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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lost In Translation

Juan Uribe never ceases to surprise.  Late Friday afternoon, the AP ran a story from the Dominican quoting Juan as stating that he may have to miss the 2007 season because of charges made against him in October.

For those in the media who cover the White Sox (and for those of us who know Juan), he is very quiet by nature, not saying a whole lot in Spanish or via translator.  Everyone was very surprised to see so many quotes from Juan and obviously, to read him questionning his availability for the 2007 season.

But in the Spanish-language version of the story, there are actually four comments from Juan, with the final one saying that he hopes this doesn’t make him late to spring training.  So in that single story, his quotes ranged from missing the 2007 season to being late for spring training.

The next day a story ran with Juan correcting the impression that the 2007 season was in doubt.  We certainly expect him to be in spring training.  His representatives are hopeful that this case can be resolved before spring training or adjustments can be made so that his baseball status is unaffected.  So while things can change over the next six weeks, this appeared to be much ado about nothing.

Each time this happens, it feels like a big game of telephone.


How intolerable will AJ be in spring training now that "his Gators" are National Champions in basketball and football?  As I write this, he is making the rounds of the Chicago sports radio stations.

HAR-old, HAR-old

Good to see Harold Baines receiving consideration for today’s Hall of Fame announcement.  Let’s see how much support he receives today, and hopefully, his candidacy will continue to grow.


Yesterday was the annual Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities luncheon at U.S. Cellular Field.  The CBCC group, led by Bill Pierce, does a fabulous job during the year raising money to support cancer research in Chicago.  Their big event each year is a baseball celebrity golf outing at the All-Star Break.  At yesterday’s luncheon, hundreds of thousands of dollars were presented to Children’s Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Hospital to support their programs.  Ron Kittle, who donates money to CBCC from his annual Golf outing, and folks from the Windy City Sox fans also attended and contribute to CBCC.

Pierce first became involved in CBCC years ago after retiring.  I can’t imagine how many millions of dollars he has helped raise to fight cancer.  A great pitcher, he is an even better person.  He is in my Hall of Fame.

Trade Fallout

This from Mike Berardino’s column in The Sporting News (1/8/07):

" … a rival executive says White Sox GM Kenny Williams got good value in LHP John Danks and RHP Nick Masset, even though neither has thrown a pitch in the majors (Reifert note:  Masset actually did pitch for the Rangers in 2006).  ‘You’ll be hearing about those guys in another year or so,’ the executive says.  ‘I really like Danks.  His fastball is 90 to 92 mph and he can sneak it by you.  If the other kid materializes, it could be a great deal.’"


Happy New Year and Welcome back Scott! Good to see you posting again. It’s getting me more excited for the season. Not long till pitchers and catchers report gang. Here’s hoping for the best with the whole Uribe situation and for a great 2007! Any one get Soxfest tickets?

Harold barely held on to make next year’s ballot. That is probably not a good sign. Belle stunk up the ballot and wont be around for next year’s vote.

Congrats to Rip and Gwynn, they truly deserve it.

I second those congrats to Gwynn and Ripken. Cal Ripken has always been one of my favorite players and a great person. If only 10% of today’s players had his attitude towards today’s game it would be amazing.

As for those who did not vote for Gwynn or Ripken they are fools. I hope that the Hall of Fame considers stipping some people of their voting rights. Especially those like the goofball from the Daily Southtown who sent in a blank ballot.

Congratulations to those who made it. However there are still some serious corrections (omissions) that need to be rectified.


Billy Pierce

Tommy John

“Goose” Gossage

Jim Kaat

Mark Liptak

I think that if you cast a blank ballot you should have your voting rights taken away from you. At least Baines stayed on the ballot. The next year or 2 is going to be lacking in talent. Hopefully Tommy John will make a move towards the top. Goose will more than likely get in next year.

Is Mark Liptak part of those left out of the hall or just a bloggers name? LOL J/K Mark.

those who vote for the hall of fame should be banned. seriously. albert belle , albeit a tool, was a top notch baseball player and should at LEAST be on the ballot. what makes jim rice better than him? harold baines is one of the all time greats and should have gotten way more than 5 percent of the vote. that is ludacris. the fact that gwynn and cal didnt each get 100 percent also shows that these people dont know jack about the game. at least harold will be on it for next year.

Just so everyone knows, not even Nolan Ryan nor Ted Williams got 100% of the vote when they got in. I am glad that Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken made it and they deserve it. I’m only 24 years old, but they were part of the reason that I became such a baseball fan when I was a little kid. Both are class acts (a rarity in today’s sports) and they truly diserved the honor.

I am a little disappointed in those who cast blank ballots, however. Like in real political elections, it’s a privilege to vote on who makes it into the Great Hall in Cooperstown and they should have excersized that right. But enough rambling…

Here’s hoping for a great 2007 for the White Sox and I can’t wait to watch them on opening day (on the TV unfortunately, since I’m a Virginia native). Go Sox!!!

The only votes Albert (don’t call me Joey) Belle will have a chance at receiving now is from a jury.

brother devereux…As I have stated many times,the only way that a jamoke like “Fat Albert” will get in to the HOF is like the rest of us… Buy a ticket…
As to the “champions of moral virtue and integrity” who send their ballots for the HOF back blank,they are simply showing us what their minds are like…the same thing…(blank,that is…)

I heard one of the former print members of the media,who now toils(???)on the radio,say about the writers…”The writers shouldn’t be voting,because they sometimes become the story by doing what(name left out,because he has diminished himself enough by his actions) he did…

Isn’t that what some of these SOB’s want to have accomplished,to have EVERYONE talking about them and what they did,or continue to do?

Great point TQ. They all want the notorioty like the idiot from the Sun-Times. Speaking of that guy, I wonder how many get well cards he has received from Sox fans since his emergency surgery. Since he never comes to the Sox games he can’t blame the food from our ballpark for his clogged arteries.

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