff versus a pitcher who looks fantantic except he doesn’t win.”

That’s pretty much just stating the obvious that you’d rather see the team win than lose. Ultimately, wins and losses are the only stat that counts, but a pitcher’s record is more or less irrelevant to how good that pitcher really is. To say a guy with a 4+ era is better than a guy with a 2+ ERA because he has more wins is obviously wrong and very stupid.

I guess if we assume that the 4+ ERA pitcher will always get a much larger run support than the 2+ ERA pitcher, than i’ll take the 4+ ERA pitcher. But that’s a stupid assumption because pitchers have little or nothing to do with how the team hits.

Anyway, anyone been watching the Cardinals blow their lead? It’s pretty exciting to watch. Can’t wait for the playoffs to start. Baseball is such a great game!

Hey it could be a lot worse right now. Like bigdog said, we could have blown a 7 game lead with 13 games left. I wonder how nuts the people in here would be going if that happened to us. I know it would drive me nuts. Even the “mighty” detroit has lost their lead.

I hate to say it but I kinda want the yankees to win the series this year. I dont care about the national league, unless its the dodgers or something. Since everyone said they werent going anywhere, and then made all those moves it would be nice to see. As for the American League. I do not want either the Tigers or Twins to win, if the A’s win we wont hear the end of it about Frank Thomas this Frank Thomas that. So I guess that that leaves the yankees.

Oh well, Ill be at the Bears game sunday night, at least we have football now =)

Thank you Scott for this great blog. I found it midway through the season and read it everyday. It was great to get the inside scoop and fun to read everyone’s comments. I hope we go play great tonight and don’t just lay down for the Twins. I’d like to see the Tigers take the Division over the Twinkies.
Go Sox!


Usually I don’t like the rivals in our own division to win. I’d never want Cleveland or especially Minny to win, but for some reason I don’t hate the Tigers like those two. I agree with Marie, and am rooting for the Tigers. I don’t mind the Yanks, except they still have too many titles, so they can go another 50 years before they get another one, and that won’t bother me. I agree with Mooney, and don’t want old Frankie to clean up, couldn’t stand to hear him shoot his mouth off against the Sox again. Hate the NL, hope they get swept by whomever we send from the MAJOR LEAGUES otherwise known as the AL. Hope the Redbirds hang on somehow, don’t like Garner and the Stros, after they gave us no credit last year. Couldn’t stand watching (and hearing on that stupid mic) Brandy Backe, the little cheerleader in the dugout, every time they managed a hit. GO AMERICAN LEAGUE!! GO LOS TIGRES!!

Thank-you White Sox for the wonderful season. Although I am not from Chicago, the White Sox are one of my favorite teams to watch. I watched every playoff game last year and you should be proud of yourselves. I will be watching your final three games. Go White Sox!!!!!!

There’s only two teams, maybe three, I really don’t want to win it all.

Minnesota – Obvious.

Oakland – Frank will run his mouth like never before. I am so sick of him.

St. Louis – I have too many Cardinals fans that will be yapping it up if they win.

Detroit winning wouldn’t bother me at all, and the Yankees wouldn’t really bother me, although I would cheer against them in the Series vs anybody but the Cards.

I just hope we can stop the Twins from winning the division. I really hate them.

Last year really felt good, winning it all, of course, but also that the Twinks were not anywhere near the playoff picture. That’s the second worse thing about this year, that they’ve made it in. Hope they get slaughtered by the Yanks, a 16-0 beatdown in the first game would be a beautiful thing.

Call me a sore loser, but I’d rather see anyone win but the Tigers or Twins. So what if I’m bitter!

For what its worth (which I understand isn’t much…) I’d much rather have the Tigers win the division, so thank you guys for playing part 1 of the spoiler well tonight!

I think I might be pulling for the Yanks this post season- I know, I know- can’t believe I’m saying it, but my heart isn’t falling anywhere else.

I’m not ready for the time without White Sox baseball yet! Yikes, I better prepare myself quickly….any help anyone??

Ah, Bethany. I hear you and I’m in agreement. The lesser of the two evils for division winner is Detroit. How ’bout those Royals last night? Fighting to the end! I just love that our guys are doing the same AND we’re getting a chance to see the younger players in action. Looking good.

In our house, there are two seasons: baseball season and home improvement season. The paintbrushes and rollers are out. If you want to come over and help, let me know. :o)

This is the first time the Chicago White Sox have garnered back to back 90 or more win seasons since 1963 (94 wins), 1964 (98 wins), 1965 (95 wins)

Despite the disappointment of the season overall, this is still something worth noting.

Mark Liptak

I am very happy that the Sox have won 90 games back-to-back in my lifetime. They are now 617-516 for the 2000’s. It is just a shame that they didn’t play this well when it really mattered. I will be pulling for the Tigers in the post season. I HATE the New Yank Yorkees and I dislike the Twins and A’s.

90 wins…that’s something worth being proud of. That is not easily accomplished- espeically in the division we had this year.

Despite the utter frustration and dissappointment we will all feel in the upcoming weeks as our guys head home early, our season wasn’t a total waste. I wouldn’t trade last year for ANYTHING, even if it did mean I had to suffer through this year. The competitive side in me aches, but my love for the team overrides that.

No where to go but up. Its my hope that the feelings of dissappointment from this year yield a hungry, burning desire to make it back to the Fall Classic next year.

Finish the sweep last year, and then time to focus on the big picture. Great way to end today Jon!

Historical Notes Part II:

1. With the 90 wins by the White Sox, it marks the first time since MLB went to the three division, wild card format that the A.L. Central Division has three teams with at least 90 wins.

2. It’s the first time MLB has had a division with three teams with 90 or more wins since 2002. That year both the A.L. West and the N.L. West turned the trick.

3. Since MLB went to the three division, wild card format in 1994 only three franchises and four teams have been to the World Series one year then failed to make the post season in the next one. Here is the list:

Florida Marlins (won World Series in 1997, failed to make post season 1998)

Los Angeles Angels (won World Series in 2002, 2003)

Florida Marlins (won World Series in 2003, 2004)

Chicago White Sox (won World Series in 2005, 2006)

Mark Liptak


In my previous post I should have typed on the 3rd point, ‘teams that WON the World Series and then failed to make the post season the following year.’

I apologize for the confusion.

Mark Liptak

i said a long time ago that we needed 96 wins to get to the play-offs. well, 96 would have given us the wild card, one game ahead of detroit. so, what exactly is SIX wins worth? that doesn’t sound like a lot does it? only ONE more win each month would have gotten us in. if we hadn’t given away leads this year, especially to

to finish this thought off…. leads away to teams playing under 500 ball, would have been worth about 7 or 8 more wins. if we were able to score better in situations that called for producing runs ( like bases loaded, less than two outs, moving up runners with the BUNT??) how many more wins would that have been worth? all of us can second guess what’s history, but hopefully we will learn from this year and not repeat THIS type of history. i can’t bring myself to root for any team this year, so i will casually watch and whatever happens, happens. i will see you all in march for spring training, and maybe even meet a few of you?? hi Dawn, Bethany, Hark, etc. stay in touch occasionally and have a great rest of the year. until the GOOD part of the year starts in about 150 days, i remain yours truly,,,,, j.k. from the land of what-might-have-been and what is still to be written….


Just some numbers that may prove to be ‘interesting’ when looking back at the 2006 White Sox season and its place historically.

Should be good for a discussion or two (or three…)

Chicago White Sox 2006: 90-72 .555 (3rd place)

Ten year recap 1997-2006:

6 winning seasons (00,01,03,04,05,06),1 non losing season (02), 3 losing seasons (97,98,99)

Average season record 1997-2006: 85-77 .524

Two post season appearances, two divisional titles, one American League pennant, one World Series Championship.


