Slumpering Saturday

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quiet Saturday

Not much out of the ordinary happened today in camp.  It was tough to work out in the chilly air.  The skies were clear, bright and sunny, but it struggled to warm up all morning.  I doubt that anyone in Chicago today wants to read me complaining about the temperature.

Photo Day

Coaches and players took part in photo day this morning, the annual day set aside for MLB Licensees (card companies, photo agencies, broadcasters, etc) to take posed photos and head shots for the year.  These are the images you see on scoreboards and during broadcasts throughout the year.  So if guys look a little sleepy in these pictures, now you know why.


Ozzie Guillen talked about his pitching for the intrasquad game on Monday and the first spring training games next week.

Monday’s intrasquad game matches Gavin Floyd, Charlie Haeger and Nick Masset against Jose Contreras, Oneli Perez, Andrew Sisco, David Aardsma and Eduardo Sierra.

Ozzie mentioned that he is most interested in seeing the new guys throw, mentioning Sisco, Aardsma, Danks and Masset.

On Wednesday against Colorado, the Sox will pitch Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, John Danks, Mike MacDougal, Bobby Jenks and Matt Thornton.

Thursday vs. Arizona is Vazquez, Broadway, Sisco, Aardsma, Gonzalez and Buckvich, while at Colorado will be Phillips, Haeger, Russell, Malone, Tracey, Logan and C. Vazquez.

On Friday at Arizona, we throw Contreras, Floyd, Whisler, Day, Reynoso and Perez.


I would like to know of a couple of good places to eat in Tuscon, will be there in a week. Thanks

Tell me… Did Aardsma take a slightly less scary picture this year than last year? He looked like a serial killer in his one from the Cubs.

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