The Addition of Toby Hall

John Dewan, now with ACTA Sports ( is a name many of you will recognize as one of the leaders in baseball statistical analysis.  I came across a piece he wrote recently after we signed Toby Hall and thought you might enjoy reading his insight.  I did receive John’s permission to re-print this on my blog, so read on if you choose (and I apologize now for any formatting quirks):


How did each team’s catchers bat in 2006?

John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

December 21, 2006

A favorite offseason activity for a GM might be to find the weakest point of their team and attempt to strengthen it. Replacing a good player with a good player doesn’t move the team forward. Analyzing a team’s weak spots and turning them around can make their offseason.

Over the past weekend, the White Sox signed free agent catcher Toby Hall. With all the free agent madness this offseason, this signing probably looked insignificant. However, our analysis shows White Sox GM Ken Williams might have hit that GM sweet spot.

At first glance, the White Sox catcher position provided about average offense. They were #17 of 30 teams in On-base percentage Plus Slugging percentage (OPS).

However, catchers take a beating during the year and that makes it the best position for a platoon. In the last five seasons, no catcher has caught more than 147 games in any single year.

Which leads us to this question: How did the White Sox catchers do against pitchers based on handedness? Here are the top and bottom five teams in catcher OPS vs right-handers:

Top Five Team Catchers vs. RHP

Team, OPS

1. Braves, .935

2. Twins, .860

3. Yankees, .853

4. Padres, .834

5. White Sox, .811

Bottom Five Team Catchers vs. RHP

Team, OPS

26. Rockies, .632

27. Devil Rays, .630

28. Royals, .603

29. Astros, .581

30. Cardinals, .567

Well, the White Sox and primarily A.J. Pierzynski did quite well against RHP. No need to make any change here.

Let’s look at the other side. How did the White Sox catchers do against lefties? Here are the top and bottom five teams in catcher OPS vs left-handers:

Top Five Team Catchers vs. LHP

Team, OPS

1. Dodgers, 1.010

2. Blue Jays, .991

3. Padres, .981

4. Orioles, .927

5. Cubs, .924

Bottom Five Team Catchers vs. LHP

Team, OPS

26. Nationals, .674

27. Red Sox, .669

28. Angels, .665

29. Mariners, .599

30. White Sox, .587

Wow, now we found a glaring weakness. The White Sox catchers were terrible against left-handed pitchers. Even worse, the opponents like using lefties against the White Sox. 40% of the starters facing the Sox last year were lefties — a five-year high for the White Sox. Obviously signing Jim Thome before the season dictated opponent strategies.

Does Toby Hall fit the need?

2006 OPS, Catcher, vs. LHP, vs. RHP

A.J. Pierzynski, .623, .825

Toby Hall, .833, .642

Based on the 2006 season, this seems like the perfect fit. If Hall had been with the Sox in 2006 and did the same thing against lefties instead of the what the White Sox actually got, the Sox would have come in 4th, instead of 17th, in catcher offense for the season among the 30 MLB teams.

One year may be a fluke. However, the three-year numbers, while not quite as strong as 2006, still suggest a very effective platoon for 2006.

Three-Year OPS

Catcher, vs. LHP, vs. RHP

A.J. Pierzynski, .596, .785

Toby Hall, .770, .645


Any help we get against left-handers is badly needed and much appreciated. We were dreadful against lefties a good deal of last season. I was shocked to see that we faced lefties %40 of the time, that’s just wacky. The acquistion of Toby Hall was probably my favorite move this offseason. It was like getting Thornton last year, a sly move that paid good dividends.

while the OPS arguement is nice, i don’t think any catcher’s comparison is complete without catcher’s ERA. Has there been any analysis on this, Scott?

Does Jim Thome have nightmares of having to face lefties? If there is a time to rest him in 2007 do it against lefties. He proved in 2006 that even at DH he can not play the whole year without tweaking something. Not his fault, he’s a big guy and those things happen as you get older.

I have 1 extra ticket to Spring Training game Tue. March 13th @ Rangers in Surprise, AZ. Buy me a beer and a hotdog at the game and we can call it even. Row K (11?) behind home plate. I can email it (ticketfast).

