Toast the 2005 White Sox

Thursday, October 26, 2006, 9:15 am

Happy Anniversary

This from my good friend Art Berke …



AJ’s face is awesome!

Happy Aniversery White Sox fans and drinks for everyone!

Hard to believe it was a year ago today.

If we can’t win it this year I hope the Cardinals do. More misery for the Cubs fans.


Thank God the Sox made the move of Joey Cora to bench coach. I don’t know what Razor Shines has to bring us as a 3rd base coach, but it can not get worse than it was.

Where did you hear that jimd?? Could the windmill really be on the bench?? Confirm this someone–not that I don’t trust you jim!

Well,as the young man from Columbia,Missouri wrote,I echo: Happy Anniversary,WS Universe… a year ago tonight,we sat by our TVs or radios,transfixed…Those of us who had been around since roughly the beginning of time were in somewhat of a state of disbelief…we had imagined it happening so many times before,only to have our dreams dashed,smashed and ruined…now,HERE IT WAS!!! THE GOLDEN RING!!! RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!!!…and we couldn’t believe it until it actually occured…
Those of you who were there in person in Houston have the image indelibly etched into your memory bank…to live forever and ever…

When Orlando Palmiero was called out to end the game,the reaction from WS Universe was orgiastically ecstatic…and it didn’t end with the victory celebration two days later…the good times continued to roll on all the way up to the fade that the club went into right after the All-Star break…which makes it even more painful to look back exactly 12 months later…

Where will we be when the next celebration of that type comes up? When will it occur?

Nobody knows for sure…everybody has their opinion,their plan,their scenario…and that is what makes baseball so great…

We all dream in a way together…yet separately…

Once again,happy anniversary,WS Universe…

Onward and upward…

a year ago today was a wonderful day…..first in the wee hours of the morning an obscure player named geoff blum broke a tie in the longest world series game ever and gave the sox their 3rd win- in the evening big game freddy lived up to his nickname, JD earned the MVP, and a man who i did not like, willie harris, had me take back everything bad i ever said about him with a key pinch hit single and the game winning run scored! it doesnt seem like a year ago. hopefully next year we will be celebrating our second title in 3 years, but if not at least we have the memory of oct. 26 2005!

ok im not usually sentimental like that. now go get crawford or ichiro for goodness sakes.

“A ground ball, over the head of Jenks, Uribe has it, OUT! OUT! A White Sox Winner and a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

A final call that I will never forget.

Its been a year, but the magic still has not worn off. It’ll never wear off because it was THAT special.

The smile on my face is so big right now- for all of the joy we experienced, for all of the memories we made, and for all of the FUN we had.

Once again, thank you White Sox!


Let’s make sure that we’re celebrating at this time in 2007.

Welcome to the big leagues Razor!

I guess we should say good bye to Man Soo.

kr-trepac –

Why do you say we should say goodbye to Man Soo? In the press release that was issued when Tim Raines that he was not going to be resigned it said all the other coaches would still be in tact

The rest of the White Sox coaching staff will return intact in 2007: manager Ozzie Guillen, first base coach Harold Baines and third base coach Joey Cora return for their fourth seasons; pitching coach Don Cooper is back for his fifth full season; hitting coach Greg Walker starts his fourth full season; bullpen coach Art Kusnyer starts his 11th season; and bullpen catcher Man Soo Lee is back for his eighth season with the Sox.

mooney: check out,CST-SPT-soxnt27.article The first part of the article is about Uribe, then it covers Man Soo’s news.

I was really saddened when I heard about it this morning. He’s a wonderful person, and IMO has always represented the White Sox organization well. Even on the road, he’s incredibly kind to the home crowd. My kids love him. To say he’ll be sorely missed is such an understatement.

Oh, how sad is that!! Man Soo was one of the more fun reasons to go to a game! He was always so great with the kids–posing for pictures and signing autographs. He will be more than missed. Hopefully he will be happy being back home. All the best to you Man Soo and thanks for making the ballpark so fun all these years.

i like man soo but if he is the most fun reason to go to a game something is wrong!!

ok kenwo…I said one of the more fun not THE most fun. He was just fun to talk to and watch interact with the crowd. He cracked me up!

and that idiot tiger fan who predicted that the series would be over before it came back to detroit was right! what a dunce! congrats to st. louis, next year…. ’07 White Sox…. j.k.

Finally! The 2006 season is offically over and we can jump into the 2007 season full throttle. Congrats to LaRussa, Rooney and the Cards for what it’s worth. They stumbled into the postseason, but like that ol’ adage says, it’s a brand new season once you get there. That’s why despite all our dificulties, I felt if we could only get in, we would blaze through the competition.

Ah well, that’s now in the past. Grab your pots and pans Sox brethren cause the stove is about to heat up.

I love the World Series hats we got last year. But we got screwed out of the design. The hats this year look so much cooler. Just thought Id throw that out there🙂

Maybe this just bothers me, but that SI cover wasn’t a used cover- it was just made to sell pictures. I will never forget how SI decided to put a NFL story on their cover the week we took it all, instead of the Sox.

What do you mean, the cover was “just made to sell pictures”? It was a special commemorative edition of SI, not a regular issue. The whole thing was White Sox.

I have a copy of it and I get choked up when I look at it.

I’ve been a Sox fan for 40 years, and one World Series championship is definitely not enough!!

Yea I have a copy of one too.. They were sold, and you could of also got one in the leather bound thing if you subscribed to SI right after they won it. I kind of wish i had subscribed at the time because the other stuff was pretty cool. I think there were 3 coins and a ball or something… Oh well, maybe Ill pick it up next year. How many days til spring training?

Man Soo will indeed be missed!!!
I just saw him (and high-fived him) at the last home game. Guess I was just in time!

Best of luck to him in Korea, though!

We have a star amongst us, I just saw a quote from Bethany in the Tribune online,1,695850.column?page=1&coll=cs-whitesox-headlines
Go Sox!

Thanks for the post rjriddle! That was a great article and I was honored to be apart of it!

Buehrle, Iguchi, and Dye’s options were all picked up. They declined to pick up Hermanson’s option. Too bad. Dustin was really great for the White Sox in the first half of 2005. Thanks for everythnig Dustin.

It is great to see that the White Sox organization has promoted AAA manager Razor Shines up to the big club. Smart move to have him replace Joey (wave ’em around at all times) Cora as the WS 3rd base coach. Cora has been moved to bench coach (the Sox coaching spot that was vacated when Tim Raines’ contract wan’t renewed).

I am really looking forward to the Hot Stove league… and then spring training here in warm, sunny Tucson (in just 4 months).

Let’s hope Kenny Williams can acquire a quality reliever or two this off-season!

Here is legitimate potential trade scenario: Mark Buehrle clearly loves the Cardinals (being a native Missourian and life-long Cardinals fan)… St. Louis clearly needs another front of the rotation starting pitcher… Additionally, Buehrle will become a free agent after the conclusion of next season and would most likely love nothing more than to (fulfill a life-long dream and) sign a long-term contract to play at home for the Cardinals in front of his friends and family. How about trading Buehrle for Adam Wainwright and a solid package of top Cardinals prospects. Wainwright pitched lights out (an ERA of 0.00) in the post-season (including 3 scoreless appearances against the Tigers in the World Series with 5 strikeouts in just 3 innings). This 6’7″ 25 yr. old is making the MLB minimum (just $325k) which would would free up more than $9 million in salary to help the Sox go after a top shortstop or outfielder. Plus… why trade any WS starter to another AL contender?

I say… move Buehrle to an NL club and pick up a high quality young reliever and some prospects while freeing up $9 million in salary so Kenny will have the resources he needs to go after a front-line free agent (the $9 million/year would subsidize the majority of a front-line free-agent’s salary demands).

I would love to see KW find a way to acquire Carl Crawford from the D-Rays without upsetting the nucleous of the ballclub. Would the D-Rays possibly bite on taking Neal Cotts, Juan Uribe and a minor leage pitcher for Carl Crawford? Not likely… but a man can dream… can’t he?

~Hark In Tucson

On a sunny, 79 degree Halloween afternoon

Hark, isn’t Wainwright a SP? He had a relief role in the playoffs, but he is a SP in the Cardinals system. He is their BMc. I like the idea though and Mark may be gone after next season anyway. I really like Crawford.

completing a project ahead of time: good. spending time with a friend: better. watching Field of Dreams on a perfect day: priceless! have a good night White Sox Fans, I DID. j.k. later, all…..

and if i did the math correctly, there are only 117 shopping days left until our Sox start on their magical ’07 World Championship Tour. j.k. from Tucson…..

Things not looking good for our guy Brian down in Venezuela. He reportedly left after 14 games and dropped 20 lbs in the process. Skipping out of Venezuela League is one surefire way to end up on Ozzie’s and Kenny’s @#%&list, just ask Jerry Owens. And Brian is on a short leash as it is. I just read in the Trib that Razor was dismissed from La Guaira too.

