Friday’s Lineup

Friday, March 9, 2007

Today’s Lineup

The best kind of road game, in your own ballpark.

Erstad, LF

Iguchi, 2B

Thome, DH

PK, 1B

Dye, RF

Crede, 3B

Hall, C


Uribe, SS

Garland pitching.

The game is on WSCR Radio, 670 AM.


I keep hearing whispers about Rowand so please tell me we are not going back into the War Room with Gillick again. We get fleeced every time we try to trade with the Phillies. I love Rowand but that ship has sailed. If Kenny’s truly interested in getting a former Sox CF back talk to Arizona and get Chris Young who we never should have given up in the first place…

As far as the race for a 5th starter, let’s give everyone a fair shot. Gavin should not be the front-runner as he hasn’t proven anything to anyone thus far. Let Broadway, Gio, Danks get a fair shot even if they don’t seem ready for the majors.

I’m not all that concerned with our 2-8 Spring record as much as I am with the amount of runs we’re giving up, that’s troubling and needs to be addressed before the season starts. The veterans know what they’re doing so it’s more about refining, the youngsters though need to show some discipline.,CST-SPT-sox09.article

I can see it now, Gio Gonzalez, Tracey and Boone Logan for Rowand. (don’t worry Gio will be back by the end of the year.)

billb… You,sir,have been having too may nightmares about the days when Kenny would trade Carl Everett and Roberto Alomar, only to get them back before one could blink…
And palehoses… My dear friend out there in the wilds of Iowa (if,indeed,there IS anything wild in Iowa…)…EVERY single solitary team that trains in Arizona in the spring gives up a ton o’ runs, because, as veteran observers and Tom Skilling know, there is no high humidity there as there is in Florida…therefore, the pitches are as flat as a five year old girl…and are eminently hittable …and these youngsters, as you call them, know that they’re not coming back north with the team for the start of the season…they are getting the feel of pitching with the big boys before they get sent back to the sticks… and they’re catching their lunch while doing it …but they well know what’s expected of them …it’s not like they’re caught by surprise…and,the other teams batters that are applying the pounding to these youngsters are, themselves, just getting the feel of a spring training camp…they’re staying down as well, so their feeling is…”What the heck,swing hard in case you hit it…It’ll go a long ways.” …

Are the Sox EVER going to win a **** game this spring?

It’s getting a little ridiculous don’t you think?

Mark Liptak

My wife, kids and I have attended the only two games the Sox have won this spring – I suppose if the bloggers wanted to take up a collection, we could be ‘persuaded’ to go back to Arizona…wink, wink

I hope Jon’s shoulder is just a nuisance and not something that will become more problematic as the season progresses. And weedenft, I’m scraping my couch as we speak to donate to the “Get Another **** Spring Training Win” fund. Good outing by Danks today, very encouraging.

i dont think the sox should have ever launched everett to begin with. shoulda kept him after the first time. id deal logan for rowand in a heartbeat. pull that trigger. (i dont even like rowand) but logan is trash

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