One Run Games: 24-21

Two Run Games: 19-6

Extra Inning Games: 7-7 (lost last four straight extra inning games)

Record when scoring three runs or less: 6-47

Record when scoring four runs or more: 84-25

Number of games allowing ten or more runs: 16 games 1-15 record

Number of games scoring ten or more runs: 16 games 15-1 record

‘Blown’ Games (Games where the Sox took a lead into the 7th inning or later and lost): 12

Blown Game Information (date/opponent/inning/pitcher(s))

4/5 Cleveland. 8th inning (Logan)

4/8 at Kansas City. 8th inning (Politte)

4/24 at Seattle. 7th inning (Garland)

5/5 Kansas City. 9th inning (Thornton / Jenks / Logan)

5/18 at Tampa Bay. 7th inning (Vazquez)

5/21 Cubs. 8th inning (Cotts)

6/1 at Cleveland. 7th inning (Thornton / McCarthy)

6/2 Texas. 7th inning (Nelson)

7/30 at Baltimore. 9th inning (Jenks)

8/31 Tampa Bay. 8th inning (Thornton)

9/4 at Boston.9th inning (Jenks)

9/16 at Oakland. 7th inning (Thornton / MacDougal / Logan)

‘Rally’ Games (Games where the Sox trailed going into the 7th inning or later and won): 16

5/3 (9th), 5/22(8th), 6/6 (8th), 6/9 (8th), 6/10 (8th), 6/17 (8th), 6/24 (7th), 6/28 (7th), 7/1 (7th), 7/9 (9th), 7/28 (9th), 8/8 (9th), 8/30 (8th), 9/2 (7th), 9/8 (9th), 9/23 (8th)

2006 Record versus ‘winning’ teams: 44-36 .550

2006 Record versus ‘losing’ teams: 46-36 .560

Losses vs. ‘Losing’ Teams Breakdown:

vs. Baltimore 5-2

vs. Tampa Bay 3-3

vs. Cleveland 8-11

vs. Kansas City 11-8

vs. Seattle 5-4

vs. Pittsburgh 2-1

vs. Cubs 4-2

vs. Cincinnati 3-0

vs. Texas 5-5

Comparison with Detroit and Minnesota vs. ‘losing’ clubs.

White Sox vs. ‘losing’ teams: 46-36 .560

Minnesota vs. ‘losing’ teams: 55-28 .662

Detroit vs. ‘losing’ teams: 55-27 .670

Month by Month 2006:

April: 17-7

May: 16-12

June: 19-8

July: 10-15

August: 16-13

September/October: 12-17

First Half vs. Second Half Under Ozzie Guillen:

2004: 1st 81 games: 43-38 .530 2nd 81 games: 40-41 .493 -.033

2005: 1st 81 games: 55-26 .679 2nd 81 games: 44-37 .543 -.136

2006: 1st 81 games: 53-28 .654 2nd 81 games: 37-44 .456 -.198

and finally…..

While this season without question was a disappointment, it is not on the scale that some fans and media members are making it out to be. Just look at history a little bit to put the 2006 season in context.

Since 1968 which was the first year after the ‘Golden Age’ of Sox baseball (because the period from 1951-1967 saw the Sox post 17 consecutive winning seasons, 3rd longest in MLB history) the franchise has played 39 seasons. They have had 18 winning seasons. Of those 18 winning seasons only seven has seen the club win 90 games or more! (1977, 1983, 1990, 1993, 2000, 2005, 2006) Ranking those seven seasons by number of wins gives you the following:

1. 99 wins (1983, 2005)

3. 95 wins (2000)

4. 94 wins (1990, 1993)

6. 90 wins (1977, 2006)

So in the past 39 years, this is the 6th best season for the franchise. Not exactly a disaster season is it? (You want disaster? Try being a fan of the Royals, Cubs, Pirates, Devil Rays or Orioles!)

And three times in the past seven seasons the franchise has hit the 90 win mark or better. The last time period the White Sox did something like that was 1959-1965 when they did it four times (59, 63, 64, 65)

Perspective folks.

And really, really finally….Javier Vazquez has become only the 4th pitcher in MLB history to strike out over 50 batters in a single month and not have one win to show for it! The others were Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson and I think, Bob Feller.


And so it ends. Pretty crazy, isn’t it? I kinda have that empty feeling going on inside right now. There is nothing we can change now as the 2006 season is done, so instead of going out with a bitter taste- I’m going to do my own little reflection on the season. All of my favorite memories. Read if you want, this is more for me than anyone else. I need to take a step back and think about all the great times I had at the park this year.

This season sure did fly by. Remember the Ring Ceremony, Trophy Ceremony, and when they unveiled the Championship banner? I’ll never forget that video montage on opening day set to “We are the Champions.” I still can’t listen to that song without getting goosebumps. Remember Thome jackin that homerun on opening day after the rain delay? Such high hopes. Or how about when we absolutely killed the Cardinals; 20-6, 13-2 and then a demoralizing 1-0. And even though they didn’t win the game, Tadahito’s grand slam in the 9th agasint the Astros was about as exciting as it go. That place was rockin! Or who can forget Barretts ****** punch, and again- Tadahito’s grand slam at the next at bat to really send a message. Remember BA gaining all those points in our books when he went nuts for AJ, or Pods tackinling Barrett. They sure became even more of a team that day. And the best finale to it all; AJ striking back with the winning home run at Wrigley.Or how about the time where we all spent COUNTLESS hours and days voting our very own AJ onto the All Star team. There was a lot of Sox pride shown in our repeat vicotory of the Last Vote! How about when Garland single handedly beat the Pirates by pitchign a phenominal game and backing himself up with the first home run by a Sox pitcher in many, many years! And who could forget BLOG night?! How fantastic was that? Getting to meet Scott and personally thank him; and the visits from Kenny and Ozzie- WOW! The best part? Meeting all of YOU! I’ll never forget that night! I’ll never forget the chilling chants of “MVP” for JD after he made a great grab before running into the wall. 40,000 people, all together, MVP..MVP. And how does he back it up? Jackin’ one out of the park the very next inning. I can’t forget the simple things I love about the park; the opening video to “He’s a Pirate” ending with “And the White Sox have won the World Series!” I was at almost every home game this summer, and it never, never got old. Chills, everytime. I love that park, I love that team. I could go on and on…

I think I just wrote all of that becasue depiste the disappointment, this was really a fun year. And these are the moment I choose to remember.

Have a great off season everyone, its been a pleasure sharing the highs and lows of the season with you all. There were great times of fun on this blog, times of frustration, etc. But I’d never trade any of it! Take care, enjoy the offseason, shake the 2006 season, perhaps even pull out the Championship DVD’s- get inspired for a heck of a ride in 2007!

Go Sox (forever and always!),


Mark, you need help or a hobby (Ha Ha). What a way for the season to end. The Tigers blow a 6-0 lead and get swept by KC. It doesn’t end much worse than that. The much hated Twins become the first team in MLB history to only lead a division on the last day of the year. Now the Tigers get to play at NY, and I think they will lose the series. The Twins were 10 games back on July 3rd. From that point they went 51-31. What an incredible run. I will be pulling for the Tigers, but I don’t see them beating NY. I also congratulate Joe Mauer for winning the batting title. He became the first AL catcher to win it.

glad i didnt cancel my trip to minnesota…good time. greg walker is a clssy guy. sold the sunday tickets so i could get a head start driving home. seen 2 victories. go oakland!

Too Much to dream for?:
1. Carl Crawford LF

2. Michael Young SS

3. JD RF

4. Thome DH

5. Konerko 1B

6. Pierzinski C

7. Iguchi 2B

8. Crede 3B

9. Anderson CF


3B coach – not Joey Cora

If Kenny could somehow pull this off I will get out to Vegas and lay some money down on next year.

The only thing more nauseating to me than the Sox not making the post-season was the fact that if they’d won just one more game each month (one game!), they would’ve won (or at least tied for) the division title. Look back over the season at how many games they pi$$ed away. It’s gut-wrenching.

Hey mliptak1, thanks for all of those numbers. It helped me put this recently past season into perspective. Thanks to everyone one else. I enjoy reading all of the comments. No matter what we say, we all have something in common…..our love for the White Sox! Let’s get football and basketball season out of the way so the Sox can get it on next year.