Hmmm, Soxfest should be fun.
Representing your starting line up there is only Scott, Paul and Brian. There will be more rooks and rememberances. Can hardly wait for the seminar on “How to win a CF job.” or the “You will meet the new guy and you will like him!” bash. Ok,ok, I’ll pipe down now.


Mr. Reifert,(in reference to your announcement in your mailbag segment) this weekend was set way back when….and Mr. Thome, Mr. Dye, and Mr. Pierzynski all have other commitments? And these men are not even at the event the whole time, either.

I know what the deal is.

Lil miss start yourself in the land of shoveling and clapping for bears.

i agree that the line up at soxfest is looking bleek right now. nice to see ventura, contreras, vazquez though. i am a little concerned that contreras and or vazquez will still back out as you can never be sure if the latin players will show up or not. i would like to see some other past sox players though. how bout oscar gamble and richie zisk? how are they supposed to reunite the 77 team without them?

How in the world did Kenny sign Crede for 1 year at 4.94 million? I heard Crede said he is not Boras’ puppet and that Boras works for him, not the other way around. I have to go out and get my #24 jersey now.

That was a pretty simple thing to get done. It was either that or it go to arbitration and the arbitrator would decide how much Crede is worth. The Sox own the rights to Crede for 2007 whether he signed the 1-year contract or sent it to the arbitrator. Either way he was coming back.

Problem with free agency is he will get offers that are double to triple that per year for longer than the Sox want to commit to any player. Plus we have to do something for Jermaine Dye as well. If he has another good year he could be looking at Carlos Lee type money ($17 mil per year) for a 4-5 year deal. Will the Sox commit that to an outfielder who will be 33 at that time?

This should be an interesting year on and off the field.

Hey everyone. Haven’t posted in a while, just wanted to say I’m not dead lol. Hope everyone has been great. Good job by Kenny with getting Crede back.

i agree with bill and kenwo. its great to have crede back especially if his back is good. i also wonder if contreras will make it to soxfest as i have a jersey for him to examine. ventura is an alltime great especially as far as being a nice guy. he actually shook hands with the fans thru the parking lot fence when he had a broken hand and couldn’t sign autographs.

Jim I love JD as much as the next cat, but there is no way he will get that type of money.

I am very happy that Joe is signed for another year!! I hope he stays healthy.

Jfitz – If the market stays the same next year as it was this year someone will be willing to spend that kind of money on him especially if he has another stellar season. I would not expect anyone to throw 6-7 years at him, but 4-5 is realistic, and he is probably destined to be a DH in a few years.

Supposedly the Sox have already been talking to him about an extension, but nothing serious yet. The Sox should take into consideration that he took half of what Texas was offering him before the 2005 season to come here instead. Hopefully we can keep him around and maybe he can be our DH after Thome retires.

Just an update on another topic.

When the 2007 season opens the White Sox will have replaced all those putrid light blue seats in the stadium with forrest green ones EXCEPT for two seats.

Personally I think this is brilliant.

The two blue seats remaining will be where Paul Konerko’s and Scott Podsednik’s home runs landed in the 2005 World Series.

Very nicely done by the Sox marketing folks!!!

Mark Liptak

now lets paint the railings gold!

To Brother Liptak,out there in the wilds of Idaho…What color did the Astros paint the seat or the area where Geoff Blum’s HR landed to break up Gm 3 of the Series?…just curious…

Also,did anyone see where the Texas (St)Rangers have asked Sammy So-So to come to spring training with them?…I guess that Tom Hicks still hasn’t learned his lesson from when A-Rod and Scott Boras screwed him royally…

To those of you who are attending SoxFest next weekend…beware of the booths selling everything NOT RELATED to baseball or the White Sox…or you will feel like Tom Hicks…for you will have been taken for a LOAD OF JUNK…

This has been a public service announcement…

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming…

From today’s NY Times

“Major League Baseball is close to announcing a deal that will place its Extra Innings package of out-of-market games exclusively on DirecTV, which will also become the only carrier of a long-planned 24-hour baseball channel.

Extra Innings has been available to 75 million cable households and the two satellite services, DirecTV and the Dish Network. But the new agreement will take it off cable and Dish because DirecTV has agreed to pay $700 million over seven years, according to three executives briefed on the details of the contract but not authorized to speak about them publicly.

