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Friday, February 23, 2007

Juan Arrives!

After spending much of yesterday traveling after his court hearing in the Domincan, Juan Uribe came into camp bright and early this morning, took part in workouts and then met with the media.

"I’m gald to be here and glad to be part of the team again," he said through a translator.  "This whole incident has been tough for me and my family. I’m glad it’s over."

Uribe again reiterated his innocence in the entire incident, which occured in the Dominican on October 13.  While the issue may arise again when he returns to the Domincan after the season ends, Uribe should not miss any time during the summer, according to his agent, Martin Arburua.

"Juan has no more requirements related to the case," Arburua said.  "There is a hearing on March 17 regarding the other two individuals, but Juan is not required to attend.  He has no legal obligation to return to the Dominican during the season."

Several reporters questioned Uribe, Arburua and manager Ozzie Guillen about the safety of Latin players returning to their countries during the offseason.

"It’s hard for us to leave our countries," Guillen said.  "It would be hard for me to live without Venezuela.  We’re heroes there and people look up to us.

"But this does send a message to be careful."

Uribe said his accuser repeatedly approached him asking for money.

"But I waited it out, and waited it out, and now everything is fine," he said.  But Uribe said one incident won’t make him change his mind about spending the winters in his small hometown.

"You can’t blame an entire city or country for the actions of one guy," Uribe said.

Ozzie On His Shortstop

"We need him to get on base more, score more runs and strike out less," Guillen said.  "We need him to have a good year and the key for him is to stay in shape.  He’s working with Joey (Cora) here every day."

John Danks

Threw today and stopped by my office to pick up his complimentary Titleist golf balls from playing in Monday’s charity tourney.

"The way I play, I need all of these," he said.  We then watched Tiger Woods hit a drive way right during today’s match play action.  "That looks like me."

Bald Bobby

Bobby Jenks has agreed to shave his head to raise money for the St. Balderick’s Foundation.  Details to follow in later posts …



The most important thing is that Uribe is in camp…The next most important thing is to get his head focused on the tasks ahead,not on what happened during the off season,because that is over and done with…If he is in better shape than he was a year ago at this time,and can concentrate on what he is supposed to do on the field and at bat,he can be a pivital(sic)part of what goes on in ’07…and that should go for the entire squad…I applaud Konerko for getting down to brass tacks yesterday…and to Ozzie as well…The focus is on this year,not what didn’t happen last year…So the so-called “experts” are saying that the Sox should be no better than perhaps third in their division…fine…that should give everyone a rallying point,to prove the “experts” wrong…

am i alone or do others think that kenny williams is acting like his is the end all be all of general managers? i think he has gotten way too conceited and may be in line for a dose of reality. Aside from 2005, what has this guy really done? ritchie, wells, podsednik for C Lee?, robbie alomar, the whole big hurt situation, the whole not trading mccarthy for someone who could help you in the 06 campaign situation, the whole lack of urgency to sign jermaine dye tadahito or buerhle….jerry krause won 6 titles in chicago and was put under more pressure than a guy that only made the playoffs 1 time in his reign as GM.

well, yes, kenwo, i think you are pretty much alone on your take. i don’t hear any horn tootin’ or see any strutting around by our GM. you sir are in mid-season form and spring games haven’t even started yet. i am concerned about our pitching and will give you that point, but can we be just a little patient? i’ll eat my hat after the all star game if what you said pans out…. j.k. from the land of cool (55 degrees) and no more Tiger…..

i still believe the white sox have the talent on the field to win in 2007- that wasnt my point. i just think that he has gotten very very cocky. i dont think you should be so ho-hum about signing jermaine dye to a long term deal. i dont think you should mess around with iguchi when the organization has virtually no middle infielders to replace him. get these guys signed. spend some money! to think the market is going to drop, or that the players will take less money to play on the white sox is gambling a little too much for my liking.

In response to kenwo4life…that trade was not Pods for Lee. Not only did we get a good year out of Vizcaino, we also then had money to go out and get AJ, Gooch, and El Duque. So five HUGE parts of that championship team vs. Carlos Lee…take your pick. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the five and the championship.

GM’s have their hits (Borchard for Thornton) and they have their misses (El Duque, Vizcaino and Chris Young for Javier). Center field wouldn’t be an issue if we still had Young but ah well. Kenny is a confident and proactive GM and I think we’re a better team for that. I do think we’re gonna suffer a bit this year but think in the long run we’ll be better for it. I agree with kenwo about the message we send to players by telling them outright there’s little likelihood of resigning with the team. That’s not the way you reward players who’ve proven their worth. I’m not saying we need to sign every potential free agent, but I found it very curious that Kenny would come out with that message to Tadahito, Jermaine and Mark this far way from actual contractual negotiations.

Read in the Trib about Coops concerns about Gavin’s erratic tempo. Luckily for him he’s got one of the masters of up-tempo pitching at his disposal in Mark Buehrle. When he gets into his rhythm, Mark keeps opposing batters on their toes. Utilize him and pick his brain Gavin, you’ll be better for it.

As far as GM’s are concerned,I would much rather have a Kenny Williams,who is,at times,too bluntly honest about topics such as contract extensions and re-signing players,than a Jerry Angelo,who does the tarantella all around the same topics concerning his team…unless he happens to luck out and wind up in a situation where he ends up being the beneficiary of his teams good fortune by giving HIMSELF a contract extension(and,perhaps,a raise in salary)at the most opportune time…
I think as well that Ozzie and Kenny in concert are sending a clear message to Anderson,Sweeney and Owens…perform well these next six weeks and you may come north…don’t perform well and get ready to enjoy the summer months in the sticks…The Erstad signing did much the same thing,in my opinion…

As to kenwo’s comments about it being a gamble to think that players may take a lot less money to continue to play for the White Sox,may I present State’s Exhibit A…He plays first base for the White Sox,and,I believe,he and Dye and Iguchi,IF you show respect nand loyalty to them,will reciprocate in kind…

Believe it or not,Scott Boras,there are things more than money in the business of baseball…Appreciation and loyalty go a long ways…

As to Mr Williams,a little more tact in public speaking to the vultures with the recorders,notebooks and cameras,could go a long ways withy these players as well…if the players are allowed to think for themselves,and not let their agents think for them…

By the way,jk…Are you and the lovely Pat getting the hot air blowers out to send over to TEP and the training complex…From what I’m to understand,it’s way cool out there in the Valley…and if our snowbirds are to escape the frozen tundra of the Great Midwest to come see Ozzie,Reifert,you folks and the boys…the LEAST you guys can do is turn up the heat…

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