To the Sox, thanks for an “interesting” year! Lets learn from it and rock not only the AL but Major League Baseball next year!

Bill i would go for

1. Ichiro RF

2. Young SS

3. Dye RF

4. Konerko DH

5. Crede 3B

6. AJ C

7. Iguchi 2B

8. Gload 1B

9. Pierre CF

SP- Garland, Garcia, Contreras, Vazquez, (dont like mccarthy but id insert him here, or another free agent)

but i dont mind keeping uribe either and leaving him at shortstop. i think he doesnt get as much credit as he deserves. he gets big hits when needed and plays a stellar shortstop.

as long as pathetic, buerhle and thome are gone…it would be a perfect lineup in my view.

kenwo-….. you’ve got to be kidding!!! PATHETIC???? really. now it’s way too early for the hot stove league ( 95 degrees today here), but show a little class in your descriptions of our players. i grant you that Thome struck out a lot towards the end, but how many games did he win for us early on? and last time i checked, a win is good no matter when you get it. as far a Mark is concerned ( that is the operative word here) he started out well and then hit a prolonged slump. very un-Buehrle like, but we all saw what happened. i still think we can go back to where he was forbidden to slide on the tarp as the beginning of his troubles, but show some respect. also be careful what you wish for. a re-tooled Buehrle can beat our Sox off ala roberto hernandez, or others who used to be ours. still i think Mark’s time may be done for us, but we should wish him well, especially in the NATIONAL league. only time will tell what will happen. i like ichiro and young at the top of our order, again we will see. talk to you all later… j.k. surprised to be posting so soon after our demise..

wasnt calling thome and buerhle pathetic….pathetic is just the nickname i gave to podsednik. sorry for not making that clear! i am pumped for the offseason though. suprisingly enough i am looking forward to watching the playoffs and even more pumped for my birthday (november 5) which is when hot stove league heats up!

sorry kenwo, i missed the comma after pathetic…. how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? if i forget to wish you a Happy on the 5th,… have a Happy on the 5th. i hope it will be an interesting off season. j.k…..

Suzuki would be the perfect fit seeing he hit 350 vs. lefties, something the White Sox desperately need. I would LOVE to see Ichiro but Seattle would never let him go. I have been to a game out there and they have a HUGE Japanese fan base and they all wear Suzuki jerseys. I did think maybe the Sox could give them Tadahito in a trade with a pitcher and that might help. Carl Crawford would be almost as good of a move, though. His contract is sick- 4mil next yr. (17.5 for the next 3). He led the AL in stolen bases and triples this year hitting 305 and 18 HR. Plus he is above average defensively. The only down side is he hits righties better. Bottom line if you could just replace Podsednik with Crawford or Suzuki a sacrifice fly would have to be at the warning track and the gaps would be about 10ft wide. I also think you are about the only other person I know who would rather see Gload at 1st, 2 and 3 run doubles instead of double plays would be nice.

Guess who homered for Oakland vs. … yes, that guy…Santana!!?? Oh, the pain just gets worse!!

Not once but twice.

Great game by Frank. It warms my old, callous heart that he violated the Twins today. Hindsight 20/20 right Kenny. Keep it up Frank, you make us Twins-hating Sox fans proud…even if your wearing green.

KW must be crapping blood about now…

how about this…

CF Pierre

LF Crawford

RF Dye

DH Thome

1B Konerko

2B Iguchi


3B Crede

SS Uribe

pierre and crawford are good for 40-60+ sbs, that in front of the middle of the order and watch out

(Buehrle, Contreras, Garland, McCarthy, Vazquez)

Big Frank carried the A’s offensively in the Metrodome today, going 3 for 4 at the plate with two HRs (2 for 3 effort against Johan Santana including a 2nd inning lead-off HR). Barry Zito looked great out there today turning in a solid, clutch pitching performance (out-dueling likely 2006 AL Cy Young award winner, Santana).

Interestingly, Esteban Loaiza will be the starting pitcher for the A’s tomorrow in game 2. With a solid outing, Loaiza has a good shot at leading the A’s back to Oakland with a commanding 2-0 lead in the series and needing just 1 more victory to (abruptly end the Twins 2006 seaon and) advance the A’s into the LCS.

The task of facing Boof Bonser doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of most opposing batters. In the only previous start that Bonser made against Oakland this year, he gave up 3 HRs (including blasts from Frank Thomas and Mark Kotsay).

It goes without saying that I would much rather see the White Sox in this year’s playoffs (it is heart-breaking to see 3 out of 4 NL teams participating in the postseaon with a worse regular season record than the White Sox)… but since the WS aren’t involved in the AL playoffs, I have decided (by default) to root for the A’s during this year’s MLB post-season.

~Hark In Tucson

that a boy big hurt!! hit a few more today

With an OBP of .348, Crawford would be nothing special as a leadoff hitter, and Young is a terrible defensive SS. I would prefer:

Matthews CF

Iguchi/DeRosa 2B

Dye RF

Thome DH

Konerko 1B

Crede 3B

Pierzynski C

Gload/Anderson LF

Uribe/Ozuna SS

Thank you Esetban, thank you A’s. One more for us. One more.

How about Jeter’s performance last night. You can’t deny that he is Captain Clutch in the playoffs boy. Wow.

Bummer for El Duque, my best goes out to him for a quick and speedy recovery!

Why has it become so fashionable to rip Pods and assume he will be replaced? Compare his numbers to Pierre’s–Pods has an equal or better OBP each of the last two years, a better career stolen base percentage, and an equal slugging percentage. Pierre was just cited as one of the worst 5 arms in the majors in an SI players poll. The fact is, Kenny traded for Pods when he was coming off a .244 year, so I don’t see why he’d give up on him after this season. There’s only a handful of legitimate basestealers, and Pods is probably the best value of the bunch. If you can afford to imitate the Yankees and field a team of perennial all-stars, great. Otherwise, you need to get past your emotional response to a disappointing season.

SPods was terrible all season and with the young outfielders in AAA I’m pretty sure that he will not be back….So what is worse, not making the playoffs or getting swept in the first round? I wish the Sox would have got in, but losing in the playoffs is very painful. It looks like it is going to be NY vs. Oak.

.330 OBP with 40 stolen bases is terrible? If that’s true, then we should have dumped most of the regulars after 2005, since everyone on the White Sox but Konerko, Pods, and Iguchi had as bad or worse OBP. Podsednik’s WORST month this year (.220 BA or so) could very well be better than Owens or Sweeney hit in their first full year. Look at Anderson’s rookie numbers–and he was supposed to be the most polished of the prospects. I think the only way you dump Pods is if you go for a more dynamic hitter altogether, like Carl Crawford, rather than a one-dimensional speed guy. But that will cost $$ or prospects, or both.

Pierre had over 200 hits and while his arm is garbage, so was podsedniks

200 hits (in 700 AB), yet he still had a lower OBP leading off (.337 vs .348) and a lower BA with RISP (.232 vs .298) than Pods. I like Pierre, and I’d be happy to see him in a White Sox uniform. But as a true free agent with 6+ years of major league service, Pierre will cost significantly more than Pods, who is still under White Sox control, and I don’t see what the Sox gain. Pour the money into re-signing Crede, or adding an arm to the bullpen.

That’s for sure. Give it to Joe. Giving Pierre $, and if they were to let go of Joe, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Good job by the Tigers last night. Still, I can’t help but feel pissed off. Overall the Twins and Tigers have played a weak-brand of baseball. These are the two teams that forced us to fold like a rusty cheap lawn chair? I’m beginning to see the goodwill of 2005 deteriorate as the Cubs grab headlines with their pursuit of Giardi and we once again become second class citizens in our own city and third class citizens in our own division. I hope the players are watching this years’ playoffs closely and I hope it eats them up as much as it eats me up. This year was nothing more than a missed opportuniny at best and a colossal failure at worst. I’m eagerly awaiting some news about my team that makes me optimistic cause the same ol’ same ol’ will not be acceptable next season to us Sox fans. You guys opened a Pandora’s box of expectations in 05, mediocre performances and heartless players who go on vacation three weeks before the season ended can not be tolerated next season. The entire team needs to have a gut check before they step in the locker room next season…and this years playoffs only reinforce our season of underachievement.