InDemand, which has distributed Extra Innings to the cable television industry since 2002, made an estimated $70 million bid to renew its rights, more than triple what it has been paying. Part of its offer included the right to carry the new baseball channel, but not exclusively. The baseball channel is scheduled to start in 2009. M.L.B., DirecTV and InDemand officials declined to comment.

DirecTV is also the exclusive outlet for the N.F.L.’s Sunday Ticket package, for which it pays $700 million annually. Sunday Ticket has about 2 million subscribers; Extra Innings about 750,000, according to The Sports Business Journal. Extra Innings lets subscribers, for a fee, watch about 60 games a week from other local markets except their own.

The only other way that fans without DirecTV will be able to see Extra Innings will be on’s service, but they must have high-speed broadband service. About 28 million homes have high-speed service, less than half the number of cable homes in the country. The picture quality of streamed games is not as good as what is available on cable or satellite. DirecTV is available to about 15 million subscribers.

Last month, Senator Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, who was then the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cited DirecTV’s exclusivity with Sunday Ticket as a reason to strip the N.F.L. of an antitrust exemption to negotiate all TV contracts for its teams. Comcast, which has complained that it cannot carry Sunday Ticket, is a Philadelphia-based company.”


So if you are like me, in that you live in a residence that doesn’t allow satellite dishes …. you are SCREWED. MLB chases the big bucks again, and alienates its fan base … again. MLB.TV is nice, but its no substitute for being able to enjoy watching many games on a nice big TV. Thanks Bud!


So, what will the White Sox be doing with their piece of that new DirecTV revenue?

Diane –

You should check to make sure that it is not allowed. I know that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a rule that generally forbids local governments and homeowners’ associations from enforcing unreasonable restrictions regarding the installation of satellite dishes one meter or smaller. For more information, visit

Hopefully that will help you. I like it because of the baseball games in high def. Cant wait for the mlb channel

WSCR radio is reporting the Sox are about to announce the signing of free agent outfielder Darrin Erstad to a deal.

The reason apparently is because Scott Podsednik is about to have groin surgery.

Reportedly it is for an injury that is four years old.

How did the Sox miss this before they shelled out 2.9 million dollars?

Where does Kenny Williams go to get a lead off hitter with some speed because right now the Sox have no one.

Me thinks some of these ‘can’t miss’ pitching prospects are about to get shipped out.

Just amazing that the Sox forked over that kind of money and didn’t pick up on this or that Posednik didn’t have the surgery back in November.


Mark Liptak

I agree 100% we are supposed to have the best trainers in all of sports, how do they not pick up on this aftre the physical for the initial trade and then when they sign a new deal with him.
If Erstad’s knees and back are ok I love the signing. Give us some toughness.

Oh Good God no! Erstad? .221, broken ankle Erstad?

i think the erstad signing is great. its about time we added a decent player. people were questioning jermaine dyes injury and look how that turned out….i could see erstad hitting .290 this year. good deal!

Erstad will move runners along, do the little things he is a grinder and will help the team if he stays healthy. Maybe having a leadoff hitter who will steal bases is overrated. The best thing is we should never have to see Mackoviac in center again, he can play the corners and 3rd base everynow and then. Just imagine how awsome of a defensive outfield they will have with Erstad in left, BA in center (who will hit at least 280 this year) and Dye in right.

Mark – I heard that Podsednik reaggravted this injury within the last couple days as he was increasing his workouts in anticipation of spring training. Supposedly it is not the same leg as the injury he sustained in 2005 that hurt him all last year. He thought he was over this previous problem.

I am iffy about Erstad. I do like what he can bring to the table. Hopefully he can get back to his pre-2006 self quickly.


I like it! Erstad is a grinder providing he can stay healthy. As far as Pods goes, I’m pretty sure its not our trainers fault as mentioned above. Pods probably kept his injury quiet. I’ll bet the organization is not too happy with him right now.

Who is the leadoff hitter now? Does Erstad fill that role until Pods returns? Ozuna? What’s the deal?