I think the Gold Glove is a crock. Chavez won again after a so-so defense year and a pretty anemic offensive year. While Joe didn’t have his best defensive year, he should have gotten it for his overall year. And if not him Lowell in Boston was pretty good too. Ah well.

from what I understand it’s hard to win the gold glove unless you’ve won it in the past, and then it’s hard to not win it. Not really fair, but we all know how great Joe’s glove is, one day maybe he’ll get the national recognition (other than when he flashes the leather in next years playoffs/world series)

Wasn’t Brian’s dramatic weight loss due to sickness? I think if he has health issues, he will not end up in the doghouse for it. He may be there for other reasons though.

I hate being the contrarian,jk…(yeah,RIGHT,Sparky…)but I do believe that counting today,the 3rd of Nov.,there are 118 days till the boys return to the diamonds of good old TEP against them Rockies…
As to the Rawlings Gold Glove(I’m sorry,but they OWN the **** title,so I have to mention them every time,even if I have no copyright symbol to add…)controversy,how’s about we advocate a REGIONAL award…You know,the best fielder in the East,the best in the Central,the best in the West…the take the vote away from whomever has done it over the years,because they don’t know jack you-know-what about what it takes to be a outstanding fielder…

Oh,by the way,from the “brown nosing the creator of this site” department…Congratulations to Mrs Reifert on her team’s victory recently,her 200th as a coach…
Just remember,Mrs R…the first two hundred all always the toughest…just ask the Cubs….

Looks like Liriano needs Tommy John surgery, and will miss ’07. This is sad to see, because he is such a great pitcher. But for us this is great news. When I read the article on CBS, I couldnt help to think what the cubs had done to Prior and Wood. And looks like Pedro might be retiring also if he cant get his strength back up.


Im sorry I typed the wrong deadline date. The TYIB article said we have until Nov 8 to vote. So let’s get going and get Crede in. We can do it !!!!!!2007 will be heaven!!!!Let’s Go Sox in 2007!!!!

Politics. Did anyone watch Oakland in the playoffs? Eric Chavez’s fielding hmmm, ummm, need to be polite now, should be embarassing for him to now claim a gold glove. He bungled up a bunch to which I verbally stated out loud to family members, Joe woulda had ’em. This is a joke. I cannot take seriously something that is biased. Shame on voting for someone just because. The incumbents need to be overridden. (ok, maybe I’m off on tangent here). Joe deserved it last year, he aced the post, and he deserved it this year, Eric flunked the post this year, his fielding was sub-par. Everyone loves to point out that the post makes impressions, and that the hitting has a lot to do with it. Foohey. This title is for GOLD GLOVE. Politics…leaves me with no respect.

Anyone else hear about the remaining White Sox players (Fields, Sweeney, Tim Redding, and Sean Tracey) leaving La Guaira (Venezuelan League) in protest of Razor’s demotion? Sounds like mutiny on the ship. I wonder how this is gonna go over with Ozzie.

Congrats to Dye for winning the Players Choice for A.L.’s Most Outstanding Player Award. Maybe the media will see that and actually give him the MVP too since our Crede got screwed out of the Gold Glove Award.

Why is Dave Roberts not yet a member of the White Sox?

Looks like the Tigers have struck first in the off season trading. The Tigers deal three prospect pitchers to the Yankees for Sheffield. I wonder why the Yankees let him go for so cheap. I know he was hurt for most of last year but he is still a good player.

The Tigers made a move,yes…BUT for no more than a DH and a back-up right fielder to Ordonez…Sheffield is just another of the crop of players who have been around past their productive years,trying to re-kindle past glories and keep a big,quick paycheck coming in…(hey,Big Hurt…how goes it in YOUR negotiations?)
kr-trepac…Kristopher,dear friend,pray tell me…where would Roberts fit in to the ’07 puzzle?He’s another one that appears to be on his last legs…

Right now,as it stands…this is a fairly sound ballclub on the South Side…you have a lot fewer question marks than with other franchises…The only place I could see Roberts taking over is in LF,and as a potential leadoff hitter…IF they can find someone who wants to take Podsednik off the WS’s hands…Is that where you pictured him,kr?

Also,I hope for Crede’s sake that he knows what he is doing regarding his refusal to undergo the surgery in favor of the rehab sessions…The only reason I could see to do that is that,with the continuous rehab sessions,he would be POSSIBLE for the start of training in mid-February…the surgery might require a longer healing time,thus jeopardizing the start of Cactus League play for him…
Congrats go out to J Dye and to Crede as well for winning the Silver Slugger awards for RF and 3B in the AL…was there any doubt about either?

On a much different note,I hope that all of you in WS Universe will take some time today to pause and reflect on the members of the Armed Forces through the years and in current times who have and are giving their service and their lives to advance the cause of peace in this world…Veterans Day is set aside for that…and it’s the least we can do to say thanks…even if we disagree about the current conflict…reflect on that and the past as well…
So much for our history lesson today…..

Yeah. I really don’t think the White Sox will have Pods on the team next season. I kind of thought Roberts would be a great fit in CF or LF for the 2007 White Sox. He still has a pretty good OBP, can lead off, and steal some bases. Not to mention he is of the grinder mold. His defense would be an upgrade in LF, that’s for sure. Gary Matthews Jr. may be a good fit in the OF too. However, he will command many more dollars than would Roberts. The White Sox could then do something else with Brian and/or Pods would be expendable. What do you think TQ?

If you don’t like Pods, you shouldn’t like Roberts. They have virtually identical career offensive numbers, and Roberts has fewer assists in more games and a lower range factor in the outfield. He’s not an upgrade–he’s never even earned 500 at-bats in a single season for any team, let alone a premier club like the White Sox. Kenny has a history of looking for value by picking up guys coming off down seasons (Thome, Podsednik, Pierzynski, Dye, etc.), not career years like what Roberts and Matthews had.

wow i dont check in and white sox nation is looking to get dave roberts????? why? he isnt even as good as pods….ive also heard the sox are trying to get vizquel, rowand, jd drew….all bad moves. i trust these are just rumors.

im looking at crawford, michael young…..someone that has all star talent…..and for the dude that said sheffield is done, one injury plauged season doesnt mean he is over the hill….sheff has had awesome years in NY prior to 06

Value? I’ve been talking about free agents and you guys are talking about players who aren’t. I think when they aren’t free agents you have to trade for them. Seems like the value is in the free agent pick up rather than trading a McCarthy as well as others big leaguers for Young. I would like either Crawford or Young, but why would the Rays and especially the Rangers, trade Craw and/or Young? The Rangers will not trade away their biggest star whom they have signed up for a while.

Sheff is not done. He will probably be the most productive hitter on that team next season.

and so, it looks as if it’s a done deal. oh woe is me! our Sox/My city seam to be finished. i guess i’ll have to plan my visits to Dad along with a game where ever we are playing that day. maybe i’ll get lucky and have the spring in ’08 too! that looks like that’s as far as we go. if this happens, it will be a good thing in one respect: the dodgers will be in the phoenix area and maybe the indians will be back to replace the Sox ( ugh). time will tell, and speaking of time, only 106 days until game time!!! later all…. j.k. from the land of dark ( it’s nighttime already?) and golf tomorrow…..

Good to see people are still blogging. Dave Anderson, Pods and Roberts are not the same player. .293 BA .360OBP 49SB 6CS Roberts stats; .261BA .330OBP 40SB 19CS Pods’ stats. Didn’t he have a role in the Red Sox world Series as well as play in the playoffs last year for the PAdres. He is definetly a better outfielder than Pods, to be honest Pods gets some of the worst reads/jumps of any outfielder in baseball.
With that being said I don’t think the Sox will go after Roberts, even though he is an upgrade from Pods. Pods only has had one good year. I would be thrilled if they traded for Crawford, however unlikely. Getting a guy who is 25, coming inot his prime(already a stud) and you have control of his options for another 3 years resonably priced, will take a whole to get and you know what you do it. Michael Young would be awesome a Freddy Garcia, Juan Uribe, and a couple of prospects could possibly work. I’ll wait for everyone’s replies ripping my post apart eagerly. See you guys later.

SOX 07 Let’s Go.

I think Roberts would work out for the Sox better than Pods, but saying he had only 1 good year is not true. He had a great rookie year! Crawford would be spectacular in CF or LF for the White Sox.

i’ll step in on this one. how about BA or Sweeney and a starter like Brandon or Mark and a reliever like Cotts for crawford? a W for tampa and a Big W for us…. j.k.