I can’t see picking up Pierre, either. We need a legit lead-off guy, somebody with a good OBP, somebody who gets on somehow, some way, and makes things happen. You don’t make a change just to change. Pierre doesn’t have enough upside to warrant him taking Pods place. Joe needs to be extended for sure, nothing should sacrifice keeping him in the fold. Tigers, Twins, and Sox, none of them finished off strong. Middle of the season, the AL Central was touted as the toughest, sure doesn’t look that way now. I’d say Kenny and crew have their jobs cut out for them this off-season.

Joe Crede for A-Rod and cash. Get something for Crede while you can. Deal Uribe, let A-rod go back to SS on a team where he doesn’t get death threats if he goes 0-4 one day and see what happens. Bring up Fields to play 3rd. NO PIERRE!

I’d take Joe Crede over ARod any and everyday. Simple as that.

I like Crede’s defense, gotta build on the pitching and defense, that’s what won it for us in ’05. Uribe out, Tejada in, forget A-Rod. Put Fields in left, spot starts at third when Crede needs rest. Lead-off still a problem, maybe a center fielder/lead-off to be added. I like BA, but window is NOW. Put him as our Mackowiak next year, Mackowiak out.

Definitely Joe. A-Rod=A-Bad move. Alex is continuing with the bad post season play. He would come with that entourage and me attitude…would that fly in WS world? Surmising… unless that NY thing has gotten to the better of him. Still, no, I wouldn’t want the prima donna. Why mess with the success we have at third, let’s straighten out the outfield, and figure out the pitching. And I just watched Frank celebrate the sweep of that piranha invested waters. Wondering if the ex-Sox factor helped poison it? Laughing…but teared up at watching Mr. T smiling, cuz I was remembering…..

I wouldnt mind A-Rod coming to the Sox, but not for Crede… Let him go back to Shortstop and see how things pan out.

I dont know about you guys, but I would rather miss the post season than get swept out of it after making a huge run to win the division.

No kidding Mooney, talk about the ultimate collapse. The Sox season pales in comparison to that…especially considering they had their ace pitching and two games in their home place. Yikes.

Great game by the Tigers last night. They’re actually representing the Central well this playoffs when nobody gave them a chance against the Yankees. I hope they get to the ALCS and face the A’s.

As for the Twinkles, they got what they had coming. You look at their dominance of the Central the last 5 years (4 years winning it) and yet they never advance too far. I’d take our one year of fullfillment over their four years of frustration and futility anyday.

As for the Christmas wish list goes, I want a Carl Crawford in my stocking. He’d easily solve our leadoff and outfield problems. We’d probably have to give them an arm and a leg but he’s worth it. I don’t think Scott was terrible but I do think we’ve reached our ceiling with him. I think Owens is the natural heir to the speedster role but he’s still got some maturing to do. Hopefully he’s down in Venezuela with Brian and the others this winter.

here is to hoping the tigers knock out the yankees this weekend! as far as arod is concerned…are you nuts? why would you want a guy who has packed it in for 5+ years now. he has no heart. i wouldnt trade podsednik for him and i hate podsednik. if you are going to get a shortstop get michael young. if you cant get him, youre not going to get jeter or reyes, so keep uribe. uribe is a solid player.

id like to see a move for ichiro, as seattle may be looking to move him. crawford would be option 1b.

moving konerko or thome wouldnt be a bad idea either as i think ross gload brings more speed and fire to the lineup.

i personally think we need to fill 2 outfield spots and 2 bullpen spots before we do anything else though.

I agree that moving Konerko or Thome should be considered. Re-tool around pitching and defense, like ’05. Back up or replace Anderson and Podsednik with good defensive outfielders, and keep a backup catcher who can throw (Stewart?), even if he hits .200.

Ichiro’s ego is a question mark, in my opinion. I saw him play in his rookie year, and he had something to prove–he played with an edge. Now he seems too much like every spoiled American athlete. But he fits the defense strategy. Same with CC on both counts (ego/defense).

Kenwo, regarding you hating Podsednik: yeah, we noticed. But why? I could never “hate” a guy who was such a big part of the World Series championship. Is it Lisa Dergan envy?

Team Rah-Rah?….THEY GONE!!!!
To those of you in WS Universe who used whatever combination of prayer,focus,sheer rooting or anything else to eliminate the Twin Cities chokers….thank you….

Next step,the possible dispatching of the Yank-mes later on today….which,if it happened,would,I’m sure,not bring tear one to the eyes of veteran WS observers such as Hark,jklein,Liptak,or your obedient servant….it could cause heads to roll,however,in the South Bronx….George doesn’t like to be out of the limelight this long…(and if you have to ask “George who?” regarding the Bronx bummers…I say to you…”GO BACK TO JURASSIC PARK AT NEVERLAND…THEY’RE GOING TO BE NAMING A BEANIE BABY AS THE NEW CUBBIE SKIPPER ANY DAY NOW…”)

That,if it should occur,would lead to the Kenny Williams/Ozzie Guillen “LCS from Hades”…Magglio Ordonez and Detroit versus Frank Thomas and Oakland…

All comments to the contrary,I’m sure that the GM and the field manager would much rather go through a vasectomy with the use of a tire iron than have to sit through that series….

From the “what goes around,comes around” desk…. To:Torii Hunter,c/o the Minnesota Twins (quote in today’s paper from yesterday…. “It was tough to swallow watching those guys celebrate…We got outplayed.Simple as that.”)

The only other dive better than the one your team took in tanking that series to the A’s was the one you did in Game Two on the Kotsay inside the park homer….

Tom, your last line of your second note was one of your best lines yet! So true!

Congratulations to Jimmy for winning Comeback Player of the Year…he definitly earned that.

I’m not sure why people want to move either Konerko or Thome, their leadership and talent are a huge chunk of our clubhouse. Konerko shows his ultimate loyalty to Chicago last year when re-signing with us depsite other higher bids out there, and we want to move him after personal solid year on his part?

That’s why I’m trusting Kenny, and only Kenny, to do whats best for our team…..after all- the White Sox know best….we are merely fans!

Ok, so now I’m rooting for Detroit and St. Louis. Then at least they’ll have to cross Illinois to “visit” each other! I don’t get the wanting to say bye to Paul and Jim. This is not where the concern is. How did everyone like Kenny Rogers on the top of the dugout spraying fans w/ champagne? He gave a bottle to a fan, too! I saw an accident waiting to happen. But then again, I’m a mom. Anyway, stop removing the proven…and congrats to Jim Thome. I voted. Let’s go Bobby!

Oh, forgot to say that it will be nice to at least see A.J. do analysis for the ALCS next week. He knows the one team real well, doesn’t he? It should give him alot to elaborate on, and make it easier for his conversation, but not that I don’t think he ever has a problem in that area. GO A.J.! Egads this is gonna be a long winter, I’m rooting for good speak from A.J. Can you tell I’m bored already?! (planning a vacation)

Nobody wants to run Konerko or Thome out of town–it’s just that the Sox have a surplus at 1B/DH (if you like Gload), which might be traded to address other needs. The fact that they both had good years means you should get fair market value for them. And with a lot of money tied up in pitching, you probably can’t hang on to all your position players.

watching the playoffs has been great this year. it would be better of course if the sox were winning it, but being able to watch former sox like maggs, frank, loaiza, valentin, roberto hernandez, julio franco, geoff blum, mike cameron, and even jason grilli and d’angelo jiminez play is kind of rewarding…at least its a strong sox presence. too bad el duque is hurt.

also, tony larussa, gene lamont and jerry manuel are also all involved in the postseason. pretty cool.

I’m with you kenwo, many former Sox players to keep us Sox fans interested. That was a great series by Detroit. I was always reluctant to admit how good the Tigers are but they showed me and the rest of the world their true character with their backs up against the wall against the Yanks. Good for you guys. I’m really happy for Maggz and Frank. Either way one’s gonna be playing for a ring and given their years of service for the Sox, even the most jaded Sox fan should wish them well. Gonna be a **** of an ALCS.

