Competition Is A Good Thing

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today In Camp

Today was a day of friendly competition in camp.  Following this morning’s annual meeting with our team and the MLBPA (Player’s Association), our team headed out onto the fields around 10:30 am.

Part of the day’s schedule included competition between two teams in a situational hitting contest.  Each team roared as players competed in various skills inside the batter’s box.

Pitchers took turns fielding sharply hit balls back at them.  A coach hit fungo shots at them with a soft baseball as they practiced fielding the come-bakcers.  Mark Buehrle took a turn wearing Jon Garland’s glove (and imitating Jon’s dropped throw from last year, remember the one that actually fell behind him), while Garland fielded one round using Buehrle’s glove (no errors).  Safe to say that our starting pitchers might be the best fielding pitchers in baseball.

Tomorrow’s Lineup

Competition begins for real tomorrow with the first Cactus League game of the spring as the Sox play host to the Rockies.

Our lineup:

Erstad, LF

Iguchi, 2B

Thome, DH

PK, 1B

Dye, RF


Crede, 3B

Anderson, CF

Uribe, SS


Thanks for keeping us so well informed Scott! I loved watching the clock count down on the WSox Homepage…now it’s finally here! Go-Go White Sox!

Yeah, Scott, thanks!!! I hadn’t read for a few days, but when I did I returned to a whole bunch of great stories.
You might feel close to the action when you’re 15 feet away from home plate, but you’re making us feel like we’re close to the action too.

And I didn’t even see the Spring Training countdown!!! How did I miss that? I had to keep counting on my own (much to the annoyance of my friends and family). Guess I won’t have to count anymore!

…Go Sox. 🙂

anyone see buerhle whining about getting some good old fashioned rookie hazing from JB back in 2000? its 7 years ago **** it up already and have a good season…

Thanks again Scott for all the updates. It’s great fun to read them everyday. Does anyone know if the spring training games are going to be broadcast on Chicago Radio?

I read the article, kenwo, but I didn’t perceive it as “whining”. I believe Mark was just pointing out that excessive hazing/pranking can do more harm than good. Based on his personal experience, he’s opting to take a different approach now that the shoe’s on the other foot. I applaud that.

yeah is there anyway to listen to the game without paying for the mlb radio thing?

From the sounds of the updates on the radio you don’t want to listen to this one. Good thing these don’t count.

looks like buehrle got blown up

I still love him thought.


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