He did have a great year for Milwaukee. Once people figured out not to throw him a fastball his numbers declined. Just like after his first year in the American league. Have you seen someone take a third strike looking so many times in a season. Like I said also I would love to see Crawford roaming left in the Cell he’s a stud. To be honest I would rather trade BA then Sweeney. Sweeney’s swing and plate discipline seem better than BA’s, I just wonder if he is the centerfielder Anderson is. Again, just wishful thinking but I think Michael Young would be a perfect fit, not just on the field but he seems like a guy that would fit in perfectly with the Sox.

Kr I was just at WIU for my little sister’s 21st bday. It doesn’t even compare to EIU brother. That said a good time was had.

Fitz, I’ve been to EIU myself. Not recently however. We’ll have to agree to disagree about the WIU vs. EIU thing. Anyway, glad you had a good time here though.

Big Frank a Blue Jay, eh? Just read they’re closing in on a deal. I like the Young talk and I like the Carl talk. Not too big a fan of the Dave Roberts, Chone Figgins, J.D. Drew talk. Dave Roberts is servicable but not that much of an upgrade over Scott P., if at all. J.D. Drew is the second coming of Pods except with more pop and Chone is the poster child for lonely utility players looking for a home.

Kenny should be patient because once the Zito’s, Schmidts and maybe Dontrelle’s are gone people are gonna see our crop of expendable pitchers in a much more appealing light.

Sorry Neal, you’ve been banished to the North Side. Thanks for 2005!

Good trade Kenny, good trade. I think the Cubs come out on top in the short term because Neal’s got something to prove and he’s not as bad as he looked last season. But we picked up some good young arms, like Aardvark.

Coop seems to love the Aardvark’s arm. That is usually a good thing. Look what happened with Matt Thornton.

and if Carlos Vasquez turns out to be anywhere close to Jon who we got for kartchner, we got another STEAL. go Sox’07. after that i will have to travel to spring training to phx. i guess it could be worse….. j.k. from the boring land of sunshine and 78 degrees. eat your hearts out all you frozen Chicagolanders. ( sorry, i couldn’t help myself)…..

Another under the radar move by Kenny. Aardma(however you spell it) is another power arm out of the pen. He gets him pretty cheap and controls his otions for a few years, unlike the inconsistent Cotts. Cotts should be cheered when we play the Cubs next year for 2005- which was an awesome year for him sandwiched in between 2 and a half inconsistent-to-dissapointing years. Has anyone looked at that minor leaguer’s numbers there nasty. I would love a Dontrell scenario develop all over again for the Cubs.

DING DONG COTTS IS GONE WOOWOOWOWOWHOOOO….i never liked him. now just get rid of pathetic and we’ll be good to go

anyone else think Scott just posted to make sure we didnt get 200 posts… It sure seems that way to me. I dont even count this as a real post since all he did was put a picture up. By my count we are at 266 posts right now. Lets see how many before a real post.

well its official. Frank Thomas is now a Blue Jay. They signed him to 2 years/18 million. Hopefully he can stay healthy for them. It would be nice to see the Blue Jays win the East instead of the Red Sox or Yankees.

congratulations frank on the new big deal! go toronto!


after reading the above article about Jon, i only have one question/worry. we need to trade quality for quality. if we lose Jon, we MUST pick up a major leaguer in return. i still would rather see Mark dealt than Jon. just weighing in on the subject, and yeah, i’m with you mooney, we’re at 270 now.
j.k. from the land of springtime weather (82 today) and the tour de Tucson. ya gotta hand it to 8500 people who bicycled as much as 109 miles today around town……

I hope that’s just a rumor. I don’t see the sense of trading the one consistent pitcher on our staff for a handful of prospects. If Garland goes we need something major in return.

That is complete garbage. Kenny isn’t trading Garlnad unless he gets a player with just as much immediate impact in return. Not to mention that Garland has 36 wins over the last 2 seasons. Maybe one of the struggling pitchers will go, but not Jon.

That is complete garbage. Kenny will not trade Garland for a player that doesn’t have as much immediate impact as Jon. Maybe he’ll trade one of the struggling pitchers, but not a guy who has given 36 wins over the past 2 seasons.

Sorry for the double post. The site went nuts for a bit when I sent the original one and I didn’t think it went through.

Cubs just signed Soriano to a 8-year, $136M deal.

cubs just got the guy we should have got last year.

So the Cubs signed a guy for 8 years at $135 million to play CF even though he has never played CF in his career. AND they will be paying him about $16 million when he is 38??? Ahhhhhahahahahaha!

The Flubs got just what they needed…another fence buster who has,no doubt,tremendous offensive numbers in Jurassic Park at Neverland…what they forget,however,is one simple thing…

What they should be more concerned about is what the White Sox have,seemingly,in abundance…namely,starting pitching,middle relief and a closer…

Fence busters can only carry you so far…and it seems amazing the effect that certain uniforms have…For instance,when a player first puts on the Yank-me pinstripes,they become tremendous almost immediately…subsequently,when they put on Flubbie Blue,they turn into what happened to Samson after Delilah told the barber “Just take a little off the sides,the back and the top.”…

As to Kenny trading Garland,Ken Rosenthal is guilty of what all rotisserie players have at this time of year…too much time on their hands thinking up all kinds of meshuga trades and signings…

Only 101 shopping days left till Opening Day,Spring Training 2007 at TEP…
No Dave Roberts…38 years old,I believe…living off the reputation that he had with the BoSox for stealing a base,for crying out loud…even though that seemed to be the catalyst to beat the Yank-mes…

What is wrong with giving Jerry Owens more of a chance than Ozzie gave him after the call up in September?…

Happy Thanksgiving,WS Universe…and best wishes to all the TURKEYS at the Some-Times…

Thanks, TQ, I USED TO LIKE turkey, now I’ve lost my appetite. Jon is not going to be traded, silly people, he has to ‘perform’ at Soxfest. He is listed…Oh boy, more talk now of Soriano on the news. Speaking of, on Saturday I was at a family birthday party and my brother-in-law said that he thought (now this was before Soriano, not that he himself will get them an additional 25 wins) the Cubs would finish 07 with a better record than White Sox. I said ya wanna back that up? Sure enough he took me on, for I’m not gonna say how $. I hate to wish time away, but I can’t wait til this smart ‘aleck’ has to pay the SISTER-IN-LAW. Peace, love, safe driving, and all that jazz….

Oh, Yeah! can i have part of that chicity? that would give me enough to fly out for Blog night-II. Happy Thanksgiving all, j.k……

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you out in WS Universe, hope you all have a wonderful day with your family and friends!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, including my family, friends and so much; and of course so thankful for our team.

Enjoy the food, family/friends, football and fun of Thanksgiving!

Angels and Gary Matthews Jr agree to a 5 year 50 million dollar deal. I would have liked to have seen him in a White Sox uniform this year. Oh well.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!! Joe Crede to the Angels, I don’t like. Unless his back is really screwed up, he should be back with the Sox….If anyone didn’t get the SI White Sox special edition (see above photo) you can order an enlarged cover photo from the SI website. The photo is 11”/14” and costs about $15.00.

I think the only way a person could like Scott Boras is if he is his client. I don’t even like to hear rumors of Joe Crede playing anywhere other than with the Sox, but it appears his days may be numbered.

One of the factors that could cause this is the fooolishness of the Cubs. Their contract with Aramis Ramirez pretty much set the market for what Boras will ask for Crede. Ramirez gets $15M per year, so Boras will no doubt be asking for at least $16M per year since Crede is a better overall player than Ramirez. I guess it is bye-bye Joe since we know how found our GM is of dealing with Boras.

Deep down I am hoping that just maybe a professional athlete would be willing to show some loyalty and appreciation for the club that gave him his opportunity and stuck with him through his growing pains. If Joe wants to stay here the best thing he could do is fire Boras. Wishful thinking on my part.

Hope everyone is enjoying their offseason. I am getting a kick out of watching the Cubs throw money around like fools. Is Soriano gonna pitch every fifth day?

where is this rumor about Joe posted? i checked the angels web site as well as MLB site and couldn’t find anything. and jimd, Paulie took less last year to stay with us instead of going to the halos. but less is relative at these astronomical salaries. as far as soriano goes, i thought he was going to pitch every fourth day and be available as a closer too (alfonso Ruth). it’s cold today! 42 right now and drizzling. take care out there in snowy Chicagoland. j.k.

Klein, I believe it was in the trash rag Tribune yesterday. I heard about it on the radio though, and it was talked about on some local newscasts yesterday.

I forgot about Paulie, thanks for reminding me. I am in winter sports mode trying to forget about baseball for a while. Good thing he is not a Scott Boras client (or should I call him Borass the way Bruce Levine from ESPN 1000 refers to him). Only an act of God would cause a Boras client to take lesser money.

you’re right jimd. what ever happened to guys like Kirby Puckett or Cal Ripken? those are guys ANY team would kill for, but they and a few others stayed with their “home” team. i thought Frank would be like that a few years back, but alas, he went the way of most of the rest. i can get the sun times on line without paying for it, maybe there will be something in it. i HOPE Joe stays, but like you said, if his back is ouchy, maybe this would’nt be such a bad deal. depends on who we get in return of course. later, j.k.