THANK YOU DETROIT!!!!! I am thrilled that the New Yank Yorkees are gone. I will be pulling for Detroit to win another WS for the Central Division….I just don’t understand why anyone would want to see A-Rod in a WSox uniform. The guy had ONE hit in four games and he would be poison in the clubhouse. Plus Crede is a better fielder than him….Getting rid of Konerko or Thome will not happen and it would be extremely stupid. I will be glad to see SPods going to another team in the off-season. I am confident that Kenny will find a good replacement for him.

Its been a week now without White Sox baseball, and I made it. I’ve been snooping through the Sox website all week, and I finally realized when my ‘sadness’ will officially hit; When the “World Series ‘Ship” logo is removed from our website. Kind of a wierd sentimental thing, and I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly, but ya know…

Go A’s!

If the Yankees decide to part with ARod, i think the Sox can get him without giving up Crede and play him at SS. The Yankees have to be looking for pitching right now and even with their off years, Garcia or Buehrle have to be looking awfully good to them right now.

Garcia/Buehlre and Uribe for ARod and cash.

What is it about ARod that is so attractive? His inability to produce in the postseason (or the season for that matter)….his ego? Him speaking out against his teammates in SI recently?

Where do we find room for him in the clubhouse that Kenny has worked so hard to build as a place where there are no big egos, etc.

Just throwin that out there..

i dont want arod….michael young would be a much better option. besides we already have one overpriced ballplayer that strikes out too much and doesnt drive in big runs *thome*

soxpride: he did not speak out against his teammates in SI, actually it was more the other way around. He didn’t produce in the postseason, yes THIS year. Remember Frank Thomas in the playoffs in 2000? 0 for 9. He didn’t produce in the season??? he hit .290, 35HR and 121 RBI!! (and that was a DOWN year)

If the sox were able to get A-rod he would come with the same determination and desire that Thomas had going to Oakland. Just because boras and the yankees screwed up one of the best shortstops in baseball does not mean he can’t be fixed. Return him to his natural position, SS with something to prove, away from the psychotic ny fans and see what happens. Look what happened with Contreas and ElDuke. Give Fields 3B and he won’t disappoint defensively or offensively. I think the reason most people dislike A-rod is the ludicrous contract he signed with Texas thanks to his jagweed agent. (the same agent who will eventually loose Crede for the Sox)


if i recall correctly, Arod has yet to drive in a single run for ny in the post-season. at least that’s what i heard last night. i also have absolutely no desire to see him on the white sox. he’s an overpayed player who stated earlier this year that as long as he’s trying it doesn’t matter how he performs.


No to A-Rod. We’ve seen enough of the Belle’s and Well’s of the baseball world, we don’t want another one. We don’t need the attitude, and we NEED defense, and clutch hitting. Once upon a time, Uribe backed up Valentine. Maybe Uribe could go back to that role, and back up a “grinder” at SS, and put his free-swinging back on the bench.

Devastating news out of New York, wow. My prayers go out to them.

big hurt is pulling a thome in the ALCS! terrible….looks as if maggs will be the former sox player to head to the series!

Looks like Big Skirt is falling back into his normal playoff output. The 2006 ALDS was an exception to the rule.

Grilli is on that team too. There are quite a few Sox players on these teams. There will be more than 1 former White Sox in the Series.

Can anybody say “Seattle 2000”? Three strikeouts, ground out, pop out…nice showing, big fella. Hey, kr-trepac, no mention of Loiza? He had a great game, too. In my book, it’s always nice to see the West Coast fall, and see the Central dominate once again. Radio heads were talking about trading Crede in a deal for Alexis Rodgriquez…Crede has a great year, just what we’ve held onto him for, and now they want to send him off and put Fields in there. Sounds kind of like the Rowand situation, or even when Cameron was traded to make room for Singleton, who never did have the career Cameron has had.

Scott you need to come back and post and keep us updated on how the green seat installation is going and on the new seating area which used to be the press box.

I agree – NO to Arod. He doesn’t fit with our boys. He’d be odd man out – we need someone to fit in the clubhouse. He won’t.

ok White Sox Fans, i’m BAAACK! yes, we had our vacation planned for this past week, but when we made plans a year ago our Beloved Boys had yet to make history, so we had these tickets and didn’t want to dissappoint the kids, and, well, you know…. but disney world was great and we had a blast. just got back an hour ago and this is the first site i’ve checked. (almost the first). a lot of stuff went on while we were away. my sympathy to the Liddle family. good to hear all the hot stove chatter reving up. i’ll join in the fray in a day or two after my feet get back down on the ground. talk to you all later. Go Sox ’07! j.k. from the land of rest and exhaustion.

JK, sounds like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. Sounds like you were a little worried we all thought you were not Mr. Positive about the Sox making it to the post-season. But yes, you’re right, we know. Family always comes first, especially with a trip to see Mickey.

so tim raines is the fall guy for the 2006 season? seems to me like a cop out….raines should have never been made the bench coach to begin with, and him and greg walker seemed like they were the only 2 coaches who gave a **** down the stretch. why isnt cora gone, his terrible coaching cost us 5 games this year. i dont like it.

I DO NOT WANT F-ROD ON MY TEAM!!!!! Crede is becoming a great player!! Please do not trade for that selfish NY jerk!! His teamates don’t like him and he will be bad for the clubhouse.

O E O MAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLIO! good outing by maggs…..before everyone is quick to jump on the arod thing, they have to make sure crede’s back is ready to go…..if he is going to be injury prone the rest of his career its better to trade him now.

whether that be for a-rod or whoever else, if he is hurt and you can get something for him i say do it. although i hate thinking that we sat through 4 years of him playing like trash only to see when he gets good to trade him.

Anyone else hear about Juan shooting someone in the Dominican Republic? I heard about it on Friday but haven’t seen anything since.

Palehoses: Today’s Sun-Times has an article about it. In short, Juan and his brother were allegedly involved. It occured in the DR. The injured victim was a member of the Italian navy. The weapon: a pellet gun. Juan denies involvement.

The only gun I want to see him using is the one that gave us the WS championship!

Hi Everybody!!! I’ve been pretty quiet lately although I keep reading posts everyday in hopes that Scott gets the urge to keep us updated on offseason gossip.
I have been following the playoffs. I had mixed feelings initially about Detroit’s win but after stewing in my thoughts for a couple hours realized that I was happy for Maggs. I actually shed a tear or two when he he hit that walk off. It brought back lots of memories of last year and all the shoulda, woulda, couldas of this season for our guys.

I also would like to send my sympathies and Prayers to the Lidle family.

As far as the Uribe incident…I hope he wasn’t in any way involved. The papers don’t seem to think so.

As far as A-Rod on the South Side instead of Crede……NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!! That guy has way too many issues and from everything I’ve ever heard about him he is a clubhouse cancer…yes I know they were wrong about AJ when they labeled him as such. However, has anybody paid any attention to how UNPRODUCTIVE he has been on both offense AND defense this year? Seems like a sign of things to come for next season as far as he’s concerned. Why would we ask for trouble like that?


A rod was unproductive at 3B this year. He is a gold glove shortstop. He is also a hitting machine, he hit .290, 35HR and 121 RBI, how is that unproductive?? And that was an off year!

I think everyone needs to start looking at the positives a trade like this would bring. It is rumored Kenny was the 1st to call Cashman about Arod.

Think what AJ, Milton Bradley, Frank Thomas brought to their new teams after switching teams and having somthing to prove.

Plus we play the yankees 10 times this year. You think that he wouldnt want to be playing his best for those 10 games. I do not want to get rid of crede but like kenwo said if he is not healthy than we need to explore our options. I would much rather get rid of uribe and put arod back at short where he belongs. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Okay. Fine. Whatever. Just be very careful what you wish for.

