Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007

About Time

After a computer hiccup from Tucson yesterday, finally, I am able to post.  And finally, after a long, cold winter (especially in Chicago the last few weeks), the White Sox took the field this morning for a workout.

First the pitchers and catchers went through morning physicals with our media workroom turned into a lab, complete with the lingering smell of rubbing alchohol.

Several new faces in the clubhouse this year and part of the morning dealt with introductions.  Several of the new pitchers, Andrew Sisco, Gavin Floyd among them, are huge (in a good way).  With Matt Thornton and Andrew Sisco, you won’t find a team with larger left-handers.

Spring Training’s routine doesn’t change.  Stretching, followed by playing catch, pitcher-fielding-practice (which after last October no one jokes about) and defensive drills.  Then the pitching staff, which is broken into Group A and Group B throws bullpens on a row of mounds.  Today was Group A’s turn, while Group B goes tomorrow.

Among the impressive sights on the first day were how Mark Buehrle threw the ball and the live arms of several of the young players.

Javier Vazquez only took part in the workout for a few minutes today before being sidelined with the stomach flu.  Carlos Vazquez felt tightness in his hamstring so did not throw.  Both are expected to feel better tomorrow.

After a long, too quiet winter for this blog (I apologize again), my goal is to begin posting each day with news, notes, quotes and comments from camp.

News that I am climbing back into the blog saddle again will be met with cheers and jeers from various readers, so feel free to let me have it.

Tucson’s temperature today is around 80 with not a cloud in the sky.  Don’t hate the messenger.  Don’t worry, Chicago, spring will come.


the update came just in time seeing as im about to watch my 2005 season dvd. go sox.

Good to hear from you, Scott, and thanks for the Tucson update. I poured through the newspapers today hoping to find something… anything on Sox spring training. I realize it’s only Day 1, but the lack of coverage is pretty annoying. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Please keep your updates coming. (No jeers from me.)

Great to have you back, and thanks for the ST update. I look forward to your insight!

Welcome back Scott and everyone else! Spring Training, just what I need to give me hope these cold, snowy days are numbered!! I heard Mark has come into ST in great shape. Sounds like he’s throwing well too. I really hope this isn’t it for him in a Sox uniform. Looking forward to hearing all the stories and updates. Maria aren’t you going to Tucson? Let us know how it goes!!

Welcome back Scott. Good to hear from you and I’m so happy spring training has begun. Looking forward to visiting your blog daily for news.

Welcome back, Scott!
Totally looking forward to reading the blog every day for updates, and looking forward to a new season, new faces/arms, new challenges and a new start.

(And, by the way, that ad that was in the RedEye on the 16th was really great! I know I saved it. As soon as I saw it I started freaking out and rambling about baseball. My friends just rolled their eyes… yep, it’s a new season all right.)

Interesting to find out Mark got offered a contract last year and turned it down. Don’t really blame him considering what he’ll be able to get out there on the open market if he turns it around, and I see no reason why he shouldn’t. I got the feeling we’re gonna see a Cy Young caliber year outa Buehrle this season.

FINALLY!!! Welcome back Scott, and glad to see some familiar faces still out here. It felt like spring training would never start this year. They’ll just have to make sure they get into October this year so we don’t have that extra month of waiting for next year!!!


Definitely a cheer from me! Glad to see some action on the blog again! Thanks Scott!

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