The deal I heard was Crede and Garcia for Ervin Santana and Chone Figgins. I love Crede, but the two things we have to consider are his back and Boras. If we take a shot at re-signing and he decides to sign somewhere else, we will be crying about how we should of traded him.
This is a tough call. I love Crede, but Sanatan is going to be stud, they call him baby Pedro, he’s only 23 so we don’t have to worry about his arm falling off for another 8-10 years. With the money they would be saving on Garcia and Crede maybe make a deal with Texas for Hank Blalock, (I know everyone including my self have been talking about Michael Young) but know it seems more plausible. Maybe Vasquez and Pods to Texas for Blalock. We get the pitching back in Sanatana, also the spot open for McCarthy, a third basemen, and save a but load of cash to stock the bullpen, along with Figgins leading off and playing a settled position in Left for a whole seanon.

Jfitz, if you got Kenny’s cell I suggest you give him a call. I like the idea of the deal with Texas as an add-on to the deal with the Angels. I would love to have Michael Young in a Sox uniform, but Hank Blalock would fill the void of losing Crede very well.

a very interesting article in the trib about Joe. it almost makes sense except that figgins is no better fielder than Scott. time will tell,but Kenny needs to keep his cards close to the vest. j.k. it’s cold in tucson. brrrrrr.

They are not shopping him, but he will be gone sometime this year or next. It’s inevitable people, Boras is his agent. Unfortunately, he’s a goner.

Be careful what you read, especially when it comes from a team website/team source. That is fluff to keep the fans happy. Unfortunately there is a really good chance Crede will be gone if not this winter possibly next winter before his contract runs out. If Kenny is going to stick to his word and refuse to negotiate with Boras then there is nothing left to do but trade him. It would be ridiclous to just let his contract run out and lose him to free agency.

I totally agree about with you Jim. I believe they did that with a couple guys before. If you read the article, it says Kenny Williams hasn’t offered Crede to anyone, and that if an offer is brought his way that he will listen. That kinda sounds like a double negative to me. It will be interesting to see what the winter meetings bring Sunday. I’m a big Crede fan, but if his back is not strong and we can get something good in return it will still hurt to see him go but will make the sting a little less.

Just heard on the score on Mully and Hanley show that Kenny is sticking with Pods for one more year. He signed him to a one year contract for $3 mil. According to his record he is off one year and on the next. 2007 should be his on year. I’m glad he is sticking with Pods. Maybe the double hernia surgery PODS had contributed to his playing in 2006. Maybe it was bothering him. Hopefully in 2007 he will be the Pods of 2005. He may have been down in steals but he did steal 40 to put him in the top 10. He did have more RBIS in 2006. He improved in some areas of play and went down in others. I have faith in Kenny in what he did. He knows what he has in PODS and maybe what he saw out there was not an improvemenmt but an identical player. plus the money these guys are asking now is really getting out of hand thanks to a a certain team whose payouts went through the roof and then some. GO SOX in 2007.Congratulations Scott on your contract even if it is only for 1 year.

Just because he signed doesn’t mean he won’t still get dealt. I heard that every other year stuff, but its when he switched leagues. Broke in with the MAriners initially traded to Milwaukee good year. Year two Mil garbage- traded to Chicago good year. Year two Chicago garbage. I hope it was due to nagging injuries, but I don’t think those injuries had anything to do with him taking more 3rd strikes looking tahn anyone I’ve ever remembered. That said I hope he gets on base at a .400 clip, steals 50-55 bases and plays a good left field.

I think you will find out that signing him to a lesser contract than he would have received through arbitration had they not signed this deal will make it easier to move him. Scott wore out his welcome last year. If he really was hurt then he should have sat until he was 100% healthy. And yes, leg injuries have nothing to with his horrible approach at the plate.

Just read this article written by Scott Merkin for It is an interview that Kenny had after signing Pods for 2007. It really sounds like Kenny is standing behind Pods as the primary left fielder and lead off man for 2007. According to Kenny he could not find a better replacement for Pods.Here is a link to the article.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Or in the case of an athlete or GM don’t believe anything you hear. If you think opposite you will be right more often than not.

go to vegas for a weekend and i hear that podsednik is back and mccarthy is untouchable. i also hear williams complaining about the high salaries given out to players. the sox sold out a lot of games last year. they have the money to make a move. im not saying throw 100 million at a player (although id rather have C LEE for 100 mil than pods for 3 mil), but he could make a move. how bout trading mccarthy for vernon wells. he’d be a perfect fit and i heard that the blue jays would part with him. i would not however trade buerhle for lastings milledge….trade mccarthy- he was almost as much of garbage as cotts was.

I’m not sure trading starting ptiching for a 1 year rental is worth it. Wells is a free agent after 2007.

Interesting read in the Sun-Times this morning. Greg Couch was talking about the White Sox mentality heading into the offseason and general lack of activity. I still believe Kenny’s gonna make some dramatic moves and I hope for our clubs’ sake he does.

By and large the organization got a pass for the lackluster ’06 season mainly because of the euphoria of the ’05 season. Now the natives are restless. I don’t know about the rest of you but I found it embarassing as **** to finish third behind the Tigers and Twins. You look at the Red Sox, who also finished third in their division, and they’re taking a very proactive (if not slightly insane) approach to reverse that trend. All we’ve done is bring back Scott P. and get rid of Cotts. Those aren’t the kind of moves that are gonna bring us back to the promised land.

We are an upper eschalon team in the AL, let’s start acting like it. We are closer to the Yankee/Red Sox end of the spectrum than the Royals/D-Rays and we need to occasionally make that drastic move to shake up the complacent bunch of players that more or less mailed it in at the end of last season. Another 3rd place finish is not acceptable and Kenny knows this. I highly doubt he’s gonna hold on to all 5 of our starting pitchers and send Brandon down to Triple A. Cause that would truly be a dangerous and irrational move.

wow that is a terrible trade. who is this guy? gavin floyd? he had an era over 7 last year. williams better make some GOOD moves quick. this is just brutal. here you have rumors about ervin santana and good pitchers or hitters coming to the sox for garcia and we get a guy with a 7+ era? way to go kenny. you better have something better than that up your sleve. you tool

OT – if anyone knows much information about sports management master programs, feel free to email me. i’m graduating in may and am looking at getting a sports management masters and maybe eventually working in sports marketing. any help would be appreciated, thanks.

While I too would love to have Vernon Wells, I know that certainly could not happen through trade. Keep in mind the Blue Jays refuse to deal with the Sox because of “shouldergate” Remember the Sirotka for Wells trade.

As for the Garcia trade I was hoping for more. Floyd will probably not even have an impact this year. The one thing this does do is free up a lot of cash to maybe go after a Carl Crawford or maybe Andruw Jones. Tampa is looking to deal an outfielder, and Crawford would be an awesome fit. Jones would cost a lot especially since he is a free agent after this year, but losing Garcia could allocate some money for that.

Even though the fans flooded the gates last year they will still not spend foolishly like many teams are this offseason. $10 mil a year for a .500 pitcher in Ted Lilly. That shows that the market is ridiculous right now. Simple economics says that these teams are gonna regret these down the road because the market will go up and down. The Sox just don’t operate like that.

Let’s see what happens. I have a feeling Kenny has another decent move coming before spring training.

Bad trade! The Sox may have saved themselves some money with this trade, but Garcia was a proven pitcher with years of excellent pitching behind him.

Last year he may have had a bad year, but, I’d attribute that to him pitching all the way through October and then continuing to pitch in the summer, overseas. It tired him out. I’m sure he’ll have a good year this year. Floyd has not had good statistics, and relying on Cooper to straighten him out is ridiculous.

The Sox need pitching now and there’s no time for any crude expirements. Besides, did Cooper’s magic work for the entire Sox rotation last year?

The Sox needed to fix their starting rotation; and their relief pitching staff needs to be repaired badly too. So far, no ones addressed their relief pitching problems. Oh yes, they made the Kott’s trade with the Cubs, but is that the total cure for all of the the Sox’ relief pitching problems?!

This acquisition of Floyd was pure stupidity. Instead of getting rid of Garcia, they should have gotten rid of Vasques. Vasquez is way less reliable than Garcia.

And Ozzy, how’d you let your nephew (Garcia) get away like that? You know he’ll be well rested next year and back to his old form. How’d you let Williams trade for Floyd? Is this going to be an experiment year? Didn’t you guys see what kind of pitching you got out of the starters and relief pitchers last year? Oh well…. Perhaps this year is the Cubs year….

wow, enough of the negativity. let’s give this trade a chance and see how it’s affecting us come may or june. I have a lot of faith in kenny even though it’s tough to see freddy go (but this also gives us a chance to see Brandon; no one knows if any of those other rumors for Freddy were true, Santan woudl be great to have, but how close were we???)