Looks like our friends to the north might be taking arod… Take a look at this

i can understand people not wanting a-rod…..i am one of those people….but to say he underachieved is ridiculous. .290 35 and 121 is a good year. i didnt watch enough yankee games to see if he has jim thome disease (get hits when you are up or down by 5), but when youre a righty and playing in yankee stadium 35 homers is a LOT. like i said before the sox will have to decide if they think crede is healthy enough for a long term contract. if they give him a big contract and he doesnt play a lot it will hurt the team for the next 4-5 years. personally i think they should fill 2 outfield spots and 2 bullpen slots before they get an infielder.

of course that all depends on if uribe is sent to the pen or not.

If Crede is going to have back issues like he continues to have, than why not A-hole, I mean A-rod? Joe’s back problems could take him out for a long period ot time. Then where are the Sox? Not to mention that Boras will hold the Sox over the fire trying to get a contract done. If the Yankees pick up some of the contract, plus the Rangers are doing the same, I wouldn’t mind the deal. Move Rod to SS and Fields slides nicely in at 3B. I’d hate to see Joe go, but the back really scares me and the prospects of him signing long term with the Sox are not good.

Just heard a report that D.R. police have issued an arrest warrant for Juan.

Regarding the Cubs getting A-Rod? (laugh, laugh). Phil Rogers said it best Tuesday in the Tribune…”The problem with trading for stars like Ichiro, Rodriguez or Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford is that the Cubs don’t have a whole lot to trade. The White Sox are much better suited to pull off one of the winter’s biggest deals.”

Mark Liptak

Brother Liptak is exactly right….the WS ARE much better suited to pull off some big deals….and with what transpired today at Jurassic park at Neverland,with the hiring of “Uncle” Lou as the new sacrificial lamb for the team on the other side of the tracks,Kenny needs to get off his duff and make some deals,PRONTO….If anyone of you should read Scott Merkin’s letters column on the team website,he makes some valid points about A-Rod…and what he could bring to this club….and if the GM of the Yank-mes is so eager to get rid of A-Rod and make Jeter that much happier,then,Mr Williams—DO IT,ASAP….STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT AND THE YANK-MES GM IS DUMB…..But,don’t give up TOO much for the possiblity….

Good to see some of the familiar faces again. Would I like to see Alex Rodriguez on the SouthSide…it depends. It depends on what we’d have to give up to get him. We know the Yankees need pitching and the only pitcher on the staff who’s proven themselves to be untouchable the last two seasons is Jon. They’ve seen the Javier and Jose show so they wouldn’t bite on that which leaves Mark or Freddy…either of whom are expendable in my book. Big Game Freddy would see his share of ’em in New York and Buehrle has been great for the Sox but last season left me scratching my head. His location was so far off and that changeup just kept hanging out in the upper part of the zone.

They’d probably want to replace their 3rd base so either Crede or Fields are gonna be sought after. As much as I love Joe, I think Fields is ready. Crede incidentally is the anti-Arod and is about as clutch as they come so you know the Bronx would salivate over him. So far so good, after that it gets a little dicey. Maybe a Tracey or a Haeger (no, I’d rather keep the knuckleballer on second thought) but you don’t want to deplete our farm system’s pitching like we did last year (Gio Gonzales, Bajeneru, Haigwood, Javier Lopez). And if they’re after B-Mac it’s still a trade that must be at least considered on our part.

The upside of Alex is enormous however. I think that whole primadonna image has some merit but has really become distorted by the NY media. When Alex was in Seattle’s minor league system (Wisconsin TimberRattlers up in Appleton) I got a chance to see him interact with fans and he always struck me as a nice guy, granted that was before the multimillions but…The fact remains he’s one of the top 3 players in the MLB today. As someone else mentioned .290, 35, 121 was a down year for him. A Down Year! Imagine those power numbers at the Cell. Meanwhile the Sundance Kid is down in the DR shooting up the place. I love Juan too, but anybody who thinks Alex wouldn’t be a significant upgrade isn’t being objective.

I’d take the Rodriquez/Fields left side anyday over the Uribe/Crede if the price is right. And I’m sure Kenny’s looking to put together a reasonable package. All that long-winded garbage aside, Alex Rodriguez shouldn’t be our top priority this offseason. If it happens fine but there are many different avenues to pursue that address more significant needs. Sorry so long.

Personally I would love to see A-Rod in a White Sox uni. I’m fine to get rid of Buehrle and/or Freddy, especially after last season. We could put him back at his natural position at SS. And infield of PK, Iguchi, A-Rod, and Crede…are you kidding me? That would be amazing

If any of you get the opportunity to read the Weathervane today in the Some-Times,(after you get through retching,Jay writes that we should “…First forget the Alex Rodriguez pipe dream….Do us all a favor and ignore the rambling speculation about A-WOL heading to the Cubs or White Sox….” He isn’t going anywhere,he has a no-trade clause,and he doesn’t like Ozzie for what Guillen said in Sports Illustrated LAST WINTER….(I guess that A-Rod carries a grudge as long as Jay does)….
Well,if that’s what Jay thinks,fine….

Mr Reinsdorf,Mr Williams…..


That writer is such a ****. Stop reading his drivel.

That edited word was T*U*R*D.

A-rod, marrisplotti, sweet lou, Uribe, Buehrle or Freddie?… hey Scott, we’re running out of things to talk about. WE NEED INFO. WE CRAVE INFO. please post again! this same old hash is getting worn out. give us something NEW! or are you waiting for us to reach the unprecidented post total of 200? j.k. in tucson… getting ready for my monthly poker game….

and if we ARE gonna get to 200, here’s some help towards that goal. MLB’s official site had a good article about the tigers, and how they closely paralleled our Sox of ’05. it’s by Scott Merkin, good reading. o.k. everybody, only 48 more to go……. j.k. from the spring traing home of the ’07 World Champion White Sox…..

Ok Klein, I’ll play and put it down to 47 since I haven’t posted in awhile. Watching the nailbiter Cards-Mets. What a game 7! My heart goes out to whoever loses this one! I gotta say in the end, I’m rooting for the Tigers. They are the ’06 version of last years Sox, don’t you think? Hope this week off doesn’t hurt them too much. So what is the countdown to spring training anyway??

Here are some good links… Im not sure if anyone listens to q101 but they got a new morning show and here are some highlights to it. If you go to Parodies listen to hey lou and juan uribe…

I got a good laugh out of them.

If I can remember where i found the other one at I will post it.

If the Arod thing falls thru I wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Young ***. Hey, JK you didn’t by any chance used to live by UIC? Here is a fun site for everyone to check out: There is a post on the AROD rumors that is hilarious if you want a glimpse at the insanity of yank-me fans and what they think they can get him.

alright already! i know we aren’t in the world series this year, but we ARE still World Champs until there is a new one, so…. PUT THE LOGO BACK! even if for only a week or so. what is UIC? i guess that answers your question, billb. only forty or so to go, so keep those posts coming in. Scott, now that we have a goal to shoot for, DO NOT post again, only about 45 to go for OUR 200!!!! yeah TEAM…… j.k. from the land of cool temps!!! (Good grief, it got down to 49 this morning!!!) and only about 131 days until the first pitch of the ’07 World Champion Chicago White Sox spring training season opener………

Yeah, I noticed the missing logo too klein. It stung a bit but I hope Detroit can win this series and do the AL Central proud. They can borrow the logo for a year.

The division’s gonna be a bloodbath next year. The Twins young arms are just gonna get more seasoning. The Tribe will be a lot more competitive and Detroit’s gotta be the favorite given what they did this year…**** even the Royals are getting better. Still I love our chances, though Kenny’s got his work cut out for him. A couple loose ends that became apparent this season need to be repaired or replaced.

Pushing for 200…and I agree billb Michael Young’s a real nice player.

Thanks for the countdown start klein…that will go by in no time! Palehoses, I agree…it is going to be a fight next year. I hope our pitchers are up for the challenge. To help get us to 200….what do you see as our greatest need next year? I think our greatest need is a good reliever. Anyone got any ideas?