The left/right discrepancy is not limited to the catchers. The entire team had major problems scoring vs. LHP. Thome had a huge differential, which you would expect, but he was still at least serviceable vs. LHP. The one guy who really killed the Sox vs. LHP was Mackowiak. He should NEVER NEVER get a single AB vs. a LHP. Jon Garland would be a better choice.

Someone who has surprisingly hit lefties well in his career is Ross Gload, but no, the Sox had to ditch him and keep Mackowiak, a move I fear may bite the Sox in the rear considering the large number of lefty pitchers they face.

Cabiness – Great point about our struggles against lefties. We probably play in the toughest division of left handed pitchers. Considering we play our divisional teams 19 times a year we get to face Santana, Liriano, Rogers (cheater) and Sabathia a couple times each. It seems like every series we face one of those nightmares!

Erstad is decent against lefties. He was pretty good earlier in his career. Should be intertesting to see what he does for us.

No Liriano this season. Woo hoo!

No Liriano this season. Woo hoo!

No Liriano this season. Woo hoo!

Not sure what is happening there, but I did not send that message 3 times.

That’s OK, kr… I’m pretty excited not to have to deal with him this year!

KR – That’s what happens when we talk about the lefties that baffle the Sox. They just keep showing up when we don’t want them!

I am happy to welcome the former punter for the Univ.of Nebraska into White Sox Universe…I feel that,if totally healthy,he will easily fit into the outfield alignment,and also provide a competent lead-off hitter in the lineup…
As to Podsednik and his groin injury,I agree with my friend in Macomb that the trainers did not know about the nature of the pull because Scott kept his mouth shut…Anyone who has been around athletes knows that they will do anything to stay in the game or in the lineup…they will cover up any injury rather than risking exposing themselves to possible time out for surgery and rehabilitation…It is the same story as with pitchers,even when not injured…We’ve seen too many times when a pitcher is getting his backside handed to him on the mound,the manager comes out and asks how he’s doing…What does the pitcher say?…”I feel fine,I can stay in there.”

Which is the biggest falsehood since the man said “I’m not a crook.”(a little round about tribute to E.Howard Hunt,who passed away the other day…See,you not only get baseball opinions,you get political history and civics here,at least from this corner…)…

Crede kept his mouth shut about the back ailments,didn’t he?…

As to “No Liriano”,etc…I would be even more excited about “No Santana this season…WOO HOO!!!”

And Kristopher,notice…that sentiment was sent only once…

Speaking of Santana. He is free agent after the 2008 season. Wouldn’t it be nice to see him in a Sox uniform, or at least pitching in the NL for any team other that the Scrubs.

Same goes for Torri Hunter, except he’ll be a free agent after this season.

kr-trepac…I’m sorry,Kristopher…but ther isn’t enough mustard and relish in the whole concessions budget of the White Sox to cover the captain of Team Rah-Rah…He might be arguably the best center fielder in the American League,maybe in the majors (hello,Jim Edmonds…)but he is too much of a showboat for my plebian tastes…They would have to place his locker in a drydock at Belmont Harbor…

The best center fielder to cost his team a playoff series by being a stupid, selfish hot dog (sorry so literal). He may have been the best CF 2 years ago.

Speaking of outfielders, does anyone else find it hilarious the flubs would spend 3mil+ on floyd a day after the sox get Erstad for under 1 mil. I would take Erstad straight up.

I’ll take Torii over Brian any day of the week. You guys are crazy.

Hunter is not as good as he once was. The only reason I would want him is because he would stop hitting HUGE homeruns against us. It seemed like every clutch situation last year he homered against us.

bill b…You don’t seem to understand,sir,what the franchise that occupies Jurassic Park at Neverland is up against…Unlike a certain franchise who resides at 35th Street and Shields Avenue(honorary Bill Veeck Drive)and has a full compliment of minor league talent,the other side has Felix Pie and a lot of open air…So,therefore,the front office has to take on the spending example set by the Department of Defense…which,I believe,once spent some $3,000,000.00 on a toilet seat…and some $20,000.00(if my figures are wrong on either account,please notify me)on a screwdriver…See,they have to convince the masochists,lemmings and ****** who follow them that they are spending a bundle to bring in the top available talent to their organization…while Mr Williams and the White Sox just continue to develop their own future…

The censored word in my last missive rhymes with “borons”,if you catch my drift…

Also,kr-trepac…Kristopher,give Anderson time to develop himself and his abilities…’06 was his FIRST FULL YEAR in major league baseball,for cryin’ out loud…He needs time…Now,if he does not improve after another season or two,then you cut him loose and go back,if needed,to the drawing board…

It’s not like I said Brian was terrible. I just think Hunter is much better, even at his current age, than Brian will be this season or next.