Wow! Not a fan of that trade so much. We need to stop dealing with the Phillies because this is the second time in two years that we haven’t gotten enough in return. I’m not upset about the vision of the trade (trading Freddy for young pitching) but we didn’t get enough value for a front of the rotation pitcher who won 17 games and looked like the ace of the staff towards the end of the season. And while I’m happy to get Gio back I’m confused to why we traded him in the first place…oh yeah Thome!
If we truly are turning over the staff and are heading to a transition period I’m fine with that, but we need to get better prospects than Floyd. He may turn out to be good but Freddy already proved to be and should have commanded a lot better in return. I mean the freaking Cubs just signed Lilly for 10 million. You don’t think clubs are just a little bit desperate to get a bonafide starter?! I truly hope we get more in return for Buehrle or Javier.

this trade disgusts me. another move better happen in a week or less. one that sees us trade our so called “prospects”. im not a believer in prospects as they always turn out to stink. even garland, crede, rowand were terrible for a couple of years before they got to be good. get some major league talent williams. for crying out loud

What the h_e_l_l? I thought Kenny was going to sit back and wait until the free agent pitchers were signed. Then his trading chips would be much more valuable. Instead we get Gavin Floyd??!!??!! Maybe this is part of another deal, at least I hope so.

I hope the “player to be named” will be a good one.

I don’t know how to add to all the comments. I made my stomach hurt when I saw the trade come across the bottom of the screen last night. Couch’s article was a day early. It was ignorant on the day it was written but today, makes perfect sense. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU NOT GET MORE FOR GARCIA???????? After all the great, gutsy, smart moves Kenny has made, what is this? You trade a Solid #2 starter who developed a new pitch making him unhittable at the end of last year for NOTHING. You could have had your pick of trades and you get gavin floyd?? his numbers weren’t that great in AAA.

BTW, trepac, the Player to be named is Gio Gonzolez. I am sure you have probably heard, anyway. Yes, that is the same Gio Gonzolez we traded away with Rowand for Thome.

Yeah, I figured it out after I made my post. Thanks though.

This trade S#CKS!!!!!!! Floyd is 7-5, 6.96 era. I know Garcia didn’t have a good year, but come on, he is worth more than Floyd. This is pi##ing me off!! The Cubs are making some great trades, Lilly, AlSor, and the Sox haven’t done anything to improve the team. If they trade Garland, I guess next year will be a rebuilding year. They might as well trade Crede and Buehrle too.

For the love of God no! I just read on the online Trib that we ‘shot down’ a trade with Houston: Garland for Taylor Buchholz and Willy Taveras. Not only should that be shot down, it should be dragged into the backyard and buried, never to see the light of day again. What the **** kinda of a trade is that? Let’s stop the fleecing Kenny. Has our GM been belly-up at the hotel bar for the entire winter meetings? Did Pat Gillick slip some roofies into Kenny’s drink because these already made moves and proposed moves make little to no sense. You seriously mean to tell me that’s the best we can get for a back to back 18 game winner? Times like this I wish I was a bear so I could hibernate through the rest of this winter BS.

Like I said, I have no problem getting younger, but we **** sure better be getting more than Buchholz and Floyd for our two best pitchers. There better be a pot ‘o gold at the end of this drab and dilapidated rainbow like Crawford or Andruw Jones and I hope they can pitch a couple games because the AL Central isn’t going to wait for our prospects to catch up. Please tell me there’s some method to this parsimonious madness.

Can you guys do anything but complain? All I ever see on here is the same guys moaning over and over again like children. The Sox did not need to really change their team around this off season, we just needed rest. Williams just opened up a ton of money room considering Garcia was to make 10 million in 07 whereas Gavin and Giovany are making the minimum.

At 23 years old Gavin Floyd does not need to be a major league starter, he’ll fit nicely in AAA and work his way up. His first three years playing pro ball were all good ones (ERA of 2.77 in A, 3.00 in A+, and 2.57 in AA). Don’t assume he’ll never be good, it just won’t be ’07. But that’s fine, because we won’t need him now anyways, later is quite alright. That’s something that the professionals who’s lives are baseball can see opposed to the children on here.

If Gio Gonzalez is the player we also aquired I’m more than happy. I wouldn’t mind getting back our first round am pick.

Whoever commented on Garcia saying “Solid #2 starter who developed a new pitch making him unhittable at the end of last year”- Garcia’s a good pitcher, but the reason he was dominating at the end of the season (minus the seattle game) was because his splitter was unscouted. Don’t think that would be the case for the 07 season.

How can anyone on here want a trade for Buehrle anyways? Yeah, he had a horrible second half of the season, but Mark is our real ace and a great dugout presence (Just rewatch the 05 championship DVD, you’ll remember). You can forgive him for 1 bad season among many great ones.

Support your team or go somewhere else. Personally I like to enjoy my baseball team, but if you want to live out what others stereotype as “whiney Sox fans”, then fine, you’ll blend in great with all the ’05 Cub converts.

A lot of fans like Garcia because he has had a good career, and did a nice job for us. You need to look at some of his issues though. The guy could not hold a runner on first to save his life. I was expecting AJ to go out there some day and jack him because of how bad he makes his catcher look. He also decided on his own to take 5mph off his fastball to be a finesse pitcher. Why would a successful pitcher make a change like that?

Don’t be shocked and be all mad if he gets off to a good start in a new league. What we can expect though is McCarthy to take advantage of his first full time opporunity.

Let’s wait and see what Floyd can do after working with Cooper. Everyone though Contreras was a flop until Cooper had soem time with him. A lot of writers and scouts compare Floyd to Garland. If the cases are similar it could be a really good outcome. Let’s not forget how much Jon got beat around a few years ago.

Zebra 749 I hope there was sarcasm in that post, never should the Cubs and maybe this is their year follow in a sentence ever, especially on a WHITE SOX fan blog. If not your posting privleges should be revoked.Just heard that Garland to Astros deal is ****, more of that idiot Ken Rosenthal thinking more than actually reporting.
I do feel that we should of got alot more for Freddy, considering the money and years Lilly and Meche just recieved, excuse me I’m puking in my mouth right now. However, this leads me to believe Kenny does have something up his sleeve, Kenwo. To those people who say we are a big market and should spend money. Well, first off we are, but the money these mopes are spending is just plain stupid and irresponsible. Three years from now we are going to be hearing how poor and financially strapped these teams are burdened with bad contracts. Imean come on the Red Sox have spent 75 million on two players J.D. Drew, who ***** and is a baby- no way will we survive Boston, And the guy from Japan. By the way it’s just the rights to negotiate with him. They are going to spend a ton more Boras is his agent.

I say relax give Kenny some leeway and let him work. I just have a feeling something bigger is coming. I forgot who posted it but I definetly could see a Crawford or an Adruw Jones trade coming. If we trade for Jones and sign him that would be awesome.

Jfitz –
Referring to Ken Rosenthal as an “idiot” is being way to kind. Him and his Fox sports buddy Dayn Perry are two of the biggest ****** in the industry.

Dayn Perry is a ****

T u r d

mgrothendick, from what I understand Gavin is out of options so there’ll be no working his way up from Triple A. Either going to be traded or in the bullpen. I could be wrong though.

And as far as all the bellyaching, it’s not so much anger over Freddy leaving. I think we all understood that we needed to make room for Brandon. Rather, it’s the fact that in many Sox fans eyes (myself included) we didn’t get nearly enough in return. I would’ve at least expected another minor leaguer to be thrown in the package.

As far as not supporting the team, that’s like saying dissidents against the Iraq debacle don’t support the troops. It’s just not true. I’ll always be a Sox fan but I don’t have to be a fan of every move made and find it somewhat humorous that’s the criterion by which ‘true’ Sox fans are judged by.

That said, I’m sure Gavin’s gonna turn out to be a fine pitcher and Gio’s was already a great pitcher in our farm system two years ago. Call me greedy, maybe I am overvaluing Freddy, but I was expecting more. When bums like Lilly, Meche and Eaton are causing clubs to trip over each other, I thought Freddy, who’s better than the whole lot of ’em would have gotten us more. I’m sure Kenny’s got a plan but as of today I’d be hesistant to say we got the better end of the deal.