Oh and one more thing…so sad to see the World Champion banner gone from the website 😦

you’re right on,palehoses, about the central gonna be a fight next year. if the royals can beat the tigers three straight to end the season,you know they will field a better team next season. so if it is a dog fight, then look for us to have to beaat up on the NL again and the east and west to get to the playoffs. maybe only 90 wins gets us in next year if we ( the central) beats itself to a pulp. only time will tell. i like Michael Tucker too.

now on to the REALLY important stuff. if all of our absent regular posters would just say hi, we would be at 200 already, so come on TQ, Kenwo, you’ve got nothing to say? Duke? are you there? come on Tucker, Hark and jimdever, one post apiece. oh Princess Bethany, Princess Dawn…. let’s hear from you and we will hit the magic number, only 35 posts to go and 130 days until this blog will really mean something…. j.k. later all

lets go magglio! im patiently awaiting the end of the world series so we can kick off the hot stove league!!!! in some respects it is my favorite part of the year. i am also awaiting sox fest!

Oh the bitter sting. I said it awhile back that reality will set in when they take away the “World Champions” logo…and boy the title of this very post became a sure reality today. I just got back from a weekend out of town, and thats NOT what I wanted to see!


JK, thanks for the countdown. 100+ days seems like nothing. Nothing.

thank you Princess Bethany! for your post. we are only 33 away from the 200 post milestone. so…. come on now all you Sox fans. let’s get some spirit going and send in those notes and musings. i can’t be expected to come with the next three hands full of messages, not to mention that you all would be sooooooo tired of hearing from me by then, so come on and at least sign on and say hi. what we are trying to do is to get to 200 posts from us BEFORE Scott blogs again. i know we can do it. come on, rah rah and all that sort of stuff. ok, i’m done, talk to you later.j.k. from the land of Central rules! (congrats to detroit tonight), and sleepytime after my golf game……

OK, you want some comments, here you go.

Here’s the winning formula for 2007:

1. Trade Javier Vazquez to the Mets for Aaron Heilman

2. Trade Rob Mackowiak and Sean Tracey to San Francisco for Omar Vizquel

3. Find anyone who will take Juan Uribe and trade him for any minor league prostpect that anyone would offer. Pay half his salary if you need to.

4. Sign Gary Matthews Jr.

5. Let Ross Gload, Brian Anderson, Ryan Sweeney, and Josh Fields compete for the starting LF job.


Matthews CF

Vizquel SS

Dye RF

Thome DH

Konerko 1B

Iguchi 2B

Crede 3B

Pierzynski C

Gload/Anderson/Sweeney/Fields LF





Two of the three above who don’t get the starting LF job.

Starting Rotation:













There’s a 100-game winning team right there.

Okay guys, here’s my lil’ contribution toward our 200 goal. Just like everybody else I was startled to see that our Championship logo was Missing. JKlein is right…we still have a week before the trophy moves on we could have at least kept it until then! I haven’t heard any news on Juan…have any of you?
As far as Detroit goes….I don’t care if they’re from the Central…they are just too arrogant…I heard they were even ready to go with their World Series Parade BEFORE they even started this series!!! How arrogant is that?!! The basically laughed in the faces of the Cardinals. So I say… Go Cards!!!! Take ’em deep Pujols!!!! With men on base even!!!! Sorry guys…I’m still a lil’ bitter. You can’t really tell though…can you?


Oh and by the way…The Card creamed them in the first game…that’s what they get for being so arrogant! And what’s up with the “mysterious substance” on Kenny Rogers’ thumb that “shined” on camera….does dirt shine? And why didn’t Tony LaRussa make a bigger deal out of that? Help me understand baseball fans!!!!

LaRussa was too busy accusing the other team of stealing signs. HA!

thanks, Lisa for your contribution towards our 200 post goal. if what you say about the tigers is correct then i say p-tui on them and go cards also. it really doesn’t matter to me who wins, since WE are not going to.

i liked the effort put out by cabiness and the “winning formula ’07” a lot of what you say is good, but i don’t think Vizquel will be aboard. we tried that a few years back, remember? and call me crazy, but i think that Javy is a guy we need to keep. i’d rather ship out Mark or Jose before Vasquez. otherwise i like your lineup… i can feel the hot stove warming up now! go Sox’07…j.k. from the land of clouds( how about that), and a cooling trend (gonna only be 75 tomorrow)…..

As the worn-out tire said just before it punctured…
If there’s anything I can’t

stand,it’s pressure….I am playing the role of Switzerland in the World Serious this year…even though I am a card-carrying member of the American League Fan club….I know that a lot of fans of the other side of the tracks are root,root,rooting for Los Tigres,due to the appearance of the Cardinales…to those folks,I say simply….”Too bad for you.”….and to the paranoid skipper of the St Louis entry,who got his eyeteeth cut,well….as is the current rage:”This hand cleaning is sponsored by Lava…the hand soap…” Remember earlier this season when La Russa thought that the WS were stealing the Cardinals signs when the boys swept them at the Cell?…My only question is: “What happened after the 1st inning when the “grime”disappered,along with your offense,eh,Perry Mason?”(for the uninitiated,Mr La Russa has a law degree)….I will give credit where credit is due…the gambler,ole Mr Rogers had everything going for him last night….but,as I stated before,whomever takes home the trophy this year,it won’t matter to me at all,at all….Because the WS get to keep the trophy they won last year….AND they are counting down the days until the quest begins again…and by my unofficial(but I think,accurate)count…only 131 shopping days till the first pitch in anger is thrown in Tucson…..

Anything else I can think of,I’ll come up with,just to get us closer to 200 posts without a topic change from Mr Reifert…..

It would be nice to hear cub fans cry about Gary Mathews Jr. “he didn’t play like that for us”. I would be wary of him after his outstanding “contract year”. His numbers were abysmal before last year. Plus he is not the speediest leadoff hitters. Personally, I would love to see Carl Crawford if you could steal him away from Tampa.

What is up with Bob Segar’s teeth??

What I don’t understand is how an umpire tells a pitcher to wash off his hand but never checks to see what is on it. It is obvious what it is and what kenny was doing. The best part is AJ is vilified for hustling and running out a dropped 3rd strike and “cameraman shover” rogers gets a free pass.

Getting Carl Crawford would be huge! He would look great on the South Side.

I know that LaRussa didn’t make a big deal out of the substance but shouldn’t baseball do something about it. They showed the rule on ESPN that night and it said that ANY substance found on a pitchers hand is an automatic ejection and a 10 game suspension. Now I know a lot of pitchers have stuff on their hands and what not, but dont be so stupid as to have it in plain view. You have to hide that a little better, like Kenny did when he came back out from washing it off =)

if some of the things I wrote didn’t make much sense down the stretch, I apologize….but as I was attempting to concentrate on my thoughts(which really doesn’t take long at all),some fat headed loudmouth at the location I call home decided that he had to tell me everything that he was up to…for the twentieth time… let’s go back and review,shall we?
1)Cub fans hate the Cardinals,so they’re rooting for los Tigres…..and because the Motown boys beat out the WS,some members of WS Universe are pulling for St Louis….me,as I said,I’m Switzerland…completely down the middle….because,quite honestly,all of the more obnoxious organizations are gone….

2)T La Russa,the skipper/”resident genius” of the Cardinals,got all out of whack the other night,as did all of the others who want to spice up what may be a dull World Series by playing “je accuise”(sic)with Kenny Rogers….”OH,DID YOU SEE WHAT HE HAD ON HIS HAND? OH,HOW TERRIBLE!!!! HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF!!!!”

No,folks,Fox and ESPN and all the other do-gooders should be ashamed of THEMSELVES for moralistic do-goodness through video….the equivalent of snitching to prove that someone else is doing bad,while you,innocent that you are,would NEVER do anything like that….(yeah,right,Shecky…)Mc Carver should remember that he USED to be a Cardinal…but he ISN’T anymore….enough moralizing,Fox…just show the **** game…..

3)cabiness….Omar Vizquel? He is older than dirt….even Julio Franco calls him “sir”….and the other suggestions you made lead me to believe that you have spent a lot of time in fantasy baseball….and not in the real world…..I apologize if that sounds a little harsh but,doggone it,everybody thinks it is easy to reconvert a bad year the next year….believe me,IT ISN’T…..

