Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007

Can We Do That Again?

So let’s see … Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland and Bobby Jenks on the mound, you figure our chances are pretty good in our Cactus League opener.  WRONG.

On a windy, cold day (for Tucson), the Rockies handed us a 12-4 defeat.  We really aren’t very good in February.  But the good news is that March comes tomorrow.

The better news is that although Bobby Jenks left his scheduled inning after facing two batters, his issue was tightness in his right shoulder (no pain) and the move was more precationary than anything else.  He will be re-evaluated tomorrow.

Ozzie on the Game

"This will sound kind of funny, but I liked what I saw from Buehrle," Guillen said, of his left-hander.  "Gar wasn’t attacking the strike zone.

"Overall, this was a bad game.  It’s so cold and windy.  You didn’t know where the ball was going.  It was tough to evaluate."


The Sox play split-squad games against Arizona (here) and at Colorado.

The lineups:

Vs. Arizona

Owens, CF

Valido, SS

Thome, DH

Dye, RF

Mackowiak, LF

Fields, 3B

Hall, C

Rogowski, 1B

Lopez, 2B

Vazquez, RHP

At Colorado

Ozuna, LF

Sweeney, RF

Crede, 3B

E. Perez, 1B

Spivey, 2B

W. Gonzalez, C

Terrero, CF

A. Gonzalez, SS

Phillips, P


Do not worry or fret,White Sox Universe…It’s just three games into the spring,and the boys usually do badly out in Arizona to begin with…ERA’s are,to put it in the infamous words of Ed Farmer,the same numbers as important dates in history…they will improve…
However,if the same pattern continues four weeks from now…get the rosaries out,kids…and start praying heavy…

History has almost always proved that the worse our spring training record, the better our regular season record. So here is to going 0 for spring training!

Thanks Guys! Your comments made me feel a little better. I kept saying “its only spring training” but still, I was nervous!

Maybe this will help, too. In ’05, Pat and I went down to AZ and saw 4 games. We lost every single one of them, and returned home thinking it was going to be a really pathetic year. I love being wrong!

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