I didn/t even swear when I was talking about J.D. Drew, eventhough I wanted to when talking about him, and they use this***** on me thats garbage. About Rosenthal and these other idiots they should not be allowed at these meetings. All they are are gossip mongers. Now there might be some substance to what they report sometimes, but it seems like 85-90% of the time all they are doing is wishful thinking, their wishful thinking at that, and nothing actually happens. Howcome they are not held accountable for this, just because they say this specualtion at the end of their report does not give them the freedom to spread their gossip, becuae that’s all it is.

if something isnt done about this pathetic off season this could be worse than the 97 white flag season……yah williams go ahead trade garcia for prospects, trade garland for prospects, trade crede for prospects…..all prospects are is someone who didnt do anything yet. this makes me sick. when i heard that garland was almost traded to the astros i almost drove my car off the road. i was expecting to hear that the sox aquired jones/crawford today instead i hear that? well at least the fair weather fans will be gone and il get better seats. way to capitalize on the fan support!!!

Palehoses, I believe you are right about Gavin’s options. Philly used their last one on him this year. However, since he ended the season in AAA the Sox can assign him to Charlotte at the end of spring training without it being considered an option. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about it. Maybe a great spring training will earn him a spot to stay on the big club.

Kenny did not try to trade Garland. Everyone relax about that. Garland and Jose’s contracts are now peanuts compared to the other free agents. Sicne the contracts are so good right now, those guys are probably the only ones who cannot be traded. Well, them, Bobby, and JD.

First of all, let’s have a show of hands…How many of you knew that Freddy was going back three months ago?…
Wow,that looks like the “We Are The World” video…

Secondly,here we are at the a** end of 2006(by the way,Happy Holidays to all…)and all that some can do is b*&ch,gripe and moan that…

1)The White Sox didn’t spend enough money for free agents…

2)The White Sox didn’t go after all the fantasy players that we thought they should…

3)The White Sox got too little in return for Freddy…

Et Cetera,Et Cetera,Et Cetera…

I think that,as Shakespeare wrote:”Methinks thou doth protest too much”…

Or to put it another way…

Figures lie,and liers figure…

Number crunchers on the two young pitchers that are coming from Philly…


zebra49…Just to clarify,I believe,Freddy was Ozzie’s nephew-in-law,as he married Ozzie’s niece…

To mgrothendick,jimdevereaux,j

fitz,and the good old tag team of palehoses and kr-trepac…Thank you for trying to rationalize what has,and has not or may not,take place…

I think a lot of the madness around here is due to outrageous spending on the other side of town and around baseball. However, the other side of town needs to spend that much. They had a horrible team and needed to make major changes. The White Sox on the other hand feel that they can change a little bit here and there and still have a 90+ win team.

i dont like whats going on around here for one reason. why are we standing pat? there is no reason why we should be. why should we hope that the tigers and twins get worse so we can make the playoffs. why should we hope that brandon mccarthy is good when he struggled all season last year. we should be trying to improve the team instead of trading a 17 game winner for a career underachiever and a 21 year old. we should be getting a left fielder that can play instead of having podsednik, an aging speedster, just because he came on the cheap. why do we have a guy in center who quite frankly stunk last year. i dont care if he hit .265 after june- he wasnt good. he had a shot and failed. why should we think that this team can beat out the tigers who have only improved over the offseason? the indians will be tough too. the twins were without liriano most of the second half of last year and they still kicked our butts down the stretch. what hope should i have that 2007 will be a successful season? i dont see any unless we reshape the outfield which everyone says isnt going to happen.

So Kenwo I suppose you wanted rid of Crede and Garland after their early career struggles too right!

BA got screwed around last year by Ozzie not sticking with him everyday. He is gonna be a good centerfielder whether it be here or elsewhere, but like Crede it may take a year or two before he finds regular success at the plate. I would like to see Jerry Owens given more of a shot this year because I think he can assume that leadoff role as well, but we’ll have to wait to see on that.

I would expect good things from Brandon in 2007 as a starter. For those that understand the art of pitching you know that it is very tough to turn a starter into a bullpen pitcher in one season. Watch how bad Kerry Wood will struggle his first year at it. Why do you think Kenny was gonna leave Brandon in AAA as a starter if a move was not made. I don’t want his arm or confidence ruined in the bullpen.

As far as Podsednik coming back, I do agree that is a questionable move. It may be worth a shot, but I am betting the leash will be really short. If he does not look like the first half of 2005 player that we loved, he will most likely be moved.

Our division went from a laughing stock to the best in baseball last year. It’s going to be another battle this year. I don’t think overspending on mediocre free agents would make a huge difference for us. We all know if there is a good deal out there for us to improve with a premiere player it will get done if it is in our best interest.

good points, jimd. after all the boo-hooing and complaints and such, i think the main thing is to believe in what Kenny can do and HAS done for our team. it’s way too early to know what will happen next year. so let’s see what pans out before jumping to judgement. i too am sorry to see Freddie go, but let’s just wait and see what comes of this move. that’s my two cents worth from the land of crisp mornings(40’s) but nice afternoons(70’s)….. j.k.

i never suggested that they over spend for one of these free agents. the only one i would have considered would have been soriano and even though im a big fan of his that contract may even be too big. i would have thought that there would have been a trade to bring an impact player to the sox. that hasnt happened. i dont know where all the brian anderson love is coming from. last year i think i was the only one saying he should be playing all the time. it didnt work. he wasnt even that great in center field. in my opinion garcia warented more than what we got for him. looked like a contract dump to me. if he goes out and uses that money on someone then fine. but i dont see it happening. trade for jones, trade for wells do something that will put us in the series again. because with the current team we have it wont happen this year.

Anyone want to ask an expert about spending WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on a free agent?…Then I suggest you give a call to Tom Hicks,the owner of the Texas (St)Rangers…Just ask him what he thinks after Scott Boras(sic)got through cleaning out Mr Hicks’s bank account for Alex Rodriguez…who played shortstop for them,but,sadly enough,couldn’t PITCH every fourth day as well…
By the way,kenwo…It’s very simple…If Anderson plays up to his potential,the White Sox have an every day center fielder for the next couple of years,until free agency sets in…If he doesn’t,I believe that there is a young man named Jerry Owens who is still in the organization,who would be primed to take over…

Son of “by the way”,by the way…Did anybody read the story in the Some-Times that Ozzie is not all that thrilled with Allen Thomas and the conditioning job he is attempting to do with Manchild,aka Bobby Jenks?

If I was the manager,I would keep my big Venezuelan yapper SHUT,TIGHT…and wait until the middle of February to see what kind of condition the team was in…

But,then again,Oswaldo sees and knows that he has to do or say SOMETHING to make people think of him instead of thinking about the caretaker hired recently to watch over the inmates at Jurassic Park at Neverland,aka

Lou Piniella…

As for young Mc Carthy…it’s simply “Put Up,or Shut Up” time…
Here’s your chance to show what you can do…Yes,some of us still remember the emergency spot start you had at Fenway in September of ’05,when you shut the BoSox down…and we recall the starts you had at the end of ’06…when the pressure was off,and you could relax…

Brandon,those days are over and gone…

You hear what I’m saying?

Quaid I am not rationalizing anything. These are garbage contracts. These teams are spending foolishly and are going to pay the price. Since the market is what it is the Sox SHOULD have got more for Garcia. I mean Jason MArquis is about to sign a deal that will pay him two more millions dollars a year than Freddy will make. Honestly tell me with a straight face you think we recieved enough compensation for Garcia. I understand giving prospects time, but this goes in the face of everything Kenny and Ozzie were saying. They would not rade our pitching, unless we were getting major league READY talent(preferably pitching) in return. As a matter fact Ozzie shot down bring Rowand back for Garcia because he wasn’t good enough, but yet Floyd and Gonzales are. Hopefully, these guys are studs and everything will pan out and we will talk about how we fleeced the Phillies for a pitcher they are only going to have for one year, but I think my caution is justified. With that said I do have faith in Kenny.

Quaid the Sox are more tahn happy with the conditioning of Bobby. They said he is in better shape now then when he was at the end of spring training. If you remember it was at the beginning of spring training he was out of shape and being blasted for being fat. Ozzie was complaining about the conditioning of Buerhle and Garcia. He said it was Thomas’ fault, Kenny came back and defended Thomas saying he was doing his job it was the players fault for not doing what they were suppose to be doing. In fact they talked about what a good job Thomas was doing wtih Bobby getting him a nutritionist, putting him on a workout plan, and giving him diet.

Look back, I defended BA all year long. I always said that if Ozzie would have played him sonsistently he would be able to break his slump faster. Defensively he was the best we had in the outfield this year. He does cover a lot of ground.

Great point Jfits, Philly gets Garcia for one year! He goes on the free agent market next year and if this year is any relfection with mediocre pitchers getting $11 mil a year Freddy will command Andy Pettite numbers at about $16 mil a year because he is above a mediocre pitcher. Gotta face the facts that we have too many of those contracts coming up. I know the Sox are willing to spend the money, but they can’t go overboard to resign everyone.