As to the Podsednik injury, reported that he underwent surgery for a sports hernia on Tuesday…If indeed that is the case,then there is no wonder why it went unreported or undetected…I think that that is a whole lot different than a groin pull…but,then again,I didn’t study medicine or physics or the human anatomy…(well,the female anatomy maybe,but…that went over like the proverbial lead balloon…)

So we have comedians, politicians and doctors blogging now. This is great, I don’t read another book or newspaper in my life.
What is Pods best attribute, his legs. Thats what got him to the majors and thats what got him the new free agent deal. Since we had all those other professions weigh in on the situation, let me give you a little business insight. A little thing called investment research. All they had to do was take an MRI on his lower half and that would of revealed the problem. They had two chances to snuff this out, one when they made the initial trade and two when they signed his new deal. They should of had the forsight to do this, not because there were possible problems, but because that is his most important(arguably only) assest.

The left/center of the outfield will certainly be interesting to watch this year! Good to see some of the regulars posting again. That can only mean spring training is around the corner. Try as I might, I couldn’t get SoxFest tickets this year, which is a bummer so I’m counting on everyone to post up their experiences. I have told my kids they are spoiled that in their short lifetime they have seen a Chicago team in both the World Series AND Superbowl. I had to wait a long time for both!! Let’s hope the Bears can pull it off as our beloved Sox did! GO BEARS and enjoy SoxFest for those lucky enough to get tickets!

obrnmac…Yes,Donna,it is time for SoxFest as well as for Spring Training…but you sure as shooting couldn’t prove it by the coverage(???)in the ****-Times(new nickname,more appropriate…)today…The ONLY mention in the tabloid at all is about four short paragraphs,BURIED in the section,about the signing of Erstad…Other than that…zip,nada,bupkis…
What’s the matter,****-Times?

You people couldn’t get tickets either,so you decided to snub the event in favor of sidebar stories about only Lord(and Ditka)knows what,concerning a game that is still about 9 DAYS OFF !!!

There ARE other sports,and sports franchises to write about…but you wouldn’t know it by them…Heck,even the Tribune,which owns the team on the other side of the tracks,gave SoxFest SOME coverage…

Once again,the censored words in the blog sent by your obedient servant,rhyme with bum,and begin with the letters s and c…just so you know…

Hey TQ! Great to read your posts again! Even though your favorite tabloid isn’t covering it, there is still buzz on the radio, TV and as you pointed out the Trib. They are getting some coverage. With the Bears in the SB, that’s pretty much all you are hearing with the Sox in the background. Due time my man, due time. Let the Bears have their glory for now, we’ll have it later–it will make game tickets easier to get anyway!😉

I just got a call from friends who are waiting in line at Sox Fest. It seems that AJ showed up on crutches! What’s up with that? Anyone know anything?

Eckstein’s brother beat him up! LOL

kr…I don’t know if you’re kidding or not,but I do know this much,in my own opinion…
I feel very much like Kenny Williams did when he told Buehrle not to slide on the wet tarp during rain delays,because of what might occur if the slide goes wrong…As to AJ,even though I know that this wrestling deal that Dale Torborg and he are involved in is fully scripted (what,wrestling scripted??? Heavens to Vince Mc Mahon,don’t tell me…),some times an ad-lib injury can take place…and if this is indeed what kr-trepac is saying(note of clarification…AJ was the “manager” of one tag team,David Eckstein the “manager” of the other…kind of a clash of the last two world champions in baseball),AJ has no one but himself to blame…You mess around(I was going to use a word that refers to a hardware piece,but the censors are way ahead of me…or I am of them…)with that kind of nonsense so close to the start of Spring Training,you pay your own price…

Hi Everyone…
As for AJ on crutches, I heard it was just a minor injury related to working out. Apparantly it was no big deal. No, hopefully that is true and nothing to worry about! GO SOX!

