Friday Morning

Friday, March 2, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, LF

Iguchi, 2B

Konerko, 1B


Fields, 3B

Mackowiak, RF

Anderson, CF

Uribe, SS

Contreras, RHP


I didn’t post because I spent the day attending BAM meetings in Phoenix.  Each spring several BAM staffers travel to Arizona and Florida and meet with all the teams to discuss any issues and plans for 2007.  At first I didn’t think you guys would care much, but then I thought, of course people who read my blog would care given you obviously are all internet advanced. 

Several news things are planned for 2007 and most of it will be unveiled in the coming month or so.  I need to let BAM make its own announcements, but obviously one of the goals is to add more and more video to the site.


It seems someone (hmmm) defaced one of our billboards on Ashland (between Armitage and North).  The board, which reads "Let’s Party Like It’s 2005" was painted over with blue paint.  I guess we hit a nerve (or maybe the vandals thought it was a statue of a horse).  Jealousy can be so, so very ugly.

Needless to say, the vandalized board will be replaced.  Remember when "Sox fans" were accused of spraying acid or something on the ivy and it supposedly was going to take years to re-grow?

Read On!

Arizona’s (and Naperville’s) Scott Hairston and our Sean Tracey celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday today by reading to a group of Tucson grade schoolers.

Sean read "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut" and then took questions from the kids.

He prepared for the event the day before by reading to bullpen mates Boone Logan and Bobby Jenks.  Jenks sat enraptured (joking) at Tracey’s feet in the clubhouse as the reliever sped through the best seller.


Tomorrow morning is the annual open tryout for anyone, and we mean anyone, who wants to be a professional baseball player.  Sorry I didn’t mention it earlier because now Tom Quaid won’t have time to get down here and tryout at shortstop.  I think Klein is local to Tucson, so maybe he wants to attend.  Begins promptly at 8 am on the back fields.

Usually, we end up signing a player or two out of this to fill out our minor-league roster.  Many of the players trying out have college or even professional experience at some level.


I head home to Chicago tonight (weather permitting) and won’t be back in Tucson until Tuesday afternoon.  I will try to post on Monday by providing a list of the top restaurants and places to go (Seuss reference for the literari among you) in Tucson but you won’t get another Tucson report until Wednesday AM.  It will be nice to see my kids …


Mr Reifert,sir,you are under some sort of delusion that I have the hand to eye coordination needed not only to play shortstop,or any other position for that matter,but also to hit a baseball solidly…The only position I could try out for convincingly would be…”left out”…But I thank you for thinking I have abilities…
Secondly,do you REALLY want to come back to this crud that we are currently enduring?…and to the weather,also?…I know that you don’t have much of a chance to see Amy and the kids once everything begins,but STILL…I would take the weather from Tucson the first few days as compared to what we have going currently…

Anyway, a safe flight back to you,sir…

Awww! That thing about Sean Tracy and Bobby is hilarious. Just goes to prove why we love this team– they seem like such good guys on and off the field. It’s no surprise that “someone” would be so jealous of us…

Thank you Sooo much for the invitation to tryout for the Chicago White Sox. I would be very interested in this, as i am local AND have been following our team since 1959. And therein lies the problem. Since i just turned 59 a month ago, I’ve noticed that i have lost a step ( or two) lately. As TQ would now say ” Where i lost it, i have no idea”. But seriously, if i had known about this great opportunity earlier ( say 40 years ago ) I would be there. These days i spend most of my time trying to stay warm. this is in no way a intended as a slam to all you folks in the frozen Chicagoland area, but with the wind blowing this time of year here in Tucson, it is unpleasant to be outside for very long, unless of course you are working or playing hard as the ballplayers do.

There may still be a way for me to make the team though…. Do you need a backup Dr Seuss reader? I’m your man for that position…. if i could just find my glasses. j.k. from the land of warming temps and upcoming encounters with another Sox faithful ( Maria and Pat are coming to town)….

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