I am still hoping a deal is in the works for Jones or Crawford. As for Vernon Wells, Kenwo you gotta give up on that one. No way are the BlueJays gonna deal with Kenny. They have refused to since “shouldergate”

shouldergate or not…..the blue jays need a pitcher and a young outfielder, the sox can provide both.

You are talking about professional athletes and general managers. Extremely massive egos. Once the wall is built I doubt either one will let the other see what is on the other side.

Anyone see Neal Cotts at the Bulls game last night? At one point someone from Comcast interviewed him. They asked him about the Cubs and their new additions. It looked to me as if he was just disgusted about having to answer a Cubs related question.

I would be disgusted too.

I saw that too, he looked so unhappy to be a Cub.

i didn’t see what you are talking about, but that sounds just like the media…. anything to foment controversy and divisiveness. just my tucson take to messages 141 and 142. maybe this time we’ll make it to 200. j.k. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night…..

Too bad the White Sox couldn’t swing the deal for Brendan Donnelly. He would have looked nice at the back end with MacDougal, Thornton, and Jenks.

What deal for Donnelly.

Boston sure is attempting to load up. Hopefully it backfires on them like it does to the Yankees. Same hope for the Cubs too!

why arent the white sox loading up? donnelly would have been fantastic. we still have anderson and podsednik in the outfield. we are still too slow. why is nothing going on? this may be the worst white sox offseason since they traded for todd ritchie.

I just read that we traded Ross to KC for Andrew Sisco. If true that’s a pretty shrewd trade by Kenny. Ross is a great player in my opinion but with Konerko and Thome he doesn’t get many opportunities. Sisco is a big man that has the right stuff he just needs to refine it a bit. I think he’s a lefty too so him and Thornton should be a pretty lethal combination.

i for one am sorry to see Ross go. i’m happy for him that he will probably get more playing time in kc, but he was an excellant sub for a lot of our guys. injuries can happen at any time and it was great knowing we had a player of Gloads ability to step in whenever. so now we need someone to back up Jermaine/Paulie/Jim and a left/center fielder. what is in the works Kenny? Oh and did you hear the one about our fearless leader ( that would be Scott Reifert if you’ve forgotten) might post again after the holidays? woo-hoo!!it must be getting close to spring training time. Good luck to Ross, don’t hurt us too bad when we play kc AND Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all of White Sox Universe. j.k. from tucson…..

sisco is a good power arm, but it hurts to see ross is boss go…..i personally would have rather seen them trade konerko or thome to give ross an everyday job, or let him play left field. but hopefully ross is boss goes on to have a fine year or 2 for the royals. hopefully sisco will flurish on the sox. personally i think the sox are putting too much stock into cooper. if he was so good of a coach why couldnt he fix cotts, politte, mccarthy , buerhle last year. im sick of getting other teams junk and hoping they will turn around on the sox.

now lets make a darn move that will make a serious impact.

Another good move by Kenny picking up Toby Hall as a backup catcher.

Agreed, another good one. Hall has hit .297 in his past three seasons when facing lefties. He’ll be good backup for AJ.

i’m on board liking this move for Toby Hall. now let’s make some noise with another QUALITY outfielder. still me in tucson……..just weighing in….

I’m pretty happy with both moves. Hall is a quality backup for AJ and has some decent pop in his bat.

I like the move for Sisco. As much as I hate to see Ross Gload go, especially to a division rival, this kid has a power arm that will fit in well with the Sox. In the pen it’s all about power pitchers, those are usually your top bullpen pitchers. That is why McCarthy was pitiful in the pen. He is just not a power pitcher.

I really liked Gload, but he deserves to be an everyday player. Hopefully this move is good for him. A team player like that deserves the shot.

I’ve been pretty quiet this off season. just sittin back and reading everyone’s opinions. To weigh in, I’m okay with the trades for Hall and Sisco although i really liked Gload…but i think the deal for Freddy absolutely STUNK!!! We certainly didn’t get what he was worth in my opinion. Basically I just wanted to say that i continue to be entertained by all of you regular bloggers and i wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year!
Hopefully, our team can get it together this year and make it to the playoffs! (you think?)


hall was a good sign……but for the first time in the history of the blog me and klein are on the same page. a quality outfielder is necessary. do it up

scarry isn’t it kenwo? you’re right though, Kenny has to come through with another top of the line outfielder. o.k. White Sox universe,,,, i’m done for the rest of the week unless something really good happens. i’ve got family coming in from Ga. so have a great Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year.. j.k. from tucson…

I know I always bring up “shouldergate” but I read something that would be an awesome move. Toronto is shopping the young and very talented outfielder Alex Rios for a starting pitcher. I know the chance of it happening would be very slim, but that would be awesome move.

The holidays have kept me too busy to post, but still reading. Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and here’s hoping 2007 brings the trophy back home! Spring Training will be here before we know it….have a great holiday everyone!

I just read an article that said that David Riske signed a 1 year contract with the Royals. Amount of money was not mentioned.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sox fans!!! Let’s hope 2007 brings us another World Series Championship!!

McCarthy to the Rangers for more minor leaguers. I just don’t understand this at all. We are dumping when there is an excess of money to play with. We are not even dumping a big salary, McCarthy was the one pitcher with a cash friendly contract. I know I’ve said we should be smart with the money, but this is nuts.
Just had to vent a little Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe and Happy New Year.

Ho,Ho,Ho…well,Santa Kenny just gave all of those in White Sox Universe who didn’t care for Brandon McCarthy,or thought he would never develop,a Christmas present a couple of days early…
However,I don’t know if he has anything else planned…Such as a fourth starter…

And so I exclaim as I fade from site…

Merry Christmas to all,and to all…a good night…

I wish to apologize for my “senior moment” regarding the fourth starter remark…
I have before me the White Sox Depth Chart as of today…and,believe it or not,Ripley…this team,with the proper amount of good play,good health and good fortune,may just be back in a contender role in 2007…The young man whom they acquired in the Phillies trade,Floyd,is listed as the number five starter…and if the top four,Buehrle,Garland,Vazquez and the big Cuban horse Contreras revert back to their prior winning form…it could be fun again to go to the Cell…

Let’s put it this way…
Fans tell their team’s executives…”Spend money to get the best…”

Well,SURE,the fans are going to say that,and get upset when the team doesn’t spend…

The fans care because,purely and simply…


If fans ran a ballclub,as I have stated many times before…there would be SO MANY teams operating in the red…because these overpriced jabronis want to get as much as they can for as long as they can…

Some are worth the investment…others?…


When it comes to the finances of baseball,to my view,it’s like a hot dog…

I don’t want to know all the gory details of how it was made…I just want to be able to enjoy the end product…

there goes our “untouchable”. now what? it sure looks like we are in a rebuilding mode to me. the guys we got now are so far off the radar that only the Sox could lose to them… wait a minute… maybe that’s what Kenny is doing.? o.k. i support him and i know he knows more than i do, but please get us an outfielder to go with all the prospects!!!!! one more time, Merry Christmas to all. j.k. nervous now from tucson………

All I can say is HUH?

Somebody ask Kenny to pee in a cup cause he needs to be drug tested. I thought Brandon was the only untouchable. I know there are many that are delighted to see him go, but this just made no sense with the way they said they are attacking this financially. I thought the idea was to get rid of guys who had contracts coming up before they left for free agency and we got nothing for them.

i believe mccarthy stinks. i said it all of 2006. however, i dont understand why they would trade freddy so he could get a shot and then trade him too. it doesnt make a lot of sense to me. we are still lacking a quality outfielder, and i am not big on “prospects” at all. must i mention scott ruffcorn, rodney bolton, aaron myette, danny wrong, arnie munoz, and to a lesser extent james baldwin and jim parque as great “prospects”? while JB had a few good years, and i did think highly of him, the rest failed to achieve even slight success in the big leagues. makes me wonder how many of these “good young arms” will ever amount to anything

on a good note- the sox have gotten rid of 2 of my 3 whipping boys (mccarthy, cotts). hopefully scott pathetic gets moved too.

here is to good luck for harold baines and albert belle in the upcoming hall of fame vote. harold was a class act who played a great right field before he got hurt. his clutch hitting and longevity should get him in.

albert belle was the man for 10 years, and even though he had a questionable personal life, his on field play was outstanding. i feel that if they let in kirby puckett who also had a career cut short by injuries albert should get more consideration than he had last year. if albert was healthy he would probably still be playing and knocking out 30 a year. good luck!!!

The only hall of fame Albert(don’t call me Joey) Belle makes is the Whack Job hall of fame. What is he gonna do now, stalk the voters? In today’s mass media world no guys with character like his will make the hall of fame. You don’t have to be a good boy your whole career, but being a jack*** for all of it won’t help. Probably would help if you stay off the police blotter once you are retired too.

jack *** or not, albert belle was a top ball player for a decade. to say he doesnt deserve consideration for the hall of fame is insane. i also remember during 1997 and 1998 not too many sox fans were complaining about his off field troubles.