I am going to check out the Sox vs. Barons game in Birmingham at the end of March. I hope I can get some autographs. Anyone ever been there?

I was just kidding TQ. I have no idea why AJ was on crutches.

howdy guys and gals of White Sox Universe! it’s been a long time since i’ve posted. i just wanted to say that i’m looking forward to spring training and hoping to see some of you out here in tucson this year. and this year may be my last to host our team for spring training. the powers that be want to move to the phx area, as you know. but for now this is good ol’ j.k. (not just kidding) rooting for da Bears this coming sunday. talk to you all later, and i hope you all had a great time at Soxfest…… j.k. from the land of endless sunsets…….

Some things that bug me………fans who think kenny williams and ozzie guillen are the greatest thing since iced-tea. I think both did a pretty terrible job during the 2006 season from williams not getting any decent help at the deadline to guillen putting mackowiak in center field when he obviously couldnt do the job. people at soxfest were saying how ozzie should be manager of the year every year and williams executive of the year…i dont see it. another thing that bugs me is why mark buerhle, jermaine dye, joe crede, and tadahito iguchi are supposedly out of the white sox price range? i understand if you think the market is inflated, but you cant just let all of your star players leave. sox set a record in attendance in 06- the money is there…open up the pocket books and dont be so cheap! we’ve seen over and over that rookies dont get it done and that it takes 3 years to be decent-IE garland, crede, rowand….if we are going to let go of all of our stars we better replace them with someone elses stars because the rookies just dont get it done right away. sox fest was a decent time- though i thought the palmer house was kind of stale where as at the hyatt you had the big bar and a lot of good nightlife in the hotel. that was painfully missing at the palmer house.

Scott or anyone who may know the answer to this….
As a SoxPride club member last year, the membership said that the membership would be automatically renewed each year. The folks at MLB don’t seem to know if that is true and have said just to be safe I should re-sign up. Don’t want to end up being enrolled twice. Anyone know the answer to this?

I signed up again. The prices went up quite a bit so I decided that they probably wouldn’t re-up your subscription from last season.

Justin Morneau at it again.

I’m surprised this hasn’t already been posted.

The N.Y. Times reported this on Wednesday. Five MLB players were working on a commercial directed by Spike Lee for the new New Era baseball cap coming out this season. The filming took place between 7AM and 10AM in NYC with breaks because of the cold weather.

Morneau was quoted in the story as saying, (quote) “I could find all the White Sox hats and light them on fire” (to stay warm.)

This from the same guy who last year said if the Twins couldn’t make the post season, the next most important thing would be “to prevent Chicago from getting in.”

Sounds like this guy needs some professional help.

By the way one of the team beat writers told me an important point about all this. If the Sox were smart they’d send a message to Justin this season. The reporter told me that he shouldn’t “get to comfortable” in the batters box. That he hasn’t been in the league “for ten years.”

Funny how the Twins seem to be so concerned with the White Sox isn’t it? You wish the Sox (especially Ozzie) would have the same intensity towards them.

Mark Liptak

Every year one of those Twinkies does smething and makes me hate their team even more. Piranhas, Twinkies, Hump Domers, whatever they are, I hope the Sox kid their behinds this season. Especially More-No and his big, dumb mouth.

R.I.P. Ray Berres.

The Sox have now lost two of the finest pitching coaches MLB has ever seen in the past few months..Johnny Sain and Ray.

Truly a great coach and a fine man. The list of his pupils is long and impressive.

Mark Liptak

Mark…You aren’t kidding when
you speak of both Ray Berres and Johnny Sain in that regard…but do not forget yet another member of the elite member of the pitching coach corps who passed on during this week…Art Fowler,who was Billy Martin’s pitching coach at at least four different stops that I can think of—Minnesota,Texas,Oakland and the Yank-mes…It takes a great deal of knowledge of the inner workings of the position,as well as a good handle on psychology and taking care of fragile egos,for a pitching coach to succeed…and those three certainly had all that and more…The best manager is only a reflection on whom he chooses for his coaching staff…and the pitching coach is a penultimate hire…

or do people not recall Sammy Ellis when he was on the South Side…

Now,kr-trepac…as to the antics of young Morneau…coming as he does from Team Rah-Rah,what he says and does does not surprise me in the least…but I think that he should have a more pressing problem on his mind than his continuous dissing of the White Sox…after all,he IS the defending MVP of the American League,correct? Yet the management up in the Land of a Thousand Lakes only gave him a one-year deal…which means he’s going to have to go through the same rigamarolle next season…THAT

should be his biggest concern,not trying to locate WS caps to start a bonfire with…