Still more soon….Approximately 130 days till Tucson,161 days till freezing at the Cell with the boys and them Indians…

Thanks for taking the time to post on here regular, Scott. As a Sox fan who got fed up years ago with a combo of threatened Tampa move, the strike, letting Ventura walk, and the white flag trade, then came back over the last 3 seasons, The difference in the professionalism and fan friendliness of the organization is night and day to me. Your efforts are part of the reason this change jumps out at me.

and only 20 more posts to go for that coveted 200. who will take the honor of being the 200th? as they say, you can’t win if you don’t play/post. thanks TQ for your recent offerings, it’s good to hear from you. but where are kenwo and Duke and kolsens? nothing to say? our guys haven’t lost a game in over three weeks, and not a word from you? and where oh where is princess Dawn? Tom, i think that we only have about 127 days to go til tucson. that’s if we begin on the first of march. in any event, only four months and a few days to go until the White Sox ’07 world tour begins….. later, all.. j.k.@##!*** my big screen just died! now i’ll have to watch tonights game on the back-up set. oh, well it could be worse, i might have to listen on my transistor radio during class. remember when games started at 1pm?…….

i think if the cardinals were going to make a big issue out of the rogers thing they should have done it right away. now hal mcrae is saying that the balls were scuffed…..blahblah same old song from the cardinals- you get beat and you find something to cry about. i remember over the summer when the sox busted out marquis and mulder for like 88 runs in 2 games, after they left chicago they were saying that the sox stole signs…..dave duncan is whining about his son getting a bad scouting report for his outfield play….they are WAY TOO WHINEY FOR ME. go detroit!

For once I agree with Kenwo. They are big babies down there in StL. I’m pulling for Detroit all the way.

Hi Klein and gang. I’m still here, just nothing to say, really. Still hurt and saddened by our October expulsion. Go Cards! Go Tigers! Go to sleep! Tell Lasorda to wake me up for the Hot Stove when we get some pitching and maybe **** – regardless of whether Uribe is guilty. Duke.

Okay jklein…here’s another one for ya… St. Louis is up in the Series…2 games to 1. Nice shutout by Carpenter. Here’s my question though…How do we know for sure that Scott will post after our 200th entry…who has his number…I’ll call him and give him an earful if he doesn’t do as we say….because unofficially…we are the boss of him!

Hi everyone….
I have wanted to comment after our season ended but could not quite put into words what I felt in my heart. I commented before the season ended and our Sox were, in our eyes, not giving it their all. To them it seemed like a job and they weren’t trying hard enough in my opinion. To us though, baseball is SO much more. It is a family activity providing time together shared over a common love. It is hope, it is passion, it is believing in our boys, because they are us. We are the Sox. Some of you may have never heard of a radio guy in Chicago – Steve Dahl. Some of you may have heard of him and don’t like him. Well, give me a second here…but I read his daily blog too and on his website, his wife Janet occassionally posts articles she writes and I want all of you to go here and read it and see if it doesn’t give you a tear or two. This is what baseball and Our White Sox are all about and this is one great reason we love them. Scott, if you had ANYTHING to do with this….thank you very much.

Here is the site:

I hope it works and I hope you read it.

Yours in Sox fandom!


Lisa, there’s no way we can be sure that Scott will post another topic after we hit that 200 mark. that was something i made up to pass the time until some news occurs. eventually he WILL blog again and that will give us all a chance to weigh in on whatever that topic may be(hopefully a discussion of a great trade). my question now is since most of us are still reading this site, what will happen first? another Scott endeavor OR a hello from our buddy Dawn? the clock is ticking, every prescious moment counts, only 60 more shopping days until Christmas, only 68 more until the bowl games, and only 99 more days until pitchers and catchers report for White Sox ’07! “why, that’s just MARVELOUS!).. j.k. getting antsy for another 10. (posts that is)……

I got Dawn before Scott.

Marie, I read Steve’s blog too and am a HUGE fan of Janet’s Planet…what a GREAT story. What a great organization!!

billb, my daughter and I saw Seger on, I think it was Letterman, a few weeks back. She’s only 16, so anybody over 30 is ancient to her to begin with. BUT, she was pretty taken aback by his teeth, too. You’d think he’d have the money to cap those puppies.

Oh My Goodness…Marie, that was such a BEAUTIFUL article. I STILL have tears in my eyes. This just makes me so proud to be a White Sox Fan….This organization is the best!!! I am e-mailing this story to all my friends!

wouldnt it be funny if Scott posted when there was 199 posts. Would it still count if someone went in and added one more post to make it an even 200?

It was this day one year ago that we still had a good 6+ hours until the White Sox took game 3 thanks to Geoff.

I wonder where Geoff is today. I wonder if he’s thinking about his amazing hoem run.

I really, really miss the memories of last season. How AWESOME are they to look back on?

Tomorrow is going to be bittersweet- phenominal because of the joy we all experienced, unreal because I can’t believe its been a year, and sad becasue I’d give anything to go through that month of October again!

i was going to wait for tomorrow to post again, but i just read that wonderful story by Janet, made possible by Marie. Thank you both. Family, Caring for neighbors, helping others is what life is truly all about. thank you again, and thank you White Sox for a CLASSY jesture. j.k. humbled in az……..

Well it was almost one month to the day before Scott wrote. We were 6 short of making 200… At least we know he is still alive and well =)

soooo close. and kr-trepac you owe somebody a bazillion dollars for picking Dawn instead of Scott. do you think it was a conspiracy? j.k. forward to the next post. charge!!!!!!

No I don’t think it was a conspiracy. Maybe Scott just did not know our 200 posts goal. I think he just wanted to remind everyone how happy we were 1 year ago.

Here’s to 3 more post closer to 200 and Suppan getting his stem-cell handed to him.

I figured why not post this here to help hit the 200 post mark… also I’ll copy and paste under in in Scott’s latest entry.

it is great to see that the White Sox organization has promoted AAA manager Razor Shines up to the big club. Smart move to have him replace Joey (wave ’em around at all times) Cora as the WS 3rd base coach. Cora has been moved to bench coach (the Sox coaching spot that was vacated when Tim Raines’ contract wan’t renewed).

I am really looking forward to the Hot Stove league… and then spring training here in warm, sunny Tucson (in just 4 months).

Let’s hope Kenny Williams can acquire a quality reliever or two this off-season!

Here is legitimate potential trade scenario: Mark Buehrle clearly loves the Cardinals (being a native Missourian and life-long Cardinals fan)… St. Louis clearly needs another front of the rotation starting pitcher… Additionally, Buehrle will become a free agent after the conclusion of next season and would most likely love nothing more than to (fulfill a life-long dream and) sign a long-term contract to play at home for the Cardinals in front of his friends and family. How about trading Buehrle for Adam Wainwright and a solid package of top Cardinals prospects. Wainwright pitched lights out (an ERA of 0.00) in the post-season (including 3 scoreless appearances against the Tigers in the World Series with 5 strikeouts in just 3 innings). This 6’7″ 25 yr. old is making the MLB minimum (just $325k) which would would free up more than $9 million in salary to help the Sox go after a top shortstop or outfielder. Plus… why trade any WS starter to another AL contender?

I say… move Buehrle to an NL club and pick up a high quality young reliever and some prospects while freeing up $9 million in salary so Kenny will have the resources he needs to go after a front-line free agent (the $9 million/year would subsidize the majority of a front-line free-agent’s salary demands).

I would love to see KW find a way to acquire Carl Crawford from the D-Rays without upsetting the nucleous of the ballclub. Would the D-Rays possibly bite on taking Neal Cotts, Juan Uribe and a minor leage pitcher for Carl Crawford? Not likely… but a man can dream… can’t he?

~Hark In Tucson

On a sunny, 79 degree Halloween afternoon


Im sorry I typed the wrong deadline date. The TYIB article said we have until Nov 8 to vote. So let’s get going and get Crede in. We can do it !!!!!!2007 will be heaven!!!!Let’s Go Sox in 2007!!!!

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