Today’s Lineup

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Today’s Lineup vs. the Royals

Off the clubhouse wall:

Ozuna, 2B

Cintron, SS

Konerko, DH

Dye, RF

Fields, 3B

E. Perez, 1B

Mackowiak, LF

Hall, C

Anderson, CF

Contreras pitching


I realize it’s early but I for one, am getting tired of these losses seemingly every day.

I think it’s time Ozzie had a talk with the players particularly the youngsters to ‘remind’ them, jobs are on the line, based on performance.

Some of these young pitchers have looked awful the first ten days of games.

Mark Liptak

fear not! losing in the spring means NOTHING. someone said earlier that there are other teams who lose in the spring, and that is true, true, true. spring is the time for tweeking and analyzing of talent of lack thereof. don’t buy into the thought that the Sox will finish ’07 at 70-92. not gonna happen. and as an aside, i like the Vasquez deal. i think he has gotten past the fifth inning jitters and will show it this year….j.k. from the land of great temps and an encounter with another blogger tomorrow at the rockies game: Maria Wagener and her husband Pat!….. now one of two things will happen manana…. either the good folks from the frozen Chicagoland area will detest me and make an excuse to leave the game early or we will make arrangements for my appearance at a real Sox game later this year…. i’m expecting the later, but will keep all you interested parties informed……..go go Sox ’07….

j.k. …Why would you think that Maria and Pat would detest you when they meet you? Unless you resemble Jay Mariotti(which,if you did,means I would detest you even more than them…),you have shown to be cordial and kind ever since you signed up with our little happy family…(By the way,John,as a favor to a snowbird who will never,ever get the chance to see Arizona(guess who???),when the encounter happens,would it be possible to do a couple of things?…
One,could you take a picture of yourselves in the stands at TEP and send it to me via my e-mail address(ah,modern technology…it’s wonderful and scary at the same time…) Two…could you ask Maria to send a program from that game,or any other that they may attend,to my home address…I will send that to you under separate cover…)

As to your remarks to the delegate from Idaho…they are all true…because I believe that one of the people who expressed that belief was…ME…Funny how that works,isn’t it?…

Now,to something that happened before today’s game which I feel I must comment on…As he was going through his scene set before the lineups and first pitch,Ed Farmer made one of the more ridiculous comments that I’ve heard in quite some time…He mentioned that the WS were 11 and 8 versus KC in ’06…Then he said that if the WS had won at least 7 of those 8 games,they’d haved won the division…Hey,Farmio…what about the games they lost to the other also-rans?…If they’d won them,would they have had 120 wins over all?

Please,for the love of the Higher Authority,stick to talking about Charlie Weis,Notre Dame football,St Rita,or whomever you met in California in the off season…THAT is your strong suit…(Brother Liptak and I could beat you in play by play with one hand tied behind us…and in our sleep,to boot…)

Finally,check out page 55 in the current Sports Illustrated…the sidebar story about Mr Williams…

By the way,j.k.,I think the later should have been the latter…just a kind correction from Mr Reifert’s “pick to click” at shortstop…(methinks,Scott,you’re gonna be ruing the day you dropped that in…)

JK…You are in for a treat. Maria and Pat are “good people” and true WS ambassadors! I so wish I could be there as well. I guess we’ll just have to settle for you dragging you back here later this year. Let’s hope they bring the team a bit of the fans well wishes from Chicago!! Safe travels Maria and Pat!! GO GO SOX!

To add to Scott’s excellent restauant list, here are some other nice Tucson dining establishments:

Let’s start with Breakfast. To start your day off right, you can’t go wrong with The Good Egg (they have 3 Tucson locations: 4775 E. Grant Rd., 5350 E. Broadway Blvd. and 7189 E. Speedway Blvd.). If you want something more upscale, most of the leading Tucson area resorts offer more upscale breakfast options.

On to some other dining options for lunch and dinner:


Café Poca Cosa (located on Pennington St, near Scott) is a sophisticated destination restaurant and truly a Tucson treasure. It is (without question) one of the finest Mexican restaurants in the US. Experiencing Café Poca Cosa is a must on any trip to Tucson.

Cafe Terra Cotta: Anther upscale Southwestern dining gem located at 3500 E. Sunrise Dr.


Pastiche Modern Eatery, located on Campbell Ave. just south of Ft. Lowell Rd. This exceptional restaurant has a beautiful ambience (without being stuffy) and their upscale, imaginative menu is not to be missed whenever you visit in Tucson. The Pastiche late night (10 PM – midnight) happy hour menu offers nice discounts on most appetizers and their vast wines and beer selections, martinis and other libations are well worth the trip. My wife and I frequent this eclectic restaurant on a regular basis.

Asian Fusion:

Bamboo Club (located near the back entrance of Park Place Mall on Broadway (between Wilmot and Craycroft).Exceptionally, refined Asian dining. Great ambiance.

All YOu Can Eat Buffet/Salad Bar:

Sweet Tomatoes (3-4 Tucson area locations). For a healthy, quick meal Sweet Tomatoes features an inspired ultra-fresh 100-item salad bar, 7-8 daily soup selections, pasta station, baked potato bar, focaccia pizzas, several desert selections, etc. (not bad for $10 including drink).

Since Tucson is the “Mexican food Capital of the U.S.” here are two of Tucson’s best…

El Charro Cafe, the oldest Mexican restaurant in the US, is another famous “Tucson Original” Mexican restaurant (with 4 Tucson area locations – as well as booths at Tucson Electric Park to enjoy during White Sox home spring training games and at Tucson International Airport while you are waiting for your flight). El Charro’s Chimichangas are rated the best in the US by a number of leading dining guides and food critics and they are one of the two self-promclaimed Southern Arizona creators of the Chimichanga back in the 1940s.

Macayo’s (with 2 Tucson Locations (Eastside: on Broadway Blvd. just west of Kolb Rd. and North Tucson: on Oracle Rd. north of Ina Rd.) is a good casual Mexican dining option. Macayo’s holds the distinction of being the other local self-promclaimed inventor of the Chimichanga also during in the 1940s.

There are many other excellent establishments in Tucson covering every culinary dining category imaginable. Any way you slice it, Tucson is an excellent restaurant town.

My first 1st White Sox spring training game of the season will be this Saturday (March 10th) at TEP with the White Sox taking on Oakland… followed by the Sox facing the Cubs the following Friday (March 16th).

Michael Harkins

From sunny Tucson, AZ where it reached the upper ’80s today!

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