At the same time,brother Liptak,you should be concerned with the intensity level beginning the first full week in April–not the first week of February…when nobody is playing and nobody is keeping track of what is going on…and you can be guaranteed that this message he sent will be responded to the first meeting between the Sox and Team Rah-Rah…Ozzie may not always show intensity,but that does not mean it’s not there…trust me…

According to my calendar,in another few hours,all of this Stupor Bowl **** will be over…and there then will be less than two weeks until the most important,meaningful time of year commences…

Pitchers and catchers report…

Those four words are the most wonderful words to this old man’s ears,each and every year…because they renew hope in all of us…that the long winter will soon be past,and that warmer weather and all the good things like that will be upon us…very shortly…

kr-trepac…you hope that the Sox kid the Twins behinds this season? I know you meant to write kick…(oh,nuts…another football term used in lieu of anything more clever that the MLB censors haven’t heard of…)…

as the old poem goes: there is no joy in Mudville, Mighty Casey struck out: but i’m afraid that sitting here in DRY tucson that our troubles really can be summed up in one sentence. Too much Grossman! responsible for 5 turnovers? two int’s and three fumbles? come on, we’ve got to have a better QB than that…. don’t we. now i won’t have to worry about that and i’ll just have to flip the sports page over to all things White Sox for the next NINE months! i’ll talk to you all again soon, and Maria and Pat, i can’t wait to see you at the rockies game.
j.k. waiting for one of my Kids to move back home….. priceless.

thank god! football season is done! about time! time to start concentrating on baseball! the raiders werent in it so who cares anyway!

I know that this is for Sox talk but I live in Bloomington IN and the Colt’s winning the Super Bowl was my third best sporting moment. 1) IU 1987 NCAA Championship 2) 2005 White Sox Championship. I don’t think the Bears will win the Super Bowl as long as Rex Grossman is the QB. Now that football is over I am looking forward to spring training!

Don’t take this the wrong way, but keep your Colts garbage out of here. Most of us really don’t want to hear about it.

Go White Sox!

Nice to see ticket prices are going up againg, but I guess it’s understandable with all the money the Sox spent in the offseason

stvnmil…The ticket price rise is,in my opinion,not because of the money that the front office spent to retain its talent level…The raise comes from a game that’s as old as baseball itself…It’s called “Monkey See,Monkey Do”…See,the White Sox noticed that the team from the other side of the tracks was raising their prices in order to bamboozle the ****** and lemmings that wander in to Jurassic Park at Neverland to come out to watch Jacques Jones strike out four times in as many at-bats,as well as to see just how far the ball flies out off the opponents bats when thrown by the ragarms on Rothchild’s pitching staff(you’ll pardon the expression)…So the Sox figure,…”Well,we’d better do likewise,lest our fan base think that we don’t care about them.”…
Or am I too cynical,yet again?

I should know better that to keep using that word that gets censored by…So from now on,the populace at Clark and Addison will be known and referred to by myself as “mopes and lemmings”…
Let’s see if THAT flies with the censor…

I guess “mopes and lemmings” it is…
Eight days till pitchers and catchers,thirteen days till position players,nineteen days till the Rockies come in to TEP to get it started…

Let’s rock and roll,kiddies…

Apparently my sarcasm wasn’t understood, I guess that can happen in writing.

i want an update…….

Greetings and Salutations, my old friends. Can’t tell you how excited I am to be on the cusp of another baseball season. I’ve missed you all and am ready to jump right back in. Special hello to our host, Mr. Reifert, and our elder statesman, TQ! I also see kenwo, kris and our Arizona friend, JK! Wow, I feel like that lady from Romper Room with her magic mirror =) Hope you and yours have all been healthy and well. Here’s to spring, and a whole lot of WHITE SOX WINNERS!! -Dawn

Congrats to Clifford on landing a job with the Indians. For our sake I hope it’s the ’06 version and not the ’05. I can’t wait for Spring Training, there’s gonna be some youngsters battling it out for positions and competition should bring out the best in ’em. I’m really curious to see how Floyd v. Haeger v. Danks battle ends up.

