Observations, Quips and Grimaces

Monday, February 26, 2007

Observations, Quips and Grimaces From Today’s Intrasquad Game

Josh Fields went 2-2 with a home run and three RBI to lead the Thomes to a 7-5 win over the Konerkos in today’s intrasquad action on the back fields of the White Sox complex in Tucson.

Juan Uribe was 2-2 with a double and run scored, and Tad Iguchi went 2-2 with two RBI for the victors.  Kenny Perez and Brian Anderson led the Konerkos with two hits apiece.

Nick Masset (2 ER/1.1 IP) earned the victory in relief, while Eduardo Sierra (3 ER/1.0 IP) took the loss.  Charlie Haeger (1 ER) and Jose Contreras (4 ER) were the only pitchers to throw 2.0 IP.  Starter Gavin Floyd left the game in the first inning (0.2 IP) with a slight sprain of his right ankle.  It is not serious, and he is expected to take part in drills tomorrow.

Now for the behind-the-scenes stuff …

Before the first pitch, assistant general manager Rick Hahn pointed out, "We’ve never been a very good February team."

The first ball of the game was hit to shortstop Juan Uribe.

"Don’t hit it to Uribe," someone shouted, "He’s on a work-release program."

When Charlie Haeger hit Joe Crede with a knuckleball in the first inning, the slo-motion incident drew oohhs and ahhhs from the bench.

"He should be ashamed to take a base after getting hit with a knuckleball," Ozzie Guillen said.

"He should have caught it," a quick-witted scribe replied.

"Hey, Dwayne Wade," AJ Pierzynski offered.  "Need a wheel chair?"

(Please remember sarcastic, clubhouse comments can be a bit biting at times.  It is nearly always meant in fun … nearly).

The intrasquad game takes place on one of the back fields.  Writers, coaches, staff (like me) and scouts stand just 15 feet from home plate.  You literally can feel the bat hit the ball.  It is amazing how fast the game becomes when you sit that close.

Off to the side, pitcher Javier Vazquez spent time playing ball with his young son and riding around in a spare golf cart with the youngster.

With player after player running on the basepaths (three stolen bases, two caught stealing), Guillen noted, "I like that."  He sent Brian Anderson in the second inning with a whistle and a wave of the hand.

As Haeger came in to warm up to start the second inning, he tossed a catcher’s mitt to AJ.  The mitt, more like a first baseman’s glove, really, is used only to catch the knuckleball.

At one point, Guillen danced away from an annoying bee.

"That thing might bite you, and you might be dead in this desert."

As Andrew Sisco retired the first two hitters he faced, Guillen applauded, "Attaboy.  Attack the strike zone."  Sisco walked the next two and left the mound chiding himself.

At another point, Ozzie turned to Pat O’Connell of our media relations department (Pat was scoring the game) and asked, joking, "What’s the inning Rosey?" (Bob Rosenberg is the longtime official scorer at most White Sox games).

After the game, Guillen commented:

"I was pleased with the way we went about it today.   The team is hungry.  We want to feel the same way we did in 2005."

On the bullpen’s performance:

"The fight (for jobs) is going to be there all spring training.  They all have good arms.  It’s our job to make them better."

And on Brian Anderson’s day:

"Brian is an important part of our ballclub.  Last year, we had a lot of patience with him and took a lot of heat.  We need him to play like he can.  He had a good game today."


Thanks for the post Scott. All the inside info is jsut getting me more pumped for opening Day. I can’t wait.


I had my money on the Konerkos…Ozzie really cracks me up with his biting bees…Does anybody know if Comcast (or anybody) will be televising the Colorado match-up this week?

I really wish I could just follow A.J. around for one day.
Also, glad to see the blog up and running again this year. I know I haven’t written too much, but I do read it every day and really enjoy the stories. Thanks a lot Scott.

Thanks for the back to back posting you’ve been doing lately. You’re info for us Sox fans is like water to people dying of thirst in a desert. Keep it coming, thanks again for the post!

Me and the family arrive Friday – I am so excited! Any word on how to access the workout areas/back fields that are open for the fans. This is the 4th year that we are attending and we can never seem to figure that out…Thanks in advance

In the past, haven’t we been thrown out stealing about once every 2 attempts?

Look out Scott Merkin! Great posts. I can’t wait to get out there. Viper, I cant think of anyone more interesting to follow around myself. Great to hear Brian and Juan starting strong – 2 BIG pieces this year.

Great post Scott!! I love the behind the scenes info. I can’t wait for the season to begin.

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ bout! I can almost smell the spilled beer, cotton candy and hot dogs! It’s posts like this that just get me so very anxious for the real thing. Scott, pass along our best wishes to all the guys for an injury-free, productive Spring Training!!

Minnie got snubbed again.

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