He did have great numbers, but it does not help that he has ticked off most of the people that have to vote for him because of his idiotic antics.

Happy Holidays everyone!

kenwo…First of all,Ken,those picks were by Kenny’s predecessor,Ron Schuler…Potential,at times,is just a word in the dictionary…As we all know,it is always a crapshoot when drafting players…Look at the ****…I mean,crop,that has come out of Jurassic Park at Neverland over the last few years…
Also,regarding your comments on Jujuan Belle…in those years,WS Universe would have accepted Adolf Hitler if he was able to hit 50 HR’s a year and drive in 150 runs…Those people caught on to “Fat Albert” eventually…

We have 24 posts to go,unofficially,before Mr Reifert comes back and sees what a mess we’ve made of his office…Let’s get to it,WS Universe,please….

(This coming from a man who just got out of a sick bed (no,dummy,the BED wasn’t sick –I was…)with the flu…a condition I wouldn’t wish,even on a Flubs fan…)

Happy New Year,WS Universe…If not before,we’ll talk next year…

Ok, TQ, here goes my contribution towards 200. Hope I don’t make you ummm, upset your esophagus…
Pretty darn sure Mr. Williams stated oh, back about a year ago, that “Prospects are just that, prospects”. Does anyone else have my memory?

Next, happy for Alex today, he smiled a nice picture for me in Tucson, he always appears happy, which makes me smile. So, okay, now are “we” gonna finally give ‘credence!’ to that third baseman. He deserves his just desserts. It sooo aggravates me to see Inge get what he got when I think he played poorly during playoffs/ws. Our guy’s play in 05 runs circles, faster that Superman, around what the Tiger did. Joe didn’t miss a BEAT, but the TIGER did.(!!!) If he doesn’t get rewarded, then I’ll know for sure that nice guys do finish last.

Hope you are feeling better 5 hours later.

Happy New Year! and 23 skidoo

it’s a sad day in the old pueble (aka tucson). today i take my daughter and her family back to the airport for their trip back home. but what a wonderful 10 days! let’s see now, and i’ll try to get this correct so TQ won’t have to admonish me, in his weakened condition, no telling what that might bring, but i think that we have only 64 more days left to blog on this site before our Boys renew their quest for another title in spring training. who knows, maybe by then we’ll be up to 500 posts. here’s hoping a happy and healthy New Year for all of White Sox Universe. stay warm and i’ll be seeing some of you around the first of march? how about it Dawn? Maria? Hark?…. we could have our own little fan-blog day to start the season out right….. later all, j.k.

Happy holidays to all my friends out there! Glad to see Alex (aka “Sweet Cheeks”) coming back for more. Still waiting for the BIG announcement, though. Kenny? What ‘cha got cooking? JK, it looks like we’ll be in AZ either the 1st or 2nd weekend of March. Are you up for 18 holes and a ballgame?

Take care all! Here’s to a safe and victorious new year!


that sounds great Maria, just let me know and i’ll get us a tee time and can fill out the foursome or even two if we’re that lucky. looking forward to meeting you and yours…. j.k……

I got some great airfare for March 11th – the 13th. This year should be interesting since it seems like we are trading everyone for prospects.

My final thoughts for 2006 on the subject of the Chicago White Sox…(By the way,thanks to chicitylady and brother klein for their concerns about the old boy’s health…I’m about 95 per cent back to being like gene Autry- – you remember,”Back In The Saddle Again”?)
The way that people have reacted since the end of the season made me think that they LOST 90 games in ’06,instead of WINNING that many,which they did…It just so happens that there were two hotter teams ahead of them from May thru September…As to what will happen next year?…WHO KNOWS?

The Tigers have very good,but

(here’s the key,as they painfully found out in the World Serious)STILL VERY YOUNG pitching…and unless Team Rah-Rah up in the Twin Cities can find a way to clone Johan Santana,I really don’t see them being a factor in the race…

Of course,this is December…and a wholelotta time exists till next season starts…

Sounds Great To Me!

With Bill planning to be in Tucson from March 11th – 13th and Maria coming to town on either the 1st or 2nd weekend, a good potential White Sox (WS) spring training game to target would be on Saturday, March 10th against the Oakland As at Tucson Electric Park (TEP). Although it will be a split squad game, TEP is much nicer than Hi-Corbett Field (The Rockies’ Tucson-based spring training complex) where the Sox will be playing Colorado in their other split squad game on that day.

WS Spring Training Tickets go on sale Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 1 P.M. CT (12:00 noon MT).

~Hark In Tucson

that’s the spirit White Sox Universe! sounds like a good tentative date Hark…. i’ll be wearing a white carnation and the pass word is Niagra Falls (that one’s for you TQ). think abbott and costello for the rest of you. my thoughts about our “rebuilding” year are these: we still have one of the best first four starters in the majors and our bullpen is markedly improved, but i think we need to add an impact player to replace one of our middle or left outfielders. we should still win 90+ games this next year if we remain healthy, which we have done for the most part for the past two years. whoever breaks out and becomes the fifth starter will be interesting to watch, i only hope we don’t repeat the fiasco of ’04 with that starter. even if we stand pat with our current squad, we are in a position to be better than we were in ’05 IF we maintain the consistancy that we were searching for last year. to me the consistancy issue is the biggest and whichever team has it will break out in ’07. also beware the indians, after their subpar ’06. it should be a real dog fight in the central.

to all my blogging buddies: TQ, Maria, Lisa, Bethany, Chicity, Hark,among others, and to all of our alter-ego brethren: kenwo, dreifer, and kolsens, and to all of the mia’s out there: Dawn, Manausa (REMEMBER HIM?), and Mr. Reifert, i wish a happy New Year, a prosperous one, both on and off the field of play and each individual’s field of endeavor, a healthy one and above all, a safe one…. j.k. out for the year……..

p.s. we’re getting close to 200 again Scott, so it’s time to post. how about a picture of the ’59 pennant winners? just kidding ( that’s j.k. in case you’ve not figgured it out yet)…… bye, bye..

For anyone planning a trip to spring training I highly recommend renting a car and seeing at least 1 game in Tuscon and at least 1 “away” game near Phoenix. The drive between Phoenix and Tuscon is great and seeing different ballparks is an added bonus.

ive said this before, but i just watched the world series dvd’s this week (since im a teacher and have nothing to do til jan. 8) there was way too much turnover in the roster between 05 and 06. everett, el duque, rowand (even though i wasnt a huge fan), were the hearts of that club. with the mix of willie and timo we lost what was the most important thing in that run- the heart of the team. i also watched freddy win the a.l. central clincher the a.l.d.s. clincher, an a.l.c.s. game and the world series clincher. tell me again who we traded him for????

How many of you guys and girls live out in AZ? Seems to be a few of you. For those that don’t , is anyone going out to spring training this year? A couple of friends of mine and myself our thinking about going. Any suggestions on hotels would be appreciated. Also, nightlife(bars with beautiful young woman) suggestions would be a big help too.

hey, jfitz.. i live in tucson as you know, but i’m so old ( how old is he?) that i don’t know about the dating scene, but i do have friends that are into that stuff. as far as hotel/motels go there are lots of them in a variety of price ranges. give me an idea of price via my e-mail and i’ll be glad to assist. maybe you can join Maria, her husband and me on the links the second week of march? talk to you soon…. j.k. from the land of 64 today. ( that’s degrees, not my golf score)…..

I have been out to Spring Training a couple of times. I would suggest staying by Phoenix and going out around ASU in Tempe. There is a street (Mill St.) with bars and restaraunts near Sun Devil Stadium that is one of the best strips anywhere. You do not want to stay by the airport in either Phoenix or Tuscon. There is nothing to do either place. I posted a few days ago that the best thing to do is fly into Phoenix, see some games in Peoria/Surprise and drive to Tuscon for a game (It is a great 2 hour road trip). All away games except for the Rockies or Diamondbacks are by Phoenix. I am going out on the 11th, seeing the Sox play Seattle in Peoria, the 12th driving down to Tuscon to see them play San Diego then on the 13th they play Texas in Surprise.

No offence to Klien or Hark, but from my experience, the Phoenix area has more to offer nightlife-wise and Tuscon has more questionable areas. But I am sure if you wanted to stay in Tuscon he could steer you tword the nicer areas.

I appreciate the offer Klein, I am a terrible golfer and would embarass myself and make you guys be out on the links for about 2 hours more than you normally would. By the way I am 26. Definetly meet up for lunch or something out there. Remember brotha, your only as old as you feel. I will email you to get so more info. Bill thank you also. I appreciate the concern about the seedier parts of Tuscon, but that doesn’t bother my friends and I. If you don’t mind I would like to email you also, just for some options. Thanks both of you guys.

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