DAWN !! is that really YOU? i was afraid that you went the way of our old friend MANAUSA (caps intentional and tongue in cheek for all of you who remember him). i’m glad to see you back, and it will be good to get your input on the upcoming season. but first spring training.. i’ll let you all know what i think after i go to a few games. later all….. j.k. from the land of warmth, but drizzles today and only 64 for a high tomorrow….

Welcome back Dawn!

Spring is just around the corner…I know snow is every where but baseball is back…but while we are at it everyone cheer for the Hawks only 15 points out of the playoffs lol

YES!! tis truly me. I’m not frozen or snowed in (too badly). JK, I’d take the drizzle and 64 any day =)

“Elder statesman”,eh?…I’ll have you know,young lady…I resemble that remark…especially after the most recent bout with the flu…the second in the last eight weeks,for those of you at home who are keeping a score card…
Nice having you back with us,dear Dawn…I was wondering where you had fallen off to…but now almost all the gane is ready to get back into harness,as are the boys…

I’m not sure how the surplus players that were signed up are going to have any impact,besides making the incumbents that much more determined to have good,healthy,productive seasons…fear of losing your job is a great motivator…

As for the rest of the state of the Sox,Ozzie can’t wait for P&C (pitchers and catchers,for those of you who are just joining us)to get to Tucson…the two days of SoxFest weren’t enough for him,and he refused to speak to his wife…because she wasn’t carrying a notebook and pen or a recorder and minicam…He wants us to know,however,that he intends on going back to the little things that brought that nice shiny trophy to the atrium of the main office a couple of years ago…you remember,don’t you,folks? Little things like hitting behind the runner by going to the opposite field,maybe even learning how to bunt successfully…just things that all major leaguers should do by rote…those who want to STAY major leaguers,that is…

Well,I’d like to stay and write more…but I have to go…Time for my afternoon nap…something we “elder statesmen” have to do…right,Dawn?

Hello White Sox Universe! I so miss being entertained by you regulars out there! Special shout out to Dawn,Kenwo (still luv ya, although we hardly ever agree), Tom Q.( I really hope you feel much better soon. I bet you got sick because you were out in that blizzard trying to create the Sox Logo on your front lawn with all that snow!), JKlein, (I’d much rather be visiting you in beautiful Arizona!), and mliptak, (who I seem to learn quite a bit from…thanks dude). But where oh where has our little Scott gone? He hasn’t posted in quite a while. Perhaps he’s still trying to dig his way out of the snow so he can hop on that plane to cover spring training…in any event…I hope he posts again soon. We could use an update. I am so looking forward for this season to begin now that all the Bears hoopla is over and done with (tsk,tsk) Oh well, just wanted to say hello. Gotta go…homework to complete, house to clean, lunches to make…etc…etc…

I understand that I’m late to this “Omigod! We were terrible against lefties last year and that’s why we weren’t in the post-season…” sob-fest but, trust me on this, the biggest reasons we had a relatively terrible record vs. southpaws wasn’t because we had J.T. and A.J. in the line-up all year. There were approximately 6 reasons for that poor record: Santana, Liriano, Sabathia, Lee, Rogers, and Robertson. Those might be the 6 toughest lefties in the AL now that Zito has won the S.F. lottery AND THEY’RE ALL IN OUR DIVISION.

If I remember correctly, it was J.T. who homered in the eigth off of Santana back in May to win one 2 -1. “Picking my spots”? No. Pointing out that it’s the “1” in that score that is really important. If we can hold our southpaw-led opponents to only “1”, we have another parade to keep our late-Oct./early-Nov. calenders clear for. The bullpen made that parade possible in ’05 and we won’t be enjoying another one in ’07 if the pen does their “Night Of The Living Dead” impersonations like they did last year.

Bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter what side of the rubber their pitcher’s ball is coming from if we can keep THEM from scoring.

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