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Friday, March 2, 2007

Breaking Fastballs

Bobby Jenks threw 23 pain-free pitches today, all fastballs, and said he felt good.  All-together-now, "Sigh."

Game Time

Temperature is a cool/cold and windy 61 degrees.  Don’t bother sending along any sympathies from Chicago.


I’d kill for 61 about now. I really do need to get to ST next year! I haven’t posted much but still reading and getting more psyched for the season with each post. Spring Training to me is the time to tweak things and try new things. I’m not worried about the scores till it counts. Stay warm this weekend fellow bloggers!

The only 61 we are getting today is wind MPH!

the team is not looking good in any aspect

armour248…all that has to happen these first couple of weeks is to get back into repetitive shape for the regular season,when EVERYTHING counts…There have been a lot of teams that have gone through ST when it looked as though they couldn’t beat anybody…but when the bell rung for real,they played just fine…
Again,do NOT conern yourself with what is happening just now…As I’ve stated before,if the same scenario is being run in four weeks time, then you can be concerned…otherwise,they are just playing their way back into condition…and every team that plays their spring in Arizona usually struggles…the boys are not alone in that boat…


This message comes to you from Scott Reifert’s “pick to click”…the man who can only catch a cold,not a baseball…that I can do…

Anybody know who else is pitching in today’s (Sunday) game??

Anytime I look at the team and see that things aren’t quite together, I recall many a team who has looked less-than-stellar in pre-season/spring training (in many sports) and then gone on to win it all. THAT’s what spring training is all about…fixing the bugs and getting the chemistry to gel, before it counts!!!

I know it doesn’t mean anything, but it is always nice to crush the Cubs!!

i was talking smack to my cub fan friends already today! hopefully the hitting isnt going to have to score a ton of runs to win games in the regular season. im not too sure about those pitchers i seen today (haeger, danks, aardsma, gonzalez) sisco looked good though

Does Aardsma remind anyone else of Billy Koch in a spooky way?

How so Billb? I wasn’t able to catch the game against the other team in Chicago. When I turned it on it we were already up by a lot so I figured that there was no point in watching (plus its just spring training).

I didn’t see the game either, but what I recall about Koch is the near heart attack every time he pitched..he’d get an out, then walk 3 and strike out 2 to get out of the inning….

Aardsma wasn’t as bad as Koch. He gave up 2 hits, but no walks. He got out of his inning. However, he does kind of resemble Koch in appearance.

When he missed he MISSED. I was hoping there was no bull mascot around. His appearance and his delivery were oddly similar, to me anyway. I really liked watching Valido play defense.

Trying to decide what was my favorite part of the flubs: watching their cf dance around a routine fly ball like a little leaguer or that pathetic overpaid 3b man(?) not even run down the line on a double play. I am so proud to be a Sox fan!

I saw that too billb! The 3B may have been able to beat out the throw and allow the inning to continue. He didn’t even fake like he was going to run. I know its spring but what an absolute piece of garbage that guy is.

Javier Vasquez 3 years $11.5 mil per year extension. Huh??? What in the world are we doing? Is that not the same Javier Vasquez who melted down after the 5th inning last year? I could have thought of better ways to spend that money!

I’m with billb on the fact that when I first saw Aardsma throw I was reminded of Koch. Let’s just hope he isn’t as bad as him.
I’m not all that thrilled about Vasquez’s deal either. I would have waited a couple months to make sure he doesn’t break down in the 6th every game before giving him an extension.

Yeah I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Vazquez signed till ’10 either. But hey ya never know, maybe he will work out the way the sox want him too. We all know he could be really good, it’s just a question of will he be good.

If not, maybe they’re thinking they signed him for cheap (by this offseason’s standards) so he would be good trade bait eventually. At least there wasn’t a no trade clause. Now then I’d be real mad.

Ya I’m not real keen on the Vazquez deal, especially after he looked bad again today. I swear I went to five games last year when Vazquez pitched, and each time he got smacked around. He really needs to step it up this season since he won’t be the fifth starter anymore. Kenny better be right about this one.

Wow. 34 million over 3 years for Javy? Yikes. Seems like a lot and to be tied up for 3 years. I hope he pays off for us.

i like the vazquez deal. its just a bit more than the cubs paid for marquis. he’s still pretty young, and has good stuff. vazquez is the sox best power pitcher in the rotation. hopefully they take care of dye and iguchi too, and garland next year.

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