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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sights and Sounds From A Sunny Day In Spring Training

Hitting coach Greg Walker beginning a long day by heading out to the batting cages at 7 am with a coffee in hand.

Tomorrow’s Split Squad Lineups

For the Konerkos …

Ozuna, LF

Sweeney, RF

Konerko, 1B


Crede, 3B

Cintron, SS

Eddie Perez, DH

Anderson, CF

Spivey, 2B

Contreras pitching

For the Thomes …

Erstad, CF

Iguchi, 2B

Thome, DH

Dye, RF

Mackowiak, LF

Fields, 3B

Uribe, SS

Hall, C

Rogowski, 1B

Floyd pitching

Thoughts and Quotes from Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie said Josh Fields would spend about 20 percent of his time in the outfield this spring and 80 percent at third base.  "Right now, my headache is that I have a lot of outfielders.  The kind of year he had, he should be in the Big Leagues.  But he has a Gold Glover ahead of him.  If he’s not going to play every day, it’d be a crime not to use him (and have him sit on our bench)."

Ozzie said Darin Erstad is concentrating on the outfield, although they will have him take ground balls at first base.  "I don’t want him to be moving back and forth," Guillen said, adding he would only use Erstad at first if he has to pinch run for Konerko in certain situations.

"I know he can help us," Guillen said of Eduardo Perez, who is battling with several guys for a roster position.  Perez is playing first and can help in the outfield.  He real value comes against left-handed pitching.

On The Trades

Ozzie was asked for his evaluation — on Feb. 25 — of the team’s offseason trades:

"I am real satisfied with the trades Kenny made," Guillen said.  "I think they made us better this year and in 2008, 2009.  I like what I see.  Both of the guys from Texas could be here helping us now and into the future.  They were fair trades, but I think we got the advantage because we got four pitchers for two.

"Did we need to make this trade?  Yes.  We needed a better bullpen."

Which led Guillen to talk about his potential bullpen staff.

"Look at the guys’ arms we have," he said.  "We have a closer each inning, from the fifth or sixth inning on.  I’m talking about closer stuff, not necessarily makeup.  But from inning five, six through nine, we can close people down.

Always a Laugh

From today’s briefing:

"Hermie told me that AJ is a little slow running the bases," Guillen said. (AJ’s ankle is a little sore).  "I told him, no kidding, what have you been watching over the past two years?"

"They asked Freddy Garcia (now with Philly) who was crazier, Charlie Manuel or Guillen?  I won.  I’m the No. 1 crazy guy."



Too many outfielders is a dilemma many major league clubs wish they had.

yeah unfortunately all of our outfielders are question marks except one of them.

Anybody know how AJ got hurt? Was it in the ring (TNA) or somewhere else??

you forgot to add,(kenwo) that the “ONE” guy still wasn’t being given a long term contract. you are in mid-season form or maybe even august form. give it a rest already and enjoy our team for awhile before badmouthing EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY.. just my opinion… j.k. from the land of let’s go go go in ‘0seven

Ok kenwo, we’ve had since October to bash our team for their play last season and the lack of big moves this offseason. Can we just enjoy this spring training and the beginning of the regular season? At least let the season start before we start bashing, Kenny, Ozzie, Paulie, etc.

1 more thing, Go Go WhiteSox!!!


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